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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 5.4.5, Package name: xz-5.4.5, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

LZMA is a general purporse compression algorithm designed by Igor
Pavlov as part of 7-Zip. It provides high compression ratio while
keeping the decompression speed fast.

XZ Utils are an attempt to make LZMA compression easy to use on
free (as in freedom) operating systems. This is achieved by providing
tools and libraries which are similar to use than the equivalents
of the most popular existing compression algorithms.

XZ Utils consist of a few relatively separate parts:
* liblzma is an encoder/decoder library with support for several
filters (algorithm implementations). The primary filter is
* libzfile (or whatever the name will be) enables reading from
and writing to gzip, bzip2 and LZMA compressed and uncompressed
files with an API similar to the standard ANSI-C file I/O.
[ NOTE: libzfile is not implemented yet. ]
* xz command line tool has almost identical syntax than gzip
and bzip2. It makes LZMA easy for average users, but also
provides advanced options to finetune the compression settings.
* A few shell scripts make diffing and grepping LZMA compressed
files easy. The scripts were adapted from gzip and bzip2.

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   2023-11-01 21:28:49 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
xz: updated to 5.4.5


* liblzma:

    - Use __attribute__((__no_sanitize_address__)) to avoid address
      sanitization with CRC64 CLMUL. It uses 16-byte-aligned reads
      which can extend past the bounds of the input buffer and
      inherently trigger address sanitization errors. This isn't
      a bug.

    - Fixed an assertion failure that could be triggered by a large
      unpadded_size argument. It was verified that there was no
      other bug than the assertion failure.

    - Fixed a bug that prevented building with Windows Vista
      threading when __attribute__((__constructor__)) is not

* xz now properly handles special files such as "con" or "nul" on
  Windows. Before this fix, the following wrote "foo" to the
  console and deleted the input file "con_xz":

      echo foo | xz > con_xz
      xz --suffix=_xz --decompress con_xz

* Build systems:

    - Allow builds with Windows win95 threading and small mode when
      __attribute__((__constructor__)) is supported.

    - Added a new line to liblzma.pc for MSYS2 (Windows):

          Cflags.private: -DLZMA_API_STATIC

      When compiling code that will link against static liblzma,
      the LZMA_API_STATIC macro needs to be defined on Windows.

    - CMake specific changes:

        * Fixed a bug that allowed CLOCK_MONOTONIC to be used even
          if the check for it failed.

        * Fixed a bug where configuring CMake multiple times
          not being set.

        * Fixed the build with MinGW-w64-based Clang/LLVM 17.
          llvm-windres now has more accurate GNU windres emulation
          so the GNU windres workaround from 5.4.1 is needed with
          llvm-windres version 17 too.

        * The import library on Windows is now properly named
          "liblzma.dll.a" instead of "libliblzma.dll.a"

        * Fixed a bug causing the Ninja Generator to fail on
          UNIX-like systems. This bug was introduced in 5.4.0.

        * Added a new option to disable CLMUL CRC64.

        * A module-definition (.def) file is now created when
          building liblzma.dll with MinGW-w64.

        * The pkg-config liblzma.pc file is now installed on all
          builds except when using MSVC on Windows.

        * Added large file support by default for platforms that
          need it to handle files larger than 2 GiB. This includes
          MinGW-w64, even 64-bit builds.

* Small fixes and improvements to the tests.

* Updated translations: Chinese (simplified) and Esperanto.
   2023-08-08 10:32:48 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
xz: updated to 5.4.4

5.4.4 (2023-08-02)

* liblzma and xzdec can now build against WASI SDK when threading
  support is disabled. xz and tests don't build yet.

* CMake:

    - Fixed a bug preventing other projects from including liblzma
      multiple times using find_package().

    - Don't create broken symlinks in Cygwin and MSYS2 unless
      supported by the environment. This prevented building for the
      default MSYS2 environment. The problem was introduced in
      xz 5.4.0.

* Documentation:

    - Small improvements to man pages.

    - Small improvements and typo fixes for liblzma API

* Tests:

    - Added a new section to INSTALL to describe basic test usage
      and address recent questions about building the tests when
      cross compiling.

    - Small fixes and improvements to the tests.

* Translations:

    - Fixed a mistake that caused one of the error messages to not
      be translated. This only affected versions 5.4.2 and 5.4.3.

    - Updated the Chinese (simplified), Croatian, Esperanto, German,
      Korean, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian, and
      Vietnamese translations.

    - Updated the German, Korean, Romanian, and Ukrainian man page
   2023-05-05 21:46:22 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
xz: updated to 5.4.3

5.4.3 (2023-05-04)

* All fixes from 5.2.12

* Features in the CMake build can now be disabled as CMake cache
  variables, similar to the Autotools build.

* Minor update to the Croatian translation.
   2023-03-20 09:47:24 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
xz: updated to 5.4.2

5.4.2 (2023-03-18)

* All fixes from 5.2.11 that were not included in 5.4.1.

* If xz is built with support for the Capsicum sandbox but running
  in an environment that doesn't support Capsicum, xz now runs
  normally without sandboxing instead of exiting with an error.

* liblzma:

    - Documentation was updated to improve the style, consistency,
      and completeness of the liblzma API headers.

    - The Doxygen-generated HTML documentation for the liblzma API
      header files is now included in the source release and is
      installed as part of "make install". All JavaScript is
      removed to simplify license compliance and to reduce the
      install size.

    - Fixed a minor bug in lzma_str_from_filters() that produced
      too many filters in the output string instead of reporting
      an error if the input array had more than four filters. This
      bug did not affect xz.

* Build systems:

    - autogen.sh now invokes the doxygen tool via the new wrapper
      script doxygen/update-doxygen, unless the command line option
      --no-doxygen is used.

    - Added microlzma_encoder.c and microlzma_decoder.c to the
      VS project files for Windows and to the CMake build. These
      should have been included in 5.3.2alpha.

* Tests:

    - Added a test to the CMake build that was forgotten in the
      previous release.

    - Added and refactored a few tests.

* Translations:

    - Updated the Brazilian Portuguese translation.

    - Added Brazilian Portuguese man page translation.
   2023-01-12 11:20:33 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
xz: updated to 5.4.1

5.4.1 (2023-01-11)

    * liblzma:

        - Fixed the return value of lzma_microlzma_encoder() if the
          LZMA options lc/lp/pb are invalid. Invalid lc/lp/pb options
          made the function return LZMA_STREAM_END without encoding
          anything instead of returning LZMA_OPTIONS_ERROR.

        - Windows / Visual Studio: Workaround a possible compiler bug
          when targeting 32-bit x86 and compiling the CLMUL version of
          the CRC64 code. The CLMUL code isn't enabled by the Windows
          project files but it is in the CMake-based builds.

    * Build systems:

        - Windows-specific CMake changes:

            * Don't try to enable CLMUL CRC64 code if _mm_set_epi64x()
              isn't available. This fixes CMake-based build with Visual
              Studio 2013.

            * Created a workaround for a build failure with windres
              from GNU binutils. It is used only when the C compiler
              is GCC (not Clang). The workaround is incompatible
              with llvm-windres, resulting in "XZx20Utils" instead
              of "XZ Utils" in the resource file, but without the
              workaround llvm-windres works correctly. See the
              comment in CMakeLists.txt for details.

            * Included the resource files in the xz and xzdec build
              rules. Building the command line tools is still
              experimental but possible with MinGW-w64.

        - Visual Studio: Added stream_decoder_mt.c to the project
          files. Now the threaded decompressor lzma_stream_decoder_mt()
          gets built. CMake-based build wasn't affected.

        - Updated windows/INSTALL-MSVC.txt to mention that CMake-based
          build is now the preferred method with Visual Studio. The
          project files will probably be removed after 5.4.x releases.

        - Changes to #defines in config.h:

            * HAVE_DECL_CLOCK_MONOTONIC was replaced by
              HAVE_CLOCK_MONOTONIC. The old macro was always defined
              in configure-generated config.h to either 0 or 1. The
              new macro is defined (to 1) only if the declaration of
              CLOCK_MONOTONIC is available. This matches the way most
              other config.h macros work and makes things simpler with
              other build systems.

            * HAVE_DECL_PROGRAM_INVOCATION_NAME was replaced by
              HAVE_PROGRAM_INVOCATION_NAME for the same reason.

    * Tests:

        - Fixed test script compatibility with ancient /bin/sh
          versions. Now the five test_compress_* tests should
          no longer fail on Solaris 10.

        - Added and refactored a few tests.

    * Translations:

        - Updated the Catalan and Esperanto translations.

        - Added Korean and Ukrainian man page translations.
   2022-12-16 00:02:55 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
xz: updated to 5.4.0

5.4.0 (2022-12-13)

This bumps the minor version of liblzma because new features were
added. The API and ABI are still backward compatible with liblzma
5.2.x and 5.0.x.

Since 5.3.5beta:

* All fixes from 5.2.10.

* The ARM64 filter is now stable. The xz option is now --arm64.
  Decompression requires XZ Utils 5.4.0. In the future the ARM64
  filter will be supported by XZ for Java, XZ Embedded (including
  the version in Linux), LZMA SDK, and 7-Zip.

* Translations:

    - Updated Catalan, Croatian, German, Romanian, and Turkish

    - Updated German man page translations.

    - Added Romanian man page translations.

Summary of new features added in the 5.3.x development releases:

* liblzma:

    - Added threaded .xz decompressor lzma_stream_decoder_mt().
      It can use multiple threads with .xz files that have multiple
      Blocks with size information in Block Headers. The threaded
      encoder in xz has always created such files.

      Single-threaded encoder cannot store the size information in
      Block Headers even if one used LZMA_FULL_FLUSH to create
      multiple Blocks, so this threaded decoder cannot use multiple
      threads with such files.

      If there are multiple Streams (concatenated .xz files), one
      Stream will be decompressed completely before starting the
      next Stream.

    - A new decoder flag LZMA_FAIL_FAST was added. It makes the
      threaded decompressor report errors soon instead of first
      flushing all pending data before the error location.

    - New Filter IDs:
        * LZMA_FILTER_ARM64 is for ARM64 binaries.
        * LZMA_FILTER_LZMA1EXT is for raw LZMA1 streams that don't
          necessarily use the end marker.

    - Added lzma_str_to_filters(), lzma_str_from_filters(), and
      lzma_str_list_filters() to convert a preset or a filter chain
      string to a lzma_filter[] and vice versa. These should make
      it easier to write applications that allow users to specify
      custom compression options.

    - Added lzma_filters_free() which can be convenient for freeing
      the filter options in a filter chain (an array of lzma_filter

    - lzma_file_info_decoder() to makes it a little easier to get
      the Index field from .xz files. This helps in getting the
      uncompressed file size but an easy-to-use random access
      API is still missing which has existed in XZ for Java for
      a long time.

    - Added lzma_microlzma_encoder() and lzma_microlzma_decoder().
      It is used by erofs-utils and may be used by others too.

      The MicroLZMA format is a raw LZMA stream (without end marker)
      whose first byte (always 0x00) has been replaced with
      bitwise-negation of the LZMA properties (lc/lp/pb). It was
      created for use in EROFS but may be used in other contexts
      as well where it is important to avoid wasting bytes for
      stream headers or footers. The format is also supported by
      XZ Embedded (the XZ Embedded version in Linux got MicroLZMA
      support in Linux 5.16).

      The MicroLZMA encoder API in liblzma can compress into a
      fixed-sized output buffer so that as much data is compressed
      as can be fit into the buffer while still creating a valid
      MicroLZMA stream. This is needed for EROFS.

    - Added lzma_lzip_decoder() to decompress the .lz (lzip) file
      format version 0 and the original unextended version 1 files.
      Also lzma_auto_decoder() supports .lz files.

    - lzma_filters_update() can now be used with the multi-threaded
      encoder (lzma_stream_encoder_mt()) to change the filter chain

    - In lzma_options_lzma, allow nice_len = 2 and 3 with the match
      finders that require at least 3 or 4. Now it is internally
      rounded up if needed.

    - CLMUL-based CRC64 on x86-64 and E2K with runtime processor
      detection. On 32-bit x86 it currently isn't available unless
      --disable-assembler is used which can make the non-CLMUL
      CRC64 slower; this might be fixed in the future.

    - Building with --disable-threads --enable-small
      is now thread-safe if the compiler supports

* xz:

    - Using -T0 (--threads=0) will now use multi-threaded encoder
      even on a single-core system. This is to ensure that output
      from the same xz binary is identical on both single-core and
      multi-core systems.

    - --threads=+1 or -T+1 is now a way to put xz into
      multi-threaded mode while using only one worker thread.
      The + is ignored if the number is not 1.

    - A default soft memory usage limit is now used for compression
      when -T0 is used and no explicit limit has been specified.
      This soft limit is used to restrict the number of threads
      but if the limit is exceeded with even one thread then xz
      will continue with one thread using the multi-threaded
      encoder and this limit is ignored. If the number of threads
      is specified manually then no default limit will be used;
      this affects only -T0.

      This change helps on systems that have very many cores and
      using all of them for xz makes no sense. Previously xz -T0
      could run out of memory on such systems because it attempted
      to reserve memory for too many threads.

      This also helps with 32-bit builds which don't have a large
      amount of address space that would be required for many
      threads. The default soft limit for -T0 is at most 1400 MiB
      on all 32-bit platforms.

    - Previously a low value in --memlimit-compress wouldn't cause
      xz to switch from multi-threaded mode to single-threaded mode
      if the limit cannot otherwise be met; xz failed instead. Now
      xz can switch to single-threaded mode and then, if needed,
      scale down the LZMA2 dictionary size too just like it already
      did when it was started in single-threaded mode.

    - The option --no-adjust no longer prevents xz from scaling down
      the number of threads as that doesn't affect the compressed
      output (only performance). Now --no-adjust only prevents
      adjustments that affect compressed output, that is, with
      --no-adjust xz won't switch from multi-threaded mode to
      single-threaded mode and won't scale down the LZMA2
      dictionary size.

    - Added a new option --memlimit-mt-decompress=LIMIT. This is
      used to limit the number of decompressor threads (possibly
      falling back to single-threaded mode) but it will never make
      xz refuse to decompress a file. This has a system-specific
      default value because without any limit xz could end up
      allocating memory for the whole compressed input file, the
      whole uncompressed output file, multiple thread-specific
      decompressor instances and so on. Basically xz could
      attempt to use an insane amount of memory even with fairly
      common files. The system-specific default value is currently
      the same as the one used for compression with -T0.

      The new option works together with the existing option
      --memlimit-decompress=LIMIT. The old option sets a hard limit
      that must not be exceeded (xz will refuse to decompress)
      while the new option only restricts the number of threads.
      If the limit set with --memlimit-mt-decompress is greater
      than the limit set with --memlimit-compress, then the latter
      value is used also for --memlimit-mt-decompress.

    - Added new information to the output of xz --info-memory and
      new fields to the output of xz --robot --info-memory.

    - In --lzma2=nice=NUMBER allow 2 and 3 with all match finders
      now that liblzma handles it.

    - Don't mention endianness for ARM and ARM-Thumb filters in
      --long-help. The filters only work for little endian
      instruction encoding but modern ARM processors using
      big endian data access still use little endian
      instruction encoding. So the help text was misleading.
      In contrast, the PowerPC filter is only for big endian
      32/64-bit PowerPC code. Little endian PowerPC would need
      a separate filter.

    - Added decompression support for the .lz (lzip) file format
      version 0 and the original unextended version 1. It is
      autodetected by default. See also the option --format on
      the xz man page.

    - Sandboxing enabled by default:
        * Capsicum (FreeBSD)
        * pledge(2) (OpenBSD)

* Scripts now support the .lz format using xz.

* A few new tests were added.

