./audio/py-mutagen, Audio metadata handling for Python

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.43.1, Package name: py37-mutagen-1.43.1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Mutagen is a Python module to handle audio metadata. It supports FLAC,
M4A, Monkey's Audio, MP3, Musepack, Ogg FLAC, Ogg Speex, Ogg Theora, Ogg
Vorbis, True Audio, WavPack and OptimFROG audio files. All versions of
ID3v2 are supported, and all standard ID3v2.4 frames are parsed. It can
read Xing headers to accurately calculate the bitrate and length of
MP3s. ID3 and APEv2 tags can be edited regardless of audio format. It
can also manipulate Ogg streams on an individual packet/page level.

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SHA1: 1aa8ffc8b1f248450de17a841519e0d1cb7d6e12
RMD160: fcac1fe459ef151c402ab48745a3336713da0a50
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   2020-10-06 12:51:22 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (13)
Log message:
*: use py-hypothesis via versioned_dependencies.mk
   2020-08-05 18:33:52 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-mutagen: updated to 1.43.1


Add pickle support for enum types
docs: fix various warnings with sphinx v3


Note: 1.43.x might be the last version supporting Python 2
Python 3.4 is no longer supported
Building requires ‘setuptools’ now, CLI tools depend on ‘pkg_resources’
CLI tools are setuptools entry points now
Fix collections ABCs deprecation warning
Minor typo fixes
MP3: increase max initial wrong syncs from 1000 to 1500
FLAC: support files with multiple VORBIS_COMMENT blocks like libflac
ID3: Improved TYER/TDAT/TIME upgrade to TDRC
MP4: Add support for iTunes HD Video tag (hdvd)
Add AC3 file type
AIFF: renamed sample_size to bits_per_sample (sample_size still works)
API doc fixes
Add support for Tom’s lossless Audio Kompressor (TAK)
OptimFROG: support encoder version >= 5.100
AIFF: Fix handling of padding bytes, safe chunk manipulation
Fix typos
   2020-05-16 11:03:23 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (11)
Log message:
fix pytest versioned dep.
   2020-05-16 10:50:22 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
py-mutagen: pytest from versioned depends
   2018-01-27 09:15:05 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 1.40.0

Upstream changes:
1.40.0 - 2018-01-25

* APEv2: Ensures tags are saved in a deterministic way :pr:`329`
* Restore WinXP support for the CLI tools :bug:`332`
* easymp4: Fix EasyMP4.add_tags() when no tags exist :bug:`334`
* id3: Fix PyCharm not being able to resolve id3 frame class references
* Support pathlib.Path objects for paths (PEP 519) :bug:`337` :pr:`338`
  (:user:`Andrew Rabert <nvllsvm>`)
* Use semver for versioning
   2017-11-07 13:54:06 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-mutagen: updated to 1.39

* Tests:
  * Require `hypothesis <https://hypothesis.readthedocs.io>`__
  * Run pycodestyle/pyflakes tests by default. Skip with ``--no-quality`` or
    ``-m no quality`` when using pytest directly.
* Python 3.3 is no longer supported
* MP3: Improved bitrate accuracy for files with XING header
* ASF: Fix case where some tags resulted in broken ASFUnicodeAttribute
* Add support for filesystems which don't support opening files read/write
  (gvfs over fuse for example)
* mid3v2: Add support for USLT
* Minor improvements
   2017-06-20 14:38:42 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (5)
Log message:
Changes 1.38:
* Note: New release tarballs are now hosted on github:
* ID3:
  * Add iTunes grouping frame `id3.GRP1`
  * Fix exposing text frames where the text can't be encoded with the
    reported encoding due to merging of frames
* OGG: Fix wrong StreamInfo.length (small negative value) for all
  ogg based formats in rare cases.
   2017-05-09 15:14:32 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (7) | Package updated
Log message:
Update audio/{py-mutagen,mutagen-tools} to 1.37.

pkgsrc changes:
 - Update HOMEPAGE
 - Clarify - a bit - comments regarding patches/patch-aa, they're needed to omit
   respectively {script,module} installations due the mutagen-tools separation

Changes (changelog regarding 1.27...1.31 was adjusted to only reflect changes
pertinent to mutagen-tools that was not previosly synced with py-mutagen):
1.37 - 2017.02.24

* Relicense "GPLv2" → "GPLv2 or later" :bug:`291`
* DSF: add `mutagen.dsf` module for DSF (DSD Stream File) support
  :pr:`283` (Boris Pruessmann)
* MP3: Add `mp3.MPEGInfo.encoder_settings` containing a guess of the encoder
  settings used, for example ``"-V2"`` for LAME :bug:`66`
* ID3: add iTunes movement related frames `id3.MVIN` and `id3.MVNM`
* MP4: support ``©mvi``, ``©mvc``, ``shwm``, ``stik``, ``rtng``, ``tves``,
  ``tvsn``, ``plID``, ``cnID``, ``geID``, ``atID``, ``sfID``, ``cmID``,
  ``akID`` :bug:`130`

