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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 9.0.0960, Package name: vim-share-9.0.0960, Maintainer: morr

Vim is an almost compatible version of the UNIX editor Vi. Many new features
have been added: multi level undo, syntax highlighting, command line history,
on-line help, filename completion, block operations, etc.

This package is only a shared data-package for the `actual' vim packages.
You also have to install one of vim, vim-xaw, vim-gtk, vim-gtk2 or vim-motif
to get a working editor.

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   2022-11-28 11:00:33 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to version 9.0.0960

9.0.0306  buffer write message is two lines in message popup window
9.0.0307  :echomsg doesn't work properly with cmdheight=0
9.0.0308  when cmdheight is zero the attention prompt doesn't show
9.0.0309  invalid memory access when cmdheight is zero
9.0.0310  output of :messages dissappears when cmdheight is zero
9.0.0311  test for hit-Enter prompt fails
9.0.0312  test for cmdheight zero fails
9.0.0313  using common name in tests leads to flaky tests
9.0.0314  VDM files are not recognized
9.0.0315  shell command is displayed in message window
9.0.0316  screen flickers when 'cmdheight' is zero
9.0.0317  when updating the whole screen a popup may not be redrawn
9.0.0318  clearing screen causes flicker
9.0.0319  Godot shader files are not recognized
9.0.0320  command line type of CmdlineChange differs from getcmdtype()
9.0.0321  cannot use the message popup window directly
9.0.0322  crash when no errors and 'quickfixtextfunc' is set
9.0.0323  using common name in tests leads to flaky tests
9.0.0324  MS-Windows: resolve() test fails
9.0.0325  MS-Windows: completion test fails
9.0.0326  some changes for cmdheight=0 are not needed
9.0.0327  items() does not work on a list
9.0.0328  OLD_DIGRAPHS is unused
9.0.0329  ":highlight" hangs when 'cmdheight' is zero
9.0.0330  method tests fail
9.0.0331  cannot use items() on a string
9.0.0332  overwrite check may block BufWriteCmd
9.0.0333  method test fails
9.0.0334  test does not properly clean up
9.0.0335  checks for Dictionary argument often give a vague error
9.0.0336  tests are flaky because of using a common file name
9.0.0337  flicker when resetting cmdline_row after updating the screen
9.0.0338  return value of list_append_list() not always checked
9.0.0339  no check if the return value of XChangeGC() is NULL
9.0.0340  the 'cmdheight' zero support causes too much trouble
9.0.0341  mapset() does not restore <Nop> mapping properly
9.0.0342  ":wincmd =" equalizes in two directions
9.0.0343  ColorScheme autocommand triggered when colorscheme not found
9.0.0344  MS-Windows: background color wrong in Console
9.0.0345  error message for list argument could be clearer
9.0.0346  :horizontal modifier not fully supported
9.0.0347  MS-Windows: cannot set cursor shape in Windows Terminal
9.0.0348  MS-Windows: GUI mouse move event test is flaky
9.0.0349  filetype of *.sil files not well detected
9.0.0350  :echowindow does not work in a compiled function
9.0.0351  message window may obscure the command line
9.0.0352  using :echowindow in a timer clears part of message
9.0.0353  missing entry in switch
9.0.0354  MS-Windows: starting a python server for test sometimes fails
9.0.0355  check for uppercase char in autoload name is wrong
9.0.0356  :echowindow sets the in_echowindow flag too early
9.0.0357  'linebreak' interferes with text property highlight
9.0.0358  'breakindent' does not indent non-lists
9.0.0359  error message for wrong argument type is not specific
9.0.0360  crash when invalid line number on :for is ignored
9.0.0361  removing a listener may result in a memory leak
9.0.0362  expanding ":e %" does not work for remote files
9.0.0363  common names in test files causes tests to be flaky
9.0.0364  clang static analyzer gives warnings
9.0.0365  file name used in test is unusual
9.0.0366  cannot use import->Func() in lambda
9.0.0367  Coverity complains about dropping sign of character
9.0.0368  old Coverity warning for using NULL pointer
9.0.0369  a failing flaky test doesn't mention the time
9.0.0370  cleaning up afterwards can make a function messy
9.0.0371  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
9.0.0372  MS-Windows: "%T" time format does not appear to work
9.0.0373  Coverity warns for NULL check and unused return value
9.0.0374  Coverity still complains about dropping sign of character
9.0.0375  the footer feature is unused
9.0.0376  clang warns for dead assignments
9.0.0377  argument assignment does not work
9.0.0378  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
9.0.0379  cleaning up after writefile() is a hassle
9.0.0380  deleting files in tests is a hassle
9.0.0381  writefile test leaves files behind
9.0.0382  freeing the wrong string on failure
9.0.0383  Coverity complains about unused value
9.0.0384  Covertity still complains about using return value of getc()
9.0.0385  GUI: when CTRL-D is mapped in Insert mode it gets inserted
9.0.0386  some code blocks are nested too deep
9.0.0387  repeat <ScriptCmd> mapping doesn't use right script context
9.0.0388  the do_arg_all() function is too long
9.0.0389  crash when 'tagfunc' closes the window
9.0.0390  cannot use a partial with :defer
9.0.0391  using separate delete() call instead of writefile() 'D' flag
9.0.0392  inverted condition is a bit confusing
9.0.0393  signals test often fails on FreeBSD
9.0.0394  Cygwin: multibyte characters may be broken in terminal window
9.0.0395  clang warnings for function prototypes
9.0.0396  :findrepl does not escape '&' and '~' properly
9.0.0397  :defer not tested with exceptions and ":qa!"
9.0.0398  members of funccall_T are inconsistently named
9.0.0399  using :defer in expression funcref not tested
9.0.0400  GUI test sometimes hangs on CI
9.0.0401  CI uses older clang version
9.0.0402  javascript module files are not recoginzed
9.0.0403  'equalalways' may be off when 'laststatus' is zero
9.0.0404  crash when passing invalid arguments to assert_fails()
9.0.0405  arguments in a partial not used by a :def function
9.0.0406  deferred functions not invoked when partial func exits
9.0.0407  matchstr() does match column offset
9.0.0408  GUI test sometimes fails on MS-Windows
9.0.0409  #{g:x} was seen as a curly-braces expression
9.0.0410  struct member cts_lnum is unused
9.0.0411  only created files can be cleaned up with one call
9.0.0412  compiler warning for unused argument
9.0.0413  ASAN reports a memory leak
9.0.0414  matchstr() still does not match column offset
9.0.0415  on MS-Windows some tests are flaky
9.0.0416  ml_get error when appending lines in popup window
9.0.0417  Jsonnet files are not recognized
9.0.0418  manually deleting temp test files
9.0.0419  the :defer command does not check the function arguments
9.0.0420  function went missing
9.0.0421  MS-Windows makefiles are inconsistently named
9.0.0422  not enough testing of the :all command
9.0.0423  "for" and "while" not recognized after :vim9cmd \ 
and :legacy
9.0.0424  gitattributes files are not recognized
9.0.0425  autocmd test is a bit flaky on MS-Windows
9.0.0426  failed flaky tests report only start time
9.0.0427  Drupal theme files are not recognized
9.0.0428  autocmd test uses common file name
9.0.0429  not all keys are tested for the MS-Windows GUI
9.0.0430  cannot use repeat() with a blob
9.0.0431  current mode shows in message window
9.0.0432  crash when using for loop variable in closure
9.0.0433  Coverity warns for not checking allocation failure
9.0.0434  gitignore files are not recognized
9.0.0435  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
9.0.0436  CI: running tests in parallel causes flakiness
9.0.0437  no error when custom completion function returns wrong type
9.0.0438  cannot put virtual text above a line
9.0.0439  cursor wrong if inserting before line with virtual text above
9.0.0440  crash when using mkdir() with "R" flag in compiled function
9.0.0441  closure in for loop test fails on some systems
9.0.0442  virtual text "above" doesn't handel line numbers
9.0.0443  blueprint files are not recognized
9.0.0444  trying to declare g:variable gives confusing error
9.0.0445  when opening/closing window text moves up/down
9.0.0446  message window may be positioned too low
9.0.0447  using :echowin while at the hit-enter prompt causes problems
9.0.0448  SubRip files are not recognized
9.0.0449  there is no easy way to translate a key code into a string
9.0.0450  return value of argument check functions is inconsistent
9.0.0451  virtual text "above" does not work with 'nowrap'
9.0.0452  Visual highlighting extends into virtual text prop
9.0.0453  on an AZERTY keyboard digit keys get the shift modifier
9.0.0454  incorrect color for modeless selection with GTK
9.0.0455  a few problems with 'splitscroll'
9.0.0456  function called at debug prompt is also debugged
9.0.0457  substitute prompt does not highlight an empty match
9.0.0458  splitting a line with a text prop "above" moves it down
9.0.0459  Vim9: block in for loop doesn't behave like a code block
9.0.0460  loop variable can't be found
9.0.0461  'scroll' is not always updated
9.0.0462  ASAN warning for integer overflow
9.0.0463  command line test leaves directory behind
9.0.0464  with virtual text "above" indenting doesn't work well
9.0.0465  cursor moves when cmdwin is closed when 'splitscroll' is off
9.0.0466  virtual text wrong after adding line break after line
9.0.0467  build failure
9.0.0468  exectution stack underflow without the +eval feature
9.0.0469  cursor moves if cmdwin is closed when 'splitscroll' is off
9.0.0470  in :def function all closures in loop get the same variables
9.0.0471  no test for what patch 9.0.0469 fixes
9.0.0472  virtual text "below" doesn't show in list mode
9.0.0473  fullcommand() only works for the current script version
9.0.0474  fullcommand() test failure
9.0.0475  not using deferred delete in tests
9.0.0476  varargs does not work for replacement function of substitute()
9.0.0477  missing dependency may cause crashes on incomplete build
9.0.0478  test for 'splitscroll' takes too much time
9.0.0479  Valve Date Format files are not recognized
9.0.0480  cannot use a :def varargs function with substitute()
9.0.0481  in :def function all closures in loop get the same variables
9.0.0482  "g0" moves to wrong location with virtual text "above"
9.0.0483  illegal memory access when replacing in virtualedit mode
9.0.0484  in :def function all closures in loop get the same variables
9.0.0485  in :def function all closures in loop get the same variables
9.0.0486  text scrolled with 'nosplitscroll', autocmd win and help
9.0.0487  using freed memory with combination of closures
9.0.0488  cursor wrong with virtual text "above" and 'showbreak'
9.0.0489  using "end_lnum" with virtual text causes problems
9.0.0490  using freed memory with cmdwin and BufEnter autocmd
9.0.0491  no good reason to build without the float feature
9.0.0492  cmdwin test fails on MS-Windows
9.0.0493  Perl test fails
9.0.0494  small build misses float function declaraitons
9.0.0495  closure doesn't work properly in nested loop
9.0.0496  no good reason to keep supporting Windows-XP
9.0.0497  LyRiCs files are not recognized
9.0.0498  various small issues
9.0.0499  in :def function list created after const is locked
9.0.0500  when quitting cmdline window with CTRL-C it remains visible
9.0.0501  warning for using uninitialized value in mouse test
9.0.0502  a closure in a nested loop in a :def function does not work
9.0.0503  build failure
9.0.0504  still a build failure
9.0.0505  various problems with 'nosplitscroll'
9.0.0506  line number argument for :badd does not work
9.0.0507  cmdline cleared when using :redrawstatus in CmdlineChanged
9.0.0508  when the channel test fails there is no clue why
9.0.0509  confusing error for "saveas" command with "nofile" \ 
9.0.0510  Chatito files are not recognized
9.0.0511  unnecessary scrolling for message of only one line
9.0.0512  cannot redraw the status lines when editing a command
9.0.0513  may not be able to use a pattern ad the debug prompt
9.0.0514  terminal test sometimes hangs
9.0.0515  virtual text highlight starts too early when 'number' is set
9.0.0516  virtual text "above" highlights gap after it
9.0.0517  when at the command line :redrawstatus does not work well
9.0.0518  virtual text highlight starts too early with 'nowrap'
9.0.0519  the win_line() function is much too long
9.0.0520  declaring a loop variable at the start of a block is clumsy
9.0.0521  compiler warns for unused argument in small version
9.0.0522  build fails on Appveyor
9.0.0523  more compiler warnings for arguments in small version
9.0.0524  build instructions for MS-Windows are outdated
9.0.0525  manually deleting temp test files
9.0.0526  MS-Windows: still some support for XP and old compilers
9.0.0527  long sign text may overflow buffer
9.0.0528  MS-Windows: no batch files for more recent MSVC versions
9.0.0529  appveyor setup contains outdated lines
9.0.0530  using freed memory when autocmd changes mark
9.0.0531  the win_line() function is much too long
9.0.0532  edit test is flaky when run under valgrind
9.0.0533  the win_line() function is much too long
9.0.0534  line number is displayed at virtual text "above"
9.0.0535  closure gets wrong value in for loop with two loop variables
9.0.0536  CI: codecov action update available
9.0.0537  the do_set() function is much too long
9.0.0538  manually deleting test temp files
9.0.0539  long message test can be flaky
9.0.0540  assigning stack variable to argument confuses Coverity
9.0.0541  terminal pwd test fails with a very long path name
9.0.0542  MSVC build still has support for 2012 edition
9.0.0543  insufficient testing for assert and test functions
9.0.0544  minor issues with setting a string option
9.0.0545  when a test is slow and CI times out there is no time info
9.0.0546  supporting Ruby 1.8 makes code complicated
9.0.0547  looping over empty out_loop[] entries
9.0.0548  reduce() with a compiled lambda could be faster
9.0.0549  duplicated code in calling a :def function
9.0.0550  crash when closing a tabpage and buffer is NULL
9.0.0551  mode message is delayed when :echowin was used
9.0.0552  crash when using NUL in buffer that uses :source
9.0.0553  no error for "|" after "{" in lamda
9.0.0554  using freed memory when command follows lambda
9.0.0555  scrolling with 'nosplitscroll' in callback changing curwin
9.0.0556  leaking memory with nested functions
9.0.0557  valgrind reports possibly leaked memory
9.0.0558  Coverity warns for possibly using NULL pointer
9.0.0559  timer test may get stuck at hit-enter prompt
9.0.0560  elapsed time since testing started is not visible
9.0.0561  when a test gets stuck it just hangs forever
9.0.0562  HSL playlist files are not recognized
9.0.0563  timer_info() test fails
9.0.0564  a few tests keep failing on MacOS M1
9.0.0565  cscope test causes problems with test timeout timer
9.0.0566  Nim files are not recognized
9.0.0567  'completeopt' "longest" is not used for complete()
9.0.0568  autocmd code is indented more than needed
9.0.0569  cannot easily get out when using "vim file | grep word"
9.0.0570  CI for Windows is still using codecov action 3.1.0
9.0.0571  MS-Windows: CTRL-C can make Vim exit
9.0.0572  insert complete tests leave a mapping behind
9.0.0573  outdated dependencies go unnoticed
9.0.0574  timer garbage collect test hangs on Mac M1
9.0.0575  the getchar() function behaves strangely with bracketed paste
9.0.0576  unused loop variables
9.0.0577  buffer underflow with unexpected :finally
9.0.0578  one timer test fails on Mac M1
9.0.0579  using freed memory when 'tagfunc' wipes out buffer
9.0.0580  no CI running for MacOS on M1
9.0.0581  adding a character for incsearch fails at end of line
9.0.0582  channel cwd test fails on Cirrus CI
9.0.0583  only recognizing .m3u8 files is inconsistent
9.0.0584  cscope test with wrong executable name fails
9.0.0585  when long message test fails the error message is not visible
9.0.0586  missing change in test
9.0.0587  Unicode tables are outdated
9.0.0588  MorphOS build is broken
9.0.0589  on AmigaOS4 the pid is available but the task address is used
9.0.0590  after exiting Insert mode spelling not checked in next line
9.0.0591  message window popup shows on only one tab page
9.0.0592  display not cleared when scrolling back in messages
9.0.0593  CI actions have too many permissions
9.0.0594  Makefile error message causes a shell error
9.0.0595  extra newline in messages after a verbose shell message
9.0.0596  CI on Mac M1 has the channel feature disabled
9.0.0597  cannot close a tab page with the middle mouse button
9.0.0598  using negative array index with negative width window
9.0.0599  latexmkrc files are not recognized
9.0.0600  GYP files are not recognized
9.0.0601  too much indent
9.0.0602  new TypeScript extensions are not recognized
9.0.0603  with 'nosplitscroll' folds are not handled correctly
9.0.0604  luacheckrc file is not recognized
9.0.0605  dump file missing
9.0.0606  system() opens a terminal window when "!" is in 'guioptions'
9.0.0607  verbose echo message test fails on Mac OS
9.0.0608  with spelling, deleting a full stop does not update next line
9.0.0609  blockedit test fails because of wrong indent
9.0.0610  global interrupt test fails when run under valgrind
9.0.0611  tests delete files with a separate delete() call
9.0.0612  blockedit test passes with wrong result
9.0.0613  running source tests leaves file behind
9.0.0614  SpellFileMissing autocmd may delete buffer
9.0.0615  using reduce() on a list from range() is a bit slow
9.0.0616  spell test fails because error message changed
9.0.0617  calling function for reduce() has too much overhead
9.0.0618  calling function for reduce() has too much overhead
9.0.0619  too many delete() calls in tests
9.0.0620  matchaddpos() can only add up to 8 matches
9.0.0621  filetype test leaves file behind
9.0.0622  matchaddpos() can get slow when adding many matches
9.0.0623  error for modifying a const is not detected at compile time
9.0.0624  leaking argument type array
9.0.0625  too many delete() calls in tests
9.0.0626  too many delete() calls in tests
9.0.0627  "const" and "final" both make the type a constant
9.0.0628  Coverity warns for not checking return value
9.0.0629  get an error for using const only when executing
9.0.0630  in Vim9 script a numbered function cannot be called
9.0.0631  too many delete() calls in tests
9.0.0632  calling a function from an "expr" option has overhead
9.0.0633  FEAT_TITLE was removed but is still used
9.0.0634  evaluating "expr" options has more overhead than needed
9.0.0635  build error and compiler warnings
9.0.0636  underline color may not work in some terminals
9.0.0637  syntax of commands in Vim9 script depends on +eval feature
9.0.0638  popup menu highlight wrong on top of preview popup
9.0.0639  checking for popup in screen_char() is too late
9.0.0640  cannot scroll by screen line if a line wraps
9.0.0641  missing part of the new option code
9.0.0642  breakindent test fails
9.0.0643  smoothscroll test fails
9.0.0644  'smoothscroll' is not copied to a new window on :split
9.0.0645  CTRL-Y does not stop at line 1
9.0.0646  with 'smoothscroll' CTRL-E is wrong when 'foldmethod' set
9.0.0647  the 'splitscroll' option is not a good name
9.0.0648  when using powershell input redirection does not work
9.0.0649  no indication the first line is broken for 'smoothscroll'
9.0.0650  some tests are failing
9.0.0651  build fails without the +conceal feature
9.0.0652  'smoothscroll' not tested with 'number' and "n" in 'cpo'
9.0.0653  BS and DEL do not work properly in an interacive shell
9.0.0654  breakindent test fails
9.0.0655  passing modifier codes to a shell running in the GUI
9.0.0656  cannot specify another character to use instead of '@'
9.0.0657  too many #ifdefs
9.0.0658  tiny build fails on Mac OS
9.0.0659  wrong type of comment in SetSyn() function
9.0.0660  mapping with CTRL keys does not work in the GUI
9.0.0661  multi-byte "lastline" in 'fillchars' does not work properly
9.0.0662  concealed characters do not work correctly
9.0.0663  tests check for +cmdwin feature which is always present
9.0.0664  bad redrawing with spell checking, using "C" and \ 
"$" in 'cpo'
9.0.0665  setting 'cmdheight' has no effect if last window was resized
9.0.0666  spacing-combining characters handled as composing
9.0.0667  ml_get error when 'splitkeep' is "screen"
9.0.0668  CI on Mac M1 only uses clang
9.0.0669  too many delete() calls in tests
9.0.0670  no space for command line when there is a tabline
9.0.0671  negative topline using CTRL-Y with 'smoothscroll' and 'diff'
9.0.0672  line partly shows with 'smoothscroll' and 'scrolloff' zero
9.0.0673  first line wong with 'smoothscroll' and 'scrolloff' zero
9.0.0674  build error with tiny version
9.0.0675  search test screendump is outdated
9.0.0676  CI on Mac M1 with gcc actually uses clang
9.0.0677  breakindent test accepts wrong result
9.0.0678  using exclamation marks on :function
9.0.0679  tests failing with 'smoothscroll', 'number' and "n" in 'cpo'
9.0.0680  tests failing with 'breakindent', 'number' and "n" in 'cpo'
9.0.0681  "<<<" shows for 'smoothscroll' even \ 
when 'showbreak is set
9.0.0682  crash when popup with deleted timer is closed
9.0.0683  cannot specify a time for :echowindow
9.0.0684  skipped :exe command fails compilation on MS-Windows
9.0.0685  FORTIFY_SOURCE causes a crash in Vim9 script
9.0.0686  the right ALT key does not work on some MS-Windows keyboards
9.0.0687  "export def" does not work in a nested block
9.0.0688  debugger does not display the whole command
9.0.0689  compiler warning for unused function
9.0.0690  buffer size for expanding tab not correctly computed
9.0.0691  lalloc(0) error in listchars test
9.0.0692  PoE filter files are not recognized
9.0.0693  browse() first argument cannot be a bool
9.0.0694  no native sound support on Mac OS
9.0.0695  failing check for dictionary type for const any
9.0.0696  it is unclear if the +rightleft and +arabic features are used
9.0.0697  cursor in wrong position with Visual substitute
9.0.0698  VisVim is outdated, does not work with current Visual Studio
9.0.0699  tiny build fails
9.0.0700  there is no real need for a "big" build
9.0.0701  with 'smoothscroll' cursor position not adjusted in long line
9.0.0702  incomplete testing cursor position with 'linebreak' set
9.0.0703  failing check for argument type for const any
9.0.0704  CI runs "tiny" and "small" builds, which are the same
9.0.0705  virtual text truncation does not take padding into account
9.0.0706  :help in a narrow window always opens at the top
9.0.0707  with 'smoothscroll' cursor position not adjusted in long line
9.0.0708  :confirm does not work properly for a terminal buffer
9.0.0709  virtual text "after" not correct with 'nowrap'
9.0.0710  quitting/unloading/hiding a terminal does not work properly
9.0.0711  SubStation Alpha files are not recognized
9.0.0712  wrong column when calling setcursorcharpos() with zero lnum
9.0.0713  <amatch> of MenuPopup event is expanded like a file name
9.0.0714  with 'nowrap' two virtual text below not displayed correctly
9.0.0715  wrong argument for append() gives two error messages
9.0.0716  with 'nowrap' virtual text "after" does not scroll left
9.0.0717  compiler warning for unused variable in tiny build
9.0.0718  extra empty line between two virtual text "below"
9.0.0719  too many delete() calls in tests
9.0.0720  MS-Windows GUI may have pixel dust from antialiasing
9.0.0721  virtual text "above" with padding not displayed correctly
9.0.0722  virtual text "after" does not show with 'list' set
9.0.0723  extra empty line below virtual text when 'list' is set
9.0.0724  closure in compiled function gets same variable in block
9.0.0725  virtual text "after" wraps to next line when 'wrap' is off
9.0.0726  looping over list of lists works in script, not in function
9.0.0727  help in the repository differs from patched version too much
9.0.0728  extend() test fails
9.0.0729  the rightleft and arabic features are disabled
9.0.0730  startup test fails with right-left feature
9.0.0731  clang-tidy configuration files are not recognized
9.0.0732  no check for white space before and after "=<<"
9.0.0733  use of strftime() is not safe
9.0.0734  cursor position invalid when scrolling with 'smoothscroll'
9.0.0735  breakindent and scrolloff tests fail
9.0.0736  quickfix listing does not handle very long messages
9.0.0737  Lisp word only recognized when a space follows
9.0.0738  cannot suppress completion "scanning" messages
9.0.0739  mouse column not correctly used for popup_setpos
9.0.0740  prop_add_list() gives multiple errors for invalid argument
9.0.0741  cannot specify an ID for each item with prop_add_list()
9.0.0742  reading past end of the line when compiling a function
9.0.0743  starting cscope on Unix does not quote the arguments right
9.0.0744  in script in autoload dir exported variable is not found
9.0.0745  wrong cursor position when using "gj" and "gk" in \ 
a long line
9.0.0746  breakindent test cases are commented out
9.0.0747  too many #ifdefs
9.0.0748  Kitty may send key without modifiers with CSI u code
9.0.0749  alloc/free of buffer for each quickfix entry is inefficient
9.0.0750  crash when popup closed in callback
9.0.0751  'scrolloff' does not work well with 'smoothscroll'
9.0.0752  Rprofile files are not recognized
9.0.0753  some Ex commands are not in the help index
9.0.0754  'indentexpr' overrules lisp indenting in one situation
9.0.0755  huge build on macos always fails on CI
9.0.0756  no autocmd event for changing text in a terminal window
9.0.0757  line number not visisble with 'smoothscroll', 'nu' and 'rnu'
9.0.0758  "precedes" from 'listchars' overwritten by \ 
9.0.0759  huge build on macos does not use Perl
9.0.0760  display test for 'listchars' "precedes" fails
9.0.0761  cannot use 'indentexpr' for Lisp indenting
9.0.0762  build failure
9.0.0763  MS-Windows: warning for using int for size_t
9.0.0764  indent and option tests fail
9.0.0765  with a Visual block a put command column may go negative
9.0.0766  too many delete() calls in tests
9.0.0767  too many delete() calls in tests
9.0.0768  too many delete() calls in tests
9.0.0769  too many delete() calls in tests
9.0.0770  quickfix commands may keep memory allocated
9.0.0771  cannot always tell the difference beween tex and rexx files
9.0.0772  the libvterm code is outdated
9.0.0773  huge build on macos uses dynamic Perl
9.0.0774  the libvterm code is outdated
9.0.0775  MS-Windows: mouse scrolling not supported in the console
9.0.0776  MSVC can't have field name "small"
9.0.0777  code is indented too much
9.0.0778  indexing of unknown const type fails during compilation
9.0.0779  lsl and lm3 file extensions are not recognized
9.0.0780  'scroll' value computed in unexpected location
9.0.0781  workaround to rename "small" to "smallfont" is clumsy
9.0.0782  OpenVPN files are not recognized
9.0.0783  ":!" doesn't do anything but does update the previous command
9.0.0784  text prop "above" not right with 'number' and "n" \ 
in 'cpo'
9.0.0785  memory leak with empty shell command
9.0.0786  user command does not get number from :tab modifier
9.0.0787  mouse scrolling in terminal misbehaves without dll
9.0.0788  ModeChanged autocmd not executed when Visual ends with CTRL-C
9.0.0789  dummy buffer ends up in a window
9.0.0790  test for dummy buffer does not always produce the E86 error
9.0.0791  at the hit-Enter prompt the End and Home keys may not work
9.0.0792  MS-Windows: compiler complains about unused function
9.0.0793  MS-Windows: mouse scroll events only work with the dll
9.0.0794  there is no way to find out if modifyOtherKeys has been seen
9.0.0795  readblob() always reads the whole file
9.0.0796  mapping test fails in some situations
9.0.0797  order of assert function arguments is reverted
9.0.0798  clang format configuration files are not recognized
9.0.0799  in compiled function ->() on next line not recognized
9.0.0800  compiler complains about repeated typedef
9.0.0801  the modifyOtherKeys flag is set when it should not
9.0.0802  MS-Windows: cannot map console mouse scroll events
9.0.0803  readblob() cannot read from character device
9.0.0804  crash when trying to divide a number by -1
9.0.0805  filetype autocmd may cause freed memory access
9.0.0806  'langmap' works differently when there are modifiers
9.0.0807  with 'smoothscroll' typing "0" may not go to the first column
9.0.0808  jsonnet filetype detection has a typo
9.0.0809  test for job writing to buffer fails
9.0.0810  readblob() returns empty when trying to read too much
9.0.0811  error if :echowin is preceded by a command modifier
9.0.0812  GUI mouse scrollwheel mappings don't work
9.0.0813  Kitty terminal is not recognized
9.0.0814  aws config files are not recognized
9.0.0815  ":!" does not switch to the alternate screen
9.0.0816  CTRL-Z at end of file is always dropped
9.0.0817  build error
9.0.0818  "!ls" does not work
9.0.0819  still a build error, tests are failing
9.0.0820  memory leak with empty shell command
9.0.0821  crash when using win_move_statusline() in another tab page
9.0.0822  crash when dragging the statusline with a mapping
9.0.0823  mouse drag test fails
9.0.0824  crash when using win_move_separator() in other tab page
9.0.0825  cannot drag an entry in the tabpage line
9.0.0826  if 'endofline' is set CTRL-Z may be written in a wrong place
9.0.0827  <Home> key in tmux doesn't work when 'term' set to \ 
9.0.0828  various typos
9.0.0829  wrong counts in macro comment
9.0.0830  compiling with Perl on Mac 12 fails
9.0.0831  compiler warning for redefining HAVE_DUP
9.0.0832  deprecation warning causes build failure
9.0.0833  Mac: no +sound feature in huge build
9.0.0834  warning for missing return type
9.0.0835  the window title is not redrawn when 'endoffile' changes
9.0.0836  wrong error when using extend() with funcref
9.0.0837  append() reports failure when not appending anything
9.0.0838  compiler warnings for unused variables
9.0.0839  test may fail depending on sequence of events
9.0.0840  cannot change a slice of a const list
9.0.0841  deletebufline() does not always return 1 on failure
9.0.0842  Unicode range for Apple SF symbols is outdated
9.0.0843  VHS tape files are not recognized
9.0.0844  handling 'statusline' errors is spread out
9.0.0845  shell command with just space gives strange error
9.0.0846  using assert_fails() may cause hit-enter prompt
9.0.0847  CI: not totally clear what MS-Windows version is used
9.0.0848  help item for --log argument is not aligned nicely
9.0.0849  terminal mouse test is a bit flaky
9.0.0850  MS-Windows Terminal has unstable color control
9.0.0851  terminal mouse test is still flaky
9.0.0852  crypt test is skipped if xxd is not found
9.0.0853  terminal mouse test is still flaky on MacOS M1
9.0.0854  no proper test for what 9.0.0846 fixes
9.0.0855  comment not located above the code it refers to
9.0.0856  MS-Windows: executable not found when running test
9.0.0857  selecting MSVC 2017 does not set $PLATFORM
9.0.0858  "!!sort" in a closed fold sorts too many lines
9.0.0859  compiler warning for unused variable
9.0.0860  MS-Windows: windres fails with clang 15.0.4
9.0.0861  solution for "!!sort" in closed fold is not optimal
9.0.0862  default value of 'endoffile' is wrong
9.0.0863  col() and charcol() only work for the current window
9.0.0864  crash when using "!!" without a previous shell command
9.0.0865  duplicate arguments are not always detected
9.0.0866  no test for what patch 8.2.2207 fixes
9.0.0867  wildmenu redrawing code is spread out
9.0.0868  MS-Windows: after Vim exits console resizing problem
9.0.0869  bogus error when string used after :elseif
9.0.0870  get E967 when using text property in quickfix window
9.0.0871  using freed memory when clearing augroup at more prompt
9.0.0872  code is indented more than needed
9.0.0873  using freed memory when executing mapclear at more prompt
9.0.0874  using freed memory when executing unmenu at more prompt
9.0.0875  using freed memory when executing delfunc at more prompt
9.0.0876  code is indented more than needed
9.0.0877  using freed memory with :comclear while listing commands
9.0.0878  Coverity warns for dead code
9.0.0879  unnecessary nesting in makefile
9.0.0880  preprocessor indenting is off
9.0.0881  cannot get the currently showing mouse shape
9.0.0882  using freed memory after SpellFileMissing autocmd uses bwipe
9.0.0883  a silent mapping may cause dots on the command line
9.0.0884  mouse shape remains in op-pending mode after failed change
9.0.0885  informational message has an error message number
9.0.0886  horizontal mouse scroll only works in the GUI
9.0.0887  cannot easily try out what codes various keys produce
9.0.0888  MS-Windows GUI: CTRL-] does not work on Swiss keyboard
9.0.0889  keycode check script has a few flaws
9.0.0890  no test for what patch 9.0.0827 fixes
9.0.0891  virtual text below after match has wrong highlight
9.0.0892  may redraw when not needed
9.0.0893  'smoothscroll' cursor calculations wrong when 'number' is set
9.0.0894  virtual text property highlight ignores window background
9.0.0895  file renamed twice in test, missing feature check
9.0.0896  test for home key fails when 'term' is "tmux"
9.0.0897  Clinical Quality Language files are not recognized
9.0.0898  with 'smoothscroll' cursor is one screen line too far down
9.0.0899  the builtin terminals are in one long list
9.0.0900  cursor moves too far with 'smoothscroll'
9.0.0901  setting w_leftcol and handling side effects is confusing
9.0.0902  some mouse scroll code is not in a good place
9.0.0903  key code checker doesn't check modifyOtherKeys resource
9.0.0904  various comment and indent flaws
9.0.0905  virtual text after the line wraps when 'wrap' is off
9.0.0906  mouse scroll code is not optimal
9.0.0907  restoring window after WinScrolled may fail
9.0.0908  with 'smoothscroll' cursor may end up in wrong position
9.0.0909  error message for layout change does not match action
9.0.0910  setting lines in another buffer may not work well
9.0.0911  with 'smoothscroll' set mouse click position may be wrong
9.0.0912  libvterm with modifyOtherKeys level 2 does not match xterm
9.0.0913  only change in current window triggers the WinScrolled event
9.0.0914  deletebufline() may move marks in the wrong window
9.0.0915  WinScrolled may trigger immediately when defined
9.0.0916  getbufline() is inefficient for getting a single line
9.0.0917  the WinScrolled autocommand event is not enough
9.0.0918  MS-Windows: modifier keys do not work with mouse scroll event
9.0.0919  build failure with tiny features
9.0.0920  cannot find an import prefixed with "s:"
9.0.0921  missing defined(PROTO) in #ifdef
9.0.0922  Mermaid files are not recognized
9.0.0923  second SIGWINCH signal may be ignored
9.0.0924  the first termcap entry of a builtin termcap is not used
9.0.0925  two conditions are always false
9.0.0926  Coverity warns for not using return value of dict_add()
9.0.0927  Coverity warns for using a NULL pointer
9.0.0928  using Ruby LDFLAGS may cause build problems
9.0.0929  build failure with tiny version
9.0.0930  cannot debug the Kitty keyboard protocol with TermDebug
9.0.0931  MS-Windows: mouse column limited to 223
9.0.0932  Oblivion files are not recognized
9.0.0933  Kitty shows "already at oldest change" on startup
9.0.0934  various code formatting issues
9.0.0935  when using dash it may not be recognize as filetype "sh"
9.0.0936  wrong type for "isunnamed" returned by getreginfo()
9.0.0937  forked repositories send out useless email
9.0.0938  MS-Windows: debug executable not found when running test
9.0.0939  still using simplified mappings when using kitty protocol
9.0.0940  crash when typing a letter in a terminal window
9.0.0941  CI failures in sound dummy
9.0.0942  Workflow Description Language files are not recognized
9.0.0943  pretending to go out of Insert mode when Esc is received
9.0.0944  'cursorline' causes virtual text highlight to continue
9.0.0945  failures in the cursorline test
9.0.0946  CI: Error in Coverity flow is not reported
9.0.0947  invalid memory access in substitute with function
9.0.0948  'ttyfast' is set for arbitrary terminals
9.0.0949  crash when unletting a variable while listing variables
9.0.0950  the pattern "\_s\zs" matches at EOL
9.0.0951  trying every character position for a match is inefficient
9.0.0952  Eclipse preference files are not recognized
9.0.0953  part of making search more efficient is missing
9.0.0954  cannot detect whether modifyOtherKeys is enabled
9.0.0955  libvterm does not support the XTQMODKEYS request
9.0.0956  terminal tests fail when using key with modifier
9.0.0957  tests fail without the terminal feature
9.0.0958  messages test is flaky
9.0.0959  error when using the "File Settings / Text Width" menu
9.0.0960  error when using the "Spelling / Find More Languages" menu
   2022-08-28 21:49:13 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to new Vim 9.


