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biology/lucy Sequence Cleanup Program
wip/bioruby Intergrated environment for Bioinformatics using Ruby
wip/libGenome Development library for bioinformatic software
wip/jalview Jalview is a multiple alignment editor written in java
wip/readseq Widely Used Tool to Convert Various Sequence Formats
wip/artemis Genome viewer and annotation too
wip/tops-bin Protein Topology Cartoons Tools
devel/dia2code Small utility used to generate code from a Dia diagram
textproc/p5-Text-Shellwords Wrapper around package
wip/t-coffee Multiple Sequence Alignment Package
wip/jacorb-lib Java implementation of the OMGs CORBA jar
wip/wise2 Tool for Comparing bio polymers like DNA and Protein sequences
wip/p5-Aceperl Perl interface for the ACEDB object-oriented database
devel/p5-Tree-DAG_Node Class for representing nodes in a tree