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History of commit frequency

CVS Commit History:

   2015-09-07 15:10:43 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Update to 0.15.5:

v0.15.5 (2015-08-19)
	-- fix encryption not enabled when pycrypto is missing: error out
	-- fix encryption information leak, free network packets after use
	-- fix authentication plugins
	-- fix latency with many sound codecs: vorbis, flac, opus, speex
	-- fix the desktop naming code (worked by accident)
	-- fix OpenGL errors with windows too big for the driver
	-- fix some subcommands when encryption is enabled
	-- fix spurious errors on closed connections
	-- fix incorrect colours using CSC Cython fallback module
	-- fix size limits on Cython fallback module
	-- fix some invalid Xorg dummy modelines
	-- fix aspect ratio not honoured and associated warnings
	-- fix printing file compression
	-- fix errors in packet layer accounting
	-- fix regression in python-lz4 version guessing code
	-- fix RPM packaging: prefer our private libraries to the system ones
	-- fix pactl output parsing
	-- fix error on Posix desktop environments without virtual desktops
	-- fix unlikely connection closing errors
	-- fix value overflows when unpremultiplying alpha channel
	-- ship a default configuration file on OSX
	-- try not to downscale windows from shadow servers
	-- add vpx-xpra to the RPM dependency list so we get VPX 1.9 support
	-- make it possible to generate the EXE installer without running it
	-- allow the user to remove some atoms from _NET_SUPPORTED
	-- show maximum OpenGL texture size in diagnostics and bug reports
	-- minor python3 fixes
   2015-08-14 22:43:35 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 0.15.4:

v0.15.4 (2015-08-02)
	-- fix delta compression errors
	-- fix VP8 and VP9 performance when speed command line option is used
	-- fix application deadlocks on exit
	-- fix NVENC on cards with over 4GB of RAM
	-- fix csc Cython red and blue colours swapped on little endian systems
	-- fix byteswapping fallback code
	-- fix cleanup error on MS Windows, preventing process termination
	-- fix pulseaudio device count reported
	-- fix timer warnings in GTK2 notifier (mostly used on OSX)
	-- fix sound communication errors not causing subprocess termination
	-- fix Xorg path detection for Fedora 22 onwards
	-- fix invalid list of output colorspaces with x264
	-- fix bug report tool window so it can be used more than once
	-- fix bug report tool log file error with Vista onwards
	-- fix bug report screenshots on MS Windows with multiple screens
	-- fix shadow mode on MS Windows with multiple screens
	-- fix OpenCL csc module with Python3
	-- fix OpenCL platform selection override
	-- fix Python3 Pillow encoding level (must be an integer)
	-- fix capture of subprocesses return code
	-- fix Xvfb dependencies for Ubuntu
	-- fix ldconfig warning on Debian and Ubuntu
	-- fix warnings with X11 desktop environments without virtual desktops
	-- fix use of deprecated ffmpeg enum names
	-- fix client error if built without webp support
	-- include the CUDA pre-compiled kernels on Debian / Ubuntu (NVENC)
	-- packaging fixes for printing on Debian / Ubuntu
	-- updated dependency list for Debian and Ubuntu distros
	-- don't require a nonsensical display name on OSX and win32
	-- safer x264 API initialization call
	-- safer OpenGL platform checks (prevents crashes with wine)
	-- safer NVENC API call
	-- safer lz4 version checking code
	-- workaround invalid "help" options in config files
	-- ensure any client decoding errors cause a window refresh
	-- MS Windows build environment cleanup
	-- Fedora: update PyOpenGL package dependency
   2015-08-06 10:03:51 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Update to 0.15.3:

v0.15.3 (2015-07-07)
	-- fix invalid X11 atom
	-- fix unhandled failure code from libav
	-- fix default socket permissions when config file is missing
	-- fix error handling for missing cuda kernels
	-- fix OpenGL paint early errors
	-- fix "print" control command with multiple clients
	-- skip sending invalid packet to client for the "name" control command
	-- more helpful dpi warning
	-- support connecting to named unix domain sockets
	-- OpenGL option can force enable despite platform checks
	-- replace unsafe deprecated API call in HTML5 client
	-- more reliable and clean shutdown of connections and threads
	-- log internal system failures as errors
   2015-07-08 13:45:30 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Update to 0.15.2:

v0.15.2 (2015-06-28)
	-- fix rgb encodings can use speed setting
	-- fix propagation of dynamic attributes for OR windows
	-- fix invalid warnings in parsing client connection options
	-- fix handling of the window decorations flag
	-- fix missing lock around Python logger callback
	-- fix size-hints with shadow servers
	-- fix max-size switch
	-- fix sound process communication errors during failures
	-- fix invalid options shown in default config file
	-- add missing file to clean list
	-- skip unnecessary workarounds with GTK3 client
	-- cleaner thread cleanup on server exit
	-- use the safer and slower code with non-OpenGL clients
   2015-07-01 11:58:09 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Update to 0.15.1:

v0.15.1 (2015-06-18)
	-- fix window transparency
	-- fix displayfd Xorg version check: require version 1.13
	-- fix GUI debug script on OSX
	-- fix typo in list of supported X11 atoms
	-- fix exit-with-children: support sharing mode
	-- fix html option for client only builds
	-- fix pulseaudio not killed on exit on Ubuntu
        -- fix signal leak when client disconnects
	-- include shared mime info file mapping
	-- blacklist Ubuntu Vivid, which broke Xdummy, again
	-- don't reject clients providing a password when none is expected
	-- raise maximum clipboard requests per second to 20
	-- remove old VP9 performance warnings
   2015-06-07 11:00:16 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 0.15.0:

v0.15.0 (2015-05-31)
	-- printer forwarding
	-- functional HTML5 client
	-- add session idle timeout switch
	-- add html command line switch for easily setting up an HTML5 xpra server
	-- dropped support for Python 2.5 and older, allowing many code cleanups and \ 
	-- include manual in html format with MS Windows and OSX builds
	-- add option to control socket permissions (easier setup of containers)
	-- client log output forwarding to the server
	-- fixed workarea coordinates detection for MS Windows clients
	-- improved video region detection and handling
	-- more complete support for window states (keep above, below, sticky, etc..) \ 
and general window manager responsabilities
	-- allow environment variables passed to children to be specified in the config \ 
	-- faster reformatting of window pixels before compression stage
	-- support multiple delta regions and expire them (better compression)
	-- allow new child commands to be started on the fly, also from the client's \ 
system tray (disabled by default)
	-- detect mismatch between some codecs and their shared library dependencies
	-- NVENC SDK support for versions 4 and 5, YUV444 and lossless mode
	-- libvpx support for vp9 lossless mode, much improved performance tuning
	-- add support for child commands that do not interfere with \ 
	-- add scaling command line and config file switch for controlling automatic \ 
scaling aggressiveness
	-- sound processing is now done in a separate process (lower latency, and more \ 
	-- add more control over sound command line options, so sound can start \ 
disabled and still be turned on manually later
	-- add command line option for selecting the sound source (pulseaudio, alsa, etc)
	-- show sound bandwidth usage
	-- better window icon forwarding, especially for non X11 clients
	-- optimized OpenGL rendering for X11 clients
	-- handle screen update storms better
	-- window group-leader support on MS Windows (correct window grouping in the \ 
task bar)
	-- GTK3 port improvements (still work in progress)
	-- added unit tests which are run automatically during packaging
	-- more detailed information in xpra info (cursor, CPU, connection, etc)
	-- more detailed bug report information
	-- more minimal MS Windows and OSX builds
   2015-05-28 09:19:37 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Update to 0.14.24:

v0.14.24 (2015-05-18)
	-- fix launcher crash on encoding menu changes
	-- fix transient-for detection for override-redirect windows
	-- fix wait for connection exit when already closed
	-- fix proxy server protocol errors
	-- fix server and client process exit reliability
	-- fix reentrant errors in signal handler
	-- fix exit on signal from console
	-- fix crash when window spinners are shown
	-- fix invalid lz4 availability check
	-- fix protocol garbage collection (for consistency)
	-- fix error when only video encodings are available
	-- fix compatibility with newer PAM modules
	-- allow rgb32 for non-video (html5 client)
	-- add sanity checks to swscale module
	-- avoid warnings with some Java applications
	-- handle end-of-stream sound messages
	-- improved appdata information
   2015-04-12 16:55:39 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Update to 0.14.22:

v0.14.22 (2015-04-08)
	-- fix window state synchronization bugs
	-- fix format of modifiers list we send to the server
	-- fix double free on vpx encoder initialization failures
	-- fix sound overrun restarts
	-- fix OSX UI thread lockups detection
	-- disable vp9 YUV444 decoding via avcodec (fails with errors)
	-- make parsing of client supplied data more error resilient
	-- include appdata XML file
   2015-03-29 16:14:25 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Update to 0.14.21:

v0.14.21 (2015-03-17)
	-- fix shadow mode
	-- fix bencoder problems with "xpra info" and video subregions
	-- fix win32 gradual busy wait delay
   2015-03-15 22:15:46 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Update to 0.14.20:

v0.14.20 (2015-03-09)
	-- fix window iconification / maximization loops on win32
	-- fix handling of fullscreen requests
	-- fix group leader code (window and memory leak)
	-- fix drag and drop with Java applications with XPRA_REPARENT_ROOT=1
	-- fix window spinners
	-- fix xpra control sound-output subcommand

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