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./devel/gal, Gnome Application Libraries (gal-1.0 API)

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.24nb3, Package name: gal-0.24nb3, Maintainer: rh

This is the G App Lib (GAL).

This module contains some library functions that came from Gnumeric
and Evolution. The idea is to reuse those widgets across various
larger GNOME applications that might want to use these widgets.

Please notice that these widgets are currently licensed under the
terms of the GNU GPL (with the exception of the gtk-combo-box which is
under the LGPL). If you want to contribute code to the official
distribution of this code you have to sign a copyright assignment to
Helix Code. This would allow Helix Code in the future to redistribute
the code it fully owns under a difference license.

The API is not frozen and might change at any time. Larger class
renaming might happen at any point without notice. Use this library
at your own risk.

This version of gal implements the gal-1.0 (gnome1) API.

Required to run:
[sysutils/gnome-vfs] [textproc/libunicode] [print/gnome-print] [misc/gnome1-dirs] [misc/xdg-x11-dirs]

Required to build:
[lang/perl5] [pkgtools/xpkgwedge] [pkgtools/x11-links] [devel/libtool-base]

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SHA1: c220141d9080e78e5e8f69b83c01f6d14e775bf9
RMD160: 573871a18476c4f1fc2a1100ec0e687483af6161
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   2006-07-09 01:11:17 by Johnny C. Lam | Files touched by this commit (877)
Log message:
Change the format of BUILDLINK_ORDER to contain depth information as well,
and add a new helper target and script, "show-buildlink3", that outputs
a listing of the files included as well as the depth at
which they are included.

For example, "make show-buildlink3" in fonts/Xft2 displays:

   2006-07-09 00:39:49 by Johnny C. Lam | Files touched by this commit (877)
Log message:
Track information in a new variable BUILDLINK_ORDER that informs us
of the order in which files are (recursively) included
by a package Makefile.
   2006-06-29 14:15:52 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Needs msgfmt.
   2006-04-17 15:47:02 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1055) | Package updated
Log message:
Bump BUILDLINK_ABI_DEPENDS.png and PKGREVISION for png-1.2.9nb2 update.
   2006-04-17 09:07:54 by Johnny C. Lam | Files touched by this commit (528)
Log message:
Strip ${PKGLOCALEDIR} from PLISTs of packages that already obey
PKGLOCALEDIR and which install their locale files directly under
${PREFIX}/${PKGLOCALEDIR} and sort the PLIST file entries.  From now
on, pkgsrc/mk/plist/plist-locale.awk will automatically handle
transforming the PLIST to refer to the correct locale directory.
   2006-04-12 12:27:47 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (749)
Log message:
Aligned the last line of the files with the first line, so
that they look nicer.
   2006-04-06 08:23:06 by Jeremy C. Reed | Files touched by this commit (1147)
Log message:
Over 1200 files touched but no revisions bumped :)

RECOMMENDED is removed. It becomes ABI_DEPENDS. becomes becomes

BUILDLINK_DEPENDS does not change.

IGNORE_RECOMMENDED (which defaulted to "no") becomes USE_ABI_DEPENDS
which defaults to "yes".

Added to checking for IGNORE_RECOMMENDED.

I did not manually go through and fix any aesthetic tab/spacing issues.

I have tested the above patch on DragonFly building and packaging
subversion and pkglint and their many dependencies.

I have also tested USE_ABI_DEPENDS=no on my NetBSD workstation (where I
have used IGNORE_RECOMMENDED for a long time). I have been an active user
of IGNORE_RECOMMENDED since it was available.

As suggested, I removed the documentation sentences suggesting bumping for
"security" issues.

As discussed on tech-pkg.

I will commit to revbump, pkglint, pkg_install, createbuildlink separately.

Note that if you use wip, it will fail!  I will commit to pkgsrc-wip
later (within day).
   2006-02-16 04:58:49 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message: