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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 3.7.9, Package name: py37-html-docs-3.7.9, Maintainer: leot

HTML Documentation for Python 3.7

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   2020-08-19 09:08:34 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (8) | Package updated
Log message:
python37 py37-html-docs: updated to 3.7.9

Python 3.7.9 final

bpo-41304: Fixes python3x._pth being ignored on Windows, caused by the fix for \ 
bpo-29778 (CVE-2020-15801).
bpo-29778: Ensure python3.dll is loaded from correct locations when Python is \ 
embedded (CVE-2020-15523).
bpo-41004: CVE-2020-14422: The __hash__() methods of ipaddress.IPv4Interface and \ 
ipaddress.IPv6Interface incorrectly generated constant hash values of 32 and 128 \ 
respectively. This resulted in always causing hash collisions. The fix uses \ 
hash() to generate hash values for the tuple of (address, mask length, network \ 
bpo-39603: Prevent http header injection by rejecting control characters in \ 
Core and Builtins
bpo-33786: Fix asynchronous generators to handle GeneratorExit in athrow() correctly

bpo-41288: Unpickling invalid NEWOBJ_EX opcode with the C implementation raises \ 
now UnpicklingError instead of crashing.
bpo-39017: Avoid infinite loop when reading specially crafted TAR files using \ 
the tarfile module (CVE-2019-20907).
bpo-41235: Fix the error handling in ssl.SSLContext.load_dh_params().

bpo-41100: Additional fixes for testing on macOS 11 Big Sur Intel. Note: macOS \ 
11 is not yet released, this release of Python is not fully supported on 11.0, \ 
and not all tests pass.
   2020-06-30 07:56:02 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
python37: updated to 3.7.8

Python 3.7.8 final


bpo-41009: Fix use of support.require_{linux|mac|freebsd}_version() decorators \ 
as class decorator.

bpo-41100: Fix configure error when building on macOS 11. Note that 3.7.8 was \ 
released shortly after the first developer preview of macOS 11 (Big Sur); there \ 
are other known issues with building and running on the developer preview. Big \ 
Sur is expected to be fully supported in a future bugfix release of Python 3.8.x \ 
and with 3.9.0.

Python 3.7.8 release candidate 1

bpo-39073: Disallow CR or LF in email.headerregistry.Address arguments to guard \ 
against header injection attacks.
bpo-38576: Disallow control characters in hostnames in http.client, addressing \ 
CVE-2019-18348. Such potentially malicious header injection URLs now cause a \ 
InvalidURL to be raised.
bpo-39503: CVE-2020-8492: The AbstractBasicAuthHandler class of the \ 
urllib.request module uses an inefficient regular expression which can be \ 
exploited by an attacker to cause a denial of service. Fix the regex to prevent \ 
the catastrophic backtracking. Vulnerability reported by Ben Caller and Matt \ 

Core and Builtins
bpo-40663: Correctly generate annotations where parentheses are omitted but \ 
required (e.g: Type[(str, int, *other))].
bpo-40417: Fix imp module deprecation warning when PyImport_ReloadModule is \ 
called. Patch by Robert Rouhani.
bpo-20526: Fix PyThreadState_Clear(). PyThreadState.frame is a borrowed \ 
reference, not a strong reference: PyThreadState_Clear() must not call \ 
bpo-38894: Fix a bug that was causing incomplete results when calling \ 
pathlib.Path.glob in the presence of symlinks that point to files where the user \ 
does not have read access. Patch by Pablo Galindo and Matt Wozniski.
bpo-39871: Fix a possible SystemError in math.{atan2,copysign,remainder}() when \ 
the first argument cannot be converted to a float. Patch by Zachary Spytz.
bpo-39520: Fix unparsing of ext slices with no items (foo[:,]). Patch by Batuhan \ 
bpo-24048: Save the live exception during import.c’s remove_module().
bpo-22490: Don’t leak environment variable __PYVENV_LAUNCHER__ into the \ 
interpreter session on macOS.

