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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.78.1nb1, Package name: glib2-2.78.1nb1, Maintainer: prlw1

GLib provides the core application building blocks for libraries
and applications written in C. It provides the core object system
used in GNOME, the main loop implementation, and a large set of
utility functions for strings and common data structures.

This package contains GLib version 2.


Required to run:
[devel/libffi] [devel/pcre]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/cwrappers] [lang/python37] [devel/meson]

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   2023-11-17 10:14:56 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
glib2: Use dbus system socket under /var/run

* Fix runtime error of consolekit and its consumers including pulseaudio.
   2023-11-09 05:07:22 by David H. Gutteridge | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
glib2: fix previous, actually that patch is no longer needed
   2023-11-09 04:34:55 by David H. Gutteridge | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
glib2: add missing patch checksum
   2023-11-09 04:33:15 by David H. Gutteridge | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
glib2: apply USE_CC_FEATURES (NFC)
   2023-11-06 10:21:55 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
glib2 glib2-tools gdbus-codegen: updated to 2.78.1

Overview of changes in GLib 2.78.1, 2023-10-25

* Fix truncating files when `g_file_set_contents_full()` is called without

* Fix `-Dlibelf=disabled` on Linux

* Bugs fixed:
  - NetworkManager 1.44.0 crashes repeatedly with glib 2.78.0 (Philip
  - gsubprocess-testprog.c: build error with cygwin (sys/ptrace.h: No such
    file or directory) (Philip Withnall)
  - gio clears modification time in microseconds when setting with
    `set_modification_date_time` (Lukáš Tyrychtr)
  - Build of glib 2.78.0 ignores -Dlibelf=disabled (Philip Withnall)
  - glib-2.78.0 fails at gio/tests/gsubprocess.p/gsubprocess.c.o
  - Segfault when creating GIO GPropertyAction without properties
  - `g_file_set_contents_full()` doesn't truncate the file (without
  - guniprop.c: Avoid creating (temporarily) out-of-bounds pointers
  - Fixes for integer cast warnings when targeting CHERI
  - Fix test_find_program on FreeBSD
  - gconstructor.h: Ensure [c|d]tor prototypes are present for MSVC (Chun-
    wei Fan)
  - Fix gutils-user-database test on macOS
  - Add value annotation to G_TYPE_FUNDAMENTAL_MAX
  - meson: Fix Windows build with PCRE2 as sibling subproject
  - Backport “gconstructor.h: Ensure [c|d]tor prototypes are present
    for MSVC” to glib-2-78
  - Backport “glocalfileinfo: Preserve microseconds for
    access/modify times” to glib-2-78
  - Backport “Make sure the `GTask` is freed on a graceful
    disconnect” to glib-2-78 (Pavel Sobolev)
  - Backport “Buffer needs to be aligned correctly to receive
    linux_dirent64.” to glib-2-78
  - Backport “gtestutils.h: Fix warning with -Wsign-conversion
    caused by g_assert_cmpint” to glib-2-78
  - Backport “tests: Drop unnecessary include from gsubprocess-
    testprog.c” to glib-2-78
  - Backport “wakeup: do single read when using eventfd()” to
  - Backport “wakeup: Fix g_wakeup_acknowledge if signal comes in”
    to glib-2-78
  - Backport “Use g_task_return in task threads” to glib-2-78
  - Backport “build: Fix -Dlibelf=disabled on Linux” to glib-2-78
  - Backport “gfileutils: Add a missing ftruncate() call when
    writing files” to glib-2-78

