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History of commit frequency

CVS Commit History:

   2024-04-10 21:22:39 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
mariadb106: Update to 10.6.17

                           MariaDB 10.6.17 Changelog

  * Includes all fixes from MariaDB 10.5.24
  * pcre.cmake: always check the library with check_library_exists()
  * fix columnstore compilation on fc39
  * Disable perfschema.misc_session_status for 32 bit
  * Updated some 32 bit result files in sys_vars
  * Fixed some wrong printf() usage after changing m_table_id to
  * fix failing test on buildbot for MDEV-27087
  * MDEV-33317 [Warning] InnoDB: Could not free any blocks in the
    buffer pool!
  * MDEV-31616 Problems with a stored function EMPTY() on upgrade to
  * reorder the log columns for MDEV-27087
  * Fixed some mtr tests that failed on windows
  * Fixed compiler error/warning in
  * Fixed main.strict test to work with icc compiler
  * Disable main.gis from embedded
  * MDEV-33279 Disable transparent huge pages after page buffers has
    been allocatedDisable transparent huge pages (THP)
  * Trivial fixes:
  * Temporary table name used by multip-update has 'null' as part of
    the name
  * MDEV-33118 optimizer_adjust_secondary_key_costs variable
  * Ensure keyread_tmp variable is assigned.
  * Fixed possible mutex-wrong-order with KILL USER
  * MDEV-32551: "Read semi-sync reply magic number error" warnings on
  * MDEV-32906: The SQL error plugin prints (null) as database if the
    mariadb client is not using any database to execute the SQL.
  * MDEV-27087: Add thread ID and database / table, where the error
    occured to SQL error plugin
  * new CC 3.3
  * MDEV-33053 fixup: Correct a condition before a message
  * MDEV-33031 test fixup for HAVE_PERFSCHEMA=NO
  * MDEV-32983 cosmetic improvement on path separator near
  * MDEV-33091 pcre2 headers aren't found on Solaris
  * Revert "MDEV-32899 InnoDB is holding shared dict_sys.latch while
    waiting for FOREIGN KEY child table lock on DDL"
  * MDEV-33275 buf_flush_LRU():
    mysql_mutex_assert_owner(&buf_pool.mutex) failed
  * MDEV-33053 InnoDB LRU flushing does not run before running out of
    buffer pool
  * new CC 3.3
  * innodb: IO Error message missing space
  * MDEV-33095 innodb_flush_method=O_DIRECT creates excessive errors
    on Solaris
  * MDEV-33213 fixup: GCC 5 -Wconversion
  * MDEV-30940: Try to fix the test
  * MDEV-33213 History list is not shrunk unless there is a pause in
    the workload
  * MDEV-32559 failing spider signal_ddl_recovery_done callback
    should result in spider deinit
  * MDEV-33112 innodb_undo_log_truncate=ON is blocking page write
  * MDEV-32050 fixup: Remove srv_purge_rseg_truncate_frequency
  * MDEV-33137: Assertion end_lsn == page_lsn failed in
  * MDEV-33150 double-locking of LOCK_thd_kill in
  * cleanup: change a function, that always return 0, to void
  * MDEV-33031 Assertion failure upon reading from performance schema
    with binlog enabled
  * cleanup: spider status variables
  * MDEV-33031 Assertion failure upon reading from performance schema
    with binlog enabled
  * MDEV-11777 REGEXP_REPLACE converts utf8mb4 supplementary
    characters to '?'
  * Fix galera.galera_kill_ddl test errors in debug mode.
  * [fixup] Spider: correct init queries after merge
  * MDEV-33000: Fix test result file on some test cases
  * MDEV-33046 - reschedule dict_stats_func() if there work left to
  * Cleanup - reuse background THD in dict_stats_func()
  * Fix an intermittent test failure
  * Add an end-of-test marker
  * MDEV-33098: Disable the test
  * MDEV-33009 Server hangs for a long time with
  * MDEV-33046 race condition in InnoDB dict_stats_schedule()
  * Spider cannot run DDL (e.g. create tables) before ddl recovery
  * Adjust the MDEV-26052 test case for MDEV-29092
  * MDEV-18322 Assertion "wrong page type" on instant ALTER TABLE
  * MDEV-32939 If tables are frequently created, renamed, dropped, a
    backup cannot be restored
  * MDEV-32751 fixup: cmake -DPLUGIN_PERFSCHEMA=NO
  * perfschema: use LOCK_thd_kill to "keep THD during
  * MDEV-32751 sys schema view session_ssl_status is empty
  * MDEV-32617 deprecate secure_auth=0
  * main.long_host failures
  * MDEV-32884 backward compatibility fixes
  * MDEV-31296: Crash in Item_func::fix_fields when prepared
    statement with subqueries and window function is executed with
    sql_mode = ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY
  * MDEV-32958 Unusable key notes do not get reported for some
  * MDEV-32884 Improve S3 options comaptibility
  * MDEV-32957 Unusable key notes report wrong predicates for > and
  * MDEV-32068 Some calls to buf_read_ahead_linear() seem to be
  * MDEV-32899 instrumentation fixup
  * Fix occasional failure of encryption.corrupted_during_recovery
  * Fix occasional failure of innodb.innodb-alter-tempfile
  * MDEV-32903 MDEV-32532 Assertion failure in
    ddl_log_increment_phase_no_lock upon ..
  * MDEV-32884 Make s3_debug dynamic
  * mysqladmin -vv processlist now shows more information
  * MDEV-32371 Deadlock between buf_page_get_zip() and
  * MDEV-31817 SIGSEGV after btr_page_get_father_block() returns
    nullptr on corrupted data
  * MDEV-32899 instrumentation
  * MDEV-32899 InnoDB is holding shared dict_sys.latch while waiting
    for FOREIGN KEY child table lock on DDL
  * MDEV-32879 Server crash in my_decimal::operator= or unexpected
    ER_DUP_ENTRY upon comparison with INET6 and similar types
  * MDEV-32873 Test innodb.innodb-index-online occasionally fails
  * MDEV-32050 fixup: Stabilize tests
  * MDEV-32050 fixup: innodb.instant_alter_crash (take 2)
      * MDEV-32027 Opening all .ibd files on InnoDB startup can be slow
      * MDEV-31861 Empty INSERT crashes with innodb_force_recovery=6 or
      * MDEV-32050 fixup: innodb.instant_alter_crash
      * MDEV-32757: rollback crash on corruption
      * MDEV-32689: Remove Ubuntu Bionic
      * bump the VERSION
      * MDEV-32788: Debug build failure with SUX_LOCK_GENERIC
   2024-01-23 13:31:34 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (5)
Log message:
mariadb106: Update to 10.6.16

Fixes various data corruption issues and crashes, adds a
new Charset Narrowing Optimization.

Release notes:
   2023-11-08 14:21:43 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2377)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for icu 74.1
   2023-10-25 00:11:51 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2298)
Log message:
*: bump for openssl 3
   2023-08-17 10:20:28 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (4)
Log message:
mariadb*-client: Force HAVE_CURSES_H when using ncurses.

For some reason mariadb removed any cmake detection for HAVE_CURSES_H so it is
never defined, but the source is still littered with it, causing compilation
problems because curses.h never gets included.

The whole thing is incredibly messy, and this is the least likely to
accidentally break some alternate configuration, but implementations that use
curses.h which isn't ncurses are likely to still be broken.
   2023-07-23 11:29:52 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (4)
Log message:
mariadb: Correct include order for broken curses detection workarounds.
   2023-07-19 23:53:19 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (4)
Log message:
mariadb*-client: Ensure the wide ncurses library is picked if the user chose it
   2023-07-01 15:56:17 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
mariadb106: update to 10.6.14

                         MariaDB 10.6.14 Release Notes

Notable Items


     * Server crashes in st_join_table::choose_best_splitting (MDEV-31403)
     * Crash with condition pushable into derived and containing outer
       reference (MDEV-31240)
     * InnoDB does not free UNDO after the fix of MDEV-30671 (MDEV-31234)
     * InnoDB hang fixes (MDEV-31158, MDEV-31343, MDEV-31350)
     * Innodb_buffer_pool_read_requests is not updated correctly (MDEV-31309)
     * InnoDB monitor trx_rseg_history_len was accidentally disabled by
       default (MDEV-31308)
     * Revert "MDEV-30473 : Do not allow GET_LOCK() / RELEASE_LOCK() in


     * Crash with condition pushable into derived and containing outer
       reference (MDEV-31403 MDEV-31240)
     * Crash with EXPLAIN EXTENDED for multi-table update of system table

                         MariaDB 10.6.13 Release Notes

Notable Items


     * Crash on ROLLBACK in a ROW_FORMAT=COMPRESSED table (MDEV-30882)
     * UNIQUE USING HASH accepts duplicate entries for tricky collations
     * rec_get_offsets() is not optimal (MDEV-30567)
     * Performance regression in fil_space_t::try_to_close() introduced in
       MDEV-23855 (MDEV-30775)
     * InnoDB recovery hangs when buffer pool ran out of memory (MDEV-30551)
     * InnoDB undo log truncation fails to wait for purge of history
     * MariaDB crash due to DB_FAIL reported for a corrupted page
     * Deadlock between INSERT and InnoDB non-persistent statistics update
     * InnoDB hang on B-tree split or merge (MDEV-29835)
     * Performance regression in locking reads from secondary indexes
     * Improve adaptive flushing (MDEV-26055)
     * Make page flushing even faster (MDEV-26827)
     * Purge misses a chance to free not-yet-reused undo pages (MDEV-29593)
     * InnoDB temporary tablespace: reclaiming of free space does not work
     * Fix miscount of doublewrites by Innodb_data_written (MDEV-31124)


     * mariadb-backup doesn't utilise innodb-undo-log-directory (if specified
       as a relative path) during copy-back operation (MDEV-28187)
     * mariabackup issues error messages during InnoDB tablespaces export on
       partial backup preparing (MDEV-29050)
     * mariadb-backup does not copy Aria logs if aria_log_dir_path is used
     * Race condition between buffer pool flush and log file deletion in
       mariadb-backup --prepare (MDEV-30860)


     * Fixed a deadlock on parallel slave involving full image Write event on
       the sequence engine (MDEV-29621)
     * Fixed an attempted out-of-order binlogging error on slave involving
       ALTER on the sequence engine (MDEV-31077)
     * Corrected non-versioned master to versioned slave replication on
       no-unique attribute table (MDEV-30430)
     * Mended encrypted binlog master to error out to gtid-mode slave when
       master could not decrypt a binlog file (MDEV-28798)
     * Refined optimistic parallel slave to error-exit without any hang
     * Ensured SHOW-SLAVE-STATUS is processed on the parallel slave having a
       necessary mutex always intialized (MDEV-30620)
     * Fixed the slave applier to report a correct error when gtid_slave_pos
       insert fails for some (engine) reasons (MDEV-31038)
     * Made parallel slave reports in performance schema consistent with that
       of show-slave-status (MDEV-26071)


     * Split Materialized optimization is improved to re-fill the
       materialized table only if necessary. The fewer number of table
       refills is taken into account when choosing query plan, too
     * New optimizer_switch option, hash_join_cardinality, is added. It is
       off by default. When set to ON, the optimizer will produce tighter
       bounds for hash join output cardinality. (MDEV-30812)
     * Queries using SELECT DISTINCT some_expression(aggregate_function())
       could produce wrong query result. (MDEV-20057)
     * ANALYZE FORMAT=JSON now prints more information about Block Nested
       Loop joins: block-nl-join element now has r_loops, r_effective_rows
       and r_other_time_ms fields (MDEV-30806, MDEV-30972).
     * A GROUP BY query with MIN(primary_key) in select list and
       primary_key<>const in the WHERE could produce wrong result when
       executed with "Using index for group-by" strategy (MDEV-30605)
     * EXPLAIN could erroneously report that Rowid Filter optimization is
       used for partitioned tables. Partitioned tables do not support it.
     * A bug in selectivity computations for SINGLE/DOUBLE_PREC_HB histograms
       could cause wrong estimates to be produced. This could cause the
       optimizer to pick sub-optimal query plans (MDEV-31067).


     * Fixes for the following security vulnerabilities:
          * CVE-2022-47015
   2023-04-19 10:12:01 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2359) | Package updated
Log message:
revbump after textproc/icu update
   2023-03-11 17:39:33 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
mariadb106: update to 10.6.12

Notable Items


     * Full-text index corruption with system versioning (MDEV-25004)
     * innodb_undo_log_truncate=ON recovery and backup fixes (MDEV-29999,
       MDEV-30179, MDEV-30438)
     * Upgrade after a crash is not supported (MDEV-24412)
     * Remove InnoDB buffer pool load throttling (MDEV-25417)
     * InnoDB shutdown hangs when the change buffer is corrupted (MDEV-30009)
     * innodb_fast_shutdown=0 fails to report change buffer merge progress
     * mariadb-backup --backup --incremental --throttle=... hangs
     * Crash after recovery, with InnoDB: Tried to read (MDEV-30132)
     * Trying to write ... bytes at ... outside the bounds (MDEV-30069)
     * TRUNCATE breaks FOREIGN KEY locking (MDEV-29504, MDEV-29849)
       tablespaces (MDEV-30119)
     * Fixed hangs and error handling in B-tree operations (MDEV-29603,


     * Fixes for cluster wide write conflict resolving (MDEV-29684)


     * Parallel slave applying in binlog order is corrected for admin class
       of commands including ANALYZE (MDEV-30323)
     * Seconds_Behind_Master is showed now more precisely at the slave
       applier start, including in the delayed mode (MDEV-29639)
     * mysqlbinlog --verbose is made to show the type of compressed columns
     * Deadlock is resolved on replica involving BACKUP STAGE BLOCK_COMMIT
       and a committing user XA (MDEV-30423)


     * JSON_PRETTY added as an alias for JSON_DETAILED (MDEV-19160)


     * Infinite sequence of recursive calls when processing embedded CTE
     * Crash with a query containing nested WINDOW clauses (MDEV-30052)
     * Major performance regression with 10.6.11 (MDEV-29988)

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