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R-rnaturalearth World Map Data from Natural Earth
R-rnaturalearthdata World Vector Map Data from Natural Earth Used in 'rnaturalearth'
R-rnaturalearthhires High Resolution World Vector Map Data from Natural Earth
R-rosm Plot Raster Map Tiles from Open Street Map and Other Sources
R-s2 Spherical Geometry Operators Using the S2 Geometry Library
R-sf Simple Features for R
R-slippymath (V) Slippy map tile tools
R-spatstat Spatial Point Pattern Analysis, Model-Fitting, Simulation, Tests Datasets for 'spatstat'
R-spatstat.explore Exploratory Data Analysis for the 'spatstat' Family
R-spatstat.geom Geometrical Functionality of the 'spatstat' Family
R-spatstat.linnet Linear Networks Functionality of the 'spatstat' Family
R-spatstat.model Parametric Statistical Modelling & Inference for the 'spatstat'
R-spatstat.random Random Generation Functionality for the 'spatstat' Family
R-spatstat.sparse Sparse Three-Dimensional Arrays and Linear Algebra Utilities
R-spatstat.utils Utility Functions for 'spatstat'
R-spData Datasets for Spatial Analysis
R-stars Spatiotemporal Arrays, Raster and Vector Data Cubes
R-terra Spatial Data Analysis
R-wellknown (V) Convert between 'WKT' and 'GeoJSON'
R-wk Lightweight well-known geometry parsing
shapelib Library for reading, writing and updating (limited) ESRI Shapefiles
spatialindex Robust spatial indexing methods
tex-pst-geo Geographical Projections
tex-pst-geo-doc Documentation for tex-pst-geo
viking Viking manages GPS data, supports OpenStreetMap and geocaching
xrmap Earth map viewer - complete
xrmap-anthems National anthems (text) for xrmap
xrmap-base Earth map viewer - base program
xrmap-data Vector data for xrmap
xrmap-factbook_html CIA factbook for xrmap (HTML)
xrmap-factbook_text CIA factbook for xrmap
xrmap-flags National flags for xrmap
xrmap-hymns National anthems (MIDI) for xrmap
xrmap-pdfmaps PDF maps for xrmap