9.0.0001  Travis CI is no longer used
9.0.0002  map functionality outside of map.c
9.0.0003  functions are global while they could be local
9.0.0004  plural messages not translated properly
9.0.0005  hare files are not recognized
9.0.0006  not all Visual Basic files are recognized
9.0.0007  no support for double, dotted and dashed underlines
9.0.0008  cannot specify the variable name for "xxd -i"
9.0.0009  going past the end of a menu item with only modifier
9.0.0010  returning 0 for has('patch-9.0.0') is inconsistent
9.0.0011  reading beyond the end of the line with put command
9.0.0012  signature files not detected properly
9.0.0013  reproducing memory access errors can be difficult
9.0.0014  missing part of the test override change
9.0.0015  with EXITFREE defined terminal menus are not cleared
9.0.0016  comparing line pointer for 'breakindent' is not reliable
9.0.0017  accessing memory beyond the end of the line
9.0.0018  going over the end of the typahead
9.0.0019  timers test not run where possible
9.0.0020  with some completion reading past end of string
9.0.0021  invalid memory access when adding word to spell word list
9.0.0022  spell test fails
9.0.0023  on Solaris timer_create() exists but does not work
9.0.0024  may access part of typeahead buf that isn't filled
9.0.0025  accessing beyond allocated memory with the cmdline window
9.0.0026  accessing freed memory with diff put
9.0.0027  the command line test is getting quite big
9.0.0028  MS-Windows: tests fail if there is a "runtime" directory
9.0.0029  the bitmaps/vim.ico file is not in the distribution
9.0.0030  matchfuzzy test depends on path of current directory
9.0.0031  <cmod> of user command does not have correct verbose value
9.0.0032  in the quickfix window 'cursorline' overrules QuickFixLine
9.0.0033  on a Belgian keyboard CTRL-[ does not work
9.0.0034  spell tests do not always clear the word list
9.0.0035  spell dump may go beyond end of an array
9.0.0036  'fillchars' cannot have window-local values
9.0.0037  build error
9.0.0038  'listchars' test fails
9.0.0039  not all systems have GDK_KEY_dead_circumflex
9.0.0040  use of set_chars_option() is confusing
9.0.0041  a couple of filetype patterns do not have "*" before \ 
9.0.0042  missing change for filetype detection
9.0.0043  insufficient testing for bracket commands
9.0.0044  typos in comments, wrapping lines
9.0.0045  reading past end of completion with a long line
9.0.0046  reading past end of completion with duplicate match
9.0.0047  using freed memory with recursive substitute
9.0.0048  cursor in wrong column with mouse click after concealed text
9.0.0049  csv and tsv files are not recognized
9.0.0050  split else-if is confusing
9.0.0051  using CTRL-C wih :append may hang Vim
9.0.0052  "zG" may throw an error if invalid character follows
9.0.0053  E1281 not tested with the old regexp engine
9.0.0054  compiler warning for size_t to int conversion
9.0.0055  bitbake files are not detected
9.0.0056  wrong line number reported when :cexpr fails in :def function
9.0.0057  has('patch-xxx') returns true
9.0.0058  Win32: cannot test low level events
9.0.0059  test file has wrong name
9.0.0060  accessing uninitialized memory when completing long line
9.0.0061  ml_get error with nested autocommand
9.0.0062  compiler warnings for signed/unsigned char
9.0.0063  too many type casts for dict_get functions
9.0.0064  confusing error when using "q:" in command line window
9.0.0065  cross-compiling doesn't work because of timer_create check
9.0.0066  switching window uneccarily when getting buffer options
9.0.0067  cannot show virtual text
9.0.0068  build fails with tiny features
9.0.0069  leaking memory when using text prop with inserted text
9.0.0070  using utfc_ptr2char_len() when length is negative
9.0.0071  command overlaps with printed text in scrollback
9.0.0072  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
9.0.0073  too many files recognized as bsdl
9.0.0074  Coverity warns for double free
9.0.0075  some compilers warn for using an uninitialized variable
9.0.0076  no test for what patch 8.1.1424 fixes
9.0.0077  wrong restored cursor position if switching window in autocmd
9.0.0078  star register is unexpectedly changed when deleting
9.0.0079  error in autoload script not reported for 'foldexpr'
9.0.0080  compiler warning for size_t to int conversion
9.0.0081  command line completion of user command may have duplicates
9.0.0082  cannot interrupt global command from command line
9.0.0083  ModeChanged event not triggered when leaving cmdline window
9.0.0084  using "terraform" filetype for .tfvars file is bad
9.0.0085  ":write" fails after ":file name" and then \ 
9.0.0086  tabline is not redrawn when entering command line
9.0.0087  MS-Windows: CTRL-[ on Belgian keyboard does not work like Esc
9.0.0088  pattern for detecting bitbake files is not sufficient
9.0.0089  fuzzy argument completion doesn't work for shell commands
9.0.0090  no error when assigning bool to a string option
9.0.0091  duplicate error number
9.0.0092  plugins cannot change v:completed_item
9.0.0093  sway config files are recognized as i3config
9.0.0094  cursor restored unexpected with nested autocommand
9.0.0095  conditions are always true
9.0.0096  flag "new_value_alloced" is always true
9.0.0097  long quickfix line is truncated for :clist
9.0.0098  missing include file in timer_create configure check
9.0.0099  scrollback can be wrong after redrawing the command line
9.0.0100  get hit-enter prompt for system() when '!' is in 'guioptions'
9.0.0101  invalid memory access in diff mode with "dp" and undo
9.0.0102  reading past end of line with insert mode completion
9.0.0103  if running configure with cached results -lrt may be missing
9.0.0104  going beyond allocated memory when evaluating string constant
9.0.0105  illegal memory access when pattern starts with illegal byte
9.0.0106  illegal byte regexp test doesn't fail when fix is reversed
9.0.0107  condition always has the same value
9.0.0108  configure check for timer_create may give wrong error
9.0.0109  writing over the end of a buffer on stack
9.0.0110  help tag generation picks up words in code examples
9.0.0111  "nocombine" is missing from synIDattr()
9.0.0112  MS-Windows: test fails because file already exists
9.0.0113  has() is not strict about parsing the patch version
9.0.0114  the command line takes up space even when not used
9.0.0115  when 'cmdheight' is zero pressing ':' may scroll a window
9.0.0116  virtual text not displayed if 'signcolumn' is "yes"
9.0.0117  text of removed textprop with text is not freed
9.0.0118  no test for what patch 9.0.0115 fixes
9.0.0119  tiny chance that creating a backup file fails
9.0.0120  MS-Windows GUI: cannot use AltGr + Space
9.0.0121  cannot put virtual text after or below a line
9.0.0122  breakindent test fails
9.0.0123  cannot build with small features
9.0.0124  code has more indent than needed
9.0.0125  cursor positioned wrong with virtual text after the line
9.0.0126  expanding file names fails in dir with more than 255 entries
9.0.0127  unused variable
9.0.0128  Coverity complains about possible double free
9.0.0129  compiler warning for int/size_t usage
9.0.0130  cursor position wrong when inserting around virtual text
9.0.0131  virtual text with Tab is not displayed correctly
9.0.0132  multi-byte characters in virtual text not handled correctly
9.0.0133  virtual text after line moves to joined line
9.0.0134  no test for text property with column zero
9.0.0135  comment about tabpage line above the wrong code
9.0.0136  after CTRL-Left-mouse click a mouse scroll also has CTRL
9.0.0137  debugger test may fail when $CWD is very long
9.0.0138  not enough characters accepted for 'spellfile'
9.0.0139  truncating virtual text after a line not implemented
9.0.0140  execute() does not use the "legacy" command modifier
9.0.0141  "delmenu" does not remove autocmmands
9.0.0142  crash when adding and removing virtual text
9.0.0143  cursor positioned after virtual text in empty line
9.0.0144  text property cannot override 'cursorline' highlight
9.0.0145  substitute that joins lines drops text properties
9.0.0146  missing part of change for "override" flag
9.0.0147  cursor positioned wrong after two "below" text properties
9.0.0148  a "below" aligned text property gets 'showbreak' displayed
9.0.0149  test for fuzzy completion fails sometimes
9.0.0150  error for using #{ in an expression is a bit confusing
9.0.0151  a "below" aligned text property does not work with 'nowrap'
9.0.0152  warning for unused argument in small build
9.0.0153  no fold and sign column for virtual text with "below" align
9.0.0154  text properties wrong after splitting a line
9.0.0155  text properties "right" and "after" wrong with 'nowrap'
9.0.0156  giving E1170 only in an expression is confusing
9.0.0157  'showbreak' displayed below truncated "after" text prop
9.0.0158  with 'nowrap' "below" property not displayed correctly
9.0.0159  cannot build with small features
9.0.0160  some diff mode tests fail
9.0.0161  warning for uninitialized variable
9.0.0162  text property "below" gets indent if 'breakindent' is set
9.0.0163  text property not adjusted for text inserted with "p"
9.0.0164  using freed memory with put command
9.0.0165  looking up a text property type by ID is slow
9.0.0166  when using text properties line text length computed twice
9.0.0167  checking for text properties could be a bit more efficient
9.0.0168  cursor positioned wrong with two virtual text properties
9.0.0169  insufficient testing for line2byte() with text properties
9.0.0170  various minor code formatting issues
9.0.0171  quickfix line highlight is overruled by 'cursorline'
9.0.0172  trying to allocate zero bytes
9.0.0173  assert fails only on MS-Windows
9.0.0174  no error for using "#{ comment" in a compiled function
9.0.0175  spell checking for capital not working with trailing space
9.0.0176  checking character options is duplicated and incomplete
9.0.0177  cursor position wrong with 'virtualedit' and mouse click
9.0.0178  cursor position wrong with virtual text before Tab
9.0.0179  cursor pos wrong with wrapping virtual text in empty line
9.0.0180  stray logfile appears when running tests
9.0.0181  textprop test with line2byte() fails on MS-Windows
9.0.0182  quarto files are not recognized
9.0.0183  extra space after virtual text when 'linebreak' is set
9.0.0184  virtual text prop highlight continues after truncation
9.0.0185  virtual text does not show if text prop at same position
9.0.0186  virtual text without highlighting does not show
9.0.0187  command line height changes when maximizing window height
9.0.0188  strange effects when using "text_align" with non-zero column
9.0.0189  invalid memory access for text prop without highlight
9.0.0190  the way 'cmdheight' can be made zero is inconsistent
9.0.0191  messages test fails; window size incorrect
9.0.0192  possible invalid memory access when 'cmdheight' is zero
9.0.0193  search and match highlight interfere with virtual text
9.0.0194  cursor displayed in wrong position after removing text prop
9.0.0195  metafun files are not recogized
9.0.0196  finding value in list may require a for loop
9.0.0197  astro files are not detected
9.0.0198  ml_get error when switching buffer in Visual mode
9.0.0199  cursor position wrong with two right-aligned virtual texts
9.0.0200  cursor wrong if 'nowrap' and two right aligned text props
9.0.0201  CursorLine highlight overrules virtual text highlight
9.0.0202  code and help for indexof() is not ideal
9.0.0203  confusing variable name
9.0.0204  indexof() may leak memory
9.0.0205  cursor in wrong position when inserting after virtual text
9.0.0206  redraw flags are not named specifically
9.0.0207  stacktrace not shown when debugging
9.0.0208  the override flag has no effect for virtual text
9.0.0209  build error with small features
9.0.0210  'list' mode does not work properly with virtual text
9.0.0211  invalid memory access when compiling :lockvar
9.0.0212  invalid memory access when compiling :unlet
9.0.0213  using freed memory with error in assert argument
9.0.0214  splitting a line may duplicate virtual text
9.0.0215  not passing APC_INDENT flag
9.0.0216  undo earlier test sometimes fails on MS-Windows
9.0.0217  'shellslash' works differently when sourcing a script again
9.0.0218  reading before the start of the line
9.0.0219  cannot make a funcref with "s:func" in a def function
9.0.0220  invalid memory access with for loop over NULL string
9.0.0221  accessing freed memory if compiling nested function fails
9.0.0222  no good reason why text objects are only in larger builds
9.0.0223  typo in diffmode test
9.0.0224  Using NULL pointer when skipping compiled code
9.0.0225  using freed memory with multiple line breaks in expression
9.0.0226  job_start() test may fail under valgrind
9.0.0227  cannot read error message when abort() is called
9.0.0228  crash when pattern looks below the last line
9.0.0229  Vim9: error message for missing type is not clear
9.0.0230  no error for comma missing in list in :def function
9.0.0231  expanding "**" may loop forever with directory links
9.0.0232  test with BufNewFile autocmd is flaky
9.0.0233  removing multiple text properties takes many calls
9.0.0234  cannot make difference between :normal end and argument char
9.0.0235  'autoshelldir' does not work with chunked respose
9.0.0236  popup menu not removed when 'wildmenu' reset while visible
9.0.0237  Mac: cannot build if dispatch.h is not available
9.0.0238  Shift-Tab shows matches on cmdline when 'wildmenu' is off
9.0.0239  build failure without the +wildmenu feature
9.0.0240  crash when using ":mkspell" with an empty .dic file
9.0.0241  "make install" does not install shared syntax file
9.0.0242  "make install" still fails
9.0.0243  text properties "below" sort differently on MS-Windows
9.0.0244  cannot easily get the list of sourced scripts
9.0.0245  mechanism to prevent recursive screen updating is incomplete
9.0.0246  using freed memory when 'tagfunc' deletes the buffer
9.0.0247  cannot add padding to virtual text without highlight
9.0.0248  duplicate code in finding a script in the execution stack
9.0.0249  no test for what 9.0.0234 fixes
9.0.0250  slightly inconsistent error messages
9.0.0251  test output shows up in git
9.0.0252  cursor in wrong place after virtual text
9.0.0253  a symlink to an autoload script results in two entries
9.0.0254  typo in function name
9.0.0255  build failure without the eval feature
9.0.0256  compiler warning for uninitialized variables
9.0.0257  "->" in ":scriptnames" output not tested yet
9.0.0258  MS-Windows installer skips syntax/shared
9.0.0259  crash with mouse click when not initialized
9.0.0260  using freed memory when using 'quickfixtextfunc' recursively
9.0.0261  bufload() reads a file even if the name is not a file name
9.0.0262  build failure without the +quickfix feature
9.0.0263  too many #ifdefs
9.0.0264  CI still runs on Ubuntu 18.04
9.0.0265  no good reason why the "gf" command isn't in the tiny version
9.0.0266  compiler warning for unused argument
9.0.0267  Coverity workflow still uses Ubuntu 18.04
9.0.0268  build error without the +eval feature
9.0.0269  getscriptinfo() does not include the version
9.0.0270  some values of 'path' and 'tags' invalid in the tiny version
9.0.0271  using INIT() in non-header files
9.0.0272  BufReadCmd not triggered when loading a "nofile" buffer
9.0.0273  Konsole termresponse not recognized
9.0.0274  netrw plugin does not show remote files
9.0.0275  BufEnter not triggered when using ":edit" in \ 
"nofile" buffer
9.0.0276  'buftype' values not sufficiently tested
9.0.0277  Coverity CI: update-alternatives not needed with Ubuntu 20.04
9.0.0278  the +wildignore feature is nearly always available
9.0.0279  the tiny version has the popup menu but not 'wildmenu'
9.0.0280  the builtin termcap list depends on the version
9.0.0281  build failure without the +eval feature
9.0.0282  a nested timout stops the previous timeout
9.0.0283  cannot complete "syn list @cluster"
9.0.0284  using static buffer for multiple completion functions
9.0.0285  it is not easy to change the command line from a plugin
9.0.0286  using freed memory when location list changed in autocmd
9.0.0287  Irix systems no longer exist
9.0.0288  when 'cmdheight' is zero some messages are not displayed
9.0.0289  invalid memory write
9.0.0290  compiler warning for variable set but not used
9.0.0291  test failing
9.0.0292  test causes another test to fail
9.0.0293  messages window not hidden when starting a command line
9.0.0294  crash when 'cmdheight' is 0 and popup_clear() used
9.0.0295  GUI drop files test sometimes fails
9.0.0296  message in popup is shortened unnecessary
9.0.0297  cursor position wrong after right aligned virtual text
9.0.0298  compiler warning for size_t to int conversion
9.0.0299  error messages for setcmdline() could be better
9.0.0300  'cpoptions' tests are flaky
9.0.0301  the message window popup is delayed after an error message
9.0.0302  CI for Coverity is bothered by deprecation warnings
9.0.0303  it is not easy to get information about a script
9.0.0304  WinScrolled is not triggered when only skipcol changes
9.0.0305  CI lists useless deprecation warnings
   2022-07-27 17:13:11 by Pierre Pronchery | Files touched by this commit (7) | Package updated
Log message:
vim: update to 8.2.5172

