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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.24, Package name: alpine-2.24, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Alpine is the replacement for the Pine email and news client.

Alpine is a screen-oriented message-handling tool. In its default
configuration, Alpine offers an intentionally limited set of
functions geared toward the novice user, but it also has a large
list of optional "power-user" and personal-preference features.

This package currently only installs the alpine binary, excluding
the pilot and pico binaries which would cause it to conflict with
the pine package.

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   2020-11-23 17:36:03 by Benny Siegert | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update alpine to 2.24.

Alpine 2.23

  * Implementation of XOAUTH2 authentication support for Outlook. Based on
    documentation suggested by Andrew C Aitchison.
  * Add support for the OAUTHBEARER authentication method in Gmail. Thanks to
    Alexander Perlis for suggesting it and explaining how the method works.
  * Creation of Alpine's Privacy Policy. This is presented as a link to an
    online document from the Release Notes (Link at the top of this document.)
    Upon user request, Alpine downloads and displays this document. Links to
    the privacy policy are also displayed when a user starts Alpine for the
    first time, or when a user starts a new version of Alpine. There is no
    default exit greeting command for these screens, and to exit the user must
    press "E", instead of the old default, which was the RETURN \ 
command. The
    RETURN command will open the handle on which the cursor is on, which by
    default is the Privacy Policy.
  * Support for the SASL-IR IMAP extension that avoids a round trip during
    authentication. Similar support added for the SMTP, NNTP and POP3
    protocols. Thanks to Geoffrey Bodwin for a report that lead to this
  * Alpine can pass an HTML message to an external web browser, by using the
    "External" command in the ATTACHMENT INDEX screen.
  * New configuration variable external-command-loads-inline-images-oly that
    controls if Alpine will keep the source link to all the images in the HTML
    message, or will only pass a link to inline images included in the message.
    For your privacy and security this feature is enabled by default.
  * When reading an email and a user selects an email address to which to
    compose a message from the message, the user will be able to select a role
    to compose that message.
  * New variable system-certs-path that allows users to indicate the location
    of the directory where certificates are located. In PC-Alpine this must be
    C:\libressl\ssl\certs. The C: drive can be replaced by the name of the
    drive where the binary and DLL files are located.
  * New variable system-certs-file that allows users to configure the location
    of a container of certificate authority (CA) certificates to be used to
    validate certificates of remote servers.
  * Remove sleep of 5 seconds for mailcap programs that use the terminal to
    display content. Suggested by Carl Edquist. In addition, remove
    configurable process table command and its corresponding sleep time.

Bugs that have been addressed include:

  * Security Bug: Alpine can be configured to start a secure connection using
    /tls on an insecure connection. However, if the connection is PREAUTH,
    Alpine will not upgrade the connection to a secure connection, because a
    client must not issue a STARTTLS to a server that supports it in
    authenticated state.  This makes Alpine continue to use an insecure
    connection with the server, exposing user data. Reported by Damian
    Poddebniak and Fabian Ising from Muenster University of Applied Sciences.
  * Selecting by subject might not copy the subject of the current message to
    the selection text correctly. Reported by Iosif Fettich.
  * Alpine does not set the return path correctly when using a role while
    bouncing a message. Reported by Dr. C. Griewatsch.
  * Bug in PC-Alpine that made Alpine go into an infinite loop and consume CPU
    when it was iconized. Reported by Holger Schieferdecker in comp.mail.pine.
  * Crash in Alpine when attempting to reply to a multipart/alternative message
    that is malformed, and the option to include attachments in reply is
    enabled.  Reported and patched by Peter Tirsek.
  * Bug that makes Alpine split encoded words in the subject of a message in
    the middle of a utf-8 character into two encoded words, breaking the
    encoding.  Reported by Jean Chevalier.
  * Alpine would not redraw the screen when a check for new mail in an incoming
    folder failed due to a failure while validating the server certificate,
    and the user did not allow the connection to proceed.
  * Crash in Alpine while resizing the screen when using any of the tokens
    SUBJKEYTEXT, SUBJECTTEXT, or SUBJKEYINITTEXT in the index format, and the
    screen was resized. Reported by Iggy Mogo.
  * When Alpine is trying to authenticate to Gmail, using the XOAUTH2 method,
    it does not display the url the user needs to open, in order to authorize
    Alpine to access Gmail using XOAUTH2 when Alpine still has not created a
    screen. Reported by Baron Fujimoto.
  * When an html anchor does not quote the link in the href parameter, alpine
    does not link to it.
  * Attempt to fix a bug that breaks scrolling of a message in Alpine when the
    screen is resized. Reported in the Debian bug system at
    https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugrepo … ug=956361.

