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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.8.8, Package name: subversion-1.8.8, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

The goal of the Subversion project is to build a version control
system that is a compelling replacement for CVS in the open source
community. The software is released under an Apache/BSD-style open
source license.

This is a meta-package. It installs no files, but it depends on all
the Subversion components, including the base package with the
subversion client and server, the apache module, and four language
bindings. (If you just want the basic svn and svnadmin programs see

Required to run:
[www/serf] [www/ap2-subversion] [devel/py-subversion] [devel/p5-subversion] [devel/subversion-base] [devel/ruby-subversion] [lang/python27]

Required to build:

Package options: apr1, serf

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SHA1: 8e9f10b7a9704c90e17cfe76fd56e3fe74c01a7a
RMD160: 0bcf2d904a62ce107ec8461b6fd844fc4cb6b122
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   2014-02-23 11:01:51 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Removed patch-subversion_include_svn_auth.h
   2014-02-23 10:59:19 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (8) | Package updated
Log message:
Changes 1.8.8:
User-visible changes:
 - Client-side bugfixes:
   * use CryptoAPI to validate intermediary certificates on Windows (r1564623)
   * fix automatic relocate for wcs not at repository root (r1541638 et al)
   * diff: fix when target is a drive root on Windows (r1541635)
   * wc: improve performance when used with SQLite 3.8 (r1542765)
   * copy: fix some scenarios that broke the working copy (r1560690)
   * move: fix errors when moving files between an external and the parent
     working copy (r1551524, r1551579)
   * log: resolve performance regression in certain scenarios (r1553101 et al)
   * merge: decrease work to detect differences between 3 files (r1548486)
   * checkout: don't require flush support for symlinks on Windows (r1547774)
   * commit: don't change file permissions inappropriately (issue 4440)
   * commit: fix assertion due to invalid pool lifetime (r1553376 et al)
   * version: don't cut off the distribution version on Linux (r1544878 et al)
   * flush stdout before exiting to avoid information being lost (r1499470)
   * status: fix missing sentinel value on warning codes (r1543145)
   * update/switch: improve some WC db queries that may return incorrect
     results depending on how SQLite is built (r1567109)

 - Server-side bugfixes:
   * reduce memory usage during checkout and export (r1564215)
   * fsfs: create rep-cache.db with proper permissions (issue 3437)
   * mod_dav_svn: prevent crashes with SVNListParentPath on (CVE-2014-0032)
   * mod_dav_svn: fix SVNAllowBulkUpdates directive merging (r1548105)
   * mod_dav_svn: include requested property changes in reports (r1557522)
   * svnserve: correct default cache size in help text (r1563110)
   * svnadmin dump: reduce size of dump files with '--deltas' (r1554978)
   * resolve integer underflow that resulted in infinite loops (r1567985)

Developer-visible changes:
 - General:
   * fix ocassional failure of check_tests.py 12 (r1496127 et al)
   * fix failure with SQLite 3.8.1-3.8.3 when built with
     SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT3/4 due to bug in SQLite (r1567286, r1567392)
   * specify SQLite defaults that can be changed when SQLite is built
     to avoid unexpected behavior with Subversion (r1567064)

 - API changes:
   * numerous documentation fixes
   * svn_client_commit_item3_dup() fix pool lifetime issues (r1550803)
   * ra_serf: properly ask multiple certificate validation providers for
     acceptance of certificate failures (r1535532)
   * release internal fs objects when closing commit editor (r1555499)
   * svn_client_proplist4() don't call the callback multiple times for
     the same path in order to deliver inherited properties (r1549858 et al)

 - Bindings:
   * javahl: make test suite run without installing on OS X (r1535115)
   * swig: fix building out of tarball on OS X (r1555654)
   * swig-pl: fix with --enable-sqlite-compatibility-version (r1559009)
   * swig: fix building bindings on OS X when APR has the -no-cpp-precomp
     flag in the apr-config --cppflags output. (r1535610)
   * swig: fix building from tarball with an out-of-tree build (r1543187)
   2013-11-29 14:49:27 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Changes 1.8.5:
This release addresses two security issues:
    CVE-2013-4505: mod_dontdothat does not restrict requests from serf clients.
    CVE-2013-4558: mod_dav_svn assertion triggered by autoversioning commits.
   2013-11-02 10:19:17 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (8) | Package updated
Log message:
Changes 1.8.4:
User-visible changes:
 - Client- and server-side bugfixes:
   * fix assertion on urls of the form 'file://./'
   * stop linking against psapi.dll on Windows
   * translation updates for Swedish
 - Client-side bugfixes:
   * revert: fix problems reverting moves
   * update: fix assertion when file external access is denied
   * merge: reduce network connections for automatic merge
   * merge: fix path corruption during reintegration
   * mergeinfo: fix crash
   * ra_serf: verify the result of xml parsing
   * ra_serf: improve error messages during commit
   * ra_local: fix error with repository in Windows drive root
   * fix crash on windows when piped command is interrupted
   * fix crash in the crash handler on windows
   * fix assertion when upgrading old working copies
 - Server-side bugfixes:
   * hotcopy: cleanup unpacked revprops with '--incremental'
   * fix OOM on concurrent requests at threaded server start
   * fsfs: improve error message when unsupported fsfs format found
   * fix memory problem in 3rd party FS module loader

