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wip/libgnuregex GNU Regex library
sysutils/xosview2 X11 graphical display of OS statistics
x11/xmem Memory and swap meter for X11
x11/xcursor-core-hr High-resolution version of X11 core cursor theme
shells/yash POSIX-compliant command line shell
x11/xnotify Read notifications from stdin and display them on the screen
mail/meli Terminal mail client
devel/got Game of Trees VCS to manipulate git repositories
wm/coma Keyboard driven tiling window manager
net/bwm-ng Console-based bandwidth monitor
net/openrsync BSD-licensed implementation of rsync
time/sunclock Show which portion of the Earths surface is illuminated by the Sun
time/calcurse Text based calendar and scheduling application
x11/xbrightness Brightness and gamma correction through the X server
x11/qt5-styleplugins Qt 5 extra widget styles
shells/ksh93 Actively developed fork of AT&T KornShell 93u+
shells/etsh Enhanced port of Thompson shell from V6 UNIX
x11/drawterm Utility to connect to Plan9 CPU servers
editors/xwpe Programming environment for UNIX systems
wm/emwm Enhanced Motif Window Manager
mail/mailutils Utilities, daemons, and filters for processing e-mail
time/xdiary Calendar utility based on Motif/X
chat/toot Command line client for the Mastodon social network API
editors/jupp The portable version of joe from the MirOS project
editors/ee EasyEdit, a classic curses text editor
devel/libbsd Compatibility library for BSD functions under other systems
devel/mgdiff Graphical front end to Unix diff
x11/xidle Run a program on X inactivity
x11/xlax Multi-window input software
x11/xtrlock Simple X11 screen lock tool
security/signify Cryptographically sign and verify files, from OpenBSD
graphics/ximaging Image browser and viewer for Unix - X/Motif
sysutils/bsdfetch BSD system information tool written in C
misc/plan9port Plan 9 from User Space
wm/cde Common Desktop Environment
biology/xmakemol Program for visualizing atomic and molecular systems
wm/emwm-utils Companion utilies for EMWM
mail/mm UNIX reimplementation of the TOPS-20 MM program
wm/fvwm3 Multiple large virtual desktop window manager
mail/alpine Program for Internet News and E-mail
devel/libmd Message Digest functions from BSD systems
sysutils/hw-probe Check operability of computer hardware and find drivers
devel/mirmake Portable version of MirBSD make(1) and associated tools
wip/cmvnd-fonts Tiny bitmap fonts
wip/suxus Readable bitmap font for low-res displays
x11/xss-lock Use external locker as X screen saver
mail/opensmtpd-filter-senderscore OpenSMTPD filter integration for SenderScore
mail/opensmtpd-filter-rspamd OpenSMTPD filter integration for the Rspamd daemon
fonts/suxus Readable bitmap font for low-res displays
fonts/cmvnd-fonts Tiny bitmap fonts
devel/libopensmtpd Library for creating opensmtpd filters
mail/opensmtpd-filter-dnsbl OpenSMTPD filter integration for DNSBL lists
misc/qt6gtk2 GTK+2.0 integration plugins for Qt6
x11/qt6ct Qt6 configuration tool
mail/opensmtpd-filter-dkimsign OpenSMTPD filter integration for signing mail with DKIM
meta-pkgs/opensmtpd-filters OpenSMTPD filters collection
mail/opensmtpd The OpenSMTPD mail transfer agent, a replacement for sendmail
fonts/leahfonts Bitmap fonts by Leah Neukirchen
mail/opensmtpd-extras Addons for OpenSMTPD