* Translation updates:
  - Catalan (Jordi Mas i Hernandez)
  - Chinese (China) (Boyuan Yang)
  - Czech (Daniel Rusek)
  - Esperanto (Kristjan SCHMIDT)
  - French (Alexandre Franke)
  - Georgian (Ekaterine Papava)
  - Italian (Milo Casagrande)
  - Latvian (Rūdolfs Mazurs)
  - Portuguese (Brazil) (Rafael Fontenelle)
  - Romanian (Daniel Șerbănescu)
  - Russian (Artur S0)
  - Slovenian (Matej Urbančič)
  - Spanish (Daniel Mustieles)
  - Turkish (Sabri Ünal)
   2023-11-03 19:32:32 by Juraj Lutter | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
devel/glib2: Include sys/ptrace.h only on systems that have this include file.
   2023-11-02 14:26:33 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
glib2: cleanup
   2023-11-02 14:17:27 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (7) | Package updated
Log message:
glib2: update to 2.78.0

Overview of changes in GLib 2.78.0, 2023-09-08

* Bugs fixed:
  - #3095 Error handling of invalid GKeyFile string escape sequences changed in
    GLib 2.77.3 (Philip Withnall)
  - !3559 gdb: Workaround optimized out quark_seq_id
  - !3561 meson: fix `gnetworking.h` install tag
  - !3562 gthread: Annotate g_thread_exit() with G_NORETURN
  - !3564 Fix gutils-user-database unit test

Overview of changes in GLib 2.77.3, 2023-08-31

* Bugs fixed:
  - #2575 GSettings schemas default value translations don't work when using
    l10n=time (Michael Catanzaro)
  - #3032 gdbus-codegen eats indentation in RST in XML comments (André)
  - #3051 g_dbus_connection_export_menu_model() is not thread_safe
  - #3061 Possible SEGV (null pointer deref) in distribute_method_call() (Philip
  - #3083 `arg_data`  in GOptionEntry is not a list (Philip Withnall)
  - #3090 Possible SEGV (null pointer deref) in _g_resource_file_new() (Philip
  - !3459 glib-unix: Clean up use of O_NONBLOCK
  - !3503 interim solution for macOS CI
  - !3519 meson: warn if -mms-bitfields is necessary
  - !3526 gnetworkaddress: use reentrant getservbyname_r() if available
  - !3527 tests: Use g_assert_*() rather than g_assert() in tree tests
  - !3528 gio-tool-info: Move translator comments so they’re visible
  - !3530 gregex: set default max stack size for PCRE2 JIT compiler to 512KiB
  - !3532 tests: Disable use of ptrace() in tests on BSD and macOS
  - !3533 ci: Only run pages CI job on scheduled job runs
  - !3534 ci: Further fix to pages CI job
  - !3535 Use 'meson setup' to configure
  - !3538 glib-unix: Accept O_CLOEXEC as well as FD_CLOEXEC in
  - !3540 gio: Add gresource.dtd
  - !3541 gtestutils: Mention not ignoring SIGCHLD in g_test_trap_subprocess()
  - !3542 [th/gchildwatch-fail-message] gmain: improve g_warning() for failure
    in g_child_watch_dispatch()
  - !3543 [th/use-localtime-r] use localtime_r() in g_log_writer_format_fields()
  - !3545 gregex: if JIT stack limit is reached, fall back to interpretive
  - !3547 glib/gfileutils.c: use 64 bits for value in get_tmp_file()
  - !3550 glib/tests/asyncqueue.c: skip test_async_queue_timed in 2038 or later
  - !3553 Generate missing docs for out arguments
  - !3555 gkeyfile: Fix overwriting of GError

Overview of changes in GLib 2.77.2, 2023-08-12

* Bugs fixed:
  - #3071 g_test_trap_subprocess and g_test_subprocess broken in 2.77.1 (Jonas
  - !3432 ci: Don’t run pipeline after merging a MR
  - !3520 Fix typos
  - !3521 GTree: Handle node counter overflow and return it as an unsigned value
  - !3523 gspawn, gdataset: Restore nullable callback functions

Overview of changes in GLib 2.77.1, 2023-07-30

* Fix some regressions with `GKeyFile` comment handling (#3047, work by Gaël \ 

* Improve handling of query and fragment components in `file:` URIs (#3050, work \ 
by Lukáš Tyrychtr)

