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wip/macro11 PDP-11 crossassembler
wip/py-lazr.restfulclient Provide added functionality on top of wadllib
x11/x3270 3270 Terminal emulators (X11 and/or curses)
wip/denise Commodore-64 emulator
wip/sabnzbd Web-interface based binary newsgrabber in python, with nzb support
textproc/py-patiencediff Python implementation of the patiencediff algorithm
math/hercules4sdl-softfloat The SoftDevLabs version of SoftFloat for Hercules 4.x
math/hercules4sdl-decnumber The SoftDevLabs version of decNumber for Hercules 4.x
net/hercules4sdl-telnet The SoftDevLabs version of telnet library for Hercules 4.x
security/hercules4sdl-crypto The SoftDevLabs version of crypto for Hercules 4.x
wip/xemu Emulators of various machines, incl the MEGA65
x11/py-sip5 Tool to create Python bindings for C++ libraries (v5)
x11/py-qt-builder PyQt-world build tool (sip extension)
devel/breezy Friendly distributed version control system
wm/ctwm Window manager with support for multiple virtual screens and EWMH
news/pan Newsreader for GTK3
wip/open-simh Bob Supniks historical computer simulator
devel/breezy-qbrz GUI front end for Breezy
wip/nget Command line nntp file grabber
wip/klh10 PDP-10 KS10/KL10B CPU model emulator
wip/py-sabyenc3 yEnc decoding library
textproc/py-html2text-2019.8.11 Convert HTML into easy-to-read plain ASCII text
emulators/hercules4sdl The SoftDevLabs version of Hercules 4.x (Hyperion)
emulators/open-simh Bob Supniks historical computer simulator
converters/py-fastbencode Implementation of bencode with optional fast C extensions
emulators/vice Emulator for C64, C128, CBM-II, PET, VIC20, Plus4 and C16
emulators/simh Bob Supniks historical computer simulator
wip/hercules4aethra The Aethra version of Hercules 4.x (Hyperion)
wip/py-sabctools C implementations of functions for use within SABnzbd
textproc/py-merge3 Python implementation of 3-way merge
lang/algol68g Algol 68genie compiler