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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.3.36nb4, Package name: GraphicsMagick-1.3.36nb4, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

GraphicsMagick(TM) provides a powerful image manipulation and
translation utility. It is capable of displaying still images and
animations using the X Window system, provides a simple interface for
interactively editing images, and is capable of importing selected
windows or the entire desktop. GraphicsMagick can read and write over
88 image formats, including JPEG, TIFF, WMF, SVG, PNG, PNM, GIF, and
Photo CD. It can resize, rotate, sharpen, color reduce, or add
special effects to the image and save the result to any supported
format. GraphicsMagick may be used to create animated or transparent
.gifs, create composite images, create thumbnail images, and much,
much, more.

GraphicsMagick is one of your choices if you need a program to
manipulate and display images. If you want to develop your own
applications which use GraphicsMagick code or APIs, you need to
install GraphicsMagick-devel as well.

Required to run:
[textproc/libxml2] [graphics/tiff] [graphics/freetype2] [graphics/png] [graphics/jpeg] [devel/libltdl] [graphics/jbigkit] [fonts/urw-fonts] [graphics/lcms2] [graphics/libwebp] [devel/pkgconf] [archivers/zstd]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

Package options: x11

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All checksums have been double-checked against existing RMD160 and
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graphicsmagick: Update to 1.3.36

1.3.36 (December 26, 2020)

Special Issues:

* None

Security Fixes:

* GraphicsMagick is participating in Google's oss-fuzz project due to
  the contributions and assistance of Alex Gaynor. Since February 4
  2018, 454 issues have been opened by oss-fuzz (some of which were
  benign build issues such as SourceForge Mercurial not working
  correctly) and 7 issues remain open (all of which are marked in an
  "unreproducible" state).  The issues list is available at
  https://bugs.chromium.org/p/oss-fuzz/issues/list under search term
  "graphicsmagick".  Issues are available for anyone to view and
  duplicate if they have been in "Verified" status for 30 days, or if
  they have been in "New" status for 90 days.  Please consult the
  GraphicsMagick ChangeLog file, Mercurial repository commit log, and
  the oss-fuzz issues list for details.

* WPG: Fixes for heap buffer overflow.

Bug fixes:

* ConstituteImage(): Set image depth appropriately based on the
  storage size specified by StorageType and QuantumDepth.

* GetImageBoundingBox(): Fix problem that MagickTrimImage with extreme
  fuzz values could produce an image with negative width.

* ImageToFile(): Improve error handling to avoid possible deferred
  deletion of temporary files, causing unexpected excessive use of
  temporary file space.

* JNG: Add validations for alpha compression method values and use
  this information to enforce decoding using the appropriate
  sub-format (rather than auto-detecting the format).  Also, address
  memory leaks which may occur if the sub-decoder does something other
  than was expected.

* MagickCondSignal(): Improvements to conditional signal handler
  registration (which avoids over-riding signal handlers previously
  registered by an API user).

* ModifyCache(): Fix memory leak.

* ReadCacheIndexes(): Don't blunder into accessing a null pointer if
  the using code has ignored a previous error report bubled-up from

* MNG: When doing image scaling and the image width or height is 1
  then always use simple pixel replication as per the MNG

* MVG: Fixes to 'push clip-path foo' and 'pop clip-path foo' parsing
  to eliminate a class of malign behavior.

* MVG: Place an aribrary limit on stroke dash polygon unit maximum
  length in order to avoid possibly rendering "forever".

* PCL: No longer attempt to handle reading HP PCL format via the
  external 'hp2xx' program since it seems worthless for that task.

* PS: Fix corrupt image when writing PseudoClass image with a colormap
  larger than two entries as bilevel.

* SVG: Memory leak fixes.

* SVG reader: Now support 'ping' support so the identify command works
  as expected.

* TIFF: WEBP compression only supports a depth of 8 so force that

* Wand MagickSetSamplingFactors(): Correct formatting of sampling
  factors string.

New Features:

* Logging is now fully programmable.

* DPX format: Support dpx:swap-samples-read define which behaves
  similar to dpx:swap-samples, but is only applied when reading, as
  well as dpx:swap-samples-write, which is only applied when
  writing. This provides for use when there is both reading and
  writing in the same operation (otherwise the final result was no

API Updates:

* magick/api.h: Add "magick/enum_strings.h" to API headers.

