./lang/gauche, R5RS Scheme implementation aimed to be a handy tool for daily works

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Gauche is an R5RS Scheme implementation developed to be a handy script
interpreter, which allows programmers and system administrators to write small
to large scripts for their daily chores. Quick startup, built-in system
interface, native multilingual support are some of my goals.

Required to run:
[databases/gdbm] [devel/slib]

Required to build:

Package options: gdbm, utf8

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   2012-10-02 22:11:57 by Aleksej Saushev | Files touched by this commit (187)
Log message:
Drop superfluous PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT, "user-destdir" is default these days.
   2012-05-30 04:50:12 by enami tsugutomo | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
Update gauche to  Also, take over maintainership from uebayashi.

Changes are:
+ Bug fixes:
    o If DESTDIR was set and the platform didn't have previous Gauche
      installed, make install failed saying something like
      "libgauche-0.9.so.0.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file
      or directory". The order of installation was adjusted to avoid it.
    o On FreeBSD, a bug in signal setup routine caused memory corruption.
    o every with more than one argument list didn't return the last
      return value of the predicate when all the arguments satisfied it,
      as specified in srfi-1 (it returned #t instead). It was also the
      case in stream-every. Both are fixed.
    o On MinGW, info command didn't work.
    o On MinGW, when you used non-console version gosh-noconsole.exe and
      tried to spawn a child process to communicate via pipes,
      gosh-noconsole.exe just died.
+ Improvements:
    o New procedure: string-scan-right
    o GC is now 7.2b
   2012-05-15 01:44:57 by enami tsugutomo | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
No need to install gauche-init.scm with executable bits set.
This suppresses file permission check warning.
   2012-05-13 10:56:28 by OBATA Akio | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Fixes reverse condition of CHECK_BUILTIN.iconv usage.
   2012-05-13 10:22:49 by enami tsugutomo | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Fix PLIST.  Spotted by dholland.
   2012-05-13 08:08:10 by enami tsugutomo | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to

Here is list of changes:
Fix documentation build problem when configured to use non default
Fix build problem on Windows/MinGW.

* New Features
    o Lazy sequences: An efficient and seamless support of mixing lazy
      evaluation with ordinary list procedures. Forcing delayed
      evaluation is implicit, so you can pass lazy list to normal list
      procedures such as car or fold. See the manual entry for the
      details and examples.
    o gauche.generator: A general utilities for generators, a thunk that
      generates a value every time it is called. Lazy sequences are built
      on top of generators. See the manual entry for the details.
    o Threads are now supported on Windows/MinGW build. It is directly
      based on Win32 thread API instead of pthreads; but Scheme-level
      semantics are almost the same. The cond-expand conditions are
      slightly modified to accomodate both thread models--- see Threads
      for the details.
    o add-load-path macro now accepts an optional argument to make the
      given path relative to the currently loaded file. This is useful to
      distribute a script accompanied with library files; for example,
      specify (add-load-path "." :relative) in the script makes the
      library files searched from the same directory where the script
      exists. Then users can just copy the directory to anywhere and run
      the script.
    o A chained-application macro $: Incorporated the feature which has
      been experimented as gauche.experimental.app. This macro allows (f
      a b (g c d (h i j))) to be written as ($ f a b $ g c d $ h i j).
      Although it is slighly longer, it is sometimes work better with
      indentation of deeply nested function calls. See the manual entry
      for the full explanation.
    o A new gosh option -m module allows the main procedure to be
      searched in the specified module instead of the default user
      module. This allows a Scheme file to work both as a library module
      and an executable scripts (e.g. for running tests or demos); name
      the test program main but not export it, and it won't affect
      ordinary module users, but you can test the module by using -m

* Incompatibile Changes
    o util.queue: Thread-safe queue can now be created with zero
      max-length, which is handy as a synchronization device. This is an
      incompatible change---previously, specyfing zero to :max-length
      means unlimited queue length. (Cf: Queue of zero length
      http://blog.practical-scheme.net/gauche … ngth-queue ).
    o Fixed a regexp bug in treatment of BOL/EOL assertions (^, $) within
      the assetion blocks such as (?=...). Regarding BOL/EOL assertions,
      these assertion blocks are treated as if they're stand-alone. The
      fixed behavior is now compatible with Perl and Oniguruma. The code
      that counted on the previous (buggy) behavior may break by this
    o Removed gauche.auxsys module. This module contained several
      less-used system procedures; now they are in the core. The module
      was autoloaded, so not many code should be affected by this change.
      Only the code that explicitly refer to this module needs to be

* Improvements
    o Many frequently-used list procedures (all of util.list, and some of
      srfi-1) are now included in the core. The module util.list is no
      longer needed, although it is kept just for the backward
      compatibility. From srfi-1, the following procedures are now in the
      core: null-list?, cons*, last, member (extended one), take, drop,
      take-right, drop-right, take!, drop-right!, delete, delete!,
      delete-duplicates, delete-duplicates!, assoc (extended one),
      alist-copy, alist-delete, alist-delete!, any, every, filter,
      filter!, remove, remove!, filter-map, fold, fold-right, find,
      find-tail, split-at, split-at!, iota.
    o New macros and procedures: values->list, fold-left,
      regexp-num-groups, regexp-named-groups.
    o New procedure applicable? can be used to check object's
      applicability finer than procedure?. Related, a special class
      <bottom> is added, which behaves as a subtype of any classes.
    o Build process is overhauled to allow out-of-source-tree build.
    o Regular expression engine is slightly improved. For example, it now
      calculates the set of characters that can be a beginning of a part
      of regexp, and uses it to skip the input efficiently.
    o thread-terminate! now attempts to terminate the target thread
      gracefully, and only tries the forceful means when the gracefull
      termination fails.
    o open-input-file now accepts :encoding #t argument, which tells the
      procedure to use a coding-aware port. That is, it can recognize
      coding: ... specification in the beginning of the file. Useful to
      process source files.
    o map is now restart-safe, that is, saving continuations in middle of
      mapping and restarting it doesn't affect previous results. This is
      required in R6RS.
    o Various small improvements in the compiler and VM stack layout.
    o gauche.test: test-module now checks the number of arguments given
      to the global procedures. This is useful to catch careless
      mistakes. In rare cases that you do intend to pass number of
      arguments incompatible to the normal usage of the procedures, list
      such procedures in :bypass-arity-check keyword argument (It is
      possible because of the dynamic nature of the language---methods of
      a different signature may be added later, for example).
    o gauche.test: test-end has a keyword argument to exit with non-zero
      status if test failed. New function test-summary-check exits with
      non-zero status when the test record file indicates there have been
      failures. Both are useful to propagate test failure to upper levels
      such as continuous integration server.
    o srfi-42: Support :generator qualifier to allow using generator
      procedures in a sense of gauche.generator.
    o file.util: touch-file and touch-files takes various keyword
      arguments similar to touch(1) command.
    o rfc.http: A new parameter http-proxy allows to set the default http
      proxy. The https connection now uses a library bundled to Gauche,
      no longer requires external stunnel command.
    o GC is bumped to bdwgc 7.2-alpha6.

