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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.8.20nb4, Package name: doxygen-1.8.20nb4, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Doxygen is a documentation system for C++, Java, IDL (Corba, Microsoft and
KDE-DCOP flavors) and C.

It can help you in three ways:

1. It can generate an on-line documentation browser (in HTML) and/or an
off-line reference manual (in LaTeX) from a set of documented source
files. There is also support for generating output in RTF (MS-Word),
PostScript, hyperlinked PDF, compressed HTML, and Unix man pages. The
documentation is extracted directly from the sources, which makes it
much easier to keep the documentation consistent with the source code.

2. Doxygen can be configured to extract the code structure from
undocumented source files. This can be very useful to quickly find your
way in large source distributions. The relations between the various
elements are be visualized by means of include dependency graphs,
inheritance diagrams, and collaboration diagrams, which are all
generated automatically.

3. You can even `abuse' doxygen for creating normal documentation

Required to run:
[print/ghostscript] [graphics/graphviz] [lang/perl5] [lang/python37]

Required to build:
[textproc/py-expat] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

Master sites:

SHA1: 606a7bb525a55a01fc7399bc50ad7589ad1d2283
RMD160: 1076c8a24171a10b584580441c68e956aa2955f2
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   2021-05-24 21:56:06 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3575)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for perl 5.34
   2021-04-21 13:43:04 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (1822)
Log message:
revbump for textproc/icu
   2021-04-13 11:02:25 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
doxygen: mark python as build dependency

   2020-11-05 10:09:30 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (1814)
Log message:
*: Recursive revbump from textproc/icu-68.1
   2020-10-25 05:42:43 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
doxygen: CMakeLists sets -std=c++14 so we don't need it in USE_LANGUAGES

Just set a minimum GCC_REQD to 5 for c++14 support so the correct
compiler gets picked
   2020-10-14 14:10:44 by Michael Baeuerle | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
devel/doxygen: Fixed dependencies of option "latex"

print/tex-epstopdf-pkg is required too.
   2020-10-04 11:45:27 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
doxygen: Update to 1.8.20

Release 1.8.20

(release date 24-08-2020)
Bug fixes

    issue #7760: void return type reported as not documented
    issue #7951: Doxywizard 1.8.19 (Windows): Source code directory seems to be \ 
    issue #7954: The Doxygen uses too much memory (or has probably a memory leak) and
    issue #7970: Doxygen doesn't stop on errors
    issue #7973: C++ grouped functions in namespace have disappeard
    Improvement of line count for e.g. warnings
    Improved layout on the bibliography page
    Updated the swedish language translation to 1.8.19


    add configuration setting to have docstrings not as preformatted text but as \ 
normal documentation

Refactoring and cleanup

    Format for size_t (in e.g. warnings),
    Spelling corrections,, and
    Minor tweaks to clangparser.cpp
    Building documentation after changing language files

