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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.3.10nb2, Package name: latex2rtf-2.3.10nb2, Maintainer: brook

latex2rtf - Converts LaTeX file to RTF text-format

The latex2rtf command converts a LaTeX file into RTF text format. The
text and much of the formatting information is translated to RTF
making the new file look very similar to the original.

This package also provides latex2png for converting a LaTeX or EPS
files to a PNG image. It needs latex, ImageMagick's convert, dvips
and Ghostscript's eps2eps.

Required to run:
[shells/bash] [fonts/stix-otf]

Required to build:

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   2022-04-14 13:55:56 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
latex2rtf: catch up with fonts/stixfonts rename
   2021-10-26 12:06:54 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (150)
Log message:
converters: Replace RMD160 checksums with BLAKE2s checksums

All checksums have been double-checked against existing RMD160 and
SHA512 hashes
   2021-10-07 15:29:13 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (150)
Log message:
converters: Remove SHA1 hashes for distfiles
   2020-01-26 06:26:29 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (189)
Log message:
all: migrate some SourceForge homepage URLs back from https to http


In the above commit, the homepage URLs were migrated from http to https,
assuming that SourceForge would use the same host names for both http and
https connections. This assumption was wrong. Their documentation at
https://sourceforge.net/p/forge/documentation/Custom%20VHOSTs/ states
that the https URLs use the domain sourceforge.io instead.

To make the homepages from the above commit reachable again, pkglint has
been extended to check for reachable homepages. This check is only
enabled when the --network command line option is given.

Each of the homepages that referred to https://$project.sourceforge.net
before was migrated to https://$project.sourceforge.io (27), and if that
was not reachable, to the fallback URL http://$project.sourceforge.net
   2020-01-19 00:36:14 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (3046)
Log message:
all: migrate several HOMEPAGEs to https

pkglint --only "https instead of http" -r -F

With manual adjustments afterwards since pkglint 19.4.4 fixed a few
indentations in unrelated lines.

This mainly affects projects hosted at SourceForce, as well as
freedesktop.org, CTAN and GNU.
   2017-01-19 19:52:30 by Alistair G. Crooks | Files touched by this commit (352)
Log message:
Convert all occurrences (353 by my count) of

	MASTER_SITES= 	site1 \

style continuation lines to be simple repeated


lines. As previewed on tech-pkg. With thanks to rillig for fixing pkglint
   2016-03-19 18:21:48 by Niclas Rosenvik | Files touched by this commit (6)
Log message:
Fix build of latex2rtf.
Don't generate the pdf since it requires latex.
   2016-02-02 19:15:44 by Niclas Rosenvik | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
Update latex2rtf to version 2.3.10.

## latex2rtf changes from 2.3.0

r1244 | whennings
in funct1.c line 1797 added "%s" format
  to fix a potential vulnerability in processing the \keywords command

r1243 | whennings
(making up) unix version of latex2png script

r1242 | whennings
(making up) l2rshell source for v.2.3.9 r1241

r1241 | whennings
Use eps2eps from Ghostscript instead of from MikTeX distribution.
 Therefore changed the order of program folders in PATH setting
 in l2rshell.exe (windows GUI) as well as in l2rprep.bat
Modified latex2png script for compatibility with Ghostscript 9.14 and newer
(gs 9.14 and newer use a different eps2eps script producing better quality eps
 files on the expense of containing binary stuff)

r1240 | whennings
convert.c line 398 blank after exclamation mark removed
convert.c line 410 blank after question mark removed

r1239 | whennings
a) in doc\Makefile added latex2rtf.html to rule "all"
b) in graphics.c restored lines 1836-1837
   and changed outputting \begin{equation}...\end{equation}
   to outputting \begin{displaymath}...\end{displaymath}
   Reason: In the l2r_nnnn.tex file, \begin{equation}...\end{equation}
   can not reliably be replaced by $$...$$, but the equation snippet
   must not be numbered, as the number is inserted as rtf code.

r1238 | whennings
updated address of FSF in GPL license text in 3 more files

r1237 | whennings
updated address of FSF in GPL license text

r1236 | whennings
a) in graphics.c commented-out lines 1836-1837
   which caused \begin{equation}...\end{equation}
   to be output to l2r_nnnn.tex as $$...$$
b) in latex2png script, changed order in which to try conversion
   from latex-dvi / pdflatex / xelatex
   to   pdflatex  / xelatex  / latex

r1235 | whennings
WH: update sourceforge links in l2rshell "you can help"

r1234 | whennings
WH: fixed a typo in documentation

r1233 | whennings
WH: updated documentation for tikz support

r1232 | prahl
add another tikz test file

r1231 | whennings
WH: changed latex2png for cases where "grep -c tikzpicture" >2
added trying pdflatex before trying xelatex
added test file "membrane-ions.tex"

r1230 | whennings
WH: changed latex2png to unix version (previous upload erroneously was DOS/Win \ 
added tikz.rtf to test/Makefile

r1229 | whennings
WH: added conversion of tikz picture to eps (option -E8)
re-included r1221 modification to latex2png script so that it also tries \ 
pdflatex and xelatex
incremented version to 2.3.4

r1228 | prahl
add test tikzpicture file

r1227 | prahl
replace static keywords and clean up graphics.h

r1226 | prahl
updated latex2png to work with tikzpictures.

r1225 | prahl
backing out many of the changes need for tikz.  Much simpler method used now.

r1224 | prahl
include the tikz files that I forgot

r1223 | prahl
Add tikz support

r1222 | whennings
WH: incremented version to 2.3.3
fixed bug ticket #148 "graphicspath not working"

r1221 | whennings
WH: incremented version to 2.3.2
do not split equations at \\ in align environments
    even when converting to bitmap or eps
latex2png: suppress verbose messages unless opt_k (debugging) is set
creating html files in doc/web removed from doc/Makefile in Unix distribution
   (but not in SVN repository)
(Windows l2rshell) Find MikTeX also when that is user installed and not added to PATH
fixed typo in version.h
in graphics.c, fixed incorrect handling of tmp_dir
in latex2png, delete existing output files before conversion
in latex2png, changed parameter in call to xelatex
in graphics.c, adding tmp_path to PutPdfFile and PutPsFile
latex2png script for unix (previous upload was for Windows, sorry)
modified latex2png script to that it also tries xelatex
increased buffer size in parser.c for an extra large \begin{environment} ... \ 

r1220 | whennings
WH: modified latex2png script -
- also try conversion with pdflatex
- in call of ImageMagick convert, changed to "-type TrueColor" for \ 
better quality of png bitmaps

r1219 | prahl
update man pages

r1218 | prahl
bump version number of latex2png

r1217 | whennings
WH: graphics.c: fixed bug in "PutEpsFile" (variable eps was undefined)
fixed bug in funct1.c (figure numbers missing with "-F" option, patch \ 
tracker no.3537371)
incremented version to 2.3.1

## latex2rtf changes from 2.2.0

r1216 | whennings
WH: graphics.c: added conversion of pdf and ps to eps
when inserting graphics file names (-E4 -E8 and -E12)
latex2png: added convert parameter "-type PaletteMatte" for eps to png,
resolving Patches item #3519195
Makefile: fixed wrong default cfg dir in Windows version of Makefile
incremented version to 2.3.0

r1215 | whennings
WH: given that the conflict between -E12 and -M12 options is now fixed,
reactivated -E option in GUI shell and incremented version to 2.2.4

r1214 | prahl
make -M12 and -E12 work together

r1213 | whennings
WH: added code for Word Macro InsertEPSfromNames

r1212 | whennings
WH: updated documentation

r1211 | whennings
WH: baseline adjustment when including eps file names (-M64 and -M128)
-E option removed from GUI shell because it conflicts with -M12
version number increased to 2.2.3

r1210 | whennings
WH: version of Windows GUI shell supporting -E#, -M64 and -M128

r1209 | whennings
WH: modified parameter description in main.c
WH: changed version.h to version 2.2.2
WH: modified documentation for new options

r1208 | prahl
update usage

r1207 | prahl
fix should not happen warnings

r1206 | prahl
new options for eps eqns and fix preamble bug

r1205 | whennings
WH: added insertion of eps file names for png files

r1204 | prahl
support eps with new options

r1203 | prahl
infrastructure for figure comments

r1202 | prahl
handle UTF8 Byte Order Mark

r1201 | prahl
update changelog

r1200 | prahl
correct tautologic statement

r1199 | prahl
add comments to README

r1198 | prahl
remove unneeded gcc options

r1197 | prahl
add all files for 'make fullcheck'

r1196 | prahl
Jussi Lehtola's linux Makefile patch

r1195 | whennings
updated documentation

r1194 | whennings
corrected manpage

r1193 | whennings
updated changelog and manpage

## latex2rtf changes from 2.1.0

r1192 | whennings
	updated changelog and version.h

r1191 | prahl
	normalizing file attributes

r1190 | prahl
	tweaks to silence compiler warnings

r1189 | whennings
	test files babel_french.tex and qualisex.tex did not LaTeX properly,
	added \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}

r1188 | whennings
	documentation updated

r1187 | prahl
	updated changelog

r1186 | prahl
	bump version number

r1185 | prahl
	add function to font.h

r1184 | prahl
	support \\begin{small} and \\accent23

r1183 | prahl
	improve czech style and inputenc

r1182 | prahl
	handle missing arguments in geometry package

r1181 | prahl
	fix compile error in WriteEquationAsMTEF

r1180 | whennings
	WH: updated changelog

r1179 | whennings
    funct1.c: support french quotes in German mode

r1178 | whennings
    updated documentation (num of eqns converted to bitmaps, MinGW compiler)

r1177 | whennings
    minor updates to l2rshell

r1176 | prahl
    adding new html files

r1175 | prahl
    changing how html pages are made

r1174 | prahl
    fix permissions on latex2rtf.1

r1173 | prahl
    start plumbing to emit MTEF

r1172 | prahl
    support \textminus in direct.cfg

r1171 | prahl
    more editing of HACKING

r1170 | prahl
    fix spelling

r1169 | whennings
    Makefile adaptation for Windows

r1168 | prahl
    Add setspace.tex as a test file.
    Think about spacing issues around environment.

r1167 | prahl
    Improve handling of indentation in many situations.
    This fixes a bunch of minor bugs. There probably remain several,
    but latex2rtf works much better now in many situations.

r1166 | prahl
    add support for setspace package. Hacking this in revealed problems
    with how \\ was handled an the end of lines and also
    how paragraph indentation is handled.
    Spacing between paragraphs is also suboptimal.
    Good grief, this stuff should work better than it currently does.

r1165 | whennings
    Makefile adaptation for Windows

r1164 | prahl
    change default directory from /opt/local to /usr/local

r1163 | prahl
    fix install directories in Makefile

r1162 | whennings
    scripts/README updated to reflect recent version of the latex2png script
    scripts/l2rprep.bat updated to recent versions of Ghostscript and MikTeX

r1161 | prahl
    Change PREFIX to DESTDIR to follow the GNU standard

r1160 | prahl
    Improve error message. We seem to fail in this routine surprisingly often.
    Create a new define to make it easier to resize this buffer.

r1159 | prahl
    The last fix exposed a latent bug in the mapping of latin1->cp1251 \ 
instead of cp1252.

r1158 | whennings
    fixed handling of cp1251

r1157 | paaguti
    This new Makefile is better adapted for usage in MacPorts as well as for Debian

r1156 | prahl
    fix labeling after \appendix in article document

r1155 | prahl
    fixes for \appendix command

r1154 | prahl
    add translations for glossary from recent Babel distribution

r1153 | paaguti
    And the test file for the keywords command

r1152 | paaguti
    Include the support for the keywords command

r1151 | prahl
    prevent spurious RTF getting written to stderr

r1150 | whennings
    l2rshell: make logfile name field read-only if no logging to file
    latex2png script: under MS Win, TEXINPUTS needs ";" separator

r1149 | prahl
    fix for 3117074, seems to work.  Also fix a bug when mathmode is not active \ 
in eqnalign.

