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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 3.3.1nb1, Package name: fish-3.3.1nb1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

fish is a user friendly command line shell for UNIX-like operating
systems, written mainly with interactive use in mind. It differs
from other shells in that it only provides as few commands as
built-ins as possible and has a daemon which allows it to have
shared variables and command-line history between shell instances.
It also features feature-rich tab-completion and has command-line
syntax highlighting.

Required to run:
[devel/gettext-tools] [devel/pcre2] [lang/python37] [devel/libatomic]

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   2021-11-27 13:43:58 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
fish: do not regenerate docs

autodetected sphinx sometimes generates different file sets than
what the package expects.

From Chavdar Ivanov on pkgsrc-users
   2021-11-26 17:42:13 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
fish: remove python dependency

None of the scripts have a python interpreter in a shebang line, and they
are all examples, so python can be installed if wanted.

   2021-10-26 13:18:40 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (38)
Log message:
shells: Replace RMD160 checksums with BLAKE2s checksums

All checksums have been double-checked against existing RMD160 and
SHA512 hashes
   2021-10-07 16:56:13 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (38)
Log message:
shells: Remove SHA1 hashes for distfiles
   2021-07-16 10:50:50 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
fish: Update to 3.3.1.

While here fix a C++ <version> build issue seen on macOS.

fish 3.3.1 (released July 6, 2021)

This release of fish fixes the following problems identified in fish 3.3.0:

- The prompt and command line are redrawn correctly in response to universal
  variable changes (:issue:`8088`).
- A superfluous error that was produced when setting the ``PATH`` or ``CDPATH``
  environment variables to include colon-delimited components that do not exist
  was removed (:issue:`8095`).
- The Vi mode indicator in the prompt is repainted correctly after
  :kbd:`Ctrl-C` cancels the current command (:issue:`8103`).
- fish builds correctly on platforms that do not have a ``spawn.h`` header,
  such as old versions of OS X (:issue:`8097`).

A number of improvements to the documentation, and fixes for completions, are
included as well.

If you are upgrading from version 3.2.2 or before, please also review the
release notes for 3.3.0 (included below).

fish 3.3.0 (released June 28, 2021)

Notable improvements and fixes
- ``fish_config`` gained a ``prompt`` subcommand to show and pick from the
  sample prompts directly in the terminal, instead of having to open a
  webbrowser. For example ``fish_config prompt choose default`` loads the
  default prompt in the current session (:issue:`7958`).
- The documentation has been reorganized to be easier to understand

Deprecations and removed features
- The ``$fish_history`` value "default" is no longer special. It used to be
  treated the same as "fish" (:issue:`7650`).
- Redirection to standard error with the ``^`` character has been disabled by
  default. It can be turned back on using the ``stderr-nocaret`` feature flag,
  but will eventually be disabled completely (:issue:`7105`).
- Specifying an initial tab to ``fish_config`` now only works with
  ``fish_config browse`` (e.g. ``fish_config browse variables``), otherwise it
  would interfere with the new ``prompt`` subcommand (see below)

Scripting improvements
- ``math`` gained new functions ``log2`` (like the documentation claimed),
  ``max`` and ``min`` (:issue:`7856`). ``math`` functions can be used without
  the parentheses (eg ``math sin 2 + 6``), and functions have the lowest
  precedence in the order of operations (:issue:`7877`).
- Shebang (``#!``) lines are no longer required within shell scripts, improving
  support for scripts with concatenated binary contents. If a file fails to
  execute and passes a (rudimentary) binary safety check, fish will re-invoke
  it using ``/bin/sh`` (:issue:`7802`).
- Exit codes are better aligned with bash. A failed execution now reports
  ``$status`` of 127 if the file is not found, and 126 if it is not executable.
- ``echo`` no longer writes its output one byte at a time, improving
  performance and allowing use with Linux's special API files (``/proc``,
  ``/sys`` and such) (:issue:`7836`).
- fish should now better handle ``cd`` on filesystems with broken ``stat(3)``
  responses (:issue:`7577`).
- Builtins now properly report a ``$status`` of 1 upon unsuccessful writes
- ``string match`` with unmatched capture groups and without the ``--all`` flag
  now sets an empty variable instead of a variable containing the empty string.
  It also correctly imports the first match if multiple arguments are provided,
  matching the documentation. (:issue:`7938`).
- fish produces more specific errors when a command in a command substitution
  wasn't found or is not allowed. This now prints something like "Unknown
  command" instead of "Unknown error while evaluating command \ 
- ``fish_indent`` allows inline variable assignments (``FOO=BAR command``) to
  use line continuation, instead of joining them into one line (:issue:`7955`).
- fish gained a ``--no-config`` option to disable configuration files. This
  applies to user-specific and the systemwide ``config.fish`` (typically in
  ``/etc/fish/config.fish``), and configuration snippets (typically in
  ``conf.d`` directories). It also disables universal variables, history, and
  loading of functions from system or user configuration directories
  (:issue:`7921`, :issue:`1256`).
- When universal variables are unavailable for some reason, setting a universal
  variable now sets a global variable instead (:issue:`7921`).
- ``$last_pid`` now contains the process ID of the last process in the
  pipeline, allowing it to be used in scripts (:issue:`5036`, :issue:`5832`,
  :issue:`7721`). Previously, this value contained the process group ID, but in
  scripts this was the same as the running fish's process ID.
- ``process-exit`` event handlers now receive the same value as ``$status`` in
  all cases, instead of receiving -1 when the exit was due to a signal.
- ``process-exit`` event handlers for PID 0 also received ``JOB_EXIT`` events;
  this has been fixed.
- ``job-exit`` event handlers may now be created with any of the PIDs from the
  job. The handler is passed the last PID in the job as its second argument,
  instead of the process group.
- Trying to set an empty variable name with ``set`` no longer works (these
  variables could not be used in expansions anyway).
- ``fish_add_path`` handles an undefined ``PATH`` environment variable
  correctly (:issue:`8082`).

Interactive improvements
- Commands entered before the previous command finishes will now be properly
  syntax highlighted.
- fish now automatically creates ``config.fish`` and the configuration
  directories in ``$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/fish`` (by default ``~/.config/fish``) if
  they do not already exist (:issue:`7402`).
- ``$SHLVL`` is no longer incremented in non-interactive shells. This means it
  won't be set to values larger than 1 just because your environment happens to
  run some scripts in $SHELL in its startup path (:issue:`7864`).
- fish no longer rings the bell when flashing the command line. The flashing
  should already be enough notification and the bell can be annoying
- ``fish --help`` is more helpful if the documentation isn't installed
- ``funced`` won't include an entry on where a function is defined, thanks to
  the new ``functions --no-details`` option (:issue:`7879`).
- A new variable, ``fish_killring``, containing entries from the killring, is
  now available (:issue:`7445`).
- ``fish --private`` prints a note on private mode on startup even if
  ``$fish_greeting`` is an empty list (:issue:`7974`).
- fish no longer attempts to lock history or universal variable files on remote
  filesystems, including NFS and Samba mounts. In rare cases, updates to these
  files may be dropped if separate fish instances modify them simultaneously.
- ``wait`` and ``on-process-exit`` work correctly with jobs that have already
  exited (:issue:`7210`).
- ``__fish_print_help`` (used for ``--help`` output for fish's builtins) now
  respects the ``LESS`` environment variable, and if not set, uses better
  default pager settings (:issue:`7997`).
- Errors from ``alias`` are now printed to standard error, matching other
  builtins and functions (:issue:`7925`).
- ``ls`` output is colorized on OpenBSD if colorls utility is installed
- The default pager color looks better in terminals with light backgrounds
- Further robustness improvements to the bash history import (:issue:`7874`).
- fish now tries to find a Unicode-aware locale for encoding (``LC_CTYPE``) if
  started without any locale information, improving the display of emoji and
  other non-ASCII text on misconfigured systems (:issue:`8031`). To allow a C
  locale, set the variable ``fish_allow_singlebyte_locale`` to 1.
- The Web-based configuration and documentation now feature a dark mode if the
  browser requests it (:issue:`8043`).
- Color variables can now also be given like ``--background red`` and ``-b
  red``, not just ``--background=red`` (:issue:`8053`).
- ``exit`` run within ``fish_prompt`` now exits properly (:issue:`8033`).
- When attempting to execute the unsupported POSIX-style brace command group
  (``{ ... }``) fish will suggest its equivalent ``begin; ...; end`` commands

New or improved bindings
- Pasting in Vi mode puts text in the right place in normal mode
- Vi mode's :kbd:`u` is bound to ``undo`` instead of
  ``history-search-backward``, following GNU readline's behavior. Similarly,
  :kbd:`Control-R` is bound to ``redo`` instead of ``history-search-backward``,
  following Vim (:issue:`7908`).
- :kbd:`s` in Vi visual mode now does the same thing as :kbd:`c`
- The binding for :kbd:`"*y` now uses ``fish_clipboard_copy``, allowing it to
  support more than just ``xsel``.
- The :kbd:`Control-Space` binding can be correctly customised (:issue:`7922`).
- ``exit`` works correctly in bindings (:issue:`7967`).
- The :kbd:`F1` binding, which opens the manual page for the current command,
  now works around a bug in certain ``less`` versions that fail to clear the
  screen (:issue:`7863`).
- The binding for :kbd:`Alt-S` now toggles whether ``sudo`` is prepended, even
  when it took the commandline from history instead of only adding it.
- The new functions ``fish_commandline_prepend`` and
  ``fish_commandline_append`` allow toggling the presence of a prefix/suffix on
  the current commandline. (:issue:`7905`).
- ``backward-kill-path-component`` :kbd:`Control-W`) no longer erases parts of
  two tokens when the cursor is positioned immediately after ``/``.

Improved prompts
- The default Vi mode prompt now uses foreground instead of background colors,
  making it less obtrusive (:issue:`7880`).
- Performance of the "informative" git prompt is improved somewhat
  (:issue:`7871`). This is still slower than the non-informative version by its
  very nature. In particular it is IO-bound, so it will be very slow on slow
  disks or network mounts.
- The sample prompts were updated. Some duplicated prompts, like the various
  classic variants, or less useful ones, like the "justadollar" prompt were
  removed, some prompts were cleaned up, and in some cases renamed. A new
  "simple" and "disco" prompt were added (:issue:`7884`, \ 
  :issue:`7930`). The new prompts will only take effect when selected and
  existing installed prompts will remain unchanged.
- A new ``prompt_login`` helper function to describe the kind of \ 
"login" (user,
  host and chroot status) for use in prompts. This replaces the old "debian
  chroot" prompt and has been added to the default and terlar prompts
- The Web-based configuration's prompt picker now shows and installs right
  prompts (:issue:`7930`).
- The git prompt now has the same symbol order in normal and "informative"
  mode, and it's customizable via ``$__fish_git_prompt_status_order``

- Added completions for:

  - ``firewall-cmd`` (:issue:`7900`)
  - ``sv`` (:issue:`8069`)

- Improvements to plenty of completions!
- Commands that wrap ``cd`` (using ``complete --wraps cd``) get the same
  completions as ``cd`` (:issue:`4693`).
- The ``--force-files`` option to ``complete`` works for bare arguments, not
  just options (:issue:`7920`).
- Completion descriptions for functions don't include the function definition,
  making them more concise (:issue:`7911`).
- The ``kill`` completions no longer error on MSYS2 (:issue:`8046`).
- Completion scripts are now loaded when calling a command via a relative path
  (like ``./git``) (:issue:`6001`, :issue:`7992`).
- When there are multiple completion candidates, fish inserts their shared
  prefix. This prefix was computed in a case-insensitive way, resulting in
  wrong case in the completion pager. This was fixed by only inserting prefixes
  with matching case (:issue:`7744`).

Improved terminal support
- fish no longer tries to detect a missing new line during startup, preventing
  an erroneous ``⏎`` from appearing if the terminal is resized at the wrong
  time, which can happen in tiling window managers (:issue:`7893`).
- fish behaves better when it disagrees with the terminal on the width of
  characters. In particular, staircase effects with right prompts should be
  gone in most cases (:issue:`8011`).
- If the prompt takes up the entire line, the last character should no longer
  be chopped off in certain terminals (:issue:`8002`).
- fish's reflow handling has been disabled by default for kitty
- The default prompt no longer produces errors when used with a dumb terminal
- Terminal size variables are updated for window size change signal handlers
- Pasting within a multi-line command using a terminal that supports bracketed
  paste works correctly, instead of producing an error (:issue:`7782`).
- ``set_color`` produces an error when used with invalid arguments, rather than
  empty output which interacts badly with Cartesian product expansion.

For distributors
- fish runs correctly on platforms without the ``O_CLOEXEC`` flag for
  ``open(2)`` (:issue:`8023`).
   2021-04-08 12:46:52 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
fish: update to 3.2.2

fish 3.2.2 (released April 7, 2021)

This release of fish fixes a number of additional issues identified in the fish \ 
3.2 series:

- The command-not-found handler used suggestions from ``pacman`` on Arch Linux, \ 
but this caused major slowdowns on some systems and has been disabled \ 
- fish will no longer hang on exit if another process is in the foreground on \ 
macOS (:issue:`7901`).
- Certain programs (such as ``lazygit``) could create situations where fish \ 
would not receive keystrokes correctly, but it is now more robust in these \ 
situations (:issue:`7853`).
- Arguments longer than 1024 characters no longer trigger excessive CPU usage on \ 
macOS (:issue:`7837`).
- fish builds correctly on macOS when using new versions of Xcode (:issue:`7838`).
- Completions for ``aura`` (:issue:`7865`) and ``tshark`` (:issue:`7858`) should \ 
no longer produce errors.
- Background jobs no longer interfere with syntax highlighting (a regression \ 
introduced in fish 3.2.1, :issue:`7842`).