Developer-visible changes:
 - General:
   * allow compiling against serf 1.3 and later on Windows
 - Bindings:
   * javahl: canonicalize path for streaFileContent method
   2013-09-18 14:15:57 by OBATA Akio | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
fixes a patch related to perl binding:
* Update comment, `Second hunk' had been removed.
* fixes patch migration at updated to 1.8.0, original part had been changed,
  but still using old part + additional part.
   2013-09-18 14:07:41 by OBATA Akio | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
fixes missing regeneration of build rule file for subversion-1.8.3.
   2013-09-05 09:07:47 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
Changes 1.8.3:

 User-visible changes:
  - Client- and server-side bugfixes:
    * translation updates for Swedish
    * enforce strict version equality between tools and libraries (r1502267)
    * consistently output revisions as "r%ld" in error messags \ 
(r1499044 et al)

  - Client-side bugfixes:
    * status: always use absolute paths in XML output (issue 4398)
    * ra_serf: 'svn log -v' fails with a 1.2.x server (issue 4044)
    * ra_serf: fix crash when committing cp with deep deletion (issue 4400)
    * diff: issue an error for files that can't fit in memory (r1513119 et al)
    * svnmucc: generate proper error for mismatched URLs (r1511353)
    * update: fix a crash when a temp file doesn't exist (r1513156)
    * commit & update: improve sleep for timestamps performance (r1508438)
    * diff: continue on missing or obstructing files (issue 4396)
    * ra_serf: use runtime serf version for User-Agent (r1514315, r1514628)
    * ra_serf: ignore case when checking certificate common names (r1514763)
    * ra_serf: format distinguished names properly (r1514804)
    * ra_serf: do not retry HTTP requests if we started to parse them (r1503318)
    * ra_serf: output ssl cert verification failure reason (r1514785 et al)
    * ra_serf: allow session reuse after SVN_ERR_CEASE_INVOCATION (r1502901)
    * ra_serf: include library version in '--version' output (r1514295 et al)
    * info: fix spurious error on wc root with child in conflict (r1515366)

  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * svnserve: fix creation of pid files (r1516556)
    * svnadmin: fix output encoding in non-UTF8 environments (r1506966)
    * svnsync: fix high memory usage when running over ra_serf (r1515249 et al)
    * mod_dav_svn: do not map requests to filesystem (r1512432 et al)
    * svnauthz: improve help strings (r1511272)
    * fsfs: fixed manifest file growth with revprop changes (r1513874)
    * fsfs: fix packed revprops causing loss of revprops (r1513879 et al)

  - Other tool improvements and bugfixes:
    * svnwcsub/irkerbridge: fix symlink attack via pid file (r175 from upstream)

 Developer-visible changes:
  - General:
    * describe APR unimplemented errors as coming from APR (r1503010 et al)
    * mod_dav_svn: update INSTALL to reflect configure defaults (r1515141)
    * davautocheck: use the correct apxs binary by default (r1507889, r1507891)

  - API changes:
    * svn_config_walk_auth_data() config_dir arg: permit NULL (r1507382 et al)

  - Bindings:
    * swig-pl: fix SVN::Client not honoring config file settings (r150744)
    * swig-pl & swig-py: disable unusable svn_fs_set_warning_func (r1515119)
   2013-08-09 13:38:58 by OBATA Akio | Files touched by this commit (9) | Package updated
Log message:
Update subversion to 1.8.1.