Alpine 2.24

  * Implementation of XOAUTH2 for Yahoo! Mail.
  * Expansion of the configuration screen for XOAUTH2 to include username,
    authorization flow, and tenant.
  * XOAUTH2: automatic renew of access token and connection to a server within
    60 seconds of expiration of the access token.
  * If a user has more than one client-id for a service, Alpine asks the user
    which client-id to use and associates that client-id to the credentials in
    the XOAUTH2 configuration screen.
  * Addition of Yandex.com to the list of services that Alpine can use XOAUTH2
    to authenticate for reading and sending email.
  * Addition of a link to the Apache License 2.0 (see above). This is available
    from the Release Notes as well as the welcome screen.
  * Modifications to protect the privacy of users:
      + Alpine does not generate Sender or X-X-Sender by default by enabling
        [X] Disable Sender as the default.
      + Alpine does not disclose User Agent by default by enabling [X] Suppress
        User Agent by default.
      + Alpine uses the domain in the From: header of a message to generate a
        message-id and suppresses all information about Alpine, version,
	revision, and time of generation of the message-id from this header.
	This information is replaced by a random string.
  * Unix Alpine displays configure options and flags when invoked as "alpine
    -v". Suggested by Matt Ackeret.
  * Alpine will ding the terminal bell when asking about quitting when new mail
    arrives. This is consistent with Alpine dinging the bell when new mail
    arrives.  The bell will not ding if it is disabled for status messages.
    Suggested by Chime Hart.
  * When messages are selected, pressing the ";" command to broaden or \ 
narrow a
    search, now offers the possibility to completely replace the search, and is
    almost equivalent to being a shortcut to "unselect all messages, and select
    again". The difference is that cancelling this command will not unselect
    all currently selected messages. Suggested by Holger Trapp.
  * Alpine will not write debug files unless started with the option -d, so for
    example "alpine -d 2" will generate a debug file at level 2, but just
    issuing the alpine command will not write any debug to a file.
  * Experimental: Attempt to implement the Encryption Range in Windows. It
    works in Windows 10, and it should work in Windows 8.1. It needs testing in
    Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
  * Addition of variables user-certs-path and user-certs-file which allow a
    user to specify locations for certificates that the user trusts.
  * Ignore non-empty initial challenge in the GSSAPI authenticator. Based on a
    patch written by Jarek Polok, but submitted by Ignacio Reguero.
  * When a server expires a refresh token, Alpine needs to cancel it
    internally. Alpine will attempt to get a new one when it reopens the folder
    after it cancels it.
  * Set up the IMAP ID at the moment of logging in to the server, rather than
    as a one time option, in case we need to use a special IMAP ID.

Bugs that have been addressed include:

  * When Alpine starts a PREAUTH connection, it might still ask the user to
    login. Reported by Frank Tobin.
  * Crash while resizing the screen when viewing a calendar event.
  * When Alpine opens a folder in a server whose address is given numerically
    it might crash due to an incorrect freeing of memory. Reported by Wang
  * Crash when Alpine frees memory on a system where LC_CTYPE is not
    configured, and the user calls the file browser to attach files to a
    message. Reported by Luis Gerardo Tejero.
  * Invalid signatures created by Alpine, when built with recent releases of
    the Openssl-1.1.1 series (but not in the Openssl-1.0.1 series). Fix
    contributed by Bernd Edlinger.
  * After returning from the directory side of a dual-folder, sometimes Alpine
    would return to the first folder in the parent directory or to the
    dual-folder.  The fix is to return to the original dual-folder as intended.
    Reported by Holger Trapp.
  * When an attachment is deleted and the original message is saved, Alpine
    might write only a part of the name of the file deleted. Reported by Holger
  * URLs that are surrounded by white space are not cleaned by Alpine before
    passing them to the browser, resulting in no display of the URL when Alpine
    tries to open it. Reported by Gregory Heytings.
  * When Alpine is built without smime, password file functionality might fail.
    Reported by Andres Fehr.
  * Crash in PC-Alpine when using the eXternal command.
  * Fix in Macs that made Alpine abort a ssh connection to an imap server.
    Reported and assisted by Wang Kang.
   2020-05-15 19:25:11 by Benny Siegert | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update alpine to 2.22.