r1148 | prahl
    fix leak

r1147 | prahl
    fix off by one error

r1146 | prahl
    fix for addgraphics

r1145 | whennings
    l2rshell: bugfixes, and additions to french and italian translation

r1144 | whennings
    l2rshell: added checkbox for writing the debug output to file
    documentation: added how to redirect stderr to a file
    graphics.c, exists_with_extension(): removed insertion of path separator

r1143 | prahl
    intermediate check-in of some debugging code because \graphicspath is not \ 
working correctly

r1142 | whennings
    l2rshell: fixed broken links for Help and About page,
    for debug level >1 the debug output is written to file

r1141 | prahl
    turn down the debugging noise

r1140 | prahl
    allow for unusual case of horizontal text mode in an equation array environment

r1139 | prahl
    tweaks to get bib_apacite2 working again. Things look good now except for ttgfsr7

r1138 | prahl
    add british.cfg (identical to english.cfg)
    remove debugging commands
    fix overeager writing of raw latex to rtf file

r1137 | prahl
    fixes for multiple languages in babel
    add greek.cfg

r1136 | prahl
    add frenchb.cfg and improve cfg warning

r1135 | prahl
    Fixes for odd scoping problems.  These were exposed by
    bib_style.tex and carefully delineated for me by Wilfried.
    These problems have been around for a long time.
    The bugs have not really been noticed before because we had
    not looked carefully.  These fixes may introduce other
    regressions and have not be thoroughly tested.

r1134 | whennings
    corrected unintentional changes in GPL copyright header in xrefs.c

r1133 | prahl
    This patch adds support to version 2.1.0 for the \bibstyle{...} command.
    It simulates the natbib.sty features invoked for different styles,
    principally mimicking the \bibpunct for each style, and varies
    particular numeric bibliographies to have alternative numeric
    punctuation (for example, "1." rather than "[1]"). \ 
(Patch by G. Helffrich).

r1132 | whennings
    documentation updated for delimiters used with the -M32 option

r1131 | prahl
    silence warning

r1130 | whennings
    corrected equations.c lines 750 and 752 (backslashes need not be escaped here)

r1129 | prahl
    unintentional change

r1128 | prahl
    remove \nonumber and \notag when using -M32 option

r1127 | prahl
    use \[ ... \] instead of $$ ... $$
    replace \begin{eqnarray} with \begin{align}
    all changes to streamline MathType conversion

r1126 | prahl
    attempt to streamline conversion of latex to MathType when using -M32

r1125 | prahl
    Improve parsing of rows in tabular and longtable environments
    In particular, ignore \\ when surrounded by braces

r1124 | prahl
    increase buffer size from 512 to 1024

r1123 | prahl
    support for tabularnewline

r1122 | whennings
    updated documentation reflecting current versions of GhostScript and ImageMagick

r1121 | whennings
    again updated documentation regarding use of STIX fonts

r1120 | whennings
    documentation updated because STIX fonts are now officially released

r1119 | prahl
    Fix bug in which babel language was not functional for most
    of the languages that were supposed to be supported

r1118 | prahl
    fix for command option -i

r1117 | paaguti
    Trivial change in the Makefile to make it more Debian friendly
    Included $(DESTDIR) and moved the drive specification to the
    lines which define the different directories. It's the only
    magic needed, the rest happens in debian/rules if present.

r1116 | prahl
    fix bug when parsing brackets [text {]} more text]

r1115 | whennings
    Updated Makefile for move of file inc_test.tex from /cfg to /test

r1114 | whennings
    In styles.c commented out lines 135-136 because the extra blank is unnecessary.
    Extended file test/style.tex
    Moved file inc_test.tex from /cfg to /test

r1113 | prahl
    revert changes to style.cfg because they don't work with MS Word under Windows

r1112 | prahl
    Use Title Case for all style definitions
    Remove extra blank at in rtf header following style definition
    This should help OpenOffice

r1111 | paaguti
    Include DeclareGraphicsExtensions in cfg/ignore.cfg
    until a better solution is found

r1110 | prahl
    tighten up comments from the last check in.  Looks great otherwise.

r1109 | whennings
    In graphics.c, changed path delimiter handling.
    In graphics.c, fixed creation of temporary file names.
    Updated documentation.

