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wip/davical-git Simple CalDAV server using a PostgreSQL backend
wip/crrcsim Crrcsim is a model-airplane flight simulation program
x11/nx-libs NX X11 protocol compression library
wip/natali AT&T/Apple AppleTalk Library Interface for Netatalk
www/php-glpi IT inventory management software
sysutils/p5-Unburden-Home-Dir Automatically unburden HOME directory from caches etc
wip/am-utils-git Berkeley automounter suite of utilities
math/smath-studio Tiny, powerful, free mathematical program with WYSIWYG editor
www/py-blosxom Lightweight file-based weblog system
x11/x2go-client Qt client for the X2Go remote desktop system
wip/xemacs-hg XEmacs text editor (HEAD version)
wip/nnrpd NNTP reader daemon from InterNet News (INN)
wip/xoscope Sound card oscilloscope
editors/xemacs-packages Common elisp packages for xemacs 21
editors/xemacs-nox11 XEmacs text editor version 21.4 (no x11 support)
net/netatalk3 Netatalk AFP file services
sysutils/radmind Remote file administration and integrity tool
security/vaultwarden Bitwarden compatible backend server
mail/sendmail-cidrexpand CIDR pre-parser for Sendmail access maps
editors/xemacs-current *BETA* XEmacs text editor version 21.5.35
sysutils/tsm8 IBM Spectrum Protect (aka Tivoli Storage Manager) Backup Client
wip/tsm IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Client
wip/inetdxtra Collection of inetd based servers
wip/ppr PPR is a print spooler for PostScript printers
wip/c-news The 3rd generation USENET news server
wip/php-libawl-git PHP Andrews Web Libraries
wip/jsl Standalone JavaScript lint
wip/tsm62 IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Client
net/py-bonjour Python interface to interact with Bonjour
editors/xemacs XEmacs text editor version 21.4
emulators/shoebill Macintosh II emulator that runs A/UX
editors/xemacs-current-nox11 *BETA* XEmacs text editor version 21.5 (no X11 support)
sysutils/and Renice or kill jobs based on priority database
emulators/tcl-hp-15c Simulated HP-15C RPN calculator