./ham/uhd, USRP (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) Hardware Drivers

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UHD is the free & open-source software driver and API for the
Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP(TM)) SDR platform,
created and sold by Ettus Research, LLC.

UHD supports all Ettus Research USRP(TM) hardware, including
all motherboards and daughterboards, and the combinations


Required to run:
[devel/boost-libs] [devel/orc] [devel/py-mako] [devel/libusb1] [devel/py-requests] [lang/python37]

Required to build:
[devel/boost-headers] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

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   2023-12-29 19:25:02 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (254)
Log message:
revbump for boost-libs
   2023-12-21 08:07:05 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
uhd: remove patch that was removed from distinfo during update
   2023-12-18 23:44:41 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
(ham/uhd) Updated 004.004 to 004.006

Change Log for Releases

* ci
  - only build docker images once per week
  - propagate testLength to RF ATS
  - replace deprecated ruamel.yaml methods
  - use build farm for windows builds
* cmake
  - Fix make_x410 and make_x440 targets
* deb
  - copyright file update to eliminate errors and warnings
* docs
  - X440: Add FBX to daughterboard list
  - X440: Corrected web link syntax in FBX doc.
  - x440: Add X440_X4_200 to image flavors
  - Add dual-rate documentation
* examples
  - L band capture example using dual rate
* fpga
  - ci: Add X440_X4_200 to pipelines
  - lib: Allow buffering in eth_ipv4_chdr_adapter
  - n3xx: Add CE clock
  - rfnoc: Add clock info to backend ifc
  - rfnoc: radio: Add clock index parameters
  - tools: Add X440_X4_200 to X440 package
  - x400: Add CE clock
  - x400: Add X440 200 MHz variant with DDC/DUC
  - x400: Split DRAM interface into two banks
  - x400: Update PL DRAM speed bin
  - x400: bump minor revision
  - x400: pps_sync cleanup
  - x400: propagate pps_sync changes
  - x400: update signals to run on two domains
  - x440: cpld: led control cleanup
  - x440: remove extra synchronizer
* images
  - bump x4xx fpga images
  - update non-x4xx images
* lib
  - rfnoc: Add clock info fields to client zero
  - rfnoc: Add support for auto-clock discovery
  - x4xx: Use auto clock ID in x400_radio_control
* mpm
  - x440: Add lookup table for default MCR per DSP bandwidth
  - x440: Multi-Tile Sync disabled when using dual rate
  - x400: Align FPGA revision
  - x400: match HDL PPS updates
  - x400: make PRC a multiple of both rfdc rates
  - fix timekeeper misalignment
* multi_usrp
  - Added module_serial to info
* rfnoc
  - Enable SEP throttle register
  - image builder: Add clock index support to image builder
* utils
  - init device with gpsdo sources in query_gpsdo_sensors
* x4xx
  - Add support for auto clock ID
  - FPGA designs now use a replay block per utilized DRAM bank
* x440
  - Add support for using radio block specific master clock rates
  - X4_440 and X4_1600 fpga image now contain 2 replay blocks
    (number of ports per replay block halved compared to previous release)

