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comms/ruby-termios Ruby extension to termios library
devel/ruby-bsearch Binary search library for Ruby
www/ruby-rack-rewrite Rack middleware for enforcing rewrite rules
net/ruby-icmp Ruby module for handling ICMP packets
textproc/php-mecab PHP extension for MeCab Morphological Analyzer
databases/ruby-dbd-sqlite3 SQLite version 3 support for Ruby/DBI
devel/ruby-deprecated Aid developers working with deprecated code
www/typo3_62 The TYPO3 content management system, 6.2 LTS release
www/ruby-http-cookie Ruby library to handle HTTP Cookies based on RFC 6265
mail/squirrelmail PHP webmail package
databases/ruby-dbi Database independent interface for Ruby
devel/ruby-readline Ruby extension to readline library
www/ruby-puma Modern concurrent web server for Ruby
devel/ruby-term-ansicolor Ruby library colors strings using ANSI escape sequences
graphics/ruby-oily_png Native mixin to speed up ChunkyPNG
www/ruby-htmlsplit Ruby HTML split/join library
textproc/ruby-amrita HTML/XHTML template library for Ruby
textproc/ruby-rttool RT to HTML (and hopefully LaTeX in future) table converter
mail/roundcube-plugin-zipdownload Roundcube Webmail ZipDownload plugin
devel/ruby-rd-mode Editing mode for RD (Ruby Document Format)
mail/roundcube-plugin-enigma Enigma Plugin for Roundcube
www/contao35 Contao Open Source CMS 3.5.40
devel/ruby-mode Ruby editing mode for Emacs
mail/roundcube-plugin-password Password change plugin for roundcube
textproc/ruby-html-parser HTML-parser package for Ruby
databases/ruby-dbd-odbc ODBC support for Ruby/DBI
lang/ruby Wrapper package for Ruby programming language
converters/ruby-uconv Unicode conversion library with Japanese codesets support
devel/ruby-amstd Collection of miscellaneous Ruby modules
databases/ruby-dbd-pg PostgreSQL support for Ruby/DBI
www/ruby-tag Ruby Simple HTML Tag library for CGI
lang/ruby25 Ruby programming language 2.5.7 meta package
databases/ruby-dbd-sqlite SQLite support for Ruby/DBI
security/ruby-tcpwrap TCP wrappers library for Ruby
graphics/ruby-opengl Ruby bindings for OpenGL, GLU and GLUT
textproc/ruby-rdtool RD (Ruby Document) converter to HTML/man/etc
devel/ruby-parseconfig Provides simple parsing of standard *nix style config files
sysutils/bkpupsd Simple UPS daemon for BK-Pro, BK and FREQUPS A/F series
databases/ruby-mysql2 Simple, fast Mysql library for Ruby, binding to libmysql
databases/ruby-activeldap Object oriented interface to LDAP
textproc/ruby-xmlparser Ruby bindings to the Expat XML parsing library
time/ruby-tzinfo1 Daylight savings aware timezone library
www/fengoffice Easy to use Open Source Web Office
sysutils/ruby-quota Quota interface for Ruby
mail/ruby-tmail Mail manipulating library for Ruby including MIME multipart support
devel/ruby-racc LALR(1) parser generator for Ruby
devel/transifex-client Transifex Command-line Client
time/ruby-tzinfo Daylight savings aware timezone library
lang/ruby26 Ruby programming language 2.6.5 meta package
lang/ruby26-base Ruby 2.6.6 release minimum base package
mail/roundcube Browser-based multilingual IMAP client
lang/ruby25-base Ruby 2.5.8 release minimum base package
devel/ruby-fiddle Ruby fiddle library to wrap libffi
devel/ruby-setup Common installer script for ruby packages
x11/ruby-tk Tk interface module using tcltklib
databases/ruby-gdbm Ruby extension to GDBM library
lang/ruby27-base Ruby 2.7.1 release minimum base package
lang/ruby27 Ruby programming language 2.7.0 meta package
databases/ruby-dbd-mysql MySQL support for Ruby/DBI
devel/ruby-byaccr Parser generator for ruby based on Berkeley Yacc/Yacc for Java