If you are upgrading from version 3.1.2 or before, please also review the \ 
release notes for 3.2.1 and 3.2.0 (included below).
   2021-03-19 11:19:36 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (4)
Log message:
fish: Update to 3.2.1

fish 3.2.1 (released March 18, 2021)

This release of fish fixes the following problems identified in fish 3.2.0:

-  Commands in key bindings are run with fish's internal terminal modes, instead \ 
of the terminal modes typically used for commands. This fixes a bug introduced \ 
in 3.2.0, where text would unexpectedly appear on the terminal, especially when \ 
pasting (:issue:`7770`).
-  Prompts which use the internal ``__fish_print_pipestatus`` function will \ 
display correctly rather than carrying certain modifiers (such as bold) further \ 
than intended (:issue:`7771`).
-  Redirections to internal file descriptors is allowed again, reversing the \ 
changes in 3.2.0. This fixes a problem with Midnight Commander (:issue:`7769`).
-  Universal variables should be fully reliable regardless of operating system \ 
again (:issue:`7774`).
-  ``fish_git_prompt`` no longer causes screen flickering in certain terminals \ 
-  ``fish_add_path`` manipulates the ``fish_user_paths`` variable correctly when \ 
moving multiple paths (:issue:`7776`).
-  Pasting with a multi-line command no longer causes a \ 
``__fish_tokenizer_state`` error (:issue:`7782`).
-  ``psub`` inside event handlers cleans up temporary files properly (:issue:`7792`).
-  Event handlers declared with ``--on-job-exit $fish_pid`` no longer run \ 
constantly (:issue:`7721`), although these functions should use ``--on-event \ 
fish_exit`` instead.
-  Changing terminal modes inside ``config.fish`` works (:issue:`7783`).
-  ``set_color --print-colors`` no longer prints all colors in bold (:issue:`7805`)
-  Completing commands starting with a ``-`` no longer prints an error \ 
-  Running ``fish_command_not_found`` directly no longer produces an error on \ 
macOS or other OSes which do not have a handler available (:issue:`7777`).
-  The new ``type`` builtin now has the (deprecated) ``--quiet`` long form of \ 
``-q`` (:issue:`7766`).

It also includes some small enhancements:

-  ``help`` and ``fish_config`` work correctly when fish is running in a Chrome \ 
OS Crostini Linux VM (:issue:`7789`).
-  The history file can be made a symbolic link without it being overwritten \ 
(:issue:`7754`), matching a similar improvement for the universal variable file \ 
in 3.2.0.
-  An unhelpful error ("access: No error"), seen on Cygwin, is no \ 
longer produced (:issue:`7785`).
-  Improvements to the ``rsync`` completions (:issue:`7763`), some completion \ 
descriptions (:issue:`7788`), and completions that use IP address \ 
-  Improvements to the appearance of ``fish_config`` (:issue:`7811`).

If you are upgrading from version 3.1.2 or before, please also review
the release notes for 3.2.0 (included below).
   2021-03-05 09:47:29 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (11) | Package removed
Log message:
fish: Update to 3.2.0

fish 3.2.0 (released March 1, 2021)

Notable improvements and fixes

-  **Undo and redo support** for the command-line editor and pager search \ 
(:issue:`1367`). By default, undo is bound to Control+Z, and redo to Alt+/.
-  **Builtins can now output before all data is read**. For example, ``string \ 
replace`` no longer has to read all of stdin before it can begin to output.
   This makes it usable also for pipes where the previous command hasn't \ 
finished yet, like::

    # Show all dmesg lines related to "usb"
    dmesg -w | string match '*usb*'

-  **Prompts will now be truncated** instead of replaced with ``"> \ 
"`` if they are wider than the terminal (:issue:`904`).
   For example::

     ~/dev/build/fish-shell-git/src/fish-shell/build (makepkg)>

   will turn into::

     …h-shell/build (makepkg)>

   It is still possible to react to the ``COLUMNS`` variable inside the prompt \ 
to implement smarter behavior.
-  **fish completes ambiguous completions** after pressing :kbd:`Tab` even when they
   have a common prefix, without the user having to press :kbd:`Tab` again
-  fish is less aggressive about resetting terminal modes, such as flow control, \ 
after every command.
   Although flow control remains off by default, enterprising users can now \ 
enable it with
   ``stty`` (:issue:`2315`, :issue:`7704`).
-  A new **"fish_add_path" helper function to add paths to $PATH** \ 
without producing duplicates,
   to be used interactively or in ``config.fish`` (:issue:`6960`, :issue:`7028`).
   For example::

     fish_add_path /opt/mycoolthing/bin

   will add /opt/mycoolthing/bin to the beginning of $fish_user_path without \ 
creating duplicates,
   so it can be called safely from config.fish or interactively, and the path \ 
will just be there, once.
-  **Better errors with "test"** (:issue:`6030`)::

    > test 1 = 2 and echo true or false
    test: Expected a combining operator like '-a' at index 4
    1 = 2 and echo true or echo false

   This includes numbering the index from 1 instead of 0, like fish lists.
-  **A new theme for the documentation and Web-based configuration** \ 
(:issue:`6500`, :issue:`7371`, :issue:`7523`), matching the design on \ 
-  ``fish --no-execute`` **will no longer complain about unknown commands**
   or non-matching wildcards, as these could be defined differently at
   runtime (especially for functions). This makes it usable as a static syntax \ 
checker (:issue:`977`).
-  ``string match --regex`` now integrates **named PCRE2 capture groups as fish \ 
variables**, allowing variables to be set directly from ``string match`` \ 
(:issue:`7459`). To support this functionality, ``string`` is now a reserved \ 
word and can no longer be wrapped in a function.
-  Globs and other **expansions are limited to 512,288 results** \ 
(:issue:`7226`). Because operating systems limit the number of arguments to \ 
commands, larger values are unlikely to work anyway, and this helps to avoid \ 
-  A new **"fish for bash users" documentation page** gives a quick \ 
overview of the scripting differences between bash and fish (:issue:`2382`), and \ 
the completion tutorial has also been moved out into its own document \ 

Syntax changes and new commands

-  Range limits in index range expansions like ``$x[$start..$end]`` may be \ 
omitted: ``$start`` and ``$end`` default to 1 and -1 (the last item) \ 
respectively (:issue:`6574`)::

     echo $var[1..]
     echo $var[..-1]
     echo $var[..]

