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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.31nb1, Package name: hledger-1.31nb1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

This is hledger's command-line interface. Its basic function is to
read a plain text file describing financial transactions and produce
useful reports.

hledger is a computer program for easily tracking money, time, or
other commodities, on unix, mac and windows (and web-capable mobile
devices, to some extent).

It is first a command-line tool, but there are also terminal and web
interfaces, and a Haskell library
(http://hackage.haskell.org/package/hledger-lib) for building your own
programs and scripts (hledger is written in Haskell). hledger was
inspired by and is largely compatible with Ledger. hledger is free
software available under the GNU General Public License v3+.

hledger aims to help both computer experts and regular folks to gain
clarity and control in their finances and time management, but
currently it is a bit more suited to techies.

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Revbump all Haskell after updating lang/ghc96
   2023-10-31 17:03:11 by Masatake Daimon | Files touched by this commit (3)
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finance/hledger: Update to 1.31

The change log is too long to paste here. See
   2023-10-09 06:55:01 by Masatake Daimon | Files touched by this commit (988)
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Bump Haskell packages after updating lang/ghc94
   2023-01-27 18:44:38 by Masatake Daimon | Files touched by this commit (1)
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finance/hledger: Remove dependencies that are no longer used, also support \ 
"make test"
   2023-01-24 02:13:10 by Taylor R Campbell | Files touched by this commit (9)
Log message:
hledger, hledger-lib: Update to 1.28

* hledger 1.28 2022-12-01


- The `accounts` command has new flags: `--undeclared` (show accounts used but \ 
not declared), `--unused` (show accounts declared but not used),  and `--find` \ 
(find the first account matched by the first command argument, a convenience for \ 
scripts). Also `-u` and `-d` short flags have been added for `--used` and \ 

- A new CSV rule `intra-day-reversed` helps generate transactions in correct \ 
order with CSVs where records are reversed within each day.

- CSV rules can now correctly convert CSV date-times with a implicit or explicit \ 
timezone to dates in your local timezone. Previously, CSV date-times with a \ 
different time zone from yours could convert to off-by-one
  dates, because the CSV's timezone was ignored.

  1. When a CSV has date-times with an implicit timezone different from yours, \ 
you can use the `timezone` rule to declare it.

  2. CSV date-times with a known timezone (either declared by `timezone` or \ 
parsed with `%Z`) will be localised to the system timezone
     (or to the timezone set with the `TZ` environment variable).



- print --match now respects -o and -O.

- print --match now returns a non-zero exit code when there is no acceptable match.

- Support megaparsec 9.3. (Felix Yan)

- Support GHC 9.4.


- In CSV rules, when assigning a parenthesised account name to   `accountN`, \ 
extra whitespace is now ignored, allowing unbalanced postings to be detected \ 


- bin/hledger-move helps record transfers involving subaccounts and costs,
  eg when withdrawing some or all of an investment balance containing many lots \ 
and costs.

- bin/hledger-git no longer uses the non-existent git record command.
  (#1942) (Patrick Fiaux)

- bin/watchaccounts is a small shell script for watching the account tree as you \ 
make changes.

* hledger 1.27.1 2022-09-18


- Balance commands using `-T -O html` no longer fail with an error
  when there is no data to report.

* hledger 1.27 2022-09-01


- `hledger check recentassertions` (and flycheck-hledger in Emacs if
  you enable this check) requires that all balance-asserted accounts
  have a balance assertion within 7 days before their latest posting.

  This helps remind you to not only record transactions, but also to
  regularly check account balances against the real world, to catch
  errors sooner and avoid a time-consuming hunt.

- The --infer-costs general flag has been added, as the inverse
  operation to --infer-equity.  --infer-costs detects commodity
  conversion transactions which have been written with equity
  conversion postings (the traditional accounting notation) and adds
  PTA cost notation (@@) to them (allowing cost reporting).
  See https://hledger.org/hledger.html#equity-conversion-postings .
  (Stephen Morgan)


- Many error messages have been improved. Most error messages now use
  a consistent, more informative format.

- The accounts command has a new --directives flag which makes it
  show valid account directives which you can paste into a journal.

- The accounts command has a new --positions flag which shows where
  accounts were declared, useful for troubleshooting.

- Bump lower bounds for Diff and githash. (Andrew Lelechenko)

- GHC 8.6 and 8.8 are no longer supported. Building hledger now
  requires GHC 8.10 or greater.


- Account display order is now calculated correctly even when accounts
  are declared in multiple files.

- At --debug 5 and up, account declarations info is logged.

- hledger aregister and hledger-ui now show transactions correctly
  when there is a type: query.

- bal: Allow cumulative gain and valuechange reports.
  Previously, --cumulative with --gain or --valuechange would produce an
  empty report. This fixes this issue to produce a reasonable report.
  (Stephen Morgan)

- bal: budget goal amounts now respect -c styles (fixes #1907)

- bal: budget goals now respect -H (#1879)

- bal: budget goals were ignoring rule-specified start date

- cf/bs/is: Fixed non-display of child accounts when there is an
  intervening account of another type.
  (#1921) (Stephen Morgan)

- roi: make sure empty cashflows are skipped when determining first cashflow \ 
(Charlotte Van Petegem)
  Empty cashflows are added when the begin date of the report is before the first


- https://hledger.org/scripts.html - an overview of scripts and addons in bin/.

- paypaljson, paypaljson2csv - download txns from paypal API

- hledger-check-postable.hs - check that no postings are made to accounts with a \ 
postable:(n|no) tag

- hledger-addon-example.hs - script template

* hledger 1.26.1 2022-07-11

- require safe 0.3.19+ to avoid deprecation warning

* hledger 1.26 2022-06-04


- `register` and `aregister` have been made faster, by

  - considering only the first 1000 items for choosing column
    widths. You can restore the old behaviour (guaranteed alignment
    across all items) with the new `--align-all` flag.
    ([#1839](https://github.com/simonmichael/hledger/issues/1839), Stephen Morgan)

  - discarding cost data more aggressively, giving big speedups for
    large journals with many costs.
  	([#1828](https://github.com/simonmichael/hledger/issues/1828), Stephen Morgan)

- Most error messages from the journal reader and the `check` command now use
  a consistent layout, with an "Error:" prefix, line and column numbers,
  and an excerpt highlighting the problem. Work in progress.
  ([#1436](https://github.com/simonmichael/hledger/issues/1436)) (Simon Michael, \ 
Stephen Morgan)

- `hledger check ordereddates` now always checks all transactions
  (previously it could be restricted by query arguments).

- The `--pivot` option now supports a `status` argument, to pivot on transaction \ 

- Update bash completions (Jakob Schöttl)


- Value reports with `--date2` and a report interval (like `hledger bal -VM --date2`)
  were failing with a "expected all spans to have an end date" error \ 
since 1.22;
  this is now fixed.
  ([#1851](https://github.com/simonmichael/hledger/issues/1851), Stephen Morgan)

- In CSV rules, interpolation of a non-existent field like `%999` or `%nosuchfield`
  is now ignored (previously it inserted that literal text).
  Note this means such an error will not be reported;
  Simon chose this as the more convenient behaviour when converting CSV.
  ([#1803](https://github.com/simonmichael/hledger/issues/1803), \ 
[#1814](https://github.com/simonmichael/hledger/issues/1814)) (Stephen Morgan)

- `--infer-market-price` was inferring a negative price when selling.
  ([#1813](https://github.com/simonmichael/hledger/issues/1813), Stephen Morgan)

- Allow an escaped forward slash in regular expression account aliases.
  ([#982](https://github.com/simonmichael/hledger/issues/982), Stephen Morgan)

- The `tags` command now also lists tags from unused account declarations.
  It also has improved command-line help layout.

- `hledger accounts` now shows its debug output at a more appropriate level (4).

* hledger 1.25 2022-03-04

Breaking changes

- Journal format's `account NAME  TYPECODE` syntax, deprecated in 1.13, has been \ 
  Please use `account NAME  ; type:TYPECODE` instead.
  (Stephen Morgan)

- The rule for auto-detecting "cash" (liquid asset) accounts in the \ 
`cashflow` report
  has changed: it's now "all accounts under a top-level `asset` account, with
  `cash`, `bank`, `checking` or `saving` in their name" (case insensitive, \ 
variations allowed).
  So if you see a change in your `cashflow` reports, you might need to add
  `account` directives with `type:C` tags, declaring your top-most cash accounts.


