./games/rocksndiamonds, Game like Boulder Dash, Emerald Mine, or Sokoban

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A game like "Boulder Dash" (C=64) or "Emerald Mine" (Amiga).
Included are many levels known from the games "Boulder Dash",
"Emerald Mine", "Sokoban", "Supaplex" and "DX-Boulder Dash"
and a lot of new levels designed by other players.

Some features:
- joystick support for Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD and DOS/Windows
- network and local multiplayer support
- soft scrolling with 50 frames/s
- stereo sound effects and music
- complete source code included under GNU GPL

Required to run:
[audio/SDL2_mixer] [net/SDL2_net]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [x11/glproto] [x11/xproto] [x11/xf86vidmodeproto] [x11/xf86driproto] [x11/damageproto] [x11/inputproto] [x11/xextproto] [x11/dri2proto] [x11/fixesproto4] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

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SHA1: 1f529a0085a3729600d25d6ab02bae6020489100
RMD160: 26a9f21575d5292ee1f428fb31c51cb86ce0f27f
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   2017-10-13 18:08:35 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
rocksndiamonds: update to

This new release mainly adds improved support for game controllers and \ 
joysticks. While old-style joysticks and game pads were supported since a long \ 
time ago in Rocks’n’Diamonds, modern game controllers like the Xbox game \ 
controller were not supported very well until now.
   2017-09-09 09:10:34 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (13)
Log message:

This release is mainly a bugfix release, but also contains the following changes \ 
and additions:
* fixed several bugs and problems with level template handling in the level editor
* fixed several problems with the undo/redo buttons under certain conditions
* fixed various other small and medium bugs (see commit history for details)
* improved menu screens navigation and level selection using the keyboard
* added option to use pre-defined level template for newly created levels
* added level template settings to editor/level configuration screen in editor
* added setup option to show/hide classic elements in the editor palette
* added setup option to enable/disable auto-incrementing solved levels
* added headless mode (no window) for automated tape tests using ‘autotest’
* improved progress and summary output for automatic tape replay / testing
   2016-02-25 14:15:15 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Remove broken OPSYS tests.
   2015-11-03 21:57:10 by Alistair G. Crooks | Files touched by this commit (350)
Log message:
Add SHA512 digests for distfiles for games category

Problems found locating distfiles:
	Package blokus: missing distfile blokus-1.1.tar.gz
	Package crossfire-client: missing distfile crossfire-client-images-1.11.0.tar.gz
	Package dungeon: missing distfile dungeon-gdt-glk.tar.gz
	Package gate88: missing distfile Gate88_Mar19_05.tar.gz
	Package gnuchess4: missing distfile gnuchess-4.0.pl80.tar.gz
	Package ioquake3-pk3: missing distfile quake3-latest-pk3s.zip
	Package rollemup: missing distfile Rollemup.tar.gz
	Package tscp: missing distfile tscp181.zip
	Package xbat: missing distfile xev111.tar.gz
	Package xgalaga: missing distfile xgalaga-2.0.34.tar.gz
	Package xrick: missing distfile xrick-021212.tgz
	Package xskat: missing distfile xskat-cards.tar.gz

Otherwise, existing SHA1 digests verified and found to be the same on
the machine holding the existing distfiles (morden).  All existing
SHA1 digests retained for now as an audit trail.
   2015-04-25 16:23:48 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (868) | Package updated
Log message:
Recursive revbump following MesaLib update, categories g through n.
   2014-06-14 12:13:46 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
- fixed bug that prevents running the game on Mac OS X "Mavericks"
- improved behaviour on restart after failing on a broken level set
- improved general error handling with reference to error message file
   2013-03-02 11:44:46 by Matthias Scheler | Files touched by this commit (69)
Log message:
Reset maintainer to "pkgsrc-users@NetBSD.org".
   2012-10-06 13:55:05 by Aleksej Saushev | Files touched by this commit (310)
Log message:
Drop superfluous PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT, "user-destdir" is default these days.