* Bux fixes
    o Fixed an incorrect rounding bug when inexact numbers were given to
      div and mod.
    o Fixed another division bug in /., when both dividend and divisor
      are too big to be represented by floating-point numbers.
    o In quasiquote expander, unquote and unquote-splicing are recognized
    o force is now thread-safe.
    o Fixed some MT-hazards in file loading/requiring. Thanks to Kirill
      Zorin for tracking those hard-to-find bugs.
    o Fixed a bug that made (regexp-compile '(alt)) Bus Error.
    o Fixed another regexp bug that didn't handle case-folding match
      beyond ASCII range. Patch from OOHASHI Daichi.
    o gauche.parameter: Accessing parameters created in unrelated threads
      used to raise an error. It was annoying, since such situation could
      occur inadvertently when autoload is involved. Now the parameters
      work regardless of where they are created.
    o rfc.json: Fixed a bug that produced incorrect JSON.
    o rfc.http: Fixed the behavior of redirection for 3xx responses. You
      can also customize the behavior.
    o gauche.threads: Fixed a bug in thread-sleep! when passed an exact
      rational number.
    o util.stream: stream-count didn't work.
   2012-01-24 10:11:18 by Steven Drake | Files touched by this commit (231)
Log message:
Recursive dependency bump for databases/gdbm ABI_DEPENDS change.
   2011-09-16 09:49:25 by enami tsugutomo | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
- Update gauche to 0.9.2.  See below for the list of changes.
- Replace the HOMEPAGE with the url used in the document
  such as README etc.
- Drop minoura@ from MAINTAINER as per his request on twitter.

Brief summary of Gauche 0.9.2:

 [New Features]
     * Case mapping and character properties are fully supported,
       compatible to R6RS and R7RS draft (both based on Unicode
       standard).  Character-wise case mapping (char-upcase etc.) and
       property queries (char-alphabetic?, char-general-category,
       etc.) are built-in.  Context-aware string case mapping
       (string-upcase etc.) is provided in the new text.unicode
       module. (Note: srfi-13's string-upcase etc.  are unchanged;
       they are defined to use simple case mappings.) The text.unicode
       module also provides conversion between utf-8/utf-16 and
       Unicode codepoints.
     * Windows binary distribution is now in MS installer (*.msi)
       format, created with WiX. It's safer than the previous *.exe
       format created by NSIS, which had a bug that smashes PATH
       settings when it is too long.
     * A convenient wrapper for atomic execution is added in
       gauche.threads. See this intro post.
     * Benchmarking utilities resembles to Perl's Benchmark module is
       now available in gauche.time. See this post for an
     * with-lock-file: A long-awaited feature to use lock files
       conveniently. It is in file.util module.
     * Added full support of srfi-60, integer bitwise operations.
     * gauche.cgen: Some API that Gauche uses to generate C code
       become public. See the manual for the details.
 [Incompatibile Changes]
     * control.thread-pool: add-job! now takes timeout argument. If it
       is omitted and the job queue is full, add-job! blocks. It is a
       change from 0.9.1, in which add-job! returns immediately in
       such case. To get the same behavior, pass 0 explicitly to the
       timeout argument.  The argument order of wait-all is also
       changed to take timeout optional argument first. In 0.9.1 it
       never timeouts.
     * If --enable-multibyte flag is given to ./configure without
       explicit encoding, we now assume utf-8. It used to be
       euc-jp. This is for the consistency. We don't think this change
       affects many, for the document has always been told to give
       explicit encoding name for this option.
     * The --enable-ipv6 configure option is turned on by default. It
       shouldn't cause problems on modern OSes. If you ever get a compile
       error in gauche.net module on a platform that lacks modern API,
       specify --disable-ipv6 option to ./configure.
     * (This is an internal change of undocumented feature. We mention
       it just in case if some extension packages depend on this.) In
       the initialization code generated by genstub or precomp, it
       used to be possible to refer to the current module by mod. Now
       you should use Scm_CurrentModule() instead. Also,
       gauche.cgen.unit now doesn't include <gauche.h> automatically.
     * The compiler is improved to avoid creating a closure at
       execution time when it doesn't close local environment. For
       example, (map (^x (* x x)) lis) doesn't create a closure;
       instead, the internal lambda is compiled as if it is a
       toplevel-defined procedure. (Yeah, it's a simple lambda
       lifting. We didn't do it since it could slow down the
       compiler. Now the compiler is efficient enough to handle it.)
     * Supports zero or multi-argument unquote/unquote-splicing, as
       defined in R6RS.
     * sys-exec and sys-fork-and-exec now supports :detached keyword
       argument to make the child process detached from the parent's
       process group.
     * Buliltin reverse and reverse! takes optional list-tail
     * A new builtin procedure map* that can deal with dotted list.
     * Common Lisp-like ecase macro is added.
     * The extended lambda formals (:key, :optional, etc) are now
       available in define-method as well.
     * New built-in function sys-clearenv, useful to fork subprocess
     * rxmatch-case accepts (else => proc) form, just like case.
     * Socket address objects (e.g. <sockaddr-un>) can now be compared
       by equal? based on its content. Useful to put them in a
       hashtable, for example.
     * gauche.uvector: A new procedure uvector-copy! that can copy any
       type of uvectors.
     * gauche.test: A new test expected result constructor test-one-of
       allows to check if the test result matches any one of possible
     * control.thread-pool: Now a pool raises <thread-pool-shut-down>
       condition if the pool has already be shut down and no longer
       accepting new jobs. terminate-all now takes :cancel-queued-jobs
       keyword argument to stop the pool immediately, instead of
       waiting for all the jobs to be finished. Canceled jobs are
       marked as killed . New APIs: thread-pool-results,
     * rfc.json: Allow construct-json to take optional output port for
       the consistency.
     * rfc.uri: A new procedure uri-merge that can be resolve a
       relative uri in regart to a base uri.
     * rfc.cookie: Recognize :http-only cookie attribute introduced in
     * Now the tilde `~' expansion of sys-normalize-pathname works on
       Windows as well to refer to the current user's home directory;
       it tries environment variables heuristically to find it. To
       refer to other user's home directory by ~user is still only
       available on Unix platforms, though.
     * util.combinations: combinations is optimized to handle leaf
       cases efficiently.
 [Bux fixes]
     * Fixed a bug that the number parser hangs when reading
     * Integer multiplication routine had a code that depended on
       undefined behavior of C; it worked on gcc but revealed the bug
       on clang-llvm.
     * Fixed a module bug on the visibility of bindings of extended
     * gauche.parameter: Fixed a couple of bugs on parameter objects.
     * Numeric comparison procedures such as < didn't work correctly
       when more than four arguments were given. The bug was
       introduced by incorrect optimization.
     * Fixed bugs in lognot, logand, logior and logxor, which crashed
       when non-integer ratinoal numbers are passed.
     * port->string, port->string-list: These procedures returned
       prematurely when the input contains an illegal byte sequence
       for internal encoding. Now they return an incomplete string
     * srfi-1: Some srfi-1 procedures that are built-in were not
       exported, causing errors when you wanted to import them
       selectively, e.g.  (use srfi-1 :only (fold)).
     * util.queue: Fixed list->queue to work.
     * binary.pack: Fixed a bug that the result may be truncated if
       the input contains byte sequences that can be interpreted as
       invalid character multibyte sequences.
     * srfi-42: Fixed a hygiene bug; the previous versions failed when
       only toplevel macros are imported using :only import option.
     * rfc.json: Fixed a bug that didn't escape double-quotes in the
       string, and didn't handle empty array.
     * Coding-aware ports didn't count lines correctly in CR-only or
       CRLF line endings.
     * Fixed a problem that caused crash after changing metaclasses of
       a class metaobject. An additional protection mechanism is in
       place in the class metaobject so that it won't be in an
       inconsistent state unexpectedly.
     * Fixed sys-setenv in which you couldn't omit the overwrite
       argument, even if it was described optional.
     * Fixed build problem of gauche.net on Solaris.
     * Fixed a bug in gauche-package that caused an error when
       *load-path* contained a nonexistent path.
     * Fixed a bug in string comparison routine that surfaces in a
       special architecture.
     * The printed output of <time> was incorrect when its value was
     * There was a bug in the reader it reads ().() incorrectly.
     * Fixed a bug in format to allow ~* to position after the last
     * Fixed GC compliation problem on OSX Lion.