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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.6.0, Package name: fish-2.6.0, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

fish is a user friendly command line shell for UNIX-like operating
systems, written mainly with interactive use in mind. It differs
from other shells in that it only provides as few commands as
built-ins as possible and has a daemon which allows it to have
shared variables and command-line history between shell instances.
It also features feature-rich tab-completion and has command-line
syntax highlighting.

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SHA1: 16f6612747f8013cd04b3639fe504d4750f363ca
RMD160: f12093fef235487b7c02c245cbbd600750fff874
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   2017-08-19 11:28:38 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update shells/fish to 2.6.0.

Notable fixes and improvements:

- Jobs running in the background can now be removed from the list
  of jobs with the new disown builtin, which behaves like the same
  command in other shells.
- Command substitutions now have access to the terminal, like in
  other shells. This allows tools like fzf to work properly.
- In cases where the operating system does not report the size of
  the terminal, the COLUMNS and LINES environment variables are
  used; if they are unset, a default of 80x24 is assumed.
- New French and improved German translations.
- fish no longer depends on the which external command.

For full release notes see:

   2017-05-19 17:27:58 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Fix installation on Darwin.
   2017-05-15 15:46:47 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Requires gettext-lib.  SunOS needs an explcit -lintl and a patch to
handle malloc'd getcwd() properly.
   2017-05-13 03:19:05 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (19) | Package removed
Log message:
Update to 2.5.0
Reviewed by:	joerg@

Upstream changes:
Release Notes for fish 2.5.0 (released February 3, 2017)

    The Home, End, Insert, Delete, Page Up and Page Down keys work in Vi-style \ 
key bindings (#3731).

Platform Changes
Starting with version 2.5, fish requires a more up-to-date version of C++, \ 
specifically C++11 (from 2011). This affects some older platforms:
For users building from source, GCC's g++ 4.8 or later, or LLVM's clang 3.3 or \ 
later, are known to work. Older platforms may require a newer compiler \ 
installed. Unfortunately, because of the complexity of the toolchain, binary \ 
packages are no longer published by the fish-shell developers for the following \ 

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS 5 & 6 for 64-bit builds
    Ubuntu 12.04 (EoLTS April 2017)
    Debian 7 (EoLTS May 2018)

Installing newer version of fish on these systems will require building from source.
OS X SnowLeopard
Starting with version 2.5, fish requires a C++11 standard library on OS X 10.6 \ 
("SnowLeopard"). If this library is not installed, you will see this \ 
error: dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libc++.1.dylib MacPorts is the easiest \ 
way to obtain this library. After installing the SnowLeopard MacPorts release \ 
from the install page, run: sudo port -v install libcxx Now fish should launch \ 
successfully. (Please open an issue if it does not.) This is only necessary on \ 
10.6. OS X 10.7 and later include the required library by default.
Other significant changes

    Attempting to exit with running processes in the background produces a \ 
warning, then signals them to terminate if a second attempt to exit is made. \ 
This brings the behaviour for running background processes into line with \ 
stopped processes. (#3497)
    random can now have start, stop and step values specified, or the new choice \ 
subcommand can be used to pick an argument from a list (#3619).
    A new key bindings preset, fish_hybrid_key_bindings, including all the \ 
Emacs-style and Vi-style bindings, which behaves like fish_vi_key_bindings in \ 
fish 2.3.0 (#3556).
    function now returns an error when called with invalid options, rather than \ 
defining the function anyway (#3574). This was a regression present in fish 2.3 \ 
and 2.4.0.
    fish no longer prints a warning when it identifies a running instance of an \ 
old version (2.1.0 and earlier). Changes to universal variables may not \ 
propagate between these old versions and 2.5b1.
    Improved compatiblity with Android (#3585), MSYS/mingw (#2360), Solaris \ 
(#3456, #3340)
    Like other shells, the test builting now returns an error for numeric \ 
operations on invalid integers (#3346, #3581).
    complete no longer recognises --authoritative and --unauthoritative options, \ 
and they are marked as obsolete.
    status accepts subcommands, and should be used like status is-interactive. \ 
The old options continue to be supported for the foreseeable future (#3526), \ 
although only one subcommand or option can be specified at a time.
    Selection mode (used with "begin-selection") no longer selects a \ 
character the cursor does not move over (#3684).
    List indexes are handled better, and a bit more liberally in some cases \ 
(echo $PATH[1 .. 3] is now valid) (#3579).
    The fish_mode_prompt function is now simply a stub around \ 
fish_default_mode_prompt, which allows the mode prompt to be included more \ 
easily in customised prompt functions (#3641).

