./shells/fish, User friendly command line shell for UNIX-like operating systems

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 3.1.2nb2, Package name: fish-3.1.2nb2, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

fish is a user friendly command line shell for UNIX-like operating
systems, written mainly with interactive use in mind. It differs
from other shells in that it only provides as few commands as
built-ins as possible and has a daemon which allows it to have
shared variables and command-line history between shell instances.
It also features feature-rich tab-completion and has command-line
syntax highlighting.

Required to run:
[devel/gettext-tools] [devel/pcre2] [lang/python37] [devel/libatomic]

Required to build:

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   2020-12-04 21:45:51 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (456)
Log message:
Revbump packages with a runtime Python dep but no version prefix.

For the Python 3.8 default switch.
   2020-07-07 11:00:34 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
fish: Pull in libatomic with gcc for e.g. powerpc
   2020-06-15 00:52:10 by Jonathan Schleifer | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Fix shells/fish on macOS
   2020-05-17 16:25:47 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
fish: Update to 3.1.2

# fish 3.1.2 (released April 29, 2020)

This release of fish fixes a major issue discovered in fish 3.1.1:

- Commands such as `fzf` and `enhancd`, when used with `eval`, would hang. \ 
`eval` buffered output too aggressively, which has been fixed (#6955).

If you are upgrading from version 3.0.0 or before, please also review the \ 
release notes for 3.1.1, 3.1.0 and 3.1b1 (included below).


# fish 3.1.1 (released April 27, 2020)

This release of fish fixes a number of major issues discovered in fish 3.1.0.

- Commands which involve `. ( ... | psub)` now work correctly, as a bug in the \ 
`function --on-job-exit` option has been fixed (#6613).
- Conflicts between upstream packages for ripgrep and bat, and the fish \ 
packages, have been resolved (#5822).
- Starting fish in a directory without read access, such as via `su`, no longer \ 
crashes (#6597).
- Glob ordering changes which were introduced in 3.1.0 have been reverted, \ 
returning the order of globs to the previous state (#6593).
- Redirections using the deprecated caret syntax to a file descriptor (eg \ 
`^&2`) work correctly (#6591).
- Redirections that append to a file descriptor (eg `2>>&1`) work \ 
correctly (#6614).
- Building fish on macOS (#6602) or with new versions of GCC (#6604, #6609) is \ 
now successful.
- `time` is now correctly listed in the output of `builtin -n`, and `time \ 
--help` works correctly (#6598).
- Exported universal variables now update properly (#6612).
- `status current-command` gives the expected output when used with an \ 
environment override - that is, `F=B status current-command` returns `status` \ 
instead of `F=B` (#6635).
- `test` no longer crashes when used with "`nan`" or "`inf`" \ 
arguments, erroring out instead (#6655).
- Copying from the end of the command line no longer crashes fish (#6680).
- `read` no longer removes multiple separators when splitting a variable into a \ 
list, restoring the previous behaviour from fish 3.0 and before (#6650).
- Functions using `--on-job-exit` and `--on-process-exit` work reliably again \ 
- Functions using `--on-signal INT` work reliably in interactive sessions, as \ 
they did in fish 2.7 and before (#6649). These handlers have never worked in \ 
non-interactive sessions, and making them work is an ongoing process.
- Functions using `--on-variable` work reliably with variables which are set \ 
implicitly (rather than with `set`), such as "`fish_bind_mode`" and \ 
"`PWD`" (#6653).
- 256 colors are properly enabled under certain conditions that were incorrectly \ 
detected in fish 3.1.0 (`$TERM` begins with xterm, does not include \ 
"`256color`", and `$TERM_PROGRAM` is not set) (#6701).
- The Mercurial (`hg`) prompt no longer produces an error when the current \ 
working directory is removed (#6699). Also, for performance reasons it shows \ 
only basic information by default; to restore the detailed status, set \ 
- The VCS prompt, `fish_vcs_prompt`, no longer displays Subversion (`svn`) \ 
status by default, due to the potential slowness of this operation (#6681).
- Pasting of commands has been sped up (#6713).
- Using extended Unicode characters, such as emoji, in a non-Unicode capable \ 
locale (such as the `C` or `POSIX` locale) no longer renders all output blank \ 
- `help` prefers to use `xdg-open`, avoiding the use of `open` on Debian systems \ 
where this command is actually `openvt` (#6739).
- Command lines starting with a space, which are not saved in history, now do \ 
not get autosuggestions. This fixes an issue with Midnight Commander integration \ 
(#6763), but may be changed in a future version.
- Copying to the clipboard no longer inserts a newline at the end of the \ 
content, matching fish 2.7 and earlier (#6927).
- `fzf` in complex pipes no longer hangs. More generally, code run as part of \ 
command substitutions or `eval` will no longer have separate process groups. \ 
(#6624, #6806).

