./cad/klayout, Simple GDS and OASIS file viewer and Editor

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.28.12nb3, Package name: klayout-0.28.12nb3, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Although a comparatively simple piece of software, a layout viewer is not
only just a tool for the chip design engineer. Today design's complexity
require not only a simple "viewer". Rather, a viewer is the microscope
through which the engineer looks at the design.

There are numerous viewers available, but sadly there are not many which
satisfy a few basic requirements. Most of them are commercial and
expensive. If there is need for a simple, yet powerful viewer - here it is.

Required to run:
[x11/qt5-qtsvg] [x11/qt5-qttools] [x11/qt5-qtbase] [lang/python310] [lang/ruby31-base]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [x11/xcb-proto] [x11/xorgproto]

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   2023-11-12 14:24:43 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2570)
Log message:
*: revebump for new brotli option for freetype2

Addresses PR 57693
   2023-11-08 14:21:43 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2377)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for icu 74.1
   2023-10-25 00:11:51 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2298)
Log message:
*: bump for openssl 3
   2023-09-20 01:12:49 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
(cad/klayout) Updated 0.28.10 to 0.28.12

0.28.12          (2023-09-12):
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1477 Macro IDE: changing the colors does not have an effect
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1474 Throw a FATAL ERROR when multiple cellname have \ 
the same refnum
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1473 Ignore 'Summarize missing layers' when sending \ 
XOR result to other layout)
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1472 DEF path with first/last segment length < \ 
halfwidth are read wrong
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1471 Make warning about 'FOREIGN differs from MACRO \ 
name' more informative
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1470 DEF pinname VDD.extra1 should be written as VDD \ 
TEXT in gds/oasis
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1465 (maybe fixed) DRC crash at end of script
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1464 Layout#get_info and Layout#set_info not longer \ 
segfault on wrong layer index
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1460 CellRename dialog is larger now initially
* Enhancement: %GITHUB%/issues/1307 (partial) Produce UNPLACED macros if \ 
location is provided
* Enhancement: New aliases for inline operators (e.g. "+=") in \ 
RBA::Region and similar classes
  Reasoning is that "+=" in Ruby is resolved into "+" and \ 
"=" which does not make
  use of the inline optimization. Using "join_with" instead will avoid \ 
this. Other alias:
  "join" for "+", "and" for "&", \ 
"and_with" for "&=", "not" for "-", \ 
"not_with" for "-=",
  "or" for "|", "or_with" for "|=", \ 
"xor" for "^" and "xor_with" for "^=".
* Bugfix: deep region 'transform' with plain shift was not working properly with \ 
scaled instances
* Bugfix: re-run of include-expanded DRC/LVS wasn't working
* Bugfix: Proper Python stack trace in debugger for Python 3.10
* Enhancement: Allowing to select cells by error markers too (so that PCells \ 
with errors can be selected)
* Bugfix: avoid a segfault in the properties dialog
* Enhancement: crash log now is shown in a more reliable way - but less fancy.
  In addition, a crash log is written 'klayout_crash.log' in the home path
  and the crash message is printed to error.
* Bugfix: Don't clear search when switching macro editor pages
* Enhancement: Macro editor file change notification now also is no longer a \ 
modal window
* Enhancement: Macro editor does not list __pycache__ directories
* Enhancement: Pick a tab in Macro editor from the context menu of tab bar
* Bugfix: moving a text with a non-centered vertical alignment now uses the \ 
right location
* Enhancement: 'copy interactive' will maintain selection
* Enhancement Better integration of partial mode - for example 'interactive \ 
move' now also acts on partial selection
* Bugfix: cleanup after deleting cells in partial mode - no new top cells appear
* Enhancement: package manager
  * So not update macros while installing: avoids transient error messages
  * Offer to autorun macros also after package update (so far only on package \ 
new installation
* Bugfix: Fixed a issue with the search box on the macro editor
  when switching to the replace text box, focus was passed to the text editor instead
* Enhancement: CIF reader progress now functional
* Enhancement: some speedup while sorting instances
* Bugfix: LayoutView does not longer need processEvents when saving an image to PNG

0.28.11          (2023-08-09):
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1307 (partial) LEF/DEF PIN labels are taken from NET, \ 
not PIN name
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1415 GDS2 files with meta info are not read by old \ 
versions of KLayout
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1422 DXF file parsing error, about spline curve
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1425 Python Binding / Layout / find_layer broken for \ 
layer "name"
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1428 Feature request: "%include" in macros \ 
should allow including XML files too
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1430 Add option to filter out geometric primitives \ 
from Marker Database Browser Info widget
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1432 strm2oas def ignores path segment after + VIRTUAL \ 
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1433 Fix def syntax error in \ 
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1453 Zoom (in) function with selected layers \ 
significantly slower in newer releases
* Enhancement: %GITHUB%/issues/1438 Provide a configuration option to switch \ 
back to old-style text selection (at origin only)
* Enhancement: %GITHUB%/issues/1440 Relative margin for Marker Database Browser
* Enhancement: %GITHUB%/issues/1441 Support for label position in Marker \ 
Database Browser
* Enhancements:
  - Add a default extension to file names unless one is given
  - Selection on partial mode enhanced: allow selection of edge
    ends if edges overlap, graphical indicator for selected partial
  - Wheel events do no longer change Combo Box selections
  - DRC/LVS: log output overhead reduced for faster execution in
    small layout cases
  - Added RBA::Image/pya.Image constructor taking QImage and PixelBuffer
  - Point objects are native citizens now of the database and act as
    representatives for handles, better editing and visualization of
    the latter
  - Macro editor has "find previous" button now
  - Mitigate the effect of overriding a globally-defined technology
    with -nn on the command line by creating tech variants
  - LEF/DEF map files now allow LEFPINNAME and PINNAME purpose to
    map pin labels in a more consistent way
* Bugfix:
  - Tilde expansion wasn't working for layout write
  - Python specific API documentation did not mention disambiguation
    for property/method ambiguity
  - Python error messages are more readable and contain the exception
  - PCell layer-type parameters did not work without a default value
  - Point-like PCell handles now cannot be spoiled any longer in partial
  - "Duplicate" was also duplicating cells or layers depending on the
    scope which was irritating. Now it's confined to geometry
  - DRC/LVS logs list the correct line also with include files
  - "report" wasn't working in DRC/LVS scripts for scripts only using
    external sources
  - Fixed a potential segfault on application exit
  - Enhancements to the macro editor's search & replace function -
    "replace and search next" wasn't working properly and other flaws
   2023-08-14 07:25:36 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1247)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for Python 3.11 as new default
   2023-07-23 08:51:33 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
(cad/klayout) Updated 0.28.9 to 0.28.10

0.28.10          (2023-07-05):
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1397 LayoutMetaInfo serialization/deserialization problem
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1404 Better support for editing mode in Qt-less LayoutView
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1407 Clip functions do not support polygons with holes
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1409 Text edit issue (internal error)
* Enhancements:
  - Made 'time' parameter optional for MainWindow#message
  - strmxor performance with --deep enhanced
   2023-06-16 17:03:12 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
(cad/klayout) Updated 0.28.8 to 0.28.9

0.28.9           (2023-06-10):
* Enhancement: %GITHUB%/issues/1281 Layout diff can ignore shape or instance \ 
* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1393 GDS2Text format not supported in Python module
* Bugfix: "add meta info" did not take "persisted" flag
* Enhancement: "profile" feature for DRC and LVS
* Enhancement: DRC can write to multiple targets now
  - new functions "new_report", "new_target": create output \ 
channel objects
    that can be used to redirect "output" to specific other channels
* Bugfix: GDS2 reader should not segfault on certain broken files
* Enhancement: performance improvement of hierarchical XOR in certain cases
   2023-06-04 09:44:42 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
(cad/klayout) Updated 0.28.7 to 0.28.8

0.28.8           (2023-05-23):
* Enhancement: %GITHUB%/issues/1314 Storing (arbitrary) data in metadata
  - Meta information can be attached to layout and cells
  - Meta information has a string key and arbitrary value (hash, list supported)
  - Optionally, meta information can be made persistent and
    is stored in the (KLayout specific) context section of GDS2 and OASIS
  - Meta information is shown in the user properties dialog, but is not editable
  - Meta information is similar, but not the same than user properties

* Enhancement: %GITHUB%/issues/1324 Feature request: hide empty groups

* Enhancement: %GITHUB%/issues/1345 feature request: create a def
  single/mulitpart path import option

* Enhancement: %GITHUB%/issues/1348 "Reload Files" popup prevents
  closing KLayout

* Enhancement: %GITHUB%/issues/1349 Add application events for
  indicating start/finish of restoring session

* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1353 Bug in RecursiveInstanceIterator

* Enhancement: %GITHUB%/issues/1357 Add binding for

* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1360 LayoutView not promoted to correct
  class after Plugin initialization

* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1366 Slow merging of polygons from width
  check edge pairs

* Bugfix: %GITHUB%/issues/1373 Region "+" skips shapes with user
  properties on second input

* Enhancement: Ruby debugger performance improvement - with debugger
  enabled, Ruby script execution was very slow

* Enhancement: Polygon "decompose_convex" tries harder to avoid
  generating thin slivers

* (Significant) Enhancement: Selection of labels now considers label
  area, not just label origin point

* Bugfix: Making 'R', 'L' and 'C' parameters for the respective Spice
  elements beside "value"

* Enhancement: Zoom In/Out menu functions now use the current mouse
  position for the zoom fixpoint (important when binding them to a

* Bugfix: More consistent behavior of RBA/pya: enum classes are
  properly made available (was for example RBA::Qt::Qt_Keys instead of
  RBA::Qt_Keys and pya.Qt.

Keys was no fully initialized type object)

* Bugfix: Netlist reader: anonymous circuits (without definition) will
  not fail because of unknown parameters

* Bugfix: Closed paths lost last point after editing in partial edit

* Enhancement: Somewhat better grid snapping in partial edit mode
* Bugfixes/enhancements: Macro editor
  - fixed missing icons for "back" and "forward"
  - enhancements for "search & replace"
  - Ctrl+R and Ctrl+Shift+R for replace and "replace all"
  - Fixed tool tips for buttons