Release 1.8.19

(release date 08-08-2020)
Bug fixes

    issue #6846: Doxygen parsing global variable as function in certain cases (#7903)
    issue #7495: generate "bitfield"
    issue #7595: Links from one Markdown file to another do not work
    issue #7698: forward declaration of template classes
    issue #7702: test list is always created
    Revert pull request #7703: make declArgumentList be from declaration, and \ 
argumentList from definition
    issue #7706: Md5 hash does not match for two different runs, and
    Undefined control sequence for formula using MathJax (#7712)
    Wrong message in case of svg formulas for HTML (#7716)
    VHDL fixed if-generate-bug 7721
    Inconsistent behavior between `///` and `//!` for formulas (#7726)
    Incorrect text for HTML_FORMULA_FORMAT in documentation / Doxyfile (#7722)
    issue #7727: warning: documented symbol `static bool (long-winded C++ type)' \ 
was not declared or defined.
    issue #7734: Incorrect parsing of Q_PROPERTY
    issue #7738: \todo ignores EXCLUDE_SYMBOLS
    Users cannot set "enhancement label" on github. (#7744)
    Input buffer overflow in php input code (#7745)
    issue #7747: Three-way comparison operator
    issue #7753: SVG formula all with zero width
    issue #7762: C# mode completely broken
    issue #7778: Build fails with javacc 5.0 (#7779)
    issue #7781: allow '>' before Markdown emphasis
    issue #7787: Doxygen 1.8.18: Markdown tables not working in ALIASES \ 
anymore?,,,, and
    bug_121547 extern variable is being referenced in documentation incorrectly \ 
    issue #7796: Backticks (`) in Doxygen-markup-in-C in Markdown collapses (#7797)
    Issue #7804: String double quotes in C get misinterpreted by pdflatex
    issue #7810: LaTeX manual not built, but make install tries to install it (#7821)
    Vhdl improvements (ALIAS, translation) (#7813)
    Running doxygen tests with variable with spaces (#7819)
    issue #7820: Add `const` qualifier to UsedDir::m_dir.
    Create link for GENERATE_XML (#7824)
    isuse #7828: Add namespace inline flag in xml output
    Issue #7831: Error building docs after 0df1623c9363d52a2b04457233dcf2c64319b03c
    issue #7833: Empty string in PREDEFINED throws
    Incorrect label in map of dot files in xhtml (#7840)
    issue #7852, #7867, #7901: Changed the set of commands that effect ending a \ 
brief description
    Problem with generating test output for Chinese (#7862)
    issue #7865: Update documentation of USE_PDFLATEX option
    issue #7867: Fixed regression where blank line after \class was not seen as \ 
paragraph separator
    issue #7881: More flexible and correct detection of direction of an \ 
argument,, and
    issue #7883: doxygen does not build again LLVM/CLAN without static libs
    issue #7884: Python to xml: Whitespace in method doc not preserved \ 
    issue #7890: Macro Expansion broken
    Issue #7892: Incorrect search box on server-side search results page
    issue #7900: Incorrect warning regarding no matching class member found
    issue #7911: markdown table add extra test to "\copybrief"
    issue #7921: Help for CLANG_DATABASE_PATH is misleading
    issue #7923: source line numbers in warnings output by parser are off by 1
    issue #7934: include dependency graph: The boxes of files shows the name of \ 
the included file not its own filename
    issue #7943: transferArgumentDocumentation is erroneous
    Empty python comment gives problems
    Don't crash if output subdirectories already exist
    Fix cmake warning about ICONV package naming (should be Iconv)
    Plantuml has problems with output directories ending with directory separator
    Fixed issue that could cause wrong line numbers
    Number of translatable terms (like Chapter) are in English instead of Greek \ 
    Running Inkscape 1.0,
    Empty enum setting in configuration file
    Missing last item in htmlhelp level2 index
    crossref citations are shown unconditionally,,


    Added experimental multi-thread input processing support.,,
    Addon option --pool to the test run script for parallel execution of tests \ 
    Adding the xml:lang tag to XML and Docbook output
    Scalable search bar for high resolution displays (#7888),, and
    Add doxygen version information to tag file
    Add options to enable various sanitizers
    Show doxywizard version by means of --version
    Added configuration options to better control the sqlite3 output.
    Enable running tests in parallel using cmake's ctest.
    improve using plantuml for vhdl flowcharts