* b200
  - Fix invalid RF switch positions
* ci
  - add attempt number to uhd build artifact name on failure
  - Add conditions for embedded builds, HW tests
  - add pytest args option to test dev pipeline
  - add step for x440 embedded runs
  - Allow internal fileserver usage for MS installer builds
  - Auto-detect conditionals for pipeline stages
  - Default to internal fileserver for FPGA images
  - Disable PR runs for draft PRs
  - Enable X440
  - Fix swallowed return codes in CI script steps
  - Fix the chocolately version to use
  - fixup typo in x440 sdr-test0 template
  - increase build timeouts to 90 minutes
  - increase win docker image build timeout
  - modify default sfp0 and reboot
  - Remove Fedora 35 and add Fedora 37
  - restrict analyze changeset pool
  - select docker image repo directly at container endpoint definitions
  - select docker registry based on branch
  - splitup x410 test stage in hardware test dev pipeline
  - Update CLA Assistant to v2.3.0
  - update docker builds to run twice a week
  - update docker service connection
  - update to build docker builds for all release branches
  - updates for new E320 in devtest system
* clang
  - Apply clang-formatting to all C/C++ files
  - Modify files for treatment with clang-format
  - Update clang-format for version 14
* cmake
  - Fix auto-detection of Python install directory
  - Fix linking DPDK when installed at non-standard location
* cpld
  - Adapt CPLD updater for future X4x0 dboards
* debian
  - Fix copyright dates in changelog
* devtest
  - add exemptions for x440 python API test
  - correct docstrings with example being run
  - disable rx_samples_to_file_test for x440
  - fix typo in error message
  - gpio test updates
  - remove API calls that now error
  - remove benchmark_rate test for x440
* docs
  - Add page on timed commands
  - add python package requirement for usrpctl MPM reset
  - add updated msgpack rpc package
  - b200: Improve docs (auto MCR, GPIOs)
  - Document throttle stream arg
  - Fix argument for uhd_image_loader in E3xx docs
  - Fix docstring for get_block_chain()
  - fix typo and consistency in usrpctl docs
  - Improve documentation on timekeepers
  - Make X410 dboard a subpage of the X4xx page
  - rfnoc: Document RFNoC overrun handling algorithm
  - Update clocking theory of operations for X4xx
  - update docs for reset command
  - update FPGA build docs
  - update remote streaming supported version
  - Update X4x0 manual
  - Update X4xx manual wrt. self-cal
  - x410: Document UC_200 image flavor
  - x440: Added FBX to UM daughterboards page
  - x440: Extend X4x0 Usage Manual for x440
  - x440: Fixed incorrect use of paragraph elements
* examples
  - Add power controls to rx_ascii_art_dft.cpp
  - Add throttle to replay_capture.py
  - Amend tx_waveforms.py to use DramTransmitter
  - Fix play region in replay_capture.py
  - Remove default --ref and --pps values
  - rx_samples_to_file: multi_streamer option
* experts
  - Add force_dirty() call
* extension
  - windows: Fixed linking extension example to uhd.lib
* fpga
  - Add BUILD_BASE_DIR option to makefiles
  - Add BUILD_SEED variable
  - Add time changed pulse to timekeeper
  - Add X440/FBX support
  - ci: Add MAX_CPU to pool demands
  - ci: Add X410_UC_200 to default bitfiles
  - ci: Add X410_UC_200 to release pipeline
  - ci: Enable publishing to internal server
  - ci: Fix branches
  - ci: Include modified manifest in artifacts
  - ci: Support parallel jobs for IP builds
  - ci: Use different seed for each job attempt
  - ci: Use repeat_fpga_build for pipeline builds
  - Clear clang-format settings for FPGA code
  - docs: Add system memory recommendations
  - docs: Clarify design tool requirements
  - Fix RFNoC OOT Makefile inclusion
  - lib: Add axis_pkt_throttle.sv
  - lib: Add clock_div module
  - lib: Add ctrl_port_to_wb_i2c module
  - lib: Fix IPv4 CHDR TUSER width
  - lib: Fix Vivado warnings
  - lib: rfnoc: Add resize capability to chdr_stream_endpoint
  - lib: rfnoc: Make RFNoC packet gates removable
  - lib: rfnoc: Remove redundant packet gate
  - lib: rfnoc: Support multiple port widths on crossbar
  - Reformat javascript in doc
  - rfnoc: Add DEVICE_FAMILY to stream endpoint
  - rfnoc: Add throttle to stream endpoints
  - rfnoc: Add ULTRASCALE to chdr_ingress_fifo
  - Synchronize X300 RX frontends on time change
  - tools: Add repeat_fpga_build.py
  - tools: Add X410_UC_200 image to X410 package
  - Update all RFNoC image core files
  - Update RFNoC YAML copyright
  - x400: Add 1x64, 2x64, and 1x128 DRAM interconnect
