./wip/nget, Command line nntp file grabber

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.32.2, Package name: nget-0.32.2, Maintainer: rhialto

nget is a command line nntp file grabber.
It automatically pieces together multipart postings for easy
retrieval, even substituting parts from multiple servers and
newsgroups. Handles disconnects gracefully, resuming after the
last part succesfully downloaded.

This version replaces news/nget because it became too out of date
to compile with gcc 7.

* Automatic multi-part post joining across multiple groups
and servers
* Automatic binary decoding (using uulib)
* Caches header data for quick access
* Automatic retries on network errors
* Resumes after the last part successfully downloaded
* Dupe file detection to avoid unneeded downloads
* Select what to retrieve based upon a regular expresson (-r),
or even a more complex expression (-R) based upon any of the
file's subject, author, lines, bytes, # of parts we have,
# of parts req, date, age, messageid, and references.
* Search for newsgroups based on their names and/or descriptions
* Automatic handling of PAR and PAR2 files retrieves only as many
recovery files as necessary to repair any missing/damaged files.

Required to run:
[converters/uulib] [devel/popt] [devel/pcre]

Required to build:

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