./sysutils/libvirt, Virtualisation toolkit for host operating systems

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.2.9, Package name: libvirt-1.2.9, Maintainer: agc

libvirt is:
+ A toolkit to interact with the virtualization capabilities of recent
versions of operating systems, see our project goals for details.
+ A long term stable C API
+ A set of bindings for common languages
+ A CIM provider for the DMTF virtualization schema
+ A QMF agent for the AMQP/QPid messaging system
libvirt supports:
+ The KVM/QEMU Linux hypervisor
+ The Xen hypervisor
+ The LXC Linux container system
+ The OpenVZ Linux container system
+ The User Mode Linux paravirtualized kernel
+ The VirtualBox hypervisor
+ The VMware ESX and GSX hypervisors
+ The VMware Workstation and Player hypervisors
+ Virtual networks using bridging, NAT, VEPA and VN-LINK.
+ Storage on IDE/SCSI/USB disks, FibreChannel, LVM, iSCSI, NFS and filesystems
libvirt provides:
+ Remote management using TLS encryption and x509 certificates
+ Remote management authenticating with Kerberos and SASL
+ Local access control using PolicyKit
+ Zero-conf discovery using Avahi multicast-DNS
+ Management of virtual machines, virtual networks and storage

Required to run:
[textproc/libxml2] [textproc/py-xml] [www/curl] [security/cyrus-sasl] [security/gnutls] [security/libgcrypt] [security/libssh2] [lang/python27]

Package options: libssh2

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SHA1: f2de4cda8640b3abb13e6b30dd4882cc7e7b39e3
RMD160: 1efcbb4ad03dd9eb5b4aa18dba268728ae30b644
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   2014-10-19 10:48:07 by Alistair G. Crooks | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to libvert-1.2.9 from 1.2.6

A vast number of features, portability changes, and bug fixes
were introduced, including fixes for two vulnerabilities:

CVE-2014-3633: qemu: blkiotune: Use correct definition when looking up disk \ 
(Peter Krempa),
CVE-2014-3657: domain_conf: fix domain deadlock (Pavel Hrdina)

as well as

spec: Update polkit dependencies for CVE-2013-4311 (Jiri Denemark)
   2014-07-26 22:25:04 by Eric Schnoebelen | Files touched by this commit (5)
   2014-06-07 18:18:38 by Alistair G. Crooks | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update libvirt from 1.2.2 to 1.2.5.

The change log runs to 850 lines, but a short summary includes a fix for

	LSN-2014-0003: Don't expand entities when parsing XML (Daniel P. Berrange)

(which I think is also CVE-2014-0179), new features, bug fixes, and
portability improvements.
   2014-05-30 01:38:20 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3049)
Log message:
Bump for perl-5.20.0.
Do it for all packages that
* mention perl, or
* have a directory name starting with p5-*, or
* depend on a package starting with p5-
like last time, for 5.18, where this didn't lead to complaints.
Let me know if you have any this time.
   2014-05-09 09:37:28 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (553)
Log message:
Mark packages that are not ready for python-3.3 also not ready for 3.4,
until proven otherwise.
   2014-03-11 15:05:19 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (350)
Log message:
Remove example rc.d scripts from PLISTs.

These are now handled dynamically if INIT_SYSTEM is set to "rc.d", or
ignored otherwise.
   2014-03-07 01:30:11 by Alistair G. Crooks | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update libvirt from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2, including a vulnerability fix for
(CVE-2013-6456) -- LXC device hotplug handling.  For more information
on this CVE, see


Changes from previous version (not summarised, sorry):