On behalf of morr@ "please go ahead"

This includes security fixes. (more pending)

Tested on NetBSD/amd64.

XXX pull-up to pkgsrc-2022Q2

8.2.4722  ending recording with mapping records too much
8.2.4723  the ModeChanged autocmd event is inefficient
8.2.4724  current instance of last search pattern not easily spotted
8.2.4725  unused variable in tiny build
8.2.4726  cannot use expand() to get the script name
8.2.4727  unused code
8.2.4728  no test that v:event cannot be modified
8.2.4729  HEEx and Surface templates do not need a separate filetype
8.2.4730  MS-Windows GUI: cannot use CTRL-/
8.2.4731  the changelist index is not remembered per buffer
8.2.4732  duplicate code to free fuzzy matches
8.2.4733  HEEx and Surface do need a separate filetype
8.2.4734  getcharpos() may change a mark position
8.2.4735  quickfix tests can be a bit hard to read
8.2.4736  build problem for Cygwin with Motif
8.2.4737  // in JavaScript string recognized as comment
8.2.4738  Esc on commandline executes command instead of abandoning it
8.2.4739  accessing freed memory after WinScrolled autocmd event
8.2.4740  when expand() fails there is no error message
8.2.4741  startup test fails
8.2.4742  there is no way to start logging very early in startup
8.2.4743  clang 14 is available on CI
8.2.4744  a terminal window can't use the bell
8.2.4745  using wrong flag for using bell in the terminal
8.2.4746  supercollider filetype not recognized
8.2.4747  no filetype override for .sys files
8.2.4748  cannot use an imported function in a mapping
8.2.4749  <script> is not expanded in autocmd context
8.2.4750  small pieces of dead code
8.2.4751  mapping <SID>name.Func does not work for autoload script
8.2.4752  wrong 'statusline' value can cause illegal memory access
8.2.4753  error from setting an option is silently ignored
8.2.4754  using cached values after unsetting some environment variables
8.2.4755  cannot use <SID>FuncRef in completion spec
8.2.4756  build error without the +eval feature
8.2.4757  list of libraries to suppress lsan errors is outdated
8.2.4758  when using an LSP channel want to get the message ID
8.2.4759  CurSearch highlight does not work for multi-line match
8.2.4760  using matchfuzzy() on a long list can take a while
8.2.4761  documentation for using LSP messages is incomplete
8.2.4762  using freed memory using synstack() and synID() in WinEnter
8.2.4763  using invalid pointer with "V:" in Ex mode
8.2.4764  CI uses an older gcc version
8.2.4765  function matchfuzzy() sorts too many items
8.2.4766  KRL files using "deffct" not recognized
8.2.4767  openscad files are not recognized
8.2.4768  CI: codecov upload sometimes does not work
8.2.4769  build warning with UCRT
8.2.4770  cannot easily mix expression and heredoc
8.2.4771  Coverity warns for not checking return value
8.2.4772  old Coverity warning for not checking ftell() return value
8.2.4773  build failure without the +eval feature
8.2.4774  crash when using a number for lambda name
8.2.4775  SpellBad highlighting does not work in Konsole
8.2.4776  GTK: 'lines' and 'columns' may change during startup
8.2.4777  screendump tests fail because of a redraw
8.2.4778  pacman files use dosini filetype
8.2.4779  lsan suppression is too version specific
8.2.4780  parsing an LSP message fails when it is split
8.2.4781  Maxima files are not recognized
8.2.4782  accessing freed memory
8.2.4783  Coverity warns for leaking memory
8.2.4784  lamba test with timer is flaky
8.2.4785  Visual mode not stopped if win_gotoid() goes to other buffer
8.2.4786  test for win_gotoid() in Visual mode fails on Mac
8.2.4787  prop_find() does not find the right property
8.2.4788  large payload for LSP message not tested
8.2.4789  cursor pos wrong when using :redraw while editing the cmdline
8.2.4790  lilypond filetype not recognized
8.2.4791  events triggered in different order when reusing buffer
8.2.4792  indent operator creates an undo entry for every line
8.2.4793  recognizing Maxima filetype even though it might be another
8.2.4794  compiler warning for not initialized variable
8.2.4795  'cursorbind' scrolling depends on whether 'cursorline' is set
8.2.4796  file left behind after running cursorline tests
8.2.4797  getwininfo() may get oudated values
8.2.4798  t_8u option was reset even when set by the user
8.2.4799  popup does not use correct topline
8.2.4800  missing test update for adjusted t_8u behavior
8.2.4801  fix for cursorbind fix not fully tested
8.2.4802  test is not cleaned up
8.2.4803  WinScrolled not always triggered when scrolling with mouse
8.2.4804  expression in heredoc doesn't work for compiled function
8.2.4805  CurSearch used for all matches in current line
8.2.4806  a mapping using <LeftDrag> does not start Select mode
8.2.4807  processing key eveints in Win32 GUI is not ideal
8.2.4808  unused item in engine struct
8.2.4809  various things not properly tested
8.2.4810  missing changes in one file
8.2.4811  Win32 GUI: caps lock doesn't work
8.2.4812  unused struct item
8.2.4813  pasting text while indent folding may mess up folds
8.2.4814  possible to leave a popup window with win_gotoid()
8.2.4815  cannot build with older GTK version
8.2.4816  still using older codecov app in some places of CI
8.2.4817  Win32 GUI: modifiers are not always used
8.2.4818  no test for what 8.2.4806 fixes
8.2.4819  unmapping simplified keys also deletes other mapping
8.2.4820  not simple programmatic way to find a specific mapping
8.2.4821  crash when imported autoload script was deleted
8.2.4822  setting ufunc to NULL twice
8.2.4823  concat more than 2 strings in :def function is inefficient
8.2.4824  expression is evaluated multiple times
8.2.4825  can only get a list of mappings
8.2.4826  .cshtml files are not recognized
8.2.4827  typo in variable name
8.2.4828  fix for unmapping simplified key not fully tested
8.2.4829  a key may be simplified to NUL
8.2.4830  possible endless loop if there is unused typahead
8.2.4831  crash when using maparg() and unmapping simplified keys
8.2.4832  passing zero instead of NULL to a pointer argument
8.2.4833  failure of mapping not checked for
8.2.4834  Vim9: some lines not covered by tests
8.2.4835  Vim9: some lines not covered by tests
8.2.4836  Vim9: some lines not covered by tests
8.2.4837  modifiers not simplified when timed out
8.2.4838  checking for absolute path is not trivial
8.2.4839  compiler warning for unused argument
8.2.4840  heredoc expression evaluated even when skipping
8.2.4841  empty string considered an error for expand()
8.2.4842  expand("%:p") is not empty when there is no buffer name
8.2.4843  treating CTRL + ALT as AltGr is not backwards compatible
8.2.4844  <C-S-I> is simplified to <S-Tab>
8.2.4845  duplicate code
8.2.4846  termcodes test fails
8.2.4847  crash when using uninitialized function pointer
8.2.4848  local completion with mappings and simplification not working
8.2.4849  Gleam filetype not detected
8.2.4850  mksession mixes up "tabpages" and "curdir" arguments
8.2.4851  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
8.2.4852  ANSI color index to RGB value not correct
8.2.4853  CI with FreeBSD is a bit outdated
8.2.4854  array size does not match usage
8.2.4855  robot files are not recognized
8.2.4856  MinGW compiler complains about unknown escape sequence
8.2.4857  Yaml indent for multiline is wrong
8.2.4858  K_SPECIAL may be escaped twice
8.2.4859  wget2 files are not recognized
8.2.4860  MS-Windows: always uses current directory for executables
8.2.4861  it is not easy to restore saved mappings
8.2.4862  Vim9: test may fail when run with valgrind
8.2.4863  accessing freed memory in test without the +channel feature
8.2.4864  Vim9: script test fails
8.2.4865  :startinsert right after :stopinsert may not work
8.2.4866  duplicate code in "get" functions
8.2.4867  listing of mapping with K_SPECIAL is wrong
8.2.4868  when closing help window autocmds triggered for wrong window
8.2.4869  expression in command block does not look after NL
8.2.4870  Vim9: expression in :substitute is not compiled
8.2.4871  Vim9: in :def function no error for misplaced range
8.2.4872  Vim9: no error for using an expression only
8.2.4873  Vim9: using "else" differs from using "endif/if !cond"
8.2.4874  Win32 GUI: horizontal scroll wheel not handled properly
8.2.4875  MS-Windows: some .exe files are not recognized
8.2.4876  MS-Windows: Shift-BS results in strange char in powershell
8.2.4877  MS-Windows: Wrongly using Normal colors for termguicolors
8.2.4878  valgrind warning for using uninitialized variable
8.2.4879  screendump test may fail when using valgrind
8.2.4880  Vim9: misplaced elseif causes invalid memory access
8.2.4881  "P" in Visual mode still changes some registers
8.2.4882  cannot make 'breakindent' use a specific column
8.2.4883  string interpolation only works in heredoc
8.2.4884  test fails without the job/channel feature
8.2.4885  test fails with the job/channel feature
8.2.4886  Vim9: redir in skipped block seen as assignment
8.2.4887  channel log does not show invoking a timer callback
8.2.4888  line number of lambda ignores line continuation
8.2.4889  CI only tests with FreeBSD 12
8.2.4890  inconsistent capitalization in error messages
8.2.4891  Vim help presentation could be better
8.2.4892  test failures because of changed error messages
8.2.4893  distributed import files are not installed
8.2.4894  MS-Windows: not using italics
8.2.4895  buffer overflow with invalid command with composing chars
8.2.4896  expression in command block does not look after NL
8.2.4897  comment inside an expression in lambda ignores the rest
8.2.4898  Coverity complains about pointer usage
8.2.4899  with latin1 encoding CTRL-W might go before the cmdline
8.2.4900  Vim9 expression test fails without the job feature
8.2.4901  NULL pointer access when using invalid pattern
8.2.4902  mouse wheel scrolling is inconsistent
8.2.4903  cannot get the current cmdline completion type and position
8.2.4904  codecov includes MS-Windows install files
8.2.4905  codecov includes MS-Windows install header file
8.2.4906  MS-Windows: cannot use transparent background
8.2.4907  some users do not want a line comment always inserted
8.2.4908  no text formatting for // comment after a statement
8.2.4909  MODE_ enum entries names are too generic
8.2.4910  imperfect coding
8.2.4911  the mode #defines are not clearly named
8.2.4912  using execute() to define a lambda doesn't work
8.2.4913  popup_hide() does not always have effect
8.2.4914  string interpolation in :def function may fail
8.2.4915  sometimes the cursor is in the wrong position
8.2.4916  mouse in Insert mode test fails
8.2.4917  fuzzy expansion of option names is not right
8.2.4918  conceal character from matchadd() displayed too many times
8.2.4919  can add invalid bytes with :spellgood
8.2.4920  MS-Windows GUI: unused variables
8.2.4921  spell test fails because of new illegal byte check
8.2.4922  mouse test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.4923  test checks for terminal feature unnecessarily
8.2.4924  maparg() may return a string that cannot be reused
8.2.4925  trailing backslash may cause reading past end of line
8.2.4926  #ifdef for crypt feature around too many lines
8.2.4927  return type of remove() incorrect when using three arguments
8.2.4928  various white space and cosmetic mistakes
8.2.4929  off-by-one error in in statusline item
8.2.4930  interpolated string expression requires escaping
8.2.4931  Crash with sequence of Perl commands
8.2.4932  not easy to filter the output of maplist()
8.2.4933  a few more capitalization mistakes in error messages
8.2.4934  string interpolation fails when not evaluating
8.2.4935  with 'foldmethod' "indent" some lines not included in fold
8.2.4936  MS-Windows: mouse coordinates for scroll event are wrong
8.2.4937  no test for what 8.2.4931 fixes
8.2.4938  crash when matching buffer with invalid pattern
8.2.4939  matchfuzzypos() with "matchseq" does not have all positions
8.2.4940  some code is never used
8.2.4941  '[ and '] marks may be wrong after undo
8.2.4942  error when setting 'filetype' in help file again
8.2.4943  changing 'switchbuf' may have no effect
8.2.4944  text properties are wrong after "cc"
8.2.4945  inconsistent use of white space
8.2.4946  Vim9: some code not covered by tests
8.2.4947  text properties not adjusted when accepting spell suggestion
8.2.4948  cannot use Perl heredoc in nested :def function
8.2.4949  Vim9: some code not covered by tests
8.2.4950  text properties position wrong after shifting text
8.2.4951  smart indenting done when not enabled
8.2.4952  GUI test will fail if color scheme changes
8.2.4953  with 'si' inserting '}' after completion goes wrong
8.2.4954  inserting line breaks text property spanning two lines
8.2.4955  text property in wrong position after auto-indent
8.2.4956  reading past end of line with "gf" in Visual block mode
8.2.4957  text properties in a wrong position after a block change
8.2.4958  a couple conditions are always true
8.2.4959  using NULL regexp program
8.2.4960  text properties that cross lines not updated for deleted line
8.2.4961  build error with a certain combination of features
8.2.4962  files show up in git status
8.2.4963  expanding path with "/**" may overrun end of buffer
8.2.4964  MS-Windows GUI: mouse event test is flaky
8.2.4965  GUI: testing mouse move event depends on screen cell size
8.2.4966  MS-Windows GUI: mouse event test gets extra event
8.2.4967  MS-Windows GUI: mouse event test sometimes fails
8.2.4968  reading past end of the line when C-indenting
8.2.4969  changing text in Visual mode may cause invalid memory access
8.2.4970  "eval 123" gives an error, "eval 'abc'" does not
8.2.4971  Vim9: interpolated string seen as range
8.2.4972  Vim9: compilation fails when using dict member when skipping
8.2.4973  Vim9: type error for list unpack mentions argument
8.2.4974  ":so" command may read after end of buffer
8.2.4975  recursive command line loop may cause a crash
8.2.4976  Coverity complains about not restoring a saved value
8.2.4977  memory access error when substitute expression changes window
8.2.4978  no error if engine selection atom is not at the start
8.2.4979  accessing freed memory when line is flushed
8.2.4980  when 'shortmess' contains 'A' loading session may still warn
8.2.4981  it is not possible to manipulate autocommands
8.2.4982  colors in terminal window are not 100% correct
8.2.4983  colors test fails in the GUI
8.2.4984  dragging statusline fails for window with winbar
8.2.4985  PVS warns for possible array underrun
8.2.4986  some github actions are outdated
8.2.4987  after deletion a small fold may be closable
8.2.4988  textprop in wrong position when replacing multi-byte chars
8.2.4989  cannot specify a function name for :defcompile
8.2.4990  memory leak when :defcompile fails
8.2.4991  no test for hwat patch 8.1.0535 fixes
8.2.4992  compiler warning for possibly uninitialized variable
8.2.4993  smart/C/lisp indenting is optional
8.2.4994  tests are using legacy functions
8.2.4995  still a compiler warning for possibly uninitialized variable
8.2.4996  setbufline() may change Visual selection
8.2.4997  Python: changing hidden buffer can cause display mess up
8.2.4998  Vim9: crash when using multiple funcref()
8.2.4999  filetype test table is not properly sorted
8.2.5000  no patch for documentation updates
8.2.5001  checking translations affects the search pattern history
8.2.5002  deletebufline() may change Visual selection
8.2.5003  cannot do bitwise shifts
8.2.5004  right shift on negative number does not work as documented
8.2.5005  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
8.2.5006  asan warns for undefined behavior
8.2.5007  spell suggestion may use uninitialized memory
8.2.5008  when 'formatoptions' contains "/" wrongly wrapping comment
8.2.5009  fold may not be closeable after appending
8.2.5010  the terminal debugger uses various global variables
8.2.5011  Replacing an autocommand requires several lines
8.2.5012  cannot select one character inside ()
8.2.5013  after text formatting cursor may be in an invalid position
8.2.5014  byte offsets are wrong when using text properties
8.2.5015  Hoon and Moonscript files are not recognized
8.2.5016  access before start of text with a put command
8.2.5017  gcc 12.1 warns for uninitialized variable
8.2.5018  Vim9: some code is not covered by tests
8.2.5019  cannot get the first screen column of a character
8.2.5020  using 'imstatusfunc' and 'imactivatefunc' breaks 'foldopen'
8.2.5021  build fails with normal features and +terminal
8.2.5022  'completefunc'/'omnifunc' error does not end completion
8.2.5023  substitute overwrites allocated buffer
8.2.5024  using freed memory with "]d"
8.2.5025  Vim9: a few lines not covered by tests
8.2.5026  Vim9: a few lines not covered by tests
8.2.5027  error for missing :endif when an exception was thrown
8.2.5028  syntax regexp matching can be slow
8.2.5029  "textlock" is always zero
8.2.5030  autocmd_add() can only handle one event and pattern
8.2.5031  cannot easily run the benchmarks
8.2.5032  Python 3 test fails without the GUI
8.2.5033  build error with +eval but without +quickfix
8.2.5034  there is no way to get the byte index from a virtual column
8.2.5035  when splitting a window the changelist position moves
8.2.5036  using two counters for timeout check in NFA engine
8.2.5037  cursor position may be invalid after "0;" range
8.2.5038  a finished terminal in a popup window does not show scrollbar
8.2.5039  confusing error if first argument of popup_create() is wrong
8.2.5040  scrollbar thumb in scrolled popup not visible
8.2.5041  cannot close a terminal popup with "NONE" job
8.2.5042  scrollbar thumb in tall scrolled popup not visible
8.2.5043  can open a cmdline window from a substitute expression
8.2.5044  command line test fails
8.2.5045  can escape a terminal popup window when the job is finished
8.2.5046  vim_regsub() can overwrite the destination
8.2.5047  CurSearch highlight is often wrong
8.2.5048  when using XIM the gui test may fail
8.2.5049  insufficient tests for autocommands
8.2.5050  using freed memory when searching for pattern in path
8.2.5051  check for autocmd_add() event argument is confusing
8.2.5052  CI checkout step title is a bit cryptic
8.2.5053  cannot have a comment halfway an expression in a block
8.2.5054  no good filetype for conf files similar to dosini
8.2.5055  statusline is not updated when terminal title changes
8.2.5056  the channel log only contains some of the raw terminal output
8.2.5057  using gettimeofday() for timeout is very inefficient
8.2.5058  input() does not handle composing characters properly
8.2.5059  autoconf 2.71 produces many obsolete warnings
8.2.5060  running configure fails
8.2.5061  C89 requires signal handlers to return void
8.2.5062  Coverity warns for dead code
8.2.5063  error for a command may go over the end of IObuff
8.2.5064  no test for what 8.1.0052 fixes
8.2.5065  wrong return type for main() in tee.c
8.2.5066  can specify multispace listchars only for whole line
8.2.5067  timer_create is not available on every Mac system
8.2.5068  gcc 12.1 warning when building tee
8.2.5069  various warnings from clang on MS-Windows
8.2.5070  unnecessary code
8.2.5071  with some Mac OS version clockid_t is redefined
8.2.5072  using uninitialized value and freed memory in spell command
8.2.5073  clang on MS-Windows produces warnings
8.2.5074  spell test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.5075  clang gives an out of bounds warning
8.2.5076  unnecessary code
8.2.5077  various warnings from clang on MS-Windows
8.2.5078  substitute test has a one second delay
8.2.5079  DirChanged autocommand may use freed memory
8.2.5080  when indenting gets out of hand it is hard to stop
8.2.5081  autocmd test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.5082  retab test fails
8.2.5083  autocmd test still fails on MS-Windows
8.2.5084  when the GUI shows a dialog tests get stuck
8.2.5085  gcc gives warning for signed/unsigned difference
8.2.5086  CI runs on Windows 2019
8.2.5087  cannot build with clang on MS-Windows
8.2.5088  value of cmod_verbose is a bit complicated to use
8.2.5089  some functions return a different value on failure
8.2.5090  MS-Windows: vim.def is no longer used
8.2.5091  terminal test fails with some shell commands
8.2.5092  using "'<,'>" in Ex mode may compare unrelated \ 
8.2.5093  error message for unknown command may have the command twice
8.2.5094  MS-Windows GUI: empty command may cause a dialog
8.2.5095  terminal test still fails with some shell commands
8.2.5096  terminal test still fails with some shell commands
8.2.5097  using uninitialized memory when using 'listchars'
8.2.5098  spelldump test sometimes hangs
8.2.5099  some terminal tests are not retried
8.2.5100  memory usage tests are not retried
8.2.5101  MS-Windows with MinGW: $CC may be "cc" instead of "gcc"
8.2.5102  interrupt not caught in test
8.2.5103  build fails with small features
8.2.5104  test hangs on MS-Windows
8.2.5105  test still hangs on MS-Windows
8.2.5106  default cmdwin mappings are re-mappable
8.2.5107  some callers of rettv_list_alloc() check for not OK
8.2.5108  retab test disabled because it hangs on MS-Windows
8.2.5109  mode not updated after CTRL-O CTRL-C in Insert mode
8.2.5110  icon filetype not recognized from the first line
8.2.5111  no test for --gui-dialog-file
8.2.5112  gui test hangs on MS-Windows
8.2.5113  timer becomes invalid after fork/exec, :gui gives errors
8.2.5114  time limit on searchpair() does not work properly
8.2.5115  search timeout is overrun with some patterns
8.2.5116  "limit" option of matchfuzzy() not always respected
8.2.5117  crash when calling a Lua callback from a :def function
8.2.5118  MS-Windows: sending a message to another Vim may hang
8.2.5119  CI uses cache v2
8.2.5120  searching for quotes may go over the end of the line
8.2.5121  interrupt test sometimes fails
8.2.5122  lisp indenting my run over the end of the line
8.2.5123  using invalid index when looking for spell suggestions
8.2.5124  when syntax timeout test fails it does not show the time
8.2.5125  MS-Windows: warnings from MinGW compiler
8.2.5126  substitute may overrun destination buffer
8.2.5127  using assert_true() does not show value on failure
8.2.5128  syntax disabled when using synID() in searchpair() skip expr
8.2.5129  timeout handling is not optimal
8.2.5130  edit test for mode message fails when using valgrind
8.2.5131  timeout implementation is not optimal
8.2.5132  :mkview test doesn't test much
8.2.5133  MacOS: build fails
8.2.5134  function has confusing name
8.2.5135  running configure gives warnings for main() return type
8.2.5136  debugger test fails when run with valgrind
8.2.5137  cannot build without the +channel feature
8.2.5138  various small issues
8.2.5139  TIME_WITH_SYS_TIME is no longer supported by autoconf
8.2.5140  seachpair timeout test is flaky
8.2.5141  using "volatile int" in a signal handler might be wrong
8.2.5142  startup test fails if there is a status bar
8.2.5143  some tests fail when using valgrind
8.2.5144  with 'lazyredraw' set completion menu may be wrong
8.2.5145  exit test causes spurious valgrind reports
8.2.5146  memory leak when substitute expression nests
8.2.5147  flaky test always fails on retry
8.2.5148  invalid memory access when using expression on command line
8.2.5149  cannot build without the +eval feature
8.2.5150  read past the end of the first line with ":0;'{"
8.2.5151  reading beyond the end of the line with lisp indenting
8.2.5152  search() gets stuck with "c" and skip evaluates to true
8.2.5153  "make uninstall" does not remove colors/lists
8.2.5154  still mentioning version8, some cosmetic issues
8.2.5155  in diff mode windows may get out of sync
8.2.5156  search timeout test often fails with FreeBSD
8.2.5157  MS-Windows GUI: CTRL-key combinations do not always work
8.2.5158  TSTP and INT signal tests are not run with valgrind
8.2.5159  fix for CTRL-key combinations causes problems
8.2.5160  accessing invalid memory after changing terminal size
8.2.5161  might still access invalid memory
8.2.5162  reading before the start of the line with BS in Replace mode
8.2.5163  crash when deleting buffers in diff mode
8.2.5164  invalid memory access after diff buffer manipulations
8.2.5165  import test fails because 'diffexpr' isn't reset
8.2.5166  test for DiffUpdated fails
8.2.5167  get(Fn, 'name') on funcref returns special byte code
8.2.5168  cannot build with Python 3.11
8.2.5169  nested :source may use NULL pointer
8.2.5170  tiny issues
8.2.5171  dependencies and proto files are outdated
8.2.5172  "make menu" still uses legacy script
   2022-06-28 13:38:00 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3952)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for perl 5.36
   2022-04-09 17:22:21 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 8.2.4721

