./textproc/libxslt, XSLT parser library from the GNOME project

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.1.34nb3, Package name: libxslt-1.1.34nb3, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Libxslt is the XSLT C library developed for the Gnome project. XSLT itself is
an XML language to define transformation for XML. Libxslt is based on libxml2
the XML C library developed for the Gnome project. It also implements most of
the EXSLT set of extensions functions and some of Saxon's evaluate and
expressions extensions.

Required to run:
[textproc/libxml2] [security/libgcrypt]

Required to build:
[textproc/docbook-xml] [textproc/docbook-xsl] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

Master sites:

SHA1: 5b42a1166a1688207028e4a5e72090828dd2a61e
RMD160: 46a5d1ac1524ad685447cec71c0f8313d727f0af
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   2020-08-31 20:13:29 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3631) | Package updated
Log message:
*: bump PKGREVISION for perl-5.32.
   2020-06-02 10:25:05 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (1689)
Log message:
Revbump for icu
   2020-04-02 08:42:02 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
libxslt: fix man page

Addresses PR 55123 with a SUBST_SED.

   2019-11-06 14:23:45 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
libxslt: update to 1.1.34.

The release is out, includes a number of bug fixes and portability
patches.  Some improvement about enabling fuzzers and removings
some of the issues found, some having security implications, users
are invited to upgrade.

- Fix EXSLT web pages (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Regenerate web pages (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix Git link in news.html (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Minor documentation fixes after recent changes (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix typos (Jan Pokorný)
- Regenerate symbols and API docs (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Regenerate EXSLT website (Nick Wellnhofer)

- Remove stubs when compiling without debugger or profiler (Nick Wellnhofer)
- configure.ac: Invoke PKG_CHECK_MODULES for building shared libraries (Hugh \ 
- configure.ac: Conditionally determine whether xml2-config should pass shared \ 
libraries or static libraries
(Hugh McMaster)
- xslt-config.in: Fix broken --prefix=DIR support (Hugh McMaster)
- libexslt.pc.in: Do not expose private library  dependencies unless invoked \ 
(Hugh McMaster)
- libxslt.pc.in: Do not expose private library dependencies  unless invoked \ 
(Hugh McMaster)
- Fix -Wformat-overflow warning (GCC 9) (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Stop including ansidecl.h (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Remove WIN32_EXTRA_* variables (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix vsnprintf in Python bindings on Windows (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Build without winsock (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Stop redefining snprintf on MinGW (Nick Wellnhofer)

Bug Fixes:
- xsl:template without name and match attributes should not be allowed (Nikolai \ 
- Make sure that Python tests exit with error code (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Improve handling of invalid UTF-8 in format-number (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix dangling pointer in xsltCopyText (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix memory leak in pattern compilation error path (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix uninitialized read with UTF-8 grouping chars (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix integer overflow in FORMAT_GYEAR (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix performance regression with xsl:number (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Backup XPath context node in xsltInitCtxtKey (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix unsigned integer overflow in date.c (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix insertion of xsl:fallback content (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Avoid quadratic behavior in xsltSaveResultTo (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix numbering in non-Latin scripts (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix uninitialized read of xsl:number token (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix integer overflow in _exsltDateDayInWeek (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Rework xsltAttrVT allocation (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix check of xsltTestCompMatch return value (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix security framework bypass (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Use xmlNewTextChild in EXSLT dyn:map (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix float casts in exsltDateDuration (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Always set context node before calling XPath iterators (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix attribute precedence with xsl:use-attribute-sets (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Backup context node in exsltFuncFunctionFunction (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Initialize ctxt->output before evaluating global vars (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix memory leak in EXSLT functions error path (Nick Wellnhofer)

- Enable continuous integration via GitLab CI (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix -Wimplicit-fallthrough warnings (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Adjust number of API index pages (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Make xsltCompileRelativePathPattern non-recursive (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Check that crypto:rc4_decrypt produces valid UTF-8 (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Avoid recursion in keys.c:skipPredicate (Nick Wellnhofer)
- xslt-config.in: Simply handling of $all_flags (Hugh McMaster)
- xslt-config.in: Add a --dynamic option to --libs (Hugh McMaster)
- xslt-config.in: Simplify basic library handling (Hugh McMaster)
- xslt-config.in: Remove unused variable (Hugh McMaster)
- xslt-config: Simply handling of --cflags (Hugh McMaster)
- Add Travis test with MemorySanitizer (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Run Travis ASan tests under Xenial (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Improve fuzzers (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Always reuse XPath context (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Compile with -Wextra (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Make profiler support optional (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Hide unused code when compiling without debugger (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Reorganize fuzzing code (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Simplify .gitignore (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Optional operation limit (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Improve seed corpus and dictionary (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Reuse XPath context when compiling stylesheets (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Reuse XPath context in dyn:map (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Reuse XPath context in saxon:expression (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Add libFuzzer targets (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Adjust error message in expected test output (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Change bug tracker URL (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Change git repo URL (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Regenerate NEWS (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix misleading indentation in security.c (Nick Wellnhofer)

- Remove empty TODO file (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Remove generated file libxsltclass.txt from version control (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Rebuild docs (Nick Wellnhofer)

Thanks to Nick and everybody who helped to build this release!
   2019-08-11 15:25:21 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3557) | Package updated
Log message:
Bump PKGREVISIONs for perl 5.30.0
   2019-01-09 20:12:14 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (7) | Package updated
Log message:
libxslt: updated to 1.1.33

Variables need 'extern' in static lib on Cygwin
Really declare dllexport/dllimport for Cygwin
Fix callback signatures in Python bindings
Fix transform callback signatures
Fix extension callback signatures
Fix deallocator signatures
Fix XPath callback signatures
Fix hash callback signatures

Bug Fixes:
Don't cache direct evaluation of patterns with variables
Move function result RVTs to context variable
Fix EXSLT functions returning RVTs from outer scopes
Fix handling of RVTs returned from nested EXSLT functions
Fix typos

Run Travis ASan tests with "sudo: required"

Remove doc/libxslt-decl.txt
Docs for 1.1.32 release
   2018-08-22 11:48:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3558)
Log message:
Recursive bump for perl5-5.28.0
   2017-11-23 16:48:11 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
libxslt: update to 1.1.32.

1.1.32: Nov 02 2017

  Add missing limits.h include (Nick Wellnhofer),
  Also run Windows tests with --maxdepth 200 (Nick Wellnhofer),
  Disable some MSVC warnings (Nick Wellnhofer),
  Fix deprecated Travis compiler flag (Nick Wellnhofer),
  Run general tests with maxdepth=200 (Nick Wellnhofer),
  Use _WIN32 macro instead of WIN32 (Nick Wellnhofer),
  Fix xsltproc newlines on Windows (Nick Wellnhofer),
  Fix Windows compiler warnings (Nick Wellnhofer),
  Rework locale feature tests (Nick Wellnhofer)

  Rebuild win32/libxslt.def.src (Nick Wellnhofer),
  Fix compiler warnings in Python bindings (Nick Wellnhofer)

v1.1.31: Oct 06 2017

  Fix win32/configure.js (Nick Wellnhofer)

  Bug Fixes:
  Fix pkg-config related regressions in configure script (Nick Wellnhofer)

  Adjust expected error output for libxml2 changes (Nick Wellnhofer),
  Misc autoconf updates (Nick Wellnhofer)