Refactoring and cleanup

    Added atomic reference counting to QString
    Added missing stub code when use_libclang is disabled
    Better warning for non documented struct
    Catch all wrong mkdir calls (coverity)
    Change of git version input file was not taken into account
    Changed container class for class use and constrained relations from \ 
QDict<void> to StringSet
    Cleanup some disabled code sections
    Copied implementation of `QGList::inSort()` to sortInDirList.
    Coverity uninitialized variable
    Coverity uninitialized variable in mscgen_api.cpp
    Create compareDirDefs for sorting.
    Creating chm files for doxygen tests
    Debug facility for the \cite command
    Fixed 2 small memory leaks
    Fixed anothing compilation issue when use_libclang was not enabled
    Fixed compilation issue on Windows for setNum with size_t argument
    Fixes missing include and missing html extension logic
    Fixes signed/unsigned mismatch warning in plantuml.cpp
    GNU compilation warnings
    Improve flex/bison debuggability with gdb
    Include dirdef.h instead of forward declaration.
    Incorrect htmlhelp language code for Indonesian
    Incorrect representation of citation
    LaTeX test were hanging for a.o. Hungarian on Windows
    Link fixed in documentation
    Make a switch to choose between dynamic library to clang-cpp or static \ 
linking against clangTooling
    Minor documentation updates
    Minors tweaks to the regular expressions
    Misleading compiler warning
    Misleading warning about missing argument
    Missing links in Fortran in case use statement with upper case characters in name
    Modernize HtmlHelp class
    Modernize code for the resource manager
    Modernized tagreader.cpp code
    More minor tweaks
    Moved citation cross reference searching to a separate function
    Moved stripIndentation() to util, make it safe for empty input
    Multi-threaded parsing: added locks around global data
    New option allowing processing using multiple threads
    No default rule present in commentcnv.l
    Performance improvements after profiling
    Prefer more inclusive language
    Prevent potential empty string
    Reduce use of WIN32 defines outside of portable
    Refactoring: Modernize clang parser and make it run with multiple threads
    Refactoring: better encapsulation for MemberName
    Refactoring: improve encapsulation for ArgumentList
    Refactoring: make QCString a wrapper around std::string
    Refactoring: make preprocessor run in parallel
    Refactoring: modernize configuration values
    Refactoring: modernize markdown and make it thread-safe
    Refactoring: remove symbolStorage references (dead code)
    Refactoring: Improve encapsulation of MemberInfo class
    Refactoring: Introduce type names for commonly used container types
    Refactoring: Removed creation of MemberDef's for macro definitions from pre.l,
    Refactoring: changed Doxygen::expandAsDefinedDict to Doxygen::expandAsDefinedSet
    Refactoring: changed QValueList to std::vector for template engine
    Refactoring: migrate MemberNameInfoSDict to MemberNameInfoLinkedMap
    Refactoring: migrate type of Doxygen::inputPaths to std::set
    Refactoring: modernize g_inputFiles and the parameters of readFileOrDirectory
    Refactoring: replace Doxygen::namespaceAliasDict by Doxygen::namespaceAliasMap
    Refactoring: replace QDict<void> by StringUnorderedSet for \ 
g_processedFiles and g_filesToProcess
    Refactoring: replaced killDict by killSet
    Refactoring: size_t type conversions and QList in DotManager
    Refactoring: For loops on QListIterator by range loops.
    Refactoring: Replaced \ 
${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/path/to/current/cmake-lists-txt/dir with \ 
    Refactoring: Replaced QList with std::deque in DirList.
    Refactoring: Replaced DirList::count() by DirList::size().
    Refactoring: Replaced QDict<Void> by StringUnorderedSet in dotnode.cpp
    Refactoring: Replaced QDict<void> by StringUnorderedSet for fortrancode.l
    Refactoring: Replaced QDict<void> by StringUnorderedSet used to keep \ 
track of visited paths
    Refactoring: Replaced addDir(const DirDef *dd) by addDir(DirDef *const dd) \ 
in GroupDef and GropuDefImpl.
    Refactoring: Replaced bitmap of doxygen logo by SVG version
    Refactoring: Replaced calls to DirDef::append() to DirDef::push_back().
    Refactoring: Restructured the split_and_keep function
    Remove not used translator function
    Renamed stripSpaces to stripIndentation and make it work directly on the \ 
string passed.
    Setting correct babel packages for some languages
    Spelling correction in cite code
    Split off code to detect inkscape version to a separate function
    Superfluous space in "TEST_FLAGS"
    Travis does not terminate on error on non last command inside if construct
    Updated installation documentation for Linux binary distribution
    Updated issue templates
    Updated formatting rules for paragraphs within table header cells.
    Updated the makefile for building the tests
    Warning in case of multiple python documentation sections.
    XML tags moved to Appendix D of Ecma-334
    fail with term() instead of msg()
    missing instance-rework
    moved separate doxygen tag to tagfile attribute
    sqlite: flip _static default in bindTextParameter
    sqlite: use err instead of term :)
    try to make it so that argumentList is always from the definition
    update URLS on README to prevent redirects

Release 1.8.18

(release date 12-04-2020)
Removed functionality

    Removed support for TCL (code is too buggy and unmaintained, language not \ 
very popular)

Bug fixes

    Bug 769411 - Confuses functions with the same name, but different namespace
    Bug 779650 - Typo in https://www.stack.nl/~dimitri/doxygen/m … locks.html
    Bug 780630 - Nested @ingroup generates bad breadclumb list
    Bug 791390 - Table formatting information ignored in Doxygen XML output
    issue #6319: C++ function returning std::function with reference argument is \ 
not recognized as a function (Origin: bugzilla #792830)
    issue #6901: Please consider relicensing of Javascript files
    issue #7411: "warning: return type of member is not documented" \ 
for static void and virtual void functions
    issue #7432: vhdl-fixed-bug-7432 [view
    issue #7464: test suite is failing
    issue #7472: Serious regression: /**< comments cause functions to be \ 
silently ignored
    issue #7474: [1.8.16 regression] HTML output varies from ASLR
    issue #7477: Broken urls in the xml output
    issue #7484: Error: /undefined in getenv
    issue #7508: TYPEDEF_HIDES_STRUCT stopped working properly
    issue #7527: Doxygen 1.8.17: regression of C macro expansion
    issue #7544: [Regression 1.8.17] Recursion when computing class usage relations
    issue #7558: PlantUML: Different behavior whether LATEX_OUTPUT has a final \ 
slash or not.
    issue #7570: Comments replaced by block comments inside Markdown code block,
    issue #7583: External Links in Inheritance Diagrams open in the Image Frame.
    issue #7585: Doxygen 1.8.17 false warnings and no generate output for \ 
documented const functions
    issue #7590: Map .f18 filetype to Fortran,
    issue #7606: Unable to build "master" branch
    issue #7624: non-const getClassDef() called on aliased member. Please report \ 
as a bug.
    issue #7635: Incorrect location for enum in XML file and and
    issue #7652: folder in file list has file icon (#7654)
    issue #7660: In the ceph package error: non-const getNamespaceDef() called \ 
on aliased member.
    issue #7664: bigobj not found with MSYS Makefiles
    issue #7672: Request: use <img> tags instead of <object> tags \ 
for SVG images
    issue #7674: Mention EXTRACT_ALL in the context of /file
    issue #7692: \copydoc does not work with file paths including dots
    issue #7514: Missing parenthesis for typedef function pointer
    A mainpage doesn't have an anchor to jump to
    Avoid unsupported html attributes from appearing in the XML/docbook output \ 
and other small fixes
    Crash of doxygen on not understood code
    Fix CROS javascript issue when giving focus to search result frame.
    Disappearing words in RTF output after a list
    Consistency `\*only` and `\end*only` commands
    Showing information from all `*only commands in XML output
    Fix #7490 and #7494
    Fix 6342: Applying provided patch
    Fix build error after 'make clean' due to creation of unpatched JavaCC.h
    Fix compiler warnings on Windows (Visual Studio)
    Fix double ended list in changelog.doc
    Fix for Portable::isAbsolutePath
    Fix for compilation issue on Linux
    Fix for compile issue on Travis-CI
    Fix for potential crash when processing VHDL
    Fix for removed spaces in certain \if \else \endif constructs
    Fix for unused variable JAVASCRIPT_LICENSE_TEXT.
    Fix html file ext in external docs (#7679)
    Fix not correctly formatted messages
    Fix regression when creating directory graphs
    Fix the problem character string between '<' and '>' is not output in \ 
doxywizard log. (#7631)
    Fix wrongly detecting ``` as code block inside running text.
    Fixed error in Windows build
    Fixed indenting in French translation so as to minimize differences with the \ 
English version
    Fixed minor typo (#7637)
    Fixed section type setting for index page from tags file. (#7684)
    Fixed shadowing issue in getFortranDefs and other shadowing cases
    Fixed sig11 regression while parsing cast to function pointer,
    Fixed typo
    Fixup condition-variable and mutex
    Incorrect determination of fixed form Fortran
    Incorrect link generated for cite and xref (#7648)
    Function definitions at begin of a line
    Incorrect handling of typedef in combination with const
    Link in case of comma at end of URL
    Minor fixes for table cell attributes in XML and docbook output
    Missing anchors in RTF code output (#7647)
    Opening and ending tag mismatch: tbody in docbook output
    Problem in case using PREDEFINED with comma
    Problem in case using PREDEFINED with comma and using +=
    Problem with links from search index files
    Problem with temporary / intermediate directory in doxyparse


    Added the few missing French translations
    Updated Swedish translation to match the latest version
    Adding check on configuration setting EXTENSION_MAPPING
    Adding commands `\rtfinclude`, `\docbookinclude`, `\maninclude` and `\xmlinclude`
    output on doxyparse if a function is a prototype
    print protection information on doxyparse
    Creation of svg images for formulas with inkscape
    Improve formula handling and rendering.
    Doxygen version in the messages output (#7640)
    Doxygen version information (#7645)
    Enabling Travis builds for s390x
    Relative markdown file reference (#7032)