* Bugs fixed:
  - #473 systemtap probes for gvariant (Allison Karlitskaya)
  - #623 g_type_query() doesn't work for dynamic types (Philip Withnall)
  - #931 Optimise GPrivate by removing one malloc (Allison Karlitskaya)
  - #2929 gio: Failing build due to race generating glib/gversionmacros.h (Eric
    van Gyzen)
  - #3045 2.77.0: gio pkg-config test has incorrect install location for gio-
    querymodules & glib-compile-schemas (Philip Withnall)
  - #3047 2.77.0 changes formatting of keyfiles (Gaël Bonithon)
  - #3048 Forcing fallback for libintl does not work (Brendan Shanks)
  - #3050 g_file_new_for_uri() handles query strings incorrectly ("?") \ 
  - #3054 Fedora installer (anaconda) crashes early with glib 2.77.0 due to
    "Attempt to unlock mutex that was not locked", when it runs \ 
`hwclock` and
    changes the system time (Thomas Haller, Philip Withnall)
  - !3287 Audit and fix incorrect use of (closure) in glib
  - !3461 gfileinfo: add file_path methods for language bindings
  - !3485 docs: Expand supported platforms documentation a little
  - !3494 ci: Manually fetch submodules for style-check CI jobs
  - !3495 gdbus-codegen: Error on invalid dbus types
  - !3496 garray: Fix typo in doc comment of g_ptr_array_sort[_with_data]()
  - !3499 strfuncs: Add missing ownership annotations for returned string
  - !3504 Revert "build/gmodule-2.0.pc: Move compiler flags from Libs to \ 
  - !3505 meson: help gobject-introspection locate source and build dirs
  - !3509 build-sys: drop -mms-bitfields GCC flag
  - !3510 testutils: Use prctl PR_SET_DUMPABLE to silence core dumps on Linux
  - !3514 Revert "build-sys: drop -mms-bitfields GCC flag"
  - !3515 gnetworkmonitor: Expand guidelines for metered data use
  - !3517 tests: Add some more tests for g_type_query()
  - !3518 m4macros: drop unused m4 files

Overview of changes in GLib 2.77.0, 2023-07-06

* Fix `GSocketClient` connecting to a proxy if the port is not specified
  (#2832, work by Michael Catanzaro)

* Support using `copy_file_range()` in `g_file_copy()`, if available (#2863,
  work by Philip Withnall)

* Improve handling of comments above groups in key files (#2927,
  work by Gaël Bonithon)

* Re-upgrade missing attribute debugs to criticals in `GFileInfo` (#2951,
  work by Philip Withnall)

* Do not redefine NULL on C++ (#2973, work by Marco Trevisan)

* Make `g_signal_handlers_block_matched()` work for `G_SIGNAL_MATCH_ID`
  (#2980, work by Przemyslaw Gorszkowski)

* Fixes to support building with bionic libc better (#3008, work by Øyvind Kolås)

* Fix potential stack overflow in gspawn on macOS if open file limit is very
  high (#3024, work by Dario Saccavino)

* Fix support for `--force-fallback-for libpcre` in meson configuration (#3025,
  work by Marius Kintel)

* Generate specific marshallers in `gdbus-codegen` (#3028, work by Marco Trevisan)

* Fix build failure on Android with `statx()` support (#3039, work by Philip \ 

* Improve locking performance of `GSignal` (!2824, work by Marco Trevisan)

* Improve locking performance of `g_main_context_iterate()` (!3235, work by
  Marco Trevisan)

* Add an inline definition of `g_free()` to automatically use `g_free_sized()`
  if available (!3252, work by Marco Trevisan)

* Fix race with `waitpid()` and `GChildWatchSource` (!3353, work by Thomas Haller)

* Add `glib_valgrind_suppressions` variable to glib pkg-config file (!3361, work
  by Marco Trevisan)

