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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 20170306, Package name: neomutt-20170306, Maintainer: wiz

What is NeoMutt?

* NeoMutt is a project of projects.
* A place to gather all the patches against Mutt.
* A place for all the developers to gather.

Hopefully this will build the community and reduce duplicated effort.

Required to run:
[lang/perl5] [security/cyrus-sasl] [security/gnupg2] [security/gpgme] [devel/libidn] [devel/ncursesw] [databases/tokyocabinet] [mail/notmuch]

Required to build:
[textproc/docbook-xsl] [textproc/libxslt] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

Package options: gpgme, gssapi, idn, mutt-compressed-mbox, mutt-hcache, mutt-sidebar, mutt-smtp, ncursesw, sasl, smime, ssl, tokyocabinet

Master sites:

SHA1: e1f82bc671606650a4eaba7e2407ea3d6836507e
RMD160: c284f4587f8c2945f24ee086c7d2c38a1337fce2
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   2017-03-12 21:58:20 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Add option handling for sidebar option, which was non-functional.

From Thomas Merkel in private mail.
   2017-03-07 21:42:28 by Roland Dowdeswell | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Provide gssapi pkg option for {,neo}mutt.
   2017-03-07 17:06:14 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated neomutt to 20170306.

2017-03-06  Richard Russon  <rich@flatcap.org>
* Bug Fixes
  - Get the correct buffer size under fmemopen/torify (#441)
  - Use static inlines to make gcc 4.2.1 happy
  - getdnsdomainname: cancel getaddrinfo_a if needed
  - imap: remove useless code (#434) (origin/master)
  - Fixes missing semi-colon compilation issue (#433)
* Docs
  - github: added template for Pull Requests, issues and a CONTRIBUTION.md (#339)
  - editorconfig: support for new files, fix whitespace (#439)
  - add blocking fmemopen bug on debian to manual (#422)
* Upstream
  - Increase ACCOUNT.pass field size. (closes #3921)
  - SSL: Fix memory leak in subject alternative name code. (closes #3920)
  - Prevent segv if open-appending to an mbox fails. (closes #3918)
  - Clear out extraneous errors before SSL_connect() (see #3916)

2017-02-25  Richard Russon  <rich@flatcap.org>
* Features
  - Add option $show_multipart_alternative
  - notmuch: Allow to use untransformed tag for color
  - Use getaddrinfo_a if possible (#420)
* Bug Fixes
  - handle sigint within socket operations (#411)
  - Avoid browsing the remote spoolfile by setting MUTT_SELECT_MULTI attach
  - notmuch: fix crash when completing tags (#395)
  - Fixes missing failure return of notmuch msg open (#401)
  - Fix latest Coverity issues (#387)
  - Advance by the correct number of position even for unknown characters (#368)
  - Release KyotoCabinet data with kcfree() (#384)
  - 22 resource leaks
* Translations
  - Update translations
  - Update the german translation (#397)
* Docs
  - fix typo in notmuch example
  - remove duplicate "default" in the sidebar intro
  - fix confusing description of notmuch operators (#371)
  - correct spelling mistakes (#412)
* Website
  - link to clang-format config in main repo (#28)
  - updated list of useful programs
  - update/improve list of useful programs
  - sidebar_format has a single default value
  - fix name of GNU Guix
  - added guix distro
  - added link to new afew maintainers
  - add code of conduct
  - add mutt-addressbook to useful
  - remove unnecessary unicode non-breaking spaces
  - github merging
* Build
  - Enable and run unit-tests on the feature/unit-test branch
  - add notmuch to default, feature
  - new dbs for mutt
  - master is now the main branch
  - streamline builds
  - fix doc generator
  - add a few includes (prelude to clang-format)
  - slcurses.h defines its own bool type
  - travis: use container build
  - add clang-format file
  - Remove ugly macros and casts from crypt-gpgme.c
  - fix minor reflow issues in some comments
  - editorconfig: use spaces to indent in *.[ch] files
  - added comment-blocks for clang-format to ignore
  - fix 80 column limit, align statements
  - Remove snprintf.c from EXTRA_DIST (#406)
  - Kill homebrew (v)snprintf implementations, as they are C99 (#402)
  - Display charset + small refactoring
  - Do not cast or check returns from safe_calloc (#396)
  - refactor: create a generic base64 encode/decode
  - debug: remove dprint in favor of mutt_debug (#375)
  - Fix dubious use macro for _() / gettext() (#376)
  - Use mutt_buffer_init instead of memset
  - Make the heap method and datatype a plain list
  - Reverts making AliasFile into a list_t (#379)
  - Turn mutt_new_* macros into inline functions
  - Do not cast return values from malloc (et similia)
* Upstream
  - Simplify mutt_label_complete().
  - Permit tab completion of pattern expressions with ~y (labels).
  - Fix the mutt_label_complete() pos parameter.
  - Fix the x-label update code check location.
  - Improve the label completion hash table usage.
  - Adds label completion.
  - Add hash_find_elem to get the hash element.
  - Minor fixes to the x-label patch from David.
  - Adds capability to edit x-labels inside mutt, and to sort by label.
  - Allow "unsubjectrc *" to remove all patterns.
  - Add subjectrx command to replace matching subjects with something else.
  - Abstract the SPAM_LIST as a generic REPLACE_LIST
  - Improve Reply-to vs From comparison when replying. (closes #3909)
  - Fix sidebar references to the "new count" to be \ 
"unread". (closes #3908)
  - Fix several alias hashtable issues.
  - Add casecmp and strdup_key flags to hash_create()
  - Improve error handling in mbox magic detection.
  - Allow initial blank lines in local mailboxes.
  - Fix minor documentation issues.
  - Convert cmd_parse_search to use the uid hash. (closes #3905)
  - Create a uid hash for imap. (see #3905)
  - Convert HASH to be indexable by unsigned int. (see #3905)
  - Fix imap server-side search to call uid2msgno() only once. (see #3905)
  - Add a pattern_cache_t to speed up a few repeated matches.
  - Canonicalize line endings for GPGME S/MIME encryption. (closes #3904)
  - Fix build for bdb.
  - Create function to free header cache data.
  - Add Kyoto Cabinet support to the header cache.
  - Prevent null pointer exception for h->ai_canonname
  - Show SHA1 fp in interactive cert check menu.
  - Fix potential cert memory leak in check_certificate_by_digest().
  - Plug memory leak in weed-expired-certs code.
  - Filter expired local certs for OpenSSL verification.
  - Change "allow_dups" into a flag at hash creation.
   2017-02-17 15:03:30 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated neomutt to 20170206.

2017-02-06  Richard Russon  <rich@flatcap.org>
* Bug Fixes
  - Unicode 0x202F is a non-break space too (#358) (@gahr)
  - improve readability of find_subject() (@toogley)
  - Import hcache-lmdb fixes from upstream (#363) (@gahr)
  - Rework the "inbox-first" implementation to make code \ 
self-explanatory (#356) (@gahr)
  - If possible, only redraw after gpgme has invoked pinentry (#352) (@gahr)
  - Remove two use-after free in global hooks (#353) (@guiniol)
  - Handle BAD as IMAP_AUTH_UNAVAIL (#351) (@gahr)
  - Do not crash when closing a non-opened mailbox (origin/requests/github/343) \ 
  - Import hcache benchmark (@gahr)
  - fix: bug introduced by mkdir changes (#350)
  - change pager to allow timehook-hook to fire
* Docs
  - Update documentation about modify-labels-then-hide (@bbenne10)

2017-01-28  Richard Russon  <rich@flatcap.org>
* Features
  - Add option for missing subject replacement
  - notmuch: Allow <modify-labels> to toggle labels
  - Support for aborting mailbox loading
  - Do a buffy check after shell escape
  - Support of relative paths sourcing and cyclic source detection
  - Support of multiple config files as CLI arguments
  - Extend the ~m pattern to allow relative ranges
  - Implement SASL's PLAIN mechanism as a standalone authenticator
  - Add support for sensitive config options
  - Searching with a window over notmuch vfolders
* Contrib
  - fix vim syntax file for index-color commands
  - add .editorconfig
* Bug Fixes
  - fix global hooks to not take a pattern
  - Avoid breaking relative paths when avoiding cyclic checks on
  - Fix sorting when using '/' as a namespace separator
* Docs
  - Added waffle badges to readme
  - Describe the new message ranges
  - add documentation for -DS command line switch
  - fix typos in section on config locations
  - remove reference to missing keybinding
  - fix docbook validation
* Build
  - Start migrating to stdbool logic
  - add recursive mkdir()
  - reformat the source to mutt standards
  - appease check_sec.sh
   2017-01-17 13:32:42 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated neomutt to 20170113.