bpo-40448: ensurepip now disables the use of pip cache when installing the \ 
bundled versions of pip and setuptools. Patch by Krzysztof Konopko.
bpo-40807: Stop codeop._maybe_compile, used by code.InteractiveInterpreter (and \ 
IDLE). from from emitting each warning three times.
bpo-38488: Update ensurepip to install pip 20.1.1 and setuptools 47.1.0.
bpo-40767: webbrowser now properly finds the default browser in pure Wayland \ 
systems by checking the WAYLAND_DISPLAY environment variable. Patch contributed \ 
by Jérémy Attali.
bpo-30008: Fix ssl code to be compatible with OpenSSL 1.1.x builds that use \ 
no-deprecated and --api=1.1.0.
bpo-25872: linecache could crash with a KeyError when accessed from multiple \ 
threads. Fix by Michael Graczyk.
bpo-40515: The ssl and hashlib modules now actively check that OpenSSL is build \ 
with thread support. Python 3.7.0 made thread support mandatory and no longer \ 
works safely with a no-thread builds.
bpo-13097: ctypes now raises an ArgumentError when a callback is invoked with \ 
more than 1024 arguments.
bpo-40559: Fix possible memory leak in the C implementation of asyncio.Task.
bpo-40457: The ssl module now support OpenSSL builds without TLS 1.0 and 1.1 methods.
bpo-40459: platform.win32_ver() now produces correct ptype strings instead of \ 
empty strings.
bpo-40138: Fix the Windows implementation of os.waitpid() for exit code larger \ 
than INT_MAX >> 8. The exit status is now interpreted as an unsigned \ 
bpo-39942: Set “__main__” as the default module name when “__name__” is \ 
missing in typing.TypeVar. Patch by Weipeng Hong.
bpo-40287: Fixed SpooledTemporaryFile.seek() to return the position.
bpo-40196: Fix a bug in the symtable module that was causing incorrectly report \ 
global variables as local. Patch by Pablo Galindo.
bpo-40126: Fixed reverting multiple patches in unittest.mock. Patcher’s \ 
__exit__() is now never called if its __enter__() is failed. Returning true from \ 
__exit__() silences now the exception.
bpo-40089: Fix threading._after_fork(): if fork was not called by a thread \ 
spawned by threading.Thread, threading._after_fork() now creates a _MainThread \ 
instance for _main_thread, instead of a _DummyThread instance.
bpo-39503: AbstractBasicAuthHandler of urllib.request now parses all \ 
WWW-Authenticate HTTP headers and accepts multiple challenges per header: use \ 
the realm of the first Basic challenge.
bpo-40014: Fix os.getgrouplist(): if getgrouplist() function fails because the \ 
group list is too small, retry with a larger group list. On failure, the glibc \ 
implementation of getgrouplist() sets ngroups to the total number of groups. For \ 
other implementations, double the group list size.
bpo-40025: Raise TypeError when _generate_next_value_ is defined after members. \ 
Patch by Ethan Onstott.
bpo-40016: In re docstring, clarify the relationship between inline and argument \ 
compile flags.
bpo-39652: The column name found in sqlite3.Cursor.description is now truncated \ 
on the first ‘[‘ only if the PARSE_COLNAMES option is set.
bpo-38662: The ensurepip module now invokes pip via the runpy module. Hence it \ 
is no longer tightly coupled with the internal API of the bundled pip version, \ 
allowing easier updates to a newer pip version both internally and for \ 
bpo-39916: More reliable use of os.scandir() in Path.glob(). It no longer emits \ 
a ResourceWarning when interrupted.
bpo-39850: multiprocessing now supports abstract socket addresses (if abstract \ 
sockets are supported in the running platform). Patch by Pablo Galindo.
bpo-39828: Fix json.tool to catch BrokenPipeError. Patch by Dong-hee Na.
bpo-39040: Fix parsing of invalid mime headers parameters by collapsing \ 
whitespace between encoded words in a bare-quote-string.
bpo-35714: struct.error is now raised if there is a null character in a struct \ 
format string.
bpo-36541: lib2to3 now recognizes named assignment expressions (the walrus \ 
operator, :=)
bpo-29620: assertWarns() no longer raises a RuntimeException when accessing a \ 
module’s __warningregistry__ causes importation of a new module, or when a new \ 
module is imported in another thread. Patch by Kernc.
bpo-34226: Fix cgi.parse_multipart without content_length. Patch by Roger Duran
bpo-31758: Prevent crashes when using an uninitialized _elementtree.XMLParser \ 
object. Patch by Oren Milman.

