./devel/elftoolchain, Compilation tools (nm, ar, as, ld, etc.) for the ELF object format

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.7.1, Package name: elftoolchain-0.7.1, Maintainer: agc

A BSD-licensed implementation of compilation tools (nm, ar, as, ld,
etc.) for the ELF object format.

This release contains BSD-licensed implementations of the "libdwarf"
and "libelf" libraries, and of the "addr2line", "ar", "brandelf",
"c++filt", "elfcopy", "elfdump", "findtextrel", "mcs", "nm", "ranlib",
"readelf", "size", "strings" and "strip" program development
utilities. The release also contains API and utility reference
documentation (300+ manual entries in all), and contains test suites
for some of these released utilities and libraries.

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archivers: Replace RMD160 checksums with BLAKE2s checksums

All checksums have been double-checked against existing RMD160 and
SHA512 hashes

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devel: Remove SHA1 hashes for distfiles
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*: Convert broken sourceforge HOMEPAGEs back to http
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elftoolchain: Don't require svn to build, and regenerate the PLIST
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elftoolchain: Strip Werror the lazy way.

we can't assume that newer compilers won't add new warnings, and indeed
this package fails with gcc7+ currently.
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all: migrate several HOMEPAGEs to https

pkglint --only "https instead of http" -r -F

With manual adjustments afterwards since pkglint 19.4.4 fixed a few
indentations in unrelated lines.

This mainly affects projects hosted at SourceForce, as well as
freedesktop.org, CTAN and GNU.
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Update to 0.7.1

Release Notes for Elftoolchain Software Version 0.7.1

About The Project

The `Elftoolchain project`_ develops BSD-licensed implementations of
essential compilation tools and libraries for handling ELF based program

About The Release

This is the first release on the v0.7 "stable" code line.

Since the prior v0.6.1 release, we have added support for a few more
machine architectures, improved our support of the DWARF4 debug format,
and have added experimental support for the Microsoft (TM) Portable
Executable format.  A number of bugs have been fixed, and the project's
documentation has been improved.  An implementation of a link editor
**ld** is in progress.

Libraries and Utilities

This release comprises the following libraries and utilities.

  =================       ==========================================
  **Name**                **Description**
  =================       ==========================================
  **ar**                  Archive manager.
  **addr2line**           Debug tool.
  **brandelf**            Manage the ELF brand on executables.
  **c++filt**             Translate encoded symbols.
  **elfcopy**             Copy and translate between object formats.
  **elfdump**             Diagnostic tool.
  **findtextrel**         Find undesired text relocations.
  **libdwarf**            DWARF access library.
  **libelf**              ELF access library.
  **mcs**                 Manage comment sections.
  **nm**                  List symbols in an ELF object.
  **ranlib**              Add archive symbol tables to an archive.
  **readelf**             Display ELF information.
  **size**                List object sizes.
  **strings**             Extract printable strings.
  **strip**               Discard information from ELF objects.
  =================       ==========================================

This release also contains the following software that is under

  =================       ==========================================
  **Name**                **Description**
  =================       ==========================================
  **ld**                  Program linker.
  **libpe**               PE (Portable Executable) access library.
  =================       ==========================================


Each public API and invocable utility has a reference manual entry.
We currently offer 355 manual entries, documented in 197 manual pages.

Additionally, this release contains the following documentation:

  =================       ==========================================
  **Name**                **Description**
  =================       ==========================================
  libelf-by-example       A tutorial introduction to **libelf**.
  =================       ==========================================

Test Suites

The release contains the following test suites:

  =================       ==========================================
  **Name**                **Description**
  =================       ==========================================
  ar                      Test the **ar** utility.
  elfcopy                 Test the **elfcopy** utility.
  elfdump                 Test the **elfdump** utility.
  libdwarf                Test the **libdwarf** library.
  libelf                  Test the **libelf** library.
  libelftc                Test the **libelftc** support library.
  nm                      Test the **nm** utility.
  =================       ==========================================

System Requirements

This software is designed to run on Unix(TM)-like operating systems
such as the BSD-family of operating systems and GNU/Linux.

This release has been built and tested on the following operating

  ====================  ===========  ===========================
  **Operating System**  **Version**  **Supported Architectures**
  --------------------  -----------  ---------------------------
  FreeBSD_              10.2         amd64 & i386
  NetBSD_               7.0          i386
  Ubuntu_ GNU/Linux     14.04LTS     x86_64
  ====================  ===========  ===========================

Installation and Upgrades


Instructions for building and installing this software from source are
described in the file "INSTALL".


* Consumers of the libdwarf API should note that the `Dwarf_Off` type
  has changed to an unsigned type, so as to be compatible with other
  open-source libdwarf implementations.
* Three functions in the libdwarf API have been deprecated and two
  extension APIs have been added.

Release Information

Changes in this release

Significant changes include:

* **addr2line**

  - Support the ``DW_AT_ranges`` debug attribute.
  - Improve DWARF4 compatibility.
  - **addr2line** supports new options ``-a``, ``-i``, ``-p``.
  - Compilation units lacking debug information are handled more robustly.
  - Memory leaks were fixed.

* **ar/ranlib**

  - The **ranlib** utility is now documented in its own manual page.
  - The handling of corrupt archives has been improved.
  - **ar** now supports a ``-U`` option that disables its
    deterministic (``-D``) mode.
  - **ar** no longer allows extraction of archive entries whose
    pathnames contain ``..``, or whose target directory would be
    altered by a symbolic link.

* **brandelf**

  - The documentation for **brandelf** has been improved.

* **elfcopy/strip/mcs**

  - **strip** no longer strips local debugging symbols when the ``-x``
    option is specified.
  - Compatibility with GNU binutils has been improved.
  - The **elfcopy** and **strip** utilities will now preserve hard
    links when modifying an object file.
  - Support for new functionality controlled by options
    ``--localize-hidden``, ``--extract-dwo`` and ``--strip-dwo`` has
    been added.
  - Bugs in the behavior of the ``-N`` and ``-X`` options were fixed.
  - Nameless global symbols are now handled correctly.
  - ``SHT_GROUP`` handling has been fixed in **elfcopy** and
  - **elfcopy** now supports the conversion of ELF objects to PE images.

* **elfdump**

  - **elfdump** can now dump multiple GOT sections.
  - **elfdump** now understands the ``EM_AARCH64``, ``EM_IAMCU``,
    ``EM_PPC64``, and ``EM_RISCV`` machine types and the
    ``STT_SPARC_REGISTER`` section type.
  - Symbols with ``STB_GNU_UNIQUE`` are now supported.

* **findtextrel**

  - The manual pages were improved.

* **ld**

  - This utility is new in this release.  This utility is currently under
    development, and should be considered unstable.

* **libdwarf**
  - The line number program generated by **libdwarf** has been improved.
  - Support for the DWARF4 ``.debug_types`` section was added.
  - Parsing of DWARF4 line sections was fixed.
  - New APIs ``dwarf_attroffset()``,
    ``dwarf_get_section_max_offsets_b()``, ``dwarf_highpc_b()``,
    ``dwarf_loclist_from_expr_b()``, ``dwarf_next_types_section()``,
    ``dwarf_offdie_b()``, and ``dwarf_siblingof_b()`` have been added.
    Of these, ``dwarf_attroffset()`` and ``dwarf_next_types_section()``
    are extensions to the SGI libdwarf API.
  - Support for operators ``DW_OP_GNU_addr_index``,
    ``DW_OP_GNU_const_index``, ``DW_OP_GNU_const_type``,
    ``DW_OP_GNU_convert``, ``DW_OP_GNU_deref_type``,
    ``DW_OP_GNU_encoded_addr``, ``DW_OP_GNU_entry_value``,
    ``DW_OP_GNU_implicit_pointer``, ``DW_OP_GNU_parameter_ref``,
    ``DW_OP_GNU_regval_type``, ``DW_OP_GNU_reinterpret``,
    ``DW_OP_GNU_uninit`` and ``DW_OP_push_object_address`` have been
  - APIs ``dwarf_get_cu_die_offset_given_cu_header_offset()``,
    ``dwarf_offdie()``, ``dwarf_siblingof()`` have been deprecated.
  - **libdwarf** now supports relocation for the ``aarch64``
  - **libdwarf** now handles architectures that use ".rel" relocations
    for debug data correctly.
  - The ``EM_IAMCU`` architecture is now recognized.
  - Documentation has been improved, memory leaks and other bugs have
    been fixed.

* **libelf**

  - Reference documentation has been improved.
  - Support building on the AARCH64 architecture has added.
  - Bug fixes have been applied.

* **libelf-by-example**

  - No changes since the prior release.

* **libelftc**

  - Support for the Portable Executable format has been added.
  - Overview documentation for this support library has been added.
  - New APIs ``elftc_string_table_from_section()``.
    ``elftc_string_table_image()``, ``elftc_string_table_insert()``,
    ``elftc_string_table_lookup()``, ``elftc_string_table_remove()``
    and ``elftc_string_table_to_string()`` have been added.
  - The demangling support functions now support IEEE floating point
    types, TLS special names and various GNU extensions.
  - Other bugs have fixed.

* **libpe**

  - This library is new in this release.  This library is currently
    under development, and should be considered unstable.

* **nm**

  - A new alias ``--extern-only`` for option ``-g`` is now supported.
  - Bugs have been fixed.

* **readelf**

  - The handling of objects with missing symbol names was improved.
  - **readelf** now supports dumping ``.debug_types`` sections.
  - The ``DW_AT_language``, ``DW_FORM_exprloc``,
    ``DW_FORM_flag_present``, ``DW_FORM_ref_sig8`` and
    ``DW_FORM_sec_offset`` types are now supported.
  - GNU DWARF operator extensions are now recognized by **readelf**.
  - **readelf** can now display architecture specific register names on
    some architectures.
  - **readelf** now handles AArch64 types and relocations and
    recognizes the ``RISC-V`` and ``IAMCU`` architectures.
  - Support has been added for printing binary notes for FreeBSD, Xen
    and Linux, and for printing core notes for FreeBSD and Linux.
  - Support for dumping symbols with the ``STB_GNU_UNIQUE`` binding
    has been added.
  - Support for dumping symbols with the ``STT_SPARC_REGISTER``
    register type has been added.

* **size**

  - The manual page for **size** has been improved.

* **strings**

  - The manual page for **strings** has been improved.

Outstanding Issues

There were no outstanding issues at the time of the release.

Known Limitations

This release has the following limitations:

:Test coverage:
    Our test suites are being developed; test coverage is still
:Performance and Memory Use:
    Our tools have not been fully analyzed for their memory use or for
    their performance characteristics.

Test Statistics

The test summary for this release is presented below:

 ========= ========== =============== ================ ===================
 **Suite** **Tests**  **FreeBSD**     **NetBSD**       **Ubuntu 10.04LTS**
           (32&64bit) (i386 & amd64)  (i386)           (x86_64)
 ========= ========== =============== ================ ===================
 ar        235 & 230  P:235 & 230     P:235            P:230
 elfcopy   160        P:160           P:160            P:160
 elfdump   155        P:155           P:155            P:155
 libdwarf  153        P:153           P:153            P:153
 libelf    1030       P:1026, U:4     P:1026, U:4      P:1026, U:4
 libelftc  16         P:16            P:16             P:16
 nm        183        P:183           P:183            P:183
 ========= ========== =============== ================ ===================


      Test successes.
      Test failures.
      Unresolved tests.


More Information

The project's website is at http://elftoolchain.sourceforge.net/.

Developer Community

The project's developers may be contacted using the mailing list:

Reporting Bugs

Please use our `bug tracker`_ for viewing existing bug reports and
for submitting new bug reports.

Copyright and License

This software is copyright its authors, and is distributed under the
`BSD License`_.

.. _BSD License: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php
.. _`bug tracker`: https://sourceforge.net/p/elftoolchain/tickets/
.. _Elftoolchain project: http://elftoolchain.sourceforge.net/
.. _FreeBSD: http://www.freebsd.org/
.. _NetBSD:  http://www.netbsd.org/
.. _Ubuntu:  http://www.ubuntu.com/

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.. mode: rst
.. End:
   2017-06-01 00:14:43 by Alistair G. Crooks | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
1. add lex as a tool, problem shown up by ubuntu LTS bulk build

2. Add a patch to cast a floating point number before using it to resize
buffers, unbreaks the build on NetBSD.