2017-01-13  Richard Russon  <rich@flatcap.org>
* Features
  - Allow custom status flags in index_format
  - $from_chars highlights differences in authorship
  - notmuch: make 'Folder' and 'Tags' respect (un)ignore
  - notmuch: add "virtual-unmailboxes" command
* Bug Fixes
  - pick smarter default for $sidebar_divider_char
  - status color breaks "mutt -D"
  - Enable reconstruct-thread in the pager
  - manually touch 'atime' when reading a mbox file
  - allow $to_chars to contain Unicode characters
  - increase the max lmdb database size
  - restore limit current thread
  - don't reset the alarm unless we set it
  - some more places that may get NULL pointers
  - rework initials to allow unicode characters
* Translations
  - Spanish translation
  - German translation
* Docs
  - Improve whitespace and grammar on the NNTP feature page
  - make $to_chars docs more legible
  - de-tab the DocBook
  - fix 301 redirects
* Build
  - New configure option --enable-everything
  - add a constant for an aborted question
  - enhance mutt_to_base64() (and callers)
  - Fix configure.ac to require md5 if hcache is enabled
  - Bail if a selected hcache backend cannot be found
  - refactor mutt_matches_ignore
  - fix hcache + make dist
  - add unicode string helper function
  - Re-indent configure.ac
  - generate devel version suffix
  - fix check_sec.sh warnings
  - remove unnecessary #ifdef's
  - add missing #ifdef for nntp
  - ignore some configure temp files
  - fix "make dist" target
  - fix function prototypes
  - fix coverity warnings
  - notmuch: drop strndup, replace with mutt_substrdup
* Upstream
  - Fix failure with GPGME 1.8: do not steal the gpgme_ prefix.
  - search muttrc file according to XDG Base Specification (closes #3207)
  - Improve openssl interactive_check_cert. (closes #3899)
  - Add mutt_array_size macro, change interactive_check_cert() to use it. (see #3899)
  - Return to pager upon aborting a jump operation. (closes #3901)
  - Change sidebar_spoolfile coloring to be lower precedence.
  - Move '@' pattern modifier documentation to the right section.
  - Add setenv/unsetenv commands.
  - Rework OpenSSL certificate verification to support alternative chains. \ 
(closes #3903)
  - Add option to control whether threads uncollapse when new mail arrives.
  - In the manual, replaced 2 para by example (similar to the first example).
  - Create mbchar_table type for multibyte character arrays. (see #3024)
  - Make to_chars and status_chars accept mulitibyte characters. (closes #3024)
   2016-11-28 13:26:03 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated neomutt to 20161126.

2016-11-26  Richard Russon  <rich@flatcap.org>
* Features
  - Upstream adoption of compress
  - Multiple hcache backends and run-time selection
  - $forward_references includes References: header on forwards
  - Hooks: define hooks for startup and shutdown
  - Add $collapse_all to close threads automatically
* Bug Fixes
  - Index in pager crash
  - Tag with multiple labels
  - Make sure gdbm's symbols are not resolved in QDBM's compatibility layer
  - Fix crash when doing collapse_all on an empty folder
  - Fix: crash when browsing empty dir
  - Initialize imap_authenticate's return value to something meaningful
* Translations
  - Update German translation
  - Update Slovak translation
  - Update French translation
  - Add English (British) translation
  - Convert files to utf-8
  - Mass tidy up of the translation messages
* Docs
  - new-mail bug is fixed
  - add since date for features
  - expand example command options for compress
  - fix entries for beep and new-mail-command
  - add a version number to the generated vimrc
  - fix links in README
  - don't use smart quotes in manual examples
  - <escape> and \e means refers to both alt and escape key
* Build
  - Travis: test messages
  - Add option to disable translation messages
  - Split hcache code into per-backend files
  - Doc/Makefile clean neomutt-syntax.vim
  - Improve discovery for the Berkeley Database
  - Fix nntp/notmuch conditionals
  - Implement mutt_strchrnul()
  - Rename vim-keybindings to vim-keys
* Upstream
  - attach_format: add new %F placeholder
  - Compose: add operation to rename an attachment
  - Chain %d->%F->%f in the attachment menu
  - Move mbox close-append logic inside mbox_close_mailbox()
  - When $flag_safe is set, flagged messages cannot be deleted
  - Adds the '@' pattern modifier to limit matches to known aliases
  - Adds <mark-message> binding to create "hotkeys" for messages
  - Updated requirement on the C compiler
  - Fix mark-message translation and keybind menu
  - More openssl1.1 fixes: remove uses of X509->name in debugging. (closes #3870)
  - Don't close stderr when opening a tunnel. (closes #3726)
  - Minor resource and error logic cleanup in tunnel_socket_open()
  - Make sure that the output of X509_NAME_oneline is null-terminated
   2016-11-15 11:13:45 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Fix DOTLOCK_GROUP. From J. Lewis Muir on pkgsrc-users.
   2016-11-14 15:25:17 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated neomutt to 20161104.

2016-11-04  Richard Russon  <rich@flatcap.org>
* Bug Fixes
  - don't crash when the imap connection dies
* Upstream
  - Add root-message function to jump to root message in thread.
  - Updated French translation.
  - Prevent an integer overflow in mutt_mktime() (closes #3880)
  - Fix pager segfault when lineInfo.chunks overflows. (closes #3888)
  - Perform charset conversion on text attachments when piping. (closes #3773) \ 
(see #3886)
  - Add a --disable-doc configuration option.
  - Make ncurses and ncursesw header checking the same.
  - Attempt to silence a clang range warning. (closes #3891)
  - Fixed issue from changeset 4da647a80c55. (closes #3892)
  - Define PATH_MAX, it's missing on the GNU Hurd. (closes #3815)