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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 7.7.0nb1, Package name: eagle-7.7.0nb1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

The EAGLE Layout Editor is an easy to use, yet powerful tool for designing
printed circuit boards (PCBs). The name EAGLE is an acronym, which stands for
Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor.

The program consists of three main modules

* Layout editor
* Schematic editor
* Autorouter

which are embedded in a single user interface. Therefore there is no need
for converting netlists between schematics and layouts.

Required to run:
[emulators/suse131_32_openssl] [emulators/suse131_32_krb5] [emulators/suse131_32_fontconfig] [emulators/suse131_32_x11] [emulators/suse131_32_freetype2] [emulators/suse131_32_libcups]

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   2021-10-26 12:04:17 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (63)
Log message:
cad: Replace RMD160 checksums with BLAKE2s checksums

All checksums have been double-checked against existing RMD160 and
SHA512 hashes
   2021-10-07 15:20:33 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (63)
Log message:
cad: Remove SHA1 hashes for distfiles
   2017-04-26 23:28:34 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
The licensing terms for EAGLE changed in version 7.7, when Autodesk inc
bought CadSoft Computer GmbH. Bump PKGREVISION.
   2016-12-17 04:19:18 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Updated cad/eagle to 7.7.0
Release notes for EAGLE 7.7.0

* Licensing:

  - Update of various spots in EAGLE regarding the license changes introduced
    by Autodesk: Standard, Premium, Ultimate, Express and Educational.
    The 30 day trial license has been removed.

* ULPs:

  - Added 'manufacturing.ulp' provided by Autodesk. It supports an upload of EAGLE
    drawing files to 'circuits.io' in order to generate manufacturing data which
    can then be downloaded. The ULP is accessible as an icon in the board editor.
  - Added 'ecadio.ulp' provided by Autodesk. It supports an upload of EAGLE boards
    to 'ecad.io' in order to generate a 3D PCB for use in MCAD systems.
    The ULP is accessible as an icon in the board editor.

* UI improvements:

  - Added Option.SignalNames to display the signal names on the signal wires
    and on the connected pads and SMDs.
    It can be set in the Settings dialog under 'Misc/Display signal names'.
  - The options Option.SignalNames, Option.PadNames and Option.ViaLength are
    set to 'On' by default.

* Miscellaneous:

  - Improved visibility of scrollbars for common window styles on Linux.
  - Silently ignoring double references to a contact within a signal when loading
    a board file.
  - CAM Processor: when running 'Process Job' with more than one section,
    it is checked if the job covers the Layer Setup only partially.
  - The file locking option has been switched off by default. Use 'Backup/Locking'
    under 'Options' in Control Panel to turn it on.
  - Update of EAGLE logo to the new appearance since Autodesk acquisition.
  - Update of Hungarian translation (GUI without help and manual).

* Bugfixes:

  - Fixed UL functions strsplit() and lookup() to handle unusual UTF8 characters
    as separator.
  - Fixed potential crash of the 64 bit versions when loading EAGLE drawings
    from old format (e.g. V3.55).
  - Image export to TIFF format in monochrome: fixed a regression regarding the
    compression method.
  - The selected object is no longer removed from the group after running a ULP
    started through 'SET CONTEXT Object ...'; the ULP might want to use this
    one-object group afterwards with e.g. 'exit("move (>@)")'.
  - Ensuring valid move of polygon wires or an entire polygon if selecting a
    wire with 'SET CONTEXT Wire ...' or using setgroup() in a ULP.
  - Fixed history of dlgStringEdit to become case sensitive.
  - Fix for refresh of images in Control Panel preview on Windows.
  - Added a check for identical pinrefs when loading a schematic to avoid a
    possible crash.
  - Fixed deleting/splitting busses with portrefs involved: it could happen that
    new port connections couldn't be established anymore.
  - Fixed selecting an end of a wire with the context menu.
  - Fix for ULP function ingroup() returning true for too many objects after
    UNDOing of transferring a group to another sheet.
   2016-06-05 11:16:33 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated cad/eagle to 7.6.0, ( Following is from doc/UPDATE_en)
Release notes for EAGLE 7.6.0
* Platforms:

  - Since EAGLE requires OS X 10.8 or higher on MAC which are all 64 bit OS,
    we are no longer providing the 32 bit version for MAC.

* EDIT command:
  - Now the EDIT command allows changing to the proper editor window with
    'edit .sch' and 'edit .brd' even in the library editor.

* USE command:
  - Extended syntax for USE to unuse a specific library (use -a.lbr).
  - The USE command can now also be called in the library editor (although the
    list of used libraries is only relevant in schematic or board editor).

* Miscellaneous:
  - Ensuring the requested precision on linear dimension values even if there
    are trailing zeroes.
  - Now the net class is copied if a signal polygon is renamed to a new signal.
  - Termination of EAGLE by watchdog if the improper 'eagle.exe' is used together
    with the CAM processor option '-X'.
  - The User Language dialog object dlgTabWidget now accepts a parameter 'Index';
    it has to be an integer variable and can be used to set the initial
    dlgTabPage and to get the index of the current dlgTabPage.
  - Added a note to help about eaglecon.exe including a warning regarding
    the closing of it.
  - Avoiding unintended deletion of several MUST gates w/o using Shift+Left.
  - Added a 'save-brd-variants.ulp' which can be used to save a board file for
    each assembly variant (may be used to prepare CAM output).
  - Added entry 'DXF' to File/Import sub menu of the library editor in package
    or symbol edit mode.
  - The color entries #7 (DARKGRAY) of the white and the colored palette
    have been changed to darker values; the same applies to 'defaultcolors.scr'.
  - Changed UPDATE behavior for variable attributes: retaining changes in
    schematic and board.
  - Added an option to textually display the via length. It can be set in the
    Settings dialog under 'Misc' or with 'SET Option.ViaLength 1|0'.
  - Improved support for high DPI displays: providing the high
    resolution for enlarged icons and dialog texts.
  - Added a note to help for COPY of library objects regarding paths.
  - Improved error message when a CAM job or section is tried to start but no
    board or schematic is loaded.
  - Added auto connection of ports if MOVEing them on each other.
  - Added exp-palette.ulp for exporting the color palettes to an EAGLE script.
  - Improved construction of a polygon: now the last wire piece can be removed
    with the escape key.
  - Avoiding drag&drop in Control Panel by unintended click of the mouse wheel
  - Added a warning about connections from a contact to several signals while
    loading a board (there's no known way to achieve this illegal state within
    EAGLE, though).
  - Now the OPTIMIZE command is available in all drawing editor types apart from
    the device editor.
  - The groupwise moving of smashed texts of a locked element is now inhibited
    only if the element is included in the moved group, too.
  - Added cross probing (highlighting) of signals to a module net that has
    generated the corresponding signal(s) completely.
  - CAM Processor: when running 'Process Job' it is being checked if the job covers
    the Layer Setup.

