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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 20.0.6, Package name: MesaLib-20.0.6, Maintainer: nia

The Mesa project began as an open-source implementation of the OpenGL
specification - a system for rendering interactive 3D graphics.

Over the years the project has grown to implement more graphics APIs,
including OpenGL ES (versions 1, 2, 3), OpenCL, OpenMAX, VDPAU, VA API,
XvMC and Vulkan.

A variety of device drivers allows the Mesa libraries to be used in many
different environments ranging from software emulation to complete hardware
acceleration for modern GPUs.

Required to run:
[devel/libelf] [x11/libdrm] [x11/Xfixes] [x11/libXdamage] [x11/liboldXrandr] [x11/libxcb] [multimedia/libvdpau] [multimedia/libva] [lang/libLLVM] [x11/libxshmfence]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [x11/xcb-proto] [x11/fixesproto4] [pkgtools/cwrappers] [lang/gcc5] [x11/xorgproto] [devel/meson]

Package options: llvm, x11

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SHA1: 5bf6d97770c7f010db3ea27944cfdcda079d39c8
RMD160: 00da0ca66f22ce929798ee9ad81456d5fa052837
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   2020-05-03 13:04:46 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
MesaLib: Explicitly disable dri3 support when using an old X11_TYPE=native

Should help NetBSD 8 builds.
   2020-05-02 14:13:43 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Mesa 20.0.6
  dEQP-VK.subgroups.size_control.compute.* crashes on HSW and TGL
  piglit spec.!opengl 1.0.gl-1.0-fpexceptions crash on Iris
  SPIR-V: OpConvertUToPtr from spec constant fails to compile
  radv: Reading ViewportIndex in fragment shader returns garbage
  radeonsi: GL_LINES rendering is affected by GL_POINT_SPRITE
  [ANV] gfxbench Aztec Ruins misrenders on gen11+
  glxinfo cmd crashed
Mesa 20.0.5
  nir: nir_lower_returns can't handle nested loops
  Graphic artifacts with Mesa 20.0.4 on intel HD 510 GPU
  Mesa 20 regression makes Lightsprint demos crash
  Build Fails with Clang Shared Library
  dri_common.h:58:8: error: unknown type name '__GLXDRIdrawable'
  Graphical glitches on Intel Graphics when Xorg started on Iris driver
  SIGSEGV src/compiler/glsl/ast_function.cpp:53
  manywin aborts with "i965: Failed to submit batchbuffer: Invalid \ 
  v3d: transform feedback issue
  radv: \ 
dEQP-VK.binding_model.descriptorset_random.sets4.noarray.ubolimitlow.sbolimitlow.imglimitlow.noiub.comp.noia.0 \ 
  radv: RAVEN fails dEQP-VK.pipeline.timestamp.misc_tests.reset_query_before_copy
  enable storageBuffer16BitAccess feature in radv for SI and CIK
  Weston drm-backend.so seems to fail with Mesa master and LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1
  vaapi bob deinterlacer produces wrong output height on AMD
   2020-04-09 18:54:22 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
MesaLib: ELF TLS is broken on FreeBSD too
   2020-04-09 18:48:09 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
MesaLib: Make ELF TLS optional.
   2020-04-07 15:20:41 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
MesaLib: Update to 20.0.4

Mesa 20.0.4 reverts a serious SPIR-V regression in the 20.0.3 release.

Here is the changelog for 20.0.3:

Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho (1):
      mesa/main: Fix overflow in validation of DispatchComputeGroupSizeARB

Dylan Baker (6):
      docs/relnotes: Add sha256 sums for 20.0.2
      .pick_status.json: Update to cf62c2b2ac69637785f55b790fdd601c17e7e9d5
      .pick_status.json: Mark 672d10619980687acec329742f055f7f3796c1b8 as backported
      .pick_status.json: Mark c923de68dd0ab10a5a5fb3196f539707d046d897 as backported
      .pick_status.json: Mark 56de6f698e3f164d97f132203e8159ef0b8e9bb8 as denominated
      .pick_status.json: Update to aee004a7c8900938d1c17f0ac299d40001b383b0

Eric Engestrom (8):
      .pick_status.json: Update to 3252041a7872c49e53bb02ffe8b079b5fc43f15e
      .pick_status.json: Update to 12711939320e4fcd3a0d86af22da1042ad92035f
      .pick_status.json: Update to 05069e1f0794aadd40ce9269f858e50c64254388
      .pick_status.json: Update to 8970b7839aebefa7207c9535ac34ab4e8cc0ae25
      .pick_status.json: Update to 5f4d9b419a1c931ad468b8b22b8a95b1216891e4
      .pick_status.json: Update to 70ac7f5b0c46370075a35067c9f7dfe78e84b16d
      docs: add release notes for 20.0.3
      VERSION: bump to 20.0.3

Erik Faye-Lund (3):
      rbug: do not return void-value
      pipebuffer: clean up cast-warnings
      vtn/opencl: fully enable OpenCLstd_Clz

Francisco Jerez (1):
      intel/fs/gen12: Fix interaction of SWSB dependency combination with EU \ 
fusion workaround.