bpo-40561: Provide docstrings for webbrowser open functions.
bpo-27635: The pickle documentation incorrectly claimed that __new__ isn’t \ 
called by default when unpickling.
bpo-39879: Updated Data model docs to include dict() insertion order \ 
preservation. Patch by Furkan Onder and Samy Lahfa.
bpo-39677: Changed operand name of MAKE_FUNCTION from argc to flags for module dis
bpo-39435: Fix an incorrect signature for pickle.loads() in the docs
bpo-38387: Document PyDoc_STRVAR macro in the C-API reference.

bpo-40964: Disable remote imaplib tests, host cyrus.andrew.cmu.edu is blocking \ 
incoming connections.
bpo-40055: distutils.tests now saves/restores warnings filters to leave them \ 
unchanged. Importing tests imports docutils which imports pkg_resources which \ 
adds a warnings filter.
bpo-40436: test_gdb and test.pythoninfo now check gdb command exit code.
bpo-39932: Fix multiprocessing test_heap(): a new Heap object is now created for \ 
each test run.
bpo-40162: Update Travis CI configuration to OpenSSL 1.1.1f.
bpo-40146: Update OpenSSL to 1.1.1f in Azure Pipelines.
bpo-40019: test_gdb now skips tests if it detects that gdb failed to read debug \ 
information because the Python binary is optimized.
bpo-27807: test_site.test_startup_imports() is now skipped if a path of sys.path \ 
contains a .pth file.
bpo-39793: Use the same domain when testing make_msgid. Patch by Batuhan Taskaya.
bpo-1812: Fix newline handling in doctest.testfile when loading from a package \ 
whose loader has a get_data method. Patch by Peter Donis.
bpo-37957: test.regrtest now can receive a list of test patterns to ignore \ 
(using the -i/–ignore argument) or a file with a list of patterns to ignore \ 
(using the –ignore-file argument). Patch by Pablo Galindo.
bpo-38502: test.regrtest now uses process groups in the multiprocessing mode \ 
(-jN command line option) if process groups are available: if os.setsid() and \ 
os.killpg() functions are available.
bpo-37421: multiprocessing tests now stop the ForkServer instance if it’s \ 
running: close the “alive” file descriptor to ask the server to stop and \ 
then remove its UNIX address.
bpo-37421: multiprocessing tests now explicitly call _run_finalizers() to \ 
immediately remove temporary directories created by tests.

bpo-40653: Move _dirnameW out of HAVE_SYMLINK to fix a potential compiling issue.
bpo-38360: Support single-argument form of macOS -isysroot flag.
bpo-40204: Pin Sphinx version to 2.3.1 in Doc/Makefile.
bpo-40158: Fix CPython MSBuild Properties in NuGet Package \ 

bpo-40164: Updates Windows OpenSSL to 1.1.1g
bpo-39631: Changes the registered MIME type for .py files on Windows to \ 
text/x-python instead of text/plain.
bpo-40650: Include winsock2.h in pytime.c for timeval.
bpo-39930: Ensures the required vcruntime140.dll is included in install packages.
bpo-39847: Avoid hang when computer is hibernated whilst waiting for a mutex \ 
(for lock-related objects from threading) around 49-day uptime.
bpo-38492: Remove pythonw.exe dependency on the Microsoft C++ runtime.

bpo-39580: Avoid opening Finder window if running installer from the command line.
bpo-40400: Update the macOS installer build scripts to build with Python 3.x and \ 
to build correctly on newer macOS systems with SIP.
bpo-40741: Update macOS installer to use SQLite 3.32.2.
bpo-38329: python.org macOS installers now update the Current version symlink of \ 
/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions for 3.9 installs. Previously, \ 
Current was only updated for Python 2.x installs. This should make it easier to \ 
embed Python 3 into other macOS applications.
bpo-40164: Update macOS installer builds to use OpenSSL 1.1.1g.

bpo-39885: Make context menu Cut and Copy work again when right-clicking within \ 
a selection.
bpo-40723: Make test_idle pass when run after import.
bpo-27115: For ‘Go to Line’, use a Query box subclass with IDLE standard \ 
behavior and improved error checking.
bpo-39885: Since clicking to get an IDLE context menu moves the cursor, any text \ 
selection should be and now is cleared.
bpo-39852: Edit “Go to line” now clears any selection, preventing accidental \ 
deletion. It also updates Ln and Col on the status bar.
bpo-38439: Add a 256×256 pixel IDLE icon to support more modern environments. \ 
Created by Andrew Clover. Delete the unused macOS idle.icns icon file.
bpo-38689: IDLE will no longer freeze when inspect.signature fails when fetching \ 
a calltip.

bpo-40479: Update multissltest helper to test with latest OpenSSL 1.0.2, 1.1.0, \ 
1.1.1, and 3.0.0-alpha.
bpo-40179: Fixed translation of #elif in Argument Clinic.
bpo-40163: Fix multissltest tool. OpenSSL has changed download URL for old \ 
releases. The multissltest tool now tries to download from current and old \ 
download URLs.
bpo-36184: Port python-gdb.py to FreeBSD. python-gdb.py now checks for \ 
“take_gil” function name to check if a frame tries to acquire the GIL, \ 
instead of checking for “pthread_cond_timedwait” which is specific to Linux \ 
and can be a different condition than the GIL.
bpo-39889: Fixed unparse.py for extended slices containing a single element \ 
(e.g. a[i:j,]). Remove redundant tuples when index with a tuple (e.g. a[i, j]).
bpo-39884: _PyMethodDef_RawFastCallDict() and _PyMethodDef_RawFastCallKeywords() \ 
now include the method name in the SystemError “bad call flags” error \ 
message to ease debug.
bpo-38643: PyNumber_ToBase() now raises a SystemError instead of crashing when \ 
called with invalid base.
   2020-03-11 09:31:57 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
python37: updated to 3.7.7

Python 3.7.7 final

bpo-13487: Avoid a possible “RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during \ 
iteration” from inspect.getmodule() when it tried to loop through sys.modules.
bpo-17422: The language reference no longer restricts default class namespaces \ 
to dicts only.

Python 3.7.7 release candidate 1

bpo-39401: Avoid unsafe load of api-ms-win-core-path-l1-1-0.dll at startup on \ 
Windows 7.
Core and Builtins
bpo-39776: Fix race condition where threads created by PyGILState_Ensure() could \ 
get a duplicate id.

This affects consumers of tstate->id like the contextvar caching machinery, \ 
which could return invalid cached objects under heavy thread load (observed in \ 
embedded scenarios).
bpo-39778: Fixed a crash due to incorrect handling of weak references in \ 
collections.OrderedDict classes. Patch by Pablo Galindo.
bpo-39382: Fix a use-after-free in the single inheritance path of issubclass(), \ 
when the __bases__ of an object has a single reference, and so does its first \ 
item. Patch by Yonatan Goldschmidt.
bpo-39606: Fix regression caused by fix for bpo-39386, that prevented calling \ 
aclose on an async generator that had already been closed or exhausted.
bpo-39510: Fix segfault in readinto() method on closed BufferedReader.
bpo-39453: Fixed a possible crash in list.__contains__() when a list is changed \ 
during comparing items. Patch by Dong-hee Na.
bpo-39427: Document all possibilities for the -X options in the command line \ 
help section. Patch by Pablo Galindo.
bpo-39421: Fix possible crashes when operating with the functions in the heapq \ 
module and custom comparison operators.
bpo-39386: Prevent double awaiting of async iterator.
bpo-38588: Fix possible crashes in dict and list when calling \ 
bpo-39031: When parsing an “elif” node, lineno and col_offset of the node \ 
now point to the “elif” keyword and not to its condition, making it \ 
consistent with the “if” node. Patch by Lysandros Nikolaou.
bpo-38610: Fix possible crashes in several list methods by holding strong \ 
references to list elements when calling PyObject_RichCompareBool().
bpo-39794: Add –without-decimal-contextvar build option. This enables a \ 
thread-local rather than a coroutine local context.
bpo-39769: The compileall.compile_dir() function’s ddir parameter and the \ 
compileall command line flag -d no longer write the wrong pathname to the \ 
generated pyc file for submodules beneath the root of the directory tree being \ 
compiled. This fixes a regression introduced with Python 3.5.
bpo-30566: Fix IndexError when trying to decode an invalid string with punycode \ 
bpo-39649: Remove obsolete check for __args__ in bdb.Bdb.format_stack_entry.
bpo-27657: The original fix for bpo-27657, “Fix urlparse() with numeric \ 
paths” (GH-16839) included in 3.7.6, inadvertently introduced a behavior \ 
change that broke several third-party packages relying on the original undefined \ 
parsing behavior. The change is reverted in 3.7.7, restoring the behavior of \ 
3.7.5 and earlier releases.
bpo-21016: The pydoc and trace modules now use the sysconfig module to get the \ 
path to the Python standard library, to support uncommon installation path like \ 
/usr/lib64/python3.9/ on Fedora. Patch by Jan Matějek.
bpo-39548: Fix handling of header in urllib.request.AbstractDigestAuthHandler \ 
when the optional qop parameter is not present.
bpo-39450: Striped whitespace from docstring before returning it from \ 
bpo-39493: Mark typing.IO.closed as a property
bpo-39485: Fix a bug in unittest.mock.create_autospec() that would complain \ 
about the wrong number of arguments for custom descriptors defined in an \ 
extension module returning functions.
bpo-39430: Fixed race condition in lazy imports in tarfile.
bpo-39389: Write accurate compression level metadata in gzip archives, rather \ 
than always signaling maximum compression.
bpo-39274: bool(fraction.Fraction) now returns a boolean even if (numerator != \ 
0) does not return a boolean (ex: numpy number).
bpo-39242: Updated the Gmane domain from news.gmane.org to news.gmane.io which \ 
is used for examples of NNTP news reader server and nntplib tests.
bpo-39152: Fix ttk.Scale.configure([name]) to return configuration tuple for \ 
name or all options. Giovanni Lombardo contributed part of the patch.
bpo-39198: If an exception were to be thrown in Logger.isEnabledFor (say, by \ 
asyncio timeouts or stopit) , the logging global lock may not be released \ 
appropriately, resulting in deadlock. This change wraps that block of code with \ 
try...finally to ensure the lock is released.
bpo-39191: Perform a check for running loop before starting a new task in \ 
loop.run_until_complete() to fail fast; it prevents the side effect of new task \ 
spawning before exception raising.
bpo-38871: Correctly parenthesize filter-based statements that contain lambda \ 