* Bugfixes:
  - Taking into account connected ports to avoid 'Only one pin on net' ERC
    error messages.
  - Added Use and Un-Use buttons (with tool tips) in the ADD dialog to
    countervail the (since V7.3) missing Drop button.
  - Fix for wrong splitter position in device edit mode that could appear after
    switching between different edit modes in library editor.
  - Fix for EAGLE in command line mode: it could happen that a given command
    sequence (option -C) was executed in the wrong editor window.
  - Made the return key in Control Panel work again for activation of
    tree entries.
  - Fix for a parse error if in a CAM job description the sequence '="' was \ 
  - Avoiding references to ports of wrong type in bus or net segments.
  - Fix to avoid pending file locks if EAGLE is closed over 'close all windows'
    in the taskbar.
  - Marking lock files as hidden also on Windows.
  - Fix for window positions and other project settings not stored on MAC if
    EAGLE was closed with 'Quit' in the application menu.
  - Fixed drawing SMDs with roundness, if printing with option ROTATE.
  - Avoiding temporary (not intended) mirroring of gates with the middle mouse
    button when moving them in the device editor.
  - Ensuring the proper device (package variant), if automatically changing into
    the invoke mode while adding a device.
  - bom.ulp: Fixed handling descriptions containing TAB characters.
  - Changed handling of package names in the UPDATE command used in a library
    to case insensitive (syntax 'UPDATE package_name@library_name').
  - Added validation of bus name when it is changed by command line with
    'NAME newBusName'.
  - Ensuring proper cap style if constructing a new ARC.
  - Made the popup menus for parameterbar, toolbar and commandbar buttons work
    again on MAC.
  - Denying renaming or deletion of a file in the Control Panel if a corresponding
    lock file exists.
  - Printing: fixed possibly missing caption and offsetted image on Windows.
  - Fixed a possible inconsistency after library update with device sets involved
    that couldn't be found in the new library and other special conditions.
  - Fixed possible graphical artefacts when copying parts or elements by
    GROUP/CUT/PASTE or COPY of a group.
  - Fix for printing of non solid color fill styles to PDF.
  - Made printing of non solid fill styles work again on Linux; clearer
    output also on MAC.
  - Fixed ADD dialog: no longer ignoring the first selection after clearing
    the search field.
  - Ensuring that only a schematic is imported into an existing module
    (PASTE from file). It was possible to import a schematic/board pair
    which lead to inconsistency.
  - Fixed ULP filesize function for non existing files (now 0 is returned).
  - Fixed dlgListView to execute the statement only if a valid item was
  - Now dlgListView sets the parameter 'Selected' to -1 if nothing is selected
    (see help).
  - Avoiding a crash if trying to ROTATE a locked element with Click&Drag.
  - Avoiding a locked element to become invisible if trying to MOVE it by
    name (input e.g. 'move X10').
  - Fixed f/b annotation if deleting a connection to a power pin and the gate
    of this pin is placed in a module.
  - Fixed unjustified ERC error message regarding an incompatibility of HIZ
    pins on a net which is exported by a module with a PWR port.
  - Avoiding a file locking conflict (timing issue) during library export.
  - Fixed loss of the net wire if moving already connected ports on each other and
    separating them again.
  - Avoiding a too early deactivation of automatic confirmation mode during QUIT
    (to avoid an undesired message stopping QUIT).
  - Fixed generation of net wires if changing a module with direct connection
    of port to port or pin.
  - Fixed saving XML texts in drawings: drop invalid characters entered as texts
    or descriptions (e.g by copy&paste).
  - Improved validation of the port name if setting up a new port.
  - Made UPDATEing libraries work with several dots like 'abc.ok.lbr'.
  - Fixed drawing of mirrored or rotated frames.
  - Changed handling of signal names in the OPTIMIZE command to case insensitive.
  - Fixed ROUTE command with differential pairs; sometimes the initial wire
    width was wrong.
  - Avoiding a stuck progress bar if terminating a ULP with an exit code
    within a script.
  - Fixed possibly wrong window positions in case of a multi monitor setup on
    Windows; improved handling of window restoration for multi monitor setup.
  - Fixed a misinterpretation of colons in a sheet description; switching to
    such a sheet with the sheet combobox didn't work.
  - Fixed vanishing of smashed texts during MOVE of a group if the associated
    element is locked.
  - Fixed update of sheet thumbnails after adding a PORT.
  - Fixed WINDOW FIT due to wrong calculation of the bounding box regarding
    the cross-reference display area on MUST gates; only gates with text place-
    holder '>XREF' are taken into account.
  - Avoiding use of the colon for modules and module prefixes. It is reserved
    as hierarchical name separator.
  - Fixed net renaming issue: Renaming a net with segments on several sheets
    over the INFO dialog could lead to inconsistency and empty net names.
   2015-11-21 14:49:16 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Update 7.4.0 to 7.5.0 (2015/11/17)

* EAGLE Editions:

  - The EAGLE Freeware edition now starts with a temporary advertisement window
    and the Control Panel has got an advertisement section.
  - For the EAGLE Light edition (both Freeware and Commercial) the number of
    available schematic sheets has been increased to 2.

* GUI:

  - Now the icons in EAGLE are scalable (see Options menu in Control Panel).
    The icons are in SVG format and stored in folder 'icons' under the bin folder.
    The classic set of EAGLE icons is not available in SVG format and therefore
    not scalable.
  - Added highlighting of the current group if starting GROUP command.
  - Added tool tips to the DRC/ERC error list containing the error descriptions.

* ULPs:

  - Update of various ULPs integrated into EAGLE's editors:
     - In the Board editor under File/Export the entries 'Unidat' (unidat.ulp) and
       'DIF4.0' (dif40.ulp) have been taken out. An entry 'Mount SMD' has been added
       (starting mountsmd.ulp).
     - In the Board editor under File/Import the entry 'Ultiboard'
       (import-ultiboard-ddf.ulp) has been taken out. The new entries 'DXF' and
       'Gerber' have been added, executing import-dxf.ulp resp. import-gerber.ulp.
       The Gerber import is a new functionality.
       Import of DXF is available in the Schematic editor as well.
     - In the Board editor under Tools the new entries 'Element array placement'
       (new component-array.ulp) and 'Mirror board' (mirror-board.ulp) have been
     - In the Library editor there is now File/Import with entry 'BSDL', starting

* Miscellaneous:

  - Extension of proxy settings by an optional username and password.
    Saving of the password is also optional and in an encrypted form.
    See Help/Check for Update/Configure in Control Panel.
  - Added a special DRC error for intersecting signal polygons with same rank.
  - Workaround for Linux 64 bit, because Red Hat (RHEL 6.6) is not
    yet providing an up-to-date GLIBC library.
  - Implementation of a basic file locking mechanism: by default any files
    that are loaded into an EAGLE editor are locked, i.e. not available for
    writing by other EAGLE instances. Locked files are reported to the user.
    He can retry getting the file, save under a different name, continue editing
    without saving or break the lock. The locking can be switched off
    which is saved in eaglerc user settings.
  - Added a new set of schematics, boards and libraries from 3rd party 'seeed'.
    The libraries are in a directory 'seeed' under the library folder, the
    schematics and boards in examples/'seeed' under the projects folder.
    See also www.seeed.cc.

* Bugfixes:

  - Fix for not searchable PDF printings on MAC.
  - Fix to avoid intensive network traffic caused by GUI elements of the
  - Fixed unusable confirm dialog in CAM processor; under special conditions
    it could be blocked by the progress dialog.
  - Fix for wrong display of mirrored texts in package previews.
  - Fixed handling of vias if reselecting a differential pair for routing.
  - If starting the autorouter, the TopRouter is now checking whether
    the board is already routed completely.
  - Made image export to TIFF format work again. There was a regression in V7.3.
  - Restored V6 behavior for designs w/o hierarchy if combining or renaming
    net segments, which could cause unnecessary ripups.
  - Now 64 colors of all palettes are initialized.
  - Correction of the number of available layers for 'Make Personal' edition
    from 4 to 6.
  - Keeping order of 'SET CONTEXT' commands if displaying the context menu.
  - Avoiding a crash on Mac if closing a drawing window with Command(Apple)-W
    immediately after loading a board and schematic pair and restoring the
    minimized partner.
   2015-09-02 03:55:13 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update 7.3.0 to 7.4.0
Release notes for EAGLE 7.4.0

* EAGLE Editions:

  - CadSoft now provides an EAGLE "Make Pro" edition with capabilities \ 
similar to
    Standard edition. In particular the board area is limited to 160x100mm, but
    board width and height can be adjusted. The license is limited to one year
    and an internet connection is required.
  - There is also a new edition "Make Personal" available which was \ 
    called "EAGLE Hobbyist".

* COPY command:

  - Beside device sets and packages the COPY command now can also copy symbols.
  - If the library name is skipped in the command syntax the currently opened
    library is taken as source (see help for details).

* Control Panel:

  - Added entry 'COPY to library' to context menu for symbols.
  - Support for Drag&Drop for symbols from Control Panel to Library Editor
    and of all library object types to the overview (table of contents) mode of
    the Library Editor.

* Library Editor:

  - Addition of 'Duplicate' to context menu for symbols in the overview
   (table of contents) mode.
  - Added tool tips to the TOC view of the library editor window
    containing the headlines of the respective descriptions.

* Help improvements:

  - Added examples for CHANGE DLINE.
  - Improved description of PORT regarding buses and of PACKAGE regarding 'name'.
  - Added a section 'Special attributes' regarding the special role of
    attribute 'VALUE'.
  - Improved description of UL_PART.variants(); extended example for UL_VARIANT.
  - Added explanation on top/bottom pairs of custom layers.

* Miscellaneous:

  - Added a set of design rule files from Eurocircuits and Wuerth Electronic
    to design rule folder.
  - Added a new CAM job file gerb274x-mill-drill.cam for generating milling
    output with Gerber and drill data output with Excellon in one action.

* Bugfixes:

  - Ignoring a potentially given but superfluous extension in
    COPY X.PAC@abc.lbr Y[.pac]; same for .dev.
  - Fix for locale dependant problems when entering decimal numbers in unit fields.
  - Changed misleading text in the Linux install script.
  - Fixed handling of newly added empty global attributes.
  - Fix for proper support of EAGLE 64 bit on MAC OS X 10.8.
  - Fixed interpretation of scroll and zoom gestures from trackpads on MAC.
  - Fix for 'Duplicate' in context menu for device sets and packages in the
    library editor's overview mode when duplicating unsaved objects.
  - Improved drawing performance for panning under Linux;
    there was a regression after version 7.2.0.
  - Fix for support of country specific decimal point (like ',') in command line
    and scripts (after 7.2.0 only '.' worked).
  - 'Duplicate' in context menu for library objects: restriction in the naming
    dialog to allowed characters for object names.
  - Fix for a crash in the autorouter when evaluation was done with invalid
    job files.
  - Fix for umlaut problem in installation text on MAC.
  - The ROUTE command with Ctrl+Left can now also start routing at a pad;
    this is important to start from a pad without airwire if the connect mode
    is set to 'any'.
  - Now the first selection point for DIMENSION is only snapped if coming from
    a mouse click.
  - Fixed update of thumbnails after removing a module.
  - Fix for long printing times on Windows (there was a regression since V7.3).
  - Fixed context menu handling for PACKAGE/TECHNOLOGY after clicking \ 
    in case of an ambiguous selection. The command was still referring to the
    previous object.
  - Fixed >LAST_DATE_TIME in CAM Processor output; it has been stuck at
    'not saved' if during an EAGLE session a new drawing has been generated.
  - Fixed displaying license data containing umlauts.
  - Fix for EAGLE in commandline mode: it could happen that a given command
    sequence (option -C) was executed in the wrong editor window.
  - Fixed triggering the default button 'OK' by ENTER key in the CONNECT dialog;
    if the focus was in a list, the list action was executed inadvertently.
  - Fix for initially missing display of the 'Window' menu in MAC menubar.
  - Correction of eagle.def concerning the output formats GERBER_RS274X_33MM
    and EXCELLON_33MM (introduced in V7.2.1).
  - Fix regarding continuation of an existing autorouter job after previous cancel.
  - Added an initial check if the board was changed before continuation of an
    existing autorouter job.
  - Fix in DRC for undetected overlapping polygons in special cases.
  - Fix for inaccessible minimized partner window if a schematic or board was
    opened. This was a problem on several Linux distributions.
  - Fix for undesired focus changes on MAC between EAGLE editor windows.
  - Reactivated beep if clicking into the drawing area w/o causing
    an actual selection (e.g. in ROUTE command).
  - Fixed ERC messages for nets containing UTF-8 characters.
  - Changed the polygon calculation within the CAM Processor to vector font,
    because texts are always using vector font in the CAM Processor.
  - Added a hint to use the default grid in schematics.
  - Ignoring unjustified offset position if pasting a module.
  - Ensuring unique naming if copying symbols.
  - Fixed initial display of TOC in libraries if loaded within a project.
  - Made ADD link in Control Panel for symbols work.
  - Fixed annotation of deleting a module instance; deleting the respective
    signals in the board completely if there is no port.
   2015-08-13 22:27:43 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
- Switch to 32-bit version; 64-bit version has issues with emulation of
pselect6 syscall on NetBSD, leading to high CPU usage (busy polling)
- Also ensure QT_XKB_CONFIG_ROOT is set in the environment, otherwise
keyboard input might not work.