./devel/doxygen, Documentation system for C++, Java, IDL and C

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.9.4nb1, Package name: doxygen-1.9.4nb1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Doxygen is a documentation system for C++, Java, IDL (Corba, Microsoft and
KDE-DCOP flavors) and C.

It can help you in three ways:

1. It can generate an on-line documentation browser (in HTML) and/or an
off-line reference manual (in LaTeX) from a set of documented source
files. There is also support for generating output in RTF (MS-Word),
PostScript, hyperlinked PDF, compressed HTML, and Unix man pages. The
documentation is extracted directly from the sources, which makes it
much easier to keep the documentation consistent with the source code.

2. Doxygen can be configured to extract the code structure from
undocumented source files. This can be very useful to quickly find your
way in large source distributions. The relations between the various
elements are be visualized by means of include dependency graphs,
inheritance diagrams, and collaboration diagrams, which are all
generated automatically.

3. You can even `abuse' doxygen for creating normal documentation

Required to run:
[print/ghostscript] [graphics/graphviz] [lang/perl5] [lang/python37]

Required to build:
[textproc/py-expat] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

Master sites:

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   2022-06-28 13:38:00 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3952)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for perl 5.36
   2022-05-23 15:08:02 by Michael Baeuerle | Files touched by this commit (5)
Log message:
devel/doxygen: Update to 1.9.4

