./wip/p5-Text-VimColor, Syntax color text in HTML or XML using Vim

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.24, Package name: p5-Text-VimColor-0.24, Maintainer: hiramatu

Text::VimColor tries to markup text files according to their syntax. It can
be used to produce web pages with pretty-printed colourful source code

Required to run:
[editors/vim] [lang/perl5] [devel/p5-Path-Class] [devel/p5-File-ShareDir]

Required to build:

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SHA1: 354471731f3a958c9ed132cff9e414c00ee5cc08
RMD160: 7fff874448ee116e1dc0eef67d1e80e7f1954ce7
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   2015-01-22 04:01:49 by Amitai Schlair | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 0.24. From the changelog:

- Simplify encoding tests and mark a few as TODO
  while the library undergoes some refactoring.
   2014-10-09 16:06:26 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (97)
Log message:
Remove pkgviews: don't set PKG_INSTALLATION_TYPES in Makefiles.
   2014-10-09 15:45:24 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (15)
Log message:
Remove SVR4_PKGNAME per discussion on tech-pkg.
   2014-02-14 02:37:42 by Amitai Schlair | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 0.23. From the changelog:

- Attempt to do the right thing with character strings:
  Encode them in UTF-8, tell vim the file encoding (UTF-8),
  and return a (decoded) character string.
  Thanks to Ricardo Signes for the very helpful report (gh-1).
- The included 'text-vimcolor' script will attempt to load
  Win32::Console::ANSI on windows when printing ANSI to STDOUT
  in an attempt to make the output more useful.
- Add a basic test to ensure the script still operates
- Add 'extra_vim_options' to be able to append options to the defaults
- Use IPC::Open3 for portability instead of doing fork/exec manually.
- Various other fixes to attempt to make this usable on Windows.
  Thanks to Yasuhiro Matsumoto (mattn) for helping to port to Windows (gh-5).
- bin/text-vimcolor: Exit after printing usage when --help is specified
  (previous version continued to wait for STDIN).
  Thanks to Vyacheslav Matyukhin for the pull req (gh-6).
- Try to show any available version information before aborting Makefile.PL
- Minor installation and test fixes for older systems
- Simplify version detection using vim script
- Mark encoding tests as TODO tests for now (still under development)
- Remove extraneous vim statement that caused delays on
  some files.  Thanks to Joe Mullally (jhackworth)
  for finding this and for the vim profiling tips (gh-2).
- Abort Makefile.PL before writing Makefile if minimum vim not found
- Try not to hang the installation if an old vim is found
- Lower Term::ANSIColor requirement to 1.03
  and make bright colors normal if Term::ANSIColor version < 3
- Document that the minimum vim version is 6.
  (It has been that way since 2003.)
- Allow debugging based on TEXT_VIMCOLOR_DEBUG env var
- Attempt to make tests more portable across vim versions
  (addressing rt-75829 and a few sparse smoke reports).
- Reorganize the test suite increasing coverage and number.
   2013-11-24 11:05:53 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
Comment out p5-Term-ANSIColor dependency, in perl since 5.6.0.
   2012-10-04 21:11:57 by Aleksej Saushev | Files touched by this commit (56)
Log message:
Drop superfluous PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT, "user-destdir" is default these days.
Mark packages that don't or might probably not have staged installation.
   2011-11-18 03:59:27 by Hiramatsu Yoshifumi | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update p5-Text-VimColor to 0.14.

Changes from previous:
0.14      2011-10-20T17:09:53Z

  - Add test to confirm fix of rt-50646.
  - Silence 'untie' warnings.

0.13      2011-08-15T23:10:00Z

  - Exit Makefile.PL early if `vim` fails to execute.
    (Nothing else will work after that.)
  - Bump required version of Term::ANSIColor to 3.0.
    (Please let me know if this causes problems for anyone.)

  [Dist Meta Changes]
  - Convert to Dist::Zilla for releasing
  - Use File::ShareDir to manage included files consistently
  - Simplify and organize documentation and tests

0.12     2011-08-09T19:33:16Z

  - Add Term::ANSIColor support
    Closes RT #69338.
  - Add '-n' (no swapfile) option (thanks hinrik.sig).
    Closes RT #45623.

  [Bug Fixes]
  - Set $ENV{HOME} to keep user-customized syntax files from
    breaking tests.  Closes RT #68513.
  - Untie STD(IN|OUT|ERR) in child process (thanks shiar).
    Closes RT #50646.

  [Maintenance Status Change]
  - Co-maintenance granted to Randy Stauner (RWSTAUNER) by PAUSE admins.
    Much appreciation to Geoff Richards (GEOFFR) for his initial work.
   2008-05-30 14:22:34 by abs | Files touched by this commit (18)
Log message:
Remove unnecessary (empty) PLIST files for p5-* packages