	bhyve: add a basic driver (Roman Bogorodskiy),
	add LXC from native conversion tool (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	vbox: add support for v4.2.20+ and v4.3.4+ (Jean-Baptiste Rouault),
	Introduce Libvirt Wireshark dissector (Yuto KAWAMURA)
	CVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root in LXC hotunplug code \ 
(Daniel P. Berrange),
	CVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root in LXC chardev hostdev \ 
hotplug (Daniel P. Berrange),
	CVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root in LXC block hostdev hotplug \ 
(Daniel P. Berrange),
	CVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root in LXC USB hotplug (Daniel \ 
P. Berrange),
	CVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root in LXC disk hotplug (Daniel \ 
P. Berrange),
	CVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root in LXC shutdown/reboot code \ 
(Eric Blake)
	bhyve: add basic documentation (Roman Bogorodskiy),
	Add docs about use of systemd journal for logging (Daniel P. Berrange),
	Auto-generate the table of contents in logging doc (Daniel P. Berrange),
	Fix heading level in logging docs (Daniel P. Berrange),
	Document the keyboard as a valid input type (Ján Tomko),
	bandwidth: Adjust documentation (John Ferlan),
	remove <auth> from secret XML format (Ján Tomko),
	LXC: added some doc on domxml-from-native with mention of limitations \ 
(Cédric Bosdonnat),
	libxl: fix libxlDoDomainSave documentation (Jim Fehlig),
	grammar fixes in formatdomain (Chen Hanxiao),
	maint: fix grammar in conf file (Eric Blake),
	Fix minor typo in governance doc (Justin Clift),
	Write up the project governance process (Daniel P. Berrange),
	man: shm-merge-across-nodes is optional (Ján Tomko),
	docs/page.xls: remove unnecessary namespace attribute (Pavel Hrdina),
	add a permalink to html headers (Dan Kenigsberg),
	storage: Add document for possible problem on volume detection (Osier Yang),
	Add "note" for node-memory-tune (Osier Yang),
	Improve the document for nodesuspend (Osier Yang),
	refer to the correct event ID for DomainEventIOErrorReasonCallback (Claudio Bley),
	Add sample output of Wireshark dissector (Yuto KAWAMURA),
	Add missing space in <clock> documentation (Christophe Fergeau)
	build: skip virportallocatortest on cygwin (Eric Blake),
	build: ignore cygwin toolchain droppings (Eric Blake),
	build: avoid ld_preload tests on mingw (Eric Blake),
	build: fix cgroups on non-Linux (Eric Blake),
	build: fix build on 32-bit hosts (Eric Blake),
	maint: update to latest gnulib, for older autoconf (Eric Blake),
	Fix build of portallocator on mingw (Ján Tomko),
	lxc: Don't shadow global symbol "link" (Peter Krempa),
	storage: Fix build with older compilers afeter gluster snapshot series (Peter \ 
	spec: add missing dep of libvirt-daemon-config-network (Thierry Parmentelat),
	spec: require libvirt-daemon-driver-interface only when built (Thierry Parmentelat),
	Fixed build with clang. (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	Rename 'index' in virCapabilitiesGetCpusForNode (Ján Tomko),
	qemuxml2argvmock: Mock time() on non-linux platforms too (Michal Privoznik),
	build: Fix 'make rpm' in VPATH with wireshark (Martin Kletzander),
	Remove windows thread implementation in favour of pthreads (Daniel P. Berrange),
	Fix pthread_sigmask check for mingw32 without winpthreads (Daniel P. Berrange),
	Skip check-augeas-lockd when QEMU is disabled (Daniel P. Berrange),
	maint: add configure checks for BSD CPU affinity (Roman Bogorodskiy),
	BSD: implement virProcess{Get,Set}Affinity (Roman Bogorodskiy),
	tests: Fix PCI test data filenames for Windows (Matthias Bolte),
	wireshark: Fix VPATH build (Jiri Denemark),
	Honour prefix in wireshark install dir (Daniel P. Berrange),
	Use AC_PATH_PROG to search for dmidecode (Roman Bogorodskiy)
Bug fixes:
	bhyve: defined domains should be persistent (Roman Bogorodskiy),
	Fix journald PRIORITY values (Daniel P. Berrange),