Bug fixes
bug 334859 HTMLHELP: Underscore in chm file name prevents linking between chm \ 
files [view], [view]
bug 711041 Undocumented "enum" values in TOC of qhp files causes \ 
tag-mismatch and corrupt TOC [view]
bug 783768 QCH files: classes & their constructors get conflicting keyword \ 
handling [view]
bug_445536 Select folder for STRIP_FROM_PATH [view]
bug_644899 New diagram implementing environment [view], and [view]
bug_698167 HIDE_SCOPE_NAMES does not hide namespace scope for functions within \ 
it [view]
bug_711041 Undocumented "enum" values in TOC of qhp files causes \ 
tag-mismatch and corrupt TOC. [view], [view], [view]
issue #6382 computational time issue of Java generics [view], [view]
issue #6992 Automatic Coverity run [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], \ 
[view], [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], and \ 
issue #7543 Support PlantUML in Markdown [view]
issue #7873 Combining `///`-style comments with macros containing @cond/@endcond \ 
causes a preprocessor error [view]
issue #8355 Doxywizard 1.9.x doesn't start up properly [view]
issue #8487 Doxygen doesn't generate links to C# classes in different namespaces \ 
[view], [view]
issue #8784 CLANG_ASSISTED_PARSING tries to parse markdown files [view]
issue #9003 Button Show HTML-Output doesn't work [view]
issue #9005 Function prototype matching @fn command, but link between both is \ 
not made [view]
issue #9006 Doxygen 1.9.3 replaces '--' with '–' inside formula alias \ 
issue #9007 Using DOT_PATH with a symlink for dot does not always work [view], \ 
and [view]
issue #9027 SEARCHDATA_FILE (searchdata.xml) keyword elements blank [view]
issue #9028 DoxyVerb environment should terminate the previous paragraph before \ 
changing paragraph formatting [view]
issue #9045 wrong grammar/spelling in german html Output [view]
issue #9051 Wrong "Related page" generating in 1.9.3 (works good in \ 
1.9.1!) from *.md files [view], [view]
issue #9054 Feature Request: Doxywizard: Customize Doxyfile Line Endings [view]
issue #9055 Objective C method / property attribute decoration confuses parsing \ 
issue #9058 Strip leading spaces in QHP file [view], [view]
issue #9070 Doxygen is not showing all called functions in graph plot [view], [view]
issue #9074 Menubar Links not Parsed Correctly [view]
issue #9075 .html Extension Removed from Tag File URLs [view]
issue #9094 Wrong QHP index structure [view], [view]
issue #9124 Latex: Does not properly compile when PROJECT_BRIEF contains commas \ 
issue #9127 Doxywizard truncates standard input passed to doxygen process. [view]
issue #9135 Qhelpgenerator debug mode [view]
issue #9136 master does not compile on Mac 12.2.1 [view]
issue #9138 QHP index contains duplicated file entries [view]
issue #9143 warning file-line format in Possible candidates [view]
issue #9144 problem with matching function when using namespace [view]
issue #9148 No uniquely matching class member, but no candidates are printed. [view]
issue #9155 Doxygen crash with NUM_PROC_THREADS>1 [view], [view], [view]
issue #9157 Codebase static analysis shows some potential leaks and nullptr \ 
access [view]
issue #9158 Python: Two classes in one file, second class documentation block \ 
copied into its class method block [view]
issue #9171 XML output for dot file uses relative path in 1.9.3 [view]
issue #9187 doxygen -x_noenv option to not expand environment variables [view], \ 
issue #9190 DOC: Mention -x switch in the "Support" page [view], [view]
issue #9192 "Packages" has a "Packages" in the tree [view]
issue #9195 fix for warning: documentation for unknown define [view]
issue #9200 Doxygen cannot resolve link to HTML anchor page [view]
issue #9211 @file is confused by symlinks (regression since 1.9.1) [view]
issue #9217 Can't load MathJax 3 extensions [view]
issue #9229 Crash with Segmentation fault in ClassDefImpl::mergeMembers [view]
issue #9234 NUM_PROC_THREADS not being honored when processing input [view]
issue #9241 Undocumented external namespaces from .tags files are shown in \ 
output Namespace index [view]
issue #9243 GHC_NO_DIRENT_D_TYPE should be defined on Solaris [view]
issue #9251 HTML extensions stripped from DOT SVG links with tagfiles [view]
issue #9254 Missing first word of page in case of existing \page command in \ 
markdown [view]
issue #9257 Build Error regarding vhdlparser [view]
issue #9264 Markdown tables not rendered for parameters [view]
issue #9266 doxygen runtime went from 10minutes to >14hours (lots of using \ 
namespace) [view]
issue #9269 Not able to compile with MSYS2/mingw (file too big) [view], [view], \ 
issue #9274 Automatic links not working in examples that use C++ source \ 
[Potential Bug] [view], [view], [view], [view]
issue #9276 File-Line is omitted when suggesting possible candidates depending \ 
on noMatchCount [view]
issue #9284 Clicking external link within search results with \ 
EXT_LINKS_IN_WINDOW=YES opens the link in the search results box [view]
issue #9296 gives up after seeing egregiously complex template code [view]
issue #9298 Segfault in Fortran parser (heap use after free) [view], [view]
Recognize type= as variable in Fortran [view]
Concept mising in the layout description [view]
Detecting end of body in python [view]
SHOW_FILES=NO could cause broken links for grouped files [view]
Source code was missing line anchors in the HTML output when using libclang [view]
Updated Hindi Locale ID (LCID): 0x439 Hindi [view]
INCLUDE_PATH is not recursive [view]
Spurious colon in the output [view]
Global enum incorporates values from an enum class [view]
Incorrect check on a list item. [view]
Incorrect doxygen help information [view]
Incorrect line number in warning message [view]
Incorrect macro file name in LaTeX [view]
Incorrect protection for test 28 [view]
Incorrect representation of some items in HTMLHELP [view]
Incorrect version in language documentation [view]
Don't create anchor for \name command [view]
add missing newline in docu [view]
synchronize man and help messages [view]

Add CINDEX_NO_EXPORTS option when linking against static libclang [view]
Add for the xml output also xml to the markdown image representation. [view]
Adding Qt6 support [view]
Update Bulgarian translation [view]
Better translation for trPackageMembers [view]
Refer to chapter Grouping with GROUP_GRAPHS [view]
HTMLHELP warning on using svg as image format for graphs [view]
mention doxygen debugging flags on the web [view]
mention how to get additional usage flags [view]

Deprecated functionality
Dropping Qt4 support [view]
Restrict usable flex version to 2.6.4 and higher [view], and [view]
Update to require JavaCC 7.0.6 or higher [view]
C++17 compiler is now required to compile doxygen [view]

Refactoring and cleanup
Add null pointer checks for dynamic casts of LayoutDocEntry objects [view]
Add test possibility to check the structure of the index.qhp file [view]
Add try-catch around DocParser's destructor to avoid coverity warning [view]
Added GHC_OS_SOLARIS [view]
Added missing include and remove redundant code [view]
Added support for Bulgarian [view]
Added translation for the Hindi-language and signed up as a maintainer for the \ 
same. [view]
Adjustments according to the new README [view]
Align latex commands [view]
Allow multi-threaded computation of tooltips [view]
Automatically set copyright year in doxygen man page [view]
Automatically show correct year in about box [view], [view]
Avoid compiler error on systems where size_t==unsigned int [view]
Correcting default settings when running HTMLHELP [view]
Determination of fixed source form. [view]
Downgrade stale translator warning to message [view]
Enable always all languages [view]
Enable the equal sign in the file mask [view]
Error when generating documentation with formulas a second time [view]
Extended support for language specified in markdown fenced code blocks [view]
Fix build with MinGW and Ninja [view]
Fix debug prints [view]
Fix e-mail obfuscation issue in the manual [view]
Fix for merge issue [view]
Fix for translator.py to deal with =default destructor [view]
Fix for unsigned int issue [view]
Fix multi-threading issues if SERVER_BASED_SEARCH=YES [view]
Fix potential stack overflow [view]
Fix repeated words [view]
Fixed potential crash in case cached item was already purged [view]
Fixed regression that introduced an invalid </p> in HTML [view]
Fixed version check and did some simplifications and refactoring [view]
Handling enums in settings that double as boolean [view], [view], [view]
Handling of value of visible attribute [view]
Interaction of tests for xhtml and qhp [view]
Line numbers not shown in gray in source code [view]
Make better use of capture ranges [view]
Make boolean representation mapping part of ConfigValues::Info [view]
Making Windows executable large address aware [view]
Making tag information better available [view], [view]
Minor optimisation [view]
Missing <VERSION> in description of doxyparse [view]
Missing part of output due to wrong emoji command [view]
Modernize LANGUAGE.HOWTO [view]
Move editbin logic to a separate cmake file [view]
Moving punctuation dependency to translator [view], [view], [view]
Prevent running coverity scan when no commit are made [view]
Problem compiling under Cygwin [view]
QCString: make str() accessor return a const& [view]
QCString: slightly faster mid [view]
Reduce number of calls into visited map [view]
Reduced code duplication, optimized performance [view], and [view]
Refactoring: Moved duplicated functionality into BufStr [view]
Refactoring: clean up destructors [view]
Refactoring: implement visitors using std::visit and std::variant [view]
Refactoring: reimplemented tagreader structures [view]
Refactoring: remove unneeded class OutputDocInterface [view]
Refactoring: replace custom variant class by std::variant [view]
Refactoring: replace old style casts [view], [view], and [view]
Refactoring: split docparser [view]
Reference to non existing anchor with "More..." [view]
Reinstate warnings about stale translations [view]
Remove retrieval of the process count for tests [view]
Removed unused function in configgen.py [view]
Removing obsolete functions [view]
Replace static Config_Get... by just Config_get... [view]
Replaced DocNode::kind() by dynamic_cast checks [view]
Replaced conditional sections by adapter and fixed some signals [view]
Simplified documentation and implementation a bit [view]
Split of javascript search index into separate files [view]
Trace statement in markdown.cpp [view], [view]
Uniform retrieval file definition [view]
Uniform retrieval of language code by means of translator unit [view]
clarify what the last comments in man refer to [view]
optional command variables and align mkidx and latex command approaches [view]
pass const& of LinkedRefMap to prevent creating temporary copies [view]
   2022-04-18 21:12:27 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (1798) | Package updated
Log message:
revbump for textproc/icu update
   2022-03-30 18:35:28 by Michael Baeuerle | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
devel/doxygen: Update to 1.9.3