This release also includes:
- a number of changes to improve macOS compatibility with code signing and \ 
- a number of improvements to completions; and
- a number of content and formatting improvements to the documentation.

If you are upgrading from version 3.0.0 or before, please also review the \ 
release notes for 3.1.0 and 3.1b1 (included below).

## Errata for fish 3.1

A new builtin, `time`, was introduced in the fish 3.1 releases. This builtin is \ 
a reserved word (like `test`, `function`, and others) because of the way it is \ 
implemented, and functions can no longer be named `time`. This was not clear in \ 
the fish 3.1b1 changelog.
   2020-04-20 02:45:08 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Deal with <version> from C++17. Drop unnecessary static_assert that
fails for legacy reasons for NetBSD.
   2020-02-18 23:00:49 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (17) | Package removed
Log message:
fish: update to 3.1.0

From Jonathan Schleifer in PR pkg/54965,
lightly changed by myself for netbsd support.

fish 3.1.0 (released February 12, 2020)

Compared to the beta release of fish 3.1b1, fish version 3.1.0:

* fixes a regression where spaces after a brace were removed despite
  brace expansion not occurring (#6564)
* fixes a number of problems in compiling and testing on Cygwin (#6549)
  and Solaris-derived systems such as Illumos (#6553, #6554, #6555,
  #6556, and #6558);
* fixes the process for building macOS packages;
* fixes a regression where excessive error messages are printed if
  Unicode characters are emitted in non-Unicode-capable locales
  (#6584); and
* contains some improvements to the documentation and a small number of

If you are upgrading from version 3.0.0 or before, please also review
the release notes for 3.1b1 (included below).

Release notes for fish 3.1b1 (released January 26, 2020)

Notable improvements and fixes

* A new $pipestatus variable contains a list of exit statuses of the
  previous job, for each of the separate commands in a pipeline
* fish no longer buffers pipes to the last function in a pipeline,
  improving many cases where pipes appeared to block or hang (#1396).
* An overhaul of error messages for builtin commands, including a
  removal of the overwhelming usage summary, more readable stack traces
  (#3404, #5434), and stack traces for test (aka [) (#5771).
* fish's debugging arguments have been significantly improved. The
  --debug-level option has been removed, and a new --debug option
  replaces it. This option accepts various categories, which may be listed
  via fish --print-debug-categories (#5879). A new --debug-output option
  allows for redirection of debug output.
* string has a new collect subcommand for use in command substitutions,
  producing a single output instead of splitting on new lines (similar
  to "$(cmd)" in other shells) (#159).
* The fish manual, tutorial and FAQ are now available in man format as
  fish-doc, fish-tutorial and fish-faq respectively (#5521).
* Like other shells, cd now always looks for its argument in the
  current directory as a last resort, even if the CDPATH variable does
  not include it or "." (#4484).
* fish now correctly handles CDPATH entries that start with .. (#6220)
  or contain ./ (#5887).
* The fish_trace variable may be set to trace execution (#3427). This
  performs a similar role as set -x in other shells.
* fish uses the temporary directory determined by the system, rather
  than relying on /tmp (#3845).
* The fish Web configuration tool (fish_config) prints a list of
  commands it is executing, to help understanding and debugging
* Major performance improvements when pasting (#5866), executing lots
  of commands (#5905), importing history from bash (#6295), and when
  completing variables that might match $history (#6288).

    Syntax changes and new commands

* A new builtin command, time, which allows timing of fish functions
  and builtins as well as external commands (#117).
* Brace expansion now only takes place if the braces include a "," or a
  variable expansion, meaning common commands such as git reset
  HEAD@{0} do not require escaping (#5869).
* New redirections &> and &| may be used to redirect or pipe stdout,
  and also redirect stderr to stdout (#6192).
* switch now allows arguments that expand to nothing, like empty
  variables (#5677).
* The VAR=val cmd syntax can now be used to run a command in a modified
  environment (#6287).
* and is no longer recognised as a command, so that nonsensical
  constructs like and and and produce a syntax error (#6089).
* math's exponent operator, '^', was previously left-associative, but
  now uses the more commonly-used right-associative behaviour (#6280).
  This means that math '3^0.5^2' was previously calculated as
  '(3^0.5)^2', but is now calculated as '3^(0.5^2)'.
* In fish 3.0, the variable used with for loops inside command
  substitutions could leak into enclosing scopes; this was an
  inadvertent behaviour change and has been reverted (#6480).

