./mail/exmh, X11/TK based mail reader front end to MH

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Branch: pkgsrc-2022Q3, Version: 2.7.2nb8, Package name: exmh-2.7.2nb8, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

exmh is a TCL/TK based interface to the MH mail system.

IMPORTANT: exmh depends on the TK send facility for its background
processing. With TK 3.3, send now uses xauthority mechanisms by default,
unless you compile TK with -DTK_NO_SECURITY. Generally, this means that
you **MUST** must run xdm to start your Xserver.

FEATURES: As well as providing the usual layer on top of MH commands, exmh
has a number of other features:

MIME support! Displays richtext and enriched directly.
Color feedback in the scan listing.
A colour coded folder display with one label per folder.
Smart scan caching. News read/post. koi8-r support.
Facesaver bitmap display. Ispell support.
Background inc. You can set exmh to run inc periodically.
Searching over folder listing and message body.
A dialog-box interface to MH pick.
A editor editor with emacs-like bindings with MIME support.
Glimpse interface. You can index all your mail with glimpse
and search for messages by content.
User preferences. You can tune exmh through a dialog box.
User hacking support. A user library of TCL routines is supported.

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