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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.99.12, Package name: gimp-devel-2.99.12, Maintainer: adam

Powerful image manipulation program similar to "Adobe Photoshop"[tm].
It supports layers, arbitrary image sizes and working on several images
at the same time. It comes with a lot of useful plug-ins. Missing is CMYK
support and more than 8 bits per channel.

This package contains the development version of gimp.

Package options: mng, xpm

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   2022-09-12 19:48:52 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
gimp-devel: Disable docs explicitly to prevent PLIST divergence
   2022-09-10 18:32:37 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
gimp-devel: use upstream version of patch
   2022-09-10 15:47:01 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
gimp-devel: use upstream patch for linux input detection issue
   2022-09-10 11:32:33 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
mp-devel: intltool is not needed any longer
   2022-09-10 11:24:48 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (8) | Package updated
Log message:
gimp-devel: update to 2.99.12.

Switch built to use meson.

Overview of Changes from GIMP 2.99.10 to GIMP 2.99.12


  - Added concept of "hidden item" to a GimpImage. This would allow to
    process non attached items for internal processing more easily.
  - Do not show a crosshair anymore when "Show brush outline" is
    checked and "Show pointer for paint tools" is unchecked, if the
    brush outline cannot be drawn (in which case a fallback 4-arcs
    generic outline showing the size is displayed), for instance because
    using a dynamic changing the size.
  - When both "Show brush outline" and "Show pointer for paint \ 
    are unchecked, show a minimal visual feedback of a few pixels only,
    as inconspicuous as possible, instead of a crosshair.
  - Move and reorganize pointer-related settings in Preferences from
    "Image Windows" to "Input Devices" tabs.
  - On macOS, delay opening new images dropped on the application icon
    in the dock to after GIMP is fully initialized.
  - Some code reorganization and factorization of image colormap and
    palette handling.
  - Language changes will trigger plug-in query() call at next GIMP
    restart. This allows to have strings in query() and stored in GIMP
    config being re-localized. This implies both explicit language
    changes in Preferences or system language changes when GIMP is set
    to follow system language.
  - Keyboard grab removed from the canvas display, hence getting rid of
    annoying grab permission warnings on Wayland.
  - Preferences > Display > Transparency > Check style has now a new
    option "Custom checks" allowing to select any RGB colors.
  - Full migration from intltool to gettext only.
  - The soft-proof profile, soft-proofing rendering intent and whether
    black point compensation is used when soft-proofing are now image
    data. These have also been moved to the Image menu (out of View).
    These 3 simulation data are also stored in the XCF file now.
  - Hacks on canvas rulers and statusbar added in GIMP 2.99.10 for macOS
    triggering too big redraws were removed. This depends on patches
    added to upcoming GTK+ 3.24.35.
  - CMYK color picking and sample point now use babl and the space
    specified by the soft-proof profile set on the image, if any.
  - The "Create New Image" dialog now has settings for the simulation
    profile, intent and black point compensation. This is also shown in
    templates and the "Default Image" tab in Preferences, and has been
    removed from the "Color Management" tab, because these are now first
    and foremost image data.
  - GimpColorFrame is now current image's simulation profile/intent/bpc
    aware. In other words, CMYK shown by the color picker or in sample
    point shows values in the correct simulation space (not in some
    default CMYK space).
  - A new default action to change the current brush size was mapped to
    Alt + right button click.
  - Some Preferences settings have been moved to a new Preferences >
    Canvas Interaction tab.
  - All on-canvas interactions (panning, canvas rotation, etc.) are now
    customizable in Preferences > Canvas Interaction > Modifiers tab. It
    allows to switch/change the modifiers used for an action, or even
    just remove some modifiers mapping (when you never use an action,
    e.g. some people say the canvas rotation is not useful to them).
  - GtkAction-s can also be mapped to modifiers now through the same
  - GIMP themes can now have a "gimp-dark.css" file which will be used
    if the "Use dark theme variant if available" option was checked.
  - The FG/BG editor area in the toolbox is now sized relatively to
    toolbox icon size, allowing for it to be much bigger when using big
    icons, or smaller when using small icons (which can e.g. be aligned
    on a very narrow single column for people who appreciate this


  - The "Fill by line art detection" mode of the Bucket Fill tool got
    the following improvements:
    * New "Stroke borders" option where you can select a paint tool
      (except source tools) to stroke the fill mask before filling with
      the color. The settings will be the ones as set on the
      corresponding tool (except for the color).
    * The options got reorganized in 3 sections (Line Art Detection,
      Line Art Closure and Fill Borders) and some options were reworded.
      This should hopefully make the now many options more
  - Full text layer's text size will now be changed when changing font
    size in the text editor window, when no text is selected.
  - Raise tool options before blinking specific settings widgets when
    some tools fail to work because of various tool options settings
    (e.g. selection tool cannot remove from an empty selection; warp
    tool cannot stroke; move tool cannot move because of the types of
    object to move isn't selected; and so on).

Graphical User Interface:

  - New "Drag to Zoom" mode and speed settings in Preferences. Existing
    drag-to-zoom behavior was linear depending only on pointer direction
    (which makes it more or less time-based if we consider that pointer
    events are regular). The new mode will take the actual distance
    moved into account allowing to go faster or slower by dragging
    further or not. The "speed" settings allows a finer zoom speed
    control for both the old and new modes.
  - Touchpad gesture rotation (2-finger pinch) on canvas now
    implemented. Note that rotation or scaling by pinch are exclusive so
    GIMP will detect the expected behavior through the initial movement
    and will therefore lock on either rotation or scaling for the whole
    duration of the pinch.
  - Slight tweak of the "You will have to restart GIMP" popup: the list
    now uses nicer "bullet point" characters and the nick (short
    description) is shown rather than the internal property name.
  - New soft-proof toggle in status bar to see the soft-proofing status
    and enable/disable it. It is only active when a soft-proof profile
    was set.
  - GimpContainerTreeView (e.g. Layers/Channels/Vectors dockables) now
    have zooming through ctrl+mouse wheel (for preview size).
  - GimpContainerTreeView (e.g. Layers/Channels/Vectors dockables) now
    have zooming with touchpad pinch (touchscreen pinch now kinda exists
    but is not so usable in our tests, at least on Linux through
    libinput) for preview size.
  - Gradient editor now has zooming with touchpad pinch (touchscreen
    pinch not so fancy either, at least on Linux through libinput,
    similar to GimpContainerTreeView case).
  - A new soft-proofing pop-over dialog appears when right-clicking the
    new soft-proof toggle in the status bar. It allows to view or change
    all soft-proofing related settings (whether they are associated to
    the image, such as the profile, intent or black-point compensation;
    or to the view, such as the out-of-gamut check) very easily.
  - New "Default" theme containing a dark and light variant. As the name
    implies, this theme is now made the default theme on new
  - New "Compact" theme containing a dark and light variant.

Command Line Interface:

  - Unless only one batch interpreter is available, there is no default
    interpreter anymore (it used to be script-fu). Therefore if you set
    `--batch` but not `--batch-interpreter`, GIMP will output an error
    message and will list the available interpreters.
  - GIMP will stop running the batch commands as soon as one command
    fails (it won't try the following ones).
  - A new `--quit` option allows you to quit GIMP immediately after
    running the batch commands.
  - If `--quit` is set and batch commands are run, the GIMP binary exit
    code will propagate errors from any batch failure. Exit codes are
    taken from command Linux error codes: 0 for success, 69 for service
    unavailable (e.g. setting a non-existing interpreter name), 64 for
    usage (e.g. not specifying any interpreter or calling errors), 70
    for execution errors (bugs in the interpreter plug-in) and 130 for
    canceling the call.


  - BigTIFF: our TIFF plug-in now officially supports BigTIFF import and
    * Import was actually already working transparently if you had
      a recent enough libtiff. Now the recent libtiff is enforced by
      dependency requirements.
    * Export support was added with a checkbox in the interactive dialog
      and a new "bigtiff" argument in the "file-tiff-save" PDB
    * When an interactive export of ClassicTIFF fails for the explicit
      reason of "Maximum TIFF file size exceeded", the export dialog is
      raised again with a message proposing to try again as BigTIFF or
      trying another compression algorithm.
      This allows because discoverability and understandibility of the
      issue, while not forcing BigTIFF export (since it might not be
      supported everywhere).
  - GIF: new option to specify a number of repeat for animated GIF
    (rather than single run vs. infinite loop only).
  - help-browser: rewritten to use GtkAction and GtkApplication, even
    though it's now a deprecated plug-in (though it's a good example for
    porting other plug-ins the same way).
  - PNG:
    * the format does not have any flag for linear RGB, but it can
      simply include a linear profile (or a 1.0 gAMA chunk). Therefore
      since we always attach the profile when importing (or transform
      the gAMA chunk into a profile), we now always load PNG images as
      non-linear backend.
    * Add toggle to choose PNG bit depth behavior.
  - python-fu-eval and plug-in-script-fu-eval ported to new
    GimpBatchProcedure class.
  - JPEG:
    * CMYK export is now possible. It uses the "Soft-proofing"
      profile set on the image.
    * CMYK import ported to GEGL/babl conversion. The CMYK profile in
      the JPEG image will be stored as soft-proof profile on the image.
  - WebP:
    * new option "Use Sharp YUV" available in non-lossless export.
      It renders sharper edges at the cost of a slower export.
    * On export, the "bad image dimensions" error message is now more
      accurate and tells the max dimension possible for WebP images
      (16383 as it's stored on 14 bits).
  - DDS:
    * 16-bit masks now supported.
    * DDS images with single 16-bit channel support added.
    * DDS images with 2 16-bit channels correctly converted to 16-bit
      RGB images.
    * More robust DDS loading.
    * New "Flip image" option: some game engine require a flipped image.
      Rather than flipping, exporting, unflipping process, let's have an
      option to flip the result at export time.
  - script-fu:
    * Various updates to get the API back in shape.
    * Porting doc updated.
    * "script-fu-server" was now extracted into its own separate
      plug-in so that it doesn't need to run permanently with the
      script-fu extension (could be seen as security hazard too) and it
      also makes each of these plug-ins more robust by being on their
      own process each.
    * A new `gimp-script-fu-interpreter-3.0` binary is installed
      globally to be used to create Scheme plug-ins, similarly to other
      plug-ins, in particular in the plug-ins/ directory, not the
      scripts/ directory anymore. Moreover it makes the whole script-fu
      infrastructure much more robust as script-fu individual scripts
      won't crash the whole script-fu extension any longer (they only
      crash themselves).
      Note: this is not a GObject Introspected Scheme binding, just our
      own binding based on script-fu interpreter. Script-fu plug-ins
      still don't have access to the whole of libgimp.
    * New function 'script-fu-register-filter' to declare a multi-layer
      capable script.
    * Many script-fu scripts were ported to newer API.
  - FLI:
    * Internal type usage improvements, mnemonics added, etc.
    * 1-frame animation now loaded correctly (it's not really an
      animation then, yet it should still open!).
    * Better error handling.
    * Layer names now include the delay in ms.
    * More robust FLI/FLC loading, double-checking data rather than
      assuming that the file writer properly followed the specs.
  - Several plug-ins now follow the user-set checkboard color
    preferences, when relevant.
  - RAW data:
    * Improved export dialog with better labels and ported to new dialog
      generation API.
    * Improved import dialog, ported to new dialog generation API, with
      factorized code to more easily handle more cases.
    * All the exportable formats can now be loaded back.
    * "file-raw-load" and "file-raw-save" procedures API are \ 
now much
      better with all relevant arguments.
    * "file-hgt-load" doesn't show a dialog anymore when sample spacing
      detection worked correctly since we already have all the necessary
  - WBMP: new plug-in to load WBPM image files. It is still limited
    support and doesn't support all types of WBMP images.
  - TIFF:
    * 8 and 16-bit CMYK(A) TIFF files can be exported, using the
      image soft-proof profile.
    * Imported CMYK TIFF profiles are now set as soft-proof profile
      on the image.
  - SVG: on import, when parsing fails, GIMP will propose to disable
    size parsing limitations, while explaining this has security
    implications and should only be done on SVG files from trusted
  - PSD:
    * Import now uses babl conversion inconditionally, even for CMYK
      images, using the soft-proof profile set on the image.
    * Improved error logging during load.
    * CMYK profile on a CMYK PSD file is now stored as soft-proof
      profile in the image.
    * Added support for extra layer mask: According to the specs the
      extra mask (which they call real user supplied layer mask) is used
      "when both a user mask and a vector mask are present".
      We haven't seen an example that has the extra mask, so not sure
      which of the masks would appear first.
      For now assuming that the extra mask will be first. The advantage
      of adding this here now, is that we won't try to add a mask
      channel as a normal channel.
    * Minimal support of duotone data: on import, a duotone image will
      be imported as grayscale image with an alert and the color
      information will be stored in a parasite; on export, a dialog will
      propose you to re-include the duotone data if the image is still
      grayscale. This allows for a roundtrip in GIMP without losing the
      duotone information.
  - ANI: new import/export support.


