./www/libmicrohttpd, Small C library to run an HTTP server as part of another app

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.9.57nb5, Package name: libmicrohttpd-0.9.57nb5, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

GNU libmicrohttpd is a small C library that is supposed to make it
easy to run an HTTP server as part of another application. GNU
libmicrohttpd is free software and part of the GNU project. Key
features that distinguish libmicrohttpd from other projects are:

* C library: fast and small
* API is simple, expressive and fully reentrant
* Implementation is HTTP 1.1 compliant
* HTTP server can listen on multiple ports
* Four different threading models (select, poll, pthread, thread pool)
* Supported platforms include GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, OS X, W32,
Symbian and z/OS
* Support for IPv6
* Support for SHOUTcast
* Support for incremental processing of POST data (optional)
* Support for basic and digest authentication (optional)
* Support for SSL3 and TLS (requires libgcrypt and libgnutls, optional)
* Binary is only about 32k (without TLS/SSL support and other optional

Required to run:
[www/curl] [security/gnutls] [security/libgcrypt]

Required to build:

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SHA1: 4c878e72039cff747355ce3c2d9a8fe05bb6c9cb
RMD160: e97779436e49d0f43f4885fd423fc347dae25bab
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   2018-12-13 20:52:27 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (668)
Log message:
revbump for boost 1.69.0
   2018-08-16 20:55:17 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (653) | Package updated
Log message:
revbump after boost-libs update
   2018-04-29 23:32:09 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (629) | Package updated
Log message:
revbump for boost-libs update
   2018-04-18 00:29:53 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (286)
Log message:
Add p11-kit to gnutls/bl3.mk and bump dependencies.
   2018-01-01 22:18:57 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (629) | Package updated
Log message:
Revbump after boost update
   2017-11-29 15:05:44 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
libmicrohttpd: update to 0.9.57.

Mon Nov 27 22:24:00 MSK 2017
	Releasing GNU libmicrohttpd 0.9.57. -EG

Mon Nov 27 21:36:00 MSK 2017
	Updated README. -EG

Mon Nov 27 18:37:00 MSK 2017
	Corrected names in W32 DLL resources.
	Reordered and clarified configure summary message.
	Additional compiler warning mutes for builds with various configure
	Fixed tests on Cygwin.
	Used larger SETSIZE for Cygwin (same value as for native W32).
	Minor fixes for Cygwin.
	Added configure parameter to force disable usage of sendfile().
	Minor testsuite fixes.
	Really fixed builds with optimisation for size. -EG

Sat Nov 25 18:37:00 MSK 2017
	Fixed build with optimisation for size. -EG

Fri Nov 24 20:14:02 CET 2017
	Releasing GNU libmicrohttpd 0.9.56. -CG

Thu Nov 23 17:40:00 MSK 2017
	Added MHD_FEATURE_SENDFILE enum value and report. -EG

Thu Nov 23 08:56:00 MSK 2017
	Fixed receiving large requests in TLS mode with epoll.
	Improved GnuTLS and libgcrypt detection in configure, do not ignore
	flags in GNUTLS_{CFLAGS,LIBS} variables.
	Added special trick for Solaris/Openindiana to find GnuTLS-3 with
	right bitness.
	Added support for Solaris sendfile(3) function.
	Fixed dataraces with thread ID on W32 and pthread. Now check for
	correct thread in MHD_queue_response() works correctly.
	Fixed and silenced compiler warnings in tests and examples.
	Removed usage of TLS flags in examples where TLS is not required.
	Added support for MultiSSL in https tests with libcurl >= 7.56.0.
	Improved detection of OFF_T_MAX, SIZE_MAX. Added macros for
	SSIZE_MAX in mhd_limits.h. There are some platforms that really
	require those macros.
	Added support for Darwin's sendfile() function.
	Updated .gitignore files.
	Reworked mhd_sys_extentions.m4 with better support of modern
	platforms, more reliable detection of required macros, and
	detection of disabling of system-specific features by

Wed Nov  1 20:43:00 MSK 2017
	Mixed and muted many compiler warnings. Now GCC's flags
	-Wall -Wextra could be used for building.
	Fixed compilation of examples without libmagic.
	Better detection of libgnutls in configure.
	Reworked launch of nested configure in "po" directory to
	prevent useless reconfiguration.
	Fixed some wrong asserts.
	Enabled "test_options" test.
	Use "test_start_stop" without libcurl.
	Use chunks with sendfile() to prevent locking thread for
	single connection with large file.
	Added support for FreeBSD's sendfile with additional
	optimisations for FreeBSD 11.
	Refactoring and improvements for MHD_start_daemon_va() and
	Fixed testing with GnuTLS >= 3.6.0. -EG

Mon Oct  9 22:38:07 CEST 2017
	Add MHD_free() to allow proper free()-ing of username/password
	data returned via MHD_digest_auth_get_username() or
	MHD_basic_auth_get_username_password() on Windows. -CG

Tue Sep 26 14:00:58 CEST 2017
	Fixing race involving setting "at_limit" flag. -CG

Tue Sep 08 21:39:00 MSK 2017
	Fixed build of examples when MHD build with non-pthread lib.
	MHD_queue_response(): added check for using in correct thread.
	Fixed sending responses larger 16 KiB in TLS mode with epoll.
	Improved doxy for MHD_get_timeout() and related functions.
	Minor internal refactoring. -EG

Tue Jul 23 11:32:00 MSK 2017
	Updated chunked_example.c to provide real illustration of usage of
	chunked encoding. -EG

Thu Jul 13 21:41:00 MSK 2017
	Restored SIGPIPE suppression in TLS mode.
	Added new value MHD_FEATURE_AUTOSUPPRESS_SIGPIPE so application could
	check whether SIGPIPE handling is required.
	Used GNUTLS_NONBLOCK for TLS sessions. -EG

Tue Jun 20 23:52:00 MSK 2017
	Libgcrypt is now optional and required only for old GnuTLS versions. -EG

Wed Jun 14 21:42:00 MSK 2017
	Added support for debug assert() and new configure parameter
	--enable-asserts for debug builds.
	Removed non-functional Symbian support. -EG

Mon Jun 05 23:34:00 MSK 2017
	More internal refactoring:
	merged MHD_tls_connection_handle_read/write() with non-TLS version,
	reduced and unified number of layers for network processing (before
	refactoring MHD_tls_connection_handle_read->MHD_connection_handle_read->
	do_read->recv_tls_adapter->GnuTLS->recv_param_adapter - 5 MHD layers;
	after refactoring MHD_connection_handle_read->recv_tls_adapter->GnuTLS -
	2 MHD layers),
	simplified and removed dead code from
	MHD_connection_handle_read/write() without functional change. -EG

Mon Jun 05 22:20:00 MSK 2017
	Internal refactoring:
	used TCP sockets directly with GnuTLS (performance improvement),
	moved some connection-related code from daemon.c to
	removed hacks around sendfile() and implemented correct support of
	removed do_read() and do_write() to reduce number of layer around send()
	and recv() and to improve readability and maintainability of code,
	implemented separate tracking of TLS layer state, independent of HTTP
	connection stage. -EG

Sun Jun 04 15:02:00 MSK 2017
	Improved thread-safety of MHD_add_connection() and
	internal_add_connection(), minor optimisations. -EG
   2017-08-24 22:03:43 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (621) | Package updated
Log message:
Revbump for boost update
   2017-06-14 22:23:15 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated libmicrohttpd to 0.9.55.

Add test targets, all tests pass for me.

Sun May 28 23:26:00 MSK 2017
	Releasing GNU libmicrohttpd 0.9.55. -EG

Sun May 21 18:48:00 MSK 2017
	Fixed build with disabled "UPGRADE".
	Fixed possible null-dereference in HTTPS test.
	Fixed compiler warning in process_request_body(), minor optimizations.
	Do not allow suspend of "upgraded" connections.
	Fixed removal from timeout lists of non-existing connections in
	Fixed double locking of mutex. -EG

Sun May 14 15:05:00 MSK 2017
	Fixed resuming connections and closing upgraded connections in select()
	mode with thread-per-connection. -EG

Sun May 14 14:49:00 MSK 2017
	Removed extra call to resume connections in MHD_run().
	Handle resumed connection without delay in epoll mode.
	Update states of resumed connection after resume in thread-per-connection
	Fixed resuming connections and closing upgraded connections in poll()
	mode with thread-per-connection. -EG

Thu May 11 22:37:00 MSK 2017
	Faster start really processing data in resumed connections. -EG

Thu May 11 14:24:00 MSK 2017
	Do not add any "Connection" headers for "upgrade" \ 
connections. -EG

Wed May 10 23:09:00 MSK 2017
	Resume resuming connection before other processing in external polling
	mode. -EG

Tue May  9 23:16:00 MSK 2017
	Fixed: Do not add "Connection: Keep-Alive" header for "upgrade"
	connections. -EG

Tue May  9 21:01:00 MSK 2017
	Fixed: check all "Connection" headers of request for \ 
"Close" and "Upgrade"
	tokens instead of using only first "Connection" header with full string
	match. -EG

Tue May  9 12:28:00 MSK 2017
	Revert: continue match footers in MHD_get_response_header() for backward
	compatibility. -EG

Mon May  8 19:30:00 MSK 2017
	Fixed: use case-insensitive matching for header name in
	MHD_get_response_header(), match only headers (not footers). -EG

Fri May  5 20:57:00 MSK 2017
	Fixed null dereference when connection has "Upgrade" request and
	connection is not upgraded.  -JB/EG
	Better handle Keep-Alive/Close. -EG