Bug fixes
bug 679192 Missing images from generated qhp file [view]
bug_161451 @copydoc cannot span mutliple lines [view]
bug_365053 Wrong reference to ::classname [view] and [view]
bug_411629 ifdef-ed namespaces generate "endif" namespace (C#) [view]
bug_562008 cpp directives in \code fragments breaks subsequent links
           replacement [view]
bug_683640 Docset info.plist file doesn't include feed URL [view], [view]
bug_684050 line continuation in (auto)linking [view]
bug_688384 JavaDoc @link does not use code font [view]
bug_693776 @copydoc not working properly [view]
bug_712290 A command that will generate a warning during compilation [view]
bug_722111 - 'function' is displayed as C++ keyword (green) in HTML output
           [view], [view]
bug_749992 XML output - "bodyend" inside location tag sometimes prints the
            wrong row. [view]
bug_750666 Usergroup (layout.xml) url="[none]" doesn't work [view]
bug_753629 PLANTUML_JAR_PATH Environment Variable Needs Documenting [view]
bug_766164 Class Members is missing in the CHM. [view]
bug_771606 'doxygen -w' should not require existence of
           header.html/footer.html even if listed in an options file
           [view], [view]
bug_772405 *_AUTOBRIEF=YES gobbles end of paragraph from brief [view]
bug_774111 GENERATE_LEGEND with svg graphs [view], [view]
bug_774167 Left nav pane [view]
bug_791832 [view]
bug_792690 Spaces MAKEINDEX_CMD_NAME don't work the same as other config
           options [view]
bug_796673 doxygen markdown engine disallow parentheses in image title
issue #7434 Error in LaTeX output of doxygen documentation of VHDL [view]
issue #7687 Write directory dependency graphs recursively. [view]
issue #7807 Incorrect handling of triple backticks with specifying
            language. [view], [view]
issue #8528 Markdown links to Markdown pages with explicit page command
            are broken [view]
issue #8590 XML: Issue with spacing around <programlisting> [view]
issue #8724 @ingroup not working with concepts [view], [view]
issue #8726 Confused by C++20 trailing requires-clause [view]
issue #8730 Read from invalid IncludeInfo object (version 1.9.2,
            Ubuntu 20.04) [view]
issue #8734 @note with @parblock within a table data cell breaks the HTML
            output [view]
issue #8738 Fixed sizes in project area of HTML output [view], [view]
issue #8743 <tt> missinterpreted [view], [view]
issue #8747 Improve output with WARN_AS_ERROR = FAIL_ON_WARNINGS [view],
issue #8750 Crashes with 1.9.2 on Ubuntu 21.04 [view], [view]
issue #8752 Generated filenames depend on undefined behaviour - doxygen
            output not reproducible [view]
issue #8753 qhp file corrupt when subsection with no parent section [view]
issue #8755 :: lost in nested names when using markdown [view]
issue #8757 Segfault when using external search engine [view]
issue #8767 Order of pages in the tree view changes from 1.9.1 to 1.9.2
issue #8785 Markdown runs on <PRE> if class attribute is specified [view]
issue #8789 qhp/qch broken in master [view], [view]
issue #8802 Nested \cond sections are not started (#8804) [view]
issue #8811 Incorrect xml tags in source code listing (XML output) [view]
issue #8815 fix group close [view]
issue #8817 If \if, \else or \endif is in a list, the subsequent list entry
            is not formatted as list entry but in "raw format" [view],
issue #8838 export "something" { } wrong parsing [view]
issue #8851 Python call graph is not completely correct [view]
issue #8853 LaTeX generated output fails to compile [view]
issue #8854 Class hierarchy diagram is not correct, if inherited from
            Python built-in class ABC [view], [view], [view]
issue #8854 Class hierarchy diagram is not correct, if inherited from
            Python built-in class ABC [view]
issue #8855 Unable to build 1.9.2 [view]
issue #8864 Markdown Tables cannot merge cells both horizontally and
            vertically [view]
issue #8867 Fortran source file that contains the character literal
            "import" or 'import' [view], [view]
issue #8882 Java: Issue with virtual as identifier [view], [view], [view]
issue #8884 Java: Issue with dotted annotations [view]
issue #8889 ".html_html" attached to some url links when linking to
            external library [view], [view]
issue #8889 Extra ".html" attached to some url links when linking to
            external library [view], [view]
issue #8895 [bisected]Directory dependency graph has stopped working [view]
issue #8898 c#: Inherit documentation from interface property (not working
            as no docs displayed) [view]
issue #8903 Overload of function template can cause docs to be repeated
issue #8905 Documentation: WARN_NO_PARAMDOC not disabled by EXTRACT_ALL?
            [view], [view]
issue #8909 Build error with git head GCC (version 12, Nov 2021) [view]
issue #8911 Undocumented function with C++ requires clause [view]
issue #8914 Double Square Bracket [[ somewhere ]] stop Doxygen [view]
issue #8918 \emoji does not support emoji with ZWJ [view]
issue #8921 Overloaded function (with templates as change) is not displayed
            in html page [view]
issue #8924 Horizontal scroll bar missing in HTML for wide class="dotgraph"
            objects [view]
issue #8925 Java: Issue with enum parsing (xml output) [view]
issue #8932 XML output: table caption doesn't have ID [view]
issue #8933 Return type "unsigned int constexpr" not parsed properly
            [view], [view]
issue #8934 documentation 'DEP' s.b. 'DEB' [view]
issue #8935 'make docs' fails when building PDF [view]
issue #8940 Not parsing #if correctly in C++ [view]
issue #8948 collaboration diagram should include smart pointer members
            [view], [view]
issue #8953 Improve markdown image handling [view]
issue #8956 Section links in markdown mainpage not working [view]
issue #8965 Allow other names for plantuml.jar [view]
issue #8973 Incorrect citations for entries with double dash and for cross
            references [view]
issue #9857 C# incorrect interpretation of '?'-operators [view]
Coloring of the nodes in the inheritance graph [view]
Fixed problem with large HTML tooltips running of the web page. [view]
Coverity: logically dead code [view]
Coverity: uninitialized struct elements [view]
Coverity: side_effect_free: Calling countLines(yyscanner) is only useful
          for its return value, which is ignored. [view]
Using in/out in C# results in doubling it [view]
Restore default SIGINT handler inside the signal handler [view]
In HTML the @image title did not appear as tooltip and quotes were not
properly escaped [view]
Double member names in python source code [view]
Fix memory corruption in TextStream. [view]
Handle decltype(*) return types in declinfo.l [view]
Warnings when using `CREATE_SUBDIRS` and `HTMLHELP` [view]
Don't use full path for *file in XML output [view]
Incorrect handling of JAVA style code statement in preprocessor [view]
Incorrect linecount in case of JAVADOC_AUTOBRIEF set [view]
Incorrect markdown links. [view]
Incorrect warning regarding SQLITE3 seyyttings [view]
Incorrect warnings due to WARN_IF_DOC_ERROR=NO [view]
Incorrect xml tags in source code listing (XML output) [view]
Doxygen stops on invalid namespace name [view]
Problems with blockquotes in markdown [view]
Fortran: Warning on empty \cond statement plus extra empty line. [view],
Escaped double quotes inside double quotes [view]
Fixed problem where member attributes were not rendered properly [view]
Forward declaration of enum class. [view]
Handling \code in non doxygen comment [view]
Warning with python file starting and ending with __ as file name [view]
Improve warning location for undocumented parameters/return types [view]
Limit number of list levels in output [view]
Unmatched tt tag. [view]
Value of first @copydoc could end up in the brief description. [view],

Write directory dependency graphs recursively. [view]
Added missing symbols needed to enable SANITIZE_UNDEFINED [view]
Add the xml output format to the image command as generic format [view]
Add the HTML and XML commands to the index [view]
Added explanation for directory dependency graphs in graph manual. [view]
Avoid tampering with special commands while doing markdown parsing [view]
and [view]
Adding HTML tag <cite> [view]
Adding engine to xml output for plantuml [view]
Czech localization update, added all missing czech localization strings
up to 1.9.3 [view]
translate chinese upto version 1.9.2 [view]
Updated swedish translation to 1.9.2 [view]
Greek translation updated to 1.9.2. [view]
Portuguese translators upddated to 1.9.3. [view]
UTF-8 characters in email address [view]
Support for char32_t etc. in code coloring [view]
Changed license of doxmlparser from GPLv2 to MIT [view]
Better error message in case of a fatal error in a lexer [view]
Better readable warnings / debug messages incase of warning with token /
return value in docparser [view]
value attribute for <li> tag [view] and [view]
Copy original dotfile to output directory in case of DOT_CLEANUP is not
set [view]
allow using percentual numbers for images dimensions [view]
Make email obfuscation optional [view]
Improvement of WARN_LOGFILE possibilities [view], [view]
No warning in case non existing macro parameter [view]
HTML tag details [view], [view]
Include qualified names in `<memberdef>`s in XML output. [view]