## latex2rtf changes from 2.0.0

r1108 | whennings
    In main.c, use of tmp directory for intermediate files enabled for DOS/Windows
    Added option to choose tmp directory to GUI shell

r1107 | prahl
    support for \={\i}

r1106 | prahl
    Somehow \'{\i} and \`{\i} were reversed

r1105 | prahl
    Last simplification to Makefile to ease packaging by other environments

r1104 | prahl
    eliminate unnecessary compile time options from Makefile
    eliminate unneeded option for rsx compiler
    remove all tabs from header files and remaining .c files

r1103 | whennings
    added MinGW and djgpp options to Makefile

r1102 | prahl
    Update ChangeLog
    Update Copyright
    Update date

r1101 | prahl
    fix bug in abbreviate() debugging command
    add hskip to ignore.cfg
    fix more whitespace problems in graphics.c
    eliminate unused variables
    add const to inline functions in utils.h

r1100 | whennings
    main.c, debug_malloc : ask for "press return" only if -d2 or higher

r1099 | prahl
    remove MAC_CLASSIC from Makefile ... it has not been built for a *long* time
    Fix leak in WriteLatexAsBitmap()

r1098 | whennings
    added section "APA support" to documentation for release 2.1.0

r1097 | prahl
    rename strfree to safe_free
    fix leak in left right equation
    fix leak in preparse

r1096 | prahl
    add a few extra compile time options
    fix bug with \ensuremath{} and bitmaps
    add -M12 to Makefile for testing purposes

r1095 | prahl
    replaced broken my_fgets() in acronyms.c with version in utils.c
    removed version of my_fgets() from xrefs.c
    inserted some strfree() calls
    fixed some whitespace issues

r1094 | prahl
    use strfree and delete comments

r1093 | prahl
    more white space fixes

r1092 | prahl
    white space fixes for graphics
    fix leak in InsertStyle()

r1091 | whennings
    updated documentation for release 2.1.0, also commenting text in ignore.cfg

r1090 | prahl
    fix warnings found when compiling with C++

r1089 | prahl
    add casts to compile under c++

r1088 | prahl
    small changes so that the program compiles under g++
    rename 'template' to 'HA_template' to avoid reserved word
    do a careful pointer casting dance in graphics.c to avoid error

r1087 | prahl
    improvements to ignore.c
    fix bugs
    improve documentation
    add more ignored commands

r1086 | whennings
    added "qualisex" to test/Makefile

r1085 | prahl
    fix pretty serious bug found in qualisex.tex that showed
    that font shape was not being carried over into new
    paragraphs.  Also removed vestigal variable from convert
    that has not been used for some time.

r1084 | prahl
    fix bug in getStringBraceParam() so that it is closer
    to getBraceParam().

r1083 | prahl
    update changlog for 2.1 release

r1082 | prahl
    touch version.h
    update dependancies in Makefile
    add Makefile target to remove OS X metadata

r1081 | prahl
    interpret RequirePackage as usepackage
    ignore ifpdf
    add overlooked cp855 encoding

r1080 | prahl
    move WARNING to level 2 diagnostic
    fix some 8 space indents
    simplify exists_with_extension to use strdup_together3()

r1079 | paaguti
    Basic docs for ignore package in cfg/ignore.cfg and a test file for
    ignored packages

r1078 | whennings
    in chars.c, formatting two more overstrike unicode characters to Stix font

r1077 | whennings
    removed cfg/direct.ucs.cfg (no longer needed)
    in chars.c, formatting most overstrike unicode characters to Stix font

r1076 | prahl
    reverse the zero-width overstrike unicode character order.
    I am not sure this is better.  Looks just as bad in Word
    2004 for the Mac.

r1075 | paaguti
    Moved ignored package list ignore.cfg
    Consolidated ignored package treatment

r1074 | prahl
    I commented out the Apple specific image conversion code.  Something is \ 
wrong with the
    sizes.  We just rely on gs now.

r1073 | prahl
    Remove spurious style warnings.

r1072 | prahl
    nearly complete support for OT2 input encoding.
    Fix bug in unicode input with spacing
    Add four test files for cyrillic

r1071 | prahl
    First step towards supporting multiple encodings in one latex file.
    remove g_font_encoding_name
    remove g_charset_encoding
    add CmdFontEncoding()
    add DefaultFontEncoding()
    add CurrentFontEncoding()
    These all refer to the encoding being used in the latex file.

