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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.8.2, Package name: spdlog-1.8.2, Maintainer: ryoon

Very fast, header-only/compiled, C++ logging library.

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SHA1: 4437f350ca7fa89a0cd8faca1198afb36823f775
RMD160: db24b8bc46c2cfcfb76c71c8040f32f884d0ffbf
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   2021-01-04 13:03:24 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
spdlog: update to 1.8.2.

    Bump fmt to version 7.1.3
    Download automatically googlebenchmark for bench tests (#1709) Thanks @kitattyor.
    Add CPack debian package settings (#1712) and fix typo in comment (#1711). \ 
Thanks @ChristofKaufmann.
    Perfect forwarding fmt arguments (#1726). Thanks @dkavolis.
    Fix dup_filter_sink to log current log call's level, instead of the filtered \ 
log call's level (#1710). Thanks @Tridacnid for reporting.
    Ability to get size of messages queue of async thread pool (#1735) Thanks \ 
    Add missing include (#1742). Thanks @jwittbrodt.
    Updated bin_to_hex example in the readme (#1744). Thanks @ArnaudBienner.
    Fix async periodic flush test (#1749). Thanks @bluescarni.
   2020-10-06 11:25:26 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
spdlog: update to 1.8.1.


    Fixed load_env_levels() and load_argv_levels() #1680 (thanks @Tridacnid ).
    Fixed stdout sink that produced extra carriage returns on Windows #1675 \ 
(thanks @chris-t-w ).
    Fixed msvc_sink including windows.h #1667 (thanks @Ryan-rsm-McKenzie).
    Fixed stopwatch's clock to use chrono::steady_clock #1676 (thanks @SuperWig).
    Added support for Rcpp (R cpp compiler) #1685 (thanks @eddelbuettel).


    Upgraded bundled fmt to version 7.0.3.
    New stopwatch utility for quick & easy logging of elapsed time.
    Raised CMake requirement to 3.10 and cleanup CMakeLists.txt (#1624). Thanks \ 
    Added get_level() and should_log() functions to the spdlog:: namespace \ 
(#1628). Thanks @eyalroz.
    Fixed tcp_client for macOS (#1640). Thanks @dkruempe.
    Fixed cfg::load_env_levels() function declaration (#1651). Thanks @bareya.
    Updated Fedora install info in the readme (#1653). Thanks @gk6k6k.
    Fixed #1617 (aligned function pattern flag is broken). Thanks @VelocityRa \ 
for reporting.
    Fixed #1581 (compiling under msys in win10).
   2020-08-24 10:44:56 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
spdlog: update to 1.7.0.

* Support for using external fmt version 7.x (bundled version is 6.2.1). Thanks \ 
@candrews .(22bee81).
* Fixed to_hex segmentation fault (#1611, 19f2804). Thanks @vitaut, @xvitaly, \ 
@kekePower and @lgbaldoni.
* Support for FMT_STRING compile time checking. Thanks @Tridacnid (30ee690).
* Fixed shared library building failure on Windows with non MSVC. Thanks \ 
@podsvirov (fe97a03).
* Fixed mingw testcase. Thanks @podsvirov (075dcee).
* Clean CMakeLists.txt. Thanks @Pospelove (cf55e5d).
   2020-06-05 13:22:44 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
spdlog: Update to 1.6.1

    Fixed deadlock in daily_file_sink that happened while cleaning older files. \ 
Thanks @IIFE for reporting(#1570) and for fixing(#1571).

    Fixed ringbuffer_sink::last_raw() and ringbuffer_sink::last_formatted() that \ 
didn't return latest elements. Thanks @vekkuli for reporting and fixing (#1563).

    Fixed missing symbol wstr_to_utf8buf(..) in windows dll build. Thanks \ 
@haquocviet for reporting (#1569).

    Bumped bundled fmt to version 6.2.1.

What's new

    Load log levels from environment variable SPDLOG_LEVEL :

#include "spdlog/cfg/env.h"

$ # set log level to debug
$  SPDLOG_LEVEL=debug && ./example

$ # set to info except for mylogger which is set to trace:
$ SPDLOG_LEVEL=info,mylogger=trace  && ./example

$ # turn off all logging except for mylogger which is set to debug::
$ SPDLOG_LEVEL=off,mylogger=debug && ./example

    Load log levels from argv (e.g. ./example SPDLOG_LEVEL=debug):

#include "spdlog/cfg/argv.h"
spdlog::cfg::load_argv_levels(argc, argv);

    New windows eventlog sink . Thanks @ban-dana (#1418).

    New tcp sink that sends log messages in tcp to a remote server. Thanks \ 
@Proheeler (#1426).

    Extend spdlog with your own flags in the log pattern. See wiki for details.

    Support for building spdlog as dll under windows. Thanks vejmartin (#1467, \ 
3b73278, 5b3a183).

    Bump the bundled fmt version to 6.2.0 .

Fixes and Improvements

    Prevent race condition when SPDLOG_PREVENT_CHILD_FD is defined. Thanks \ 
@dominicpoeschko (#1423).

    Fix race condition in the filename() function in the file sinks. Thanks \ 
@tt4g (#1430, #1431).

    Fix ansicolor_sink::set_color(..) - can cause memory violation if user \ 
provides a custom color code that points to stack memory (#1540, 0b36d4e). \ 
Thanks @caizongchao for reporting.

    Fix potential buffer overflow in color_sinks if creating multiple color \ 
sinks in the same logger and one of them has a pattern without color flags \ 
(#1452, 64de880). Thanks @dominicpoeschko for reporting.

    Optimize cases when string_view is passed to the logger to avoid unnecessary \ 
fmt::format. Thanks dominicpoeschko (#1424) .

    Support for max files in daily logger - delete oldest files after creating \ 
the daily file. Thanks @ruoshui1314 (#1394).

    Fix deprecated warning with C++14 and external fmt lib (#1439). Thanks \ 
@ClausKlein for reporting.

    Optimize colos sinks to use std::array instead of map to find color codes \ 
(695912c, 4b7c059). Thanks @qis for the suggestion.

    Fix Win32 event log sink compilation. Thanks @Crunkle (#1444).

    Don't include windows.h in common.h. Thanks @ghost (#1453).

    Resolve erroneous clang-tidy warning about using a moved from pointer. \ 
Thanks @Ruffel (#1457).

    Fixed numerous clang-tidy warnings.

    Added options to to_hex to output hex like hexdump. Thanks @ngugcx (#1472).

    Fix Windows setenv check. Thanks @Crunkle (#1475).

    Removed the 'SPDLOG_NO_NAME` macro in tweakme.h and cmake.

    Added a forward declaration header spdlog\fwd.h . Thanks @horenmar for the \ 
suggestion (#1481).

    Moved throw to dedicated function to optimize compile-time and \ 
runtime-performance. Thanks @horenmar for the suggestion (#1483).

    Fix a build issue when SPDLOG_PREVENT_CHILD_FD is defined. Thanks @Naios (#1487).

    Fix issue with using external fmt (#1480). Thanks @nalinigans for reporting.

    Minor performance optimizations in pattern formatter (ca9c83f, 76389e0, \ 
7766bc2, d38bd13)

    Fixed on Android compilation #1527. Thanks @Bizyroth for reporting.

    Add log function to the logger API to allow logging with custom timepoint. \ 
#1521 - Thanks @ron003 .

    Fix missing exported symbol when building spdlog.dll in windows (#1535, \ 
348c438). Thanks @plmzod for reporting.

    Dropped meson support.

    Fix typos and tabs in the code. Thanks @waywardmonkeys (#1536) .

    CMake: Fix GNUInstallDirs include location Thanks @vitlav (#1407).

    CMake: workaround for Unknown extension ".c" for file issue . \ 
Thanks @niamster (#1442).

    CMake: Support CPack RPM generation. Thanks @tcraigtyler (#1451).

    CMake: Disabled extra warnings generation by default. Use \ 
SPDLOG_BUILD_WARNINGS=ON to enable again. Thanks @Glamhoth (#1503 02802af, \ 
6440733, 1f7f1c1)

    CMake: Support for precompiled headers with SPDLOG_ENABLE_PCH flag. Thanks \ 
@OlivierLDff (#1484).

    CMake: Add /WX MSVC compiler option for only if mscv compiler is used. \ 
Thanks @trondhe (#1495).

    CMake: Set minimum version of fmt to 5.3.0. Thanks @Montellese (#1525).

    CMake: Fix tabs, whitespaces and eol. Thanks @waywardmonkeys (#1537).

    Tests: removed duplicate entry for count_lines(). Thanks @emmenlau (#1417).

    Tests: don't run spdlog-utests and spdlog-utests-ho in parallel. Thanks \ 
@tt4g (#1421).

    Tests: Enable running the tests against an installed copy of spdlog. Thanks \ 
@mr-c (#1422).

    Tests: Support empty SPDLOG_EOL. Thanks @emmenlau (#1414).

    README: add conda as a supported package manager . Thanks @avrahamshukron \ 

    README: Replace yaourt with yay` pacakge manage for archlinux. Thanks \ 
@zyansheep (#1494).
   2020-02-07 13:08:40 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
spdlog: Fix typo in DESCR

Pointed out by pgoyette@. Thank you.
   2020-02-05 14:32:27 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (5)
Log message:
devel/spdlog: import spdlog-1.5.0

Very fast, header-only/compipled, C++ logging library.