* Fix build on macOS SDK 10.11 (!3385, work by Peter Williams)

* Switch to using a separate thread pool and support timeouts in
  `GThreadedResolver` (!3397, work by Philip Withnall)

* Track pending `GTask`s if `G_ENABLE_DEBUG` is defined (!3404, work by Philip \ 

* Support GSignal fast path and more marshallers in `gobject_gdb.py` (!3437,
  work by Nelson Ben)

* Disable the macOS CI because it’s too unreliable — if you rely on GLib working
  on macOS, please get in touch and do something to help! (!3463, decision taken
  by Philip Withnall)

* Bugs fixed:
  - #65 glib-mkenums: parse_trigraph() chokes on quoted commas (Emmanuel Fleury)
  - #95 GMarkupParser documentation completion (David King)
  - #98 g_get_current_dir SIGSEGV on long path (Philip Withnall)
  - #104 Invocation of the interface "g_key_file_remove_comment" does \ 
not remove
    comment in specific case (Gaël Bonithon)
  - #116 Document UTF-8 behaviour and requirements throughout GLib (Philip
  - #252 Disagreement between runtime and docs on whether interfaces are
    "classed" (Philip Withnall)
  - #322 gdbus-example-proxy-subclass.c is not complete. (Colin Walters)
  - #799 GAppInfoMonitor documentation deficiencies (Philip Withnall)
  - #1264 Use-after-free under
    send_message_with_reply_cleanup():gdbusconnection.c:1792 (Philip Withnall)
  - #2289 Document clearly that libgio is not guaranteed to be safe to use in
    setuid processes (Philip Withnall)
  - #2307 mainloop test leaks a GMainLoop object (Philip Withnall)
  - #2829 "glib-compile-resources --dependency-file=DEPFILE" creates \ 
wrong set
    of dependencies (Michael Catanzaro)
  - #2832 GSocketClient cannot proxy connect unless default port is explicitly
    specified in proxy URL (Michael Catanzaro)
  - #2855 gio/tests/socket-client.c name is too confusing because it does not
    use GSocketClient (Mike Salmela)
  - #2861 Check for __kernel_long_t when enabling futex()
  - #2863 Use copy_file_range() whenever possible in g_file_copy (Philip
  - #2864 Documentation mentions non-existing function `g_value_free` (Philip
  - #2879 Job #2498619 failed: gio/tests/socket.c:1654:test_reuse_tcp: assertion
    failed (error == (g-io-error-quark, 33)): error is NULL (Philip Withnall)
  - #2927 GKeyFile: Inconsistent behavior of comment writing above a group (Gaël
  - #2939 mkenums.py test fails on FreeBSD (Philip Withnall)
  - #2951 Re-upgrade missing attribute debugs to criticals in GFileInfo (Philip
  - #2952 Not clear that GPollableInputStream methods are undefined if
    can_poll() returns FALSE (Philip Withnall)
  - #2953 Missing docs for GOption (commandline parser) (Sam Thursfield)
  - #2958 nbd server fails with glib 2.76.0
  - #2960 GDebugControllerDBus wrong default in documentation (Philip Withnall)
  - #2963 Probably wrong information regarding G_PLATFORM_WIN32 in
  - #2965 test_measure fails with coreutils 9.2 (Joan Bruguera)
  - #2966 Multiple Definition Error When Generating gio/tests/test5.gresource
    (Dan Yeaw)
  - #2969 user docs: GLib.DateTime.format: broken highlighting (Philip Withnall)
  - #2972 GtkFileLauncher: generated paths not recognized on Win32 (Luca Bacci)
  - #2973 Build failed due to NULL pointer redefinition in C++ (Marco Trevisan
  - #2980 g_signal_handlers_block_matched does not work for G_SIGNAL_MATCH_ID
    (Przemyslaw Gorszkowski)
  - #2982 Build randomly fails with: 'gmodule/gmodule-visibility.h' file not
    found (Marco Trevisan (Treviño))
  - #2993 g_dbus_interface_skeleton_get_vtable misses transfer annotation and is