expressions in mod:lib2to3. Patch by Dong-hee Na.
bpo-39142: A change was made to logging.config.dictConfig to avoid converting \ 
instances of named tuples to ConvertingTuple. It’s assumed that named tuples \ 
are too specialised to be treated like ordinary tuples; if a user of named \ 
tuples requires ConvertingTuple functionality, they will have to implement that \ 
themselves in their named tuple class.
bpo-38971: Open issue in the BPO indicated a desire to make the implementation \ 
of codecs.open() at parity with io.open(), which implements a try/except to \ 
assure file stream gets closed before an exception is raised.
bpo-39057: urllib.request.proxy_bypass_environment() now ignores leading dots \ 
and no longer ignores a trailing newline.
bpo-39056: Fixed handling invalid warning category in the -W option. No longer \ 
import the re module if it is not needed.
bpo-39055: base64.b64decode() with validate=True raises now a binascii.Error if \ 
the input ends with a single \n.
bpo-38878: Fixed __subclasshook__ of os.PathLike to return a correct result upon \ 
inheritence. Patch by Bar Harel.
bpo-35182: Fixed Popen.communicate() subsequent call crash when the child \ 
process has already closed any piped standard stream, but still continues to be \ 
running. Patch by Andriy Maletsky.
bpo-38473: Use signature from inner mock for autospecced methods attached with \ 
unittest.mock.attach_mock(). Patch by Karthikeyan Singaravelan.
bpo-38293: Add copy.copy() and copy.deepcopy() support to property() objects.
bpo-37953: In typing, improved the __hash__ and __eq__ methods for ForwardReferences.
bpo-36406: Handle namespace packages in doctest. Patch by Karthikeyan Singaravelan.
bpo-13790: Change ‘string’ to ‘specification’ in format doc.
bpo-39530: Fix misleading documentation about mixed-type numeric comparisons.
bpo-17422: The language reference now specifies restrictions on class \ 
namespaces. Adapted from a patch by Ethan Furman.
bpo-39654: In pyclbr doc, update ‘class’ to ‘module’ where appropriate \ 
and add readmodule comment. Patch by Hakan Çelik.
bpo-39392: Explain that when filling with turtle, overlap regions may be left \ 
bpo-39381: Mention in docs that asyncio.get_event_loop() implicitly creates new \ 
event loop only if called from the main thread.
bpo-38918: Add an entry for __module__ in the “function” & “method” \ 
sections of the inspect docs types and members table
bpo-3530: In the ast module documentation, fix a misleading NodeTransformer \ 
example and add advice on when to use the fix_missing_locations function.
bpo-38546: Fix test_ressources_gced_in_workers() of test_concurrent_futures: \ 
explicitly stop the manager to prevent leaking a child process running in the \ 
background after the test completes.
bpo-39144: The ctags and etags build targets both include Modules/_ctypes and \ 
Python standard library source files.
bpo-38597: distutils will no longer statically link vcruntime140.dll when a \ 
redistributable version is unavailable. All future releases of CPython will \ 
include a copy of this DLL to ensure distributed extensions can continue to \ 
bpo-38380: Update Windows builds to use SQLite 3.31.1
bpo-39439: Reduce overhead when using multiprocessing in a Windows virtual \ 
bpo-39185: The build.bat script has additional options for very-quiet output \ 
(-q) and very-verbose output (-vv)
bpo-38380: Update macOS builds to use SQLite 3.31.1
bpo-39781: Selecting code context lines no longer causes a jump.
bpo-39663: Add tests for pyparse find_good_parse_start().
bpo-39600: In the font configuration window, remove duplicated font names.
bpo-30780: Add remaining configdialog tests for buttons and highlights and keys tabs.
bpo-39388: IDLE Settings Cancel button now cancels pending changes
bpo-39050: Make IDLE Settings dialog Help button work again.
bpo-34118: Tag memoryview, range, and tuple as classes, the same as list, \ 
etcetera, in the library manual built-in functions list.
bpo-38792: Close an IDLE shell calltip if a KeyboardInterrupt or shell restart \ 
occurs. Patch by Zackery Spytz.
bpo-32989: Add tests for editor newline_and_indent_event method. Remove dead \ 
code from pyparse find_good_parse_start method.
   2019-12-28 23:39:38 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py37-html-docs: updated to 3.7.6

