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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 4.9.4, Package name: gcc49-4.9.4, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) includes front ends for C, C++, Objective-C,
Fortran, Java, and Go, as well as libraries for these languages (libstdc++,

Required to run:
[math/mpfr] [devel/gmp] [math/mpcomplex]

Required to build:

Package options: gcc-c++, gcc-fortran, gcc-objc, gcc-objc++, nls

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   2017-04-22 14:22:01 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
gcc49: don't use precompiled headers for libstdc++

this is a build time optimization that causes hangs on some machines
(netbsd-7/i386, but not netbsd-7/amd64). disable it globally instead
of guessing which are broken.

gcc{5,6} are already disabling it.

PR pkg/51352: Compilation error on lang/gcc49
PR pkg/50210: Compilation of gcc 4.9 and 5.2 hangs on NetBSD 6.1_STABLE
   2016-09-30 15:17:00 by Sevan Janiyan | Files touched by this commit (5)
Log message:
Do not build with the gcc-java enabled by default.
Add a comment to note the removal of option.
Discussed on pkgsrc-users@
http://mail-index.netbsd.org/pkgsrc-use … 23796.html
   2016-09-06 14:37:47 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update lang/gcc49 to 4.9.4.  Changes since 4.9.3:

 * libsanitizer merge from upstream r191666 breaks bootstrap on powerpc64-linux \ 
and aarch64-linux
 * [6 regression] sparc bootstrap failure: sparc.c:4919:6: error: suggest \ 
explicit braces to avoid ambiguous 'else'
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] Miscompilation of glibc on i686-linux starting with r234101
 * [4.9/5/6 regression] Performance regression of 410.bwaves on x86.
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] gcc.dg/torture/pr44913.c FAILs with -O3 -fno-dce \ 
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] Inline memcmp is *much* slower than glibc's
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] ICE: Maximum number of LRA constraint passes is achieved (30)
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] Another label as values ICE in gen_reg_rtx
 * [4.9 Regression] ICE on valid code on x86_64-linux-gnu: verify_gimple failed
 * [4.9 Regression] i386: -fshrink-wrap can interact badly with trampolines
 * [4.9 Regression] wrong code at -O1 and above on x86_64-linux-gnu
 * [4.9 Regression] gcc.c-torture/execute/pr68376-2.c FAILs with -ftracer
 * [4.9 Regression] ICE (segfault) at -Os on x86_64-linux-gnu in \ 
 * [4.9 Regression] ICE in connect_traces
 * [4.9 Regression] ICE on invalid code on x86_64-linux-gnu in operator[]
 * [4.9 Regression] gcc ICE at -O1 and above  on valid code on x86_64-linux-gnu \ 
with “seg fault”
 * [4.9 Regression] gcc ICE at -O3 and above on valid code on x86_64-linux-gnu \ 
in ""replace_uses_by""
 * [4.9/5/6 regression] fipa-cp-clone ignores thunk
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] Corrupt truncated function
 * [4.9 Regression] Issue with using declaration and member class template
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] failure to determine size of static constexpr array that \ 
is nested within a templated class
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] expression of typeid( expression ) is evaluated twice
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] decltype and sfinae to check for template instance \ 
availability fails to compile
 * [5/6/7 regression] ICE with polymorphic lambda
 * [5/6/7 Regression] Missing copy elision with operator new
 * [4.9 Regression]ICE: unrecognizable insn compiling arm-fp16 testcases with \ 
-march=armv7-a and -mrestrict-it
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] ICE: in recog_memoized
 * [4.9 Regression][ARM] ICE: fail to generate BIC(immediate) instruction
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] Bad ARM code generated for evaluating unsigned int \ 
bitfield value
 * [4.9 Regression] Extremely long compile time for generated code
 * [4.9 regression] m68k misoptimisation with -fschedule-insns