8.2.4215  illegal memory access when copying lines in Visual mode
8.2.4216  Vim9: cannot use a function from an autoload import directly
8.2.4217  illegal memory access when undo makes Visual area invalid
8.2.4218  illegal memory access with bracketed paste in Ex mode
8.2.4219  reading before the start of the line
8.2.4220  MS-Windows: some old compiler support remains
8.2.4221  some functions in normal.c are very long
8.2.4222  MS-Windows: clumsy way to suppress progress on CI
8.2.4223  long/int compiler warnings; function arguments swapped
8.2.4224  Vim9: no error when using a number for map() second argument
8.2.4225  Vim9: depth argument of :lockvar not parsed in :def function
8.2.4226  filter-map test fails
8.2.4227  Vim9: using "lockvar!" in :def function does not work
8.2.4228  no tests for clicking in the GUI tabline
8.2.4229  possible crash when invoking timer callback fails
8.2.4230  MS-Windows: set_guifontwide() is included but won't work
8.2.4231  Vim9: map() gives type error when type was not declared
8.2.4232  some compilers don't like a goto label without statement
8.2.4233  crash when recording and using Select mode
8.2.4234  test_garbagecollect_now() does not check v:testing
8.2.4235  invalid check for NULL pointer
8.2.4236  accessing freed memory
8.2.4237  record buffer wrong if character in Select mode was not typed
8.2.4238  *.tf file could be fileytpe "tf" or "terraform"
8.2.4239  build fails with unusual configuration
8.2.4240  error for using flatten() in Vim9 script is unclear
8.2.4241  some type casts are redundant
8.2.4242  put in Visual mode cannot be repeated
8.2.4243  Lua tests fail with Lua 5.4.4
8.2.4244  MS-Windows: warning from MSVC on debug build
8.2.4245  ":retab 0" may cause illegal memory access
8.2.4246  one error message not in errors.h
8.2.4247  stack corruption when looking for spell suggestions
8.2.4248  no proper test for moving the window separator
8.2.4249  the timeout limit for spell suggestions is always 5000
8.2.4250  channel out callback test is flaky on Mac
8.2.4251  vala files are not recognized
8.2.4252  generating the normal command table at runtime is inefficient
8.2.4253  using freed memory when substitute with function call
8.2.4254  using short instead of int
8.2.4255  theoretical computation overflow
8.2.4256  MS-Windows: compiler warnings when compiled with /W4
8.2.4257  Vim9: finding global function without g: prefix inconsistent
8.2.4258  Coverity warns for array overrun
8.2.4259  number of test functions for GUI events is growing
8.2.4260  Vim9: can still use a global function without g:
8.2.4261  accessing invalid memory in a regular expression
8.2.4262  some search tests fail
8.2.4263  no test for the GUI find/replace dialog
8.2.4264  Vim9: can use old style autoload function name
8.2.4265  autoload tests fails
8.2.4266  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
8.2.4267  unused entry in keymap enum
8.2.4268  CI log output is long
8.2.4269  Coverity warns for using a NULL pointer
8.2.4270  generating nv_cmdidxs.h requires building Vim twice
8.2.4271  MS-Windows: cannot build with Ruby 3.1.0
8.2.4272  Vim9 expr test fails without the channel feature
8.2.4273  the EBCDIC support is outdated
8.2.4274  Basic and form filetype detection is incomplete
8.2.4275  cannot use an autoload function from a package under start
8.2.4276  separate test function for the GUI scrollbar
8.2.4277  Vim9: an import does not shadow a command modifier
8.2.4278  build with Athena GUI fails
8.2.4279  Vim9: cannot change item type with map() after range()
8.2.4280  list-dict test crashes
8.2.4281  using freed memory with :lopen and :bwipe
8.2.4282  restricted mode requires the -Z command line option
8.2.4283  using a variable for the return value is not needed
8.2.4284  old mac resources files are no longer used
8.2.4285  Vim9: type of item in for loop not checked properly
8.2.4286  Vim9: strict type checking after copy() and deepcopy()
8.2.4287  cannot assign empty list with type to variable with list type
8.2.4288  preprocessor indents are inconsistent
8.2.4289  warnings reported by MSVC
8.2.4290  MS-Windows: using type casts for timer IDs
8.2.4291  error number used twice
8.2.4292  test fails
8.2.4293  Vim9: when copying a list it gets type list<any>
8.2.4294  MS-Windows: #ifdefs for Cygwin are too complicated
8.2.4295  Vim9: concatenating two lists may result in wrong type
8.2.4296  Vim9: not all code covered by tests
8.2.4297  Vim9: not all code covered by tests
8.2.4298  divide by zero with huge tabstop value
8.2.4299  SafeState autocommand interferes with debugging
8.2.4300  cannot build tiny version
8.2.4301  Vim9: type error for copy of dict
8.2.4302  Vim9: return type of getline() is too strict
8.2.4303  a few messages should not be translated
8.2.4304  Vim9: slice() makes a copy but doesn't change the type
8.2.4305  tex filetype detection fails
8.2.4306  no test for fixed perl filetype check
8.2.4307  a few more messages should not be translated
8.2.4308  Vim9: cannot list autoload function
8.2.4309  Vim9: crash when using a partial in the wrong context
8.2.4310  Vim9: constant list and dict get a declaration type
8.2.4311  Vim9: changing script variable type not caught compile time
8.2.4312  no error for using :vim9script in a :def function
8.2.4313  Vim9: cannot change type of list after making a slice
8.2.4314  test fails where lines are skipped
8.2.4315  put in Visual mode not fully tested
8.2.4316  __CYGWIN32__ is not defined on 64 bit systems
8.2.4317  MS-Windows: Vim exits when Python 3 initialisation fails
8.2.4318  various comment and indent mistakes, returning wrong zero
8.2.4319  :put does not work properly in compiled function
8.2.4320  Athena and Motif: when maximized scrollbar position is wrong
8.2.4321  Vim9: crash when using a funcref to a closure
8.2.4322  Vim9: crash when using funcref with closure
8.2.4323  Vim9: nested function name can start with "_"
8.2.4324  Vim9: script-local function name can start with "_"
8.2.4325  'wildmenu' only shows few matches
8.2.4326  "o" and "O" copying comment not sufficiently tested
8.2.4327  may end up with no current buffer
8.2.4328  command line complete matches cleard when typing character
8.2.4329  no support for end line number and column in 'errorformat'
8.2.4330  Vim9: no error if script imports itself
8.2.4331  Vim9: no test for existing script variable in block
8.2.4332  Vim9: incomplete test for existing script variable in block
8.2.4333  cstack not always passed to where it is needed
8.2.4334  command line popup menu not positioned correctly
8.2.4335  no autocommand event triggered before changing directory
8.2.4336  using :filter for :scriptnames does not work
8.2.4337  part of condition is always true
8.2.4338  an error from an expression mapping messes up the display
8.2.4339  CTRL-A does not work properly with the cmdline popup menu
8.2.4340  Amiga: mch_can_exe() is not implemented
8.2.4341  command line not redrawn when finishing popup menu
8.2.4342  CI will soon switch to other windows version
8.2.4343  when reloading not all properties are detected
8.2.4344  Amiga: header file included twice
8.2.4345  <amatch> is expanded like a file name for DirChangedPre
8.2.4346  a custom statusline may cause Esc to work like Enter
8.2.4347  in some build setups UNUSED is not defined
8.2.4348  "legacy exe cmd" does not do what one would expect
8.2.4349  FileChangedShell test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.4350  FEAT_GUI_ENABLED defined but never used
8.2.4351  no coverage is measured on MS-Windows CI
8.2.4352  ReScript files are not recognized
8.2.4353  CI does not use the latest Lua and Python
8.2.4354  dynamic loading of libsodium not handled properly
8.2.4355  unnecessary call to check_colorcolumn()
8.2.4356  command line completion functions are very long
8.2.4357  sticky command modifiers are too sticky
8.2.4358  Vim9: line number of exception is not set
8.2.4359  crash when repeatedly using :retab
8.2.4360  Vim9: allowing use of "s:" leads to inconsistencies
8.2.4361  Vim9: some tests fail
8.2.4362  :retab may allocate too much memory
8.2.4363  MS-Windows: running out of memory for a very long line
8.2.4364  MS-Windows: still running out of memory for a very long line
8.2.4365  sticky command modifiers are too sticky
8.2.4366  not enough tests for command line completion
8.2.4367  calling in_vim9script() multiple times
8.2.4368  Amiga: a few compiler warnings
8.2.4369  redundant #ifdef argument
8.2.4370  MS-Windows: libsodium.dll not included with the installer
8.2.4371  Vim9: can create a script variable from a legacy function
8.2.4372  filetype detection from file contents is in legacy script
8.2.4373  expression test fails
8.2.4374  unreachable code
8.2.4375  ctx_imports is not used
8.2.4376  not enough tests for command line completion
8.2.4377  CI steps for Windows are a bit unorganized
8.2.4378  incsearch HL broken when calling searchcount in 'tabLine'
8.2.4379  an empty change is reported to a listener
8.2.4380  small differences between Chinese translation files
8.2.4381  translation file listed twice
8.2.4382  a custom 'tabline' may cause Esc to work like Enter
8.2.4383  Vim9: unused code lines
8.2.4384  Vim9: error message not tested, some code not tested
8.2.4385  cannot build tiny version
8.2.4386  still cannot build tiny version
8.2.4387  command line completion doesn't always work properly
8.2.4388  dead code in op_insert()
8.2.4389  screenpos() does not handle a position in a closed fold
8.2.4390  Vim9: list from declaration with inferred type not set
8.2.4391  command line executed when typing Esc in the GUI
8.2.4392  MS-Windows with VIMDLL: Escaping CSI is wrong
8.2.4393  possible number overflow with nested folds
8.2.4394  UTF8 select mode test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.4395  some code lines not covered by tests
8.2.4396  Python3 test fails
8.2.4397  crash when using many composing characters in error message
8.2.4398  some command completion functions are too long
8.2.4399  crash after ml_get error
8.2.4400  MS-Windows: cannot use the mouse in the console with VIMDLL
8.2.4401  map listing does not clear the rest of the command line
8.2.4402  missing parenthesis may cause unexpected problems
8.2.4403  ml_get error with nested folds and deleting lines
8.2.4404  Vim9: some code not covered by tests
8.2.4405  compiler warning for unused variable without +folding
8.2.4406  expand functions use confusing argument names
8.2.4407  Vim9: some code not covered by tests
8.2.4408  Vim9: some code not covered by tests
8.2.4409  Vim9: some code not covered by tests
8.2.4410  Vim9: some code not covered by tests
8.2.4411  bicep files are not recognized
8.2.4412  translation cleanup script does not remove empty lines at end
8.2.4413  Vim9: Coverity warns for using NULL pointer
8.2.4414  solidity files are not recognized
8.2.4415  function argument name conflicts with C++ keyword
8.2.4416  Vim9: using a script-local function requires using "s:"
8.2.4417  using NULL pointer
8.2.4418  crash when using special multi-byte character
8.2.4419  illegal memory access when using 20 highlights
8.2.4420  menu translations are inconsistent
8.2.4421  some installed files and directories have wrong permissions
8.2.4422  autochdir test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.4423  "make nvcmdidxs" fails
8.2.4424  ".gts" and ".gjs" files are not recognized
8.2.4425  map() function does not check function arguments
8.2.4426  map() function on string and blob does not check types
8.2.4427  getchar() may return modifiers if no character is available
8.2.4428  crash when switching tabpage while in the cmdline window
8.2.4429  using script-local function from the wrong script
8.2.4430  GTK: crash when using 'guiligatures' and reading from stdin
8.2.4431  unnecessary condition when assigning to a variable
8.2.4432  cannot use settabvar() while the cmdline window is open
8.2.4433  CI: cannot see interface versions for MS-Windows
8.2.4434  duplicate check for cmdline window
8.2.4435  dead code in checking map() arguments
8.2.4436  crash with weird 'vartabstop' value
8.2.4437  vartabs test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.4438  crash on exit when using cmdline window
8.2.4439  accepting "iso8859" 'encoding' as "iso-8859-"
8.2.4440  crash with specific regexp pattern and string
8.2.4441  Vim9: function argument of filter() not checked like map()
8.2.4442  test for error reading input fails on MS-Windows
8.2.4443  regexp pattern test fails on Mac
8.2.4444  beep caused by test
8.2.4445  exit test fails on MS-Windows anyway
8.2.4446  Vim9: cannot refer to a global function like a local one
8.2.4447  Vim9: can still use s:var in a compiled function
8.2.4448  filetype detection is failing
8.2.4449  Vim9: function argument of sort() not checked at compile time
8.2.4450  list sort test fails
8.2.4451  sort() fails when ignoring case
8.2.4452  test for what 8.2.4436 fixes does not check for regression
8.2.4453  :helpgrep may free an option that was not allocated
8.2.4454  resetting cmdwin_type only for one situation
8.2.4455  accepting one and zero for second sort() argument is strange
8.2.4456  terminal test may fail on some machines
8.2.4457  the GPM library can only be linked statically
8.2.4458  Vim9: compiling filter() call fails with unknown arguments
8.2.4459  Vim9: compiling sort() call fails with unknown arguments
8.2.4460  Vim9: wrong error for defining dict function
8.2.4461  MS-Windows: garbage characters on stdout with VIMDLL
8.2.4462  not enough testing for quickfix code
8.2.4463  completion only uses strict matching
8.2.4464  Dtrace files are recognized as filetype D
8.2.4465  fuzzy completion does not order matches properly
8.2.4466  MS-Windows: illegal memory access in installer
8.2.4467  running filetype test leaves file behind
8.2.4468  Coverity warns for uninitialized struct member
8.2.4469  Coverity warns for uninitialized variable
8.2.4470  Coverity warns for uninitialized variable
8.2.4471  Coverity warns for uninitialized variable
8.2.4472  Coverity warns for use of a freed function name
8.2.4473  Coverity warnds for not checking return value of ftell()
8.2.4474  memory allocation failures not tested in quickfix code
8.2.4475  fuzzy cmdline completion does not work for lower case
8.2.4476  operator name spelled wrong
8.2.4477  crash when using fuzzy completion
8.2.4478  crash when using fuzzy completion
8.2.4479  no fuzzy completieon for maps and abbreviations
8.2.4480  suspending with CTRL-Z does not work on Android
8.2.4481  cmdline popup menu not removed when 'lazyredraw' is set
8.2.4482  no fuzzy cmdline completion for user defined completion
8.2.4483  command completion makes two rounds to collect matches
8.2.4484  Vim9: some error messages are not tested
8.2.4485  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
8.2.4486  MS-Windows GUI: slow scrolling with maximized window
8.2.4487  Vim9: cannot compare with v:null
8.2.4488  build error with +eval but without +channel or +job
8.2.4489  failing test for comparing v:null with number
8.2.4490  terminal focus reporting only works for xterm-like terminals
8.2.4491  MS-Windows makefile dependencies are outdated
8.2.4492  no error if an option is given a value with ":let &opt = val"
8.2.4493  options test fails in the GUI
8.2.4494  the find_tags() function is much too long
8.2.4495  help test fails in 24 line terminal
8.2.4496  Coverity gives warnings after tags code refactoring
8.2.4497  wrong color for half of wide character next to pum scrollbar
8.2.4498  using <Plug> with "noremap" does not work
8.2.4499  Vim9: at the script level declarations leak to next block
8.2.4500  Vim9: can declare a global variable on the command line
8.2.4501  with 'showbreak' set cursor displayed in wrong position
8.2.4502  in the GUI a modifier is not recognized after CTRL-X
8.2.4503  Vim9: there is no point in supporting :Print and :mode
8.2.4504  when there is a partially matching map full map may not work
8.2.4505  Vim9: outdated "autocmd nested" still works
8.2.4506  "pattern not found" for :global is not an error message
8.2.4507  test fails because of new error message
8.2.4508  Vim9: cannot assign to a global variable on the command line
8.2.4509  Vim9: can declare a variable with ":va"
8.2.4510  Vim9: shortening commands leads to confusing script
8.2.4511  filetype test fails
8.2.4512  the find_tags_in_file() function is much too long
8.2.4513  window-local directory is not applied if 'acd' fails
8.2.4514  Vim9: some flow commands can be shortened
8.2.4515  old subsitute syntax is still supported
8.2.4516  build failure without the +eval feature
8.2.4517  MS-Windows: cannot specify location of sodium library
8.2.4518  the binary tag search feature is always enabled
8.2.4519  Vim9: Can still use ":fini" and ":finis" for \ 
8.2.4520  using wrong highlight for cursor line number
8.2.4521  build failure without the +diff feature
8.2.4522  GUI test fails with Motif
8.2.4523  when gvim is started maximized the 'window' option isn't set
8.2.4524  MS-Windows: cannot build with some sodium libraries
8.2.4525  some GUI tests don't work on Athena
8.2.4526  Vim9: cannot set variables to a null value
8.2.4527  the Athena GUI is old and does not work well
8.2.4528  crash when using null_function for a partial
8.2.4529  Vim9: comparing partial with function fails
8.2.4530  making comparison with null work changes legacy behavior
8.2.4531  LGTM warnings for condition and buffer size
8.2.4532  suspending with CTRL-Z does not work on OpenBSD
8.2.4533  Vim9: no test that after assigning null type is still checked
8.2.4534  Vim9: "is" operator with empty string and null returns true
8.2.4535  filename modifer ":8" removes the filename
8.2.4536  debugger test fails when breaking on expression
8.2.4537  output from linter and language server shows up in git
8.2.4538  the find_tags_in_file() function is too long
8.2.4539  when comparing special v:none and v:null are handled the same
8.2.4540  line number for error is off by one
8.2.4541  Crash in debugger when a variable is not available
8.2.4542  Vim9: "break" inside try/catch not handled correctly
8.2.4543  Coverity warning for refactored tag search code
8.2.4544  Coverity warnings for not using returned value
8.2.4545  MS-Windows: the installed icon is low resolution
8.2.4546  duplicate #undef
8.2.4547  the neXTaw GUI is old and does not work well
8.2.4548  script-local function is deleted when used in a funcref
8.2.4549  cannot build with Motif and editres
8.2.4550  Motif: cannot set the color of the scrollbar thumb
8.2.4551  when mapping <Esc> terminal codes are not recognized
8.2.4552  in a :def function "put = expr" does not work
8.2.4553  linear tag search is a bit slow
8.2.4554  Vim9: using null values not sufficiently tested
8.2.4555  getmousepos() returns the wrong column
8.2.4556  test fails without the +job or +channel feature
8.2.4557  confusing comment about 'cursorlineopt'
8.2.4558  Motif: using default colors does not work as expected
8.2.4559  getmousepos() returns the screen column
8.2.4560  suspending with CTRL-Z does not work on DragonFlyBSD
8.2.4561  build failure with some combination of features
8.2.4562  linear tag search is not optimal
8.2.4563  "z=" in Visual mode may go beyond the end of the line
8.2.4564  running test leaves file behind
8.2.4565  no command line completion for :breakadd and :breakdel
8.2.4566  check for existing buffer in session file may not work
8.2.4567  bracketed paste doesn't work well in Visual linewise mode
8.2.4568  getmousepos() does not compute the column below the last line
8.2.4569  Coverity warning for not using a return value
8.2.4570  no command line completion for :profile and :profdel
8.2.4571  not all gdb files are recognized
8.2.4572  Vim9: return type "any" is changed to first returned type
8.2.4573  a nested function is compiled for debugging without context
8.2.4574  Vim9: test for profiling fails
8.2.4575  Vim9: test for profiling still fails
8.2.4576  Vim9: error for comparing with null can be annoying
8.2.4577  message test is flaky
8.2.4578  no warning when autoload script for completion has an error
8.2.4579  cannot use page-up and page-down in the cmdline popup menu
8.2.4580  Vim9: incorrect error for shadowing variable
8.2.4581  null types not fully tested
8.2.4582  useless code handling a type declaration
8.2.4583  screendump test fails
8.2.4584  error for using autoload function in custom completion
8.2.4585  cannot use keypad page-up/down for completion menu
8.2.4586  Vim9: no error for using lower case name for "func" argument
8.2.4587  Vim9: double free after unpacking a list
8.2.4588  mapping with key after other matching mapping does not work
8.2.4589  cannot index the g: dictionary
8.2.4590  Vim9: range type check has wrong offset
8.2.4591  cursor line not updated when a callback moves the cursor
8.2.4592  search continues after giving E1204
8.2.4593  unnecessary call to redraw_later()
8.2.4594  need to write script to a file to be able to source them
8.2.4595  X11: using --remote-wait may keep the CPU busy
8.2.4596  installing tutor binary may fail
8.2.4597  LuaV_debug() not covered by tests
8.2.4598  profile completion test sometimes fails
8.2.4599  GTK: get assertion errors when scrolling a split window
8.2.4600  Vim9: not enough test coverage for executing :def function
8.2.4601  Vim9: not enough test coverage for executing :def function
8.2.4602  Vim9: not enough test coverage for executing :def function
8.2.4603  sourcing buffer lines is too complicated
8.2.4604  error for redefining a script item may be confusing
8.2.4605  error for arguments when +clientserver feature not included
8.2.4606  test fails because of changed error message
8.2.4607  sourcing buffer lines may lead to errors for conflicts
8.2.4608  getcompletion() does not work when 'wildoptions' has "fuzzy"
8.2.4609  :unhide does not check for failing to close a window
8.2.4610  some conditions are always true
8.2.4611  typos in tests; one lua line not covered by test
8.2.4612  Vim9: cannot use a recursive call in a nested function
8.2.4613  return type of swapfile_unchanged() is wrong
8.2.4614  redrawing too much when 'cursorline' is set
8.2.4615  mapping with escaped bar does not work in :def function
8.2.4616  Vim9: Declarations in a {} block of a user command remain
8.2.4617  no completion for :scriptnames
8.2.4618  cmdline completion does not recognize single letter commands
8.2.4619  mapping is cancelled when mouse moves and popup is visible
8.2.4620  two letter substitute commands don't work
8.2.4621  crash when using the tabline right-click menu
8.2.4622  Vim9: crash with :execute and :finish
8.2.4623  Coverity warns for using uninitialized field
8.2.4624  old Coverity warning for resource leak
8.2.4625  old Coverity warning for resource leak
8.2.4626  Visual area not updated when removing sign in Visual mode
8.2.4627  flatten() does not use maxdepth correctly
8.2.4628  not enough testing for 2/3 letter substitute commands
8.2.4629  flattennew() makes a deep copy unnecessarily
8.2.4630  'cursorline' not always updated with 'culopt' is "screenline"
8.2.4631  crash when switching window in BufWipeout autocommand
8.2.4632  using freed memory in flatten()
8.2.4633  Visual range does not work before command modifiers
8.2.4634  Vim9: cannot initialize a variable to null_list
8.2.4635  tests using null list or dict fail
8.2.4636  not using Visual range
8.2.4637  warning for using uninitialized variable
8.2.4638  superfluous check if a redraw is needed for 'cursorline'
8.2.4639  not sufficient parenthesis in preprocessor macros
8.2.4640  some boolean options use "long" instead of "int"
8.2.4641  may mark the wrong window for redrawing
8.2.4642  Vim9: in :def function script var cannot be null
8.2.4643  Vim9: variable may be locked unintentionally
8.2.4644  redrawing too often when 'relativenumber' is set
8.2.4645  'shortmess' changed when session does not store options
8.2.4646  using buffer line after it has been freed
8.2.4647  "source" can read past end of copied line
8.2.4648  handling LSP messages is a bit slow
8.2.4649  various formatting problems
8.2.4650  "import autoload" only works with using 'runtimepath'
8.2.4651  test fails because path differs
8.2.4652  leaking memory if assignment fails
8.2.4653  "import autoload" does not check the file name
8.2.4654  missing changes for import check
8.2.4655  cmdline completion popup menu positioned wrong
8.2.4656  Vim9: can't use item from "import autoload" with autoload dir
8.2.4657  errors for functions are sometimes hard to read
8.2.4658  org-mode files are not recognized
8.2.4659  invalid memory access when using printable function name
8.2.4660  cursorcolumn is sometimes not correct
8.2.4661  Coverity warning for using uninitialized variable
8.2.4662  no error for using out of range list index
8.2.4663  occasional crash when running the GUI tests
8.2.4664  Elvish files are not recognized
8.2.4665  popup with "minwidth" and scrollbar not updated properly
8.2.4666  Vim9: assignment not recognized in skipped block
8.2.4667  expandcmd() fails on an error
8.2.4668  buffer allocation failures insufficiently tested
8.2.4669  in compiled code len('string') is not inlined
8.2.4670  memory allocation failures for new tab page not tested
8.2.4671  'wildignorecase' is sometimes not used for glob()
8.2.4672  using :normal with Ex mode may make :substitute hang
8.2.4673  redrawing a split window is slow when using CTRL-F and CTRL-B
8.2.4674  cannot force getting MouseMove events
8.2.4675  no error for missing expression after :elseif
8.2.4676  test fails with different error
8.2.4677  the Athena GUI support is outdated
8.2.4678  Vim9: not all code is tested
8.2.4679  cannot have expandcmd() give an error message for mistakes
8.2.4680  build failure without +postscript
8.2.4681  build fails with a combination of features
8.2.4682  Vim9: can use :unlockvar for const variable
8.2.4683  verbose check with dict_find() to see if a key is present
8.2.4684  cannot open a channel on a Unix domain socket
8.2.4685  when a swap file is found for a popup there is no dialog
8.2.4686  configure doesn't find the Motif library with Cygwin
8.2.4687  "vimgrep /\%v/ *" may cause a crash
8.2.4688  new regexp engine does not give an error for "\%v"
8.2.4689  using <Cmd> in a mapping does not work for mouse keys
8.2.4690  channel tests fail on MS-Windows
8.2.4691  solution for <Cmd> in a mapping causes trouble
8.2.4692  no test for what 8.2.4691 fixes
8.2.4693  new regexp does not accept pattern "\%>0v"
8.2.4694  avoidance of #elif causes more preproc nesting
8.2.4695  JSON encoding could be faster
8.2.4696  delete() with "rf" argument does not report a failure
8.2.4697  Vim9: crash when adding a duplicate key to a dictionary
8.2.4698  Vim9: script variable has no flag that it was set
8.2.4699  hard to reproduce hang when reading from a channel
8.2.4700  buffer remains active if WinClosed event throws an exception
8.2.4701  Kuka Robot Language files not recognized
8.2.4702  C++ scope labels are hard-coded
8.2.4703  memory leak in handling 'cinscopedecls'
8.2.4704  using "else" after return or break increases indent
8.2.4705  jump list marker disappears
8.2.4706  buffer remains active with WinClosed and tabpages
8.2.4707  redrawing could be a bit more efficient
8.2.4708  PHP test files are not recognized
8.2.4709  after :redraw the statusline highlight might be used
8.2.4710  smart indenting does not work after completion
8.2.4711  when 'insermode' is set :edit from <Cmd> mapping misbehaves
8.2.4712  only get profiling information after exiting
8.2.4713  plugins cannot track text scrolling
8.2.4714  using g:filetype_dat and g:filetype_src not tested
8.2.4715  Vagrantfile not recognized
8.2.4716  memory allocation failure not tested when defining a function
8.2.4717  for TextYankPost v:event does not contain all information
8.2.4718  @@@ in the last line sometimes drawn in the wrong place
8.2.4719  ">" marker sometimes not displayed in the jumplist
8.2.4720  ABB Rapid files are not recognized properly
8.2.4721  cooklang files are not recognized
   2022-01-25 14:46:34 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Update to patchlevel 8.2.4214. Based on PR 56621 from Vladimir Stupin