    Scripting improvements

* string split0 now returns 0 if it split something (#5701).
* In the interest of consistency, builtin -q and command -q can now be
  used to query if a builtin or command exists (#5631).
* math now accepts --scale=max for the maximum scale (#5579).
* builtin $var now works correctly, allowing a variable as the builtin
  name (#5639).
* cd understands the -- argument to make it possible to change to
  directories starting with a hyphen (#6071).
* complete --do-complete now also does fuzzy matches (#5467).
* complete --do-complete can be used inside completions, allowing
  limited recursion (#3474).
* count now also counts lines fed on standard input (#5744).
* eval produces an exit status of 0 when given no arguments, like other
  shells (#5692).
* printf prints what it can when input hasn't been fully converted to a
  number, but still prints an error (#5532).
* complete -C foo now works as expected, rather than requiring complete
* complete has a new --force-files option, to re-enable file
  completions. This allows sudo -E and pacman -Qo to complete correctly
* argparse now defaults to showing the current function name (instead
  of argparse) in its errors, making --name often superfluous (#5835).
* argparse has a new --ignore-unknown option to keep unrecognized
  options, allowing multiple argparse passes to parse options (#5367).
* argparse correctly handles flag value validation of options that only
  have short names (#5864).
* read -S (short option of --shell) is recognised correctly (#5660).
* read understands --list, which acts like --array in reading all
  arguments into a list inside a single variable, but is better named
* read has a new option, --tokenize, which splits a string into
  variables according to the shell's tokenization rules, considering
  quoting, escaping, and so on (#3823).
* read interacts more correctly with the deprecated $IFS variable, in
  particular removing multiple separators when splitting a variable
  into a list (#6406), matching other shells.
* fish_indent now handles semicolons better, including leaving them in
  place for ; and and ; or instead of breaking the line (#5859).
* fish_indent --write now supports multiple file arguments, indenting
  them in turn.
* The default read limit has been increased to 100MiB (#5267).
* math now also understands x for multiplication, provided it is
  followed by whitespace (#5906).
* math reports the right error when incorrect syntax is used inside
  parentheses (#6063), and warns when unsupported logical operations
  are used (#6096).
* functions --erase now also prevents fish from autoloading a function
  for the first time (#5951).
* jobs --last returns 0 to indicate success when a job is found
* commandline -p and commandline -j now split on && and || in addition
  to ; and & (#6214).
* A bug where string split would drop empty strings if the output was
  only empty strings has been fixed (#5987).
* eval no long creates a new local variable scope, but affects
  variables in the scope it is called from (#4443). source still
  creates a new local scope.
* abbr has a new --query option to check for the existence of an
* Local values for fish_complete_path and fish_function_path are now
  ignored; only their global values are respected.
* Syntax error reports now display a marker in the correct position
* Empty universal variables may now be exported (#5992).
* Exported universal variables are no longer imported into the global
  scope, preventing shadowing. This makes it easier to change such
  variables for all fish sessions and avoids breakage when the value is
  a list of multiple elements (#5258).
* A bug where for could use invalid variable names has been fixed
* A bug where local variables would not be exported to functions has
  been fixed (#6153).
* The null command (:) now always exits successfully, rather than
  passing through the previous exit status (#6022).
* The output of functions FUNCTION matches the declaration of the
  function, correctly including comments or blank lines (#5285), and
  correctly includes any --wraps flags (#1625).
* type supports a new option, --short, which suppress function
  expansion (#6403).
* type --path with a function argument will now output the path to the
  file containing the definition of that function, if it exists.
* type --force-path with an argument that cannot be found now correctly
  outputs nothing, as documented (#6411).
* The $hostname variable is no longer truncated to 32 characters
* Line numbers in function backtraces are calculated correctly (#6350).
* A new fish_cancel event is emitted when the command line is
  cancelled, which is useful for terminal integration (#5973).

    Interactive improvements

* New Base16 color options are available through the Web-based
  configuration (#6504).
* fish only parses /etc/paths on macOS in login shells, matching the
  bash implementation (#5637) and avoiding changes to path ordering in
  child shells (#5456). It now ignores blank lines like the bash
  implementation (#5809).
* The locale is now reloaded when the LOCPATH variable is changed
* read no longer keeps a history, making it suitable for operations
  that shouldn't end up there, like password entry (#5904).
* dirh outputs its stack in the correct order (#5477), and behaves as
  documented when universal variables are used for its stack (#5797).
* funced and the edit-commandline-in-buffer bindings did not work in
  fish 3.0 when the $EDITOR variable contained spaces; this has been
  corrected (#5625).
* Builtins now pipe their help output to a pager automatically (#6227).
* set_color now colors the --print-colors output in the matching colors
  if it is going to a terminal.
* fish now underlines every valid entered path instead of just the last
  one (#5872).
* When syntax highlighting a string with an unclosed quote, only the
  quote itself will be shown as an error, instead of the whole
* Syntax highlighting works correctly with variables as commands
  (#5658) and redirections to close file descriptors (#6092).
* help works properly on Windows Subsytem for Linux (#5759, #6338).
* A bug where disown could crash the shell has been fixed (#5720).
* fish will not autosuggest files ending with ~ unless there are no
  other candidates, as these are generally backup files (#985).
* Escape in the pager works correctly (#5818).
* Key bindings that call fg no longer leave the terminal in a broken
  state (#2114).
* Brackets (#5831) and filenames containing $ (#6060) are completed
  with appropriate escaping.
* The output of complete and functions is now colorized in interactive
* The Web-based configuration handles aliases that include single
  quotes correctly (#6120), and launches correctly under Termux (#6248)
  and OpenBSD (#6522).
* function now correctly validates parameters for --argument-names as
  valid variable names (#6147) and correctly parses options following
  --argument-names, as in "--argument-names foo --description bar"
* History newly imported from bash includes command lines using && or
* The automatic generation of completions from manual pages is better
  described in job and process listings, and no longer produces a
  warning when exiting fish (#6269).
* In private mode, setting $fish_greeting to an empty string before
  starting the private session will prevent the warning about history
  not being saved from being printed (#6299).
* In the interactive editor, a line break (Enter) inside unclosed
  brackets will insert a new line, rather than executing the command
  and producing an error (#6316).
* Ctrl-C always repaints the prompt (#6394).
* When run interactively from another program (such as Python), fish
  will correctly start a new process group, like other shells (#5909).
* Job identifiers (for example, for background jobs) are assigned more
  logically (#6053).
* A bug where history would appear truncated if an empty command was
  executed was fixed (#6032).

    New or improved bindings

* Pasting strips leading spaces to avoid pasted commands being omitted
  from the history (#4327).
* Shift-Left and Shift-Right now default to moving backwards and
  forwards by one bigword (words separated by whitespace) (#1505).
* The default escape delay (to differentiate between the escape key and
  an alt-combination) has been reduced to 30ms, down from 300ms for the
  default mode and 100ms for Vi mode (#3904).
* The forward-bigword binding now interacts correctly with
  autosuggestions (#5336).
* The fish_clipboard_* functions support Wayland by using
  [wl-clipboard](https://github.com/bugaevc/wl-clipboard) (#5450).
* The nextd and prevd functions no longer print "Hit end of history",
  instead using a bell. They correctly store working directories
  containing symbolic links (#6395).
* If a fish_mode_prompt function exists, Vi mode will only execute it
  on mode-switch instead of the entire prompt. This should make it much
  more responsive with slow prompts (#5783).
* The path-component bindings (like Ctrl-w) now also stop at ":" and
  "@", because those are used to denote user and host in commands such
  as ssh (#5841).
* The NULL character can now be bound via bind -k nul. Terminals often
  generate this character via control-space. (#3189).
* A new readline command expand-abbr can be used to trigger
  abbreviation expansion (#5762).
* A new readline command, delete-or-exit, removes a character to the
  right of the cursor or exits the shell if the command line is empty
  (moving this functionality out of the delete-or-exit function).
* The self-insert readline command will now insert the binding
  sequence, if not empty.
* A new binding to prepend sudo, bound to Alt-S by default (#6140).
* The Alt-W binding to describe a command should now work better with
  multiline prompts (#6110)
* The Alt-H binding to open a command's man page now tries to ignore
  sudo (#6122).
* A new pair of bind functions, history-prefix-search-backward (and
  forward), was introduced (#6143).
* Vi mode now supports R to enter replace mode (#6342), and d0 to
  delete the current line (#6292).
* In Vi mode, hitting Enter in replace-one mode no longer erases the
  prompt (#6298).
* Selections in Vi mode are inclusive, matching the actual behaviour of
  Vi (#5770).