Additions include:

  * Support for XOAUTH2 authentication method in Gmail.
  * PC-Alpine builds with LibreSSL and supports S/MIME.
  * NTLM authentication support with the ntlm library, in Unix systems. Based
    on code provided by Maciej W. Rozycki.
  * Add /tls1_3 flag for servers that support it. Read more information in the
    secure protocols help.
  * To increase user's privacy, remove phone-home code that would prompt users
    to send an email message upon starting Alpine for the first time for
    purposes of counting. Your use of Alpine does not disclose information
    about you or your use of Alpine to the developers of Alpine.
  * New variable encryption-protocol-range that allows users to configure
    versions of the SSL/TLS protocol that Alpine is restricted to try when
    establishing a secure connection SSL/TLS to a remote server. The default
    can be set at compilation time.
  * Add -dict option to PC-Pico, which allows users to choose a dictionary when
    spelling. Sample usage: -dict "en_US, de_DE, fr_FR".
  * Improvements to the configure stage of compilation. Some of these
    contributed by Helmut Grohne. See Bug 876164 in Debian.
  * Add "remove password" command to the management screen for the password
    file encryption key. This allows users to use their password file without
    entering a master password.
  * Add the "g" option to the select command that works in IMAP \ 
servers that
    implement the X-GM-EXT-1 capability (such as the one offered by Gmail.)
    This allows users to do selection in Alpine as if they were doing a search
    in the web interface for Gmail.
  * New variable close-connection-timeout, which tells Alpine to close a
    connection that is having problems being kept alive after the number of
    seconds configured in this variable, if the connection has not recovered.
    The default is 0, which means to keep the connection alive and wait for the
    connection to recover.
  * When a message is of type multipart/mixed, and its first part is multipart/
    signed, Alpine will include the text of the original message in a reply
    message, instead of including a multipart attachment. Suggested by Barry
  * S/MIME: Some clients do not transform messages to canonical form when
    signing first and encrypting second, which makes Alpine fail to parse the
    signed data after encryption. Reported by Holger Trapp.
  * Add /auth=XYZ to the way to define a server. This allows users to select
    the method to authenticate to an IMAP, SMTP or POP3 server. Examples are /
    auth=plain, or /auth=gssapi, etc.
  * Add backward search in the index screen. Based on patch by Astyanax Foo,
    submitted in 2009, but resubmitted by Erich Eckner on 2019.
  * SMIME: When Alpine is set to validate a message using the user's store, and
    user agrees to save a certificate of another user, use the saved
    certificate immediately to verify the smime message. Reported by Stefan
  * Do not use a delay when printing messages to screen when the initial
    keystroke sequence of commands is active. Based on a report from Holger
  * In PC-Alpine, when the decoded name of an attachment does not agree with
    its encoded name, Alpine will offer to save the file using the UTF8 encoded

Bugs that have been addressed include:

  * Width of characters is not always determined correctly when wcwidth is
    used. Revert to using code for the Windows operating system. Reported by
    Andrew Ho.
  * The call realpath(..., NULL) gives an error in Solaris, which means that we
    need to allocate memory for storing the resolved path. Reported by Fabian
  * Crash when attempting to bounce a message due to lack of space in allocated
    space for key menu array. Reported by David Sewell.
  * Crash when a CA certificate failed to load, and user attempted to view
    certificate information of other certificate authorities.
  * Crash in the S/MIME configuration screen when a user turned off S/MIME, and
    then re-enabled it. Also crash when attempting to enter the S/MIME
    configuration screen if S/MIME was turned off.
  * Deactivate some color code from Pico (as standalone editor in the windows
    version) until I find a way to activate it again. This is not critical and
    it is not something that PC-Pico must have (some of it already exists in
    other ways, like color support, what does not exist is the more complex
    code that Unix-Pico has with color codes for specific colors.)
  * When a message is multipart, and the first part is flowed text, then
    forwarding the message will set the first part to be flowed, and sent that
    way even when the option Do Not Send Flowed Text is enabled. Reported by
    Holger Trapp.
  * When a message/rfc822 part of a message is encoded with
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: QUOTED-PRINTABLE, Alpine will stop processing
    that message. Later this causes Alpine to crash because when it displays
    messages, it assumes that both header and body parts are processed.
    Reported by Mark Crispin in 2010, in the Alpine-info list (message with
    subject "crash bug in alpine/mailpart.c:format_msg_att()") with no \ 
    and reported now by Holger Trapp, with an example.
  * In addition to the previous report, Alpine encodes message/rfc822 messages
    as QUOTED-PRINTABLE, in contradiction with RFC 2045, when it receives a
    report that its encoding is 8bit. We preserve the encoding reported by the
    IMAP server, and do not encode in QUOTED-PRINTABLE.
  * Update build.bat file to add /DWINVER=0x0501 so that Alpine can build when
    using Visual Studio 2017. Fix contributed by Ulf-Dietrich Braunmann.
  * When the locale is not set up to UTF-8, alpine might determine the width of
    a character incorrectly. Reported by Alexandre Fedotov.
  * In some rare cases, when attachments are deleted before saving emails, the
    filenames will be displayed in RFC1522 representation, instead of in
    decoded form. Reported and patched by Wang Kang.
  * When colors are edited from the main setup configuration screen, some color
    settings are not updated until Alpine is restarted. Reported by Andrew
  * If the first part of a message is multipart/alternative, and the first part
    of this is also a multipart type, then Alpine might fail to select the
    first text part when replying to a message. Reported by Lucio Chiappetti.
  * TLS 1.2 works does not work if Alpine is compiled with openssl >= 1.1.0.
    Reported and patched by Kyle George.
  * If the directory where Alpine saves the certificates is empty, alpine would
    not create a self-signed certificate to encrypt the password file.
  * S/MIME: The list of public certificates is freed before it is reused when a
    signature fails to verify. This causes Alpine to crash. Patch submitted by
    Linus Torvalds.
  * S/MIME: A message could fail to verify its signature even if the
    certificate was saved when the message was open. Based on a report by David
    Woodhouse to the RedHat bugzilla system.
  * When there are time changes in the clock, Alpine might go to sleep for big
    amounts of time while displaying messages in the screen. Reset sleep time
    to 5 seconds in case it finds it needs to sleep more than 5 seconds or a
    negative amount of time.
  * Restore recognition of empty directories. It was deleted by mistake when
    added support for internationalization in folders. Based on a report by
    Michael Rutter.
  * Alpine stops parsing the mailcap file when it finds an invalid entry.
    Reported by Matt Roberds to the Debian bug system at https://
  * Crash with error "Lock when already locked" when an attempt to \ 
check for
    new mail on a locked stream that is being used for a save operation.
    Reported by Carlos E.R.
  * Alpine removes trailing spaces from passwords, making a longin attempt
    fail. Reported by R. Lyons.
  * Alpine crashes when opening a remote imap folder and computing scores.
    Reported by Paul DeStefano.
  * When more than one server was given in the server-name configuration option
    of rldap servers, none of them worked. Reported by Robert Wolf.
   2020-04-29 22:28:46 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
re-alpine, alpine: remove workarounds for netbsd<5
   2020-01-18 22:51:16 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1836)
Log message:
*: Recursive revision bump for openssl 1.1.1.
   2019-11-02 17:25:29 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (112)
Log message:
mail: align variable assignments

pkglint -Wall -F --only aligned -r

No manual corrections.
   2018-07-24 14:39:37 by Benny Siegert | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update alpine to 2.21.

Patch (minus the mtest.c one) from Marco Beishuizen in PR pkg/53437.

Additions include:

- PC-Alpine: New configuration option "Aspell Dictionaries"
allows a user to choose the dictionary used to spell check, in case the
user communicates in more than one language. Examples of values for the
variable are "en_US" or "de_DE", etc. Only the first
10 dictionaries are offered.

- Unix-Alpine: Connect securely to a LDAP server on a secure port. Based
on a contribution by Wang Kang.

- Colors configured in Alpine are inherited in the composer.

- When Alpine is compiled with password file and SMIME support the
password file is encrypted using a private key/public certificate pair. If
one such pair cannot be found, one will be created.

- Alpine builds with any version of OpenSSL greater than or equal to
1.0.0c. This includes version 1.1.0. Alpine also builds with LibreSSL.

format, which removes text in the SUBJECT between "[" and "]".

- New SMARTTIME24 token for index screen. It is close to SMARTDATETIME but
it differns in that it gives the time in which the message was sent for
messages that are less than a week old. it uses a 24 hour format.

- Alpine will include attachments when forwarding some
multipart/alternative messages for which it did not use to include

- New configuration option alternate-reply-menu which adds more ways to
control features and variables when you start to reply to a message.

- Added support for RFC 2971 - IMAP ID extension.

- Add configuration ignore-size-changes that allows users to ignore errors
in the computation of the size of a message from defective servers.

- SMIME: Upgrade the default signature digest from sha1 to sha-256, since
clients such as Thunderbird do not validate signatures that use sha1 digest.

