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wip/gdal-grass Standalone GRASS 6 drivers for GDAL and OGR
wip/gstat Geostatistical modelling, prediction and simulation
wip/r8s Estimate rates of molecular evolution
biology/fluctuate Estimation of population growth rate
wip/chrsh Chroot jail wrapper for ordinary Unix shells
wip/treetool Treetool is for displaying, editing, and printing phylogenetic trees
biology/coalesce Estimates effective population size and mutation rate
x11/blt Extension to Tcl/Tk
wip/boost-test-suite Run the Boost test suite
wip/grass Open source geographical information system (GIS)
geography/epsg EPSG geodetic parameters database
www/pear-HTTP PHP support for miscellaneous HTTP functions
wip/clustalx General purpose multiple alignment program for DNA or proteins (X11)
converters/latex2rtf LaTeX to RTF converter
lang/gprolog GNU prolog compiler and interpreter
wip/tkblt Extension to Tcl/Tk