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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 9.0.1900, Package name: vim-9.0.1900, Maintainer: morr

Vim is an almost compatible version of the UNIX editor Vi. Many new features
have been added: multi level undo, syntax highlighting, command line history,
on-line help, filename completion, block operations, etc. See doc/vi_diff.txt.

If you are building the package from source you may want to enable some
features such as a perl or python interpreter which are not enabled by

This version does not contain a gui. If you want one, look at vim-gtk2,
vim-gtk3 or vim-motif.

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   2023-09-16 14:43:14 by Olaf Seibert | Files touched by this commit (10)
Log message:
editors/vim-xaw: remove, because upstream removed Athena GUI support

in Vim 8.2.4677 of Sun Apr 3 18:02:37 2022 +0100.
   2022-01-10 21:55:32 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
   2021-12-01 22:36:59 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (7)
Log message:
vim*: do not define NO_BUILTIN_TCAPS unconditionally

This makes vim disregard color schemes. See
and reading the CVS logs I couldn't find the reason it was done.

Fix from RVP.

   2020-05-03 15:14:21 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update vim to version 8.2.0683.

8.2.0304  terminal test if failing on some systems
8.2.0305  relativenumber test fails on some systems
8.2.0306  Vim9: :substitute(pat(repl does not work in Vim9 script
8.2.0307  Python 3 vim.eval not well tested
8.2.0308  'showbreak' does not work for a very long line
8.2.0309  window-local values have confusing name
8.2.0310  autocmd test fails on a slow system
8.2.0311  Vim9: insufficient script tests
8.2.0312  Vim9: insufficient script tests
8.2.0313  Vim9: insufficient script tests
8.2.0314  short name not set for terminal buffer
8.2.0315  build failure on HP-UX system
8.2.0316  ex_getln.c code has insufficient test coverage
8.2.0317  MSVC: _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE not defined on DEBUG build
8.2.0318  Vim9: types not sufficiently tested
8.2.0319  file missing in distribution, comments outdated
8.2.0320  no Haiku support
8.2.0321  Vim9: ":execute" does not work yet
8.2.0322  Vim9: error checks not tested
8.2.0323  Vim9: calling a function that is defined later is slow
8.2.0324  text property not updated correctly when inserting/deleting
8.2.0325  ex_getln.c code not covered by tests
8.2.0326  compiler warning for using uninitialized variable
8.2.0327  crash when opening and closing two popup terminal windows
8.2.0328  no redraw when leaving term-normal mode in popup terminal
8.2.0329  popup filter converts 0x80 bytes
8.2.0330  build error with popup window but without terminal
8.2.0331  internal error when using test_void() and test_unknown()
8.2.0332  some code in ex_getln.c not covered by tests
8.2.0333  terminal in popup test is flaky
8.2.0334  abort called when using test_void()
8.2.0335  no completion for :disassemble
8.2.0336  Vim9: insufficient test coverage for compiling
8.2.0337  build fails on a few systems
8.2.0338  build failure without the channel feature
8.2.0339  Vim9: function return type may depend on arguments
8.2.0340  Vim9: function and partial types not tested
8.2.0341  using ":for" in Vim9 script gives an error
8.2.0342  some code in ex_getln.c not covered by tests
8.2.0343  Vim9: using wrong instruction, limited test coverage
8.2.0344  ":def" not skipped properly
8.2.0345  compiler warning when building without the float feature
8.2.0346  Vim9: finding common list type not tested
8.2.0347  various code not covered by tests
8.2.0348  Vim9: not all code tested
8.2.0349  Vim9: constant expression not well tested
8.2.0350  Vim9: expression tests don't use recognized constants
8.2.0351  terminal in popup test is still a bit flaky
8.2.0352  FreeBSD: test for sourcing utf-8 is skipped
8.2.0353  Vim9: while loop not tested
8.2.0354  Python 3.9 does not define _Py_DEC_REFTOTAL
8.2.0355  Vim9: str_val is confusing, it's a number
8.2.0356  MS-Windows: feedkeys() with VIMDLL cannot handle CSI
8.2.0357  cannot delete a text property matching both id and type
8.2.0358  insufficient testing for indent.c
8.2.0359  popup_atcursor() may hang
8.2.0360  yaml files are only recognized by the file extension
8.2.0361  internal error when using "0" for a callback
8.2.0362  MS-Windows: channel test fails if grep is not available
8.2.0363  some Normal mode commands not tested
8.2.0364  printf test failing on Haiku
8.2.0365  tag kind can't be a multi-byte character
8.2.0366  hardcopy command not tested enough
8.2.0367  can use :pedit in a popup window
8.2.0368  Vim9: import that redefines local variable does not fail
8.2.0369  various Normal mode commands not fully tested
8.2.0370  the typebuf_was_filled flag is sometimes not reset
8.2.0371  crash with combination of terminal popup and autocmd
8.2.0372  prop_find() may not find text property at start of the line
8.2.0373  type of term_sendkeys() is unknown
8.2.0374  using wrong printf directive for jump location
8.2.0375  Coverity warning for not using return value
8.2.0376  nasty callback test fails on some systems
8.2.0377  no CI test for a big-endian system
8.2.0378  prop_find() does not find all props
8.2.0379  gcc warns for ambiguous else
8.2.0380  tiny popup when creating a terminal popup without minwidth
8.2.0381  using freed memory with :lvimgrep and autocommand
8.2.0382  some tests fail when run under valgrind
8.2.0383  wrong feature check causes test not to be run
8.2.0384  Travis CI has warnings
8.2.0385  menu functionality insufficiently tested
8.2.0386  part from unfinished patch got included
8.2.0387  error for possible NULL argument to qsort()
8.2.0388  printmbcharset option not tested
8.2.0389  delayed redraw when shifting text from Insert mode
8.2.0390  terminal postponed scrollback test is flaky
8.2.0391  CI test coverage dropped
8.2.0392  Coverity warns for using array index out of range
8.2.0393  Coverity warns for not using return value
8.2.0394  Coverity complains about using NULL pointer
8.2.0395  build fails with FEAT_EVAL but without FEAT_MENU
8.2.0396  cmdexpand.c insufficiently tested
8.2.0397  delayed screen update when using undo from Insert mode
8.2.0398  profile test fails when two functions take same time
8.2.0399  various memory leaks
8.2.0400  not all tests using a terminal are in the list of flaky tests
8.2.0401  not enough test coverage for evalvars.c
8.2.0402  setting local instead of global flag
8.2.0403  when 'buftype' is "nofile" there is no overwrite check
8.2.0404  writefile() error does not give a hint
8.2.0405  MSVC: build fails with some combination of features
8.2.0406  FileReadCmd event not well tested
8.2.0407  no early check if :find and :sfind have an argument
8.2.0408  delete() commented out for testing
8.2.0409  search test leaves file behind
8.2.0410  channel test fails too often on slow Mac
8.2.0411  Mac: breakcheck is using a value from the stone ages
8.2.0412  MS-Windows: cannot use vimtutor from the start menu
8.2.0413  buffer menu does not handle special buffers properly
8.2.0414  channel connect_waittime() test is flaky
8.2.0415  bsdl filetype is not detected
8.2.0416  test leaves file behind
8.2.0417  Travis CI config can be improved
8.2.0418  code in eval.c not sufficiently covered by tests
8.2.0419  various memory leaks in Vim9 script code
8.2.0420  Vim9: cannot interrupt a loop with CTRL-C
8.2.0421  interrupting with CTRL-C does not always work
8.2.0422  crash when passing popup window to win_splitmove()
8.2.0423  in some environments a few tests are expected to fail
8.2.0424  checking for wrong return value
8.2.0425  code for modeless selection not sufficiently tested
8.2.0426  some errors were not tested for
8.2.0427  it is not possible to check for a typo in a feature name
8.2.0428  buffer name may leak
8.2.0429  no warning when test checks for option that never exists
8.2.0430  window creation failure not properly tested
8.2.0431  some compilers don't support using \e for Esc
