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net/dhcpcd-qt Qt system tray monitor for dhcpcd
net/openresolv Framework for managing /etc/resolv.conf
net/parpd RFC1027 compliant Proxy ARP Daemon
devel/py-hg-fastimport Mercurial extension for importing from a git fast-import stream
devel/phabricator Open software engineering platform
net/dhcpcd DHCP / IPv4LL / IPv6RA / DHCPv6 client
devel/libphutil Collection of utility classes and functions for PHP
net/dhcpcd-dbus DBus binding for dhcpcd
net/dhcpcd-icons Shared icons for dhcpcd-gtk and dhcpcd-qt
net/dhcpcd-gtk GTK+ system tray monitor for dhcpcd
devel/arcanist Command line interface for Phabricator