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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 3.2.2, Package name: fish-3.2.2, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

fish is a user friendly command line shell for UNIX-like operating
systems, written mainly with interactive use in mind. It differs
from other shells in that it only provides as few commands as
built-ins as possible and has a daemon which allows it to have
shared variables and command-line history between shell instances.
It also features feature-rich tab-completion and has command-line
syntax highlighting.

Required to run:
[devel/gettext-tools] [devel/pcre2] [lang/python37] [devel/libatomic]

Required to build:

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   2021-04-08 12:46:52 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
fish: update to 3.2.2

fish 3.2.2 (released April 7, 2021)

This release of fish fixes a number of additional issues identified in the fish \ 
3.2 series:

- The command-not-found handler used suggestions from ``pacman`` on Arch Linux, \ 
but this caused major slowdowns on some systems and has been disabled \ 
- fish will no longer hang on exit if another process is in the foreground on \ 
macOS (:issue:`7901`).
- Certain programs (such as ``lazygit``) could create situations where fish \ 
would not receive keystrokes correctly, but it is now more robust in these \ 
situations (:issue:`7853`).
- Arguments longer than 1024 characters no longer trigger excessive CPU usage on \ 
macOS (:issue:`7837`).
- fish builds correctly on macOS when using new versions of Xcode (:issue:`7838`).
- Completions for ``aura`` (:issue:`7865`) and ``tshark`` (:issue:`7858`) should \ 
no longer produce errors.
- Background jobs no longer interfere with syntax highlighting (a regression \ 
introduced in fish 3.2.1, :issue:`7842`).

If you are upgrading from version 3.1.2 or before, please also review the \ 
release notes for 3.2.1 and 3.2.0 (included below).
   2021-03-19 11:19:36 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
fish: Update to 3.2.1

fish 3.2.1 (released March 18, 2021)

This release of fish fixes the following problems identified in fish 3.2.0:

-  Commands in key bindings are run with fish's internal terminal modes, instead \ 
of the terminal modes typically used for commands. This fixes a bug introduced \ 
in 3.2.0, where text would unexpectedly appear on the terminal, especially when \ 
pasting (:issue:`7770`).
-  Prompts which use the internal ``__fish_print_pipestatus`` function will \ 
display correctly rather than carrying certain modifiers (such as bold) further \ 
than intended (:issue:`7771`).
-  Redirections to internal file descriptors is allowed again, reversing the \ 
changes in 3.2.0. This fixes a problem with Midnight Commander (:issue:`7769`).
-  Universal variables should be fully reliable regardless of operating system \ 
again (:issue:`7774`).
-  ``fish_git_prompt`` no longer causes screen flickering in certain terminals \ 
-  ``fish_add_path`` manipulates the ``fish_user_paths`` variable correctly when \ 
moving multiple paths (:issue:`7776`).
-  Pasting with a multi-line command no longer causes a \ 
``__fish_tokenizer_state`` error (:issue:`7782`).
-  ``psub`` inside event handlers cleans up temporary files properly (:issue:`7792`).
-  Event handlers declared with ``--on-job-exit $fish_pid`` no longer run \ 
constantly (:issue:`7721`), although these functions should use ``--on-event \ 
fish_exit`` instead.
-  Changing terminal modes inside ``config.fish`` works (:issue:`7783`).
-  ``set_color --print-colors`` no longer prints all colors in bold (:issue:`7805`)
-  Completing commands starting with a ``-`` no longer prints an error \ 
-  Running ``fish_command_not_found`` directly no longer produces an error on \ 
macOS or other OSes which do not have a handler available (:issue:`7777`).
-  The new ``type`` builtin now has the (deprecated) ``--quiet`` long form of \ 
``-q`` (:issue:`7766`).

It also includes some small enhancements:

-  ``help`` and ``fish_config`` work correctly when fish is running in a Chrome \ 
OS Crostini Linux VM (:issue:`7789`).
-  The history file can be made a symbolic link without it being overwritten \ 
(:issue:`7754`), matching a similar improvement for the universal variable file \ 
in 3.2.0.
-  An unhelpful error ("access: No error"), seen on Cygwin, is no \ 
longer produced (:issue:`7785`).
-  Improvements to the ``rsync`` completions (:issue:`7763`), some completion \ 
descriptions (:issue:`7788`), and completions that use IP address \ 
-  Improvements to the appearance of ``fish_config`` (:issue:`7811`).

If you are upgrading from version 3.1.2 or before, please also review
the release notes for 3.2.0 (included below).
   2021-03-05 09:47:29 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (11) | Package removed
Log message:
fish: Update to 3.2.0

fish 3.2.0 (released March 1, 2021)

Notable improvements and fixes

-  **Undo and redo support** for the command-line editor and pager search \ 
(:issue:`1367`). By default, undo is bound to Control+Z, and redo to Alt+/.
-  **Builtins can now output before all data is read**. For example, ``string \ 
replace`` no longer has to read all of stdin before it can begin to output.
   This makes it usable also for pipes where the previous command hasn't \ 
finished yet, like::

    # Show all dmesg lines related to "usb"
    dmesg -w | string match '*usb*'

-  **Prompts will now be truncated** instead of replaced with ``"> \ 
"`` if they are wider than the terminal (:issue:`904`).
   For example::

     ~/dev/build/fish-shell-git/src/fish-shell/build (makepkg)>

   will turn into::

     …h-shell/build (makepkg)>

   It is still possible to react to the ``COLUMNS`` variable inside the prompt \ 
to implement smarter behavior.
-  **fish completes ambiguous completions** after pressing :kbd:`Tab` even when they
   have a common prefix, without the user having to press :kbd:`Tab` again
-  fish is less aggressive about resetting terminal modes, such as flow control, \ 
after every command.
   Although flow control remains off by default, enterprising users can now \ 
enable it with
   ``stty`` (:issue:`2315`, :issue:`7704`).
-  A new **"fish_add_path" helper function to add paths to $PATH** \ 
without producing duplicates,
   to be used interactively or in ``config.fish`` (:issue:`6960`, :issue:`7028`).
   For example::

     fish_add_path /opt/mycoolthing/bin

   will add /opt/mycoolthing/bin to the beginning of $fish_user_path without \ 
creating duplicates,
   so it can be called safely from config.fish or interactively, and the path \ 
will just be there, once.
-  **Better errors with "test"** (:issue:`6030`)::