r1070 | prahl
    add enumerate*, description*, and itemize* as environments
    simplify filename processing at in the main program

r1069 | prahl
    remove all use of the Symbol font during conversion.  Rely on
    unicode for all our needs.

r1068 | prahl
    remove executable property from greek.tex

r1067 | prahl
    fix repeated headers in the auto-generated table of contents
    There are missing numbers in the auto-generated table, but the actual
    headers are right.  The problems seems to be that latex emits headers
    without the numbers in the text, but incorporates them in the table of
    contents.  I don't see any easy solution.

r1066 | prahl
    eliminate cyrillic and latin2 output encodings.  We only use unicode now.
    simplify fonts.cfg by removing above fonts.
    move Times     -> Times New Roman
     Helvetica -> Arial
     Courier   -> New Courier
    because those fonts tend to have more complete Unicode character sets.

r1065 | prahl
    reduce size of colortable in the header when the color package is not \ 
explicitly used.

r1064 | prahl
    finished removing the use of the overstrike field.  Eliminated
    unused code and simplified existing code.

r1063 | prahl
    More movement to unicode.  Using combining characters to avoid
    the clumy overstrike in Word.  With this check-in, MT Extra is
    no longer used by latex2rtf.

r1062 | prahl
    adding Wilfried's changes to direct.cfg and ucsymbols.tex

r1061 | prahl
    fix problem when \textbf{} is at the start of a new paragraph

r1060 | prahl
    Fix font size in Title

r1059 | paaguti
    Not yet included in Makefile for compilation. It's just
    a proposal of how we could create an RTF layer

r1058 | prahl
    When I fixed the rest rtf style header, I changed how one must
    indicate fonts in the .cfg files.  Basically, now we must use
    \f*Unicode* whereas before we used just *STIXFonts*

r1057 | prahl
    properly convert \char representation of backslash in
    typewriter font.

r1056 | prahl
    partial solution to the style vs font problem.  This removes
    a brace at the beginning of every paragraph and one at the
    end.  This change is pretty significant and probably breaks
    a bunch of stuff, but a quick perusal of misc4.tex does not
    reveal serious problems (aside from selecting the wrong
    character when in the typewriter font).

r1055 | paaguti
    Careless me... a family and a project are sometimes too much..

r1054 | paaguti
    cleanup in CmdHarvardItem: use the ignore.. macros
    and a switch-case construct to make code more readable
    add harvardand to comment/documentation

r1053 | prahl
    test file illustrating the problem with styles

r1052 | prahl
    revert font changes added to vertical.c

r1051 | whennings
    removed problematic double definitions of heading styles
    from funct1.c and style.cfg.
    Added file styleAPA.cfg

r1050 | prahl
    fix seriously broken style header.  This does not fix the problem
    arising from conflicts between fonts and styles.
    rename style 'HTML Formatted' to 'verbatim' because most usage has
    nothing to do with HTML.

r1049 | whennings
    In Makefile, cleaned options from CFLAGS line 8 which are already either in \ 
    or in line39

r1048 | paaguti
    WIN32 inside UNIX made little sense... reverted that

r1047 | paaguti
    I use winmake.bat to call make in my MinGW environment
    Defining the variables in winmake.bat is complemented
    by the ?= assignments in Makefile

r1046 | paaguti
    mea culpa, I tried to fclose(NULL) in utils.c

r1045 | paaguti
    Orderly bail-out when latex2png can't be called
    Previously there was an exception

r1044 | paaguti
    a further step towards better portability in Makefile
    xrefs.h last line without CRLF
    graphics.c: yet another step towards understanding where the
    failures in MINGW come from

r1043 | paaguti
    small glitch detected in one of the reorder_citations calls.
    more comments to document change better

r1042 | paaguti
    Constants in ScanAux make the code more readable.
    They are used in reorder_citations too.

r1041 | paaguti
    changed string tokens with integer ID in ScanAux

r1040 | paaguti
    closing } in the acronym style was missing...

