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wip/conky Free, light-weight system monitor for X
sysutils/mcollective Framework to build server orchestration
www/py-tornado Fast and non-blocking web framework
security/password-store Standard UNIX password manager
sysutils/shelldap Shell-like interface for browsing LDAP servers
sysutils/monitoring API with DSL feel to write monitoring daemons in Python
security/py-oauthlib Generic implementation of the OAuth request-signing logic
sysutils/polysh Aggregate several remote shells into one
security/py-requests-oauthlib OAuthlib support for Python-Requests
security/snoopy Log every executed command to syslog
sysutils/conky Free, light-weight system monitor for X
net/py-apache-libcloud Python library for interacting with cloud service providers
security/clusterssh Cluster administration tool
x11/libdesktop-agnostic Desktop-agnostic library, apis and tools
net/ruby-stompserver Stomp messaging server
net/py-softlayer SoftLayer API bindings for Python
devel/py-requests HTTP library, written in Python, for human beings
devel/bpython Fancy interface to the Python interpreter
devel/ruby-stomp Ruby library for the Stomp protocol
devel/py-docopt Helps creating command-line interfaces
devel/p5-Term-Shell Write command-line shells in Perl
net/py-twython Python wrapper for the Twitter API
net/apollo Messaging broker built from the foundations of ActiveMQ
devel/py-more-itertools2 More routines for operating on iterables, beyond itertools (for Python 2.x)
net/py-ptt Twitter API, command-line tool, and IRC bot
net/py-irclib Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol client library
net/coilmq Simple, lightweight, and easily extensible STOMP message broker
print/foo2zjs Printer driver for Zenographics ZjStream wire protocol
devel/py-jaraco_util General utility modules that supply commonly-used functionality
databases/elasticsearch Distributed RESTful Search Engine
devel/p5-Test-DistManifest Author test that validates a package MANIFEST
devel/py-more-itertools More routines for operating on iterables, beyond itertools
net/paris-traceroute Traceroute-like network diagnosis and measurement tool
databases/py-elasticsearch Python client for Elasticsearch
devel/py-hgtools Classes and setuptools plugin for Mercurial and Git repositories
textproc/lua-cjson Lua CJSON provides JSON support for Lua
www/py-httpie Human-friendly command line HTTP client
devel/py-iowait Platform-independent module for I/O completion events
devel/py-daemonize Library for writing system daemons in Python
www/py-urllib3 HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling