./wm/fluxter, Workspace pager dockapp, particularly useful with Fluxbox

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Branch: pkgsrc-2022Q3, Version: 0.1.0, Package name: fluxter-0.1.0, Maintainer: mj

fluxter is a newer incarnation of bbpager, which is like the name suggests a
pager tool for Blackbox.

The major changes to bbpager are:
o Accesses fluxbox configuration files, e.g. in ~/.fluxbox, rather than in
blackbox directories.
o Default styles come from the fluxbox configuration. Without
customization it will track the look of the current theme.
o The configuration files have been renamed to fluxter.bb (used in a
fluxbox environment) and fluxter.nobb (used in a non-fluxbox
environment). These files should go in fluxbox configuration
directories, such as ~/.fluxbox.
o The X resource entries in the configuration files use fluxter as a label,
rather than bbpager.
o Per-workspace wallpaper changing is supported by the addition of
per-workspace rootCommand configuration entries. For example:
fluxter.workspace0.rootCommand: Esetroot /usr/share/pixmaps/bg1.png
fluxter.workspace1.rootCommand: Esetroot /usr/share/pixmaps/bg2.png
fluxter.workspace2.rootCommand: Esetroot /usr/share/pixmaps/bg3.png

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