	spec: Fix braces around macros (Peter Krempa),
	spec: Use correct versions of libgfapi in RHEL builds (Peter Krempa),
	network: unplug bandwidth and call networkRunHook only when appropriate (Laine \ 
	network: don't even call networkRunHook if there is no network (Laine Stump),
	Fix memory leak in virSCSIDeviceListDel() (Nehal J Wani),
	libxl: queue domain event earlier in shutdown handler (Jim Fehlig),
	virsh: mark CPU usage field names as translatable (Ján Tomko),
	virsh: initialize str to NULL to solve a build issue (Chen Hanxiao),
	virsh: Don't leak buffer if GetFDs fails in cmdCreate (Ján Tomko),
	libvirt-guests: Wait for libvirtd to initialize (Michal Privoznik),
	virSystemdCreateMachine: Set dependencies for slices (Michal Privoznik),
	Ignore additional fields in iscsiadm output (Ján Tomko),
	libxl: always use libxlVmCleanupJob in shutdown thread (Jim Fehlig),
	qemu: adjust maxmem/maxvcpu computation (Eric Blake),
	Fix multiple bugs in LXC domainMemoryStats driver (Daniel P. Berrange),
	Fix misspelled cpuacct.usage_percpu in cgroup mock. (Thorsten Behrens),
	virsh: fix memleak when starting a guest with invalid fd (Jincheng Miao),
	networkRunHook: Run hook only if possible (Michal Privoznik),
	bridge_driver.h: Fix build --without-network (Michal Privoznik),
	Fix conflicting types of virInitctlSetRunLevel (Ján Tomko),
	Fix reset of cgroup when detaching USB device from LXC guests (Daniel P. Berrange),
	Fix path used for USB device attach with LXC (Daniel P. Berrange),
	Don't block use of USB with containers (Daniel P. Berrange),
	storage: gluster: Don't leak private data when storage file init fails (Peter \ 
	storage: handle NULL return from virGetStorageVol (Michael Chapman),
	Fix leaks in vircapstest (Ján Tomko),
	AppArmor: Fix the place where the template should be installed (Cédric \ 
	Libvirt lose sheepdogs volumes on pool refresh or restart. When restarting \ 
sheepdog pool, all volumes are missing. This patch add automatically all volume \ 
from the added pool. (Joel SIMOES),
	maint: fix line numbers in check-aclrules reports (Yuri Myasoedov),
	qemu: Use correct permissions when determining the image chain (Peter Krempa),
	virpci: Resolve coverity issues (John Ferlan),
	qemu: keep pre-migration domain state after failed migration (Martin Kletzander),
	qemu: Fix crash in virDomainMemoryStats with old qemu (Jiri Denemark),
	network: disallow <bandwidth>/<mac> for bridged/macvtap/hostdev \ 
networks (Laine Stump),
	Honor blacklist for modprobe command (John Ferlan),
	qemu: be sure we're using the updated value of backend during hotplug (Laine Stump),
	Resolve Coverity dead_error_begin (John Ferlan),
	qemu: Fix the error message for scsi host device's shareable checking (Osier Yang),
	xen: fix parsing xend http response (Jim Fehlig),
	storage: Fix the memory leak (Osier Yang),
	Fix buffer size in linuxNodeGetCPUstats (Bing Bu Cao),
	util: Correct the NUMA node range checking (Osier Yang),
	qemu: Avoid crash in qemuDiskGetActualType (Peter Krempa),
	linuxNodeGetCPUStats: Correctly handle cpu prefix (Bing Bu Cao),
	qemu: snapshot: Forbid snapshots when backing is a scsi passthrough disk (Peter \ 
	qemu: snapshot: Avoid libvirtd crash when qemu crashes while snapshotting \ 
(Peter Krempa),
	lxc: Fix coverity (Martin Kletzander),
	qemu: Don't detach devices if passthrough doesn't work (Jincheng Miao),
	pci: Fix failure paths in detach (Jiri Denemark),
	virSecuritySELinuxSetFileconHelper: Don't fail on read-only NFS (Michal Privoznik),
	Fix possible memory leak in virsh-domain-monitor.c in cmdDomblklist (Pavel Hrdina)
	virsh: add --all flag to 'event' command (Eric Blake),
	virsh: support remaining domain events (Eric Blake),
	bhyve: support domain undefine (Roman Bogorodskiy),
	Add comments describing the different log sources (Daniel P. Berrange),
	Include error domain and code in log messages from errors (Daniel P. Berrange),
	Send virLogMetadata fields onto the journal (Daniel P. Berrange),
	qemu: Enable 'host-passthrough' cpu mode for arm (Oleg Strikov),
	domblkstat: Produce error message that at least sounds like English (Michal \ 
	virDomainBlockStats(Flags): Produce saner error message on empty disk path \ 
(Michal Privoznik),
	tests: avoid littering /tmp (Eric Blake),
	sanlock: Truncate domain names longer than SANLK_NAME_LEN (Jiri Denemark),
	maint: Fix minor typo (unkown) (Yuri Chornoivan),
	libxl: Recognise ARM architectures (Ian Campbell),
	virsh: Honour -q in domblklist, vcpupin and emulatorpin (Michal Privoznik),
	spec: make systemd_daemon usage configurable (Eric Blake),
	spec: require device-mapper-devel for storage-disk (Eric Blake),
	spec: explicitly avoid bhyve on Linux (Eric Blake),
	build: use --with-systemd-daemon as configure option (Eric Blake),
	virNetDevVethCreate: Serialize callers (Michal Privoznik),
	network: include plugged interface XML in "plugged" network hook \ 
(Laine Stump),
	conf: output actual netdev status in <interface> XML (Laine Stump),
	conf: new function virDomainActualNetDefContentsFormat (Laine Stump),
	conf: re-situate <bandwidth> element in <interface> (Laine Stump),
	conf: make virDomainNetDefFormat a public function (Laine Stump),
	conf: handle null pointer in virNetDevVlanFormat (Laine Stump),
	conf: clarify what is returned for actual bandwidth and vlan (Laine Stump),
	rbd: Set timeout options for librados (Wido den Hollander),
	rbd: Include return statuses from librados/librbd in logging (Wido den Hollander),
	virsh: kill over-engineered asprintf failure recovery (Eric Blake),
	virsh: use more compact VIR_ENUM_IMPL (Eric Blake),
	libxl: handle on_crash coredump actions (Jim Fehlig),
	libxl: add dump dir to libxlDriverConfig object (Jim Fehlig),
	libxl: honor domain lifecycle event configuration (Jim Fehlig),
	Ensure systemd cgroup ownership is delegated to container with userns (Richard \ 
	bhyve: implement node information reporting (Roman Bogorodskiy),
	Add virStringReplace method for substring replacement (Daniel P. Berrange),
	Add virStringSearch method for regex matching (Manuel VIVES),
	virNetServerRun: Notify systemd that we're accepting clients (Michal Privoznik),
	Add a stub for virCgroupGetDomainTotalCpuStats (Ján Tomko),
	maint: update to latest gnulib (Eric Blake),
	virsh: add net-event command (Eric Blake),
	virsh: add event command, for lifecycle events (Eric Blake),
	virsh: common code for waiting for an event (Eric Blake),
	virsh: common code for parsing --seconds (Eric Blake),
	libxl: queue shutdown event on domain shutdown (Jim Fehlig),
	Rename virDomainGetRootFilesystem to virDomainGetFilesystemForTarget (Daniel P. \ 
	Introduce new OOM testing support (Daniel P. Berrange),
	Add unit test for virCgroupGetPercpuStats. (Thorsten Behrens),
	Add unit test for virCgroupGetMemoryUsage. (Thorsten Behrens),
	Add unit test for virCgroupGetBlkioIo*Serviced (Thorsten Behrens),
	Widening API change - accept empty path for virDomainBlockStats (Thorsten Behrens),
	Implement lxcDomainBlockStats* for lxc driver (Thorsten Behrens),
	Implement domainGetCPUStats for lxc driver. (Thorsten Behrens),
	Make qemuGetDomainTotalCPUStats a virCgroup function. (Thorsten Behrens),
	Implement domainMemoryStats API slot for LXC driver. (Thorsten Behrens),
	Add util virCgroupGetBlkioIo*Serviced methods. (Thorsten Behrens),
	lxc: Add destroy support for suspended domains (Richard Weinberger),
	libxl: use job functions in libxlDomainSetSchedulerParametersFlags (Jim Fehlig),
	libxl: use job functions in libxlDomainSetAutostart (Jim Fehlig),
	libxl: use job functions in device attach and detach functions (Jim Fehlig),
	libxl: use job functions in vcpu set and pin functions (Jim Fehlig),
	libxl: use job functions in libxlDomainCoreDump (Jim Fehlig),
	libxl: use job functions in domain save operations (Jim Fehlig),
	libxl: use job functions when cleaning up a domain (Jim Fehlig),
	libxl: use job functions in libxlDomain{Suspend,Resume} (Jim Fehlig),
	libxl: use job functions in libxlDomainSetMemoryFlags (Jim Fehlig),
	libxl: use job functions in libxlVmStart (Jim Fehlig),
	libxl: Add job support to libxl driver (Jim Fehlig),
	libxl: remove libxlVmReap function (Jim Fehlig),
	libxl: always set vm id to -1 on shutdown (Jim Fehlig),
	qemu: Use virtio network device for aarch64/virt (Oleg Strikov),
	Add a default USB keyboard and USB mouse for PPC64 (Li Zhang),
	xen: format xen config for USB keyboard (Li Zhang),
	qemu: format qemu command line for USB keyboard (Li Zhang),
	qemu: Add USB keyboard capability (Li Zhang),
	conf: Remove the implicit PS2 devices for non-X86 platforms (Li Zhang),
	conf: Add keyboard input device type (Li Zhang),
	conf: Add one interface to add default input devices (Li Zhang),
	network: Taint networks that are using hook script (Michal Privoznik),
	network: Introduce network hooks (Michal Privoznik),
	network_conf: Expose virNetworkDefFormatInternal (Michal Privoznik),
	Add helper for running code in separate namespaces (Daniel P. Berrange),
	Add virFileMakeParentPath helper function (Daniel P. Berrange),
	Move check for cgroup devices ACL upfront in LXC hotplug (Daniel P. Berrange),
	Disks are always block devices, never character devices (Daniel P. Berrange),
	Record hotplugged USB device in LXC live guest config (Daniel P. Berrange),
	qemu: Implement VIR_DOMAIN_TAINT_HOOK (Michal Privoznik),
	virDomainTaintFlags: Introduce VIR_DOMAIN_TAINT_HOOK (Michal Privoznik),
	Add tests for secret XML parsing (Ján Tomko),
	Forgot to add lxcconf2xmldata to dist. (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	Support IPv6 in port allocator (Ján Tomko),
	Split out bind() from virPortAllocatorAcquire (Ján Tomko),
	qemu: snapshot: Add support for external active snapshots on gluster (Peter Krempa),
	qemu: snapshot: Use new APIs to detect presence of existing storage files \ 
(Peter Krempa),
	qemu: Switch snapshot deletion to the new API functions (Peter Krempa),
	storage: Add storage file backends for gluster (Peter Krempa),
	storage: add file functions for local and block files (Peter Krempa),
	storage: Add file storage APIs in the default storage driver (Peter Krempa),
	conf: Move qemuSnapshotDiskGetActualType to virDomainSnapshotDiskGetActualType \ 
(Peter Krempa),
	conf: Move qemuDiskGetActualType to virDomainDiskGetActualType (Peter Krempa),
	spec: add missing dep of libvirt-daemon-config-nwfilter (Eric Blake),
	lxc from native: removed now remaining useless line (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	Fix stream related spelling mistakes (Philipp Hahn),
	LXC from native: convert blkio throttle config (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	LXC from native: map vlan network type (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	LXC from native: map block filesystems (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	LXC from native: map lxc.arch to /domain/os/type@arch (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	LXC from native: add lxc.cgroup.blkio.* mapping (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	LXC from native: map lxc.cgroup.cpuset.* (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	LXC from native: map lxc.cgroup.cpu.* (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	LXC from native: migrate memory tuning (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	LXC from native: convert lxc.id_map into <idmap> (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	LXC from native: convert macvlan network configuration (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	LXC from native: convert lxc.tty to console devices (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	LXC from native: convert phys network types to net hostdev devices (Cédric \ 