  - Changes in libgimpbase:
    * gimp_checks_get_colors() added.
    * gimp_checks_get_shades() removed (replaced by gimp_checks_get_colors())
  - Changes in libgimpcolor:
    * New functions:
      + gimp_color_managed_get_simulation_profile()
      + gimp_color_managed_simulation_profile_changed()
      + gimp_color_managed_get_simulation_bpc()
      + gimp_color_managed_get_simulation_intent()
      + gimp_color_managed_simulation_bpc_changed()
      + gimp_color_managed_simulation_intent_changed()
  - Changes in libgimp:
    * New functions:
      + gimp_image_metadata_save_filter()
      + gimp_check_custom_color1()
      + gimp_check_custom_color2()
      + gimp_procedure_dialog_get_int_radio()
      + gimp_procedure_dialog_get_file_chooser()
      + gimp_image_get_simulation_profile()
      + gimp_image_set_simulation_profile()
      + gimp_image_set_simulation_profile_from_file()
      + gimp_image_get_selected_drawables()
      + gimp_image_get_simulation_bpc()
      + gimp_image_get_simulation_intent()
      + gimp_image_set_simulation_bpc()
      + gimp_image_set_simulation_intent()
    * Removed functions:
      + gimp_plug_in_set_translation_domain()
      + image_get_active_drawable()
      + image_get_active_layer()
      + image_set_active_layer()
      + image_get_active_channel()
      + image_set_active_channel()
      + image_get_active_vectors()
      + image_set_active_vectors()
    * Updated functions:
      + gimp_procedure_dialog_get_widget() now supports
        %G_TYPE_PARAM_FILE and %G_TYPE_PARAM_ENUM properties.
      + gimp_prop_file_chooser_button_new() now works with
        G_PARAM_SPEC_OBJECT having a value_type == G_TYPE_FILE
        (additionally to GIMP_PARAM_SPEC_CONFIG_PATH properties).
    * Functions skipped by bindings:
      + gimp_get_images() (in favor of gimp_list_*() variant)
      + gimp_image_get_layers() (in favor of gimp_image_list_*() variant)
      + gimp_image_get_channels() (in favor of gimp_image_list_*() variant)
      + gimp_image_get_vectors() (in favor of gimp_image_list_*() variant)
      + gimp_image_get_selected_layers() (in favor of gimp_image_list_*()
      + gimp_item_get_children() (in favor of gimp_item_list_*() variant)
    * New class:
      + GimpBatchProcedure: procedure usable as a batch interpreter on
        command line.
    * Protocol bumped to handle the check colors passed at call time on
      the wire.
    * Plug-ins are now expected to have their localization in a Gettext
      catalog folder locale/ under their main directory, named the same
      way as this directory (i.e. usually the plug-in name). If the
      catalog is absent, a message will be outputted on stderr. To
      override this behavior, a GimpPlugIn is encouraged to override the
      new set_i18n() method. If it returns FALSE, localization is
      disabled (or it may be implemented in a different way, for
      instance with another system than Gettext); if it returns TRUE,
      you can set a different subfolder and catalog name.
    * The core does not localize menu items from plug-ins anymore. All
      plug-ins are now expected to handle their localization within
      their code. In particular gimp_procedure_set_menu_label() and
      gimp_procedure_set_documentation() should now pass the localized
      text. With gettext, it usually means passing arguments through
      gettext() and not just marking them with N_().
  - Changes in libgimpwidgets:
    * Freedesktop portal implementation of GimpPickButton now checks the
      version of the XDG portal since `PickColor()` API only got added
      in version 2.
    * New classes:
      + GimpIntRadioFrame
    * New functions:
      + gimp_color_notebook_set_simulation()
      + gimp_color_selection_set_simulation()
      + gimp_color_selector_set_simulation()
    * Removed functions:
      + gimp_prop_int_radio_box_new()
    * Updated functions:
      + GimpColorNotebook, GimpColorSelection and GimpColorSelector are
        now ported to babl code and are simulation space aware.
      + GimpPickButton will now use the X11 color picking API as a
        default when GIMP is running on X11 (instead of trying the
        portals first), because it has color space information of the
        display (so we can convert back the color from display space to
        image space); and also on some desktop, the portal looks
        available while it's actually not implemented (hence picking
        This fixes or improves the color picking in the Colors dockable,
        in Change Foreground/Background Color dialogs, etc.
  - Changes in PDB:
    * gimp-plug-in-domain-register removed.