   All print the full list ``$var``.
-  When globbing, a segment which is exactly ``**`` may now match zero \ 
directories. For example ``**/foo`` may match ``foo`` in the current directory \ 

Scripting improvements

-  The ``type``, ``_`` (gettext), ``.`` (source) and ``:`` (no-op) functions
   are now implemented builtins for performance purposes (:issue:`7342`, \ 
:issue:`7036`, :issue:`6854`).
-  ``set`` and backgrounded jobs no longer overwrite ``$pipestatus`` \ 
(:issue:`6820`), improving its use in command substitutions (:issue:`6998`).
-  Computed ("electric") variables such as ``status`` are now only \ 
global in scope, so ``set -Uq status`` returns false (:issue:`7032`).
-  The output for ``set --show`` has been shortened, only mentioning the scopes \ 
in which a variable exists (:issue:`6944`).
   In addition, it now shows if a variable is a path variable.
-  A new variable, ``fish_kill_signal``, is set to the signal that terminated \ 
the last foreground job, or ``0`` if the job exited normally (:issue:`6824`, \ 
-  A new subcommand, ``string pad``, allows extending strings to a given width \ 
(:issue:`7340`, :issue:`7102`).
-  ``string sub`` has a new ``--end`` option to specify the end index of
   a substring (:issue:`6765`, :issue:`5974`).
-  ``string split`` has a new ``--fields`` option to specify fields to
   output, similar to ``cut -f`` (:issue:`6770`).
-  ``string trim`` now also trims vertical tabs by default (:issue:`6795`).
-  ``string replace`` no longer prints an error if a capturing group wasn't \ 
matched, instead treating it as empty (:issue:`7343`).
-  ``string`` subcommands now quit early when used with ``--quiet`` (:issue:`7495`).
-  ``string repeat`` now handles multiple arguments, repeating each one \ 
-  ``printf`` no longer prints an error if not given an argument (not
   even a format string).
-  The ``true`` and ``false`` builtins ignore any arguments, like other shells \ 
-  ``fish_indent`` now removes unnecessary quotes in simple cases (:issue:`6722`)
   and gained a ``--check`` option to just check if a file is indented correctly \ 
-  ``fish_indent`` indents continuation lines that follow a line ending in a \ 
backslash, ``|``, ``&&`` or ``||``.
-  ``pushd`` only adds a directory to the stack if changing to it was successful \ 
-  A new ``fish_job_summary`` function is called whenever a
   background job stops or ends, or any job terminates from a signal \ 
(:issue:`6959`, :issue:`2727`, :issue:`4319`).
   The default behaviour can now be customized by redefining it.
-  ``status`` gained new ``dirname`` and ``basename`` convenience subcommands
   to get just the directory to the running script or the name of it,
   to simplify common tasks such as running ``(dirname (status filename))`` \ 
(:issue:`7076`, :issue:`1818`).
-  Broken pipelines are now handled more smoothly; in particular, bad \ 
redirection mid-pipeline
   results in the job continuing to run but with the broken file descriptor \ 
replaced with a closed
   file descriptor. This allows better error recovery and is more in line with \ 
other shells'
   behaviour (:issue:`7038`).
-  ``jobs --quiet PID`` no longer prints "no suitable job" if the job \ 
for PID does not exist (eg because it has finished) (:issue:`6809`, \ 
-  ``jobs`` now shows continued child processes correctly (:issue:`6818`)
-  ``disown`` should no longer create zombie processes when job control is off, \ 
such as in ``config.fish`` (:issue:`7183`).
-  ``command``, ``jobs`` and ``type`` builtins support ``--query`` as the long \ 
form of ``-q``, matching other builtins.
   The long form ``--quiet`` is deprecated (:issue:`7276`).
-  ``argparse`` no longer requires a short flag letter for long-only options \ 
   and only prints a backtrace with invalid options to argparse itself \ 
-  ``argparse`` now passes the validation variables (e.g. ``$_flag_value``) as \ 
local-exported variables,
   avoiding the need for ``--no-scope-shadowing`` in validation functions.
-  ``complete`` takes the first argument as the name of the command if the \ 
``--command``/``-c`` option is not used,
   so ``complete git`` is treated like ``complete --command git``,
   and it can show the loaded completions for specific commands with ``complete \ 
COMMANDNAME`` (:issue:`7321`).
-  ``set_color -b`` (without an argument) no longer prints an error message, \ 
matching other invalid invocations of this command (:issue:`7154`).
-  ``exec`` no longer produces a syntax error when the command cannot be found \ 
-  ``set --erase`` and ``abbr --erase`` can now erase multiple things in one go, \ 
matching ``functions --erase`` (:issue:`7377`).
-  ``abbr --erase`` no longer prints errors when used with no arguments or on an \ 
unset abbreviation (:issue:`7376`, :issue:`7732`).
-  ``test -t``, for testing whether file descriptors are connected to a \ 
terminal, works for file descriptors 0, 1, and 2 (:issue:`4766`).
   It can still return incorrect results in other cases (:issue:`1228`).
-  Trying to execute scripts with Windows line endings (CRLF) produces a \ 
sensible error (:issue:`2783`).
-  Trying to execute commands with arguments that exceed the operating system \ 
limit now produces a specific error (:issue:`6800`).
-  An ``alias`` that delegates to a command with the same name no longer \ 
triggers an error about recursive completion (:issue:`7389`).
-  ``math`` now has a ``--base`` option to output the result in hexadecimal or \ 
octal (:issue:`7496`) and produces more specific error messages (:issue:`7508`).
-  ``math`` learned bitwise functions ``bitand``, ``bitor`` and ``bitxor``, used \ 
like ``math "bitand(0xFE, 5)"`` (:issue:`7281`).
-  ``math`` learned tau for those who don't like typing "2 * pi".
-  Failed redirections will now set ``$status`` (:issue:`7540`).
-  fish sets exit status in a more consistent manner after errors, including \ 
invalid expansions like ``$foo[``.
-  Using ``read --silent`` while fish is in private mode was adding these \ 
potentially-sensitive entries to the history; this has been fixed \ 
-  ``read`` can now read interactively from other files, and can be used to read \ 
from the terminal via ``read </dev/tty`` (if the operating system provides \ 
``/dev/tty``) (:issue:`7358`).
-  A new ``fish_status_to_signal`` function for transforming exit statuses to \ 
signal names has been added (:issue:`7597`, :issue:`7595`).
-  The fallback ``realpath`` builtin supports the ``-s``/``--no-symlinks`` \ 
option, like GNU realpath (:issue:`7574`).
-  ``functions`` and ``type`` now explain when a function was defined via \ 
``source`` instead of just saying ``Defined in -``.
-  Significant performance improvements when globbing, appending to variables or \ 
in ``math``.
-  ``echo`` no longer interprets options at the beginning of an argument (eg \ 
``echo "-n foo"``) (:issue:`7614`).
-  fish now finds user configuration even if the ``HOME`` environment variable \ 
is not set (:issue:`7620`).
-  fish no longer crashes when started from a Windows-style working directory \ 
(eg ``F:\path``) (:issue:`7636`).
-  ``fish -c`` now reads the remaining arguments into ``$argv`` (:issue:`2314`).
-  The ``pwd`` command supports the long options ``--logical`` and \ 
``--physical``, matching other implementations (:issue:`6787`).
-  ``fish --profile`` now only starts profiling after fish is ready to execute \ 
commands (all configuration is completed). There is a new ``--profile-startup`` \ 
option that only profiles the startup and configuration process (:issue:`7648`).
-  Builtins return a maximum exit status of 255, rather than potentially \ 
overflowing. In particular, this affects ``exit``, ``return``, ``functions \ 
--query``, and ``set --query`` (:issue:`7698`, :issue:`7702`).
- It is no longer an error to run builtin with closed stdin. For example ``count \ 
<&-`` now prints 0, instead of failing.
- Blocks, functions, and builtins no longer permit redirecting to file \ 
descriptors other than 0 (standard input), 1 (standard output) and 2 (standard \ 
error). For example, ``echo hello >&5`` is now an error. This prevents \ 
corruption of internal state (#3303).