* New log settings accessor C functions: SetLogDefaultFileName(),
  SetLogDefaultFormat(), SetLogDefaultOutputType(),
  SetLogDefaultLogMethod(), SetLogDefaultLimit(),
  SetLogDefaultGenerations(), SetLogDefaultEventType().  These
  functions allow a program to set the same parameters which may be
  set by loading a "log.mgk" function.  If a default logging callback
  was provided via SetLogDefaultLogMethod() such that MethodOutput is
  used, then the search for a "log.mgk" is avoided entirely.

* New log settings accessor C++ functions: SetLogDefaultFileName(),
  SetLogDefaultFormat(), SetLogDefaultOutputType(),
  SetLogDefaultLogMethod(), SetLogDefaultLimit(),
  SetLogDefaultGenerations(), SetLogDefaultEventType().  These C++
  functions just pass through to the equivalent C functions and
  provide the same benefits.

Feature improvements:

* A simple resource-limit respecting memory allocator has been
  developed for internal use wherever arbitrarily-large amounts of
  memory might be requested.  This will gradually be added wherever it
  appears to be needed.  The memory resource limits are at the overall
  process level.  The MVG/SVG rendering code is updated to use this
  new allocator.  Almost all of the coders (image format
  readers/writers) have now been updated to use this new allocator.
  This means that '-limit memory 300MB' would be more complete and
  meaningful now.  Temporary allocations by the image processing
  algorithms (other than for the images themselves) are still not
  accounted for in the resource limiting.

* MVG Renderer / DrawImage(): Use resource-limit respecting memory
  allocators for remaining large memory allocations.

* PNG writer: Don't skip optional Exif identifier code if it isn't present.

* DPX reader/writer: decode/encode of 10-bit packed DPX is now twice
  as fast due to code simplification.

* TIFF reader: Apply the same resource limits to TIFF tile sizes as
  apply to the image itself.

Windows Delegate Updates/Additions:

* None

Build Changes:

* configure.ac: Update syntax to avoid using deprecated syntax
  according to Autoconf 2.69.  Also added copious m4 quoting.

* Magick++ Drawable base class no longer uses std::unary_function when
  compiled using C++'17 or later, since this feature has been removed
  from the language.

* Support the configure option --disable-compressed-files to disable
  automatic decompress of gzip and bzip2 compressed files (e.g. files
  with extension 'gz' or 'bz2', and sometimes 'svgz', but sometimes
  posing as some other format).  It turns out that there are some
  extremely compressed files (e.g. over 1000x compression ratio) which
  can take a long time to decompress and produce large temporary
  files.  We currently normally wait for the whole file to be
  decompressed before decoding it.  The only exception is for coders
  with native 'blob' support and which do not require seeking, and
  that the user forced forced the format by adding a magick prefix
  like "DPX:file.dpx" to avoid the automatic file format detection.

* Support the configure option --without-gs to disable reading PS,
  EPS, and PDF formats via an external Ghostscript delegate program.
  This corresponds to the HasGS definition in the source code.

* Support the configure option --without-gdi32 to support disabling
  use of the Microsoft Windows gdi32 library if it is not wanted.

* The Automake-based test suite now applies a memory limit of 128MB
  for the Q8, or 256MB for the Q16, or 512MB for the Q32 build, as
  well as setting a disk space limit of 0.  The limits place an upper
  bound on the resources required, while assuring that tests do pass
  with resource limits applied, while also assuring that disk-based
  pixel-cache files are not used.

Behavior Changes:

* Previously the formatting settings from "log.mgk" were only used
  when writing to a file, or to the console, via a file handle.  Now
  the log formatting has been normalized so that the settings provided
  by "log.mgk" (or SetLogDefaultFormat()) will always be used.  It is
  possible this may result in some formatting changes.

* In the Windows Visual Studio build, the ProvideDllMain option is now
  disabled by default (can still be enabled) since it causes
  InitializeMagick() to be invoked prior to when the program's main()
  routine is called, thereby blocking configuration activities or use
  of InitializeMagickEx().  With this change it is even more
  imperative that InitializeMagick() be explicitly invoked by all
  programs using GraphicsMagick.
   2020-12-04 05:56:20 by Taylor R Campbell | Files touched by this commit (391)
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Revbump for openpam cppflags change months ago, belatedly.