    Improved prompts

* The Git prompt in informative mode now shows the number of stashes if
* The Git prompt now has an option
  ($__fish_git_prompt_use_informative_chars) to use the (more modern)
  informative characters without enabling informative mode.
* The default prompt now also features VCS integration and will color
  the host if running via SSH (#6375).
* The default and example prompts print the pipe status if an earlier
  command in the pipe fails.
* The default and example prompts try to resolve exit statuses to
  signal names when appropriate.

    Improved terminal output

* New fish_pager_color_ options have been added to control more
  elements of the pager's colors (#5524).
* Better detection and support for using fish from various system
  consoles, where limited colors and special characters are supported
* fish now tries to guess if the system supports Unicode 9 (and
  displays emoji as wide), eliminating the need to set
  $fish_emoji_width in most cases (#5722).
* Improvements to the display of wide characters, particularly Korean
  characters and emoji (#5583, #5729).
* The Vi mode cursor is correctly redrawn when regaining focus under
  terminals that report focus (eg tmux) (#4788).
* Variables that control background colors (such as
  fish_pager_color_search_match) can now use --reverse.


* Added completions for
* aws
* bat (#6052)
* bosh (#5700)
* btrfs
* camcontrol
* cf (#5700)
* chronyc (#6496)
* code (#6205)
* cryptsetup (#6488)
* csc and csi (#6016)
* cwebp (#6034)
* cygpath and cygstart (#6239)
* epkginfo (#5829)
* ffmpeg, ffplay, and ffprobe (#5922)
* fsharpc and fsharpi (#6016)
* fzf (#6178)
* g++ (#6217)
* gpg1 (#6139)
* gpg2 (#6062)
* grub-mkrescue (#6182)
* hledger (#6043)
* hwinfo (#6496)
* irb (#6260)
* iw (#6232)
* kak
* keepassxc-cli (#6505)
* keybase (#6410)
* loginctl (#6501)
* lz4, lz4c and lz4cat (#6364)
* mariner (#5718)
* nethack (#6240)
* patool (#6083)
* phpunit (#6197)
* plutil (#6301)
* pzstd (#6364)
* qubes-gpg-client (#6067)
* resolvectl (#6501)
* rg
* rustup
* sfdx (#6149)
* speedtest and speedtest-cli (#5840)
* src (#6026)
* tokei (#6085)
* tsc (#6016)
* unlz4 (#6364)
* unzstd (#6364)
* vbc (#6016)
* zpaq (#6245)
* zstd, zstdcat, zstdgrep, zstdless and zstdmt (#6364)
* Lots of improvements to completions.
* Selecting short options which also have a long name from the
  completion pager is possible (#5634).
* Tab completion will no longer add trailing spaces if they already
  exist (#6107).
* Completion of subcommands to builtins like and or not now works
  correctly (#6249).
* Completion of arguments to short options works correctly when
  multiple short options are used together (#332).
* Activating completion in the middle of an invalid completion does not
  move the cursor any more, making it easier to fix a mistake (#4124).
* Completion in empty commandlines now lists all available commands.
* Functions listed as completions could previously leak parts of the
  function as other completions; this has been fixed.

    Deprecations and removed features

* The vcs-prompt functions have been promoted to names without
  double-underscore, so __fish_git_prompt is now fish_git_prompt,
  __fish_vcs_prompt is now fish_vcs_prompt, __fish_hg_prompt is now
  fish_hg_prompt and __fish_svn_prompt is now fish_svn_prompt. Shims at
  the old names have been added, and the variables have kept their old
  names (#5586).
* string replace has an additional round of escaping in the replacement
  expression, so escaping backslashes requires many escapes (eg string
  replace -ra '([ab])' '\\\\\\\$1' a). The new feature flag
  regex-easyesc can be used to disable this, so that the same effect
  can be achieved with string replace -ra '([ab])' '\\\\$1' a (#5556).
  As a reminder, the intention behind feature flags is that this will
  eventually become the default and then only option, so scripts should
  be updated.
* The fish_vi_mode function, deprecated in fish 2.3, has been removed.
  Use fish_vi_key_bindings instead (#6372).