Version 1.8.1
(23 July 2013, from /branches/1.8.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client- and server-side bugfixes:
    * translation updates for German and Simplified Chinese
    * improve sqlite error message output (r1497804)
    * support platforms lacking mmap (r1498136)
    * allow configuration files to start with UTF-8 BOM (r1499100 et al)
    * don't fail on UTF-8 data when encoding conversion not available (r1503009)
    * improve error messages when encoding conversion fails (r1503010)

  - Client-side bugfixes:
    * merge: rename 'automatic merge' to 'complete merge' (r1491432)
    * mergeinfo: reduce network usage for '--show-revs' (r1492005)
    * ra_serf: improve http status handling (r1495104)
    * merge: avoid unneeded ra session (r1493475)
    * merge: reduce network usage (r1478987)
    * merge: remove duplicated ancestry check (r1493424, r1495597)
    * ra_serf: fix 'Accept-Encoding' header for IIS interoperability (r1497551)
    * svn status: improve documentation for lock columns (r1497318, r1497319)
    * ra_serf: fix support for 'get-file-revs-reversed' capability (r1498456)
    * log: reduce network usage on repository roots (r1496957)
    * diff: avoid temporary files when calling external diff (issue #4382)
    * upgrade: fix notification of 1.7.x working copies (r1493703, r1494171)
    * fix crash during tree conflict resolution (issue #4388)
    * interactive file merge: add two additional choices (r1491816, r1494089)
    * diff: use local style paths in error messages (r1500680)
    * resolve: improve the interactive conflict resolution menu (r1491739 et al)
    * switch: use local style path in error message (r1500074)
    * ra_serf: improve error output when receiving invalid XML (r1498851)
    * svn cleanup: explain what the command does in help output (r1497310)
    * blame: error on -r M:N where M>N unless server supports (r1498449 et al)
    * gpg-agent auth: don't try to use agent when unavailable (r1500762 et al)
    * gpg-agent auth: don't require GPG_TTY or TERM env vars (r1500801)
    * update: fix some tree conflicts not triggering resolver (r1491868 et al)
    * commit: remove stale entries from wc lock table when deleting (r1491756)
    * merge: fix --record-only erroring out on renamed path (issue #4387)
    * svnmucc: fix 'make install' symlink to work when DESTDIR is set (r1501072)
    * wc: fix crash when target is symlink to a working copy root (issue #4383)
    * ra_serf: change "internal malfunction" errors to normal errors \ 
    * ra_serf: handle proxies not supporting chunked requests (r1502401 et al)

  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * fsfs: resolve endless loop problem when repos/db/uuid has \r\n (r1492145)
    * fsfs: remove revision property buffer limit (r1491770)
    * mod_dav_svn: better status codes for anonymous user errors (r1495918)
    * mod_dav_svn: better status codes for commit failures (r1490684)
    * fix performance regression in 'svn log' against root (r1494913)
    * allow deleting non-user-visible 'svn:' properties (r1495432)
    * fsfs: fix crash on strict-alignment architectures (r1495806, r1495985)
    * svnadmin upgrade: fix error of non-sharded fsfs repositories (r1494287)
    * svnadmin create: deny '--fs-type=fsfs --compatible-version=1.0' (r1494223)
    * svnadmin upgrade: fix data loss when cancelling in last stage (r1494298)
    * mod_dav_svn: fix incorrect path canonicalization (r1503528)

  - Other tool improvements and bugfixes:
    * fsfs-stats (tool): resolve segfault when passing invalid path (r1492164)
    * svn-bench: fix help output (r1493951)
    * svnpubsub: add version header to server (r1491707)

 Developer-visible changes
  - General:
    * ra_serf: fix some test runner issues on Windows (r1490679)
    * fix two issues in reverse svn_ra_get_file_revs() (r1492148, et al)
    * handle --compatible-version=1.8 in the C tests (r1494342)
    * improve clang compatibility (r1480080 et al)
    * use proper cancel baton when handling conflicts (r1495850)
    * fs: BDB: provide proper error value from BDB (r1495428)
    * ra_serf: tweak connection failed error value (r1496132, et al)
    * svn_client_log5: resolve possible segfault (r1496110)
    * fix metadata_only move to work when target is unversioned node (r1498564)
    * ra_svn: fix segfault with a NULL commit message (r1498550, r1499727)
    * Ev2: correctly initialize node kind in shims' change table (r1501058)
    * Ev2: fix copyfrom URL construction in shims (r1500226)
    * fs: improve test against newlines in filenames (r1498483 et al)
    * make building with BDB 6 an opt-in feature (r1499438)
    * sqlite: allow placing amalgamation in build dir (r1499034, r1500175)
    * ra_svn: make sessions usable after log callback early out (r1503554)

  - Bindings:
    * swig-rb: fix tests with out-of-tree-builds (r1492295)
    * javahl: fix encoding of error messages produced by javahl (r1492264)
    * swig-pl: silence compiler warnings (r1487094)
    * swig-pl: improve documentation (r1488693, r1490721, r1500904)