./databases/postgresql12-plperl, PL/Perl procedural language for the PostgreSQL backend

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 12.4nb1, Package name: postgresql12-plperl-12.4nb1, Maintainer: adam

PL/Perl allows you to write functions in the Perl programming language
that may be used in SQL queries as if they were built into Postgres.
The PL/Perl intepreter is a full Perl interpreter. However, certain
operations have been disabled in order to maintain the security of the

Required to run:
[textproc/libxml2] [lang/perl5] [security/heimdal] [databases/postgresql12-client] [databases/postgresql12-server]

Required to build:

Package options: gssapi, nls

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   2020-08-31 20:13:29 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3631) | Package updated
Log message:
*: bump PKGREVISION for perl-5.32.
   2020-08-14 08:56:26 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (59) | Package updated
Log message:
postgresql: updated to 12.4, 11.9, 10.14, 9.6.19, 9.5.23

PostgreSQL 12.4, 11.9, 10.14, 9.6.19, 9.5.23

Security Issues

CVE-2020-14349: Uncontrolled search path element in logical replication.
Versions Affected: 10 - 12.

The PostgreSQL search_path setting determines schemas searched for tables, \ 
functions, operators, etc. The CVE-2018-1058 fix caused most PostgreSQL-provided \ 
client applications to sanitize search_path, but logical replication continued \ 
to leave search_path unchanged. Users of a replication publisher or subscriber \ 
database can create objects in the public schema and harness them to execute \ 
arbitrary SQL functions under the identity running replication, often a \ 
superuser. Installations having adopted a documented secure schema usage pattern \ 
are not vulnerable.

The PostgreSQL project thanks Noah Misch for reporting this problem.

CVE-2020-14350: Uncontrolled search path element in CREATE EXTENSION.
Versions Affected: 9.5 - 12. The security team typically does not test \ 
unsupported versions, but this problem is quite old.

When a superuser runs certain CREATE EXTENSION statements, users may be able to \ 
execute arbitrary SQL functions under the identity of that superuser. The \ 
attacker must have permission to create objects in the new extension's schema or \ 
a schema of a prerequisite extension. Not all extensions are vulnerable.

In addition to correcting the extensions provided with PostgreSQL, the \ 
PostgreSQL Global Development Group is issuing guidance for third-party \ 
extension authors to secure their own work.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

This update also fixes over 50 bugs that were reported in the last several \ 
months. Some of these issues affect only version 12, but many affect all \ 
supported versions.

Some of these fixes include:

Fix edge cases in partition pruning involving multiple partition key columns \ 
with multiple or no constraining WHERE clauses.
Several fixes for query planning and execution involving partitions.
Fix for determining when to execute a column-specific UPDATE trigger on a \ 
logical replication subscriber.
pg_replication_slot_advance() now updates the oldest xmin and LSN values, as the \ 
failure to do this could prevent resources (e.g. WAL files) from being cleaned \ 
Fix a performance regression in ts_headline().
Ensure that pg_read_file() and related functions read until EOF is reached, \ 
which fixes compatibility with pipes and other virtual files.
Forbid numeric NaN values in jsonpath computations, which do not exist in SQL \ 
nor JSON.
Several fixes for NaN inputs with aggregate functions. This fixes a change in \ 
PostgreSQL 12 where NaN values caused the following aggregates to emit values of \ 
0 instead of NaN: corr(), covar_pop(), regr_intercept(), regr_r2(), \ 
regr_slope(), regr_sxx(), regr_sxy(), regr_syy(), stddev_pop(), and var_pop().
time and timetz values fractionally greater than 24:00:00 are now rejected.
Several fixes for EXPLAIN, including a fix for reporting resource usage when a \ 
plan uses parallel workers with "Gather Merge" nodes.
Fix timing of constraint revalidation in ALTER TABLE that could lead to odd errors.
Fix for REINDEX CONCURRENTLY that could prevent old values from being included \ 
in future logical decoding output.
Fix for LATERAL references that could potentially cause crashes during query \ 
Use the collation specified for a query when estimating operator costs
Fix conflict-checking anomalies in SERIALIZABLE transaction isolation mode.
Ensure checkpointer process discards file sync requests when fsync is off
Fix issue where pg_control could be written out with an inconsistent checksum, \ 
which could lead to the inability to restart the database if it crashed before \ 
the next pg_control update.
Ensure that libpq continues to try to read from the database connection socket \ 
after a write failure, as this allows the connection to collect any final error \ 
messages from the server.
Report out-of-disk-space errors properly in pg_dump and pg_basebackup
Several fixes for pg_restore, including a fix for parallel restore on tables \ 
that have both table-level and column-level privileges.
Fix for pg_upgrade to ensure it runs with vacuum_defer_cleanup_age set to 0.
Fix how pg_rewind handles just-deleted files in the source data directory
Fix failure to initialize local state correctly in contrib/dblink, which could \ 
lead to dblink_close() issuing an unexpected COMMIT on the remote server.
Change contrib/amcheck to not report about deleted index pages that are empty, \ 
as this is normal during WAL replay.
   2020-06-02 10:25:05 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (1689)
Log message:
Revbump for icu
   2020-05-15 11:45:01 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (18) | Package updated
Log message:
postgresqlNN: updated to 12.3, 11.8, 10.13, 9.6.18, and 9.5.22

PostgreSQL 12.3, 11.8, 10.13, 9.6.18, and 9.5.22 Released!

Posted on 2020-05-14 by PostgreSQL Global Development Group
The PostgreSQL Global Development Group has released an update to all supported \ 
versions of our database system, including 12.3, 11.8, 10.13, 9.6.18, and \ 
9.5.22. This release fixes one security issue found in the PostgreSQL server and \ 
over 75 bugs reported over the last three months.

Please plan to update at your earliest convenience.

Security Issues

CVE-2020-10733: Windows installer runs executables from uncontrolled directories.
Versions Affected: 9.5 - 12. The security team does not test unsupported \ 
versions, but this issue existed before PostgreSQL 9.5.

The Windows installer for PostgreSQL invokes system-provided executables that do \ 
not have fully-qualified paths. Executables in the directory where the installer \ 
loads or the current working directory take precedence over the intended \ 
executables. An attacker having permission to add files into one of those \ 
directories can use this to execute arbitrary code with the installer's \ 
administrative rights.

The PostgreSQL project thanks Hou JingYi (@hjy79425575) for reporting this problem.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

This update also fixes over 75 bugs that were reported in the last several \ 
months. Some of these issues affect only version 12, but may also affect all \ 
supported versions.

Some of these fixes include:

Several fixes for GENERATED columns, including an issue where it was possible to \ 
crash or corrupt data in a table when the output of the generated column was the \ 
exact copy of a physical column on the table, e.g. if the expression called a \ 
function which could return its own input.
Several fixes for ALTER TABLE, including ensuring the SET STORAGE directive is \ 
propagated to a table's indexes.
Fix a potential race condition when using DROP OWNED BY while another session is \ 
deleting the same objects.
Allow for a partition to be detached when it has inherited ROW triggers.
Several fixes for REINDEX CONCURRENTLY, particularly with issues when a REINDEX \ 
CONCURRENTLY operation fails.
Fix crash when COLLATE is applied to an uncollatable type in a partition bound \ 
Fix performance regression in floating point overflow/underflow detection.
Several fixes for full text search, particularly with phrase searching.
Fix query-lifespan memory leak for a set-returning function used in a query's \ 
FROM clause.
Several reporting fixes for the output of VACUUM VERBOSE.
Allow input of type circle to accept the format (x,y),r, which is specified in \ 
the documentation.
Allow for the get_bit() and set_bit() functions to not fail on bytea strings \ 
longer than 256MB.
Avoid premature recycling of WAL segments during crash recovery, which could \ 
lead to WAL segments being recycled before being archived.
Avoid attempting to fetch nonexistent WAL files from archive storage during \ 
recovery by skipping irrelevant timelines.
Several fixes for logical replication and replication slots.
Fix several race conditions in synchronous standby management, including one \ 
that occurred when changing the synchronous_standby_names setting.
Several fixes for GSSAPI support, include a fix for a memory leak that occurred \ 
when using GSSAPI encryption.
Ensure that members of the pg_read_all_stats role can read all statistics views.
Fix performance regression in information_schema.triggers view.
Fix memory leak in libpq when using sslmode=verify-full.
Fix crash in psql when attempting to re-establish a failed connection.
Allow tab-completion of the filename argument to \gx command in psql.
Add pg_dump support for ALTER ... DEPENDS ON EXTENSION.
Several other fixes for pg_dump, which include dumping comments on RLS policies \ 
and postponing restore of event triggers until the end.
Ensure pg_basebackup generates valid tar files.
pg_checksums skips tablespace subdirectories that belong to a different \ 
PostgreSQL major version
Several Windows compatibility fixes
This update also contains tzdata release 2020a for DST law changes in Morocco \ 
and the Canadian Yukon, plus historical corrections for Shanghai. The \ 
America/Godthab zone has been renamed to America/Nuuk to reflect current English \ 
usage ; however, the old name remains available as a compatibility link. This \ 
also updates initdb's list of known Windows time zone names to include recent \ 
   2020-02-14 18:06:46 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (67) | Package updated
Log message:
postgresqlNN: updated to 12.2, 11.7, 10.12, 9.6.17, 9.5.21, and 9.4.26

PostgreSQL 12.2, 11.7, 10.12, 9.6.17, 9.5.21, and 9.4.26

PostgreSQL 9.4 Now EOL

This is the last release for PostgreSQL 9.4, which will no longer receive \ 
security updates and bug fixes. PostgreSQL 9.4 introduced new features such as \ 
JSONB support, the ALTER SYSTEM command, the ability to stream logical changes \ 
to an output plugin, and more.

While we are very proud of this release, these features are also found in newer \ 
versions of PostgreSQL. Many of these features have also received improvements, \ 
and, per our versioning policy, it is time to retire PostgreSQL 9.4.

To receive continued support, we suggest that you make plans to upgrade to a \ 
newer, supported version of PostgreSQL. Please see the PostgreSQL versioning \ 
policy for more information.

Security Issues

CVE-2020-1720: ALTER ... DEPENDS ON EXTENSION is missing authorization checks.
Versions Affected: 9.6 - 12

The ALTER ... DEPENDS ON EXTENSION sub-commands do not perform authorization \ 
checks, which can allow an unprivileged user to drop any function, procedure, \ 
materialized view, index, or trigger under certain conditions. This attack is \ 
possible if an administrator has installed an extension and an unprivileged user \ 
can CREATE, or an extension owner either executes DROP EXTENSION predictably or \ 
can be convinced to execute DROP EXTENSION.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

This update also fixes over 75 bugs that were reported in the last several \ 
months. Some of these issues affect only version 12, but may also affect all \ 
supported versions.

Some of these fixes include:

Fix for partitioned tables with foreign-key references where TRUNCATE ... \ 
CASCADE would not remove all data. If you have previously used TRUNCATE ... \ 
CASCADE on a partitioned table with foreign-key references please see the \ 
"Updating" section for verification and cleanup steps.
Fix failure to add foreign key constraints to table with sub-partitions (aka a \ 
multi-level partitioned table). If you have previously used this functionality, \ 
you can fix it by either detaching and re-attaching the affected partition, or \ 
by dropping and re-adding the foreign key constraint to the parent table. You \ 
can find more information on how to perform these steps in the ALTER TABLE \ 
Fix performance issue for partitioned tables introduced by the fix for \ 
CVE-2017-7484 that now allows the planner to use statistics on a child table for \ 
a column that the user is granted access to on the parent table when the query \ 
contains a leaky operator.
Several other fixes and changes for partitioned tables, including disallowing \ 
partition key expressions that return pseudo-types, such as RECORD.
Fix for logical replication subscribers for executing per-column UPDATE triggers.
Fix for several crashes and failures for logical replication subscribers and \ 
Improve efficiency of logical replication with REPLICA IDENTITY FULL.
Ensure that calling pg_replication_slot_advance() on a physical replication slot \ 
will persist changes across restarts.
Several fixes for the walsender processes.
Improve performance of hash joins with very large inner relations.
Fix placement of "Subplans Removed" field in EXPLAIN output by placing \ 
it with its parent Append or MergeAppend plan.
Several fixes for parallel query plans.
Several fixes for query planner errors, including one that affected joins to \ 
single-row subqueries.
Several fixes for MCV extend statistics, including one for incorrect estimation \ 
for OR clauses.
Improve efficiency of parallel hash join on CPUs with many cores.
Ignore the CONCURRENTLY option when performing an index creation, drop, or \ 
reindex on a temporary table.
Fall back to non-parallel index builds when a parallelized CREATE INDEX has no \ 
free dynamic shared memory slots.
Several fixes for GiST & GIN indexes.
Fix possible crash in BRIN index operations with box, range and inet data types.
Fix support for BRIN hypothetical indexes.
Fix failure in ALTER TABLE when a column referenced in a GENERATED expression is \ 
added or changed in type earlier in the same ALTER TABLE statement.
Fix handling of multiple AFTER ROW triggers on a foreign table.
Fix off-by-one result for EXTRACT(ISOYEAR FROM timestamp) for BC dates.
Prevent unwanted lowercasing and truncation of RADIUS authentication parameters \ 
in the pg_hba.conf file.
Several fixes for GSSAPI support, including having libpq accept all GSS-related \ 
connection parameters even if the GSSAPI code is not compiled in.
Several fixes for pg_dump and pg_restore when run in parallel mode.
Fix crash with postgres_fdw when trying to execute a remote query on the remote \ 
server such as UPDATE remote_tab SET (x,y) = (SELECT ...).
Disallow NULL category values in the crosstab() function of contrib/tablefunc to \ 
prevent crashes.
Several fixes for Windows, including a race condition that could cause timing \ 
oddities with NOTIFY.
Several ecpg fixes.
   2020-01-18 22:51:16 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1836)
Log message:
*: Recursive revision bump for openssl 1.1.1.
   2019-10-24 09:57:14 by =?UTF-8?B?RnLDqWTDqXJpYyBGYXViZXJ0ZWF1?= | Files touched by this commit (8)
Log message:
postgresql12: make nls support optional
   2019-10-07 21:21:49 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (46)
Log message:
postgresql12: added version 12.0

Release 12:

General performance improvements, including:
* Optimizations to space utilization and read/write performance for B-tree indexes
* Partitioning performance enhancements, including improved query performance on \ 
tables with thousands of partitions, improved insertion performance with INSERT \ 
and COPY, and the ability to execute ALTER TABLE ATTACH PARTITION without \ 
blocking queries
* Automatic (but overridable) inlining of common table expressions (CTEs)
* Reduction of WAL overhead for creation of GiST, GIN, and SP-GiST indexes
* Support for covering GiST indexes, via the INCLUDE clause
* Multi-column most-common-value (MCV) statistics can be defined via CREATE \ 
STATISTICS, to support better plans for queries that test several \ 
non-uniformly-distributed columns

Enhancements to administrative functionality, including:
* REINDEX CONCURRENTLY can rebuild an index without blocking writes to its table
* pg_checksums can enable/disable page checksums (used for detecting data \ 
corruption) in an offline cluster
* Progress reporting statistics for CREATE INDEX, REINDEX, CLUSTER, VACUUM FULL, \ 
and pg_checksums

Support for the SQL/JSON path language

Stored generated columns

Nondeterministic ICU collations, enabling case-insensitive and \ 
accent-insensitive grouping and ordering

New authentication features, including:
* Encryption of TCP/IP connections when using GSSAPI authentication
* Discovery of LDAP servers using DNS SRV records
* Multi-factor authentication, using the clientcert=verify-full option combined \ 
with an additional authentication method in pg_hba.conf