- Add the configuration variable "default-directories", which is
called default-directories, which is a variable saves a list of
directories that are readily accessible for save or export of attachments.
This makes it easier to save attachments in directories that are hard to
navigate to, or that are accessed frequently.

- When a filename is attached and its name is encoded, the save attachment
command will offer to save the file in the encoded form. This might work
for some users, but the save command will have a subcommand ^N to decode
the file name and save the file with the decoded name.

- The TAB key allows autocomplete in the Fcc field in the composer
headers, as well as autocompletes automatically when only one possibility
exists for the ^J attach command.

- Add support for the "TYPE" and "VALUE" attributes of
the html OL tag.

- Ignore message from smtp server after a successful authentication

- When a message is saved in the Form Letter folder, add the ability to
save the role being used to compose such message so that settings such as
the SMTP server set in the role can be used when sending such form
message. Suggested and patched by Frank Doepper.

- If SSLDIR is defined somehow, do not disable S/MIME if the SSLCERTSDIR
is not found.

- When Alpine sends an attachment, it will set the boundary attribute in
lower case, as some SMTP servers, such as those of libero.it reject
messages if the boundary attribute is in uppercase.

- Add the ability to change the private key and certificates used to
encrypt a password file in the SMIME setup configuration screen.

- SMIME: The ctrl-E command that gives information on the certificate is
only available for messages that have a signed or encrypted part.

- SMIME: If a message contains a RFC822 attachment that is
signed/decrypted add the ability to view its SMIME information.

- SMIME: Certificate information in the S/MIME screen is available for
certificates stored in a container.

- SMIME: Offer the common name of the person, instead of the name of file
containing the certificate, as the name to be displayed in the certificate
management screen for certificate authorities. Suggested by Matthias

- SMIME: Management of several alternate name (SAN) certificates is
improved. When importing a SAN certificate, also import a certificate for
the filename, besides for the e-mail addresses in the certificate.
Suggested by Matthias Rieber.

- SMIME: add full year when displaying information about a certificate in
the certificate management screen. Suggested by Matthias Rieber.

- SMIME: sort certificates by some type of alphabetical order in the
displayed name.

- SMIME: Alpine will ask users if they wish to save S/MIME certificates
included in signatures, when the option "Validate Using Certificate Store
Only" is enabled. If the user does not wish to save it, validation will

- HTML: Add support for decoding entities in hexadecimal notation.
Suggested by Tulipant Gergely.

- The "#" command, when used as part of an aggregate operation will allow
users to select the role used in either replying, forwarding or replying
to the group of selected messages, Suggested by Hisashi T Fujinaka.

- If the charset of a message can not be determined, use the value set in
the unknown charset set value for its value.

- Resizing setup screen will redraw screen.

- Unix Alpine only. Experimental: If Alpine/Pico finds a UCS4 code in the
width ambiguous zone, it will use other means to determine the width, such
as call wcwidth.

- Pico: Code reorganization in the search command to make it easier to add
subcommands of the search command.

- Pico: Search command can do a case sensitive match. Use the Ctrl-^
subcommand of the search command to bring this choice into view.

- Pico: Add the ability to search for strings in the beginning or end of a
line. Use the Ctrl-^ subcommand of the search command to bring this choice
into view.

- For a multipart/alternative message, the Take Address command will work
on the part that is being read.

- When sending a message, allow for 512 characters of consecutive
non-white space before folding the subject line.

- Make sure titlebar (the line at the top of the screen) always contains
the name of the folder/newsgroup that is open, if this fits in the title.

- The feature scramble-message-id will also scramble the name, version and
operative system in the message-id header. Based on a contribution by
Dennis Davis, which is itself based on a contribution by Mark Hills.

- Change in logic in imap_set_password function to make Alpine ask if a
user wants to save a password before reading the password file.

- When exporting all parts of a message, if two attachments have the same
name, do not overwrite a file more than once, but instead add a counter
number to the filename to make a new file that does not exist in the file

- Add the Control-R subcommand to the save command for attachments. This
subcommand toggles if the saving will be done in binary mode for text
attachments. When a user saves an attachment using binary mode it will be
saved as it was sent, otherwise the attachment will be transformed to
UTF-8 for further transformation through internal and user defined filters
for saving.

- Add command line argument -smimedir, which allows to specify the default
path for a directory that contains the public, private, and ca
directories. This is useful in case a user has a backup of old
certificates that cannot be installed in the ~/.alpine-smime dir.