8.2.0432  a few tests fail in a huge terminal
8.2.0433  INT signal not properly tested
8.2.0434  MS-Windows with VTP: Normal color not working
8.2.0435  channel contents might be freed twice
8.2.0436  no warnings for incorrect printf arguments
8.2.0437  MS-Windows installer contains old stuff
8.2.0438  terminal noblock test is very flaky on BSD
8.2.0439  :disassemble has minor flaws
8.2.0440  terminal noblock test is still very flaky on BSD
8.2.0441  terminal noblock test is still failing on BSD
8.2.0442  channel contents might be used after being freed
8.2.0443  clipboard code is spread out
8.2.0444  swap file test fails on some systems
8.2.0445  png and xpm files not in MS-Windows zip file
8.2.0446  listener with undo of deleting all lines not tested
8.2.0447  terminal scroll tests fails on some systems
8.2.0448  various functions not properly tested
8.2.0449  Vim9: crash if return type is invalid
8.2.0450  not enough testing for restricted mode and function calls
8.2.0451  Win32: double-width character displayed incorrectly
8.2.0452  channel_parse_messages() fails when called recursively
8.2.0453  trailing space in job_start() command causes empty argument
8.2.0454  some tests fail when the system is slow
8.2.0455  cannot set the highlight group for a specific terminal
8.2.0456  Test_confirm_cmd is flaky
8.2.0457  Test_quotestar() often fails when run under valgrind
8.2.0458  missing feature check in test function
8.2.0459  cannot check if a function name is correct
8.2.0460  build failure because of wrong feature name
8.2.0461  confirm test fails on amd64 system
8.2.0462  previewwindow test fails on some systems
8.2.0463  build error without float and channel feature
8.2.0464  typos and other small problems
8.2.0465  Vim9: dead code and wrong return type
8.2.0466  not parsing messages recursively breaks the govim plugin
8.2.0467  Vim9: some errors are not tested
8.2.0468  GUI: pixel dust with some fonts and characters
8.2.0469  Vim9: no error for missing ] after list
8.2.0470  Test_confirm_cmd_cancel() can fail on a slow system
8.2.0471  missing change to compile_list()
8.2.0472  terminal highlight name is set twice, leaking memory
8.2.0473  variables declared in an outer scope
8.2.0474  cannot use :write when using a plugin with BufWriteCmd
8.2.0475  channel out_cb test still fails sometimes on Mac
8.2.0476  terminal nasty callback test fails sometimes
8.2.0477  Vim9: error messages not tested
8.2.0478  new buffers are not added to the Buffers menu
8.2.0479  unloading shared libraries on exit has no purpose
8.2.0480  Vim9: some code is not tested
8.2.0481  Travis is still using trusty
8.2.0482  channel and sandbox code not sufficiently tested
8.2.0483  Vim9: "let x = x + 1" does not give an error
8.2.0484  Vim9: some error messages not tested
8.2.0485  Vim9 script test fails
8.2.0486  Vim9: some code and error messages not tested
8.2.0487  Vim9: compiling not sufficiently tested
8.2.0488  Vim9: compiling can break when using a lambda inside :def
8.2.0489  Vim9: memory leaks
8.2.0490  Win32: VTP doesn't respect 'restorescreen'
8.2.0491  cannot recognize a <script> mapping using maparg()
8.2.0492  Vim9: some error messages not tested
8.2.0493  Vim9: some error messages not tested
8.2.0494  Vim9: asan error
8.2.0495  Vim9: some code not tested
8.2.0496  Vim9: disassemble test fails
8.2.0497  too verbose output from the asan build in Travis
8.2.0498  Coverity complains about uninitialized field
8.2.0499  calling a lambda is slower than evaluating a string
8.2.0500  using the same loop in many places
8.2.0501  Vim9: script test fails when channel feature is missing
8.2.0502  Vim9: some code is not tested
8.2.0503  Vim9: some code is not tested
8.2.0504  Vim9: leaking scope memory when compilation fails
8.2.0505  term_getty() not sufficiently tested
8.2.0506  Coverity complains about ignoring return value
8.2.0507  getbufvar() may get the wrong dictionary
8.2.0508  Vim9: func and partial types not done yet
8.2.0509  various code is not properly tested.