Deprecated functionality
CLASS_DIAGRAM has become obsolete. The same functionality can now be
achieved using HAVE_DOT and CLASS_GRAPH. Old settings in the Doxyfile will
be automatically converted when reading or updating it. [view], [view],
and [view]

Refactoring and cleanup
Add support for optional ranges to reg::Ex and use it util.cpp [view]
Allow using obsolete config values while upgrading [view], [view]
Use std::unordered_set for better performance [view]
Refactoring: Use std::unique_ptr<Private> for PIMPL idiom instead of raw
pointer [view]
Refactoring: changes how context data is cached. [view]
Refactoring: fixed typo and improved code uniformity [view]
Refactoring: replace custom reference counting by std::shared_ptr [view]
Refactoring: replace raw pointers with std::unique_ptr in template.cpp
Refactoring: replace the last raw pointers by std::unique_ptr in
template.cpp [view]
Refactoring: use fixed maps for properties [view]
Remove obsolete states from lexer code [view]
Remove redundant checks in config file [view]
Remove redundant range checks in config file [view]
Remove some implicit casts to improve portability of the code [view]
Remove unnecessary conversions for enum type options [view]
Optimize Markdown::isBlockCommand() [view]
Moved util.h:escapePath() to QCString::quoted() [view]
layout.cpp and tagreader.cpp both defined class ElementCallbacks [view]
Removed global variables for RTF and Latex, and made some fixes [view]
Represent enum in the config file also as an enum in the code [view]
Make generateClassDocs() process files in parallel [view]
Make generateFileDocs() process files in parallel [view]
Name of used struct [view]
Performance enhancements [view]
Restructuring and fixes [view]
Better search criterion for RTF INCLUDETEXT [view]
Consistent messages regarding enabling settings [view]
Improve type safety of scanner code by not using void* for yyscan_t
   2022-03-26 22:10:59 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
doxygen: fix build on SunOS
   2021-12-13 14:47:06 by Michael Baeuerle | Files touched by this commit (7)
Log message:
devel/doxygen: Update to 1.9.2

Changelog is very long:
   2021-12-08 17:07:18 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3063)
Log message:
revbump for icu and libffi
   2021-10-26 12:20:11 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (3016)
Log message:
archivers: Replace RMD160 checksums with BLAKE2s checksums

All checksums have been double-checked against existing RMD160 and
SHA512 hashes

Could not be committed due to merge conflict:

The following distfiles were unfetchable (note: some may be only fetched

./devel/pvs/distinfo pvs-3.2-solaris.tgz
./devel/eclipse/distinfo eclipse-sourceBuild-srcIncluded-3.0.1.zip