Notable fixes and improvements

    alias, run without options or arguments, lists all defined aliases, and \ 
aliases now include a description in the function signature that identifies \ 
    complete accepts empty strings as descriptions (#3557).
    command accepts -q/--quiet in combination with --search (#3591), providing a \ 
simple way of checking whether a command exists in scripts.
    Abbreviations can now be renamed with abbr --rename OLD_KEY NEW_KEY (#3610).
    The command synopses printed by --help options work better with copying and \ 
pasting (#2673).
    help launches the browser specified by the $fish_help_browser variable if it \ 
is set (#3131).
    History merging could lose items under certain circumstances and is now \ 
fixed (#3496).
    The $status variable is now set to 123 when a syntactically invalid command \ 
is entered (#3616).
    Exiting fish now signals all background processes to terminate, not just \ 
stopped jobs (#3497).
    A new prompt_hostname function which prints a hostname suitable for use in \ 
prompts (#3482).
    The __fish_man_page function (bound to Alt-h by default) now tries to \ 
recognize subcommands (e.g. git add will now open the "git-add" man \ 
page) (#3678).
    A new function edit_command_buffer (bound to Alt-e & Alt-v by default) \ 
to edit the command buffer in an external editor (#1215, #3627).
    set_color now supports italics (--italics), dim (--dim) and reverse \ 
(--reverse) modes (#3650).
    Filesystems with very slow locking (eg incorrectly-configured NFS) will no \ 
longer slow fish down (#685).
    Improved completions for apt (#3695), fusermount (#3642), make (#3628), \ 
netctl-auto (#3378), nmcli (#3648), pygmentize (#3378), and tar (#3719).
    Added completions for:
    VBoxHeadless (#3378)
    VBoxSDL (#3378)
    base64 (#3378)
    caffeinate (#3524)
    dconf (#3638)
    dig (#3495)
    dpkg-reconfigure (#3521 & #3522)
    feh (#3378)
    launchctl (#3682)
    lxc (#3554 & #3564),
    mddiagnose (#3524)
    mdfind (#3524)
    mdimport (#3524)
    mdls (#3524)
    mdutil (#3524)
    mkvextract (#3492)
    nvram (#3524)
    objdump (#3378)
    sysbench (#3491)
    tmutil (#3524)

Release Notes for fish 2.4.0 (released November 8, 2016)
Significant changes

    The clipboard integration has been revamped with explicit bindings. The \ 
killring commands no longer copy from, or paste to, the X11 clipboard - use the \ 
new copy (C-x) and paste (C-v) bindings instead. The clipboard is now available \ 
on OS X as well as systems using X11 (e.g. Linux). (#3061)
    history uses subcommands (history delete) rather than options (history \ 
--delete) for its actions (#3367). You can no longer specify multiple actions \ 
via flags (e.g., history --delete --save something).
    New history options have been added, including --max=n to limit the number \ 
of history entries, --show-time option to show timestamps (#3175, #3244), and \ 
--null to null terminate history entries in the search output.
    history search is now case-insensitive by default (which also affects \ 
history delete) (#3236).
    history delete now correctly handles multiline commands (#31).
    Vi-style bindings no longer include all of the default emacs-style bindings; \ 
instead, they share some definitions (#3068).
    If there is no locale set in the environment, various known system \ 
configuration files will be checked for a default. If no locale can be found, \ 
en_US-UTF.8 will be used (#277).
    A number followed by a caret (e.g. 5^) is no longer treated as a redirection \ 
    The $version special variable can be overwritten, so that it can be used for \ 
other purposes if required.

Notable fixes and improvements

    The fish_realpath builtin has been renamed to realpath and made compatible \ 
with GNU realpath when run without arguments (#3400). It is used only for \ 
systems without a realpath or grealpath utility (#3374).
    Improved color handling on terminals/consoles with 8-16 colors, particularly \ 
the use of bright named color (#3176, #3260).
    fish_indent can now read from files given as arguments, rather than just \ 
standard input (#3037).
    Fuzzy tab completions behave in a less surprising manner (#3090, #3211).
    jobs should only print its header line once (#3127).
    Wildcards in redirections are highlighted appropriately (#2789).
    Suggestions will be offered more often, like after removing characters (#3069).
    history --merge now correctly interleaves items in chronological order (#2312).
    Options for fish_indent have been aligned with the other binaries - in \ 
particular, -d now means --debug. The --dump option has been renamed to \ 
--dump-parse-tree (#3191).
    The display of bindings in the Web-based configuration has been greatly \ 
improved (#3325), as has the rendering of prompts (#2924).
    fish should no longer hang using 100% CPU in the C locale (#3214).
    A bug in FreeBSD 11 & 12, Dragonfly BSD & illumos prevented fish \ 
from working correctly on these platforms under UTF-8 locales; fish now avoids \ 
the buggy behaviour (#3050).
    Prompts which show git repository information (via __fish_git_prompt) are \ 
faster in large repositories (#3294) and slow filesystems (#3083).
    fish 2.3.0 reintroduced a problem where the greeting was printed even when \ 
using read; this has been corrected again (#3261).
    Vi mode changes the cursor depending on the current mode (#3215).
    Command lines with escaped space characters at the end tab-complete \ 
correctly (#2447).
    Added completions for:
        arcanist (#3256)
        connmanctl (#3419)
        figlet (#3378)
        mdbook (#3378)
        ninja (#3415)
        p4, the Perforce client (#3314)
        pygmentize (#3378)
        ranger (#3378)
    Improved completions for aura (#3297), abbr (#3267), brew (#3309), chown \ 
(#3380, #3383),cygport (#3392), git (#3274, #3226, #3225, #3094, #3087, #3035, \ 
#3021, #2982, #3230), kill & pkill (#3200), screen (#3271), wget (#3470), \ 
and xz (#3378).
    Distributors, packagers and developers will notice that the build process \ 
produces more succinct output by default; use make V=1 to get verbose output \ 
    Improved compatibility with minor platforms including musl (#2988), Cygwin \ 
(#2993), Android (#3441, #3442), Haiku (#3322) and Solaris.
    Automatic cursor changes are now only enabled on the subset of XTerm \ 
versions known to support them, resolving a problem where older versions printed \ 
garbage to the terminal before and after every prompt (#3499).
    Improved the title set in Apple Terminal.app.
    Added completions for defaults and improved completions for diskutil (#3478).

Release Notes for fish 2.3.1 (released July 3, 2016)
This is a functionality and bugfix release. This release does not contain all \ 
the changes to fish since the last release, but fixes a number of issues \ 
directly affecting users at present and includes a small number of new features.
Significant changes

    A new fish_key_reader binary for decoding interactive keypresses (#2991).
    fish_mode_prompt has been updated to reflect the changes in the way the Vi \ 
input mode is set up (#3067), making this more reliable.
    fish_config can now properly be launched from the OS X app bundle (#3140).

Notable fixes and improvements

    Extra lines were sometimes inserted into the output under Windows (Cygwin \ 
and Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Linux) due to TTY timestamps not being \ 
updated (#2859).
    The string builtin's match mode now handles the combination of -rnv (match, \ 
invert and count) correctly (#3098).
    Improvements to TTY special character handling (#3064), locale handling \ 
(#3124) and terminal environment variable handling (#3060).
    Work towards handling the terminal modes for external commands launched from \ 
initialisation files (#2980).
    Ease the upgrade path from fish 2.2.0 and before by warning users to restart \ 
fish if the string builtin is not available (#3057).
    type -a now syntax-colorizes function source output.
    Added completions for alsamixer, godoc, gofmt, goimports, gorename, lscpu, \ 
mkdir, modinfo, netctl-auto, poweroff, termite, udisksctl and xz (#3123).
    Improved completions for apt (#3097), aura (#3102),git (#3114), npm (#3158), \ 
string and suspend (#3154).

Release Notes for fish 2.3.0 (released May 20, 2016)
Significant Changes

    A new string builtin to handle… strings! This builtin will measure, \ 
split, search and replace text strings, including using regular expressions. It \ 
can also be used to turn lists into plain strings using join. string can be used \ 
in place of sed, grep, tr, cut, and awk in many situations. (#2296)
    After seeing an escape character wait up to 300ms for an additional \ 
character. This is consistent with readline (e.g. bash) and can be configured \ 
via the fish_escape_delay_ms variable. This allows using escape as the Meta \ 
modifier. (#1356)
    Add new directories for vendor functions and configuration snippets (#2498)
    A new fish_realpath builtin and associated function to allow the use of \ 
realpath even on those platforms that don't ship an appropriate command. (#2932)
    Alt-# toggles the current command line between commented and uncommented \ 
states, making it easy to save a command in history without executing it.
    The fish_vi_mode function is now deprecated in favour of fish_vi_key_bindings

Backward-incompatible changes

    Unmatched globs will now cause an error, except when used with for, set or \ 
count (#2719, #2394)
    and and or will now bind to the closest if or while, allowing compound \ 
conditions without begin and end (#1428)
    set -ql now searches up to function scope for variables (#2502)
    status -f will now behave the same when run as the main script or using \ 
source (#2643)
    source no longer puts the file name in $argv if no arguments are given (#139)

Other Notable Fixes and Improvements

    Fish no longer silences errors in config.fish (#2702)
    Move the history file to $XDG_DATA_HOME/fish (or ~/.local/share if it has \ 
not been set)
    Directory autosuggestions will now descend as far as possible if there is \ 
only one child directory (#2531)
    Add support for bright colors (#1464)
    Allow Ctrl-J (\cj) to be bound separately from Ctrl-M (\cm) (#217)
    psub now has a "-s"/"-suffix" option to name the \ 
temporary file with that suffix
    Enable 24-bit colors on select terminals (#2495)
    Support for SVN status in the prompt (#2582)
    Mercurial and SVN support have been added to the Classic + Git (now Classic \ 
+ VCS) prompt (via the new __fish_vcs_prompt function) (#2592)
    export now handles variables with a "=" in the value (#2403)
    Avoid confusing the terminal line driver with non-printing characters in \ 
    New completions for:
        Archlinux’s asp, makepkg
        Atom’s apm (#2390)
        entr - the "Event Notify Test Runner" (#2265)
        Fedora’s dnf (#2638)
        OSX diskutil (#2738)
        pkgng (#2395)
        pulseaudio’s pacmd and pactl
        rmmod (#3007)
        rust’s rustc and cargo (#2409)
        sysctl (#2214)
        systemd’s machinectl (#2158), busctl (#2144), systemd-nspawn, \ 
systemd-analyze, localectl, timedatectl
        and more
    Fish no longer has a function called sgrep, freeing it for user \ 
customization (#2245)
    A rewrite of the completions for cd, fixing a few bugs (#2299, #2300, #562)
    Linux VTs now run in a simplified mode to avoid issues (#2311)
    The vi-bindings now inherit from the emacs bindings
    Fish will also execute fish_user_key_bindings when in vi-mode
    funced will now also check $VISUAL (#2268)
    A new suspend function (#2269)
    Subcommand completion now works better with split /usr (#2141)
    The command-not-found-handler can now be overridden by defining a function \ 
called __fish_command_not_found_handler in config.fish (#2331)
    A few fixes to the Sorin theme
    PWD shortening in the prompt can now be configured via the \ 
fish_prompt_pwd_dir_length variable, set to the length per path component \ 
    fish now ships a skeleton file for /etc/fish/config.fish that only contains \ 
some documentation, the included code has been moved to the corresponding file \ 
in /usr (#2799)

Release Notes for fish 2.2.0 (released July 12, 2015)
Significant Changes

    Abbreviations: the new `abbr` command allows for interactively-expanded \ 
abbreviations, allowing quick access to frequently-used commands (#731).
    Vi mode: run `fish_vi_mode` to switch fish into the key bindings and prompt \ 
familiar to users of the Vi editor (#65).
    New inline and interactive pager, which will be familiar to users of zsh (#291).
    Underlying architectural changes: the `fishd` universal variable server has \ 
been removed as it was a source of many bugs and security problems. Notably, old \ 
fish sessions will not be able to communicate universal variable changes with \ 
new fish sessions. For best results, restart all running instances of `fish`.
    The web-based configuration tool has been redesigned, featuring a prompt \ 
theme chooser and other improvements.
    New German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Chinese translations.

Backward-incompatible changes
These are kept to a minimum, but either change undocumented features or are too \ 
hard to use in their existing forms. These changes may break existing scripts.

    `commandline` no longer interprets functions "in reverse", instead \ 
behaving as expected (#1567).
    The previously-undocumented `CMD_DURATION` variable is now set for all \ 
commands and contains the execution time of the last command in milliseconds \ 
(#1585). It is no longer exported to other commands (#1896).
    `if` / `else` conditional statements now return values consistent with the \ 
Single Unix Specification, like other shells (#1443).
    A new "top-level" local scope has been added, allowing local \ 
variables declared on the commandline to be visible to subsequent commands. \ 

Other notable fixes and improvements

    New documentation design (#1662), which requires a Doxygen version 1.8.7 or \ 
newer to build.
    Fish now defines a default directory for other packages to provide \ 
completions. By default this is `/usr/share/fish/vendor-completions.d`; on \ 
systems with `pkgconfig` installed this path is discoverable with `pkg-config \ 
--variable completionsdir fish`.
    A new parser removes many bugs; all existing syntax should keep working.
    New `fish_preexec` and `fish_postexec` events are fired before and after job \ 
execution respectively (#1549).
    Unmatched wildcards no longer prevent a job from running. Wildcards used \ 
interactively will still print an error, but the job will proceed and the \ 
wildcard will expand to zero arguments (#1482).
    The `.` command is deprecated and the `source` command is preferred (#310).
    `bind` supports "bind modes", which allows bindings to be set for \ 
a particular named mode, to support the implementation of Vi mode.
    A new `export` alias, which behaves like other shells (#1833).
    `command` has a new `--search` option to print the name of the disk file \ 
that would be executed, like other shells' `command -v` (#1540).
    `commandline` has a new `--paging-mode` option to support the new pager.
    `complete` has a new `--wraps` option, which allows a command to \ 
(recursively) inherit the completions of a wrapped command (#393), and `complete \ 
-e` now correctly erases completions (#380).
    Completions are now generated from manual pages by default on the first run \ 
of fish (#997).
    `fish_indent` can now produce colorized (`--ansi`) and HTML (`--html`) \ 
output (#1827).
    `functions --erase` now prevents autoloaded functions from being reloaded in \ 
the current session.
    `history` has a new `--merge` option, to incorporate history from other \ 
sessions into the current session (#825).
    `jobs` returns 1 if there are no active jobs (#1484).
    `read` has several new options:
        `--array` to break input into an array (#1540)
        `--null` to break lines on NUL characters rather than newlines (#1694)
        `--nchars` to read a specific number of characters (#1616)
        `--right-prompt` to display a right-hand-side prompt during interactive \ 
read (#1698).
    `type` has a new `-q` option to suppress output (#1540 and, like other \ 
shells, `type -a` now prints all matches for a command (#261).
    Pressing F1 now shows the manual page for the current command (#1063).
    `fish_title` functions have access to the arguments of the currently running \ 
argument as `$argv[1]` (#1542).
    The OS command-not-found handler is used on Arch Linux (#1925), nixOS \ 
(#1852), openSUSE and Fedora (#1280).
    `Alt`+`.` searches backwards in the token history, mapping to the same \ 
behavior as inserting the last argument of the previous command, like other \ 
shells (#89).
    The `SHLVL` environment variable is incremented correctly (#1634 & #1693).
    Added completions for `adb` (#1165 & #1211), `apt` (#2018), `aura` \ 
(#1292), `composer` (#1607), `cygport` (#1841), `dropbox` (#1533), `elixir` \ 
(#1167), `fossil`, `heroku` (#1790), `iex` (#1167), `kitchen` (#2000), `nix` \ 
(#1167), `node`/`npm` (#1566), `opam` (#1615), `setfacl` (#1752), `tmuxinator` \ 
(#1863), and `yast2` (#1739).
    Improved completions for `brew` (#1090 & #1810), `bundler` (#1779), `cd` \ 
(#1135), `emerge` (#1840),`git` (#1680, #1834 & #1951), `man` (#960), \ 
`modprobe` (#1124), `pacman` (#1292), `rpm` (#1236), `rsync` (#1872), `scp` \ 
(#1145), `ssh` (#1234), `sshfs` (#1268), `systemctl` (#1462, #1950 & #1972), \ 
`tmux` (#1853), `vagrant` (#1748), `yum` (#1269), and `zypper` (#1787).
   2015-11-03 00:00:35 by Alistair G. Crooks | Files touched by this commit (25)
Log message:
Add SHA512 digests for distfiles for shells category

Existing SHA1 digests verified, all found to be the same on the
machine holding the existing distfiles (morden).  Existing SHA1
digests retained for now as an audit trail.
   2015-08-18 09:31:20 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (282)
Log message:
Bump all packages that depend on curses.bui* or terminfo.bui* since they
might incur ncurses dependencies on some platforms, and ncurses just bumped
its shlib.
Some packages were bumped twice now, sorry for that.
   2015-03-18 16:03:43 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (13)
Log message:
Fix build with NetBSD's terminfo and don't depend as much on
-fpermissive hack of GCC.
   2015-03-06 22:03:20 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (8) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 2.1.1

* Written in C++ now.
* Fix security issues
	CVE-2014-2906 and CVE-2014-3856
* Many bugfixes.
* Many new features.

See http://fishshell.com/release_notes.html .