8.2.0510  Coverity complains about using uninitialized variable
8.2.0511  Cscope code not fully tested
8.2.0512  Vim9: no optional arguments in func type
8.2.0513  reading past allocated memory when using varargs
8.2.0514  several global functions are used in only one file
8.2.0515  some compilers cannot add to "void *"
8.2.0516  client-server code is spread out
8.2.0517  Vim9: cannot separate "func" and "func(): void"
8.2.0518  a terminal falls back to setting $TERM to "xterm"
8.2.0519  Vim9: return type not properly checked
8.2.0520  tests are not listed in sorted order
8.2.0521  crash when reading a blob fails
8.2.0522  several errors are not tested for
8.2.0523  loops are repeated
8.2.0524  Win32: searching for file matches is slow
8.2.0525  Win32: typo in assignment and misplaced paren
8.2.0526  Gcc 9 complains about empty statement
8.2.0527  Vim9: function types insufficiently tested
8.2.0528  Vim9: function arguments insufficiently tested
8.2.0529  Vim9: function argument with default not checked
8.2.0530  test crashes on s390
8.2.0531  various errors not tested
8.2.0532  cannot use simplify() as a method
8.2.0533  tests using term_wait() can still be flaky
8.2.0534  client-server test fails under valgrind
8.2.0535  regexp patterns not fully tested
8.2.0536  Vim9: some compilation code not tested
8.2.0537  Vim9: no check for sandbox when setting v:var
8.2.0538  Vim9: VAR_PARTIAL is not used during compilation
8.2.0539  comparing two NULL list fails
8.2.0540  regexp and other code not tested
8.2.0541  Travis CI does not give compiler warnings
8.2.0542  no test for E386
8.2.0543  Vim9: function with varargs does not work properly
8.2.0544  memory leak in search test
8.2.0545  unused arguments ignored in non-standard way
8.2.0546  Vim9: varargs implementation is inefficient
8.2.0547  Win32: restoring screen not always done right
8.2.0548  Vim9: not all possible func type errors tested
8.2.0549  user systemd files not recognized
8.2.0550  some changes in the libvterm upstream code
8.2.0551  not all code for options is tested
8.2.0552  Vim9: some errors not covered by tests
8.2.0553  error for unused argument
8.2.0554  the GUI doesn't set t_Co
8.2.0555  Vim9: line continuation is not always needed
8.2.0556  Vim9: memory leak when finding common type
8.2.0557  no IPv6 support for channels
8.2.0558  Vim9: dict code not covered by tests
8.2.0559  clearing a struct is verbose
8.2.0560  compiler warning in tiny build
8.2.0561  Vim9: cannot split function call in multiple lines
8.2.0562  Vim9: cannot split an expression into multiple lines
8.2.0563  Vim9: cannot split a function line
8.2.0564  Vim9: calling a def function from non-vim9 may fail
8.2.0565  Vim9: tests contain superfluous line continuation
8.2.0566  Vim9: variable can be used uninitialized
8.2.0567  Vim9: cannot put comments halfway expressions
8.2.0568  the man filetype plugin overwrites the unnamed register
8.2.0569  build failure with tiny version
8.2.0570  Vim9: no error when omitting type from argument
8.2.0571  double free when passing invalid argument to job_start()
8.2.0572  using two lines for free and reset
8.2.0573  using :version twice leaks memory
8.2.0574  ipv6 feature not shown in :version output
8.2.0575  :digraph! not tested
8.2.0576  some errors are not covered by tests
8.2.0577  not all modifiers supported for :options
8.2.0578  heredoc for interfaces does not support "trim"
8.2.0579  Coverity warns for unused value
8.2.0580  window size wrong if 'ea' is off and 'splitright' is on
8.2.0581  Win32 console: the cursor position is always top-left
8.2.0582  color ramp test does not show text colors
8.2.0583  Vim9: # comment not recognized in :def function
8.2.0584  viminfo file uses obsolete function file_readable()
8.2.0585  Vim9: # comment not recognized after :vim9script
8.2.0586  Vim9: # comment not sufficiently tested
8.2.0587  compiler warning for unused variable
8.2.0588  Putty does not use "sgr" 'ttymouse' by default
8.2.0589  .bsd file type not recognized
8.2.0590  no 'backspace' value allows ignoring the insertion point
8.2.0591  MS-Windows: should always support IPv6
8.2.0592  MS-Windows with VTP: cursor is not made invisible
8.2.0593  finding a user command is not optimal
8.2.0594  MS-Windows: cannot build with WINVER set to 0x0501
8.2.0595  Vim9: not all commands using ends_excmd() tested
8.2.0596  crash in test49
8.2.0597  test_eval is old style
8.2.0598  test_eval_stuff fails in normal terminal
8.2.0599  Netbeans interface insufficiently tested
8.2.0600  Vim9: cannot read or write w:, t: and b: variables
8.2.0601  Vim9: :unlet is not compiled
8.2.0602  :unlet $VAR does not work properly
8.2.0603  configure does not detect moonjit
8.2.0604  :startinsert in a terminal window used later
8.2.0605  Vim9: cannot unlet an environment variable
8.2.0606  several syntax HL errors not checked
8.2.0607  gcc warns for using uninitialized variable
8.2.0608  warning from clang when building message test
8.2.0609  configure does not detect moonjit correctly
8.2.0610  some tests are still old style
8.2.0611  Vim9: no check for space before #comment
8.2.0612  Vim9: no check for space before #comment
8.2.0613  Vim9: no check for space before #comment
8.2.0614  get ml_get error when deleting a line in 'completefunc'
8.2.0615  regexp benchmark stest is old style
8.2.0616  build error when disabling the diff feature
8.2.0617  new error check triggers in Swedish menu
8.2.0618  echoing a null list results in no output
8.2.0619  null dict is not handled like an empty dict
8.2.0620  error in menu translations
8.2.0621  after running tests asan files may remain
8.2.0622  Haiku: GUI does not compile
8.2.0623  typo in test comment
8.2.0624  Vim9: no check for space before #comment
8.2.0625  Vim9: confusing error when calling unknown function
8.2.0626  Vim9: wrong syntax of function in Vim9 script
8.2.0627  Vim9: error message does not work
8.2.0628  error in menu translations
8.2.0629  setting a boolean option to v:false does not work
8.2.0630  "make tags" does not cover Haiku GUI file
8.2.0631  Haiku file formatted with wrong tabstop
8.2.0632  crash when using Haiku
8.2.0633  crash when using null partial in filter()
8.2.0634  crash with null partial and blob
8.2.0635  when using 256 colors DarkYellow does not show expected color
8.2.0636  :messages does not show the maintainer when $LANG is unset
8.2.0637  incsearch highlighting does not work for ":sort!"
8.2.0638  MS-Windows: messages test fails
8.2.0639  MS-Windows: messages test still fails
8.2.0640  Vim9: expanding `=expr` does not work
8.2.0641  Vim9: `=expr` not expanded in :hardcopy and syn-include
8.2.0642  Vim9: using invalid index
8.2.0643  terminal uses brown instead of dark yellow
8.2.0644  insufficient testing for invalid function arguments
8.2.0645  MS-Windows terminal: CTRL-C does not get to child job
8.2.0646  t_Co uses the value of $COLORS in the GUI
8.2.0647  MS-Windows: repeat count for events was not used
8.2.0648  semicolon search does not work in first line
8.2.0649  undo problem when an InsertLeave autocommand resets undo
8.2.0650  Vim9: script function can be deleted
8.2.0651  old style benchmark test still in list of distributed files
8.2.0652  compiler warning for char conversion
8.2.0653  using uninitialized pointer
8.2.0654  building with Python fails
8.2.0655  search code not sufficiently tested
8.2.0656  MS-Windows: redrawing right screen edge may not be needed
8.2.0657  Vim9: no check if called variable is a FuncRef
8.2.0658  HP-UX build fails when setenv() is not defined
8.2.0659  Vim9: no test for equal func type
8.2.0660  the search.c file is a bit big
8.2.0661  eval test is still old style
8.2.0662  cannot use input() in a channel callback
8.2.0663  not all systemd temp files are recognized
8.2.0664  included undesired changes in Makefile
8.2.0665  wrongly assuming Python executable is called "python"
8.2.0666  Ruby test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.0667  cannot install Haiku version from source
8.2.0668  compiler warning for int/size_t usage
8.2.0669  MS-Windows: display in VTP is a bit slow
8.2.0670  cannot change window when evaluating 'completefunc'
8.2.0671  Haiku: compiler warnings
8.2.0672  heredoc in scripts does not accept lower case marker
8.2.0673  cannot build Haiku in shadow directory
8.2.0674  some source files are too big
8.2.0675  Vim9: no support for closures
8.2.0676  pattern in list of distributed files does not match
8.2.0677  Vim9: no support for closures
8.2.0678  rare crash for popup menu
8.2.0679  Vim9: incomplete support for closures
8.2.0680  PTYGROUP and PTYMODE are unused
8.2.0681  pattern for 'hlsearch' highlighting may leak
8.2.0682  Vim9: parsing function argument type can get stuck
8.2.0683  Vim9: parsing type does not always work
   2019-08-27 11:26:02 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (7)
Log message:
vim*: disable fortify

The package lowers it to weaker fortify, but this doesn't work in some
circumstances, like PR pkg/54464.

Must be done before including bsd.prefs.mk.

   2019-08-03 23:01:11 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (13) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to version 8.1.1778.

While there, enable vimdiff and vimtutor.

8.1.1567  localtime_r() does not respond to $TZ changes
8.1.1568  strftime() test fails on MS-Windows
8.1.1569  cannot build with signs but without diff feature
8.1.1570  icon signs not displayed properly in the number column
8.1.1571  textprop highlight starts too early if just after a tab
8.1.1572  compiler warnings with tiny build
8.1.1573  textprop test fails if screenhots do not work
8.1.1574  tabpage option not yet implemented for popup window
8.1.1575  callbacks may be garbage collected
8.1.1576  compiler warning for unused argument
8.1.1577  command line redrawn for +arabic without Arabic characters
8.1.1578  MS-Windows: pathdef.c should depend on build options
8.1.1579  dict and list could be GC'ed while displaying error
8.1.1580  cannot make part of a popup transparent
8.1.1581  shared functions for testing are disorganised
8.1.1582  cannot build with +textprop but without +timers
8.1.1583  set_ref_in_list() only sets ref in items
8.1.1584  the evalfunc.c file is getting too big
8.1.1585  :let-heredoc does not trim enough
8.1.1586  error number used in two places
8.1.1587  redraw problem when sign icons in the number column
8.1.1588  in :let-heredoc line continuation is recognized
8.1.1589  popup window does not indicate scroll position
8.1.1590  popup window test fails
8.1.1591  on error garbage collection may free memory in use
8.1.1592  may start file dialog while exiting
8.1.1593  filetype not detected for C++ header files without extension
8.1.1594  may still start file dialog while exiting
8.1.1595  MS-Windows with VIMDLL: colors wrong in GUI
8.1.1596  when resizing the screen may draw popup in wrong position
8.1.1597  cannot scroll a popup window with the mouse
8.1.1598  update to test file missing
8.1.1599  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
8.1.1600  cannot specify highlighting for popup window scrollbar
8.1.1601  missing changes to popup window test file
8.1.1602  popup window cannot overflow on the left or right
8.1.1603  crash when using unknown highlighting in text property
8.1.1604  popup window scroll test is flaky
8.1.1605  Vim may delay processing messages on a json channel
8.1.1606  on a narrow screen ":hi" output is confusing
8.1.1607  popup window scrollbar does not respond to click
8.1.1608  the evalfunc.c file is too big
8.1.1609  the user cannot easily close a popup window
8.1.1610  there is no way to add or load a buffer without side effects
8.1.1611  bufadd() reuses existing buffer without a name
8.1.1612  cannot show an existing buffer in a popup window
8.1.1613  popup window test fails with Athena and Motif
8.1.1614  'numberwidth' can only go up to 10
8.1.1615  crash when passing buffer number to popup_create()
8.1.1616  build failure with gcc on Amiga
8.1.1617  no test for popup window with mask and position fixed
8.1.1618  Amiga-like systems quickly run out of stack
8.1.1619  tests are not run with GUI on Travis
8.1.1620  no test for popup window with border and mask
8.1.1621  Amiga: time.h included twice
8.1.1622  wrong width if displaying a lot of lines in a popup window
8.1.1623  display wrong with signs in narrow number column
8.1.1624  when testing in the GUI may try to run gvim in a terminal
8.1.1625  script line numbers are not exactly right
8.1.1626  no test for closing a popup window with a modified buffer
8.1.1627  header file contains mixed comment style
8.1.1628  popup window functions not in list of functions
8.1.1629  terminal function help is in the wrong file
8.1.1630  various small problems
8.1.1631  displaying signs is inefficient
8.1.1632  build with EXITFREE but without +arabic fails
8.1.1633  cannot generate prototypes with X11 but without GUI
8.1.1634  terminal test fails when term_getansicolors() is missing
8.1.1635  warnings for unused variables in small version
8.1.1636  crash when popup has fitting scrollbar
8.1.1637  after running tests and clean the XfakeHOME directory remains
8.1.1638  running tests leaves some files behind
8.1.1639  changing an autoload name into a file name is inefficient
8.1.1640  the CursorHold autocommand takes down a balloon
8.1.1641  garbage collection may run at a wrong moment
8.1.1642  may use uninitialized variable
8.1.1643  sign placement is wrong when 'foldcolumn' is set
8.1.1644  sound test does not work on Travis
8.1.1645  cannot use a popup window for a balloon
8.1.1646  build failure
8.1.1647  build error with GTK and hangulinput feature
8.1.1648  MS-Windows: build error with normal feaures
8.1.1649  Illegal memory access when closing popup window
8.1.1650  warning for using uninitialized variable
8.1.1651  suspend test is flaky on some systems
8.1.1652  GUI: popup window doesn't close on mouse movement
8.1.1653  ubsan warns for possibly passing NULL pointer
8.1.1654  GUI: screen updates from 'balloonexpr' are not displayed
8.1.1655  popup window border drawn wrong with multi-byte char
8.1.1656  popup window width is wrong when using Tabs
8.1.1657  Terminal: screen updates from 'balloonexpr' are not displayed
8.1.1658  debug statements included in patch
8.1.1659  popup window "mousemoved" values not correct
8.1.1660  assert_fails() does not fail inside try/catch
8.1.1661  cannot build with +textprop but without +balloon_eval
8.1.1662  cannot build uninstal.exe with some version of MinGW
8.1.1663  compiler warning for using size_t
8.1.1664  GUI resize may cause changing Rows at a bad time
8.1.1665  crash when popup window with mask is below the screen
8.1.1666  click in popup window scrollbar with border doesn't scroll
8.1.1667  flags for Ex commands may clash with other symbols
8.1.1668  popup window test is a bit flaky on some systems
8.1.1669  Travis: test results section is closed even when failed
8.1.1670  sign column not always properly aligned
8.1.1671  copying a blob may result in it being locked
8.1.1672  "make cmdidxs" doesn't work
8.1.1673  cannot easily find the popup window at a certain position
8.1.1674  script to check a colorscheme can be improved
8.1.1675  listener list not correctly updated on listener_remove()
8.1.1676  "maxwidth" of popup window does not always work properly
8.1.1677  tests get stuck when running into an existing swapfile
8.1.1678  using popup_menu() does not scroll to show the selected line
8.1.1679  test using SwapExists autocommand file may fail
8.1.1680  the command table is not well aligned
8.1.1681  insert stray "{" when listener gets buffer line
8.1.1682  placing a larger number of signs is slow
8.1.1683  dictionary with string keys is longer than needed
8.1.1684  profiling functionality is spread out
8.1.1685  missing file in distributed file list
8.1.1686  "*" of "*{" is recognized as multipy operator
8.1.1687  the evalfunc.c file is too big
8.1.1688  old makefiles are no longer useful
8.1.1689  profiling code is spread out
8.1.1690  default padding for popup window menu is too much
8.1.1691  diff test fails on some systems
8.1.1692  using *{} for literal dict is not backwards compatible
8.1.1693  syntax coloring and highlighting is in one big file
8.1.1694  the RUN_VIM variable is longer than needed
8.1.1695  Windows 10: crash when cursor is at bottom of terminal
8.1.1696  MSVC: link command line is too long
8.1.1697  cannot build with MSVC
8.1.1698  Appveyor build with MSVC fails
8.1.1699  highlight_ga can be local instead of global
8.1.1700  listener callback called for the wrong buffer
8.1.1701  Appveyor build with MSVC fails puts progress bar in log
8.1.1702  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
8.1.1703  breaking out of loop by checking window pointer insufficient
8.1.1704  C-R C-W does not work after C-G when using 'incsearch'
8.1.1705  using ~{} for a literal dict is not nice
8.1.1706  typo in #ifdef
8.1.1707  Coverity warns for possibly using a NULL pointer
8.1.1708  Coverity warns for using uninitialized variable