Refactoring and cleanup

    Add documentation to section.h
    Add printf-Checks to message.h
    Added missing #includes
    CMake and examples
    Cleanup code
    Cleanup unused/unwanted parser dependencies on code generator
    Combined both rules in one to reduce code duplication
    Compilation warnings
    Correct handling of error / removed debug statement
    Correction behavior of make clean in respect to version files
    Correction due to removal of Tcl
    Documentation correction due to removal of Tcl
    Doxywizard unknown configuration enum values
    Enabled stricter compiler warnings and fixed all new warnings
    Fix C compiler warnings about C++ flags (#7636)
    Fix a few compiler warnings in the Linux build
    Fix a number of compiler warnings in the 64bit build for Windows
    Make VHDL parser reentrant
    Make commentscan.l reentrant
    Make defargs.l reentrant
    Make fortranscanner.l reentrant
    Make pyscanner.l reentrant
    Mention EXTRACT_ALL in the context of /file
    Migrated some code in pre.l to use STL containers and
    Minor fix for formulas.doc
    Minor tweaks
    Modernize OutputList internals
    More accurate warning message.
    More indicative warning for wrong nesting of sections
    Move DocGroup inside CommentScanner instead of using a global
    Possibility to use gswin64c on Windows,
    QString -> std::string & QDict -> std::map
    Remove DotConstString and replace by std::string
    Remove dead code and fix more warnings
    Remove duplicate xsd fields for `docMarkupType`.
    Remove last QThread-Reference
    Remove some unused enums in doxywizard
    Remove thread-related Qt-Code
    Remove unused rules
    Remove warnings from doxywizard
    Removed Doxygen::gatherDefines as it was not used anymore
    Removing warnings from doxygen internal documentation
    Replace DocCmdMapper by std::map
    Replace QMutex and condition QWaitCondition with std::
    Replace QThread with std::thread
    Replace SDict with std::map
    Replace qlist with std::vector
    Replace qqueue with std::queue
    Replace raw bool pointer array and counter by std::stack<bool>
    Replaced FileNameDict/FileNameList by FileNameLinkedMap
    Replaced MemberNameSDict by MemberNameLinkedMap based on LinkedMap
    Restructure citation handling
    Restructure section handling
    Restructure the way RefLists are handled
    Simplified the code a bit
    Small spelling correction in change log
    Small spelling correction in portable.cpp
    Specifying filename in preprocessor debug output
    Unknown configuration enum values
    Updated test 024 to better test spacing behaviour.
    Warnings in case of a VHDL error
    commentscan.l: replace QStack by std::stack
    fixed some parser bugs,make parser ready for javacc 7.0.5

Release 1.8.17

(release date 27-12-2019)