- Reimplementation of the code that allows the .pinerc file to be a
symbolic link by Kyle George from tcpsoft.com to use realpath.

- When saving an attachment, the "^T" command leads to a screen where the
"A" command can be used to add a file. A directory can be added by
pressing "^X" after the "A" command. Added after a \ 
suggestion by Stefan

- When saving an attachment, the ^Y and ^V commands allow a user to scroll
through the history of directories used to save attachments, while
preserving the given name of the file. Suggested by Peter Koellner.

- SMIME: Turn off automatic signing and encrypting of a message when
bouncing. Suggested after a discussion with Matthias Rieber.

- When messages are selected, warn the user if a message that is not
selected will be bounced, or if not all selected messages will be bounced.
Suggested by Ulf-Dietrich Braumann.

- The bounce command adds a subcommand to choose a role.

- When selecting messages by number, the "." character can be
used to specify the message on which the cursor is on.

- When Alpine opens an attachment, it sometimes changes the extension of
the file that is being opened and replaces it by another for the same mime
type. If Alpine finds that the extension of the file corresponds with the
mime type, according to the mime-types file, then it will keep it, and no
substitution will be made.

- Set no restrictions on the length of encoded subjects, but encode words
in length of no more than 75 characters.

Bugs that have been addressed include:

- SMIME: Crash when a certificate has an invalid date of validity. Also
Alpine will use the function ASN1_TIME_print to determine the date of
validity. Reported by Ben Stienstra.

- SMIME: Crash when attempting to unlock the password file and an
incorrect password is entered.

- SMIME: Crash when checking the signature of a message that contains a
RFC822 attached message. Reported by Holger Trapp and Bjorn Krellner.

- SMIME: Cancelling entering password to unlock key will not reprompt.

- SMIME: fix a bug that did not allow users to transfer certificates to
remote containers. Reported by Matthias Rieber.

- SMIME: certificates included in messages were not being transferred to a
remote container.

- SMIME: Crash if public certificates are located in an inaccessible
remote server and the private key is not available.

- SMIME: Alpine does not remove temporary files created when adding a CA
certificate to a container. Reported by Holger Trapp.

- SMIME: When reading a local certificate, Alpine converts the name of the
certificate to lowercase, which may make Alpine not be able to read such
certificate. Reported by Dennis Davis.

- SMIME: If the option "Remember S/MIME Passphrase" is disabled, then
entering a password to read an encrypted message will make Alpine forget
the key and not ask the password to unlock it again in case it is
necessary to unlock it again. Reported by Ulf-Dietrich Braumann.

- Alpine would use freed memory while trying to compute the color of the
titlebar. This happened when trying to continue a postponed message.

- Alpine failed to read an encrypted password file if too many passwords
were saved in the password file.

- When selecting messages while in Threaded Index Screen, some messages
other than top of threads could appear in the index, making Alpine display
messages "out of the screen."

- The index format would be chopped at the position of an unrecognized
token, instead of skipping the token as intended.

- Work in progress: Avoid calling non-safe functions when Alpine receives
a signal. See bug report
https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugrepo … ug=825772.

- Crash when attempting to read a message after a bounce command. In order
to produce a crash one needed to use the ^T subcommand and do a search in
a LDAP directory. The crash is produced by changes to the text in the
title bar. Reported by Heinrich Mislik in the Alpine-info list.

- HTML messages that contain UTF-8 may wrap at the wrong position, making
Alpine not display the correct character at the position that wrapping is
done. Reported by Wang Kang.

- Pico: Searching for a string that is too long causes Pico to crash in
the next search.

- Fix vulnerability in regex library. This only affects those who use this
library, such as the windows version of Alpine. See
http://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/695940&q … /id/695940
for more details.

- Alpine would not set include and lib paths for OpenSSL if this was
installed in /usr/local/ssl.

- If the .pinerc file is a symbolic link, Alpine might not write its
contents when saving its configuration.

- The _INIT_ token does not skip over non-alphanumeric characters in the
name. Reported by Andreas Fehr.

- When opening an INBOX folder in a context different from the incoming
folders collection, from the command line, Alpine would open the INBOX
folder from the incoming folders collection.

- Mismatch in size of UCS and CELL caused a corruption in the content of a
pointer, which made the speller in PC-Alpine get the content of a word

- Skip testing openssl compatibility version when cross-compilation is
detected. Fix contributed by Antti Seppalla

- Alpine fails to remove temporary files used during a display or sending
filter. Fix contributed by Phil Brooke.