8.2.3900  it is not easy to use a script-local function for an option
8.2.3901  Vim9: Cannot set 'cpo' in main .vimrc if using Vim9 script
8.2.3902  Vim9: double free with nested :def function
8.2.3903  "gM" does not count tabs as expected
8.2.3904  Vim9: skip expression type is not checked at compile time
8.2.3905  Dockerfile using prefix name not recognized
8.2.3906  Vim9 help still contains "under development" warnings
8.2.3907  error messages are spread out
8.2.3908  cannot use a script-local function for 'foldtext'
8.2.3909  Containerfile using prefix name not recognized
8.2.3910  when compare function of sort() fails it does not abort
8.2.3911  Vim9: type check for filter() does not accept unknown
8.2.3912  the ins_complete() function is much too long
8.2.3913  help for expressions does not mention Vim9 syntax
8.2.3914  various spelling mistakes in comments
8.2.3915  illegal memory access when completing with invalid bytes
8.2.3916  no error for passing an invalid line number to append()
8.2.3917  the eval.txt help file is way too big
8.2.3918  function list test fails
8.2.3919  Vim9: wrong argument for append() results in two errors
8.2.3920  restoring directory after using another window is inefficient
8.2.3921  the way xdiff is used is inefficient
8.2.3922  cannot build with dynamic Ruby 3.1
8.2.3923  Vim9: double free with split argument list in nested function
8.2.3924  Vim9: no error if something follows :enddef
8.2.3925  diff mode confused by NUL bytes
8.2.3926  build failure without the 'autochdir' option
8.2.3927  Vim9: double free when using lambda
8.2.3928  heredoc test fails
8.2.3929  using unititialized variable
8.2.3930  getcmdline() argument has a misleading type
8.2.3931  Coverity reports a memory leak
8.2.3932  C line comment not formatted properly
8.2.3933  after ":cd" fails ":cd -" is incorrect
8.2.3934  repeating line comment is undesired for "O" command
8.2.3935  CTRL-U in Insert mode does not fix the indent
8.2.3936  no proper test for maintaining change mark in diff mode
8.2.3937  Insert mode completion function is too long
8.2.3938  line comment start is also found in a string
8.2.3939  MS-Windows: fnamemodify('', ':p') does not work
8.2.3940  match highlight disappears when doing incsearch for ":s/pat"
8.2.3941  SIGTSTP is not handled
8.2.3942  Coverity reports a possible memory leak
8.2.3943  compiler warning from gcc for uninitialized variable
8.2.3944  insert mode completion functions are too long
8.2.3945  Vim9: partial variable argument types are wrong
8.2.3946  when an internal error makes Vim exit the error is not seen
8.2.3947  unnecessary check for NULL pointer
8.2.3948  Vim9: failure with partial with unknown argument count
8.2.3949  using freed memory with /\%V
8.2.3950  going beyond the end of the line with /\%V
8.2.3951  Vim9: memory leak when text after a nested function
8.2.3952  first line not redrawn when adding lines to an empty buffer
8.2.3953  insert completion code is too complicated
8.2.3954  Vim9: no error for shadowing if script var is declared later
8.2.3955  error messages are spread out
8.2.3956  duplicate assignment
8.2.3957  error messages are spread out
8.2.3958  build failure compiling xxd with "-std=c2x"
8.2.3959  error messages are spread out
8.2.3960  error messages are spread out
8.2.3961  error messages are spread out
8.2.3962  build fails for missing error message
8.2.3963  build failure with tiny and small features
8.2.3964  some common lisp and scheme files not recognized
8.2.3965  Vim9: no easy way to check if Vim9 script is supported
8.2.3966  when using feedkeys() abbreviations may be blocked
8.2.3967  error messages are spread out
8.2.3968  build failure
8.2.3969  value of MAXCOL not available in Vim script
8.2.3970  error messages are spread out
8.2.3971  build fails
8.2.3972  error messages are spread out
8.2.3973  tiny build fails
8.2.3974  Vim9: LISTAPPEND instruction does not check for a locked list
8.2.3975  error messages are spread out
8.2.3976  FEARG_LAST is never used
8.2.3977  error messages are spread out
8.2.3978  build error when using dynamycally loaded Python 3
8.2.3979  Vim9: the feature is not mentioned in the right places
8.2.3980  if 'operatorfunc' invokes an operator Visual mode is changed
8.2.3981  Vim9: debugging a for loop doesn't stop before it starts
8.2.3982  some lines of code not covered by tests
8.2.3983  error messages are spread out
8.2.3984  debugger test fails
8.2.3985  error messages are spread out
8.2.3986  error messages are spread out
8.2.3987  error messages are spread out
8.2.3988  tiny build fails
8.2.3989  some insert completion code is not tested
8.2.3990  testing wrong operator
8.2.3991  Vim9: error when extending dict<any>
8.2.3992  wrong local-additions in the help with language mix
8.2.3993  when recording a change in Select mode char appears twice
8.2.3994  Vim9: extend() complains about type when it was not declared
8.2.3995  not all sshconfig files are detected as such
8.2.3996  Vim9: type checking lacks information about declared type
8.2.3997  Vim9: not enough testing for extend() and map()
8.2.3998  asan error for adding zero to NULL
8.2.3999  redundant check for NUL byte
8.2.4000  Coverity warns for checking for NULL pointer after using it
8.2.4001  insert complete code uses global variables
8.2.4002  first char typed in Select mode can be wrong
8.2.4003  error messages are spread out
8.2.4004  old compiler complains about struct init with variable
8.2.4005  error messages are spread out
8.2.4006  Vim9: crash when declaring variable on the command line
8.2.4007  session does not restore help buffer properly
8.2.4008  error messages are spread out
8.2.4009  reading one byte beyond the end of the line
8.2.4010  error messages are spread out
8.2.4011  test fails because of changed error number
8.2.4012  error messages are spread out
8.2.4013  build failure without the spell feature
8.2.4014  git and gitcommit file types not properly recognized
8.2.4015  build failure with tiny features
8.2.4016  Vim9: incorrect error for argument that is shadowing var
8.2.4017  gcc warns for misleading indent in Athena menu code
8.2.4018  ml_get error when win_execute redraws with Visual selection
8.2.4019  Vim9: import mechanism is too complicated
8.2.4020  debugger test fails
8.2.4021  missing part of the :import changes
8.2.4022  two error messages in the wrong file
8.2.4023  using uninitialized variable
8.2.4024  confusing error message if imported name is used directly
8.2.4025  error for import not ending in .vim does not work for .vimrc
8.2.4026  ml_get error with specific win_execute() command
8.2.4027  import test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.4028  ml_get error with :doautoall and Visual area
8.2.4029  debugging NFA regexp my crash, cached indent may be wrong
8.2.4030  a script local funcref is not found from a mapping
8.2.4031  crash in xterm with only two lines
8.2.4032  ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN is not needed
8.2.4033  running filetype tests leaves directory behind
8.2.4034  Coverity warns for possibly using a NULL pointer
8.2.4035  timer triggered at the debug prompt may cause trouble
8.2.4036  Vim9: script test file is getting too long
8.2.4037  Insert mode completion is insufficiently tested
8.2.4038  various code not used when features are disabled
8.2.4039  the xdiff library is linked in even when not used
8.2.4040  keeping track of allocated lines is too complicated
8.2.4041  using unitialized pointer
8.2.4042  Vim9: build error
8.2.4043  using int for second argument of ga_init2()
8.2.4044  Vim9: no error when importing the same script twice
8.2.4045  some global functions are only used in one file
8.2.4046  some error messages not in the right place
8.2.4047  depending on the build features error messages are unused
8.2.4048  gcc complains about use of "%p" in printf
8.2.4049  Vim9: reading before the start of the line with "$"
8.2.4050  Vim9: need to prefix every item in an autoload script
8.2.4051  compiler complains about possibly uninitialized variable
8.2.4052  not easy to resize a window from a plugin
8.2.4053  Vim9: autoload mechanism doesn't fully work yet
8.2.4054  Vim9 script test fails
8.2.4055  Vim9: line break in expression causes v:errmsg to be filled
8.2.4056  Vim9: memory leak when exporting function in autoload script
8.2.4057  Vim9: not fully implementing the autoload mechanism
8.2.4058  Vim9: import test failure in wrong line
8.2.4059  Vim9: an expression of a map cannot access script-local items
8.2.4060  win_execute() slow on systems where getcwd()/chdir() is slow
8.2.4061  codecov bash script is deprecated
8.2.4062  match highlighting of tab too short
8.2.4063  Vim9: exported function in autoload script not found
8.2.4064  foam files are not detected
8.2.4065  computation overflow with large count for :yank
8.2.4066  Vim9: imported autoload script loaded again
8.2.4067  Vim9: cannot call imported function with :call
8.2.4068  Vim9: import test fails
8.2.4069  Vim9: import test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.4070  using uninitialized memory when reading empty file
8.2.4071  Vim9: no detection of return in try/endtry
8.2.4072  Vim9: compiling function fails when autoload is not loaded
8.2.4073  Coverity warns for using NULL pointer
8.2.4074  going over the end of NameBuff
8.2.4075  test failures
8.2.4076  memory leak in autoload import
8.2.4077  not all Libsensors files are recognized
8.2.4078  terminal test for current directory not used on FreeBSD
8.2.4079  MS-Windows: "gvim --version" didn't work with VIMDLL
8.2.4080  not sufficient test coverage for xxd
8.2.4081  CodeQL reports problem in if_cscope causing it to fail
8.2.4082  check for autoload file name and prefix fails
8.2.4083  Vim9: no test for "vim9script autoload' using script variable
8.2.4084  memory leak when looking for autoload prefixed variable
8.2.4085  Vim9: no test for using import in legacy script
8.2.4086  "cctx" argument of find_func_even_dead() is unused
8.2.4087  cannot test items from an autoload script easily
8.2.4088  xxd cannot output everything in one line
8.2.4089  terminal test for current directory fails on FreeBSD
8.2.4090  after restoring a session buffer order can be quite different
8.2.4091  virtcol is recomputed for statusline unnecessarily
8.2.4092  MacOS CI: unnecessarily doing "Install packages"
8.2.4093  cached breakindent values not initialized properly
8.2.4094  'virtualedit' is window-local but using buffer-local enum
8.2.4095  sed script not recognized by the first line
8.2.4096  Linux CI: unnecessarily installing packages
8.2.4097  wrong number in error message on 32 bit system
8.2.4098  typing "interrupt" at debug prompt may keep exception around
8.2.4099  Vim9: cannot use Vim9 syntax in mapping
8.2.4100  early return when getting the 'formatlistpat' value
8.2.4101  warning for unused argument in tiny version
8.2.4102  Vim9: import cannot be used after method
8.2.4103  Vim9: variable declared in for loop not initialzed
8.2.4104  Vim9: lower casing the autoload prefix causes problems
8.2.4105  translation related comment in the wrong place
8.2.4106  going over the end of the w_lines array
8.2.4107  script context not restored after using <ScriptCmd>
8.2.4108  going over the end of the w_lines array
8.2.4109  MS-Windows: high dpi support is outdated
8.2.4110  Coverity warns for using NULL pointer
8.2.4111  potential proglem when map is deleted while executing
8.2.4112  function not deleted at end of test
8.2.4113  typo on DOCMD_RANGEOK results in not recognizing command
8.2.4114  Vim9: type checking for a funcref does not work for method
8.2.4115  cannot use a method with a complex expression
8.2.4116  Vim9: cannot use a method with a complex expression in :def
8.2.4117  Vim9: wrong white space error after using imported item
8.2.4118  using UNUSED for argument that is used
8.2.4119  build failure when disabling the channel feature
8.2.4120  block insert goes over the end of the line
8.2.4121  Visual test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.4122  ":command Cmd" does not show custom completion argument
8.2.4123  complete function cannot be import.Name
8.2.4124  Vim9: method in compiled function may not see script item
8.2.4125  completion tests fail
8.2.4126  crash on exit when built with dynamic Tcl
8.2.4127  build failure without the +eval feature
8.2.4128  crash when method cannot be found
8.2.4129  building with +sound but without +eval fails
8.2.4130  MS-Windows: MSVC build may have libraries duplicated
8.2.4131  Vim9: calling function in autoload import does not work
8.2.4132  Vim9: wrong error message when autoload script can't be found
8.2.4133  output of ":scriptnames" goes into the message history
8.2.4134  MS-Windows: test for import with absolute path fails
8.2.4135  Vim9: ":scriptnames" shows unloaded imported autoload script
8.2.4136  Vim9: the "autoload" argument of ":vim9script" is \ 
not useful
8.2.4137  Vim9: calling import with and without method is inconsistent
8.2.4138  Vim9: no error for return with argument when invalid
8.2.4139  using freed memory in expression abbreviation
8.2.4140  maparg() does not indicate the type of script
8.2.4141  Vim9 builtin functions test fails
8.2.4142  build failure with normal features without persistent undo
8.2.4143  MS-Windows: IME support for Win9x is obsolete
8.2.4144  cannot load libsodium dynamically
8.2.4145  confusing error when using name of import for a function
8.2.4146  Vim9: shadowed function can be used in compiled function
8.2.4147  E464 does not always include the offending command
8.2.4148  deleting any mapping may cause <ScriptCmd> to fail
8.2.4149  test override not restored, autocommand left behind
8.2.4150  Coverity warns for using pointer after free
8.2.4151  reading beyond the end of a line
8.2.4152  block insert with double wide character fails
8.2.4153  MS-Windows: Global IME is no longer supported
8.2.4154  ml_get error when exchanging windows in Visual mode
8.2.4155  translating strftime() argument results in check error
8.2.4156  fileinfo message overwrites echo'ed message
8.2.4157  terminal test fails because Windows sets the title
8.2.4158  MS-Windows: memory leak in :browse
8.2.4159  MS-Windows: _WndProc() is very long
8.2.4160  cannot change the register used for Select mode delete
8.2.4161  Vim9: warning for missing white space after imported variable
8.2.4162  Vim9: no error for redefining function with export
8.2.4163  no error for omitting function name after autoload prefix
8.2.4164  error in legacy code for function shadowing variable
8.2.4165  the nv_g_cmd() function is too long
8.2.4166  undo synced when switching buffer in another window
8.2.4167  Vim9: error message for old style import
8.2.4168  disallowing empty function name breaks existing plugins
8.2.4169  MS-Windows: unnessary casts and other minor things
8.2.4170  MS-Windows: still using old message API calls
8.2.4171  cannot invoke option function using autoload import
8.2.4172  filetype detection for BASIC is not optimal
8.2.4173  cannot use an import in 'foldexpr'
8.2.4174  Vim9: can use an autoload name in normal script
8.2.4175  MS-Windows: runtime check for multi-line balloon is obsolete
8.2.4176  Vim9: cannot use imported function with call()
8.2.4177  Vim9: autoload script not loaded after "vim9script noclear"
8.2.4178  Vim9: invalid error for return type of lambda when debugging
8.2.4179  'foldtext' is evaluated in the current script context
8.2.4180  'balloonexpr' is evaluated in the current script context
8.2.4181  Vim9: cannot use an import in 'diffexpr'
8.2.4182  memory leak when evaluating 'diffexpr'
8.2.4183  cannot use an import in 'formatexpr'
8.2.4184  cannot use an import in 'includeexpr'
8.2.4185  cannot use an import in 'indentexpr'
8.2.4186  cannot use an import in 'patchexpr'
8.2.4187  gnuplot file not recognized
8.2.4188  not all gitconfig files are recognized
8.2.4189  MS-Windows: code for "old look" is obsolete
8.2.4190  all conceal tests are skipped without the screendumps feature
8.2.4191  json5 files are not recognized
8.2.4192  cannot use an import in 'printexpr'
8.2.4193  cannot use an import in 'charconvert'
8.2.4194  MS-Windows: code for calculating font size is duplicated
8.2.4195  resizing terminal may cause to behave like CTRL-Z
8.2.4196  various file types not recognized
8.2.4197  cannot use an import in the "expr" part of 'spellsuggest'
8.2.4198  Vim9: the switch for executing instructions is too long
8.2.4199  MS-Windows: Support for MSVC 2003 is not useful
8.2.4200  some tests do not clean up properly
8.2.4201  when using the GUI CTRL-Z does not stop gvim
8.2.4202  Vim9: cannot export function that exists globally
8.2.4203  entering a character with CTRL-V may include modifiers
8.2.4204  screenpos() has non-zero row for invisible text
8.2.4205  the normal_cmd() function is too long
8.2.4206  condition with many "(" causes a crash
8.2.4207  recursion test fails with MSVC
8.2.4208  using setbufvar() may change the window title
8.2.4209  partial in 'opfunc' cannot use an imported function
8.2.4210  window title test fails in some configurations
8.2.4211  window title test still fails in some configurations
8.2.4212  window title test still fails in some configurations
8.2.4213  too much code for supporting old MSVC versions
8.2.4214  illegal memory access with large 'tabstop' in Ex mode
   2022-01-10 21:53:32 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to version 8.2.3899