    > test 1 = 2 and echo true or false
    test: Expected a combining operator like '-a' at index 4
    1 = 2 and echo true or echo false

   This includes numbering the index from 1 instead of 0, like fish lists.
-  **A new theme for the documentation and Web-based configuration** \ 
(:issue:`6500`, :issue:`7371`, :issue:`7523`), matching the design on \ 
-  ``fish --no-execute`` **will no longer complain about unknown commands**
   or non-matching wildcards, as these could be defined differently at
   runtime (especially for functions). This makes it usable as a static syntax \ 
checker (:issue:`977`).
-  ``string match --regex`` now integrates **named PCRE2 capture groups as fish \ 
variables**, allowing variables to be set directly from ``string match`` \ 
(:issue:`7459`). To support this functionality, ``string`` is now a reserved \ 
word and can no longer be wrapped in a function.
-  Globs and other **expansions are limited to 512,288 results** \ 
(:issue:`7226`). Because operating systems limit the number of arguments to \ 
commands, larger values are unlikely to work anyway, and this helps to avoid \ 
-  A new **"fish for bash users" documentation page** gives a quick \ 
overview of the scripting differences between bash and fish (:issue:`2382`), and \ 
the completion tutorial has also been moved out into its own document \ 

Syntax changes and new commands

-  Range limits in index range expansions like ``$x[$start..$end]`` may be \ 
omitted: ``$start`` and ``$end`` default to 1 and -1 (the last item) \ 
respectively (:issue:`6574`)::

     echo $var[1..]
     echo $var[..-1]
     echo $var[..]

   All print the full list ``$var``.
-  When globbing, a segment which is exactly ``**`` may now match zero \ 
directories. For example ``**/foo`` may match ``foo`` in the current directory \ 