    For distributors and developers

* fish 3.0 introduced a CMake-based build system. In fish 3.1, both the
  Autotools-based build and legacy Xcode build system have been
  removed, leaving only the CMake build system. All distributors and
  developers must install CMake.
* fish now depends on the common tee external command, for the psub
  process substitution function.
* The documentation is now built with Sphinx. The old Doxygen-based
  documentation system has been removed. Developers, and distributors
  who wish to rebuild the documentation, must install Sphinx.
* The INTERNAL_WCWIDTH build option has been removed, as fish now
  always uses an internal wcwidth function. It has a number of
  configuration options that make it more suitable for general use
* mandoc can now be used to format the output from --help if nroff is
  not installed, reducing the number of external dependencies on
  systems with mandoc installed (#5489).
* Some bugs preventing building on Solaris-derived systems such as
  Illumos were fixed (#5458, #5461, #5611).
* Completions for npm, bower and yarn no longer require the jq utility
  for full functionality, but will use Python instead if it is
* The paths for completions, functions and configuration snippets have
  been extended. On systems that define XDG_DATA_DIRS, each of the
  directories in this variable are searched in the subdirectories
  fish/vendor_completions.d, fish/vendor_functions.d, and
  fish/vendor_conf.d respectively. On systems that do not define this
  variable in the environment, the vendor directories are searched for
  in both the installation prefix and the default "extra" directory,
  which now defaults to /usr/local (#5029).
   2019-11-09 13:02:29 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
fish: Update to 3.0.2

# fish 3.0.2 (released February 19, 2019)

This release of fish fixes an issue discovered in fish 3.0.1.

### Fixes and improvements

- The PWD environment variable is now ignored if it does not resolve to the true \ 
working directory, fixing strange behaviour in terminals started by editors and \ 
IDEs (#5647).

If you are upgrading from version 2.7.1 or before, please also review the \ 
release notes for 3.0.1, 3.0.0 and 3.0b1 (included below).


# fish 3.0.1 (released February 11, 2019)

This release of fish fixes a number of major issues discovered in fish 3.0.0.

### Fixes and improvements

- `exec` does not complain about running foreground jobs when called (#5449).
- while loops now evaluate to the last executed command in the loop body (or \ 
zero if the body was empty), matching POSIX semantics (#4982).
- `read --silent` no longer echoes to the tty when run from a non-interactive \ 
script (#5519).
- On macOS, path entries with spaces in `/etc/paths` and `/etc/paths.d` now \ 
correctly set path entries with spaces. Likewise, `MANPATH` is correctly set \ 
from `/etc/manpaths` and `/etc/manpaths.d` (#5481).
- fish starts correctly under Cygwin/MSYS2 (#5426).
- The `pager-toggle-search` binding (Ctrl-S by default) will now activate the \ 
search field, even when the pager is not focused.
- The error when a command is not found is now printed a single time, instead of \ 
once per argument (#5588).
- Fixes and improvements to the git completions, including printing correct \ 
paths with older git versions, fuzzy matching again, reducing unnecessary offers \ 
of root paths (starting with `:/`) (#5578, #5574, #5476), and ignoring shell \ 
aliases, so enterprising users can set up the wrapping command (via `set -g \ 
__fish_git_alias_$command $whatitwraps`) (#5412).
- Significant performance improvements to core shell functions (#5447) and to \ 
the `kill` completions (#5541).
- Starting in symbolically-linked working directories works correctly (#5525).
- The default `fish_title` function no longer contains extra spaces (#5517).
- The `nim` prompt now works correctly when chosen in the Web-based \ 
configuration (#5490).
- `string` now prints help to stdout, like other builtins (#5495).
- Killing the terminal while fish is in vi normal mode will no longer send it \ 
spinning and eating CPU. (#5528)
- A number of crashes have been fixed (#5550, #5548, #5479, #5453).
- Improvements to the documentation and certain completions.

### Known issues

There is one significant known issue that was not corrected before the release:

- fish does not run correctly under Windows Services for Linux before Windows 10 \ 
version 1809/17763, and the message warning of this may not be displayed \ 

If you are upgrading from version 2.7.1 or before, please also review the \ 
release notes for 3.0.0 and 3.0b1 (included below).
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PKGREVISION bump for anything using python without a PYPKGPREFIX.

This is a semi-manual PKGREVISION bump.