	LXC from native: migrate veth network configuration (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	LXC from native: implement no network conversion (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	LXC from native: migrate fstab and lxc.mount.entry (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	LXC from native: import rootfs (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	LXC driver: started implementing connectDomainXMLFromNative (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	Improve virConf parse to handle LXC config format (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	event: pass reason for PM events (Eric Blake),
	event: convert remaining domain events to new style (Eric Blake),
	event: client RPC protocol tweaks for domain lifecycle events (Eric Blake),
	event: prepare client to track domain callbackID (Eric Blake),
	event: server RPC protocol tweaks for domain lifecycle events (Eric Blake),
	event: dynamically manage server-side RPC domain events (Eric Blake),
	qemu: Implement a stub cpuArchDriver.baseline() handler for aarch64 (Oleg Strikov),
	libxl: register for domain events immediately after creation (Jim Fehlig),
	libxl: rename libxlCreateDomEvents to libxlDomEventsRegister (Jim Fehlig),
	vircapstest: Introduce virCapabilitiesGetCpusForNodemask test (Pradipta Kr. \ 
	Handle non-sequential NUMA node numbers (Pradipta Kr. Banerjee),
	storage: gluster: Set volume metadata in a separate function (Peter Krempa),
	qemu: introduce spiceport chardev backend (Martin Kletzander),
	qemu: remove pointless condition (Martin Kletzander),
	qemu: rework '-serial none' (Martin Kletzander),
	conf: introduce spiceport chardev backend (Martin Kletzander),
	rbd: Use rbd_create3 to create RBD format 2 images by default (Wido den Hollander),
	build: correctly check for SOICGIFVLAN GET_VLAN_VID_CMD command (Laine Stump),
	virNetworkLoadState: Disallow mangled 'floor' element (Michal Privoznik),
	networkStartNetwork: Be more verbose (Michal Privoznik),
	qemu: hyperv: Add support for timer enlightenments (Peter Krempa),
	conf: Enforce supported options for certain timers (Peter Krempa),
	schema: Fix guest timer specification schema according to the docs (Peter Krempa),
	apparmor: Improve profiles (Felix Geyer),
	libxl: remove unneeded locking of driver when restoring (Jim Fehlig),
	libxl: improve subprocess handling (Jim Fehlig),
	libxl: handle domain shutdown events in a thread (Jim Fehlig),
	libxl: remove list of timer registrations from libxlDomainObjPrivate (Jim Fehlig),
	libxl: fix leaking libxlDomainObjPrivate (Jim Fehlig),
	qemu_driver: Introduce <filesystem/> support in device attach/detach \ 
(Matthieu Coudron),
	virDomainHostdev{Insert,Delete}: Replace VIR_REALLOC_N by \ 
	qemuxml2argvtest: Set timezone (Michal Privoznik),
	virsh: only report filled values in nodecpustats (Ján Tomko),
	BSD: implement nodeGetCPUStats (Roman Bogorodskiy),
	qemu: blockjob: Print correct file name in error message (Peter Krempa),
	maint: Change the text of the NULLSTR() macro to "<null>" \ 
(Peter Krempa),
	qemuxml2argvtest: Test localtime clock basis (Michal Privoznik),
	qemuBuildClockArgStr: Allow localtime clock basis (Michal Privoznik),
	Generate a valid imagelabel even for type 'none' (Ján Tomko),
	event: move event filtering to daemon (regression fix) (Eric Blake),
	rpm: create libvirt-wireshark sub-package (Eric Blake),
	tests: Add test for new virkmod functions (John Ferlan),
	utils: Introduce functions for kernel module manipulation (John Ferlan),
	network: change default of forwardPlainNames to 'yes' (Laine Stump),
	network: only prevent forwarding of DNS requests for unqualified names (Laine \ 
	virnetdevbandwidthtest: Link with libxml2 (Michal Privoznik),
	spice: don't force user to specify spicevmc channel (Martin Kletzander),
	virnetdevbandwidthtest: Introduce some more tests (Michal Privoznik),
	virnetdevbandwidthtest: fix hard coded /sbin/tc (Cédric Bosdonnat),
	Push nwfilter update locking up to top level (Daniel P. Berrange),
	Add a read/write lock implementation (Daniel P. Berrange),
	tests: Modify the scsi util tests (Osier Yang),
	util: Accept test data path for scsi device's sg_path (Osier Yang),
	tests: Add tests for scsi utils (Osier Yang),
	util: Add one argument for several scsi utils (Osier Yang),
	qemu: Don't fail if the SCSI host device is shareable between domains (Osier Yang),
	virnetdevbandwidthtest: Introduce testVirNetDevBandwidthSet (Michal Privoznik),
	virCommand: Introduce virCommandSetDryRun (Michal Privoznik),
	snapshot: Add support for specifying snapshot disk backing type (Peter Krempa),
	tests: Add more tests for virConnectBaselineCPU (Jiri Denemark),
	cpu: Try to use source CPU model in virConnectBaselineCPU (Jiri Denemark),
	tests: Better support for VIR_CONNECT_BASELINE_CPU_EXPAND_FEATURES (Jiri Denemark),
	Reword error message for oversized cpu time fields (Ján Tomko),
	Simplify linuxNodeGetCPUStats (Ján Tomko),
	Add hw random number generator (/dev/hwrng) to cgroup ACL (Pradipta Kr. Banerjee),
	tests: Introduce virnetdevbandwidthtest (Michal Privoznik),
	Add test for linuxNodeGetCPUStats (Ján Tomko),
	Move test-local declarations to nodeinfopriv.h (Ján Tomko),
	qemu: Enable 'host-passthrough' cpu mode for aarch64 (Oleg Strikov),
	Block info query: Add check for transient domain (John Ferlan),
	maint: update to latest gnulib, for mingw improvements (Eric Blake),
	util: Add "shareable" field for virSCSIDevice struct (Osier Yang),
	storage: Fix autostart of pool with "fc_host" type adapter (Osier Yang),
	api: require write permission for guest agent interaction (Eric Blake),
	virtlockd: make re-exec more robust (Michael Chapman),
	build: add $(prefix) to SYSTEMD_UNIT_DIR (Laine Stump),
	spice: expose the QEMU disable file transfer option (Francesco Romani),
	spice: detect if qemu can disable file transfer (Francesco Romani),
	lxc: allow to setup throttle blkio cgroup through virsh (Gao feng),
	Add test for transient disk support in VMX files (Wout Mertens),
	Make syntax check notice assignments w/o surrounding spaces. (Thorsten Behrens),
	maint: align whitespaces with project conventions. (Thorsten Behrens),
	virpcitest: Test virPCIDeviceDetach failure (Jiri Denemark),
	virpcimock: Add PCI driver which always fails (Jiri Denemark),
	virpcitest: More tests for device detach and reattach (Jiri Denemark),
	virpcimock: Mock /sys/bus/pci/drivers_probe (Jiri Denemark),
	pci: Publish some internal code for virpcitest (Jiri Denemark),
	virpcitest: Show PCI device tested by each test (Jiri Denemark),
	pci: Make reattach work for unbound devices (Jiri Denemark),
	qemu: allow to setup throttle blkio cgroup through virsh (Gao feng),
	virsh: add setting throttle blkio cgroup option to blkiotune (Gao feng),
	blkio: Setting throttle blkio cgroup for domain (Gao feng),
	domain: introduce xml elements for throttle blkio cgroup (Gao feng),
	maint: replace remaining virLib*Error with better names (Eric Blake),
	maint: simplify driver registration at startup (Eric Blake),
	maint: clean up error reporting in migration (Eric Blake),
	maint: don't lose error on canceled migration (Eric Blake),
	maint: avoid nested use of virConnect{Ref,Close} (Eric Blake),
	maint: don't leave garbage on early API exit (Eric Blake),
	qemu: Change the default unix monitor timeout (Martin Kletzander),
	storage: Sheepdog: Separate creating of the volume from building (Peter Krempa),
	storage: RBD: Separate creating of the volume from building (Peter Krempa),
	storage: Support deletion of volumes on gluster pools (Peter Krempa),
	conf: Always use VIR_ERR_CONFIG_UNSUPPORTED on enumFromString() failures \ 
(Christophe Fergeau)
	build-sys: Removed unused variable from configure.ac (Christophe Fergeau),
	qemu: remove memset params array to zero in qemuDomainGetPercpuStats (Gao feng),
	util: Fix the indention (Osier Yang),
	virsh: Fix the string breaking style (Osier Yang)
   2014-02-13 00:18:57 by Matthias Scheler | Files touched by this commit (1568)
Log message:
Recursive PKGREVISION bump for OpenSSL API version bump.