8.2.3173  Vim9: argument types are not checked at compile time
8.2.3174  Vim9: "legacy undo" finds "undo" variable
8.2.3175  Vim9: using illegal pointer with nested lambdas.
8.2.3176  Vim9: no type error for comparing number with string
8.2.3177  Vim9: can not use "for _ in expr" at script level
8.2.3178  Vim9: the file name of an :import cannot be an expression
8.2.3179  Vim9: cannot assign to an imported variable at script level
8.2.3180  Vim9: memory leak when concatenating to an imported string
8.2.3181  Vim9: builtin function test fails without channel feature
8.2.3182  Vim9: crash when using removing items from a constant list
8.2.3183  duplicate error numbers
8.2.3184  cannot add a digraph with a leading space
8.2.3185  Vim9: start of inline function found in comment line
8.2.3186  Vim9: not all failures for import tested
8.2.3187  Vim9: popup timer callback is not compiled
8.2.3188  Vim9: argument types are not checked at compile time
8.2.3189  Vim9: error when using "try|"
8.2.3190  error messages are spread out
8.2.3191  Vim9: not enough code is tested
8.2.3192  build failure with small version
8.2.3193  screenpos() is wrong when 'display' is "lastline"
8.2.3194  Vim9: argument types are not checked at compile time
8.2.3195  Vim9: unclear error when passing too many arguments to lambda
8.2.3196  Vim9: bool expression with numbers only fails at runtime
8.2.3197  error messages are spread out
8.2.3198  cannot use 'formatlistpat' for breakindent
8.2.3199  Vim9: execution speed can be improved
8.2.3200  Vim9: hard to guess where a type error is given
8.2.3201  crash in test
8.2.3202  Vim9: tests are only executed for legacy script
8.2.3203  Vim9: compiled string expression causes type error
8.2.3204  display garbled when 'cursorline' is set and lines wrap
8.2.3205  Coverity reports a null pointer dereference
8.2.3206  Vim9: argument types are not checked at compile time
8.2.3207  Vim9: crash when compiling string fails
8.2.3208  dynamic library load error does not mention why it failed
8.2.3209  Vim9: lambda doesn't find block-local variable
8.2.3210  Vim9: searchpair() sixth argument is compiled
8.2.3211  Vim9: argument types are not checked at compile time
8.2.3212  Vim9: execution speed can be improved
8.2.3213  NOCOMPOUNDSUGS entry in spell file not tested
8.2.3214  MS-Windows: passing /D does not set the install location
8.2.3215  Vim9: argument types are not checked at compile time
8.2.3216  Vim9: crash when using variable in a loop at script level
8.2.3217  build failure
8.2.3218  when using xchaha20 crypt undo file is not removed
8.2.3219  :find searches non-existing directories
8.2.3220  Test_term_setansicolors() fails in some configurations
8.2.3221  Vim9: argument types are not checked at compile time
8.2.3222  Vim9: cannot used loop variable later as lambda argument
8.2.3223  Vim: using {} block in autoloade omnifunc fails
8.2.3224  cannot call script-local function after :vim9cmd
8.2.3225  incsearch highlighting is attempted halfway a mapping
8.2.3226  new digraph functions use old naming scheme
8.2.3227  'virtualedit' can only be set globally
8.2.3228  cannot use a simple block for the :command argument
8.2.3229  Vim9: runtime and compile time type checks are not the same
8.2.3230  Vim9: type error when function return type is not known yet
8.2.3231  build failure with small features
8.2.3232  system() does not work without a second argument
8.2.3233  prop_list() and prop_find() do not indicate the buffer
8.2.3234  crash when printing long string with Lua
8.2.3235  cannot use lambda in {} block in user command
8.2.3236  mode() does not indicate using CTRL-O in Select mode
8.2.3237  when a builtin function gives an error processing continues
8.2.3238  Vim9: error message does not indicate the location
8.2.3239  Vim9: no error using heredoc for a number variable
8.2.3240  Lua print() does not work properly
8.2.3241  Vim9: memory leak when function reports an error
8.2.3242  Vim9: valgrind reports leaks in builtin function test
8.2.3243  MS-Windows: "edit with multiple Vim" choice is less useful
8.2.3244  Lua 5.3 print() with a long string crashes
8.2.3245  the crypt key may appear in a swap partition
8.2.3246  memory use after free
8.2.3247  using uninitialized memory when checking for crypt method
8.2.3248  Vim9: error message for wrong input uses wrong line number
8.2.3249  Vim9: error for re-imported function with default argument
8.2.3250  MS-Windows: cannot build with libsodium
8.2.3251  listing builtin_gui as an available terminal is confusing
8.2.3252  duplicated code for adding buffer lines
8.2.3253  channel test fails randomly
8.2.3254  win_gettype() does not recognize a quickfix window
8.2.3255  ci" finds following string but ci< and others don't
8.2.3256  executable test may fail on new Ubuntu system
8.2.3257  calling prop_find() with -1 for ID gives errornous error
8.2.3258  error messages have the wrong text
8.2.3259  when 'indentexpr' causes an error did_throw may hang
8.2.3260  build failure with small features
8.2.3261  Vim9: when compiling repeat(123, N) return type is number
8.2.3262  build failure when ABORT_ON_INTERNAL_ERROR is defined
8.2.3263  Vim9: "..=" does not accept same types as the ".." \ 
8.2.3264  Vim9: assign test fails
8.2.3265  smartcase does not work correctly in very magic pattern
8.2.3266  Vim9: assignment with two indexes may check next line
8.2.3267  Vim9: crash when disassembling using deleted script variable
8.2.3268  cannot use a block with :autocmd like with :command
8.2.3269  Vim9: wrong argument check for partial
8.2.3270  prop_find() finds property with ID -2
8.2.3271  Vim9: cannot use :command or :au with block in :def function
8.2.3272  cannot use id zero with prop_find()
8.2.3273  autocmd test fails
8.2.3274  macro for printf format check can be simplified
8.2.3275  optimizer can use hints about ga_grow() normally succeeding
8.2.3276  Vim9: exists() can only be evaluated at runtime
8.2.3277  Vim9: compiled has() does not work properly
8.2.3278  Vim9: error when adding 1 to float
8.2.3279  Vim9: cannot use block in cmdline window
8.2.3280  'virtualedit' local to buffer is not the best solution
8.2.3281  Vim9: TODO items in tests can be taken care of
8.2.3282  Vim9: error about using -complete without -nargs is confusing
8.2.3283  Julia filetype is not recognized
8.2.3284  no error for insert() or remove() changing a locked blob
8.2.3285  scdoc filetype is not recognized
8.2.3286  win_enter_ext() has too many boolean arguments
8.2.3287  channel events not handled in BufEnter autocommand
8.2.3288  cannot easily access namespace dictionaries from Lua
8.2.3289  compiler warning for unused variable with small features
8.2.3290  Vim9: compiling dict may use pointer after free
8.2.3291  Coverity warns for not checking return value
8.2.3292  underscore in very magic pattern causes a hang
8.2.3293  finding completions may cause an endless loop
8.2.3294  Lua: memory leak when adding dict item fails
8.2.3295  'cursorline' should not apply to 'breakindent'
8.2.3296  Vim9: cannot add a number to a float
8.2.3297  cannot use all commands inside a {} block
8.2.3298  build failure with small features
8.2.3299  Vim9: exists() does not handle much at compile time
8.2.3300  Lua: can only execute one Vim command at a time
8.2.3301  memory allocation functions don't have their own place
8.2.3302  Coverity is not run from github
8.2.3303  some structures could be smaller
8.2.3304  popup window title with wide characters is truncated
8.2.3305  Vim9: :finally in skipped block not handled correctly
8.2.3306  unexpected "No matching autocommands"
8.2.3307  Vim9: :echoconsole cannot access local variables
8.2.3308  Vim9: no runtime check for argument type with varargs only
8.2.3309  Vim9: divide by zero causes a crash
8.2.3310  Vim9: unpack assignment does not mention source of type error
8.2.3311  Vim9: check for DO_NOT_FREE_CNT is very slow
8.2.3312  Vim9: after "if false" line breaks in expression not skipped
8.2.3313  unused code in win_exchange() and frame_remove()
8.2.3314  behavior of exists() in a :def function is unpredictable
8.2.3315  cannot use single quote in a float number for readability
8.2.3316  float test fails
8.2.3317  Vim9: No error for missing white space before return type
8.2.3318  Vim9: cannot ignore quotes in number at the command line
8.2.3319  Coverity action on github does not work
8.2.3320  some local functions are not static
8.2.3321  some code is not tested
8.2.3322  Vim9: checking type of dict does not check member type
8.2.3323  help tag for exists_compiled() is wrong
8.2.3324  Vim9: Cannot use :silent with :endwhile
8.2.3325  digraph test fails when LC_ALL is set to "C"
8.2.3326  Vim9: no error passing an empty list of the wrong type
8.2.3327  no check for sysconf() failing
8.2.3328  Coverity error for not checking return value
8.2.3329  v_lock not set when getting value of environment variable
8.2.3330  Coverity reports using uninitialized field
8.2.3331  Coverity warns for using value without boundary check
8.2.3332  Vim9: cannot assign to range in list
8.2.3333  Vim9: not enough tests run with Vim9
8.2.3334  Vim9: not enough tests run with Vim9
8.2.3335  Vim9: not enough tests run with Vim9
8.2.3336  behavior of negative index in list change changed
8.2.3337  completing "call g:" returns entries with just "g:"
8.2.3338  Vim9: no type check when assigning a list range
8.2.3339  Vim9: cannot lock a member in a local dict
8.2.3340  accessing uninitialized pointer
8.2.3341  Vim9: function call aborted despite try/catch
8.2.3342  test for :let errors fails
8.2.3343  Vim9: autoload test fails
8.2.3344  vimscript test fails
8.2.3345  some code not covered by tests
8.2.3346  Vim9: no error using "." for concatenation after \ 
8.2.3347  check for legacy script is incomplete
8.2.3348  line2byte() returns wrong value after adding textprop
8.2.3349  eval test for scriptversion fails
8.2.3350  text properties test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.3351  Vim9: using a function by name may delete it
8.2.3352  Vim9: error for nested :enddef has wrong line number
8.2.3353  Vim9: type of argument for negate not checked at compile time
8.2.3354  build failure with +byte_offset but without +textprop
8.2.3355  MS-Windows: compiler warning for 64-32 bit conversion
8.2.3356  adding many text properties requires a lot of function calls
8.2.3357  crash when 'virtualedit' is set and window is narrow
8.2.3358  structurizr files are not recognized
8.2.3359  Vim9: error for type when variable is not set
8.2.3360  user function completion fails with dict function
8.2.3361  Vim9: crash with nested :while
8.2.3362  buffer overflow when completing long tag name
8.2.3363  when :edit reuses the current buffer the alternate file is set
8.2.3364  Vim9: crash when :for is skipped
8.2.3365  Vim9: cannot use option for all operations
8.2.3366  Vim9: debugging elseif does not stop before condition
8.2.3367  Vim9: :@r executing a register is inconsistent
8.2.3368  not all Racket files are recognized
8.2.3369  auto formatting after "cw" leaves cursor in wrong spot
8.2.3370  Vim9: no check for white space before type in declaration
8.2.3371  Vim9: :$ENV cannot be followed by ->func() in next line
8.2.3372  line2byte() value wrong when adding a text property
8.2.3373  text property test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.3374  Pyret files are not recognized
8.2.3375  using uninitialized memory
8.2.3376  Vim9: no warning that "@r" does not do anything
8.2.3377  Vim9: :disass completion does not understand "s:"
8.2.3378  MS-Windows: completing environment variables with % is wrong
8.2.3379  crash when using NULL job
8.2.3380  crash when using NULL string for funcref()
8.2.3381  crash when using NULL list with sign functions
8.2.3382  crash when getting the type of a NULL partial
8.2.3383  Vim9: completion for :disassemble adds parenthesis
8.2.3384  cannot disable modeline for an individual file
8.2.3385  escaping for fish shell does not work properly
8.2.3386  using uninitialized memory
8.2.3387  compiler warning for non-static function
8.2.3388  fnamemodify('path/..', ':p') differs from using 'path/../'
8.2.3389  cannot stop insert mode completion without side effects
8.2.3390  included xdiff code is outdated
8.2.3391  crash with combination of 'linebreak' and other options
8.2.3392  augroup completion escapes regexp pattern characters
8.2.3393  escaping for fish shell is skipping some characters
8.2.3394  filler lines are wrong when changing text in diff mode
8.2.3395  Vim9: expression breakpoint not checked in :def function
8.2.3396  when libcall() fails invalid pointer may be used
8.2.3397  no test for what 8.2.3391 fixes
8.2.3398  html text objects are not fully tested
8.2.3399  Octave files are not recognized
8.2.3400  ":z!" is not supported
8.2.3401  Vim9: cannot use negative count with finddir() and findfile()
8.2.3402  invalid memory access when using :retab with large value
8.2.3403  memory leak for :retab with invalid argument
8.2.3404  Vim9: no error for white space before "("
8.2.3405  cannot have a comment line in a {} block of a user command
8.2.3406  on some systems tests fail without _REENTRANT
8.2.3407  using uninitialized memory with "let g:['bar'] = 2"
8.2.3408  can delete a numbered function
8.2.3409  reading beyond end of line with invalid utf-8 character
8.2.3410  crash with linebreak, listchars and large tabstop
8.2.3411  Vim9: crash when using base name of import
8.2.3412  Vim9: importing the wrong file
8.2.3413  Vim9: too many characters are allowed in import name
8.2.3414  fullcommand() gives wrong name with buffer-local user command
8.2.3415  Vim9: not all function argument types are properly checked
8.2.3416  second error is reported while exception is being thrown
8.2.3417  Vim9: a failing debug expression aborts script sourcing
8.2.3418  garbage collection while evaluating may cause trouble
8.2.3419  a failing debug expression may make Vim unusable
8.2.3420  _REENTRANT defined more than once
8.2.3421  a bit of code is not covered by tests
8.2.3422  Vim9: no failure if return type differs from returned var
8.2.3423  Vim9: list += list creates a new list in :def function
8.2.3424  a sequence of spaces is hard to see in list mode
8.2.3425  warning for using uninitialized variable
8.2.3426  crash when deleting a listener in a listener callback
8.2.3427  double free when list is copied
8.2.3428  using freed memory when replacing
8.2.3429  leaking memory when assigning to list or dict
8.2.3430  no generic way to trigger an autocommand on mode change
8.2.3431  completion for :disas sorts local functions first
8.2.3432  octave/Matlab filetype detection does not work properly
8.2.3433  :delcommand does not take a -buffer option
8.2.3434  function prototype for trigger_modechanged() is incomplete
8.2.3435  Vim9: dict is not passed to dict function
8.2.3436  check for optional bool type has confusing return type
8.2.3437  compiler warnings for 32/64 bit usage
8.2.3438  cannot manipulate blobs
8.2.3439  deleted lines go to wrong yank register
8.2.3440  recover test fails if there is an old swap file
8.2.3441  MS-Windows: vimtutor can't handle path with spaces
8.2.3442  Vim9: || and && are not handled at compile time
8.2.3443  Vim9: memory leak when and/or fails
8.2.3444  concealed text not revealed when leaving insert mode
8.2.3445  on Solaris longVersion may be declared twice
8.2.3446  not enough tests for empty string arguments
8.2.3447  a couple of declarations are not ANSI C
8.2.3448  :endtry after function call that throws not found
8.2.3449  sort fails if the sort compare function returns 999
8.2.3450  coveralls action fails
8.2.3451  not all apache files are recognized
8.2.3452  MPD files are not recognized
8.2.3453  autocmd not executed when editing a directory
8.2.3454  using a count with "gp" leave cursor in wrong position
8.2.3455  using a count with "gp" leaves '] in wrong position
8.2.3456  Vim9: not all functions are tested with empty string argument
8.2.3457  MS-Windows Vim9: test executed and fails
8.2.3458  not all dictdconf files are recognized
8.2.3459  Vim9: need more tests for empty string arguments
8.2.3460  some type casts are not needed
8.2.3461  cannot distinguish Normal and Terminal-Normal mode
8.2.3462  ModeChanged only uses one character for new_mode and old_mode
8.2.3463  pattern matching with ModeChanged not tested
8.2.3464  nginx files are not recognized
8.2.3465  cannot detect insert scroll mode
8.2.3466  completion submode not indicated for virtual replace
8.2.3467  CursorHoldI event interferes with "CTRL-G U"
8.2.3468  problem with :cd when editing file in non-existent directory
8.2.3469  some files with json syntax are not recognized
8.2.3470  crash with error in :catch and also in :finally
8.2.3471  crash when using CTRL-T after an empty search pattern
8.2.3472  other crashes with empty search pattern not tested
8.2.3473  some files with tcl syntax are not recognized
8.2.3474  some places use "Vimscript" instead of "Vim script"
8.2.3475  expression register set by not executed put command
8.2.3476  renaming a buffer on startup may cause using freed memory
8.2.3477  startup test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.3478  still crash with error in :catch and also in :finally
8.2.3479  crash when calling job_start with an invalid argument
8.2.3480  test does not fail without the fix for a crash
8.2.3481  failures when char is unsigned
8.2.3482  reading beyond end of line ending in quote and backslash
8.2.3483  #ifdef for using sysinfo() is incomplete
8.2.3484  crash when going through spell suggestions
8.2.3485  Python 3 test fails with Python 3.10
8.2.3486  illegal memory access with invalid sequence of commands
8.2.3487  illegal memory access if buffer name is very long
8.2.3488  issue template is not easy to use
8.2.3489  ml_get error after search with range
8.2.3490  superfluous return statements
8.2.3491  xpm2 filetype dection is not so good
8.2.3492  crash when pasting too many times
8.2.3493  large count test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.3494  illegal memory access in utf_head_off
8.2.3495  GUI geometry startup test fails on some systems
8.2.3496  crypt test fails if xxd was not installed yet
8.2.3497  put test fails when run by itself
8.2.3498  recover test may fail on some systems
8.2.3499  GUI geometry startup test fails
8.2.3500  Github CI fails to install clang
8.2.3501  tmux filetype dection is incomplete
8.2.3502  cannot enter password in shell command
8.2.3503  Vim9: using g:pat:cmd is confusing
8.2.3504  Vim9: warning for signed vs unsigned
8.2.3505  Vim9: build failure without the +eval feature
8.2.3506  Vim9: special cases for "g" and "s" insufficiently \ 
8.2.3507  generating proto files may fail
8.2.3508  Vim9: bad separators for "g" and "s" \ 
insufficiently tested
8.2.3509  undo file is not synced
8.2.3510  changes are only detected with one second accuracy
8.2.3511  Vim9: entry for loop variable is created every round
8.2.3512  timestamp test fails on some systems
8.2.3513  using freed memory when using a timer and searching
8.2.3514  autoread test with nano second time sometimes fails
8.2.3515  nano time test fails on Mac and FreeBSD
8.2.3516  terminal window does not have transparent background
8.2.3517  TextChanged does not trigger after TextChangedI
8.2.3518  Test_xrestore sometimes fails
8.2.3519  TOML files are not recognized
8.2.3520  cannot define a function for thesaurus completion
8.2.3521  options completion test fails
8.2.3522  cannot use \x and \u when setting 'listchars'
8.2.3523  duplicated code in xxd
8.2.3524  GUI: ligatures are not used
8.2.3525  option variable name does not match option name
8.2.3526  tests have clumsy check for X11 based GUI
8.2.3527  gcc complains about uninitialized variable
8.2.3528  'thesaurus' and 'thesaurusfunc' do not have the same scope
8.2.3529  xxd usage output is incomplete
8.2.3530  ":buf \{a}" fails while ":edit \{a}" works
8.2.3531  command line completion test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.3532  the previous '' mark is restored after moving the cursor
8.2.3533  inefficient code in xxd
8.2.3534  autoread test is a bit flaky
8.2.3535  if-else indenting is confusing
8.2.3536  the do_highlight() function is way too long
8.2.3537  mode() does not return the right value in 'operatorfunc'
8.2.3538  else-if indenting is confusing