Greg V (1):
      amd/addrlib: fix build on non-x86 platforms

Ian Romanick (2):
      soft-fp64/fsat: Correctly handle NaN
      soft-fp64: Split a block that was missing a cast on a comparison

Jason Ekstrand (5):
      intel/blorp: Add support for swizzling fast-clear colors
      anv: Swizzle fast-clear values
      nir/lower_int64: Lower 8 and 16-bit downcasts with nir_lower_mov64
      anv: Account for the header in anv_state_stream_alloc
      spirv: Implement OpCopyObject and OpCopyLogical as blind copies

John Stultz (2):
      gallium: hud_context: Fix scalar initializer warning.
      vc4_bufmgr: Remove duplicative VC definition

Jordan Justen (2):
      intel: Update TGL PCI strings
      intel: Add TGL PCI ID

Lionel Landwerlin (5):
      isl: implement linear tiling row pitch requirement for display
      isl: properly filter supported display modifiers on Gen9+
      isl: only apply main surface ccs pitch constraint with CCS
      isl: drop min row pitch alignment when set by the driver
      intel: add new TGL pci ids

Marek Olšák (3):
      nir: fix clip/cull_distance_array_size in nir_lower_clip_cull_distance_arrays
      ac: fix fast division
      st/mesa: fix use of uninitialized memory due to st_nir_lower_builtin

Marek Vasut (1):
      etnaviv: Emit PE.ALPHA_COLOR_EXT* on GPUs with half-float support

Neil Armstrong (1):
      Revert "ci: Remove T820 from CI temporarily"

Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer (1):
      st/mesa: disallow deferred flush if there are multiple contexts

Rhys Perry (11):
      nir/gather_info: handle emit_vertex_with_counter
      aco: set has_divergent_branch for discards in loops
      aco: handle missing second predecessors at merge block phis
      aco: skip NIR in unreachable merge blocks
      aco: improve check for unreachable loop continue blocks
      aco: emit IR in IF's merge block instead if the other side ends in a jump
      aco: fix boolean undef regclass
      nir/gather_info: fix per-vertex handling in try_mask_partial_io
      aco: implement 64-bit VGPR constant copies in handle_operands()
      glsl: fix race in instance getters
      util/u_queue: fix race in total_jobs_size access

Rob Clark (2):
      freedreno/ir3/ra: fix array liveranges
      util: fix u_fifo_pop()

Samuel Pitoiset (7):
      radv/gfx10: fix required subgroup size with VK_EXT_subgroup_size_control
      radv/gfx10: fix required ballot size with VK_EXT_subgroup_size_control
      radv: fix optional pSizes parameter when binding streamout buffers
      radv: enable VK_KHR_8bit_storage on GFX6-GFX7
      ac/nir: use llvm.amdgcn.rcp for nir_op_frcp
      ac/nir: use llvm.amdgcn.rsq for nir_op_frsq
      ac/nir: use llvm.amdgcn.rcp in ac_build_fdiv()

Tapani Pälli (1):
      glsl: set error_emitted true if type not ok for assignment

Thomas Hellstrom (1):
      svga, winsys/svga: Fix persistent memory discard maps

Timothy Arceri (3):
      glsl: fix varying packing for 64bit integers
      nir: fix packing of TCS varyings not read by the TES
      nir: fix crash in varying packing on interface mismatch

Timur Kristóf (1):
      radv/llvm: fix subgroup shuffle for chips without bpermute
   2020-03-20 17:10:51 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
MesaLib: Update to 20.0.2

Bug fixes

     * RPCS3 / Persona 5 - Performance regression [RADV / Navi]
     * [CTS] dEQP-VK.descriptor_indexing.* fails on RADV/LLVM
     * [RadeonSI][gfx10/navi] Kerbal Space Program crash: si_draw_vbo:
       Assertion `0' failed
     * src/compiler/glsl/glcpp/glcpp-parse.y:1297: _token_print: Assertion
       `!"Error: Don't know how to print token."' failed.
     * Budget Cuts hits VK_AMD_shader_fragment_mask assert


     Andreas Baierl (1):

     * gitlab-ci: Add add a set of lima flakes

       Bas Nieuwenhuizen (2):

     * amd/llvm: Fix divergent descriptor indexing. (v3)
     * amd/llvm: Fix divergent descriptor regressions with radeonsi.