Interactive improvements

-  fish will now always attempt to become process group leader in interactive \ 
mode (:issue:`7060`). This helps avoid hangs in certain circumstances, and \ 
allows tmux's current directory introspection to work (:issue:`5699`).
-  The interactive reader now allows ending a line in a logical operators \ 
(``&&`` and ``||``) instead of complaining about a missing command. \ 
(This was already syntactically valid, but interactive sessions didn't know \ 
about it yet).
-  The prompt is reprinted after a background job exits (:issue:`1018`).
-  fish no longer inserts a space after a completion ending in ``.``, ``,`` or \ 
``-`` is accepted, improving completions for tools that provide dynamic \ 
completions (:issue:`6928`).
-  If a filename is invalid when first pressing :kbd:`Tab`, but becomes valid, \ 
it will be completed properly on the next attempt (:issue:`6863`).
- ``help string match/replace/<subcommand>`` will show the help for string \ 
subcommands (:issue:`6786`).
-  ``fish_key_reader`` sets the exit status to 0 when used with ``--help`` or \ 
``--version`` (:issue:`6964`).
-  ``fish_key_reader`` and ``fish_indent`` send output from ``--version`` to \ 
standard output, matching other fish binaries (:issue:`6964`).
-  A new variable ``$status_generation`` is incremented only when the previous \ 
command produces an exit status (:issue:`6815`). This can be used, for example, \ 
to check whether a failure status is a holdover due to a background job, or \ 
actually produced by the last run command.
-  ``fish_greeting`` is now a function that reads a variable of the same name, \ 
and defaults to setting it globally.
   This removes a universal variable by default and helps with updating the greeting.
   However, to disable the greeting it is now necessary to explicitly specify \ 
universal scope (``set -U fish_greeting``) or to disable it in config.fish \ 
-  Events are properly emitted after a job is cancelled (:issue:`2356`).
-  ``fish_preexec`` and ``fish_postexec`` events are no longer triggered for \ 
empty commands (:issue:`4829`, :issue:`7085`).
-  Functions triggered by the ``fish_exit`` event are correctly run when the \ 
terminal is closed or the shell receives SIGHUP (:issue:`7014`).
-  The ``fish_prompt`` event no longer fires when ``read`` is used. If
   you need a function to run any time ``read`` is invoked by a script,
   use the new ``fish_read`` event instead (:issue:`7039`).
-  A new ``fish_posterror`` event is emitted when attempting to execute a \ 
command with syntax errors (:issue:`6880`, :issue:`6816`).
-  The debugging system has now fully switched from the old numbered level to \ 
the new named category system introduced in 3.1. A number of new debugging \ 
categories have been added, including ``config``, ``path``, ``reader`` and \ 
``screen`` (:issue:`6511`). See the output of ``fish --print-debug-categories`` \ 
for the full list.
-  The warning about read-only filesystems has been moved to a new \ 
"warning-path" debug category
   and can be disabled by setting a debug category of ``-warning-path`` \ 

     fish --debug=-warning-path

-  The enabled debug categories are now printed on shell startup (:issue:`7007`).
-  The ``-o`` short option to fish, for ``--debug-output``, works correctly \ 
instead of producing an
   invalid option error (:issue:`7254`).
-  fish's debugging can now also be enabled via ``FISH_DEBUG`` and \ 
``FISH_DEBUG_OUTPUT`` environment variables.
   This helps with debugging when no commandline options can be passed, like \ 
when fish is called in a shebang (:issue:`7359`).
-  Abbreviations are now expanded after all command terminators (eg ``;`` or \ 
``|``), not just space,
   as in fish 2.7.1 and before (:issue:`6970`), and after closing a command \ 
substitution (:issue:`6658`).
-  The history file is now created with user-private permissions,
   matching other shells (:issue:`6926`). The directory containing the history
   file was already private, so there should not have been any private data
-  The output of ``time`` is now properly aligned in all cases (:issue:`6726`, \ 
:issue:`6714`) and no longer depends on locale (:issue:`6757`).
-  The command-not-found handling has been simplified.
   When it can't find a command, fish now just executes a function called \ 
   instead of firing an event, making it easier to replace and reason about.
   Previously-defined ``__fish_command_not_found_handler`` functions with an \ 
appropriate event listener will still work (:issue:`7293`).
-  :kbd:`Control-C` handling has been reimplemented in C++ and is therefore \ 
quicker (:issue:`5259`), no longer occasionally prints an "unknown \ 
command" error (:issue:`7145`) or overwrites multiline prompts \ 
-  :kbd:`Control-C` no longer kills background jobs for which job control is
   disabled, matching POSIX semantics (:issue:`6828`, :issue:`6861`).
-  Autosuggestions work properly after :kbd:`Control-C` cancels the current \ 
commmand line (:issue:`6937`).
-  History search is now case-insensitive unless the search string contains an \ 
uppercase character (:issue:`7273`).
-  ``fish_update_completions`` gained a new ``--keep`` option, which improves \ 
speed by skipping completions that already exist (:issue:`6775`, :issue:`6796`).
-  Aliases containing an embedded backslash appear properly in the output of \ 
``alias`` (:issue:`6910`).
-  ``open`` no longer hangs indefinitely on certain systems, as a bug in \ 
``xdg-open`` has been worked around (:issue:`7215`).
-  Long command lines no longer add a blank line after execution (:issue:`6826`) \ 
and behave better with :kbd:`Backspace` (:issue:`6951`).
-  ``functions -t`` works like the long option ``--handlers-type``, as \ 
documented, instead of producing an error (:issue:`6985`).
-  History search now flashes when it found no more results (:issue:`7362`)
-  fish now creates the path in the environment variable ``XDG_RUNTIME_DIR`` if \ 
it does not exist, before using it for runtime data storage (:issue:`7335`).
-  ``set_color --print-colors`` now also respects the bold, dim, underline, \ 
reverse, italic and background modifiers, to better show their effect \ 
-  The fish Web configuration tool (``fish_config``) shows prompts correctly on \ 
Termux for Android (:issue:`7298`) and detects Windows Services for Linux 2 \ 
properly (:issue:`7027`). It no longer shows the ``history`` variable as it may \ 
be too large (one can use the History tab instead). It also starts the browser \ 
in another thread, avoiding hangs in some circumstances, especially with \ 
Firefox's Developer Edition (:issue:`7158`). Finally, a bug in the Source Code \ 
Pro font may cause browsers to hang, so this font is no longer chosen by default \ 
-  ``funcsave`` gained a new ``--directory`` option to specify the location of \ 
the saved function (:issue:`7041`).
-  ``help`` works properly on MSYS2 (:issue:`7113`) and only uses ``cmd.exe`` if \ 
running on WSL (:issue:`6797`).
-  Resuming a piped job by its number, like ``fg %1``, works correctly \ 
(:issue:`7406`). Resumed jobs show the correct title in the terminal emulator \ 
-  Commands run from key bindings now use the same TTY modes as normal commands \ 
-  Autosuggestions from history are now case-sensitive (:issue:`3978`).
-  ``$status`` from completion scripts is no longer passed outside the \ 
completion, which keeps the status display in the prompt as the last command's \ 
status (:issue:`7555`).
-  Updated localisations for pt_BR (:issue:`7480`).
-  ``fish_trace`` output now starts with ``->`` (like ``fish --profile``), \ 
making the depth more visible (:issue:`7538`).
-  Resizing the terminal window no longer produces a corrupted prompt \ 
(:issue:`6532`, :issue:`7404`).
-  ``functions`` produces an error rather than crashing on certain invalid \ 
arguments (:issue:`7515`).
-  A crash in completions with inline variable assignment (eg ``A= b``) has been \ 
fixed (:issue:`7344`).
-  ``fish_private_mode`` may now be changed dynamically using ``set`` \ 
(:issue:`7589`), and history is kept in memory in private mode (but not stored \ 
permanently) (:issue:`7590`).
-  Commands with leading spaces may be retrieved from history with up-arrow \ 
until a new command is run, matching zsh's ``HIST_IGNORE_SPACE`` \ 
-  Importing bash history or reporting errors with recursive globs (``**``) no \ 
longer hangs (:issue:`7407`, :issue:`7497`).
-  ``bind`` now shows ``\x7f`` for the del key instead of a literal DEL \ 
character (:issue:`7631`)
-  Paths containing variables or tilde expansion are only suggested when they \ 
are still valid (:issue:`7582`).
-  Syntax highlighting can now color a command as invalid even if executed \ 
quickly (:issue:`5912`).
-  Redirection targets are no longer highlighted as error if they contain \ 
variables which will likely be defined by the current commandline \ 
-  fish is now more resilient against broken terminal modes (:issue:`7133`, \ 
-  fish handles being in control of the TTY without owning its own process group \ 
better, avoiding some hangs in special configurations (:issue:`7388`).
-  Keywords can now be colored differently by setting the ``fish_color_keyword`` \ 
variable (``fish_color_command`` is used as a fallback) (:issue:`7678`).
-  Just like ``fish_indent``, the interactive reader will indent continuation \ 
lines that follow a line ending in a backslash, ``|``, ``&&`` or ``||`` \ 
-  Commands with a trailing escaped space are saved in history correctly \ 
-  ``fish_prompt`` no longer mangles Unicode characters in the private-use range \ 
U+F600-U+F700. (:issue:`7723`).
-  The universal variable file, ``fish_variables``, can be made a symbolic link \ 
without it being overwritten (:issue:`7466`).
-  fish is now more resilient against ``mktemp`` failing (:issue:`7482`).

New or improved bindings

-  As mentioned above, new special input functions ``undo`` (:kbd:`Control+\_` \ 
or :kbd:`Control+Z`) and ``redo`` (:kbd:`Alt-/`) can be used to revert changes \ 
to the command line or the pager search field (:issue:`6570`).
-  :kbd:`Control-Z` is now available for binding (:issue:`7152`).
-  Additionally, using the ``cancel`` special input function (bound to \ 
:kbd:`Escape` by default) right after fish picked an unambiguous completion will \ 
undo that (:issue:`7433`).
- ``fish_clipboard_paste`` (:kbd:`Control+V`) trims indentation from multiline \ 
commands, because fish already indents (:issue:`7662`).
-  Vi mode bindings now support ``dh``, ``dl``, ``c0``, ``cf``, ``ct``, ``cF``, \ 
``cT``, ``ch``, ``cl``, ``y0``, ``ci``, ``ca``, ``yi``, ``ya``, ``di``, ``da``, \ 
``d;``, ``d,``, ``o``, ``O`` and Control+left/right keys to navigate by word \ 
(:issue:`6648`, :issue:`6755`, :issue:`6769`, :issue:`7442`, :issue:`7516`).
-  Vi mode bindings support :kbd:`~` (tilde) to toggle the case of the selected \ 
character (:issue:`6908`).
-  Functions ``up-or-search`` and ``down-or-search`` (:kbd:`Up` and :kbd:`Down`) \ 
can cross empty lines, and don't activate search mode if the search fails, which \ 
makes them easier to use to move between lines in some situations.
-  If history search fails to find a match, the cursor is no longer moved. This \ 
is useful when accidentally starting a history search on a multi-line \ 
-  The special input function ``beginning-of-history`` (:kbd:`Page Up`) now \ 
moves to the oldest search instead of the youngest - that's ``end-of-history`` \ 
(:kbd:`Page Down`).
-  A new special input function ``forward-single-char`` moves one character to \ 
the right, and if an autosuggestion is available, only take a single character \ 
from it (:issue:`7217`, :issue:`4984`).
-  Special input functions can now be joined with ``or`` as a modifier (adding \ 
to ``and``), though only some commands set an exit status (:issue:`7217`). This \ 
includes ``suppress-autosuggestion`` to reflect whether an autosuggestion was \ 
suppressed (:issue:`1419`)
-  A new function ``__fish_preview_current_file``, bound to :kbd:`Alt+O`, opens the
   current file at the cursor in a pager (:issue:`6838`, :issue:`6855`).
-  ``edit_command_buffer`` (:kbd:`Alt-E` and :kbd:`Alt-V`) passes the cursor position
   to the external editor if the editor is recognized (:issue:`6138`, :issue:`6954`).
-  ``__fish_prepend_sudo`` (:kbd:`Alt-S`) now toggles a ``sudo`` prefix \ 
(:issue:`7012`) and avoids shifting the cursor (:issue:`6542`).
-  ``__fish_prepend_sudo`` (:kbd:`Alt-S`) now uses the previous commandline if \ 
the current one is empty,
   to simplify rerunning the previous command with ``sudo`` (:issue:`7079`).
-  ``__fish_toggle_comment_commandline`` (:kbd:`Alt-#`) now uncomments and \ 
presents the last comment
   from history if the commandline is empty (:issue:`7137`).
-  ``__fish_whatis_current_token`` (:kbd:`Alt-W`) prints descriptions for \ 
functions and builtins (:issue:`7191`, :issue:`2083`).
-  The definition of "word" and "bigword" for movements was \ 
refined, fixing (eg) vi mode's behavior with :kbd:`e` on the second-to-last \ 
char, and bigword's behavior with single-character words and non-blank \ 
non-graphical characters (:issue:`7353`, :issue:`7354`, :issue:`4025`, \ 
:issue:`7328`, :issue:`7325`)
-  fish's clipboard bindings now also support Windows Subsystem for Linux via \ 
PowerShell and clip.exe (:issue:`7455`, :issue:`7458`) and will properly copy \ 
newlines in multi-line commands.
-  Using the ``*-jump`` special input functions before typing anything else no \ 
longer crashes fish.
-  Completing variable overrides (``foo=bar``) could replace the entire thing \ 
with just the completion in some circumstances. This has been fixed \ 

Improved prompts

-  The default and example prompts print the correct exit status for
   commands prefixed with ``not`` (:issue:`6566`).
-  git prompts include all untracked files in the repository, not just those in \ 
the current
   directory (:issue:`6086`).
-  The git prompts correctly show stash states (:issue:`6876`, :issue:`7136`) \ 
and clean states (:issue:`7471`).
-  The Mercurial prompt correctly shows untracked status (:issue:`6906`), and by \ 
default only shows the branch for performance reasons.
   A new variable ``$fish_prompt_hg_show_informative_status`` can be set to \ 
enable more information.
-  The ``fish_vcs_prompt`` passes its arguments to the various VCS prompts that \ 
it calls (:issue:`7033`).
-  The Subversion prompt was broken in a number of ways in 3.1.0 and has been \ 
restored (:issue:`6715`, :issue:`7278`).
-  A new helper function ``fish_is_root_user`` simplifies checking for superuser \ 
privilege (:issue:`7031`, :issue:`7123`).
-  New colorschemes - ``ayu Light``, ``ayu Dark`` and ``ayu Mirage`` (:issue:`7596`).
-  Bugs related to multiline prompts, including repainting (:issue:`5860`) or \ 
navigating directory history (:issue:`3550`) leading to graphical glitches have \ 
been fixed.
-  The ``nim`` prompt now handles vi mode better (:issue:`6802`)

Improved terminal support

-  A new variable, ``fish_vi_force_cursor``, can be set to force \ 
``fish_vi_cursor`` to attempt changing the cursor
   shape in vi mode, regardless of terminal (:issue:`6968`). The \ 
``fish_vi_cursor`` option ``--force-iterm`` has been deprecated.
-  ``diff`` will now colourize output, if supported (:issue:`7308`).
-  Autosuggestions appear when the cursor passes the right prompt \ 
(:issue:`6948`) or wraps to the next line (:issue:`7213`).
-  The cursor shape in Vi mode changes properly in Windows Terminal \ 
(:issue:`6999`, :issue:`6478`).
-  The spurious warning about terminal size in small terminals has been removed \ 
-  Dynamic titles are now enabled in Alacritty (:issue:`7073`) and emacs' vterm \ 
-  Current working directory updates are enabled in foot (:issue:`7099`) and \ 
WezTerm (:issue:`7649`).
-  The width computation for certain emoji agrees better with terminals \ 
(especially flags). (:issue:`7237`).
-  Long command lines are wrapped in all cases, instead of sometimes being put \ 
on a new line (:issue:`5118`).
-  The pager is properly rendered with long command lines selected (:issue:`2557`).
-  Sessions with right prompts can be resized correctly in terminals that handle \ 
reflow, like GNOME Terminal (and other VTE-based terminals), upcoming Konsole \ 
releases and Alacritty. This detection can be overridden with the new \ 
``fish_handle_reflow`` variable (:issue:`7491`).
-  fish now sets terminal modes sooner, which stops output from appearing before \ 
the greeting and prompt are ready (:issue:`7489`).
-  Better detection of new Konsole versions for true color support and cursor \ 
shape changing.
-  fish no longer attempts to modify the terminal size via ``TIOCSWINSZ``, \ 
improving compatibility with Kitty (:issue:`6994`).


-  Added completions for

   -  ``7z``, ``7za`` and ``7zr`` (:issue:`7220`)
   -  ``alias`` (:issue:`7035`)
   -  ``alternatives`` (:issue:`7616`)
   -  ``apk`` (:issue:`7108`)
   -  ``asciidoctor`` (:issue:`7000`)
   -  ``avifdec`` and ``avifenc`` (:issue:`7674`)
   -  ``bluetoothctl`` (:issue:`7438`)
   -  ``cjxl`` and ``djxl`` (:issue:`7673`)
   -  ``cmark`` (:issue:`7000`)
   -  ``create_ap`` (:issue:`7096`)
   -  ``deno`` (:issue:`7138`)
   -  ``dhclient`` (:issue:`6684`)
   -  Postgres-related commands ``dropdb``, ``createdb``, ``pg_restore``, \ 
``pg_dump`` and
      ``pg_dumpall`` (:issue:`6620`)
   -  ``dotnet`` (:issue:`7558`)
   -  ``downgrade`` (:issue:`6751`)
   -  ``gapplication``, ``gdbus``, ``gio`` and ``gresource`` (:issue:`7300`)
   -  ``gh`` (:issue:`7112`)
   -  ``gitk``
   -  ``groups`` (:issue:`6889`)
   -  ``hashcat`` (:issue:`7746`)
   -  ``hikari`` (:issue:`7083`)
   -  ``icdiff`` (:issue:`7503`)
   -  ``imv`` (:issue:`6675`)
   -  ``john`` (:issue:`7746`)
   -  ``julia`` (:issue:`7468`)
   -  ``k3d`` (:issue:`7202`)
   -  ``ldapsearch`` (:issue:`7578`)
   -  ``lightdm`` and ``dm-tool`` (:issue:`7624`)
   -  ``losetup`` (:issue:`7621`)
   -  ``micro`` (:issue:`7339`)
   -  ``mpc`` (:issue:`7169`)
   -  Metasploit's ``msfconsole``, ``msfdb`` and ``msfvenom`` (:issue:`6930`)
   -  ``mtr`` (:issue:`7638`)
   -  ``mysql`` (:issue:`6819`)
   -  ``ncat``, ``nc.openbsd``, ``nc.traditional`` and ``nmap`` (:issue:`6873`)
   -  ``openssl`` (:issue:`6845`)
   -  ``prime-run`` (:issue:`7241`)
   -  ``ps2pdf{12,13,14,wr}`` (:issue:`6673`)
   -  ``pyenv`` (:issue:`6551`)
   -  ``rst2html``, ``rst2html4``, ``rst2html5``, ``rst2latex``,
      ``rst2man``, ``rst2odt``, ``rst2pseudoxml``, ``rst2s5``,
      ``rst2xetex``, ``rst2xml`` and ``rstpep2html`` (:issue:`7019`)
   -  ``spago`` (:issue:`7381`)
   -  ``sphinx-apidoc``, ``sphinx-autogen``, ``sphinx-build`` and
      ``sphinx-quickstart`` (:issue:`7000`)
   -  ``strace`` (:issue:`6656`)
   -  systemd's ``bootctl``, ``coredumpctl``, ``hostnamectl`` (:issue:`7428`), \ 
``homectl`` (:issue:`7435`), ``networkctl`` (:issue:`7668`) and ``userdbctl`` \ 
   -  ``tcpdump`` (:issue:`6690`)
   -  ``tig``
   -  ``traceroute`` and ``tracepath`` (:issue:`6803`)
   -  ``windscribe`` (:issue:`6788`)
   -  ``wireshark``, ``tshark``, and ``dumpcap``
   -  ``xbps-*`` (:issue:`7239`)
   -  ``xxhsum``, ``xxh32sum``, ``xxh64sum`` and ``xxh128sum`` (:issue:`7103`)
   -  ``yadm`` (:issue:`7100`)
   -  ``zopfli`` and ``zopflipng`` (:issue:`6872`)

-  Lots of improvements to completions, including:

   -  ``git`` completions can complete the right and left parts of a commit \ 
range like ``from..to`` or ``left...right``.
   -  Completion scripts for custom Git subcommands like ``git-xyz`` are now \ 
loaded with Git completions. The completions can now be defined directly on the \ 
subcommand (using ``complete git-xyz``), and completion for ``git xyz`` will \ 
work. (:issue:`7075`, :issue:`7652`, :issue:`4358`)
   -  ``make`` completions no longer second-guess make's file detection, fixing \ 
target completion in some cases (:issue:`7535`).
   -  Command completions now correctly print the description even if the \ 
command was fully matched (like in ``ls<TAB>``).
   -  ``set`` completions no longer hide variables starting with ``__``, they \ 
are sorted last instead.

-  Improvements to the manual page completion generator (:issue:`7086`, \ 
:issue:`6879`, :issue:`7187`).
-  Significant performance improvements to completion of the available commands \ 
(:issue:`7153`), especially on macOS Big Sur where there was a significant \ 
regression (:issue:`7365`, :issue:`7511`).
-  Suffix completion using ``__fish_complete_suffix`` uses the same fuzzy \ 
matching logic as normal file completion, and completes any file but sorts files \ 
with matching suffix first (:issue:`7040`, :issue:`7547`). Previously, it only \ 
completed files with matching suffix.

For distributors

-  fish has a new interactive test driver based on pexpect, removing the \ 
optional dependency on expect (and adding an optional dependency on pexpect) \ 
(:issue:`5451`, :issue:`6825`).
-  The CHANGELOG was moved to restructured text, allowing it to be included in \ 
the documentation (:issue:`7057`).
-  fish handles ncurses installed in a non-standard prefix better \ 
(:issue:`6600`, :issue:`7219`), and uses variadic tparm on NetBSD curses \ 
-  The Web-based configuration tool no longer uses an obsolete Angular version \ 
-  The fish project has adopted the Contributor Covenant code of conduct \ 

Deprecations and removed features

-  The ``fish_color_match`` variable is no longer used. (Previously this \ 
controlled the color of matching quotes and parens when using ``read``).
-  fish 3.2.0 will be the last release in which the redirection to standard \ 
error with the ``^`` character is enabled.
   The ``stderr-nocaret`` feature flag will be changed to "on" in \ 
future releases.
-  ``string`` is now a reserved word and cannot be used for function names (see \ 
-  ``fish_vi_cursor``'s option ``--force-iterm`` has been deprecated (see above).
-  ``command``, ``jobs`` and ``type`` long-form option ``--quiet`` is deprecated \ 
in favor of ``--query`` (see above).
-  The ``fish_command_not_found`` event is no longer emitted, instead there is a \ 
function of that name.
   By default it will call a previously-defined \ 
``__fish_command_not_found_handler``. To emit the event manually use ``emit \ 
-  The ``fish_prompt`` event no longer fires when ``read`` is used. If
   you need a function to run any time ``read`` is invoked by a script,
   use the new ``fish_read`` event instead (:issue:`7039`).
-  To disable the greeting message permanently it is no longer enough to just \ 
run ``set fish_greeting`` interactively as it is
   no longer implicitly a universal variable. Use ``set -U fish_greeting`` or \ 
disable it in config.fish with ``set -g fish_greeting``.
-  The long-deprecated and non-functional ``-m``/``--read-mode`` options to \ 
``read`` were removed in 3.1b1. Using the short form, or a never-implemented \ 
``-B`` option, no longer crashes fish (:issue:`7659`).
-  With the addition of new categories for debug options, the old numbered \ 
debugging levels have been removed.

For distributors and developers

-  fish source tarballs are now distributed using the XZ compression
   method (:issue:`5460`).
-  The fish source tarball contains an example FreeDesktop entry and icon.
-  The CMake variable ``MAC_CODESIGN_ID`` can now be set to "off" to \ 
disable code-signing (:issue:`6952`, :issue:`6792`).
-  Building on on macOS earlier than 10.13.6 succeeds, instead of failing on \ 
code-signing (:issue:`6791`).
-  The pkg-config file now uses variables to ensure paths used are portable \ 
across prefixes.
-  The default values for the ``extra_completionsdir``, ``extra_functionsdir``
   and ``extra_confdir`` options now use the installation prefix rather than \ 
``/usr/local`` (:issue:`6778`).
-  A new CMake variable ``FISH_USE_SYSTEM_PCRE2`` controls whether fish
   builds with the system-installed PCRE2, or the version it bundles. By
   default it prefers the system library if available, unless Mac
   codesigning is enabled (:issue:`6952`).
-  Running the full interactive test suite now requires Python 3.5+ and the \ 
pexpect package (:issue:`6825`); the expect package is no longer required.
-  Support for Python 2 in fish's tools (``fish_config`` and the manual page \ 
completion generator) is no longer guaranteed. Please use Python 3.5 or later \ 
-  The Web-based configuration tool is compatible with Python 3.10  \ 
(:issue:`7600`) and no longer requires Python's distutils package \ 
-  fish 3.2 is the last release to support Red Hat Enterprise Linux & CentOS \ 
version 6.