- The new `type:TYPECODES` query matches accounts by their accounting type.
  Account types are declared with a `type:` tag in account directives,
  or inferred from common english account names, or inherited from parent accounts,
  as described at [Declaring accounts > Account types].
  This generalises the account type detection of `balancesheet`, \ 
`incomestatement` etc.,
  so you can now select accounts by type without needing fragile account name \ 
  Also, the `accounts` command has a new `--types` flag to show account types.

      hledger bal type:AL  # balance report showing assets and liabilities
      hledger reg type:x   # register of all expenses
      hledger acc --types  # list accounts and their types

  (Simon Michael, Stephen Morgan)

- The `tag:` query can now also match account tags, as defined in account directives.
  Subaccounts inherit tags from their parents.
  Accounts, postings and transactions can be filtered by account tag.

- The new `--infer-equity` flag replaces the `@`/`@@` price notation in commodity
  conversion transactions with more correct equity postings (when not using \ 
  This makes these transactions fully balanced, and preserves the accounting \ 
  For example:

        a             1 AAA @@ 2 BBB
        b            -2 BBB

      $ hledger print --infer-equity
        a                               1 AAA
        equity:conversion:AAA-BBB:AAA  -1 AAA
        equity:conversion:AAA-BBB:BBB   2 BBB
        b                              -2 BBB

  `equity:conversion` is the account used by default. To use a different account,
  declare it with an account directive and the new `V` (`Conversion`) account type.

      account Equity:Trading    ; type:V

  ([#1554](https://github.com/simonmichael/hledger/issues/1554)) (Stephen \ 
Morgan, Simon Michael)

- Balance commands (`bal`, `bs` etc.) can now generate easy-to-process \ 
"tidy" CSV data
  with `-O csv --layout tidy`.
  In tidy data, every variable is a column and each row represents a single data \ 
  (cf <https://vita.had.co.nz/papers/tidy-data.html>).
  (Stephen Morgan)


- Strict mode (`-s/--strict`) now also checks periodic transactions (`--forecast`)
  and auto postings (`--auto`).
  ([#1810](https://github.com/simonmichael/hledger/issues/1810)) (Stephen Morgan)

- `hledger check commodities` now always accepts zero amounts which have no \ 
commodity symbol.
  ([#1767](https://github.com/simonmichael/hledger/issues/1767)) (Stephen Morgan)

- Relative [smart dates](hledger.html#smart-dates) may now specify an arbitrary \ 
number of some period into the future or past).
  Some examples:
  - `in 5 days`
  - `in -6 months`
  - `5 weeks ahead`
  - `2 quarters ago`

  (Stephen Morgan)

- CSV output now always disables digit group marks (eg, thousands separators),
  making it more machine readable by default.
  ([#1771](https://github.com/simonmichael/hledger/issues/1771)) (Stephen Morgan)

- Unicode may now be used in field names/references in CSV rules files.
  ([#1809](https://github.com/simonmichael/hledger/issues/1809)) (Stephen Morgan)

- Error messages improved:
  - Balance assignments
  - aregister
  - Command line parsing (less "user error")


- `--layout=bare` no longer shows a commodity symbol for zero amounts.
  ([#1789](https://github.com/simonmichael/hledger/issues/1789)) (Stephen Morgan)

- `balance --budget` no longer elides boring parents of unbudgeted accounts
  if they have a budget.
  ([#1800](https://github.com/simonmichael/hledger/issues/1800)) (Stephen Morgan)

- `roi` now reports TWR correctly

  - when there are several PnL changes occurring on a single day
  - and also when investment is fully sold/withdrawn/discounted at the end of a \ 
particular reporting period.

  ([#1791](https://github.com/simonmichael/hledger/issues/1791)) (Dmitry Astapov)


- There is a new CONVERSION & COST section, replacing COSTING.

- Some problematic interactions of account aliases with other features have been \ 

- Updated: [Declaring accounts > Account \ 

* hledger-lib 1.28 2022-12-01

- Hledger.Utils.Debug's debug logging helpers have been unified.
  The "trace or log" functions log to stderr by default, or to a file
  if ",logging" is appended to the program name (using withProgName).
  The debug log file is PROGNAME.log (changed from debug.log).

- Moved from Hledger.Utils.Debug to Hledger.Utils.Parse:

- Moved from Hledger.Utils.Debug to Hledger.Utils.Print:

- Rename Hledger.Utils.Print -> Hledger.Utils.IO, consolidate utils there.

- Hledger.Utils cleaned up.

- Hledger.Data.Amount: showMixedAmountOneLine now also shows costs.
  Note that different costs are kept separate in amount arithmetic.

- Hledger.Read.Common: rename/add amount parsing helpers.



- Hledger.Utils.Parse:
  export customErrorBundlePretty,
  for pretty-printing hledger parse errors.