       Danylo Piliaiev (2):

     * glsl: do not crash if string literal is used outside of #include/#line
     * st/mesa: Fix signed integer overflow when using

       Dave Airlie (1):

     * gallium: fix build with latest meson and gcc10

       Dylan Baker (8):

     * docs: Add sha256sums for 20.0.1
     * .pick_status.json: Update to 07f1ef5656e0721282d01a8421eaca056348137d
     * .pick_status.json: Update to 70341d7746c177a4cd7377ef633e9f85afd11d54
     * .pick_status.json: Update to 625d8705f02e211e2733c3fe12845505725c37d4
     * .pick_status.json: Mark b83c9aca4a5fd02d920c90c1799137fed52dc1d9 as
     * .pick_status.json: Update to ee9e0d1ecae307fa48200d2604d3114070253299
     * .pick_status.json: Update to 3dd0d12aa5fefa94123269a541c94cdf57599e34
     * .pick_status.json: Update to 94e37859a96cc56cf0c5418a5af00a3e9f5a1bf5

       Eric Anholt (1):

     * glsl/tests: Fix waiting for disk_cache_put() to finish.

       Eric Engestrom (7):

     * bin/gen_release_notes.py: fix commit list command
     * .pick_status.json: Update to 24db276d11976905b2e8a44965c684bb48c3d49f
     * gen_release_notes: fix vulkan version reported
     * docs/relnotes/20.0: fix vulkan version reported
     * .pick_status.json: Update to ba03e308b66b0b88f60b99d9d47851a5e1522e6e
     * vulkan/wsi: fix cleanup when dup() fails
     * gen_release_notes: fix version in "you should wait" message

       Francisco Jerez (1):

     * intel/fs: Fix workaround for VxH indirect addressing bug under control

       Jason Ekstrand (9):

     * isl: Set 3DSTATE_DEPTH_BUFFER::Depth correctly for 3D surfaces
     * iris: Don't skip fast depth clears if the color changed
     * anv: Parse VkPhysicalDeviceFeatures2 in CreateDevice
     * vulkan/wsi: Don't leak the FD when GetImageDrmFormatModifierProperties
     * vulkan/wsi: Return an error if dup() fails
     * anv: Use the PIPE_CONTROL instead of bits for the CS stall W/A
     * anv: Use a proper end-of-pipe sync instead of just CS stall
     * anv: Do end-of-pipe sync around MCS/CCS ops instead of CS stall
     * anv: Do an end-of-pipe sync before updating AUX table entries

       José Fonseca (1):

     * meson: Avoid duplicate symbols.

       Kristian Høgsberg (2):

     * Revert "glsl: Use a simpler formula for tanh"
     * Revert "spirv: Use a simpler and more correct implementaiton of

       Marek Olšák (4):

     * Revert "mesa: check for z=0 in _mesa_Vertex3dv()"
     * radeonsi: add a bug workaround for NGG - LATE_ALLOC_GS
     * ac: add a bug workaround for the 100% NGG culling case
     * gallium/cso_context: remove cso_delete_xxx_shader helpers to fix the
       live cache

       Martin Fuzzey (3):

     * freedreno: android: fix build failure on android due to python version
     * freedreno: android: add a6xx-pack.xml.h generation to android build
     * freedreno: android: fix build of perfcounters.

       Michel Dänzer (1):

     * llvmpipe: Use uintptr_t for pointer values

       Rafael Antognolli (3):

     * anv: Wait for the GPU to be idle before invalidating the aux table.
     * iris: Split aux map initialization from invalidation.
     * iris: Wait for the GPU to be idle before invalidating the aux table.

       Rob Clark (1):

     * freedreno: fix FD_MESA_DEBUG=inorder

       Samuel Pitoiset (5):

     * aco: fix image load/store with lod and 1D images
     * nir/lower_input_attachments: remove bogus assert in
     * ac/llvm: add missing optimization barrier for 64-bit readlanes
     * radv: only inject implicit subpass dependencies if necessary
     * radv: fix random depth range unrestricted failures due to a cache

       Timur Kristóf (2):

     * nir: Add ability to lower non-const quad broadcasts to const ones.
     * radv: Enable lowering dynamic quad broadcasts.

       Vinson Lee (1):

     * st/nine: Fix incompatible-pointer-types-discards-qualifiers errors.
   2020-03-11 15:19:56 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
MesaLib: bump libdrm requirement
   2020-03-08 17:51:54 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2833)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for libffi