./devel/p5-Expect, Perl version of the TCL expect tool

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Branch: pkgsrc-2013Q3, Version: 1.21nb5, Package name: p5-Expect-1.21nb5, Maintainer: rhaen

The Expect for Perl module was inspired more by the functionality
the Tcl tool provides than any previous Expect-like tool such as
Comm.pl or chat2.pl. I've had some comments that people may not
have heard of the original Tcl version of Expect, or where
documentation (book form) on Expect may be obtained.

The Tcl version of expect is a creation of Don Libes (libes@nist.gov).
The Tcl Expect home page is http://expect.nist.gov/.

Don has written an excellent in-depth tutorial of the Tcl Expect,
which is _Exploring Expect_. It is the O'reilly book with the monkey
on the front. Don has several references to other articles on the
Expect web page.

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