- When the index is in zoomed state, adding new messages to the selection
would not show those messages if those messages are on top of the current
message in the top of the screen. Reported by Ulf-Dietrich Braumann. In
addition, when the user scrolls through the index, this scroll smoothly,
without jumping pages. Reported by Holger Trapp.

- Crash when reviewing history of saving attachments.

- Crash when canceling a goto command on a local collection that has not
been expanded and attempting to expand such collection.

- Crash in Pico when forwarding messages that contain a direction mark at
the end of a line. Reported by James Mingo.

- Solve compilation errors when Alpine is built with Visual Studio 2015.
   2017-10-09 10:06:20 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
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alpine: comment out dead sites
   2016-05-14 18:13:10 by Benny Siegert | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
Update alpine to 2.20.

Additions include:

  - Upgrade UW-IMAP to Panda IMAP from https://github.com/jonabbey/panda-imap.
  - S/MIME: Add screen to manage certificates.
  - S/MIME: Signatures are validated using the user's certificates instead of \ 
the ones included in the message. Behavior can be disabled by disabling the \ 
option "Validate Using Certificate Store Only" which is enabled by \ 
  - S/MIME: sign messages using intermediate certificates when needed and possible.
  - S/MIME: validation of certificates for servers that modify signed content.
  - S/MIME: signed and encrypted messages will be signed first and encrypted \ 
second, so that they can be decoded by other clients.
  - S/MIME: add the sender certificate to the list of certificates in encrypted \ 
messages to make it possible for the sender to decrypt the message they sent.
  - S/MIME: When transferring certificates to a local container, create \ 
container with default names PublicContainer, PrivateContainer and CAContainer, \ 
as appropriate for these files, unless the user has provided some other names.
  - HTML: Style tag in body of html message causes Alpine to not write its \ 
content until a new </style>
  - HTML: <BR>, <BR />, and <BR/> are considered the same \ 
inline tag, the same is valid for the <HR> tag.
  - S/MIME: Forwarding a message will include the signed part as part of the \ 
text and not as a multipart message, just as the reply command does.
  - Unix Alpine: If a password file is defined, and S/MIME is enabled, the key \ 
and certificate used to encrypt the password file are saved in the \ 
~/.alpine-smime/.pwd directory, or in the directory specified by the -pwdcertdir \ 
command line option.
  - Add support to selective expunge through a subcommand of the select-apply \ 
  - Pico: New subcommand of the search command, allows to reverse the direction \ 
of search.
  - Add /tls1, /tls1_1, /tls1_2 and /dtls1 to the definition of a server to use \ 
different ways to connect using ssl, for example {server.com/tls1} will attempt \ 
to connect to server.com at the ssl imap port (port 993) and establish a \ 
connection using TLSv1. These flags can be used in conjunction with the /ssl \ 
flag, the ssl flag is redundant. Conversely, however, the /ssl flag does not \ 
imply any of these flags; the /ssl flag means SSLv3 or, if not available, SSLv2 \ 
in the SSL port.
  - Alpine does not attempt to automatically reopen a collection that was not \ 
opened due to cancellation by the user. Instead, the user must try to open it \ 
  - Alpine searches for a certificate that matches an email address in all \ 
addresses in a certificate (instead of just the first one) but when it tries to \ 
unlock the certificate, it asks for the password for the first email address in \ 
that certificate.
  - Experimental: Write the content-type of a message in lowercase, as some \ 
non-compliant servers do not understand uppercase content-type, such as those of \ 
  - Experimental: Do not send the RSET command before attempting to send a \ 
message, as this causes a delay in some evily managed servers.
  - Opening a folder updates recent count in maildrops (this already works for \ 
other types of folders)
  - Automatically redraw screen after opening an attachment instead of simply \ 
clearing it.
  - Pico: Justification works without need of a predefined quote string. This \ 
allows justification of blocks of text that are indented with spaces.
  - Decode the name of attachment names, so they can be written as part of the \ 
description of the part.
  - Check bounds and tie strings off to improve security. Contributed by James \ 
  - Replace tabs by spaces in From and Subject fields to control for size in \ 
screen of these fields. Change only in index screen display.
  - Aggregate operations allows bouncing a list of messages using a role. \ 
Suggested by Ulf-Dietrich Braumann.
  - Disable saving new passwords to the password file. Implemented by Louis \ 
Raphael from dpslabs.com.
  - Makefile: Add $(LIBINTL) to the flags to link rpdump, rpload, alpined and \ 
alpineldap because MAC OSX 10.8 x86_64 needs it. Reported by Charles M. \ 