    not introspectable
  - #2997 g_assert_cmpuint() should display positive, not negative values (Eric
  - #3003 glib-compile-schemas failed on directory name with no Latin symbols
    (Daniyar Tleulin)
  - #3007 GOptionContext group headings missing colon at the end (Philip
  - #3008 Adaptations for building with bionic libc under termux (Øyvind Kolås)
  - #3020 Races in gio/tests/portal-support-snap* tests
  - #3024 Possible stack overflow in gspawn on MacOS
  - #3025 libpcre and libintl cannot be chosen to use the builtins
  - #3027 action exporter fails in the presence of actions with maybe parameter
    types (Matthias Clasen)
  - #3028 gdbus-codegen should generate marshallers (Marco Trevisan (Treviño))
  - #3030 Document GListModel requiring unique instance pointers from
    GListModelInterface.get_item (Christian Hergert)
  - #3034 futex based g_mutex_lock sometimes splatters errno with EAGAIN on
    contended locks
  - #3039 Build failure due to statx fields with NDK r25.c (Philip Withnall)
  - #3040 gtester in custom_target() run against system rather than built
    libglib during build
  - !2824 gsignal: Reduce lock/unlock pairs and ensure we always work on valid
    signal nodes
  - !3146 Make GVariant/GHash opaque types compatible with CHERI
  - !3235 gmain: Avoid some lock/unlock dance during g_main_context_iterate
  - !3252 gmem: Add an inline definition of g_free() to automatically use
  - !3289 Work around an UCRT issue with _wspawn() functions taking an envp
  - !3306 gregistrysettingsbackend: Allow a different root key path
  - !3308 doc: Workaround missing API index
  - !3314 gmain: More explicitly document g_main_context_release() prereqs
  - !3326 unicode: add tests for g_utf8_normalize() and empty strings
  - !3333 build: Drop old .gitignore files from test directories
  - !3335 meson: allow -Dlibelf=enabled without pkg-config
  - !3337 gio-tool-info: Fix a duplicate attribute name in the UI
  - !3340 meson: Move msvc_recommended_pragmas.h to a subdirectory
  - !3341 g_utf8_normalize: don't read past the end of the buffer
  - !3342 Add fuzzing harness for g_utf8_normalize()
  - !3344 tools: Drop check-abis.sh script
  - !3345 docs: Drop section about default branch renaming from README.md
  - !3347 gsocket/inotify/gwakeup: Use SOCK_NONBLOCK and O_NONBLOCK to avoid
    fcntl() syscalls where possible
  - !3351 tests: Update Unicode normalisation tests from Unicode 15
  - !3352 meson: Fix detection of a system-provided proxy-libintl
  - !3353 [th/child-watch-waitpid] fix race with waitpid() and child watcher
  - !3356 build/gmodule-2.0.pc: Move compiler flags from Libs to Cflags
  - !3357 Make clang++ happier when using G_STATIC_ASSERT
  - !3361 meson: Add glib_valgrind_suppressions variable to glib pkg-config file
  - !3365 gwin32: Avoid use of function call with side effect in g_return_*
  - !3366 Add init macros for refcounting types
  - !3367 actiongroup: Add a compiler warning
  - !3371 Explicitly mark size parameter as (in)
  - !3377 gsignal: Clarify documentation for GSignalMatchType matching
  - !3378 build: Post-release version bump
  - !3381 gtimer: Avoid doing anything on g_usleep (0)
  - !3382 gsocket: Explicitly mark size parameter as (in)
  - !3383 add g_timeout_add_seconds_once
  - !3384 Test g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched for G_SIGNAL_MATCH_ID match
  - !3385 gio: fix build on older macOS SDKs
  - !3388 appmonitor: Skip the test under OSX
  - !3389 glib/tests/[rec-]mutex: Allow each thread to work
  - !3390 Fix error format in gio/gunixconnection.c (part 2)
  - !3392 gvariant: Fix doc for g_variant_new_object_path
  - !3393 Fix small issues in docs
  - !3395 gtask: Document that g_task_run_in_thread() uses a shared resource
  - !3396 glib-unix: Improve documentation for g_unix_fd_source_new()
  - !3397 gthreadedresolver: Switch to using a separate thread pool and support
  - !3398 Avoid having g_futex_simple() inadvertently modify errno
  - !3399 meson: wrap html documentation generation with gtk_doc option
  - !3400 restore error messages in gunixconnection while maintaining older
    compiler support
  - !3401 ci: Disable the Coverity CI job
  - !3404 gtask: Track pending GTasks if G_ENABLE_DEBUG is defined
  - !3405 gthreadedresolver: Remove some incorrect assertions
  - !3406 gthreadpool: Clarify that item_free_func is not normally called
  - !3407 gregistrysettingsbackend: Remove translatable pspec nick/blurb
  - !3408 docs: Update/Drop txt documents from docs directory
  - !3409 docs: Don’t ignore gunixfdlist.h when building docs on Windows
  - !3410 tests: Add descriptions to environment tests
  - !3416 gtestutils: Fix section marker in documentation
  - !3418 docs: Add lb90 as a Windows maintainer
  - !3419 docs: Update various broken/redirected links and fix list formatting
  - !3420 gtestutils: print timing information per test case in TAP output
  - !3421 glib/tests/fileutils:fix asserts when running as root
  - !3422 Check for linux/netlink.h buildability
  - !3423 gstring: add g_string_new_take
  - !3425 gwin32networkmonitor: Fix returning address of local variable
  - !3426 gdataset, gobject: Use atomic compare and exchange full to set
  - !3429 Rename GTK+ to GTK (mostly comments and documentation)
  - !3430 gobject_gdb.py: fix regression caused by bfbe7127d5
  - !3431 gfile: Ensure loff_t is defined on FreeBSD
  - !3435 Ignore g_task_print_alive_task() when introspecting GIO
  - !3437 gobject_gdb.py: support gsignal fastpath and detect more marshallers
  - !3438 gio: Check cancellable iterating local file enumerator
  - !3439 gstring: Add `Since` marker to `g_string_new_take()`
  - !3440 gutf8: Add a g_utf8_truncate_middle() function
  - !3441 Allow proper introspection of GTypeValueTable
  - !3442 gio: Add g_file_new_build_filenamev
  - !3448 meson: try iconv in libintl lookup
  - !3449 docs: Move README.win32.md to the docs folder and update
  - !3450 gactionmap: Add g_action_map_remove_action_entries()
  - !3453 docs: Use the type name as the section name for GKeyFile
  - !3455 gfileinfo: add (type filename) annotation to symlink_target functions
  - !3456 gmain: Document that g_steal_fd() preserves errno
  - !3458 gstdio: Improve documentation of some functions as async-signal safe
  - !3462 tests: Reduce thread and iteration count on CI for /thread/rec-mutex3
  - !3463 ci: Disable the macOS CI
  - !3465 gobject_gdb.py: adapt to recent gsignal changes
  - !3466 resolver: Add space in documentations
  - !3470 pcre subproject fixes: Allow fallback & static build
  - !3471 gio-tool-mount: Add option to show progress when unmounting
  - !3472 tests: Fix an intermittent timing error with testing g_usleep(0)
  - !3477 gdbus-codegen: Fix some minor typos in the documentation
  - !3484 docs: Fix a typo in the backports policy
  - !3486 docs: Document issue and merge request triaging and review guidelines
  - !3488 codegen: Use g_signal_emit to emit signals
  - !3489 guniprop: fix param direction in g_unichar_get_mirror_char(), for
  - !3490 gobject/tests: Fix running on 32-bit Windows