8.2.3539  GTK3: with 'rightleft' set scrollbar may move unintentionally
8.2.3540  the mark '] is wrong after put with a count
8.2.3541  compiler warning for unused variable in tiny version
8.2.3542  too many comments are old style
8.2.3543  swapname has double slash when 'directory' ends in it
8.2.3544  Unix: may leak file descriptor using non-existing directory
8.2.3545  setcellwidths() may make 'listchars' or 'fillchars' invalid
8.2.3546  build failure without the +eval feature
8.2.3547  opening the quickfix window triggers BufWinEnter twice
8.2.3548  GTK GUI crashen when reading from stdin
8.2.3549  mistakes in test comments
8.2.3550  completion() does not work properly
8.2.3551  checking first character of url twice
8.2.3552  xxd revert does not handle end of line correctly
8.2.3553  xxd test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.3554  xxd has various way to exit
8.2.3555  ModeChanged is not triggered on every mode change
8.2.3556  filler lines are incorrect for other window in diff mode
8.2.3557  Vim9: cannot call imported funcref at script level
8.2.3558  Vim9: asserting the wrong variable
8.2.3559  loop variable recreated every time
8.2.3560  using freed memory with lambda
8.2.3561  cscope has a complicated way of giving an error message
8.2.3562  cannot add color names
8.2.3563  build failure with +eval but without GUI or +termguicolors
8.2.3564  invalid memory access when scrolling without valid screen
8.2.3565  Makefile dependencies are outdated
8.2.3566  build failure on old systems when using nano timestamp
8.2.3567  CTRL-I in Insert mode is not tested
8.2.3568  ctrl-hat test fails with Athena and Motif
8.2.3569  error for :let when vimrc is Vim 9 script
8.2.3570  Test_very_large_count fails on 32bit systems
8.2.3571  some unicode control characters are considered printable
8.2.3572  memory leak when closing window and using "multispace"
8.2.3573  cannot decide whether to skip test that fails with 64 bit
8.2.3574  divide by zero
8.2.3575  overflow check still fails when sizeof(int) == sizeof(long)
8.2.3576  some functions are not documented for use with a method
8.2.3577  overflow check fails with 32 ints
8.2.3578  manipulating highlighting is complicated
8.2.3579  CI sometimes fails for MinGW
8.2.3580  gj does not move properly with a wide character
8.2.3581  reading character past end of line
8.2.3582  reading uninitialized memory when giving spell suggestions
8.2.3583  the "gd" and "gD" commands do not update search stats
8.2.3584  "verbose set efm" reports location of the :compiler command
8.2.3585  crash when passing float to "term_rows" of term_start()
8.2.3586  command completion test fails
8.2.3587  compiler test fails with backslash file separator
8.2.3588  break statement is never reached
8.2.3589  failure when "term_rows" of term_start() is an unusual value
8.2.3590  test for v:colornames sometimes fails
8.2.3591  no event is triggered when closing a window
8.2.3592  Test_hlset fails when terminal has many columns
8.2.3593  directory is wrong after executing "lcd" with win_execute()
8.2.3594  xxd code is a bit difficult to understand
8.2.3595  check for signed overflow might not work everywhere
8.2.3596  crash when using :pedit in Vim9 script
8.2.3597  Vim seems to hang when writing a long text to a terminal
8.2.3598  RouterOS filetype is not recognized
8.2.3599  not all gdbinit files are recognized
8.2.3600  filetype test fails
8.2.3601  check for overflow in put count does not work well
8.2.3602  Python3 test fails with Python 3.10 on MS-Windows
8.2.3603  fish filetype not recognized
8.2.3604  not all sudoers files are recognized
8.2.3605  cannot clear and unlink a highlight group with hlset()
8.2.3606  file missing from list of distributed files
8.2.3607  GTK3 screen updating is slow
8.2.3608  users who type "q:" instead of ":q" are confused
8.2.3609  internal error when ModeChanged is triggered recursively
8.2.3610  crash when ModeChanged triggered too early
8.2.3611  crash when using CTRL-W f without finding a file name
8.2.3612  using freed memory with regexp using a mark
8.2.3613  :find test fails
8.2.3614  zindex of popup windows not used when redrawing popup menu
8.2.3615  wrong indent in first line if re-formatting with indent expr
8.2.3616  arglist test does not clear the argument list consistently
8.2.3617  ":verbose pwd" does not mention 'autochdir' was applied
8.2.3618  getcwd() is unclear about how 'autochdir' is used
8.2.3619  cannot use a lambda for 'operatorfunc'
8.2.3620  memory leak reported in libtlib
8.2.3621  build failure
8.2.3622  "verbose pwd" shows confusing info
8.2.3623  "$*" is expanded to "nonomatch"
8.2.3624  when renaming a terminal buffer status text is not updated
8.2.3625  illegal memory access when C-indenting
8.2.3626  "au! event" cannot be followed by another command
8.2.3627  difficult to know where the text starts in a window
8.2.3628  looking up terminal colors is a bit slow
8.2.3629  command completion in cmdline window uses global commands
8.2.3630  printf() with %S does not handle multi-byte correctly
8.2.3631  "syntax enable" does not work properly in Vim9 context
8.2.3632  GTK3: undercurl does not get removed properly
8.2.3633  Vim9: line number of lambda is off by one
8.2.3634  error for already defined function uses wrong line number
8.2.3635  GTK: composing underline does not show
8.2.3636  Coverity warns for unreachable code
8.2.3637  typos in test files
8.2.3638  getcompletion() always passes zero as position
8.2.3639  line commented out accidentally
8.2.3640  freeze when calling term_wait() in a close callback
8.2.3641  xxd code has duplicate expressions
8.2.3642  list of distributed files is outdated
8.2.3643  header for source file is outdated
8.2.3644  count for 'operatorfunc' in Visual mode is not redone
8.2.3645  Vim9: The "no effect" error is not given for all registers
8.2.3646  using <sfile> in a function gives an unexpected result
8.2.3647  GTK: when using ligatures the cursor is drawn wrong
8.2.3648  "verbose pwd" is incorrect after dropping files on Vim
8.2.3649  Vim9: error for variable declared in while loop
8.2.3650  Vim9: for loop variable can be a list member
8.2.3651  Vim9: no error for :lock or :unlock with unknown variable
8.2.3652  can only get text properties one line at a time
8.2.3653  terminal ANSI colors may be wrong
8.2.3654  GTK: a touch-drag does not update the selection
8.2.3655  compiler warning for using size_t for int
8.2.3656  Vim9: no error for an evironment variable by itself
8.2.3657  Vim9: debug text misses one line of return statement
8.2.3658  duplicate code in xxd
8.2.3659  integer overflow with large line number
8.2.3660  overflow check uses wrong number
8.2.3661  test for put with large count fails
8.2.3662  illegal memory access if malloc() fails
8.2.3663  using %S in printf() does not work correctly
8.2.3664  cannot adjust sign highlighting for 'cursorline'
8.2.3665  cannot use a lambda for 'tagfunc'
8.2.3666  libvterm is outdated
8.2.3667  building libvterm fails with MSVC
8.2.3668  messages may be corrupted
8.2.3669  buffer overflow with long help argument
8.2.3670  error checks repeated several times
8.2.3671  restarting Insert mode in prompt buffer too often
8.2.3672  build failure with unsigned char
8.2.3673  crash when allocating signal stack fails
8.2.3674  when ml_get_buf() fails it messes up IObuff
8.2.3675  using freed memory when vim_strsave() fails
8.2.3676  unused runtime file
8.2.3677  after a put the '] mark is on the last byte
8.2.3678  illegal memory access
8.2.3679  objc file detected as Octave
8.2.3680  repeated code in xxd
8.2.3681  cannot drag popup window after click on a status line
8.2.3682  Vim9: assigning to a script variable drops the type
8.2.3683  Vim9: cannot use `=expr` in :...do commands
8.2.3684  blockwise insert does not handle autoindent properly
8.2.3685  Visual studio project files are not recognized
8.2.3686  filetype detection often mixes up Forth and F#
8.2.3687  blockwise insert does not handle autoindent properly
8.2.3688  the window title is not updated when dragging the scrollbar
8.2.3689  ex_let_one() is too long
8.2.3690  Vim9: "filter #pat# cmd" does not work
8.2.3691  build failure with small features
8.2.3692  Vim9: cannot use :func inside a :def function
8.2.3693  Coverity warns for possibly using a NULL pointer
8.2.3694  cannot use quotes in the count of an Ex command
8.2.3695  confusing error for missing key
8.2.3696  Vim9: error for invalid assignment when skipping
8.2.3697  cannot drag a popup without a border
8.2.3698  match highlighting continues over breakindent
8.2.3699  the +title feature adds a lot of #ifdef but little code
8.2.3700  text property highlighting continues over breakindent
8.2.3701  Vim9: invalid LHS is not possible
8.2.3702  first key in dict is seen as curly expression and fails
8.2.3703  most people call F# "fsharp" and not "fs"
8.2.3704  Vim9: cannot use a list declaration in a :def function
8.2.3705  cannot pass a lambda name to function() or funcref()
8.2.3706  text property highlighting is used on Tab
8.2.3707  Vim9: constant expression of elseif not recognized
8.2.3708  Vim9: test fails with different error
8.2.3709  Vim9: backtick expression expanded when not desired
8.2.3710  Vim9: backtick expression expanded for :global
8.2.3711  Vim9: memory leak when compiling :elseif fails
8.2.3712  cannot use Vim9 lambda for 'tagfunc'
8.2.3713  MS-Windows: no error if vimgrep pattern is not matching
8.2.3714  some unused assignments and ugly code in xxd
8.2.3715  Vim9: valgrind reports spurious problems for a test
8.2.3716  Vim9: range without a command is not compiled
8.2.3717  Vim9: error for constant list size is only given at runtime
8.2.3718  compiler warns for unused variable without +textprop
8.2.3719  MS-Windows: test sometimes runs into existing swap file
8.2.3720  Vim9: Internal error when invoking closure in legacy context
8.2.3721  using memory freed by losing the clipboard selection
8.2.3722  Amiga: superfluous messages for freeing lots of yanked text
8.2.3723  when using 'linebreak' a text property starts too early
8.2.3724  build error for missing error message in small build
8.2.3725  cannot use a lambda for 'completefunc' and 'omnifunc'
8.2.3726  README file in a config directory gets wrong filetype
8.2.3727  in a gnome terminal keys are recognized as mouse events
8.2.3728  internal error when passing range() to list2blob()
8.2.3729  no support for squirrels
8.2.3730  "/etc/Muttrc.d/README" gets filetype muttrc
8.2.3731  "set! termcap" shows codes in one column, but not keys
8.2.3732  "set! termcap" test fails
8.2.3733  Vim9: using "legacy" before range does not work
8.2.3734  Vim9: crash when no pattern match found
8.2.3735  cannot use a lambda for 'imactivatefunc'
8.2.3736  test fails without the channel feature
8.2.3737  test fails without the 'autochdir' option
8.2.3738  screen is cleared when a FocusLost autocommand triggers
8.2.3739  in wrong directory when using win_execute() with 'acd' set
8.2.3740  memory left allocated on exit when using Tcl
8.2.3741  using freed memory in open command
8.2.3742  dec mouse test fails without gnome terminfo entry
8.2.3743  ":sign" can add a highlight group without a name
8.2.3744  E854 is not tested; some spelling suggestions are not tested
8.2.3745  autochdir test fails without the +channel feature
8.2.3746  cannot disassemble function starting with "debug" or \ 
8.2.3747  cannot remove highlight from an existing sign
8.2.3748  giving an error for an empty sign argument breaks a plugin
8.2.3749  error messages are everywhere
8.2.3750  error messages are everywhere
8.2.3751  cannot assign a lambda to an option that takes a function
8.2.3752  build error when using Photon GUI
8.2.3753  Vim9: function unreferenced while called is never deleted
8.2.3754  undesired changing of the indent of the first formatted line
8.2.3755  Coverity warns for using a buffer in another scope
8.2.3756  might crash when callback is not valid
8.2.3757  an overlong highlight group name is silently truncated
8.2.3758  options that take a function insufficiently tested
8.2.3759  quickfix buffer becomes hidden while still in a window
8.2.3760  not automatically handling gnome terminal mouse like xterm
8.2.3761  focus change is not passed on to a terminal window
8.2.3762  if quickfix buffer is wiped out getqflist() still returns it
8.2.3763  when editing the cmdline a callback may cause a scroll up
8.2.3764  cannot see any text when window was made zero lines
8.2.3765  Vim9: cannot use a lambda for 'opfunc' and others
8.2.3766  converting a funcref to a string leaves out "g:"
8.2.3767  crash when using NULL partial
8.2.3768  timer_info() has the wrong repeat value in a timer callback
8.2.3769  zig files are not recognized
8.2.3770  new compiler warnings from clang-12 and clang-13
8.2.3771  Vim9: accessing freed memory when checking type
8.2.3772  timer info test fails on slow machine
8.2.3773  wrong window size when a modeline changes 'columns'
8.2.3774  test for command line height fails
8.2.3775  Vim9: lambda compiled without outer context when debugging
8.2.3776  when a tags file line is long a tag may not be found
8.2.3777  spell file write error not checked
8.2.3778  lambda debug test fails in some configurations
8.2.3779  using freed memory when defining a user command recursively
8.2.3780  ":cd" works differently on MS-Windows
8.2.3781  the option window script is outdated
8.2.3782  Vim9: no error if a function shadows a script variable
8.2.3783  confusing error for using a variable as a function
8.2.3784  the help for options is outdated
8.2.3785  running CI on MacOS with gcc is not useful
8.2.3786  test fails because of using Vim9 syntax in legacy function
8.2.3787  no proper formatting of a C line comment after a statement
8.2.3788  lambda for option that is a function may be freed
8.2.3789  Test_window_minimal_size can fail on a slow machine
8.2.3790  test for term_gettitle() fails in some environments
8.2.3791  build error with +cindent but without +smartindent
8.2.3792  setting *func options insufficiently tested
8.2.3793  using "g:Func" as a funcref does not work in script context
8.2.3794  Vim9: cannot find script-local func using "s:"
8.2.3795  too many #ifdefs
8.2.3796  the funcexe_T struct members are not named consistently
8.2.3797  no good reason to limit the message history in tiny version
8.2.3798  a :def callback function postpones an error message
8.2.3799  edit test hangs or fails
8.2.3800  when cross compiling the output of "uname" cannot be set
8.2.3801  if a terminal shows in two windows, only one is redrawn
8.2.3802  terminal in two windows test fails on some systems
8.2.3803  GUI: crash with 'writedelay' set using a terminal window
8.2.3804  script context not set when copying 'swf' and 'ts'
8.2.3805  i3config files are not recognized
8.2.3806  terminal focus test fails sometimes
8.2.3807  Vim9: can call import with star directly
8.2.3808  Vim9: obsolete TODO items
8.2.3809  Vim9: crash when garbage collecting a nested partial
8.2.3810  Vim9: expr4 test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.3811  the opfunc error test fails on a slow machine
8.2.3812  Vim9: leaking memory in numbered function test
8.2.3813  confusing error when using :cc without error list
8.2.3814  .csx files and .sln files are not recognized
8.2.3815  Vim9: cannot have a multi-line dict inside a block
8.2.3816  compiler warning for posible loss of data on MS-Windows
8.2.3817  Vim9: Not using NL as command end does not work for :autocmd
8.2.3818  cannot filter or map characters in a string
8.2.3819  test fails because error message changed
8.2.3820  "vrc" does not replace composing characters
8.2.3821  ASAN test run fails
8.2.3822  leaking memory in map() and filter(), no string in Vim9
8.2.3823  test for visual replace is in wrong function
8.2.3824  no ASAN support for MSVC
8.2.3825  various comments could be improved
8.2.3826  Vim9: using "g:Func" as funcref doesn't work in :def function
8.2.3827  huntr badge does not really fit in the list
8.2.3828  when opening a terminal from a timer first typed char is lost
8.2.3829  no error when setting a func option to script-local function
8.2.3830  error messages are spread out
8.2.3831  opfunc test fails when missing feature changes function name
8.2.3832  test fails because of changed error message
8.2.3833  error from term_start() not caught by try/catch
8.2.3834  Test_out_cb often fails on Mac
8.2.3835  the inline-function example does not work
8.2.3836  Vim9: comment after expression not skipped to find NL
8.2.3837  QNX: crash when compiled with GUI but using terminal
8.2.3838  cannot use script-local function for setting *func options
8.2.3839  using \z() with \z1 not tested for syntax highlighting
8.2.3840  useless test for negative index in check functions
8.2.3841  Vim9: outdated TODO items, disabled tests that work
8.2.3842  Vim9: can change locked list and list items
8.2.3843  dep3patch files are not recognized
8.2.3844  Vim9: no type error if assigning func(number) to func(string)
8.2.3845  Vim9: test fails when the channel feature is missing
8.2.3846  no error when using control character for 'lcs' or 'fcs'
8.2.3847  illegal memory access when using a lambda with an error
8.2.3848  cannot use reduce() for a string
8.2.3849  functions implementing reduce and map are too long
8.2.3850  illegal memory access when displaying a partial
8.2.3851  Vim9: overhead when comparing string, dict or function
8.2.3852  Vim9: not enough tests
8.2.3853  Vim9: not enough tests
8.2.3854  Vim9: inconsistent arguments for test functions
8.2.3855  illegal memory access when displaying a blob
8.2.3856  Vim9: not enough tests
8.2.3857  Vim9: inconsistent error for using function()
8.2.3858  Vim9: not enough tests
8.2.3859  Vim9: some code lines not tested
8.2.3860  Vim9: codecov struggles with the file size
8.2.3861  list of distributed files is outdated
8.2.3862  crash on exit with EXITFREE and using win_execute()
8.2.3863  various build flags accidentally enabled
8.2.3864  cannot disable requesting key codes from xterm
8.2.3865  Vim9: compiler complains about using "try" as a struct member
8.2.3866  Vim9: type checking global variables is inconsistent
8.2.3867  implementation of some list functions too complicated
8.2.3868  Vim9: function test fails
8.2.3869  Vim9: type checking for "any" is inconsistent
8.2.3870  MS-Windows: wrong dir when using right-click context menu
8.2.3871  list.c contains code for dict and blob
8.2.3872  Vim9: finddir() and uniq() return types can be more specific
8.2.3873  go.mod files are not recognized
8.2.3874  cannot highlight the number column for a sign
8.2.3875  gcc complains about buffer overrun
8.2.3876  'cindent' does not recognize inline namespace
8.2.3877  function does not abort after a type error in compare
8.2.3878  Vim9: debugger tries to read more lines than there are
8.2.3879  getreg() and getregtype() contain dead code
8.2.3880  Solution filter files are not recognized
8.2.3881  QNX: crash when compiled with GUI but using terminal
8.2.3882  more duplicated code in f_getreginfo()
8.2.3883  crash when switching to other regexp engine fails
8.2.3884  crash when clearing the argument list while using it
8.2.3885  arglist test fails
8.2.3886  can define autocmd for every event by using "au!"
8.2.3887  E1135 is used for two different errors
8.2.3888  the argument list may contain duplicates
8.2.3889  duplicate code for translating script-local function name
8.2.3890  Vim9: type check for using v: variables is basic
8.2.3891  github CI: workflows may overlap
8.2.3892  when modifyOtherKeys is used CTRL-C is not recognized
8.2.3893  Vim9: many local variables are initialized with an instruction
8.2.3894  Vim9: no proper type check for first argument of call()
8.2.3895  Vim9: confusing error when using function() with a number
8.2.3896  Vim9: no test for nested function not available later
8.2.3897  Vim9: second argument of map() and filter() not checked
8.2.3898  Vim9: not sufficient testing for variable initialization
8.2.3899  Vim9: test for map() on string fails
   2021-12-01 22:36:59 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (7)
Log message:
vim*: do not define NO_BUILTIN_TCAPS unconditionally

This makes vim disregard color schemes. See
and reading the CVS logs I couldn't find the reason it was done.

Fix from RVP.