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] ICE in -flto -fmerge-all-constants \ 
-fno-use-linker-plugin targetting i686-w64-mingw32
 * [4.9 Regression] ICE when comparing vectors
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] -Wparentheses missing ambiguous else warning
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] ICE on invalid C++ code on x86_64-linux-gnu: \ 
Segmentation fault
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] ICE: in merge_exception_specifiers
 * [4.9/5/6 regression] GCC emits incorrect fixed->fp conversion instruction \ 
on Cortex-M4 target
 * [4.9/5 Regression] extern ""C"" functions in \ 
src/c++11/thread.cc are global in libstdc++.a
 * [4.9 Regression] DOM confuses complete unrolling which in turn causes VRP to warn
 * [4.9 Regression] wrong code at -O2 and -O3 on x86_64-linux-gnu
 * [4.9 Regression] ICE at -Os and above with -g enabled on x86_64-linux-gnu
 * [4.9 Regression] ICE at -O2 and -O3 on x86_64-linux-gnu
 * [4.9 Regression] gcc ICE at -O2 and -O3 on x86_64-linux-gnu in \ 
 * [4.9 regression] ICE: in store_bit_field_1
 * [4.9 Regression] Wrong optimization with aliasing and access via char
 * [5/6 Regression] ICE on valid code at -O2 and -O3 with -g enabled in \ 
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] Geode optimizations incorrectly return -NaN
 * [5 Regression] wrong code with -O2 and vector arithmetics @ x86_64
 * [4.9/5 Regression] uncaught_exception() equals to `true' after rethrow_exception()
 * [4.9/5 Regression] Mistakenly unsupported tests in g++.dg/torture/
 * [4.9/5/6 regression] incorrect memcpy expansion with unrolled_loop strategy at -O2
 * [4.9/5 Regression] Segmentation fault on a template class
 * [4.9/5 Regression] compile error when including valarray
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] deduction failure with trailing return type in function \ 
template argument
 * ICE on -O2 and above on x86_64-linux-gnu (internal compiler error: in \ 
 * powerpc64 bootstrap with -mcmodel=small results in linker error
 * libatomic fails to build with -Os on powerpc64-linux
 * ICE: in emit_move_insn
 * [4.9/5 Regression] gcc hangs on valid code on x86_64-linux-gnu
 * configure incorrectly strips $target_alias from PLUGIN_LD_SUFFIX
 * [x86] 'asm' operand has impossible constraints with -fstack-check
 * broken support for attribute init_priority
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] wrong code with -mbmi2
 * Missing ""not"" breaks Ada.Text_IO.Get_Immediate(File
 * [4.9 Regression] Crash in preprocessor including stdc-predef.h when it does \ 
not exist on glibc-based systems
 * [4.9 Regression] libgomp.c/appendix-a/a.29.1.c -O2 -g: type mismatch between \ 
an SSA_NAME and its symbol
 * [4.9 Regression] all pch tests fail on eglibc systems (with bits/predefs.h)
 * [4.9 regression] On-stack VLA does not cause instrumentation with \ 
 * [4.9 Regression] OpenMP workshare problem with SUM()
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] Wrong code with single element vector insert
 * wrong code with -mstringop-strategy=libcall @ i686
 * [4.9 Regression] ICE at -O1 and above on x86_64-linux-gnu in gen_lsm_tmp_name
 * Wrong code with -O1.
 * [4.9 Regression] ICE on valid code at -O2 and -O3 on x86_64-linux-gnu: in \ 
 * [4.9/5 Regression] ICE: verify_gimple failed (type mismatch in shift expression
 * [4.9 Regression] ICE in lower_omp_target
 * [4.9/5/6/7 Regression] g++ accepts an unreachable function catch block that \ 
lacks a corresponding try
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] incorrect ""is protected within this \ 
context"" error
 * Incorrect code generated for tail call
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression][arm] Wrong code for FP mult-by-power-of-2 + int conversion
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] wrong code at -O2 and -O3 on x86_64-linux-gnu
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] Wrong thumb2_ior_scc_strict_it insn pattern.
 * [4.9/5 Regression] Wrong barrier placement for 64-bit atomic loads on arm
 * ARM -mcpu=native can cause a double free abort.
 * [AArch64] aarch64_vmls pattern should be rejected if -ffp-contract=off
 * ICE: tree check: expected integer_cst
 * false positive signed negation
 * Crash with abi_tag attribute
 * [4.9/5 Regression] ICE in gimple_call_arg with bogus posix_memalign
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] ICE on  __builtin_alloca_with_align with small alignment
 * vnmul
 * [5 Regression] ICE for array of a derived type with allocatable class in \ 
derived type object
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] ""error: too few arguments to \ 
function"" in c++14 but not c++11
 * error with multiple enable_shared_from_this base classes
 * --fast-math breaks std::signbit function
 * std::random_device Ignores Read Return Code (CVE-2015-5276)
 * Wrong value category used in _Bind functor
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] Including both <tr1/functional> and \ 
<functional> can cause ADL problems in std::function SFINAE
 * [4.9/5 Regression] std::copy/std::move broken with trivial move-only types
 * -ftree-loop-if-convert-stores miscompiles \ 
 * ifcombine joins together floating point expression with side effects
 * [4.9 Regression] gcc ICE at -O3 and __sigsetjmp with “tree check: expected \ 
 * [4.9 Regression] ICE: in tree_to_shwi
 * [4.9/5 Regression] Wrong optimization of stores to _Bool via char*
 * [4.9
 * FAIL: gcc.dg/debug/dwarf2/discriminator.c scan-assembler on x86_64-apple-darwin10
 * gcc doesn't conform to Solaris 32-bit ABI by expecting 16-byte stack alignment
 * [4.9/5/6/7 Regression] Incorrect PPC assembly due to inserted .machine pseudo-op
 * libgfortran: warning: left shift of negative value [-Wshift-negative-value]
 * [4.9/5/6] gcc.target/i386/readeflags-1.c aborts on -march=i586 or on -miamcu
 * ICE: gcc.target/i386/avx512f-klogic-2.c
 * [4.9/5 Regression] incorrect load address on manual vector shuffle
 * [PATCH] gcc 4.8.4 fails to compile with -march=native on VIA nano CPU
 * ICE at -O1 and above on x86_64-linux-gnu in int_mode_for_mode
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] ""gcc -m32 -finstrument-functions \ 
-ffixed-ebp"" produces internal compiler error
 * ICE: in extract_insn
 * Alpha: Error: No lda !gpdisp!278 was found
 * [7 Regression] Lots of ASAN and libgo runtime FAILs after r236090
 * [7 Regression] ICE on trunk gcc on ivybridge target (df_refs_verify)
 * __tls_get_addr is called with misaligned stack on x86-64
 * [4.9/5 Regression] Compiling glibc-2.17
 * Crash when selecting specializations through aliases.
 * gcc 4.9.0 fails to execute dsymutil when linking executables on darwin
 * [4.9 Regression] bootstrap with -O3 gives comparison failure
 * [4.9/5/6 regression] Memory leak with assignment to array of derived types \ 
with allocatable components
 * [4.9/5 Regression] ICE (segmentation fault) on sh4-linux-gnu
 * [4.9 Regression] Compiling with -fstack-protector-strong causes binary to segfault
 * wrong code for bit-field struct at -O1 and above on x86_64-linux-gnu
 * ""^[a-z0-9][a-z0-9-]*$"
 * s-osinte-rtems.ads is out of synch with type definitions of current newlib
 * Regular expressions: Backreferences don't work in negative lookahead
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] basic_string constructor and throwing iterators
 * [4.9 only] test case gcc.dg/and-1.c fails on power for gcc 4.9
 * [4.9 Regression] Several hundred asan failures with 4.9.4 on x86_64-apple-darwin15
 * [4.9/5/6/7 regression] S/390: Memory access below stack pointer in epilogue
 * [4.9 regression] ICE at -O1 and above on x86_64-linux-gnu (in \ 
 * ALLOCATE with size given by a module function
 * [meta-bug] Port tail-merge fixes to 4.9
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] No backtrace generated for array bounds violation
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] Internal compiler error for Fortran files when \ 
specifying a file instead of an include directory with -I
 * [4.9/5/6/7 Regression] ICE on missing end program in fixed source
 * [4.9/5/6/7 Regression] incorrect reading of values from file on Windows
 * [4.9/5/6/7 Regression] ICE in gfc_trans_structure_assign
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] FAIL: gfortran.dg/class_allocate_18.f90
 * [4.9/5 Regression] Wrong code with allocatable deferred-length (array) \ 
function results
 * [4.9 Regression] ICE on invalid: ""Bad array reference"" \ 
for an undeclared loop variable
 * [4.9/5 Regression] ICE on allocating character array with source
 * [4.9/5 Regression] Wrong length when allocating character array
 * [4.9/5 Regression] ICE on function result with procedure pointer component
 * [4.9 Regression] ICE with -g in native_encode_initializer
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] Errors in ""make -k check-gcc \ 
 * [4.9/5/6 regression] Bootstrapping on x86_64-pc-kfreebsd-gnu fails with \ 
""s-taprop.adb:717:32: ""lwp_self"" is \ 
 * [4.9/5/6 regression] Bootstrapping on x86_64-pc-kfreebsd-gnu fails with \ 
""s-taprop.adb:856:10: \ 
""pthread_attr_setaffinity_np"" is undefined (more \ 
references follow)""
 * [4.9/5/6 regression] ICE in gcc/java/lang.c:427 with -fdump-tree-all
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] ICE: in create_linear_expr_from_tree
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] -ftree-loop-linear: large compile time / memory usage
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] ICE in gen_reg_rtx
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] libada bootstrap failure on kfreebsd \ 
(""pthread_rwlock_t"" not declared in \ 
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] libbacktrace causes undefined symbol \ 
""_Unwind_GetIPInfo"" on ia64-hpux
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] endless loop with -O2 -floop-parallelize-all
 * [4.9 Regression] [graphite] Segmentation fault with -Ofast \ 
-floop-parallelize-all -ftree-parallelize-loops
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] Build of i686-pc-linux-android is broken
 * [4.9 Regression] Free-form source code: -Wline-truncation is no longer \ 
enabled by default
 * [4.9 Regression] ICE: FORALL writing multiple elements of one array
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] ICE on invalid code on x86_64-linux-gnu in tree check: \ 
expected function_type or method_type
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] gcc 4.9+ miscompiles code on hppa
 * [4.9/5/6/7 Regression] ICE in analyze
 * [4.9 /5/6 Regression] ICE in get_narrower
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] Build failure: undefined symbol __floatunsitf
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] ICE when renaming predefined ""="" \ 
and ""/=""
 * [4.9/5/6 Regression] ICE: in compute_affine_dependence
   2016-09-05 22:17:01 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (4)
Log message:
gcc49 netbsd-only: disable libssp, use a more sane specfile.

bump gcc49 PKGREVISION
bump gcc49-libs so it is a higher PKGREVISION than gcc49
   2016-07-09 08:39:18 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1068) | Package updated
Log message:
Bump PKGREVISION for perl-5.24.0 for everything mentioning perl.
   2016-02-25 15:42:57 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (33)
Log message:
   2016-01-21 12:53:06 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
Don't use GCC fixincludes on SmartOS, header changes mean that broken includes
are generated and various features end up disabled.  Bump PKGREVISION.
   2015-11-25 13:51:17 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (22)
Log message:
Remove mk/find-prefix.mk usage from the lang category.

The find-prefix infrastructure was required in a pkgviews world where
packages installed from pkgsrc could have different installation
prefixes, and this was a way for a dependency prefix to be determined.

Now that pkgviews has been removed there is no longer any need for the
overhead of this infrastructure.  Instead we use BUILDLINK_PREFIX.pkg
for dependencies pulled in via buildlink, or LOCALBASE/PREFIX where the
dependency is coming from pkgsrc.

Provides a reasonable performance win due to the reduction of `pkg_info
-qp` calls, some of which were redundant anyway as they were duplicating
the same information provided by BUILDLINK_PREFIX.pkg.