Scripting improvements

-  The ``type``, ``_`` (gettext), ``.`` (source) and ``:`` (no-op) functions
   are now implemented builtins for performance purposes (:issue:`7342`, \ 
:issue:`7036`, :issue:`6854`).
-  ``set`` and backgrounded jobs no longer overwrite ``$pipestatus`` \ 
(:issue:`6820`), improving its use in command substitutions (:issue:`6998`).
-  Computed ("electric") variables such as ``status`` are now only \ 
global in scope, so ``set -Uq status`` returns false (:issue:`7032`).
-  The output for ``set --show`` has been shortened, only mentioning the scopes \ 
in which a variable exists (:issue:`6944`).
   In addition, it now shows if a variable is a path variable.
-  A new variable, ``fish_kill_signal``, is set to the signal that terminated \ 
the last foreground job, or ``0`` if the job exited normally (:issue:`6824`, \ 
-  A new subcommand, ``string pad``, allows extending strings to a given width \ 
(:issue:`7340`, :issue:`7102`).
-  ``string sub`` has a new ``--end`` option to specify the end index of
   a substring (:issue:`6765`, :issue:`5974`).
-  ``string split`` has a new ``--fields`` option to specify fields to
   output, similar to ``cut -f`` (:issue:`6770`).
-  ``string trim`` now also trims vertical tabs by default (:issue:`6795`).
-  ``string replace`` no longer prints an error if a capturing group wasn't \ 
matched, instead treating it as empty (:issue:`7343`).
-  ``string`` subcommands now quit early when used with ``--quiet`` (:issue:`7495`).
-  ``string repeat`` now handles multiple arguments, repeating each one \ 
-  ``printf`` no longer prints an error if not given an argument (not
   even a format string).
-  The ``true`` and ``false`` builtins ignore any arguments, like other shells \ 
-  ``fish_indent`` now removes unnecessary quotes in simple cases (:issue:`6722`)
   and gained a ``--check`` option to just check if a file is indented correctly \ 
-  ``fish_indent`` indents continuation lines that follow a line ending in a \ 
backslash, ``|``, ``&&`` or ``||``.
-  ``pushd`` only adds a directory to the stack if changing to it was successful \ 
-  A new ``fish_job_summary`` function is called whenever a
   background job stops or ends, or any job terminates from a signal \ 
(:issue:`6959`, :issue:`2727`, :issue:`4319`).
   The default behaviour can now be customized by redefining it.
-  ``status`` gained new ``dirname`` and ``basename`` convenience subcommands
   to get just the directory to the running script or the name of it,
   to simplify common tasks such as running ``(dirname (status filename))`` \ 
(:issue:`7076`, :issue:`1818`).
-  Broken pipelines are now handled more smoothly; in particular, bad \ 
redirection mid-pipeline
   results in the job continuing to run but with the broken file descriptor \ 
replaced with a closed
   file descriptor. This allows better error recovery and is more in line with \ 
other shells'
   behaviour (:issue:`7038`).
-  ``jobs --quiet PID`` no longer prints "no suitable job" if the job \ 
for PID does not exist (eg because it has finished) (:issue:`6809`, \ 
-  ``jobs`` now shows continued child processes correctly (:issue:`6818`)
-  ``disown`` should no longer create zombie processes when job control is off, \ 
such as in ``config.fish`` (:issue:`7183`).
-  ``command``, ``jobs`` and ``type`` builtins support ``--query`` as the long \ 
form of ``-q``, matching other builtins.
   The long form ``--quiet`` is deprecated (:issue:`7276`).
-  ``argparse`` no longer requires a short flag letter for long-only options \ 
   and only prints a backtrace with invalid options to argparse itself \ 
-  ``argparse`` now passes the validation variables (e.g. ``$_flag_value``) as \ 
local-exported variables,
   avoiding the need for ``--no-scope-shadowing`` in validation functions.
-  ``complete`` takes the first argument as the name of the command if the \ 
``--command``/``-c`` option is not used,
   so ``complete git`` is treated like ``complete --command git``,
   and it can show the loaded completions for specific commands with ``complete \ 
COMMANDNAME`` (:issue:`7321`).
-  ``set_color -b`` (without an argument) no longer prints an error message, \ 
matching other invalid invocations of this command (:issue:`7154`).
-  ``exec`` no longer produces a syntax error when the command cannot be found \ 
-  ``set --erase`` and ``abbr --erase`` can now erase multiple things in one go, \ 
matching ``functions --erase`` (:issue:`7377`).
-  ``abbr --erase`` no longer prints errors when used with no arguments or on an \ 
unset abbreviation (:issue:`7376`, :issue:`7732`).
-  ``test -t``, for testing whether file descriptors are connected to a \ 
terminal, works for file descriptors 0, 1, and 2 (:issue:`4766`).
   It can still return incorrect results in other cases (:issue:`1228`).
-  Trying to execute scripts with Windows line endings (CRLF) produces a \ 
sensible error (:issue:`2783`).
-  Trying to execute commands with arguments that exceed the operating system \ 
limit now produces a specific error (:issue:`6800`).
-  An ``alias`` that delegates to a command with the same name no longer \ 
triggers an error about recursive completion (:issue:`7389`).
-  ``math`` now has a ``--base`` option to output the result in hexadecimal or \ 
octal (:issue:`7496`) and produces more specific error messages (:issue:`7508`).
-  ``math`` learned bitwise functions ``bitand``, ``bitor`` and ``bitxor``, used \ 
like ``math "bitand(0xFE, 5)"`` (:issue:`7281`).
-  ``math`` learned tau for those who don't like typing "2 * pi".
-  Failed redirections will now set ``$status`` (:issue:`7540`).
-  fish sets exit status in a more consistent manner after errors, including \ 
invalid expansions like ``$foo[``.
-  Using ``read --silent`` while fish is in private mode was adding these \ 
potentially-sensitive entries to the history; this has been fixed \ 
-  ``read`` can now read interactively from other files, and can be used to read \ 
from the terminal via ``read </dev/tty`` (if the operating system provides \ 
``/dev/tty``) (:issue:`7358`).
-  A new ``fish_status_to_signal`` function for transforming exit statuses to \ 
signal names has been added (:issue:`7597`, :issue:`7595`).
-  The fallback ``realpath`` builtin supports the ``-s``/``--no-symlinks`` \ 
option, like GNU realpath (:issue:`7574`).
-  ``functions`` and ``type`` now explain when a function was defined via \ 
``source`` instead of just saying ``Defined in -``.
-  Significant performance improvements when globbing, appending to variables or \ 
in ``math``.
-  ``echo`` no longer interprets options at the beginning of an argument (eg \ 
``echo "-n foo"``) (:issue:`7614`).
-  fish now finds user configuration even if the ``HOME`` environment variable \ 
is not set (:issue:`7620`).
-  fish no longer crashes when started from a Windows-style working directory \ 
(eg ``F:\path``) (:issue:`7636`).
-  ``fish -c`` now reads the remaining arguments into ``$argv`` (:issue:`2314`).
-  The ``pwd`` command supports the long options ``--logical`` and \ 
``--physical``, matching other implementations (:issue:`6787`).
-  ``fish --profile`` now only starts profiling after fish is ready to execute \ 
commands (all configuration is completed). There is a new ``--profile-startup`` \ 
option that only profiles the startup and configuration process (:issue:`7648`).
-  Builtins return a maximum exit status of 255, rather than potentially \ 
overflowing. In particular, this affects ``exit``, ``return``, ``functions \ 
--query``, and ``set --query`` (:issue:`7698`, :issue:`7702`).
- It is no longer an error to run builtin with closed stdin. For example ``count \ 
<&-`` now prints 0, instead of failing.
- Blocks, functions, and builtins no longer permit redirecting to file \ 
descriptors other than 0 (standard input), 1 (standard output) and 2 (standard \ 
error). For example, ``echo hello >&5`` is now an error. This prevents \ 
corruption of internal state (#3303).

Interactive improvements

-  fish will now always attempt to become process group leader in interactive \ 
mode (:issue:`7060`). This helps avoid hangs in certain circumstances, and \ 
allows tmux's current directory introspection to work (:issue:`5699`).
-  The interactive reader now allows ending a line in a logical operators \ 
(``&&`` and ``||``) instead of complaining about a missing command. \ 
(This was already syntactically valid, but interactive sessions didn't know \ 
about it yet).
-  The prompt is reprinted after a background job exits (:issue:`1018`).
-  fish no longer inserts a space after a completion ending in ``.``, ``,`` or \ 
``-`` is accepted, improving completions for tools that provide dynamic \ 
completions (:issue:`6928`).
-  If a filename is invalid when first pressing :kbd:`Tab`, but becomes valid, \ 
it will be completed properly on the next attempt (:issue:`6863`).
- ``help string match/replace/<subcommand>`` will show the help for string \ 
subcommands (:issue:`6786`).
-  ``fish_key_reader`` sets the exit status to 0 when used with ``--help`` or \ 
``--version`` (:issue:`6964`).
-  ``fish_key_reader`` and ``fish_indent`` send output from ``--version`` to \ 
standard output, matching other fish binaries (:issue:`6964`).
-  A new variable ``$status_generation`` is incremented only when the previous \ 
command produces an exit status (:issue:`6815`). This can be used, for example, \ 
to check whether a failure status is a holdover due to a background job, or \ 
actually produced by the last run command.
-  ``fish_greeting`` is now a function that reads a variable of the same name, \ 
and defaults to setting it globally.
   This removes a universal variable by default and helps with updating the greeting.
   However, to disable the greeting it is now necessary to explicitly specify \ 
universal scope (``set -U fish_greeting``) or to disable it in config.fish \ 
-  Events are properly emitted after a job is cancelled (:issue:`2356`).
-  ``fish_preexec`` and ``fish_postexec`` events are no longer triggered for \ 
empty commands (:issue:`4829`, :issue:`7085`).
-  Functions triggered by the ``fish_exit`` event are correctly run when the \ 
terminal is closed or the shell receives SIGHUP (:issue:`7014`).
-  The ``fish_prompt`` event no longer fires when ``read`` is used. If
   you need a function to run any time ``read`` is invoked by a script,
   use the new ``fish_read`` event instead (:issue:`7039`).
-  A new ``fish_posterror`` event is emitted when attempting to execute a \ 
command with syntax errors (:issue:`6880`, :issue:`6816`).
-  The debugging system has now fully switched from the old numbered level to \ 
the new named category system introduced in 3.1. A number of new debugging \ 
categories have been added, including ``config``, ``path``, ``reader`` and \ 
``screen`` (:issue:`6511`). See the output of ``fish --print-debug-categories`` \ 
for the full list.
-  The warning about read-only filesystems has been moved to a new \ 
"warning-path" debug category
   and can be disabled by setting a debug category of ``-warning-path`` \ 