    issue #6715: Erroneous matching of the immediately following block command \ 
after @ref and
    issue #7119 Doxygen does not link to C# snippets - regression
    issue #7189: wrong warning on ambiguous image files
    issue #7190 1.8.16: Blank FILE_PATTERNS => no files processed
    issue #7200 Fortran warning: type not declared or defined
    issue #7206: Problems with Fortran and `@cond`
    issue #7210: 1.8.16: Image inclusion is inconsistent
    issue #7212 1.8.16: Function returning void pointer generates warning
    issue #7216: non-const getGroupDef() called on aliased member and
    issue #7218 Doxygen parsing word documents
    issue #7228 Using markdown causes wrong error and warning line numbers - v. \ 
    issue #7236: C++: bug when using function as parameter
    issue #7243: Some PHP classes are not properly extracted/documented
    issue #7248: Including external tag files with TOC produces a broken index.qhp
    issue #7262 ALIASES not found when filename has more than one dot
    issue #7265: Double quote character in C++ raw string literal causes Doxygen \ 
to process the string contents
    issue #7268 Unable to build "master" branch
    issue #7271 Tilde in preprocessor macro disappears in latex
    issue #7274 Subpages no longer possible under mainpage
    issue #7277: C++ - Crash using all system memory on using parent constructor \ 
with same name
    issue #7285 git executable required
    issue #7290 error: Problem running ghostscript gs -q -g562x56 -r384x384x \ 
-sDEVICE=ppmraw -sOutputFile=_form0.pnm -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -- _form0.ps. Check \ 
your installation!
    issue #7295 Doxygen documentation of C++17 nested namespace erroneous
    issue #7302: Determination of anonymous is too restrictive
    issue #7313 VHDL attribute 'subtype is not supported and breaks parser
    issue #7319: Bug 790856 - Namespace member functions links are broken
    issue #7325: Endless loop in preprocessor due to #define A()
    issue #7326: Incorrect display of multiline #define value
    issue #7328 Cannot generate DoxygenLayout.xml
    issue #7348 Better warning in case a graph would have been to large
    issue #7358: Ternary conditional and null-coalescing operator in constructor \ 
results in faulty warning
    issue #7403: xref versus namespace in multiple file
    issue #7412: HTML: Opening a reference link in a new tab does not scroll to \ 
the content
    issue #7436 Incorrect handling of block comments in VHDL,
    issue #7446: C#: parameter named `extends` is broken in the documentation
    issue #7456: function-like macros generate warnings
    issue #3417: C++: friend template functions shown even with \ 
    issue #7302: Parsing of template args in single-quotes is incorrect.
    Bug 164073 - There should be a dummy tag that Doxygen ignores
    Bug 335614 - HTML link incorrect when using tagfile
    Bug 340202 - @code: static_cast, const_cast, etc C++ keywords
    Bug 550158 - EXTRACT_ALL=YES parses non doxygen comments,
    Bug 570798 - \\\< does not work for php constants
    Bug 674005 - Crop png formula environnment problem for HTML output
    Adding HTML s tag, XML corrections for other tags,
    Adding JAVACC_FLAGS for javacc compilation
    Adding possibility to automatically build vhdlparser from vhdlparser.jj file,
    Adding some links in search documentation
    Also span entire line in case of a memTemplItemRight
    Avoid code duplication and make the keyword matching more robust
    Avoid warning in commentcnv.l about trailing context made variable due to \ 
preceding '|' action
    Backslash in href.
    Better termination message
    Better warning in case of `@form`
    Better warning message in case of illegal command,
    Bogus explicit link warning message from irc protocol name
    Checking of right usage of configuration list items
    Cleanup forward declarations of obsolete classes
    Code highlighting.
    Consistent way to show scanner state
    Correct style in table header in case of paragraph is used
    Correcting visible year in copyright
    Correction documentation `\image` command
    Coverity uninitialized
    Create possibility to define LaTeX commands for formulas
    Discrepancy between vhdl input and generated sources
    Double entry for ins in compound.xsd
    Email address seen as code starter
    Embed TagInfo struct inside Entry
    Error in LaTeX with single quote in formula / math mode.
    Extend built-in STL support with more classes
    Fix double delete in VHDL error handler.
    Fix for use of non portable strnstr function and
    Fix incorrect reference resolving of enum class values
    Fix lifetime issue for Entry objects.
    Fix line count after multiline close group
    Fix logic bug in SVG detection
    Fix regression when expanding macro to an empty string
    Fix some typos
    Fix typo in source
    Fix typos
    Fixed a couple of compiler warnings on Windows
    Fixed compiler warnings in docparser.cpp
    Fixed endless loop during preprocessing
    Fixed issue with "QGDict::hashAsciiKey: Invalid null key" in pre.l
    Fixed merge issue
    Fixed preprocessor hangup regression
    Fixed preprocessor issue that resulted in "More #endif's than #if's \ 
found." warning.
    Fixed use of uninitialized data in VHDL generatocumentation in CHM format,
    HHC and directory elements starting with "."
    HTML attribute name
    HTML start comment with 3 dashes
    Illegal Character in XML output
    Incorrect NCName in docbook citations
    Incorrect warning "yyextra->inside" instead of "inside"
    Incorrect warning for ALIASES
    Length of identifying fenced code block
    Let $year support SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
    Made check for void return more str ArgumentList to be an STL container
    Changed implementation to use SkipString/SkipStringS.
    Changed std::unique_ptr<Entry> to std::shared_ptr<Entry> at \ 
avoid use after free issues
    Replaced QList<BaseInfo> with std::vector<BaseInfo>
    Replaced QList<Grouping> with std::vector<Grouping>
    Replaced QList<ListItemInfo> with std::vector<ListItemInfo>
    Replaced QList<SectionInfo> by std::vector<SectionInfo>
    Spelling corrections
   2020-08-31 20:13:29 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3631) | Package updated
Log message:
*: bump PKGREVISION for perl-5.32.