1.36.3 - 2017.02.24

* MP3: fix error with xing frames without a frame count :bug:`292`

1.36.2 - 2017.01.25

* ID3: Always write little endian utf-16 with BOM.
  Fixes tests on big endian machines :pr:`289`

1.36.1 - 2017.01.22

* Support GAE runtime :bug:`286`
* FLAC: Fix crash when loading files with zero samples :bug:`287`
* MP3: Handle broken lame tags written by older lame versions

1.36 - 2016.12.22

* ID3: Ignore trailing empty values for v2.3 text frames :bug:`276`
* ID3: Write large APIC frames last :bug:`278`
* EasyID3: support saving as v2.3 :bug:`188`
* FLAC: Add StreamInfo.bitrate :bug:`279`
* mid3cp: Add ``--merge`` option :bug:`277`
* MP4: Allow loading files without audio tracks :bug:`272`

1.35.1 - 2016.11.09

* Revert back to distutils :bug:`273`

1.35 - 2016.11.02

* Tests: Require pytest
* Tools: Install .exe launchers on Windows
* setup.py: Require setuptools
* ID3:

  * Fix loading files with CRM frames :bug:`239`
  * Fix loading AENC, LINK, GRID frames with no payload
  * Merge duplicate text frames with same key on load :bug:`172`
  * Allow parsing of duplicate APIC frames :bug:`172`
  * Parse utf-16 text fields with missing BOM :bug:`267`
  * Increase max resyncs for the mpeg frame search :bug:`268`

1.34.1 - 2016.08.13

* ID3: Expose some internals again to make Picard (mostly) work again.

  * http://tickets.musicbrainz.org/browse/PICARD-833
  * https://github.com/metabrainz/picard/pull/479

1.34 - 2016.07.20

* ID3:

  * Add `CTOC <id3.CTOC>` and `CHAP <id3.CHAP>` frames. New classes:
    `ID3Tags <id3.ID3Tags>`, `CTOCFlags <id3.CTOCFlags>`. :bug:`6`
  * Add `TCAT <id3.TCAT>`, `TKWD <id3.TKWD>`, `PCST \ 
<id3.PCST>` frames.
  * Validate user provided LNK/LINK frameid. :bug:`242`
  * Add `RVAD <id3.RVAD>`, RVA frames
  * Add TST, TSA, TS2, TSP and TSC frames
  * Fix not writing optional fields when saving to v2.3
  * Add default field values for all frames

* Drop Python 2.6 support
* EasyID3: Fix TXXX frame encoding when setting a non-latin1 encodable
  value after a latin1 one. :bug:`263`

1.33.2 - 2016.07.05

* Fix loading of small ogg/apev2 files (1.33 regression)

1.33.1 - 2016.06.29

* Fix Overeager deprecation warnings :bug:`261`

1.33 - 2016.06.29

* FileType, Metadata: File-like object support :bug:`1`
* mid3v2: Add APIC support. :bug:`47`
* EasyID3: Fix handling of RVA2 frames with non-lowercase description
* mid3v2: Add UFID support. :bug:`234`
* ID3: Include human-readable representation of the picture type in
  APIC._pprint() :bug:`244`
* EasyID3: make albumartist use TPE2 and move performer to TXXX. :bug:`252`
* ID3: id3.ID3TimeStamp comparator: check type :pr:`260`
  (Fabian Peter Hammerle)
* setup.py: follow PEP440 for the development version
* FileType/Metadata.load/save/delete no longer raise IOError or IOError
  subclasses. They only raise subclasses of MutagenError.

1.32 - 2016.05.02

* Add basic SMF (Standard MIDI File) support (:mod:`mutagen.smf`)
* FLAC: add ``audio/flac`` mime type. :bug:`235`
* ASF: Fixed crash when object size is longer than the header and file length
  (Ben Ockmore)
* ID3: Validate attributes set after frame creation :bb-pr:`8`
  (Daniel Plachotich)
* MP4: validate values in ``__setitem__`` so things don't fail in save()
* tests: Fix SynchronizedTextSpec test on big-endian machines :bug:`247`
  (Daniel Plachotich)
* ID3: do type checking in ``__setitem__`` :bug:`251`
* Building the documentation now requires sphinx >= 1.3
* New :class:`mutagen.Tags` base class for tags
* Moved from Bitbucket to GitHub

1.31 - 2015.09.10

* Tools: Support Unicode output under Windows :bug:`232`

1.30 - 2015.08.22

* No change relevant for tools

1.29 - 2015.05.09

* mid3v2: Fix an error under Python 3 with files without tags :bug:`219`
* mid3v2: Various Windows+Python2+Unicode fixes :bug:`214`

1.28 - 2015.03.06

* Tools:

  * Add signal handling :bug:`170`
  * mid3cp: Make it work under Windows.
  * mutagen-inspect: Make it work under Windows+Python3 :bug:`216`
  * Support unicode file paths under Windows+Python2 :bug:`214`
  * Support file paths with invalid encoding under Unix+Python3.