     fish --debug=-warning-path

-  The enabled debug categories are now printed on shell startup (:issue:`7007`).
-  The ``-o`` short option to fish, for ``--debug-output``, works correctly \ 
instead of producing an
   invalid option error (:issue:`7254`).
-  fish's debugging can now also be enabled via ``FISH_DEBUG`` and \ 
``FISH_DEBUG_OUTPUT`` environment variables.
   This helps with debugging when no commandline options can be passed, like \ 
when fish is called in a shebang (:issue:`7359`).
-  Abbreviations are now expanded after all command terminators (eg ``;`` or \ 
``|``), not just space,
   as in fish 2.7.1 and before (:issue:`6970`), and after closing a command \ 
substitution (:issue:`6658`).
-  The history file is now created with user-private permissions,
   matching other shells (:issue:`6926`). The directory containing the history
   file was already private, so there should not have been any private data
-  The output of ``time`` is now properly aligned in all cases (:issue:`6726`, \ 
:issue:`6714`) and no longer depends on locale (:issue:`6757`).
-  The command-not-found handling has been simplified.
   When it can't find a command, fish now just executes a function called \ 
   instead of firing an event, making it easier to replace and reason about.
   Previously-defined ``__fish_command_not_found_handler`` functions with an \ 
appropriate event listener will still work (:issue:`7293`).
-  :kbd:`Control-C` handling has been reimplemented in C++ and is therefore \ 
quicker (:issue:`5259`), no longer occasionally prints an "unknown \ 
command" error (:issue:`7145`) or overwrites multiline prompts \ 
-  :kbd:`Control-C` no longer kills background jobs for which job control is
   disabled, matching POSIX semantics (:issue:`6828`, :issue:`6861`).
-  Autosuggestions work properly after :kbd:`Control-C` cancels the current \ 
commmand line (:issue:`6937`).
-  History search is now case-insensitive unless the search string contains an \ 
uppercase character (:issue:`7273`).
-  ``fish_update_completions`` gained a new ``--keep`` option, which improves \ 
speed by skipping completions that already exist (:issue:`6775`, :issue:`6796`).
-  Aliases containing an embedded backslash appear properly in the output of \ 
``alias`` (:issue:`6910`).
-  ``open`` no longer hangs indefinitely on certain systems, as a bug in \ 
``xdg-open`` has been worked around (:issue:`7215`).
-  Long command lines no longer add a blank line after execution (:issue:`6826`) \ 
and behave better with :kbd:`Backspace` (:issue:`6951`).
-  ``functions -t`` works like the long option ``--handlers-type``, as \ 
documented, instead of producing an error (:issue:`6985`).
-  History search now flashes when it found no more results (:issue:`7362`)
-  fish now creates the path in the environment variable ``XDG_RUNTIME_DIR`` if \ 
it does not exist, before using it for runtime data storage (:issue:`7335`).
-  ``set_color --print-colors`` now also respects the bold, dim, underline, \ 
reverse, italic and background modifiers, to better show their effect \ 
-  The fish Web configuration tool (``fish_config``) shows prompts correctly on \ 
Termux for Android (:issue:`7298`) and detects Windows Services for Linux 2 \ 
properly (:issue:`7027`). It no longer shows the ``history`` variable as it may \ 
be too large (one can use the History tab instead). It also starts the browser \ 
in another thread, avoiding hangs in some circumstances, especially with \ 
Firefox's Developer Edition (:issue:`7158`). Finally, a bug in the Source Code \ 
Pro font may cause browsers to hang, so this font is no longer chosen by default \ 
-  ``funcsave`` gained a new ``--directory`` option to specify the location of \ 
the saved function (:issue:`7041`).
-  ``help`` works properly on MSYS2 (:issue:`7113`) and only uses ``cmd.exe`` if \ 
running on WSL (:issue:`6797`).
-  Resuming a piped job by its number, like ``fg %1``, works correctly \ 
(:issue:`7406`). Resumed jobs show the correct title in the terminal emulator \ 
-  Commands run from key bindings now use the same TTY modes as normal commands \ 
-  Autosuggestions from history are now case-sensitive (:issue:`3978`).
-  ``$status`` from completion scripts is no longer passed outside the \ 
completion, which keeps the status display in the prompt as the last command's \ 
status (:issue:`7555`).
-  Updated localisations for pt_BR (:issue:`7480`).
-  ``fish_trace`` output now starts with ``->`` (like ``fish --profile``), \ 
making the depth more visible (:issue:`7538`).
-  Resizing the terminal window no longer produces a corrupted prompt \ 
(:issue:`6532`, :issue:`7404`).
-  ``functions`` produces an error rather than crashing on certain invalid \ 
arguments (:issue:`7515`).
-  A crash in completions with inline variable assignment (eg ``A= b``) has been \ 
fixed (:issue:`7344`).
-  ``fish_private_mode`` may now be changed dynamically using ``set`` \ 
(:issue:`7589`), and history is kept in memory in private mode (but not stored \ 
permanently) (:issue:`7590`).
-  Commands with leading spaces may be retrieved from history with up-arrow \ 
until a new command is run, matching zsh's ``HIST_IGNORE_SPACE`` \ 
-  Importing bash history or reporting errors with recursive globs (``**``) no \ 
longer hangs (:issue:`7407`, :issue:`7497`).
-  ``bind`` now shows ``\x7f`` for the del key instead of a literal DEL \ 
character (:issue:`7631`)
-  Paths containing variables or tilde expansion are only suggested when they \ 
are still valid (:issue:`7582`).
-  Syntax highlighting can now color a command as invalid even if executed \ 
quickly (:issue:`5912`).
-  Redirection targets are no longer highlighted as error if they contain \ 
variables which will likely be defined by the current commandline \ 
-  fish is now more resilient against broken terminal modes (:issue:`7133`, \ 
-  fish handles being in control of the TTY without owning its own process group \ 
better, avoiding some hangs in special configurations (:issue:`7388`).
-  Keywords can now be colored differently by setting the ``fish_color_keyword`` \ 
variable (``fish_color_command`` is used as a fallback) (:issue:`7678`).
-  Just like ``fish_indent``, the interactive reader will indent continuation \ 
lines that follow a line ending in a backslash, ``|``, ``&&`` or ``||`` \ 
-  Commands with a trailing escaped space are saved in history correctly \ 
-  ``fish_prompt`` no longer mangles Unicode characters in the private-use range \ 
U+F600-U+F700. (:issue:`7723`).
-  The universal variable file, ``fish_variables``, can be made a symbolic link \ 
without it being overwritten (:issue:`7466`).
-  fish is now more resilient against ``mktemp`` failing (:issue:`7482`).