  - x400: Add CG_200 RFNoC image cores
  - x400: Add ifdef to remove QSFP wrappers when unused
  - x400: Add support for X4C, C1, and UC variants
  - x400: Add X440 to default make targets
  - x400: Add X4C_200 RFNoC image cores
  - x400: Fix DB1 timekeeper strobe
  - x400: Fix PRC divider register map
  - x400: Fix SPI trigger clock crossing
  - x400: Make transport adapter width configurable
  - x400: Remove CPU_W parameter
  - x400: Set QSFP LEDs on startup
  - x400: sim: Add 10 GbE with wide CHDR
  - x400: Use x410_200 image core for x410_100 images
  - x440: fbx: clean up I2C triggers
  - x4xx: Refactor MB CPLD code for future devices
  - x4xx: Rename x410 -> x4xx for common DTS files
* github
  - Fix URL for mailing list
* host
  - Add cstdint include to fix gcc-13 compile.
  - Add in OpenBSD support to uhd::path_expandvars
  - Bump minimum gcc version to 7.3.0
  - doc: Add documentation for tertiary, quaternary QSFP adapter
  - fix & improve EAL args for DPDK v21.11
  - fix build with DPDK v22.11 LTS
  - improve DPDK frame_size error message
  - docs: Fix link to MSVC Redistributable Package
  - python: Update last_gain at end of run_rx_cal loop
* images
  - Add X410_UC_200 to manifest
  - add X440 dependencies to manifest
  - bump x4xx fpga images
  - bump x4xx fpga images
  - update FPGA images for E3xx, X3xx, N3xx
  - Update manifest for SEP throttling
  - Update X410 manifest
* lib
  - Add default virtual dtor to filter_node
  - Add X440/FBX support
  - fbx: Remove unused lambda captures
  - Fix time-cast for dboard_iface::sleep()
  - Mark select x400_dboard_iface methods as const
  - Mark selected x400_dboard_iface child methods final
  - max287x: Remove unused class attributes
  - mb_controller: Minor fixes to logging, formatting
  - rfnoc: Fix linter issue regarding virtual dtor
  - rfnoc: Fix logic in can_connect_device_to_device()
  - rfnoc: Use device cache for rfnoc_graph::make()
  - tests: Mark mock pop_host_tasks() as override
  - mpm: Add MPM synchronization API
* mpm
  - Add ability to query enabled state of ADC/DAC blocks
  - Add dboard_info to db_iface initialization
  - Add LogRuntimeError class
  - Add revE support to zbx_update_cpld
  - Add support for X440/FBX
  - allow for mpm device to tell host to reboot mpm
  - bist: Improve --help message
  - Bump compat number to 5.0
  - dboard_iface: Remove {set/get}_if_freq() APIs
  - dboard_manager: Fix linter issues in dboard_manager/base.py
  - Demote sync_tiles() error to warning
  - Disable PRC to DB if not required
  - e3xx: Fix inheritance order for DB classes
  - enable Xilinx API for PLL config
  - fix get_product_id in x4xx BIST
  - fix GPS lock sensor method name
  - Fix test utilities
  - Fix ZBX CPLD updater
  - lmk04832: Move general APIs to base class
  - Move get_dboard_class_from_pid()
  - move pop_host_tasks to PeriphManagerBase
  - mpmutils: Add parse_multi_device_arg() function
  - mpmutils: Fix Pylint warning
  - Normalize name for gps_locked sensor
  - periph_manager: Remove vestigial Python-six
  - Refactor LMK04832X4xx and LMK03328X4xx
  - rfdc_ctrl: Change latency argument to signed
  - rfdc: Enhance converter checks
  - rfdc: Remove set_sample_rate() API call
  - Simplify x4xx_bist nsync_fabric
  - Update X440 clock policy
  - Updated default MCR for X440
  - utils: Add LogWrapper
  - x440: Move clock info logging out of policy
  - x4xx: Add additional args parsing in init()
  - x4xx: Add intermediate clock settings to clock policy
  - x4xx: add intermediate clocking setting
  - x4xx: Add logging for metal and rfdc versions
  - x4xx: Add master_clock_rates argument to _set_ref_clock_freq()
  - x4xx: add multiple latency detect iterations
  - x4xx: Add rfdc rate as a sensor to X4xx dboards
  - x4xx: Add UC FPGA type
  - X4xx: Change reset strategy to cover all X4xx
  - x4xx: Check for tear_down()'s existence
  - x4xx: Conditionally initialize DB flash
  - x4xx: Enable DBs to have updateable_components
  - x4xx: Enable MMCM configuration based on policy
  - x4xx: Enable MPM sync API for X410
  - x4xx: Explicitly pass MCR values to set_sync_source()
  - x4xx: Extend x4xx_rfdc_regs
  - x4xx: Factor clock control out of X4xxClockManager
  - x4xx: filter MCR list
  - x4xx: Improve SPLL comments
  - x4xx: Introduce X4xxClockPolicy
  - x4xx: Let RFDC control use clock policy
  - x4xx: Make sysref_delay part of clock policy
  - x4xx: mb_cpld: Add missing bitfields
  - x4xx: Minor preparations to x4xx.py for X440 support
  - x4xx: Move all clock control to single class
  - x4xx: Move common DB tasks from ZBX class to mixin
  - x4xx: Move enable_iq_swap to x4xx_rfdc_ctrl.py
  - x4xx: Move get_master_clock_rate() to DB-RPC
  - x4xx: Move MB CPLD creation to factory
  - x4xx: Move SPLL sync before RFDC config
  - x4xx: Optimize clock configuration at init
  - x4xx: Prepare clock management for multi-mcr
  - x4xx: Refactor x4xx_rfdc_ctrl
  - x4xx: Remove get_cal_eeprom_spi_node()
  - x4xx: Remove internal_temp_sensor
  - x4xx: Rename 'both' argument to 'all'
  - x4xx: rfdc: Add get_converter_rate() API
  - x4xx: rfdc: Pull fabric words value from registers
  - x4xx: Separate RFDC and MMCM resets
  - x4xx: Separate RFDC reset from its configuration
  - x4xx: Shut down tiles on tear_down()
  - x4xx: Trust the clock policy's default MCR
  - fpga: x4xx: Major updates in preparation for future devices
* multi_usrp
  - rfnoc: Added warning when handling tune_request
* octoclock
  - Fix uhd_usrp_probe error
* python
  - Add 'const' to get_continuous_tone(); improve sanity-checks
  - Add DramTransmitter class
  - Add X440 to image builder
  - Fix subdev_spec_t wrapping
  - multi_usrp: Remove spurious print
  - rfnoc: Add radio_control.get_{ticks,time}_now
  - signal: Add more waveforms to get_continuous_tone()
  - stream: Overload TxStreamer.recv_async_msg()
  - Wrap direction_t
  - Wrap stream_cmd_t::stream_mode
* Replay buffered TX streamer
  - Fix gaps in TX
* rfnoc
  - Add options for RFNoC image core headers
  - Add set_command_time and clear_command_time binding to Python API.
  - Allow interruption of streaming during overrun handling
  - Coerce replay packets to atomic item size
  - Demote some de-init DEBUG messages
  - Enable SEP throttle register
  - Fix disconnecting back-edges from graphs
  - Fix doxygen comments in rfnoc_graph
  - Fix sync calls for multi-timekeeper operation
  - Improve Doxygen for sync calls
  - Make edge comparison more flexible
  - radio: Always prefer register-based time access
  - radio: Make default SPP a multiple of max CHDR width
  - replay: Make default IPP a multiple of max CHDR width
  - Set DEVICE_FAMILY on stream endpoints
  - Support multiple CHDR widths in RFNoC image builder
  - update switchboard forwarding on property set
* SelfCal
  - Add startup_tile() for cal_mode selection
  - Enable parameters in self-cal executable
  - Expose config parameters
  - Remove self-cal from boot and fpga update
  - Trigger if clocking has changed
* tests
  - add delayed streaming start args
  - add packet capture raw udp tests
  - add streaming tests for UC_200 bitfile
  - benchmark_rate improvements
  - Fix Python warnings in parse_benchmark_rate.py
  - fix when the rx cmd's stream_now is set
* tools
  - Add changeset analyzer
  - Add clang-formatting tools
  - add devtest rule for changeset_analyzer
  - Remove fpga directory from Debian build
  - run all tests for manifest update
  - Update upload_debs.sh script
  - Add VCO band calibration and map access
  - Initialize UBX set_tx_freq freq_lo variables to 0.0
  - Shift IF for RX frequencies <100 MHz
* uhd
  - doc: Add documentation for ADC self calibration
  - multi_usrp: Support multiple timekeepers on rfnoc devices
  - Update changelog with 4.1.0.x releases
  - x4xx: Add methods to query number of chans, samp rate
  - x4xx: Refactor ADC self cal
* usrpctl
  - add reset command
* utils
  - Add X4xx ADC threshold query script
  - Fix usrp2_recovery.py for Python3
* x4xx
  - get bool for force_reinit arg
  - pass reboot mpm command to host on new clock config for x440
  - Update BIST to match clocking refactoring
* x4xx_bist
  - replace set_clock_source for x440
   2023-08-14 07:25:36 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1247)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for Python 3.11 as new default
   2023-08-06 21:58:54 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
uhd: switch to dynamic PLIST for doxygen files, and cmake/build.mk
   2023-06-06 14:42:56 by Taylor R Campbell | Files touched by this commit (1319)
Log message:
Mass-change BUILD_DEPENDS to TOOL_DEPENDS outside mk/.

Almost all uses, if not all of them, are wrong, according to the
semantics of BUILD_DEPENDS (packages built for target available for
use _by_ tools at build-time) and TOOL_DEPEPNDS (packages built for
host available for use _as_ tools at build-time).

No change to BUILD_DEPENDS as used correctly inside buildlink3.

As proposed on tech-pkg:
   2023-05-08 20:28:52 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
uhd: s/cinttypes/cstdint/ in patch
   2023-05-08 20:18:50 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
uhd: fix build with GCC13