Bugs that have been addressed include:

  - S/MIME: signed messages that contained an attachment would not validate.
  - S/MIME: signed and encrypted messages from Thunderbird would not validate.
    Thanks to Andreas Schamanek for testing, debugging and advising during the
    process of fixing this problem.
  - S/MIME: Forwarding messages with multipart content-type failed to be signed
    with "Error writing pipe" message. Reported by Andreas Schamanek \ 
and Stefan
  - S/MIME: Certificates are lost when using a pinerc file outside of the home
  - S/MIME: accessing the S/MIME configuration screen would deinitialize SMIME
    making it not possible to sign or encrypt messages.
  - S/MIME: Forwarding a signed message might make the body contain mime
    information that is not part of the body, and hence making the body of the
message seem wrong.
  - S/MIME Alpine would compute incorrectly the signature of a message that
    contains 8bit if the option "Enable 8bit ESMTP Negotiation" is \ 
enabled, the
message contains 8bit characters and the smtp server supports 8bit sending.
  - When replying to several messages, subject will be decoded first, and then
    stripped from re/fwd before they are compared to determine the subject of
the replied message.
  - Fix in WebAlpine: do not use deprecated dereference in pointer, needs to
    use tcl_getstringresult() instead. Reported by Ulf-Dietrich Braumann.
  - WebAlpine: fail to build with debug disabled. Fix from Sam Hathaway.
  - WebAlpine: add _GNU_SOURCE to make pubcookie build.
  - Transformation of UTF-8 to MUTF7 was not being done when creating a folder
    in an IMAP server.
  - Fix _INIT_ token for reply quote string to include support for 8-bit in
    personal names. Reported by Lev Gorenstein.
  - When writing the .pinerc file, lines were truncated if they were longer
    than 10,000 characters. This could cause data corruption, so now lines are
allowed to be of any length.
  - In Unix Alpine (but not in MAC OSX) fix a problem that made Alpine remove
    attachments before they were open by a mailcap viewer. It requires that the
user has an equivalent to a command such as "ps auxww" to list the list of
processes, and check if there is any program using the attachment. The default
is "/bin/ps auxww", but it can be changed at compile time with the option
--with-ps-cmd. See the help of the variable mailcap-check-interval for more
  - Crash when tcp connection to NNTP server was lost after connection had been
    established, but lost immediately afterwards.
  - Crash with message "lock when already locked", when painting an \ 
index was
    based on scores that needed information from a remote addressbook in the
same server as the folder opened. Reported by Peter Koellner.
  - Crash in message/rfc822 attachments encoded in base64.
  - Postponed messages whose content-type is text/html, text/enriched and
    text/richtext are sent with that content-type, even though, after resuming
composition, Alpine had changed its type to text/plain.
  - Alpine cannot handle correctly some characters in the Windows-1256
    character set, which might lead to a crash or a corruption in the screen.
Work was done to contain the bug. A more complete fix will be done in a future
release. Reported by Professor Robert Funnell.
  - WebAlpine: add _GNU_SOURCE to make pubcookie build.
  - Save command did not warn of existence of a message with a deleted
    attachment in an aggregate save, unless cursor was positioned on a message
with a deleted attachment. Reported by Florian Herzig.
  - DATE tokens were not internally transformed to UTF-8, which made their
    values not appear complete in the screen. Reported by Werner Scheinast.
  - Fixes to configure script so that it will not require PAM for every system.
  - Fix to configure script so that it will use CPPFLAGS instead of CPPCFLAGS,
    and so the --with-ssl-include-dir option take effect during the build. Fix
by Ulf-Dietrich Braumann.
  - Quoted string in URL Viewers configuration variable were not unquoted
    before passing to viewer.
  - Fix in configure script to detect location of tcl library; add /usr/local
    in FreeBSD and fix a bug in configure script that used $alpine_TCLINC
instead of $alpine_TCLINC/tcl.h. Reported and fixed by Werner Scheinast.
  - Move SSL configurations from UW-IMAP to configure script, and update
    OpenSSL configuration for Mac OSX.
  - Remove -lregex from linker flags when building --with-supplied-regex.
  - When the download of an attachment is interrumpted, Alpine stills caches
    what was downloaded, making the download incomplete for subsequent calls of
Alpine attempting to open the attachment. In the future, Alpine will not cache
any downloaded part of the attachment when it is interrupted.  CVS: