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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 5.4nb1, Package name: fmsx-5.4nb1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

fMSX is a portable emulator of MSX home computers written in C. You
can always get the latest fMSX source code and support files from


MSX is an old Z80-based family of home computers which appeared in
1982 as an attempt to establish a single standard in home computing
similar to VHS in video. They were popular in Asian (Korea, Japan) and
South American (Brazil, Chile) countries as well as in Europe
(Netherlands, France, Spain) and former Soviet Union, but they are
virtually unknown in USA. Although MSX standard quietly died to year
1988, the world got to see MSX2, MSX2+, and TurboR extensions of the

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[pkgtools/x11-links] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

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*: revbump for libsndfile
   2020-03-23 19:54:51 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
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fmsx: Update to 5.4

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As a side-effect of migrating the homepages, pkglint also fixed a few
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Recursive revbump from audio/pulseaudio
   2018-04-09 18:19:12 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (13) | Package updated
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Update to 5.3

* Tarball does not contain ROM files anymore
* Use pulseaudio for audio output

New in fMSX 5.3

    Added remaining time display during replay.
    Stopping replay when emulation reset or state loaded.
    Fixed replay rollover mechanism.
    Added shadow underneath the time display.
    Compiled fMSX-Unix with -Wall and eliminated warnings.
    Replaced -DNO_WAVE_INTERPOLATION with -DWAVE_INTERPOLATION, off by default.
    Removed old LoadSTA() and SaveSTA() code.
    Finally deprecated -DNEW_STATES.

New in fMSX 5.2

    Fixed DirectInput joysticks support in Speccy-Windows.
    Made directional pads work on XBox gamepads.

New in fMSX 5.1

    Added multiple monitor support to fMSX-Windows.
    Fixed disappearing window in fMSX-Windows.
    Fixed best full-screen mode detection in fMSX-Windows.
    Fixed window flicker that appeared after recent Win10 updates.
    Moved disk and cartridge options to "Hardware" menu in fMSX-Windows.
    Switched fMSX-Linux to using PulseAudio sound.
    Updated old PulseAudio driver for 64bit Linux.

New in fMSX 5.0

    Switched to microseconds in the AY8910 PSG emulation.
    Now updating, rendering, and playing sound every 8 scanlines.
    The PLAY "S8M90O6G" MML test works now.
    Added support for DirectInput joysticks to fMSX-Windows.
    Fixed crash when changing audio sampling rate in fMSX-Windows.

New in fMSX 4.9

    Moved input settings to the "Input" menu in fMSX-Windows.
    Added "Draw 65% Frames" option to fMSX-Windows.
    Fixed screen updates after changing scaling algorithm in fMSX-Windows.
    Fixed "Force 4:3 Screen" option in TEXT80 screen mode.
    Fixed "Load MSXDOS2 ROM" option in fMSX-Windows.
    Fixed "Hit MIDI Drums" option in fMSX-Windows.
    Now computing MIDI volume by waveform analysis.
    Corrected MIDI drums volume in AY8910 emulation.
    Fixed MIDI keyboard click in fMSX-Windows.

New in fMSX 4.8

    Fixed loading of BASIC-only cartridges (Danger X4, Crazy Bullet, etc).
    Added a hack to ignore bad writes to ASCII16 MegaROM mapper (Vaxol).
    Added "Interpolate Video | Nearest Neighbor" option to fMSX-Windows.
    fMSX-Windows will not overwrite last loaded file name with other names.
    Added "Force 4:3 Screen" option to fMSX-Windows.
    Added -4x3 command line option to fMSX-Unix.
    Fixed file associations on Windows 8+.
    Slightly rearranged Windows menus.

New in fMSX 4.7

    Added Scale2X scaling algorithm.
    Added Monochrome, Green, Amber, and Sepia CRT emulation.
    Added -scale2x and -raster command line options.
    Added -mono, -sepia, -green, and -amber command line options.
    EMULib-specific command line options now processed inside EMULib.
    Added "Scale2x Algorithm" and "LCD Raster" options on \ 
    Renamed "Color Raster" menu to "Color Filter" on Windows.
    Deprecated -notv and -nolcd command line options.

New in fMSX 4.6

    Enabled magnified sprites (Jawbreaker, Stray Cat, F-Zeru, Triumph).
    Fixed sprite collision detection, especially in BASIC games.
    Added collision detection even on transparent sprites.
    Now stopping collision detection when Y=216 in SCREEN 4-8.
    Now setting lower VDPStatus bits to the last tested sprite.

New in fMSX 4.5

    Changed VDP VRAM access logic to comply with TMS9918 datasheet.

New in fMSX 4.4

    Added special effects simulating individual pixel components.
    Added EPX and EAGLE image scaling algorithms.
    Merged scanline options into "Simulate Scanlines" in fMSX-Windows.
    Merged scaling options into "Interpolate Video" in fMSX-Windows.
    Added "Clear File Associations" option to fMSX-Windows.
    Added "Play Sound When Inactive" option to fMSX-Windows.
    Added "Apply Color Raster" submenu to fMSX-Windows.
    Added -rgb and -cmy command line options.
    Added -epx and -eagle command line options.

New in fMSX 4.3

    Added instant replay function (press [F8]) that "rewinds" gameplay.
    Switched to the new state saving code.
    Built-in menu now available when pressing [F10].
    Built-in debugger now available when pressing [CTRL]+[F10].
    Fixed a memory corruption bug in the instant replay recorder.
    Fixed instant replay not recording the first state.

New in fMSX 4.2

    Added Cheat Hunter tool, press F8 and select "Search Cheats".
    Removed waveform interpolation for more realistic sound.
    Changed PSG noise to be more realistic.
    Switched fMSX-Windows to Direct3D textures-based rendering.
    Added -lcd and -nolcd command line options.
    Added "Video | Stretch Full Screen" option to fMSX-Windows.
    Added "Hardware | Debugger" option to fMSX-Windows.
    Added "Help | MSX.ORG Site" option to fMSX-Windows.
    Added "Help | MSX.ORG Forums" option to fMSX-Windows.

New in fMSX 4.0

    Added custom palettes. To make a custom palette for Game.rom, create \ 
Game.pal containing 16 #RRGGBB values, one per line. This palette file will be \ 
loaded automatically.
    Added cheat codes. To make cheat codes for Game.rom, create Game.cht \ 
containing codes in 00AAAAAA-DD and 00AAAAAA-DDDD formats, one per line. The \ 
cheat file will be loaded automatically.
    AAAAAA is the ROM address and DD is the value to write there. For 16bit \ 
values, use DDDD.
    To enable cheat codes, select "Hardware | Cheats" in fMSX-Windows, \ 
or press F8 and select "Cheats | Enable".
    To edit cheat codes, press F8 and select "Cheats".

New in fMSX 3.9

    Majorly improved AY8910 PSG emulation.
    Added support for .MX1/.MX2 ROM files.
    Set precise CPU, VDP, and PSG frequences.
    Switched to table-based PSG envelopes.
    Switched to logarithmic PSG volumes.
    Fixed white noise frequency computation.
    Adjusted noise to be 50% of the melodic volume.
    Adjusted PSG envelopes length.
    Fixed recognition of multiple file extensions.

New in fMSX 3.8

    Added support for tape images, supplied in *.CAS files.
    Implemented 5th/9th sprite fields in the VDP status register.
    No longer clearing VRAM address latch when reading VDP status.
    Added tape operations to the built-in menu.
    Added "Simulate LCD Scanlines" menu option to fMSX-Windows.
    Added "Load Tape Image" menu option to fMSX-Windows.
    Added "Rewind Tape" menu option to fMSX-Windows.
    Fixed "Documentation" menu option to fMSX-Windows.

New in fMSX 3.7

    fMSX-Windows is now free!
    Added accurate R register emulation, many protected boot loaders run now.
    Added accurate LDIR/LDDR emulation, more protected boot loaders run now.
    Added undocumented opcode 71h to the Z80 emulation.
    Added more realistic "LD R,A" opcode to the Z80 emulation.
    Added cartridge type lookup by its SHA1 checksum, as listed in the CARTS.SHA \ 
    Updated EMULib to a newer, more stable version.
    Switched fMSX-Windows version to use Direct3D in full-screen mode.
    Added proper Windows joystick support.
    Now properly restoring full-screen mode in fMSX-Windows.
    Fixed a bug in fMSX-Unix that corrupted memory on most platforms but, for \ 
some reason, not on Ubuntu Linux.
    Added a separate Rules.Solaris make rules file. Include this file into your \ 
Makefile instead of Rules.Unix to compile for Solaris and don't forget about \ 
removing -DLSB_FIRST on SPARC hardware.
    Fixed compilation warnings when compiling fMSX with CLANG.
   2017-03-23 18:07:02 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (219)
Log message:
Extend SHA512 checksums to various files I have on my local distfile