- Support megaparsec 9.3. (Felix Yan)

- Support GHC 9.4.

- Update cabal files to match hpack 0.35/stack 2.9

* hledger-lib 1.27 2022-09-01

Breaking changes

- Support for GHC 8.6 and 8.8 has been dropped.
  hledger now requires GHC 8.10 or newer.

- Hledger.Data.Amount: `amount` has been dropped; use `nullamt` instead.

- journal*AccountQuery functions have been dropped; use a type: query instead.
  cbcsubreportquery no longer takes Journal as an argument.

Misc. changes

- Hledger.Utils.Debug now re-exports Debug.Breakpoint from the
  breakpoint library, so that breakpoint's helpers can be used easily
  during development.

- Hledger.Utils.Debug:
  dlog has been replaced by more reliable functions for debug-logging
  to a file (useful for debugging TUI apps like hledger-ui):


- Hledger.Utils.Debug: pprint' and pshow' have been added,
  forcing monochrome output.

- Hledger.Utils.String: add quoteForCommandLine

- Hledger.Data.Errors: export makeBalanceAssertionErrorExcerpt

- Hledger.Utils.Parse: export HledgerParseErrors

- Debug logging from journalFilePath and the include directive will
  now show "(unknown)" instead of an empty string.

* hledger-lib 1.26.1 2022-07-11

- require safe 0.3.19+ to avoid deprecation warning

* hledger-lib 1.26 2022-06-04

Breaking changes

- readJournal, readJournalFile, readJournalFiles now return
  `ExceptT String IO a` instead of `IO (Either String a)`.
  Internally, this increases composability and avoids some ugly case handling.
  It means that these must now be evaluated with `runExceptT`.
  That can be imported from `Control.Monad.Except` in the `mtl` package,
  but `Hledger.Read` also re-exports it for convenience.

  New variants readJournal', readJournalFiles', readJournalFile' are
  also provided; these are like the old functions but more convenient,
  assuming default input options and needing one less argument.
  (Stephen Morgan)

- parseAndFinaliseJournal' (a variant of parseAndFinaliseJournal) has been removed.
  In the unlikely event you needed it in your code, you can replace:
  parseAndFinaliseJournal' parser iopts fp t
  initialiseAndParseJournal parser iopts fp t
  >>= liftEither . journalApplyAliases (aliasesFromOpts iopts)
  >>= journalFinalise iopts fp t

- Some parsers have been generalised from JournalParser to TextParser.
  (Stephen Morgan)

Misc. changes

- Allow doclayout 0.4.

- Our doctests now run with GHC 9.2+ only, to avoid doctest issues.

- Hledger.Data.JournalChecks: some Journal checks have been moved and renamed:

- Hledger.Data.Errors: new error formatting helpers

- HledgerParseErrors is a new type alias for our parse errors.
  CustomErr has been renamed to HledgerParseErrorData.

- Hledger.Query: added

- Improve ergonomics of SmartDate constructors.
  (Stephen Morgan)

- Hledger.Utils: Add a helper function numDigitsInt to get the number
  of digits in an integer, which has a surprising number of ways to
  get it wrong.
  ([#1813](https://github.com/simonmichael/hledger/issues/1813) (Stephen Morgan)

* hledger-lib 1.25 2022-03-04

- hledger-lib now builds with GHC 9.2 and latest deps.

- Journal has a new jaccounttypes map.
  The journalAccountType lookup function makes it easy to check an account's type.
  The journalTags and journalInheritedTags functions look up an account's tags.
  Functions like journalFilterPostings and journalFilterTransactions,
  and new matching functions matchesAccountExtra, matchesPostingExtra
  and matchesTransactionExtra, use these to allow more powerful matching
  that is aware of account types and tags.

- Journal has a new jdeclaredaccounttags field
  for easy lookup of account tags.
  Query.matchesTaggedAccount is a tag-aware version of matchesAccount.

- Some account name functions have moved from Hledger.Data.Posting
  to Hledger.Data.AccountName:
  accountNamePostingType, accountNameWithPostingType, accountNameWithoutPostingType,
  joinAccountNames, concatAccountNames, accountNameApplyAliases, \ 

- Renamed: CommodityLayout to Layout.
   2022-09-07 08:50:53 by Masatake Daimon | Files touched by this commit (149) | Package updated
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Recursive bump for recently updated Haskell packages
   2022-08-20 10:08:24 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (211)
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for hs-aeson, hs-vector
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