r1039 | paaguti
    run make depend to refresh dependencies
    ScanAux doesn't use g_aux_name anymore

r1038 | paaguti
    Cleanup acronym rests from this header file

r1037 | paaguti
    move the loading of the auxfile to label and biblio management
    cleanup: remove old ScanAux code

r1036 | whennings
    in acronym.tex, removed blank before \acroextra

r1035 | paaguti
    Another step before getting rid of the original ScanAux code
    once and for all.

r1034 | paaguti
    Moved the graphicspath test to an independent file
    Minor changes in Makefile to improve portability (hopefully)

r1033 | paaguti
    portable my_fgets() in auxfile.c after tests with win32
    (taken from xrefs.c)

r1032 | paaguti
    move harvardcite parsing to LoadAuxFile functionality

r1031 | paaguti
    compiler complained about missing CRLF at end of file

r1030 | paaguti
    these files are needed for the graphicspath test

r1029 | paaguti
    final integration of the graphicspath functionality
    I have included the test for it in my acronym.tex
    test file

r1028 | paaguti
    first step towards \graphicspath support
    parse the arguments and put them in a string array
    use acronym.tex to test it

r1027 | paaguti
    Implemented file searches as loops using GraphConvertTable

r1026 | paaguti
    Define a table to handle graphics conversion
    in a uniform way. Better integration of new
    formats and uniform treatment of all formats
    make the effort worthwhile

r1025 | paaguti
    first step towards uniforming the graphics interface.
    added int at the end of PutPngFile() in order to have
    the same parameters here as in the other Put...File()

r1024 | paaguti
    final cleanup of the acronym orgy

r1023 | paaguti
    defined a paragraph style for the acronyms which resembles
    most what LaTEX uses. It is based on Normal and gets part
    of the formatting (tabs) in vertical.c
    Inserted code in vertical.c to fit this style into the textwidth.
    Prepared a callback in acronyms.c to eventually honour the maximum
    length acronym hint

r1022 | paaguti
    move all acronym functionality to acronyms.c
    take CommandArray from commands.c
    take functions from xrefs.c and funct1.c
    redirect \usapackage{acronym} handling in preamble.c
    acronym commands are enabled with an extra Environment
    to make them available only when \usepackage{acronym}
    is invoked
    enable acronym handling in auxfile.c
    NOTE: portions of xrefs.c and funct1.c disabled with #if 0/#endif
    will disappear in the next wave of patches.

r1021 | paaguti
    this is the first step towards parsing the .aux file once
    I'm testing with labels, which are pretty consistently implemented
    right now.
    commands.c : hook in the CmdNewLabel function
    auxfile.: simplify and parse \newlabel only
    xref.c: new layer to ScanAux: go for the original implementation
    for everything except labels. Treat labels using the label table
    which is created the first time a label is needed by parsing the
    auxfile once.

r1020 | paaguti
    added the possibility of getting the whole label definition unparsed
    this is a step towards getting rid of the current ScanAux function

r1019 | paaguti
    simplified .aux file handling

r1018 | paaguti
    Moved TRUE/FALSE definition from cfg.h to main.h
    main.h is included everywhere, while cfg.h is not

r1017 | paaguti
    move CommandArray definition to commands.h
    this will allow to have all acronym related stuff in one isolated file

r1016 | paaguti
    trivial ifpdf package support

r1015 | paaguti
    Minor bug correction in allocation
    Allocate labels 8 by 8

r1014 | paaguti
    new acronym TeX test file

r1013 | paaguti
    acronym should allow to remake the acronym test without
    depending on acronym.rtf

r1012 | paaguti
    handy little macro to free strings which were allocated

r1011 | paaguti
    GetAcronymFromAux can return NULL! Corrected pointer core dump

r1010 | paaguti
    compiler complained about no end of line for funct1.h and
    trivial support for the ifpdf package

r1009 | paaguti
    Trivial patch for the tests

r1008 | prahl
    include "acronyms.h' not "acronym.h"

r1007 | prahl
    Fix misspelling of Auxiliary in function name

r1006 | prahl
    eliminate redundant ACRONYM defines between xrefs.c and acronyms.c
rename acronym.c to acronyms.c  so that it is consistent with other
    files in the codebase.

r1005 | prahl
    Eliminated unnecessary headers.  Renamed CmdAC -> CmdACNew so that
    new implementation and old ones can coexist.

r1004 | prahl
    refactoring of cfg.c by Pedro Aranda
    file_exists() function added to utils.c

r1003 | prahl
    Changes to ignore.cfg by Pedro Aranda

r1002 | prahl
    rename aux to auxfile to avoid problems on windows

r1001 | prahl
    the great detabbing ... from now on there should be no tabs in
    the source files.  Indents should always be four tabs.

r1000 | prahl
    convert // to /*  */
    remove executable bit from acronym.bib

r999 | prahl
    New inline utility functions by Pedro Aranda

r998 | prahl
    decrease verbosity when entering and leaving environments

r997 | prahl
    new inline utilities by Pedro Aranda

r996 | prahl
    adding new files to the packaged distribution

r995 | prahl
    New files from Pedro Aranda that improve processing of aux files
    and improved support for acronym.sty.  These are not actually used yet.

r994 | prahl
    Pedro Aranda's test files for the acronym.sty package

r993 | whennings
    fixed some bugs and added two characters to test/ucsymbols.tex

r992 | prahl
    remove executable bit on direct.tex
    add direct.tex to list of files translated when 'make char' is used
    add direct.tex to the package

r991 | whennings
    fixed a bug and addes STIXGeneral to two more characters in direct.cfg.
    added direct.tex as test file for all characters in direct.cfg

r990 | prahl
    fix for harvard citations found by Pedro A Aranda

r989 | whennings
    modifications to make test/babel_* files LaTeX properly

r988 | prahl
    add babel* file to the list to be converted after "make all"
    add encoding tables for 0t2, t2a, t2b.  The later two will probably
    go away and the former is not used yet

r987 | whennings
    modified cfg/direct.cfg so that symbols which are not available
    under MS Windows get formatted in font STIXGeneral
    Corrected test/ucsymbols.tex

r986 | prahl
    add macintosh central european character encoding

r985 | prahl
    More unicode conversion.  Eliminate all use of Symbol font.
    Directly convert from various character encodings e.g. latin5
    to Unicode.  Delete lots of code that is no longer needed.

r984 | prahl
    start of missing characters for XP

r983 | prahl
    More of the great Unicode migration.  This moves all the
    instances of CmdSymbolChar and CmdMTExtraChar out of commands.c
    Now, these characters can be found in direct.cfg.  Future
    work will remove all instances of CmdSymbolChar and CmdMTExtraChar
    from the rest of the code base.

r982 | prahl
    Fix problem on Fedora.  It turns out that strcpy(p1,p2) is allowed
    undefined behavior if p1 and p2 point to overlapping areas.

r981 | whennings
    modified direct_ucs.cfg to use the Unicode font for special symbols.
    updated documentation (but font usage for special symbols is work in progress)
    updated l2rshell to version number 2.1.0

r980 | prahl
    reduce debugging noise

r979 | prahl
    fix bug related to the new style system.  There is a pretty
    big mismatch between LaTeX and Word styles.  This is probably
    not the right patch because it regresses the way that section
    headings look.  It does fix the bug associated with {\tt \begintabular{ll} a \ 
& b
    \end{tabular} }

r978 | prahl
    improve how vcenter interacts with fields

r977 | prahl
    fix \makebox and \framebox so they actually emit something
    fix \char'123 (regression)
    move a whole bunch of MTExtra characters to Unicode because
    MTExtra varies in which characters are present.

r976 | prahl
    all characters in ucsymbol.tex and misc3.tex are converted now

r975 | prahl
    add support for a few more math commands found in misc3.tex
    misc3.rtf should convert pretty cleanly now.

r974 | prahl
    change strlcpy to my_strlcpy
    comment out CmdAcronym

r973 | prahl
    support for \not

r972 | prahl
    working version of halign!
    fixed bug when converting \char92

r971 | prahl
    insert a few instances of uint16_t when bit shifting as
    a defense against 64-bit problems

r970 | prahl
    beginning of support for \halign

r969 | prahl
    address warnings found when compiling for Fedora