  - The CMYK color selector is now simulation space aware, i.e. that it
    shows CMYK values in the soft-proof profile space if a soft-proof
    profile has been set.


  - New Galician and Georgian translations for the installer.


  - libtiff dependency's minimum required version bumped to 4.0.0.
  - gexiv2 dependency's minimum required version bumped to 0.14.0.
  - Our meson/Debian CI now runs `meson dist` too.
  - gvfs is marked as an expected dependency for GIMP (as a GIO module)
    on Linux, since it seems we wouldn't have HTTP support without. This
    is only written in the INSTALL file though, no tests are run on
    configure time.
  - The distribution stage now has a new `dev-docs` job containing both
    the C API reference (gi-docgen) and the Python and Javascript (gjs)
    ones (g-ir-doc).
  - The `pdbgen` (generation of PDB source files) build step is finally
    ported to meson too, which is a major step to one day consider this
    build system out of the "experimental" zone.
  - Windows installer's gettext files (.po) will now also contain
    extracted comments from the source to give more context to
  - Flatpak manifest upgraded with new version constraints so that the
    flatpak-external-data-checker does not warn wrongly on major update
    when we don't want to or can't update immediately.
  - meson is now recommended for Windows and macOS builds and our
    official installer and DMG respectively are now built (still from
    CI) with meson.
  - Flatpak manifest improved with version constraints for dependencies
    where we should not update just yet (hence don't want new version
  - appstream-util replaced by appstreamcli for AppStream file testing
    (requires appstreamcli 0.15.3 or over).
  - gi-docgen API documentation will now properly link to other API
    namespaces thanks to a new urlmap file.
  - Separate libgimp-scriptfu-3.0 library for a future where it will be
    shared by several binaries.
  - GEGL dependency's minimum required version bumped to 0.4.38.
  - "flatpak" job now uses a gnome-runtime-images migrated to Quay.
  - "win*-nightly" jobs removed.
  - Improved meson infrastructure to support Windows installer languages
    which don't have base language files provided by upstream InnoSetup.
    We started using it for Kabyle (which was showing up as "English"
  - After various fixes and implementations of missing build features to
    the meson scripts, we are going to start advising packagers (for all
    platforms) to build GIMP 2.99.12 with meson as a trial by fire to
    make it the new default build system.
  - New "sources-meson" CI job to distribute a tarball built with the
    meson scripts.
  - INSTALL now targets meson build as a test recommendation. We'll see
    if any issue arises from packagers!
  - Improved support for homebrew build on macOS.


  - Draft devel doc for scriptfu v3 script authors.
   2022-08-11 07:09:36 by David H. Gutteridge | Files touched by this commit (999)
Log message:
Bump all dependent packages of wayland (belatedly)

The package changed with the addition of its libepoll-shim dependency.
Otherwise, we can get:
ERROR: libepoll-shim>=0.0.20210418 is not installed; can't buildlink files.
   2022-07-23 11:31:57 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
gimp-devel: use mypaint-brushes 1 like upstream prefers.

Remove libjxl dependency, the package is not ready yet.

   2022-07-23 08:40:08 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
gimp-devel: make PKGNAME match directory name

Requested by David H. Gutteridge