./inputmethod/libskk, Library to deal with Japnese kana-to-kanji conversion method

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Branch: pkgsrc-2016Q1, Version: 1.0.2nb1, Package name: libskk-1.0.2nb1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

libskk -- a library to deal with Japanese kana-to-kanji conversion method


* Support basic features of SKK including new word registration into
dictionary, completion, numeric conversion, abbrev mode, kuten
input, hankaku-katakana input, Lisp expression evaluation (concat
only), and re-conversion.

* Support various typing rules including romaji-to-kana, AZIK,
TUT-Code, and NICOLA.

* Support various dictionary types including file dictionary (such as
SKK-JISYO.[SML]), user dictionary, skkserv, and CDB format

* GObject based API with gobject-introspection support.

* Experimental support for intelligent kana-to-kanji conversion based
on Viterbi algorithm.

Required to run:
[devel/glib2] [devel/libgee]

Required to build:

Package options: introspection

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SHA1: 1d3c1881c41c33c81a79646f4ed580a630b90520
RMD160: 87ac69baef98133d4fc487ff368400221367205c
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