New or improved bindings

-  As mentioned above, new special input functions ``undo`` (:kbd:`Control+\_` \ 
or :kbd:`Control+Z`) and ``redo`` (:kbd:`Alt-/`) can be used to revert changes \ 
to the command line or the pager search field (:issue:`6570`).
-  :kbd:`Control-Z` is now available for binding (:issue:`7152`).
-  Additionally, using the ``cancel`` special input function (bound to \ 
:kbd:`Escape` by default) right after fish picked an unambiguous completion will \ 
undo that (:issue:`7433`).
- ``fish_clipboard_paste`` (:kbd:`Control+V`) trims indentation from multiline \ 
commands, because fish already indents (:issue:`7662`).
-  Vi mode bindings now support ``dh``, ``dl``, ``c0``, ``cf``, ``ct``, ``cF``, \ 
``cT``, ``ch``, ``cl``, ``y0``, ``ci``, ``ca``, ``yi``, ``ya``, ``di``, ``da``, \ 
``d;``, ``d,``, ``o``, ``O`` and Control+left/right keys to navigate by word \ 
(:issue:`6648`, :issue:`6755`, :issue:`6769`, :issue:`7442`, :issue:`7516`).
-  Vi mode bindings support :kbd:`~` (tilde) to toggle the case of the selected \ 
character (:issue:`6908`).
-  Functions ``up-or-search`` and ``down-or-search`` (:kbd:`Up` and :kbd:`Down`) \ 
can cross empty lines, and don't activate search mode if the search fails, which \ 
makes them easier to use to move between lines in some situations.
-  If history search fails to find a match, the cursor is no longer moved. This \ 
is useful when accidentally starting a history search on a multi-line \ 
-  The special input function ``beginning-of-history`` (:kbd:`Page Up`) now \ 
moves to the oldest search instead of the youngest - that's ``end-of-history`` \ 
(:kbd:`Page Down`).
-  A new special input function ``forward-single-char`` moves one character to \ 
the right, and if an autosuggestion is available, only take a single character \ 
from it (:issue:`7217`, :issue:`4984`).
-  Special input functions can now be joined with ``or`` as a modifier (adding \ 
to ``and``), though only some commands set an exit status (:issue:`7217`). This \ 
includes ``suppress-autosuggestion`` to reflect whether an autosuggestion was \ 
suppressed (:issue:`1419`)
-  A new function ``__fish_preview_current_file``, bound to :kbd:`Alt+O`, opens the
   current file at the cursor in a pager (:issue:`6838`, :issue:`6855`).
-  ``edit_command_buffer`` (:kbd:`Alt-E` and :kbd:`Alt-V`) passes the cursor position
   to the external editor if the editor is recognized (:issue:`6138`, :issue:`6954`).
-  ``__fish_prepend_sudo`` (:kbd:`Alt-S`) now toggles a ``sudo`` prefix \ 
(:issue:`7012`) and avoids shifting the cursor (:issue:`6542`).
-  ``__fish_prepend_sudo`` (:kbd:`Alt-S`) now uses the previous commandline if \ 
the current one is empty,
   to simplify rerunning the previous command with ``sudo`` (:issue:`7079`).
-  ``__fish_toggle_comment_commandline`` (:kbd:`Alt-#`) now uncomments and \ 
presents the last comment
   from history if the commandline is empty (:issue:`7137`).
-  ``__fish_whatis_current_token`` (:kbd:`Alt-W`) prints descriptions for \ 
functions and builtins (:issue:`7191`, :issue:`2083`).
-  The definition of "word" and "bigword" for movements was \ 
refined, fixing (eg) vi mode's behavior with :kbd:`e` on the second-to-last \ 
char, and bigword's behavior with single-character words and non-blank \ 
non-graphical characters (:issue:`7353`, :issue:`7354`, :issue:`4025`, \ 
:issue:`7328`, :issue:`7325`)
-  fish's clipboard bindings now also support Windows Subsystem for Linux via \ 
PowerShell and clip.exe (:issue:`7455`, :issue:`7458`) and will properly copy \ 
newlines in multi-line commands.
-  Using the ``*-jump`` special input functions before typing anything else no \ 
longer crashes fish.
-  Completing variable overrides (``foo=bar``) could replace the entire thing \ 
with just the completion in some circumstances. This has been fixed \ 

Improved prompts

-  The default and example prompts print the correct exit status for
   commands prefixed with ``not`` (:issue:`6566`).
-  git prompts include all untracked files in the repository, not just those in \ 
the current
   directory (:issue:`6086`).
-  The git prompts correctly show stash states (:issue:`6876`, :issue:`7136`) \ 
and clean states (:issue:`7471`).
-  The Mercurial prompt correctly shows untracked status (:issue:`6906`), and by \ 
default only shows the branch for performance reasons.
   A new variable ``$fish_prompt_hg_show_informative_status`` can be set to \ 
enable more information.
-  The ``fish_vcs_prompt`` passes its arguments to the various VCS prompts that \ 
it calls (:issue:`7033`).
-  The Subversion prompt was broken in a number of ways in 3.1.0 and has been \ 
restored (:issue:`6715`, :issue:`7278`).
-  A new helper function ``fish_is_root_user`` simplifies checking for superuser \ 
privilege (:issue:`7031`, :issue:`7123`).
-  New colorschemes - ``ayu Light``, ``ayu Dark`` and ``ayu Mirage`` (:issue:`7596`).
-  Bugs related to multiline prompts, including repainting (:issue:`5860`) or \ 
navigating directory history (:issue:`3550`) leading to graphical glitches have \ 
been fixed.
-  The ``nim`` prompt now handles vi mode better (:issue:`6802`)

Improved terminal support

-  A new variable, ``fish_vi_force_cursor``, can be set to force \ 
``fish_vi_cursor`` to attempt changing the cursor
   shape in vi mode, regardless of terminal (:issue:`6968`). The \ 
``fish_vi_cursor`` option ``--force-iterm`` has been deprecated.
-  ``diff`` will now colourize output, if supported (:issue:`7308`).
-  Autosuggestions appear when the cursor passes the right prompt \ 
(:issue:`6948`) or wraps to the next line (:issue:`7213`).
-  The cursor shape in Vi mode changes properly in Windows Terminal \ 
(:issue:`6999`, :issue:`6478`).
-  The spurious warning about terminal size in small terminals has been removed \ 
-  Dynamic titles are now enabled in Alacritty (:issue:`7073`) and emacs' vterm \ 
-  Current working directory updates are enabled in foot (:issue:`7099`) and \ 
WezTerm (:issue:`7649`).
-  The width computation for certain emoji agrees better with terminals \ 
(especially flags). (:issue:`7237`).
-  Long command lines are wrapped in all cases, instead of sometimes being put \ 
on a new line (:issue:`5118`).
-  The pager is properly rendered with long command lines selected (:issue:`2557`).
-  Sessions with right prompts can be resized correctly in terminals that handle \ 
reflow, like GNOME Terminal (and other VTE-based terminals), upcoming Konsole \ 
releases and Alacritty. This detection can be overridden with the new \ 
``fish_handle_reflow`` variable (:issue:`7491`).
-  fish now sets terminal modes sooner, which stops output from appearing before \ 
the greeting and prompt are ready (:issue:`7489`).
-  Better detection of new Konsole versions for true color support and cursor \ 
shape changing.
-  fish no longer attempts to modify the terminal size via ``TIOCSWINSZ``, \ 
improving compatibility with Kitty (:issue:`6994`).


-  Added completions for

   -  ``7z``, ``7za`` and ``7zr`` (:issue:`7220`)
   -  ``alias`` (:issue:`7035`)
   -  ``alternatives`` (:issue:`7616`)
   -  ``apk`` (:issue:`7108`)
   -  ``asciidoctor`` (:issue:`7000`)
   -  ``avifdec`` and ``avifenc`` (:issue:`7674`)
   -  ``bluetoothctl`` (:issue:`7438`)
   -  ``cjxl`` and ``djxl`` (:issue:`7673`)
   -  ``cmark`` (:issue:`7000`)
   -  ``create_ap`` (:issue:`7096`)
   -  ``deno`` (:issue:`7138`)
   -  ``dhclient`` (:issue:`6684`)
   -  Postgres-related commands ``dropdb``, ``createdb``, ``pg_restore``, \ 
``pg_dump`` and
      ``pg_dumpall`` (:issue:`6620`)
   -  ``dotnet`` (:issue:`7558`)
   -  ``downgrade`` (:issue:`6751`)
   -  ``gapplication``, ``gdbus``, ``gio`` and ``gresource`` (:issue:`7300`)
   -  ``gh`` (:issue:`7112`)
   -  ``gitk``
   -  ``groups`` (:issue:`6889`)
   -  ``hashcat`` (:issue:`7746`)
   -  ``hikari`` (:issue:`7083`)
   -  ``icdiff`` (:issue:`7503`)
   -  ``imv`` (:issue:`6675`)
   -  ``john`` (:issue:`7746`)
   -  ``julia`` (:issue:`7468`)
   -  ``k3d`` (:issue:`7202`)
   -  ``ldapsearch`` (:issue:`7578`)
   -  ``lightdm`` and ``dm-tool`` (:issue:`7624`)
   -  ``losetup`` (:issue:`7621`)
   -  ``micro`` (:issue:`7339`)
   -  ``mpc`` (:issue:`7169`)
   -  Metasploit's ``msfconsole``, ``msfdb`` and ``msfvenom`` (:issue:`6930`)
   -  ``mtr`` (:issue:`7638`)
   -  ``mysql`` (:issue:`6819`)
   -  ``ncat``, ``nc.openbsd``, ``nc.traditional`` and ``nmap`` (:issue:`6873`)
   -  ``openssl`` (:issue:`6845`)
   -  ``prime-run`` (:issue:`7241`)
   -  ``ps2pdf{12,13,14,wr}`` (:issue:`6673`)
   -  ``pyenv`` (:issue:`6551`)
   -  ``rst2html``, ``rst2html4``, ``rst2html5``, ``rst2latex``,
      ``rst2man``, ``rst2odt``, ``rst2pseudoxml``, ``rst2s5``,
      ``rst2xetex``, ``rst2xml`` and ``rstpep2html`` (:issue:`7019`)
   -  ``spago`` (:issue:`7381`)
   -  ``sphinx-apidoc``, ``sphinx-autogen``, ``sphinx-build`` and
      ``sphinx-quickstart`` (:issue:`7000`)
   -  ``strace`` (:issue:`6656`)
   -  systemd's ``bootctl``, ``coredumpctl``, ``hostnamectl`` (:issue:`7428`), \ 
``homectl`` (:issue:`7435`), ``networkctl`` (:issue:`7668`) and ``userdbctl`` \ 
   -  ``tcpdump`` (:issue:`6690`)
   -  ``tig``
   -  ``traceroute`` and ``tracepath`` (:issue:`6803`)
   -  ``windscribe`` (:issue:`6788`)
   -  ``wireshark``, ``tshark``, and ``dumpcap``
   -  ``xbps-*`` (:issue:`7239`)
   -  ``xxhsum``, ``xxh32sum``, ``xxh64sum`` and ``xxh128sum`` (:issue:`7103`)
   -  ``yadm`` (:issue:`7100`)
   -  ``zopfli`` and ``zopflipng`` (:issue:`6872`)