Match lang/python37.
   2019-10-16 12:51:42 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py37-html-docs: Update to 3.7.5

  * bpo-26868: Fix example usage of PyModule_AddObject() to properly handle
  * bpo-37979: Added a link to dateutil.parser.isoparse in the
    datetime.fromisoformat documentation. Patch by Paul Ganssle
  * bpo-37937: Mention frame.f_trace in sys.settrace() docs.
  * bpo-37726: Stop recommending getopt in the tutorial for command line
    argument parsing and promote argparse.
  * bpo-32910: Remove implementation-specific behaviour of how venv’s
    Deactivate works.
  * bpo-37256: Fix wording of arguments for Request in urllib.request
  * bpo-37284: Add a brief note to indicate that any new sys.implementation
    required attributes must go through the PEP process.
  * bpo-30088: Documented that mailbox.Maildir constructor doesn’t attempt to
    verify the maildir folder layout correctness. Patch by Sviatoslav
  * bpo-37487: Fix PyList_GetItem index description to include 0.
  * bpo-37478: Added possible exceptions to the description of os.chdir().
  * bpo-37004: In the documentation for difflib, a note was added explicitly
    warning that the results of SequenceMatcher’s ratio method may depend on
    the order of the input strings.
  * bpo-35803: Document and test that tempfile functions may accept a path-like
    object for the dir argument. Patch by Anthony Sottile.
  * bpo-34293: Fix the Doc/Makefile regarding PAPER environment variable and
    PDF builds
   2019-07-09 09:46:37 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (9) | Package updated
Log message:
python37: updated to 3.7.4

Python 3.7.4 final

Core and Builtins
bpo-37500: Due to unintended side effects, revert the change introduced by \ 
bpo-1875 in 3.7.4rc1 to check for syntax errors in dead conditional code blocks.
bpo-37149: Replace the dead link to the Tkinter 8.5 reference by John Shipman, \ 
New Mexico Tech, with a link to the archive.org copy.

Python 3.7.4 release candidate 2

bpo-37463: ssl.match_hostname() no longer accepts IPv4 addresses with additional \ 
text after the address and only quad-dotted notation without trailing \ 
whitespaces. Some inet_aton() implementations ignore whitespace and all data \ 
after whitespace, e.g. ‘ whatever’.

Core and Builtins
bpo-24214: Improved support of the surrogatepass error handler in the UTF-8 and \ 
UTF-16 incremental decoders.

bpo-37440: http.client now enables TLS 1.3 post-handshake authentication for \ 
default context or if a cert_file is passed to HTTPSConnection.
bpo-37437: Update vendorized expat version to 2.2.7.
bpo-37428: SSLContext.post_handshake_auth = True no longer sets \ 
SSL_VERIFY_POST_HANDSHAKE verify flag for client connections. Although the \ 
option is documented as ignored for clients, OpenSSL implicitly enables cert \ 
chain validation when the flag is set.
bpo-32627: Fix compile error when _uuid headers conflicting included.

bpo-37369: Fixes path for sys.executable when running from the Microsoft Store.
bpo-35360: Update Windows builds to use SQLite 3.28.0.

bpo-34602: Avoid test suite failures on macOS by no longer calling \ 
resource.setrlimit to increase the process stack size limit at runtime. The \ 
runtime change is no longer needed since the interpreter is being built with a \ 
larger default stack size.
   2019-03-26 22:29:20 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py37-html-docs: Update to 3.7.3

- bpo-36083: Fix formatting of --check-hash-based-pycs options in the
  manpage Synopsis.
- bpo-34764: Improve example of iter() with 2nd sentinel argument.
- bpo-21314: A new entry was added to the Core Language Section of the
  Programming FAQ, which explaines the usage of slash(/) in the signature of
  a function. Patch by Lysandros Nikolaou
- bpo-22062: Update documentation and docstrings for pathlib. Original patch
  by Mike Short.
   2018-12-31 15:03:45 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py37-html-docs: Update to 3.7.2

- bpo-35089: Remove mention of ``typing.io`` and ``typing.re``. Their types
  should be imported from ``typing`` directly.
- bpo-35038: Fix the documentation about an unexisting `f_restricted`
  attribute in the frame object. Patch by Stéphane Wirtel
- bpo-35044: Fix the documentation with the role ``exc`` for the
  appropriated exception. Patch by Stéphane Wirtel
- bpo-35035: Rename documentation for :mod:`email.utils` to
- bpo-34967: Use app.add_object_type() instead of the deprecated Sphinx
  function app.description_unit()
- bpo-11233: Create availability directive for documentation.  Original
  patch by Georg Brandl.
- bpo-33594: Document ``getargspec``, ``from_function`` and ``from_builtin``
  as deprecated in their respective docstring, and include version since
  deprecation in DeprecationWarning message.
- bpo-32613: Update the faq/windows.html to use the py command from PEP 397
  instead of python.