./emulators/gpsim-ptyusart, Pseudo-tty module for gpsim

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Branch: pkgsrc-2022Q3, Version: 0.3.2nb36, Package name: gpsim-ptyusart-0.3.2nb36, Maintainer: bouyer

This is a serial module for gpsim, connecting the virtual Rx/Tx lines
to a pseudo-tty (pty). You can then use your usual serial tools (cu, tip,
minicom, etc ...) on this pty as you would do on a real serial port on
your Unix workstation.
Included is an example loopback program for a pic18f (that is, it will
just echo back what you send it). tstloopback.c can be used along with
cu or tip (or possibly minicom) to copy an arbitrary file though the
serial port and the pic, which allows to check for data corruption
(if you notice that 0x11 and 0x13 characters get lost, check for
the XON/XOFF status of your pty :)

This module has been developed for gpsim from CVS 20040816:

For now this has only been tested on NetBSD. It should work without
much troubles on others BSDs. More work is needed for other unix-like
operating systems (probably require a usart_external.cc per pty style).

Please address comments, bug-fixes or updates to Manuel.Bouyer@lip6.fr

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