-  Lots of improvements to completions, including:

   -  ``git`` completions can complete the right and left parts of a commit \ 
range like ``from..to`` or ``left...right``.
   -  Completion scripts for custom Git subcommands like ``git-xyz`` are now \ 
loaded with Git completions. The completions can now be defined directly on the \ 
subcommand (using ``complete git-xyz``), and completion for ``git xyz`` will \ 
work. (:issue:`7075`, :issue:`7652`, :issue:`4358`)
   -  ``make`` completions no longer second-guess make's file detection, fixing \ 
target completion in some cases (:issue:`7535`).
   -  Command completions now correctly print the description even if the \ 
command was fully matched (like in ``ls<TAB>``).
   -  ``set`` completions no longer hide variables starting with ``__``, they \ 
are sorted last instead.

-  Improvements to the manual page completion generator (:issue:`7086`, \ 
:issue:`6879`, :issue:`7187`).
-  Significant performance improvements to completion of the available commands \ 
(:issue:`7153`), especially on macOS Big Sur where there was a significant \ 
regression (:issue:`7365`, :issue:`7511`).
-  Suffix completion using ``__fish_complete_suffix`` uses the same fuzzy \ 
matching logic as normal file completion, and completes any file but sorts files \ 
with matching suffix first (:issue:`7040`, :issue:`7547`). Previously, it only \ 
completed files with matching suffix.

For distributors

-  fish has a new interactive test driver based on pexpect, removing the \ 
optional dependency on expect (and adding an optional dependency on pexpect) \ 
(:issue:`5451`, :issue:`6825`).
-  The CHANGELOG was moved to restructured text, allowing it to be included in \ 
the documentation (:issue:`7057`).
-  fish handles ncurses installed in a non-standard prefix better \ 
(:issue:`6600`, :issue:`7219`), and uses variadic tparm on NetBSD curses \ 
-  The Web-based configuration tool no longer uses an obsolete Angular version \ 
-  The fish project has adopted the Contributor Covenant code of conduct \ 

Deprecations and removed features

-  The ``fish_color_match`` variable is no longer used. (Previously this \ 
controlled the color of matching quotes and parens when using ``read``).
-  fish 3.2.0 will be the last release in which the redirection to standard \ 
error with the ``^`` character is enabled.
   The ``stderr-nocaret`` feature flag will be changed to "on" in \ 
future releases.
-  ``string`` is now a reserved word and cannot be used for function names (see \ 
-  ``fish_vi_cursor``'s option ``--force-iterm`` has been deprecated (see above).
-  ``command``, ``jobs`` and ``type`` long-form option ``--quiet`` is deprecated \ 
in favor of ``--query`` (see above).
-  The ``fish_command_not_found`` event is no longer emitted, instead there is a \ 
function of that name.
   By default it will call a previously-defined \ 
``__fish_command_not_found_handler``. To emit the event manually use ``emit \ 
-  The ``fish_prompt`` event no longer fires when ``read`` is used. If
   you need a function to run any time ``read`` is invoked by a script,
   use the new ``fish_read`` event instead (:issue:`7039`).
-  To disable the greeting message permanently it is no longer enough to just \ 
run ``set fish_greeting`` interactively as it is
   no longer implicitly a universal variable. Use ``set -U fish_greeting`` or \ 
disable it in config.fish with ``set -g fish_greeting``.
-  The long-deprecated and non-functional ``-m``/``--read-mode`` options to \ 
``read`` were removed in 3.1b1. Using the short form, or a never-implemented \ 
``-B`` option, no longer crashes fish (:issue:`7659`).
-  With the addition of new categories for debug options, the old numbered \ 
debugging levels have been removed.

For distributors and developers

-  fish source tarballs are now distributed using the XZ compression
   method (:issue:`5460`).
-  The fish source tarball contains an example FreeDesktop entry and icon.
-  The CMake variable ``MAC_CODESIGN_ID`` can now be set to "off" to \ 
disable code-signing (:issue:`6952`, :issue:`6792`).
-  Building on on macOS earlier than 10.13.6 succeeds, instead of failing on \ 
code-signing (:issue:`6791`).
-  The pkg-config file now uses variables to ensure paths used are portable \ 
across prefixes.
-  The default values for the ``extra_completionsdir``, ``extra_functionsdir``
   and ``extra_confdir`` options now use the installation prefix rather than \ 
``/usr/local`` (:issue:`6778`).
-  A new CMake variable ``FISH_USE_SYSTEM_PCRE2`` controls whether fish
   builds with the system-installed PCRE2, or the version it bundles. By
   default it prefers the system library if available, unless Mac
   codesigning is enabled (:issue:`6952`).
-  Running the full interactive test suite now requires Python 3.5+ and the \ 
pexpect package (:issue:`6825`); the expect package is no longer required.
-  Support for Python 2 in fish's tools (``fish_config`` and the manual page \ 
completion generator) is no longer guaranteed. Please use Python 3.5 or later \ 
-  The Web-based configuration tool is compatible with Python 3.10  \ 
(:issue:`7600`) and no longer requires Python's distutils package \ 
-  fish 3.2 is the last release to support Red Hat Enterprise Linux & CentOS \ 
version 6.

   2020-12-04 21:45:51 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (456)
Log message:
Revbump packages with a runtime Python dep but no version prefix.

For the Python 3.8 default switch.
   2020-07-07 11:00:34 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
fish: Pull in libatomic with gcc for e.g. powerpc
   2020-06-15 00:52:10 by Jonathan Schleifer | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Fix shells/fish on macOS
   2020-05-17 16:25:47 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
fish: Update to 3.1.2

# fish 3.1.2 (released April 29, 2020)

This release of fish fixes a major issue discovered in fish 3.1.1:

- Commands such as `fzf` and `enhancd`, when used with `eval`, would hang. \ 
`eval` buffered output too aggressively, which has been fixed (#6955).

If you are upgrading from version 3.0.0 or before, please also review the \ 
release notes for 3.1.1, 3.1.0 and 3.1b1 (included below).


# fish 3.1.1 (released April 27, 2020)

This release of fish fixes a number of major issues discovered in fish 3.1.0.

- Commands which involve `. ( ... | psub)` now work correctly, as a bug in the \ 
`function --on-job-exit` option has been fixed (#6613).
- Conflicts between upstream packages for ripgrep and bat, and the fish \ 
packages, have been resolved (#5822).
- Starting fish in a directory without read access, such as via `su`, no longer \ 
crashes (#6597).
- Glob ordering changes which were introduced in 3.1.0 have been reverted, \ 
returning the order of globs to the previous state (#6593).
- Redirections using the deprecated caret syntax to a file descriptor (eg \ 
`^&2`) work correctly (#6591).
- Redirections that append to a file descriptor (eg `2>>&1`) work \ 
correctly (#6614).
- Building fish on macOS (#6602) or with new versions of GCC (#6604, #6609) is \ 
now successful.
- `time` is now correctly listed in the output of `builtin -n`, and `time \ 
--help` works correctly (#6598).
- Exported universal variables now update properly (#6612).
- `status current-command` gives the expected output when used with an \ 
environment override - that is, `F=B status current-command` returns `status` \ 
instead of `F=B` (#6635).
- `test` no longer crashes when used with "`nan`" or "`inf`" \ 
arguments, erroring out instead (#6655).
- Copying from the end of the command line no longer crashes fish (#6680).
- `read` no longer removes multiple separators when splitting a variable into a \ 
list, restoring the previous behaviour from fish 3.0 and before (#6650).
- Functions using `--on-job-exit` and `--on-process-exit` work reliably again \ 
- Functions using `--on-signal INT` work reliably in interactive sessions, as \ 
they did in fish 2.7 and before (#6649). These handlers have never worked in \ 
non-interactive sessions, and making them work is an ongoing process.
- Functions using `--on-variable` work reliably with variables which are set \ 
implicitly (rather than with `set`), such as "`fish_bind_mode`" and \ 
"`PWD`" (#6653).
- 256 colors are properly enabled under certain conditions that were incorrectly \ 
detected in fish 3.1.0 (`$TERM` begins with xterm, does not include \ 
"`256color`", and `$TERM_PROGRAM` is not set) (#6701).
- The Mercurial (`hg`) prompt no longer produces an error when the current \ 
working directory is removed (#6699). Also, for performance reasons it shows \ 
only basic information by default; to restore the detailed status, set \ 
- The VCS prompt, `fish_vcs_prompt`, no longer displays Subversion (`svn`) \ 
status by default, due to the potential slowness of this operation (#6681).
- Pasting of commands has been sped up (#6713).
- Using extended Unicode characters, such as emoji, in a non-Unicode capable \ 
locale (such as the `C` or `POSIX` locale) no longer renders all output blank \ 
- `help` prefers to use `xdg-open`, avoiding the use of `open` on Debian systems \ 
where this command is actually `openvt` (#6739).
- Command lines starting with a space, which are not saved in history, now do \ 
not get autosuggestions. This fixes an issue with Midnight Commander integration \ 
(#6763), but may be changed in a future version.
- Copying to the clipboard no longer inserts a newline at the end of the \ 
content, matching fish 2.7 and earlier (#6927).
- `fzf` in complex pipes no longer hangs. More generally, code run as part of \ 
command substitutions or `eval` will no longer have separate process groups. \ 
(#6624, #6806).

This release also includes:
- a number of changes to improve macOS compatibility with code signing and \ 
- a number of improvements to completions; and
- a number of content and formatting improvements to the documentation.

If you are upgrading from version 3.0.0 or before, please also review the \ 
release notes for 3.1.0 and 3.1b1 (included below).

## Errata for fish 3.1

A new builtin, `time`, was introduced in the fish 3.1 releases. This builtin is \ 
a reserved word (like `test`, `function`, and others) because of the way it is \ 
implemented, and functions can no longer be named `time`. This was not clear in \ 
the fish 3.1b1 changelog.
   2020-04-20 02:45:08 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Deal with <version> from C++17. Drop unnecessary static_assert that
fails for legacy reasons for NetBSD.