8.1.1709  Coverity warns for possibly using a NULL pointer
8.1.1710  Coverity found dead code
8.1.1711  listener callback called at the wrong moment
8.1.1712  signs in number column cause text to be misaligned
8.1.1713  highlighting cursor line only works with popup_menu()
8.1.1714  cannot preview a file in a popup window
8.1.1715  emoji characters are seen as word characters for spelling
8.1.1716  old style comments are wasting space
8.1.1717  last char in menu popup window highlighted
8.1.1718  popup menu highlighting does not look good
8.1.1719  popup too wide when 'showbreak' is set
8.1.1720  crash with very long %[] pattern
8.1.1721  build failure with normal features without netbeans interface
8.1.1722  error when scriptversion is 2 a making a dictionary access
8.1.1723  heredoc assignment has no room for new features
8.1.1724  too much overhead checking for CTRL-C while processing text
8.1.1725  MS-Windows: E325 message may use incorrect date format
8.1.1726  the eval.txt help file is too big
8.1.1727  code for viminfo support is spread out
8.1.1728  wrong place for command line history viminfo support
8.1.1729  heredoc with trim not properly handled in function
8.1.1730  wrong place for mark viminfo support
8.1.1731  command line history not read from viminfo on startup
8.1.1732  completion in cmdwin does not work for buffer-local commands
8.1.1733  the man ftplugin leaves an empty buffer behind
8.1.1734  the evalfunc.c file is too big
8.1.1735  can't build with tiny features
8.1.1736  viminfo support is spread out
8.1.1737  :args command that outputs one line gives more prompt
8.1.1738  testing lambda with timer is slow
8.1.1739  deleted match highlighting not updated in other window
8.1.1740  exepath() doesn't work for "bin/cat"
8.1.1741  cleared/added match highlighting not updated in other window
8.1.1742  still some match functions in evalfunc.c
8.1.1743  'hlsearch' and match highlighting in the wrong place
8.1.1744  build error without the conceal feature
8.1.1745  compiler warning for unused argument
8.1.1746  ":dl" is seen as ":dlist" instead of \ 
8.1.1747  compiler warning for unused variables
8.1.1748  :args output is not aligned
8.1.1749  Coverity warns for using negative index
8.1.1750  depending on the terminal width :version may miss a line break
8.1.1751  when redrawing popups plines_win() may be called often
8.1.1752  resizing hashtable is inefficient
8.1.1753  use of popup window mask is inefficient
8.1.1754  build failure
8.1.1755  leaking memory when using a popup window mask
8.1.1756  autocommand that splits window messes up window layout
8.1.1757  text added with appendbufline() isn't displayed
8.1.1758  count of g$ not used correctly when text is not wrapped
8.1.1759  no mode char for terminal mapping from maparg()
8.1.1760  extra line break for wrapping output of :args
8.1.1761  filetype "vuejs" causes problems for some users
8.1.1762  some filetype rules are in the wrong place
8.1.1763  evalfunc.c is still too big
8.1.1764  ":browse oldfiles" is not tested
8.1.1765  get(func, dict, def) does not work properly
8.1.1766  code for writing session file is spread out
8.1.1767  FEAT_SESSION defined separately
8.1.1768  man plugin changes setting in current window
8.1.1769  'shellslash' is also used for completion
8.1.1770  cannot get the window ID of the popup preview window
8.1.1771  options test fails on MS-Windows
8.1.1772  options test still fails on MS-Windows
8.1.1773  the preview popup window may be too far to the right
8.1.1774  test is silently skipped
8.1.1775  error message may be empty in filetype test
8.1.1776  text added with a job isn't displayed
8.1.1777  useless checks for job feature in channel test
8.1.1778  not showing the popup window right border is confusing
   2013-03-25 01:34:50 by Matthew Sporleder | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
remove ncursesw termcap sub I accidentally committed
   2013-03-21 01:29:05 by Matthew Sporleder | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
remove sandy editor because it is the freeze