./devel/py-gobject3-common, Python version independent files for glib2 gobject bindings

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 3.36.1, Package name: py-gobject3-common-3.36.1, Maintainer: prlw1

Python version independent files for py-gobject3: GLib2 GObject bindings.

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   2020-03-22 19:36:17 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
py-gobject3*: update to 3.36.0:

3.36.0 - 2020-03-08

This will be the last release supporting Python 2.

* pygobject-object: Avoid checking whether NULL is floating :mr:`135` \ 
(:user:`Alexandru Băluț <aleb>`)
* Avoid various new glib deprecation warnings
* Port to g_object_new_with_properties()
* Drop Python 2 support on Windows
* gtk overrides: Drop Menu, MenuItem for Gtk 4 (:user:`Marinus Schraal \ 
* Docs:

  * Update openSUSE instructions (:user:`sharkwouter`)
  * Add Gaphor to Who is Using PyGObject (:user:`Dan Yeaw <danyeaw>`)
  * Remove reference to a fixed bug (:user:`Christian Stadelmann \ 
   2019-09-26 12:36:33 by Patrick Welche | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
As py-gobject3-common has shrunk to just copying 2 files, remove all the
python parafinalia from it.
   2018-04-14 14:27:35 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
py-gobject3: updated to 3.28.2

* setup.py: Don't install the test C extension when it's built.
* setup.py: Always define PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN.
* Fix __str__ return type of Gtk.TreePath with depth == 0.
* Fix a crash when setting a str property with a value containing surrogates.
* tests: Fix a potential crash during tests
   2014-07-06 15:52:02 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (7)
Log message:
Update to 3.12.2

3.12.2  26-May-2014
        - PEP8 fixes (Simon Feltman)
        - Python 3.4 make check fixes (Simon Feltman) (#730411)

3.12.1  14-Apr-2014
        - Fix crash with type checking invalid GObject arguments
          (Simon Feltman) (#727604)
        - Do not leak info of destroy notify (Paolo Borelli)

3.12.0  24-Mar-2014

3.11.92 17-Mar-2014
        - configure.ac: Remove option to build without libffi (Simon Feltman)
        - docs: Standardize Python doc strings (Simon Feltman)
        - Fix reference leaks with (transfer full) foreign struct returns
          (Owen W. Taylor) (#726206)

3.11.91 03-Mar-2014
        - Use ffi_call directly instead of g_callable_info_invoke
          (Simon Feltman) (#723642)
        - configure.ac: Use -std=c90 and error on declaration-after-statement
          (Simon Feltman)
        - Fix Build on Visual Studio (Chun-wei Fan) (#725122)

3.11.90 17-Feb-2014
        - Use GObject type checking for instance arguments (Simon Feltman) (#724009)
        - configure.ac: post release version bump to 3.11.90 (Simon Feltman)

3.11.5  03-Feb-2014
        - cache refactoring: Move all cache marshalers into files based on type
          (Simon Feltman) (#709700)
        - tests: Add test for an owned boxed struct passed in a callback
          (Mike Gorse) (#722899)
        - build: Add --without-common configure option for package maintainers
          (Patrick Welche) (#721646)
        - demo: Add TreeModel interface implementation demonstration
          (Simon Feltman)
        - build: Set PLATFORM_VERSION again to 3.0 (Colin Walters)
        - tests: Run PyFlakes and PEP8 only on SUBDIRS (Simon Feltman)
        - Merge static PyGLib and PyGObject modules into PyGI
          (Simon Feltman) (#712197)
        - Add test for callback user data arguments with following arguments
          (Martin Pitt) (#722104)

3.11.4  13-Jan-2014
        - overrides: Fix __repr__ for various Gdk structs (Simon Feltman)
        - Add enum and flags member methods (Simon Feltman) (#693099)
        - python.m4: g/c JD_PYTHON_CHECK_VERSION (Patrick Welche) (#721662)
        - Support union creation with PyGIStruct (Simon Feltman)
        - docs: List constructors in object and struct doc strings
          (Simon Feltman) (#708060)
        - docs: Fix array length argument skipping with preceding out arguments
        - docs: Add return values and skip implicit out arguments in functions
          (Simon Feltman) (#697356)
        - docs: Skip implicit array length args when building function doc
          strings (Simon Feltman) (#697356)
        - gtk-demo: Add CSS demos (Gian Mario Tagliaretti) (#719722)
        - build: Avoid clash between gi/types.py and stdlib
          (Colin Watson) (#721025)

3.11.3  16-Dec-2013
        - Replace usage of PyGIBoxed_Type with PyGIStruct_Type
          (Simon Feltman) (#581525)

3.11.2  17-Nov-2013
        - gkt-demo: Change main info/source notebook into a GtkStack (Simon Feltman)
        - Add deprecation warnings and cleanup class initializer overrides \ 
(Simon Feltman) (#705810)
        - Fix dir method for static GParamSpec in Python 3 (Simon Feltman)
        - Remove overzealous argument checking for callback userdata (Simon \ 
Feltman) (#711173)

3.11.1  28-Oct-2013
        - Fix toggleref safety problems by always enabling the GIL
	  (Simon Feltman) (#709223)
	- Add consistent GLib.MainLoop SIGINT cleanup (Simon Feltman) (#710978)
        - docs: Add a keyword value of None for allow-none annotations
	  (Simon Feltman) (#640812)
	- Remove overrides for supporting pre-3.10 GObject signal functions
	  (Simon Feltman)
	- Add threads_init back as a requirement for non-Python threaded repos
	  (Simon Feltman) (#710447)
	- Add dir method to GObject props accessor (Simon Feltman) (#705754)
        - Remove PyGObjectWeakRef now that g_binding_unbind exists
	  (Simon Feltman) (#699571)
        - Fix lots of memory leaks leaks (Simon Feltman) (#693402, #709397)
        - Add support for variable user data arguments (Simon Feltman) (#640812)
        - Bump glib and g-i dependencies to latest stable. (Martin Pitt)
	- Fix TypeError when setting drag target_list to None (Nuno Araujo)
	- Use qdata for wrapper retrieval in toggle reference notifications
	  (Simon Feltman) (#709223)
        - Expose all GI enum and flags types (Simon Feltman) (#709008)
        - Add support for default arguments annotated with allow-none
	  (Simon Feltman) (#640812)
	- Refactor argument cache handling (Simon Feltman) (#640812)
        - Remove support for allowing PyObjects as void pointers
	  (Simon Feltman) (#688081)
   2014-02-12 19:06:05 by Matthias Drochner | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
py-gobject3-common is thought to be Python version independent, so it
should not keep a runtime dependency on a specific Python version.
Make Python a build-time dependency for py-gobject3-common (not really
needed, just to satisfy the "configure" script) and move some
dependencies into py-gobject3/Makefile