* The liblzma-specific tests are now supported in CMake-based
  builds too ("make test").
   2022-12-02 10:17:59 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
xz: updated to 5.2.9

5.2.9 (2022-11-30)

* liblzma:

- Fixed an infinite loop in LZMA encoder initialization
  if dict_size >= 2 GiB. (The encoder only supports up
  to 1536 MiB.)

- Fixed two cases of invalid free() that can happen if
  a tiny allocation fails in encoder re-initialization
  or in lzma_filters_update(). These bugs had some
  similarities with the bug fixed in 5.2.7.

- Fixed lzma_block_encoder() not allowing the use of
  LZMA_SYNC_FLUSH with lzma_code() even though it was
  documented to be supported. The sync-flush code in
  the Block encoder was already used internally via
  lzma_stream_encoder(), so this was just a missing flag
  in the lzma_block_encoder() API function.

- GNU/Linux only: Don't put symbol versions into static
  liblzma as it breaks things in some cases (and even if
  it didn't break anything, symbol versions in static
  libraries are useless anyway). The downside of the fix
  is that if the configure options --with-pic or --without-pic
  are used then it's not possible to build both shared and
  static liblzma at the same time on GNU/Linux anymore;
  with those options --disable-static or --disable-shared
  must be used too.
   2022-11-17 18:29:47 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
xz: updated to 5.2.8

5.2.8 (2022-11-13)

* xz:

    - If xz cannot remove an input file when it should, this
      is now treated as a warning (exit status 2) instead of
      an error (exit status 1). This matches GNU gzip and it
      is more logical as at that point the output file has
      already been successfully closed.

    - Fix handling of .xz files with an unsupported check type.
      Previously such printed a warning message but then xz
      behaved as if an error had occurred (didn't decompress,
      exit status 1). Now a warning is printed, decompression
      is done anyway, and exit status is 2. This used to work
      slightly before 5.0.0. In practice this bug matters only
      if xz has been built with some check types disabled. As
      instructed in PACKAGERS, such builds should be done in
      special situations only.

    - Fix "xz -dc --single-stream tests/files/good-0-empty.xz"
      which failed with "Internal error (bug)". That is,
      --single-stream was broken if the first .xz stream in
      the input file didn't contain any uncompressed data.

    - Fix displaying file sizes in the progress indicator when
      working in passthru mode and there are multiple input files.
      Just like "gzip -cdf", "xz -cdf" works like \ 
"cat" when the
      input file isn't a supported compressed file format. In
      this case the file size counters weren't reset between
      files so with multiple input files the progress indicator
      displayed an incorrect (too large) value.

* liblzma:

    - API docs in lzma/container.h:
        * Update the list of decoder flags in the decoder
          function docs.
        * Explain LZMA_CONCATENATED behavior with .lzma files
          in lzma_auto_decoder() docs.

    - OpenBSD: Use HW_NCPUONLINE to detect the number of
      available hardware threads in lzma_physmem().

    - Fix use of wrong macro to detect x86 SSE2 support.
      __SSE2_MATH__ was used with GCC/Clang but the correct
      one is __SSE2__. The first one means that SSE2 is used
      for floating point math which is irrelevant here.
      The affected SSE2 code isn't used on x86-64 so this affects
      only 32-bit x86 builds that use -msse2 without -mfpmath=sse
      (there is no runtime detection for SSE2). It improves LZMA
      compression speed (not decompression).

    - Fix the build with Intel C compiler 2021 (ICC, not ICX)
      on Linux. It defines __GNUC__ to 10 but doesn't support
      the __symver__ attribute introduced in GCC 10.

* Scripts: Ignore warnings from xz by using --quiet --no-warn.
  This is needed if the input .xz files use an unsupported
  check type.

* Translations:

    - Updated Croatian and Turkish translations.

    - One new translations wasn't included because it needed
      technical fixes. It will be in upcoming 5.4.0. No new
      translations will be added to the 5.2.x branch anymore.

    - Renamed the French man page translation file from
      fr_FR.po to fr.po and thus also its install directory
      (like /usr/share/man/fr_FR -> .../fr).

    - Man page translations for upcoming 5.4.0 are now handled
      in the Translation Project.

* Update doc/faq.txt a little so it's less out-of-date.